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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension (Tymon Nikia Bolton II's Website)

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PostSubject: Redemption..   Sun Oct 02, 2016 4:43 pm

There he stood on the crystal ridge. The sky filled with the glows of Light. The spirits of those who live in the land of The veritas. He was their native son. He grew here. He fought here. But most importantly he'd love here. The views from the top of the ridge caught the morning dew an alumnus glow be fell the land. It a jungle. The cries of the wilderness below echoed in the air. Ahh.. there songs so beautiful. Lin felt it. His mind, open to the all of it. His soul was connected like everything else that lived within the veritas under its moons. Lin had his eyes close once ready he would open to reveal his Gentai Kaigan. He looked upon the land. His silhouette stood atop looking as he called to his children.

"Tasha..  Tsuka.."

As he spoke, two Ayakashi would float to his side. The three would greet each other and thand then wait together.

-*"Lin you have returned. How was your journey to the land where your father had been? Did find anything you have been looking for?"*-  The white and blue Ayakashi said as she turned into her human form. A thin girl with long blue hair, her skin pale as a morning mist. Lin would hug the girl she was a long time friend of his and also an old ally.Yes times were goid and he would love to get a catch up conversation but he wanted to see his children. " I've been fine Nira. I don't mean to be rude but I rather talk more when the children arrive." Lin said as he released the girl. He would turn to the second Ayakashi. Holding out his hand Lin would call to the black and gold wolf. He would come. The bond between Lin and this spirit was unmatched by many. "Nirei. Itus.." Lin would embrace the hound as he spoke his name.
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Tasha Hugo


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PostSubject: Re: Redemption..   Sun Oct 02, 2016 9:46 pm

Dusk City.

The girl would rise from bed, slowly her window shades let the sunlight in as they opened. The warmth of the sun spread against her skin. She could feel it all. The city was just coming to life again as the people began to fill the streets below her apartment building. The girl would shower and put on her clothes. Once dressed she would make her way to the base of the building. The city was covered a a crisp cool dew.. Tasha would put her arms through the sleeves of her jacket and zip it up the air was a bit to chill for her.

The second she put her hood on she would hear his voice. It hit her spine giving her goose bumps on her body. Slowly she would inhaled and exhaled she had activated her Gentai Kaigan. His aura was in the distance. Close.. this made the girl look to the ridge. Atop the Arc she could see him. There he stood. He called to her.. *:"Tasha..":* she would gasp at the sight of his Gentai. Her father. He had returned. She would quickly vanish before anyone could see her. She didnt want to get caught up with anyone. It had been two years since she had seen her father.

Tasha appeared just before Linomaru and his Ayakashi. Her breaths heavy she had rushed there using the Essence of Light. She came to face her father. Surely he would notice her. The girl had short black Bob hairstyle. She took it all in the site of her father she wondered if it were him. She would give him a hug. It was her father it really was him. Tasha would embrace her father with a warm hug.

"Father, you have returned.. " The girl said as she released the man. She would lok to the three of them. And smiled ."Where is my brother?. He is always late. I'm sorry Master Hugo. Tsuka is always off in the lands. He often travels to the moons and all of the world's fractions to work."
Tasha knew she would get here before her brother. But that wasn't important the girl wanted to see what her father wanted from her.
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Prof. Dr. Tron the T-Cleff :: Deus Ex Machina; Jinseigami Omnitron of the Dusk
Prof. Dr. Tron the T-Cleff :: Deus Ex Machina; Jinseigami Omnitron of the Dusk

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PostSubject: Re: Redemption..   Mon Oct 03, 2016 4:09 pm

As the Ruler of the Veritas overlooked the remnant Data that was left behind on the planet Vescrutia, he saw that there were still beings lingering about the land that were told EXPLICITLY not to touch. Certainly, all that touched would be felt like an ant crawling on skin, even in the empty discarded portions left behind during the 'shedding' that occurred when the 'Lost World' was abandoned, in all its plague and evil. Even so, it seemed as though, somehow, life still thrived, and sought the waning life that rested upon the accursed crystals of the scrapped skin of the tree, however much of it was left down below.

Immediately, the planet of Vescrutia, which was isolated in a seal around the entire planet and its universe, would bear eyes overhead the Crystal Ridge, where the Hugos had been living for however long, quite probably attempting to rebuild what was lost instead of seeking to move beyond it. At first, the eyes of the Veritas that loomed over them were filled with indignation, for touching the forbidden lands that were EXPRESSLY told not to tread, especially with no escort nor envoy... Yet, even so, this man and his family would risk being accursed for whatever reason simply to return to what was lost; what was no more and would not return. A vast grid, something digital, would spread over the scape of the skyline as far as his eyes could see, something like one within a program. "... Hugo Family," a Voice spoke to those who had gathered in the remnant Crystal Ridge, "Why have you returned to this land, which I told all not to come to without my permission?" The Voice that spoke was familiar to them; the sound of the one who both made and destroyed and remade the land, itself; Khrona Tensei. Linomaru had once spoken to Khrona whilst he was still in incubation inside the tree in this manner, yet now, what he was speaking to was remnant data, left behind with the curse, which could not be bypassed as long as one touched the land without the escort of the one to whom all the Veritas, both past and present, belonged.
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PostSubject: Re: Redemption..   

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