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 Weapons from Another Dimension~!

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Kairo Tigen
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All

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PostSubject: Weapons from Another Dimension~!   Sun Nov 23, 2014 2:17 pm

Pumpkin Sword
Tigen's first and main weapon for combat. Tigen received this sword when leaving his own dimension, given to him by his father. Though, because of his memory loss, he did not know where it came from. The Pumpkin Sword (also called the Lantern Sword because of its glow) is the most basic of his weapons, but a very useful ability it has is the Halloween Rip, which allows it to become coated in the same power that his flame omits. Therefore, it might be directly connected to Tigen's own life, and may hold more secrets than he presently knows. The sword is about half of Tigen's height (And Tigen is about 7 feet tall.)

Signature Technique
Halloween Rip: The Pumpkin Sword activates its special ability, causing it to harmonize itself with Tigen's own flame. This makes it glow whatever color Tigen's flame currently is, giving the sword their effects. These effects are transmuted through any attacks that are unleashed by the the Pumpkin Sword.

These are indestructible floating rings with Reflective and Magnification energies constantly being generated by and flowing through them. They come from Tigen's home dimension and they are controlled by either Tigen's own will, chakra strings (rarely), or dimensional energy if the other two do not work for some odd reason, but generally always by Tigen's will. They are capable of moving ungodly fast, able to deflect things as fast as bullets or lightning with the utmost ease. Being indestructible, they are also unalterable, and thus ALWAYS stay the same no matter WHAT the circumstances are. The NORMAL Magnifiers have their magnification set to x2, then x4, then x16.

Quick note: Some magnifier forms can work in combination with others. Magnifier forms that change the size of the magnifier cannot work together with another one that changes the size, such as the Megafier and the Longifier. Those do not work. However, forms that change the energies inside of the magnifiers work with size changing magnifiers, such as the Megafier and the Flamifier. I will put which ones are Size changing and which ones are Energy changing.

Magnifier Forms

Generally, an increase in size and magnitude, usually resulting in better Magnification. The magnifiers, in contrast to changing their energy, will keep both the Magnification and Reflective properties, however will change the intensity of the magnification in accord with the size and shape. A Size changing Magnifier ability can be used together with an Energy changing Magnifier ability, to make something new. (EX. Megafier mixed with the Dimensifier.)

Longifier: Tigen's magnifiers become long horizontally, making them resemble the barrels of a gun.
While they are like this, they are able to shoot out magnified blasts as faster than a bullet and with a lot more force and precision than a sniper rifle of the highest caliber. The Magnification increases to x4, x16, x256.

Defensifier: In opposition to the Longifier, the magnifiers grow vertically until their diameter is the height of Tigen. These are meant to block more powerful attacks than the magnifiers, however are not meant for attacking while in this mode. They lose their magnification property while they are in their Defensifier form in exchange for intense reflective power, therefore they can reflect any attack that hits them with ease.

Multiplier: Magnifiers split into 100,000 miniature magnifiers that are mainly used for chain attacks. They all singly do x1 magnification, however, the x1 stacks up. So it goes like this, magnification x1, x2, x3 etc. until it gets to x100,000. (Size)

Megafier: The first true upgrade to the Magnifiers. Tigen's three magnifiers merge into one large one, 16 times bigger than the normal one. It instantly magnifies everything x256 and has great reflective power. (Size)

Gigafier: (After using Defensifier): The upgraded version of the Megafier, in which Tigen first uses the Defensifiers on all 3 Magnifiers. After this, the Magnifiers fuse into one massive magnifier that covers the size of about 1 and a half football fields. It instantly magnifies things to x65,536 and has incredible reflective power.(Size)

Ultrafier (After having MulTigen's combine Magnifiers): The upgraded version of the Gigafier. After using MulTigen, Tigen must fuse all of the MulTigen's magnifiers together. The second largest of the magnifiers that Tigen has. The Magnifiers fuse into one astronomical magnifier about the size of a city, hovering over the land ominously. It can instantly magnify things up to x4,294,967,296 power and has immense reflective power. (Size)

Omegafier (After Multigen's have made their magnifiers into Megafiers and combine them): The final upgrade, which is the upgraded version of the Ultrafier, and also Tigen's absolute strongest, largest, and intense magnifier (save for the Omnifier). After using MulTigen's Magnifiers and changing them into their Megafier form, Tigen merges all of the Megafiers into one, ungodly sized Magnifier of unspeakable power. This magnifier cover's a continent's length and is able to repel large planets with ease. An attack that goes through this would make its power x18,446,744,073,709,551,616, giving a tiny attack the ability to possible shatter the planet in 2. Tigen can fire only one attack through it when he summons it, but even so, it is a force to be reckoned with. (Size)

In contrast to changing the size and shape of the Magnifiers, the energies within them are changed. These energies are generally changed to one of Tigen's other energies that he possesses, replacing or combining themselves with the original Magnification or Reflective energies that they generate.

Liquifier: Tigen's magnifiers become centered with liquid instead of reflective... stuffs and can change whatever goes through them into liquid, no matter what it is. Tigen cannot reflect anything from them, however, his magnification becomes set as x4, x16, x256. (Energy)

Dimensifier: The magnification circular part of the magnifiers becomes complete dimensional energy, and when hit, instead of the attack being only magnified, it can be stored and saved for later inside of it. Not only that, the attack may also be shot through a different magnifier while it is in its Dimensifier form. (Energy)

Mistifier: Magnifiers change form into mist made of liquid energy. It may seem useless, but they still work in the same way and Tigen can change their shape and form and how they move (Like instead of being a solid circular magnifier, they can travel like actual mist that Tigen controls) Also, they magnify by x4, x16, x256, and attacks travel through them like a current instead of having a set range to follow. Lastly, they still reflect all attacks that are not Tigen's however they also conduct them the same way they conduct Tigen's attacks, so they can reflect them through wherever they want in the mist. (Energy)

Flamifier: Tigen's magnifiers become 3 of his head flames at a time. They also allow Tigen's attacks to have some of the effects or elemental abilities of the flame when attacks are magnified or reflected or go through them. (Red would be Fire, Blue would be Ice/Water, Green would be Wind, Orange would be Superspeed, Purple would be Acid/Poison, Yellow would be Electricity, Gray would be
Stone/Earth, White would be Holy/Light (they're different, really.), Black would be Darkness/Shadows/Dark energy.) (Energy)

Transifier: A very useful ability in which the Magnifiers grant the power of their Reflective and Magnification energies onto Tigen's weapons and attacks. So, imagine Tigen has a sword out and uses this, the sword would then be able to reflect and/or magnify attacks. The magnification chart is the same as with the normal magnifiers. It goes x2, x4, x16, x256, and so on respectively to how many of Tigen's weapons/attacks have been Transified. (Magnifiers can't be used until Transification is over.) (Energy)

Nullifier: The magnification and reflective properties of the Magnifiers suddenly cancel themselves out, making the Magnifiers lose both their magnification and reflective properties, but are then filled with Nullification properties, which is both magnification and reflection mixed together and canceled at the same time... In this form, whatever is within a 3 foot radius of them is nullified. This nullification energy is so strong that even air around them is nullified, and the space and time effect on them is nullified.... among other things are nullified, as well. (Energy)

Nightmarifier: Magnifiers lose their reflective properties, however are then filled with a nightmarish
energy which allows whatever attack that goes through them to turn into Nightmare energy. Unlike the Liquifiers, which allow Tigen to chose what becomes liquid, the Nightmarifiers change things into Nightmares regardless of what it is. The magnification process is also changed to
x4, x16, x256. (Energy)

Fusifiers: Fuses a magnifier's energy or the magnifier itself with himself, a weapon, or an attack. (Energy)

Solidifiers: Whatever goes through the magnifiers becomes a solid, but will keep the same properties as it did before (for example, fire goes through and it turns into a super hot brick/stone thing) (Energy)

Size and Energy
Naturally, specific types of Magnifier Forms that involve both changing of the size/shape as well as the energies flowing through the magnifiers, making them into something totally new.

Munchifier: An ability gained after going into the 5th dimension using Kham's Christmas present. The Magnifiers gain teeth and everything can go through them, magnified and all... However there is a portal inside of them that flows directly to Tigen's energy (chakra), but also convert the energies into a state where they can be absorbed. With this, Tigen can either use the energy(chakra) of the attack that has been eaten and restore his health or shoot the attack back out with magnified power. The larger the attack, the bigger they need to be. The Munchifiers work during other Magnifier forms, such as Megafier, Defensifier, Longifier, and Gigafier. (Energy, Size).

Targifier: Magnifiers become small enough to fit in Tigens eyes. 2 will go into his eyes while the other
will hover about. In this state, the Magnifiers give Tigen exceptional, almost perfect accuracy and perception, giving him the ability to see even the most intense speed and behind him, however only within a 10 foot radius. Oddly enough, his attacks become faster, too. If an attack is sent through the 3rd Targifier, then it will become a lock on attack. Like, a Liquid Ball will follow someone without Tigen's controlling it. (Size and Energy)

Omnifier: A one time thing per battle. Tigen can summon the power of the Omnifier, which has all of the abilities of every since one of Tigen's other Magnifier properties, thus making it the best Magnifier he has. It can change literally every aspect of itself. It is too powerful for words to describe. (Size, Energy)

The Bucket of Destiny
A bucket forged out of the Dimension of Eternal Liquid itself, harboring a dimensional hole inside of it that is always opened to said dimension. The Bucket of Destiny is a small, inter-dimensional bucket filled with an infinite amount of liquid energy. It has an immense suction similar to that of a black hole, and will try to suck people into it and trap them in the Dimension of Eternal Liquid, or fire whatever is sucked inside of it back out like a cannon. It can shoot massive blasts of liquid out in any way it deems necessary, and naturally, absorbs liquid. In dire situations, Tigen may literally merge himself with the bucket to power himself up beyond belief, but because of the immense and uncontrollable endless power, Tigen loses control of himself. The first time he did this, he entered one of his Super Flame modes... the Clear Flame.

Special Technique

Liquid Fountain: The Bucket of Destiny will spew out a constant blast of liquid energy into the air that comes out in different fashions, like a sprinkler or hose. It comes in 6 forms with 6 different abilities:

Plume Spray: Shoots liquid energy into the air as spikes, which will then rain down heavily over the entire area constantly, destroying whatever they touch.

Multi-Tier: Makes multiple Plume Sprays shoot up in the multitudes on different levels/heights, each single Plume Spray spinning in different directions. This can reach several times more space than the normal Plume Spray does, and also is more accurate since it destroys more things.

Single Spout: Shoots liquid energy out as a single, powerful, concentrated spout, which will pierce through any substance no matter the hardness and break it down until it is nothing.

Geyser Jet: More powerful version of the Single Spout, in which it covers a radius far larger than that of the original Single Spout.

Bell Jet: Shoots liquid energy into the air which arcs over to create a gigantic dome. This dome is extremely dense and powerful, breaking down and splitting apart anything that tries to get in or out on an atomic scale. This can be used as both a trap to keep opponents in one place or as a shield.

Surface Rose Jet: Shoots liquid energy straight upwards, creating a massive mist of liquid energy which covers the area extremely quickly. The mist consumes any and all other gases and converts and absorbs their energy so that the mist can spread faster. This mist is extremely sharp and also has the ability to shoot out microscopic needles at the foe from anywhere it covers.

Pumpkin Carver
Upon the return of his brother, Pumpkinhead, Tigen was forged a special sword that was similar to his own by him... The Pumpkin Carver. It is a very powerful sword, though this particular version has been toned down severely for Tigen's use. Pumpkin Carver is a bit longer than the Pumpkin sword, which is already half of his height. The blade holds great power and speed, and this speed is transferred into the slashes made by it. One slash may be seen by the eye, but in reality, 20 slashes from many different directions are actually being done... So unless you have lightspeed seeing eyes or something, the slashes will stay unseen to you. Lastly, the move of the Pumpkin Carver... The Pumpkin Carver. The Pumpkin Carver allows the knife to have few moments of invincibility and ultimate cutting power. It can cut through literally anything like jello... only for those few moments. That is the basic ability of the Pumpkin Carver.

Signature Technique
Pumpkin Carver: The Pumpkin Carver activates its special ability, in which the blade becomes totally and completely invincible for a short period of time, also giving it the ability to penetrate and slice through ANYTHING (uber emphasis on the anything) by focusing the power of a shattered dimension into the single slash. The cost of activating this ability is stressful on the blade if used for long periods of time, so Tigen can only keep it active for about 10 seconds at a time before it has to recharge.

Munashiigen, the Dimensional Sword
In a training session, Tigen opened a rift between this world and the realm of Disgaea... Thus letting in a powerful adversary... The almighty Laharl. In the epic clash of supreme magnitude, somehow, Tigen came out victorious. In a random gesture of honor, Laharl awarded Tigen with a dimensional sword; Munashiigen. It is an incredibly powerful sword with incredible durability, made out of the compression of several dimensions into a single blade. It is even longer and larger than the Pumpkin Carver. Naturally, it is easier to use Dimensional Energy with such a sword, and the dimensional energy is more powerful and more potent when used with the sword. Let us just say that cutting a mountain is like cutting bread with this sword.

Special Abilities
Realm Breaker: Munashiigen activates its special ability, in which it draws power from a million dimensions at once and focuses their power into the blade, delivering a swift and clean slice at the target. Whatever is hit by this attack will have their dimensional structure completely shattered, as well as instantaneously breaking apart their cells, molecules/atoms and launching them all into a million different dimensions at once with no hope of coming back. This ability is said to be able to defy the laws of nature, thus, when activated, defies time, space and general logic, being able to destroy entire realms with this move. Thus that is why it is the Realm Breaker. However, the cost of using this ability drains the user greatly, so it is not used often.

Lantern, the Dimensional Lantern
A weapon that was made specially for Tigen, being forged out of a very sturdy and powerful dimension as well as a piece of Tigen's flame to ignite it. Lantern is a moderately large, rectangular, lantern whose inter-dimensional metal harbors a piece of Tigen's flame, as well as some Nightmare energy. This flame can change its color the same way as Tigen and use the same effects, much like the Pumpkin Sword and its Halloween Rip ability. Though, this Lantern tends to have a mind of its own, and as such, the flame inside does not always correspond with the flame in Tigen's head. It is so powerful that it is capable of shooting out huge streams of the flames that seemingly go on infinitely straight forward. Though, it is also capable of shooting out insanely powerful fireballs, or even just creating spontaneous explosions. Also, it can compress and condense its flame to make even more powerful flames, but in different shapes, such as in the shape of a fire sword or an axe or the like. This flame stream is so powerful that in a split second Tigen can launch himself 1,000 feet into the air like a rocket. It is also used to rekindle Tigen's flame if it is on the verge of dying out, however it will be unable to be used for quite a while afterward. It has a heat of over 10,000 Celsius.

Signature Technique
Nightmare Lantern: Lantern activates its special ability, in which it transforms into a giant iron beast with incredible power, being given sentience. The shape it takes on is totally dependent on the user, and thus, their wildest imagination is at hand here. Being able to harmonize itself with Tigen's own flame, it still shoots out flames with effects depending on color, but now it may control the color at will instead of having to use the color Tigen has set in his head. Sometimes, it will try to change itself into the form of the foe's worst nightmare.


Lantern when opened at the bottom.

The Sweeper; The Black Hole Vacuum Cleaner
In a desperate attempt to find a way to save his home dimension, Tigen went to see a close friend of his, Sadira. At this point in time, she was a genie who was granting free wishes to people, and Tigen took advantage of it. By wishing for the power to save his home dimension, Tigen was given a vacuum cleaner that seemed to have the power of an inter-dimensional black hole. It can seemingly subdue and change a black hole at will. There are numerous buttons on it, but Tigen only uses a few.

Green Button
This button causes the vacuum to constantly drain chakra/energy to power it up, taking it instantly from whatever it is pointing at, and even from the very atmosphere. The more chakra/energy someone has, the faster they are drained and the more it fills up... The vacuum has an infinite space, however.

Blue Button
This button expels intense gravitational force able to create intense black holes far more powerful than any normal one. It also allows the vacuum to shoot out chakra/energy in any form Tigen sees fit (such as, for example, dimensional energy even if it came in the vacuum as something else). The more chakra/energy stored inside, the bigger and more powerful the attacks Tigen can dish out from it. If enough chakra/power is in there, he can create a black hole large enough to wipe out the galaxy... and possibly more.

Black Button
This button creates reverse black holes and white holes. Naturally, a White Hole is the opposite of a Black Hole, constantly sending out generated matter/energy and such from itself infinitely, whilst the Black Holes constantly take in matter and energy, but a Reverse Black Hole constantly spits out powerful force that still consumes matter and energy, but instead of having suction, it has concussive force being exploded outward.

Mugen; Tigen's Personal Dimension
Tigen's newest weapon is a dimensional rip in the shape of an orb, which in itself is its own dimension. It can shoot out dimensional energy in many shapes and forms, which the effects could be horrific if a giant blast is shot out, and also it may extend parts of itself like and make tendrils. Lastly, it is able to manifest itself anywhere at any given time a millisecond, since it is a dimensional rip and can basically warp itself. Tigen has finally decided to name it Mugen. It was brought from Tigen's home dimension when he took a trip there with ZK's help, so it can distort the space and time about 3 feet from it. If it gets close, watch the fuck out. The name for the dimension that it is is Tigen's Dimension, meaning that Tigen has absolute power and control over it. It can expand itself and take people into Tigen's Dimension as well, and once in that dimension, anything that Tigen says goes. It is one of, if not the most powerful of Tigen's weapons. It has a special ability to suck in and destroy all dimensional energy within the area, utterly destroying whatever dimension that it's in, as well as trap other things within itself to utterly destroy. It can fill a Shattered Dimension or Empty Space alone by just touching it, since it can reform its dimension.

General Abilities of Swords
These are special abilities of Tigen's weapons that are not limited to only one weapon (For example, the Halloween Rip is signature only to Tigen's weapon, Pumpkin/Lantern Sword.) These can be used with any of Tigen's sword weapons and are not Jutsu.

Dance of the Blades (Bladed Dance): Tigen will have his bladed weapons orbit around his body at a high speed, becoming completely and utterly invisible and silent to the naked eye instantaneously. Anything that gets within their radius will be sliced to pieces before they can even know what happened to them. When this ability is activated, their general power also increases as well, and the longer they are out, they gradually get more powerful until the reach the point where they can slice through any substance with ease.

Double Sword Fusion: (After use of Synchro) Tigen combines two of his swords with each other via the power of dimensional energy, given the two of them (and Tigen) double their original power and allows them to share any abilities and special techniques that they have. Alternatively, two of Tigen's swords merge with his body, allowing him to have the abilities of whatever swords are within him as well as gives him the ability to make an innumerable amount of those two sword blades jut out of anywhere on his body at will.

Triple Sword Fusion: (After using Synchro or optionally, Double Sword Fusion) Tigen combines all three of his swords with each other via the power of dimensional energy, given the three of them (and Tigen) triple their original power and allows them to share any abilities and special techniques that they have. Alternatively, all three of Tigen's swords merge with his body, allowing him to have the abilities of the swords within him as well as gives him the ability to make an innumerable amount of those sword blades jut out of anywhere on his body at will.

Blade Burst: (After using Double Sword Fusion or Triple Sword Fusion) Tigen will extend alter the proportions of any of the sword blades in his body drastically, causing them to jut out of him simultaneously at extreme lengths in the multitudes. This forces anything near Tigen away from him, generally, as the powers of the swords may be implemented in any way fit.

Omnipotent Slash: (After using Triple Sword Fusion, or alternatively after creating the Pumpkin Eater) Tigen will summon all of the power of each of the swords that have been combined together via the Triple Sword Fusion into one slash at the foe, generating any and all effects of said abilities that the 3 weapons have all at once. This ability can also be used in the same way with the Pumpkin Eater.

Guillotine (Nightmare Guillotine): (after using Nightmare Sword)Tigen alters the shape of any one of his swords, causing it to resemble a gigantic guillotine blade. The blade will begin to resonate, anything that is caught within the vibrations, hears the noise omitted by the blade or that makes eye contact with the blade will be forced into immobility via the power of Nightmare Energy paralyzing the foe's body, chakra flow and soul all at once. Once this is done, the blade will warp itself above the head of the foe and in a split second, decapitate them, sending their head into another dimension.

Infinite Swords: One of Tigen's blades is copied one million times over via the power of dimensional energy, being able to be used by Tigen in any way he deems fit. However, he may only copy one sword this many times, and because of the amount of weapons he needs to control, he can use no other weapon (besides his magnifiers) while this ability is in use

Infinite Sword Cannon: (After using Synchro and merging Infinite Swords and the Bucket of Destiny) Tigen fires off any number of swords at an insanely high speed from the Bucket of Destiny like a cannon, the width of the shots varying by Tigen's will. The swords can cover more range and spread out, but have large spaces, or they can cover a small range and have a higher chance to stab the foe in that specific area.

Diablo Blade: (Mixing Nightmare and Liquid swords) Tigen's sword becomes large with a gaping, sharp mouth on the blade. This special blade absorbs the energies of the atmosphere and leaves them as nothing (For example, if the blade is near a tree and it absorbs the atmosphere, the tree would cease to exist and its energies would be transferred into the blade.) Once an energy is absorbed, Tigen may use that energy to his liking with the sword (For example, if it absorbs the air around Tigen, Tigen's sword would be able to use wind-based attacks until Tigen destroys the energy.)

Pumpkin Eater: (After using Dimensional and Liquid Sword techniques, or optionally Nightmare Sword) Fuses 2 of his 3 swords together when they are in Liquid and Dimensional forms, then create the omegasword; Pumpkin Eater, which can do the Liquid and Dimensional abilities with the power and speed of both swords, plus the energy to use them is down. Besides that, the Pumpkin Eater has all abilities of the swords that have been merged together. Not only that, Pumpkin Eater eats through things or attacks that are brought onto it, physical or nonphysical, breaking them all down and converting them into energy for itself. If the Nightmare Sword is used as the fusion sword, then the Pumpkin Eater may use Nightmare Energy in the stead of one of the others.


Imagine THAT sword, only more dimensional looking in the middle and around the edges liquid energy... plus Dimensional and Liquid letters.
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Weapons from Another Dimension~!
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