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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Water :: Digital Emanation

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Mizugami, Crystal Shell of the Crystal Rain :: Crystal Kappa of the Nautilus Serulenia
Mizugami, Crystal Shell of the Crystal Rain :: Crystal Kappa of the Nautilus Serulenia

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PostSubject: Water :: Digital Emanation   Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:43 pm


Ocean of Purity ~~ Theme of the Nautilus Serulenia
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Magnus the Archsage Witch Doctor :: Nightstorm Badass; Crystal Oversoul of the Delta
Magnus the Archsage Witch Doctor :: Nightstorm Badass; Crystal Oversoul of the Delta

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PostSubject: Re: Water :: Digital Emanation   Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:04 am

The Myst rolled heavily over the vast expanses of the Twilight Wilderlands; the barren and flat terrain that was before the woodlands nearby. The fog was so very thick, the ground couldn't be seen as it passed over, nor could anything even directly in front of one's face be observed clearly. The sound of the wind blowing stirred the sea of fog, yet even in motion it was indistinguishable from anything and everything else. It all looked as though it were just one large mass of mist.

The land was silent. No life stirred; not that there was much life in the outskirts of the Dusk to begin with. Most anything that lived was only found within the agricultural habitations found only in the Mystic Woods and all such attachments or variants of it. The flatlands did not support such life due to how barren and deserted it was beyond the vegetation and the city.

Yet, among the lifelessness and silence that was the outskirts of the Dusk, there was a light. A hazy yellow glow faded into visibility just slightly, parting the particles of the thick Myst along the way. As the light approached, the indistinctness of its nature became more defined, now as two lights rather than a single one blended together. These two yellow lights were like those of bulbous piercing eyes, and the longer they passed through the Myst, the clearer in became in their vicinity. Soon, the image of a flickering outline something like fire wisped about, and the Myst grew thin where this flaming figure should so step. It resembled a man, yet also pure fire, though its form was still somewhat indistinct.

Pitch Black; Deep Thought Of The Great Spirit
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Water :: Digital Emanation
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