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 Into The land of Diamonds

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Tasha Hugo


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PostSubject: Into The land of Diamonds   Wed Dec 07, 2016 11:55 pm

tick tock, tick tock...

The sounds of a clock on the wall in Tasha's classroom echoed throughout the room. Everyone in the class waiting for the last bell to ring so they can leave and start their after school classes and such. Tasha sat in her seat next to the window; her head down in the folds of her arms. The girl had a long day aside from being a part of the DSF, she was also a student. She often missed alot of school but stayed up on her coursework. She is not well known in the school nor does she have a plethora of friends. But, who would honestly want to be her friend.

Enter Kuroko Amari

The final bell would ring and Tasha didn't move. The girl stayed with her head in her arms resting on the desk. Kuroko, would notice as she was walking by that her friend was still in the classroom.
Tashina Hugo.. Sleeping again I see. she would say as she poke the girl atop her head. this woke the girl up.Slowpy her head would rise to see her good friend Kuroko. Tasha said nothing just a awakening yawn and stretch. She would fix her hair fondling her bang and then stand to her feet. "Kuro.. Ahh!! I'm late! No... He's going to be SO pissed." Tasha would rush out the door forgetting her folded scythe behind her chair. Tasha, Your Scy.. oh, well I guess she's gone. I hope she isn't going to need this.....
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Natsuka Hugo


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PostSubject: Re: Into The land of Diamonds   Sat Dec 10, 2016 5:53 am

"Hmph.. She's late again. Why does she tell .
Me to meet her somewhere and doesn't show.. Tch. She's more like him than she'd admit to." Tsuka said out loud as he leaned against the banister of the stairway he stood next to. He was in the student hall awaiting his sister Tasha. The final bell had rung and the two of them were to meet here.

Tsuka watched the alumni walk the halls some going home, others to do after school activities. Tsuka started to make a phone call. His phone would ring and ring. He was call his sister. But he had no luck.h e got voicemail." Where is she."
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Into The land of Diamonds
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