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 Longinus and the 7 Chambers of Sealing

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Metal Pumpkinhead
Souzenryoku of Darkness; Purple Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Flux of the Crystal Reaper
Souzenryoku of Darkness; Purple Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Flux of the Crystal Reaper

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PostSubject: Longinus and the 7 Chambers of Sealing   Mon Nov 03, 2014 12:00 am

The 7 Chambers of Sealing

Within Fumetsu are a collection of & powerful samples of 7 powerful beings. These powerful samples are housed within Chambers, each corresponding to the name of the being and the name of the associated ability branch. As of Spirit Rank only one Chamber can be opened in battle, this will increase with rank/training. Each Chamber, contains aspects of the being it's samples were taken from, therefore in essence, part of that being exists within each chamber and Fumetsu. Control must be used when accessing each chamber or else the seals on each chamber be broken and a being of combined power be unleashed.

Unicron - Reality Devouring - the Ability to Erase things of matter on an atomic level.
Tensei - Reality Writing - The ability to create on a atomic level.
Khamerta - Secret Sealing - A sealing technique that temporarily seals up to 1 elemental, spiritual, weapons or whatnot per battle, per rank. The things sealed may not be used for the remainder of the battle.
Eclipse - Negative Shadows - Shadows that are used to move around, create defenses, make illusions and cloud ones senses.
Zero - Zero World Black Holes - Portals are opened to the Zero World that fire beams and bullets of Zero, or can be used to defensively stop things.
Insanity - Insanity Aura and Projectiles - The aura causes things nearby to go insane, entering a frenzy of uncontrollable insanity. The projectiles are fired and mentally degrade their target slowly driving them to insanity.
Keizite - Photogess - Photogess is the purest form of holy light, it is used to purify, debuff, heal, and critically harm things of evil. To the living, being touched by it is like being burned by the heat of a thousand stars.

Longinus: Blade of Zero

The Blade of Longinus a blade built by the General that was originally intended for himself to defend against the Zero World. It in essence has similar properties to the Banriu, but has been amped up in power so that ice is not needed to contain the purification the purification ice normally holds. The blade itself is capable of being spun to generate a spinning force field that can be manipulated into things like drills, spears, cones or domes for various purposes. The reason the General did not keep it was because the blade itself draws power from the user and not the Crystal's the General uses, thus effectively making it useless to use as the General does not have nearly enough personal energy to make anything worth while.
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Holy Trinity
Willmaster the Creation:: Undying Will; Goddess of All Will, Wishes and Dreams
Willmaster the Creation:: Undying Will; Goddess of All Will, Wishes and Dreams

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PostSubject: Re: Longinus and the 7 Chambers of Sealing   Mon Nov 03, 2014 1:11 am

This looks alright, but remember your rank. You need to have a repercussion for using too much of the Zero World, such as, if you run out of energy to sustain it, it begins to eat away at you, or something of that sort. Also, same with the Reality Writing. If you don't have enough energy, you stop creating and stop sustaining. Ya know? The limitations are there to help you grow and help you to be more strategic about how to learn and develop your techniques, so they are important when you're a low rank to help you get the feel of it without going overboard.

Once you tone it down a little bit, you'll be good to go.
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Longinus and the 7 Chambers of Sealing
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