The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension (Tymon Nikia Bolton II's Website)

The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension (Tymon Nikia Bolton II's Website)

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 The Tyranophant; Dimension Gatekeeper

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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas

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PostSubject: The Tyranophant; Dimension Gatekeeper   Sat Dec 17, 2016 8:06 pm

A single platform hovered between the dimensions, not unlike a Reality that once was. This isolated land mass kept hidden between the dimensions of the dimensions rolled with vivid multicolored terrain of every variety, miniaturized, like a playset. All across the land mass, there were structures and architecture of different types, and the land looked as if it were peaceful.

Above this land would be the manifesting energies of the actual God of the Veritas, who kept it safe and upkept; the Tyranophant. The energy was ambiguous at first, materializing only at the feet as soon as the foot would touch the ground, and yet, right before it did, the pointed toe solidified up the length of the leg as a steady hover. The garments upon the legs looked otherworldly, with a mark upon either pant leg that streamed from the tip of the toe all the way up to the end of the thigh, where the pants ended. The 'shoes' were part of the pants, themselves, like a one-piece bodysuit, yet only for the pants.

The upper torso formed as a vest with the same marking like a seal tracing up it like a zipper, and the sleeves were torn and spiky, looking almost like fur. Gloves hands with the same marking sifted into solidification, right into the pockets of the one-piece pants and just before the neck came into visibility, which was covered by a high collor that also hid part of the face.

At the head, which was halfway covered by the collar, only a single piercing eye of crystal that was somewhat bluish in tint could be seen where the remainder of the head was covered with long, silverish crystalline hair that sparkled and dropped down over the other eye, and streamed in the back like ethereal energy. Thus, the form of the Tyranophant, who hovered over the land mass as a giant, would fully manifest.

"Ahhh, finally..." he muttered to himself, immediately reclining at the chill atmosphere of the Dimension Gate, which he oversaw, "... Back where I belong." To oversee the entire Veritas, the Tyranophant stayed at the Dimension Gate and acted from it, until he actively decided to move from it; usually just to go to the Crystal Palace where he resided inside the actual Planet, itself, and not beyond the Planet, where he took on his ascended forms to do otherworldly business. "... I oughtta align the planet soon. Get those kinks out." As the God of the planet, itself, which had undergone its final bits of stability, he had to tend to the entire thing like a garden, which, to him, it was. "... Better wait for ole daughter Veritas to get herself together then, heh heh." When Tina was ready, the Tyranophant would do the things that she, as a planet and a child, was too young to do on her own.
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The Tyranophant; Dimension Gatekeeper
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