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 Forbidden Cards :: Truth

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Creator Gene :: Cell of the Creation
Creator Gene :: Cell of the Creation

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PostSubject: Forbidden Cards :: Truth   Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:35 am

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Mikou the Panduochrysm :: Keeper of the Crystal Wings; Alice of the Crystal Petals

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PostSubject: Re: Forbidden Cards :: Truth   Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:27 pm

"OH, SHIT, SON!!!!" cried the voice of a rough woman entering from the Crystal Ridge, "TY-CHAN LEFT A FUCKING CARD HERE?! BRO!!!" She palmed her face with both her hands. "MY LIFE, BRO. MY LIFE." She fell on her knees and threw her hands into the air. "Damn, Male me is sexy. I would definitely fuck myself if I could." Certainly, she'd thought of it. How could she not when this was done in her Male version? Technically, no matter what, they were always fucking. Like, always. Just because they were the same person. Yet, being the same person also gave Taijitu some special 'Forbidden' privileges that literally no one else on the Veritas, not even the rest of her family, would be able to do, because they were not 'Taijitu' nor any of her forms. "... And you know what? If I remember correctly..." Ty-kun, the Tyranophant -- her MALE form (and actually, her TRUE form) -- had already hatched something up. "Balls deep. I'm fucking. I fucking love it." Whilst they were all divided, their power was split up, yes, but they were still all one and the same; Ty-kun, Ty-chan and Taijitu. "My boy betta bring me dat BACON DOE." She began slapping her hands together like the sound of money slapping a hard surface, or potentially rough sex, of which she thought about both of, being who she was, male or female. "WHERE DAT ASS AT, TY-KUN!? MY BOY! MYSELF!! MY LOVE!!!" She began doing some sort of silly dance where Ty-chan left her the 'Forbidden Card,' waiting to pick it up.

"Gorgeous." ~~ Theme of the 'Tall Tea' (Main)

"Top you Off then, Bloke?!" ~~ Theme of the 'Rough Rider' (Battle)
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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Re: Forbidden Cards :: Truth   Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:37 pm

"WUTTUP, BITCH!?!?!??" cried out a tyrannically ecstatic voice from overhead, swooping down on pitch black crystal dragon wings. "I know I'm not seeing who I THINK I'm seeing, tho'." He threw his head back dramatically. "Neva that." He had to hide his smirk. "It's ME. T-YO." He busted up laughing, cackling obnoxiously. Thunder and lightning stormed overhead briefly as he did so. "Naaaaah, but seriously. Girl Tymon. Badass. Aight, so, Baby Tymon clearly left us some goody goods on the ground here." Before the two of them was a floating Forbidden Card that both belonged to them and also would be picked up by them. "Yeah, so, what I'm gonna do is... I'mma take over from here for you. You just deal with keeping Daddy's treasure safe, big britches." He slapped her large tit around casually playfully, then smirked, then laughed. "Think you can handle that?" He shook his head dramatically, throwing his hands up in the air. "Wait. Wait. Who in the hell do I think you are?!" He continued to laugh hysterically.

"Aight, yeah, but seriously, sexy. We're gonna have to get serious 'round chyea'. See, I want my fucking treasure all squared away and kept locked up tight, but I gotta be the 'Face' and everything of the Veritas and whatnot. Do all that 'Public' shit. But see now, that's why I have a 'Girl Version' for dealing with my heart's desires. Cuz. Cuz." He blushed, turning his head away bashfully, "... Girl Tymon is Love." The Tyranophant, Ty-kun's 'Heart' was actually his 'Girl Version,' whose name is Tao and whose lower Restriction form is Taijitu. Where Tao was a Spirit, Tai was a Flesh, just like Ty-kun, himself. They were of one flesh, but because they were originally one being independently and not two being independently. Whilst Ty-kun did not have Taijitu, and vice versa, the two of them were, essentially, not fully whole yet still completely unified. "ANYWAY, Female, it is time now for us to part ways. Take 'Baby' with you and let him do shit. You know how Ty-chan gets when he doesn't get his way, and you know it's actually correct, because it's Ty-chan." Ty-chan, affectionately called 'Baby,' just as Taijitu was affectionately called 'Bitch' or 'Girl Tymon,' was horrendous when he was correct and what was correct was not applied. Ty-kun could at least deal with it for a while before going crazy and destroying something, but for Ty-chan? It was out of the question. That is why he is Ty-'CHAN.'

"So, I'll deal with the Tower. You and Ty-chan..." Ty-chan, who was in Ty-kun's hand because the two of them had just come from Valparaiso, would be swiftly given into the hands of Taijitu, "... Get to the 'Secret Treasure.' Then, Ty-chan knows what he's gotta do from there." He came with predetermined and preset orders that he had to continue until completion, or else he would destroy anyone and everyone that got in his way, including himself. "Now be careful, cuz Ty-chan already has PREDETERMINED COMMANDS, so. If you take him off his path for ANY REASON, he's gonna fucking kill you, and... You know how that is." Tymon, in all his forms, knew EXACTLY what it was like for himself to kill himself, or at least attempt it. "I'm not covering for your punk ass again." He slapped her tit one more time and winked at her. "Squirt." He made sensual gestures, then laughed hysterically, then suddenly became completely serious and neutral in the face; a pale, cold expression.

Tymon, in all his forms, knew what that face meant. The 'Think I'm Playing' face. Fortunately, Tymon, in all his forms, was more intelligent than the people who 'Thought He Was Playing' every single solitary time he did that face AND/OR said 'Think I'm Playing.' They did not ever learn what Tymon always knew, which was why his face even ever became that way to make the distinction between when he is 'Playing' and when he is 'Not Playing.' Casualties did not matter, though, because they should not have thought a serious situation was, in any manner, playful. That is a serious defect that actually got on his nerves, hence why there were casualties in the first place, like one recent one.

"Aaaaaaanywhoooooo..." he went on, scratching the back of his head and diverting eye contact, ".... Uhhhh. I think that's pretty much it. I mean, technically, you would already know that, anyway, though. But it's nice to just kinda... Get the dialogue going." Finally, he turned to Taijitu, looking at her tenderly and sweetly, a soft look in his eye and his head lowered. "... Cuz you know I love you, girl..." He linked his hands together behind him bashfully, letting the emotions of his Heart get the best of him. He even batted his eyes a few times at her, giving her the old 'Ty-kun Charm.' But, because of the nature of Ty-kun when he was fired up, his emotions were swift and spontaneous and cycled very quickly, so wherein he was feeling this profound and unbridled love in one instance, in the next instant, he could literally feel nothing at all, or something new entirely to the same extremity if not more so.

He composed himself, finally, and stabilized all of his emotions, causing his voice to take on a more angelic tone -- sweet and melodic and without discord nor disjoint. "Now Go, My Daughter," he spake unto Taijitu, his Female form, "Do As I Command." Though it was clear from how Taijitu reached this point that she had chief command over the Veritas because she was a part of the owner, himself, Ty-kun, the Tyranophant, still had authority over Taijitu, comparatively. "Time Is Short, And We Have None To Dawdle." There was no need for a real response from her nor Ty-chan. They were all one of mind, heart and flesh even when separate, so it was more of an understanding and a mutual knowledge shared between them than anything, and the dialogue was more or less for show or for personal pleasure (like Ty-kun or Taijitu touching themselves by touching each other).

Ty-kun went on as he walked away, off toward the Lampstands of the Veritas after dropping Ty-chan off with Taijitu, "And I'un'wanna'hear'nunna'that --" he started speaking in an incomprehensible manner that seemed like both gibberish and a comprehensive language simultaneously. He continued babbling on all the way until he was out of sight, knowing that Taijitu and Ty-chan understood every word of what none else could. That was love right there, baby.
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PostSubject: Re: Forbidden Cards :: Truth   

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Forbidden Cards :: Truth
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