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 Red Nemesis; The Beast King

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Magnus Ignis
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands

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PostSubject: Red Nemesis; The Beast King   Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:33 am

When it was time to ignite the lamps in the City of Ruin, Titus Tensei, the current Kasaigami, or 'Fire God,' would spontaneously ignite in a land that was designated as a 'Red Territory' for him to appear in. This was one of the stations for the Seven Spirits to rest; his, respectively.

The burning giant stood 13 feet tall and lit aflame, looking something like a physical construct with only flickering flares able to be seen rising up and all around it, yet never burning. The eyes were gleaming orange, and the burning reddish orange hair that resembled fire would have extended all down the body like both a mane and also a coat of fur, all of which was made of fire. Titus stood there in the open land bathed in red and, without much thought about it, unleashed a ferocious, monstrous roar, howl or screech and some sort of blend of several animal cries that would reverberate all across the land. The primal call was to the Beasts and Beastkin, of whom should have known the sound of the Beast King crying out to them, even those that had never seen his face, but only knew of the vibrations of his instincts. In their hearts, they were called to the burning pillar of a man, and he would stand with his arms crossed awaiting the Beasts to show up.
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Red Nemesis; The Beast King
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