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 Mysterious Plain Bestiary

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Shincleff, the True Grimoire :: The Legend; Herald of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Mysterious Plain Bestiary   Mon Dec 01, 2014 7:44 am

Creatures that appear in the Mysterious Plains.
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The Omnipedia
Shincleff, the True Grimoire :: The Legend; Herald of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Re: Mysterious Plain Bestiary   Mon Dec 01, 2014 7:44 am

Name: Bostaurus
Species: Minotaurus
Type: Beastkin (Bovine)
Elemental Affinity: Earth
Combat Specialty: Physical
Sociability: Gentle, Calm, Kind (Female); Stubborn, Aggressive (Male); Energetic, Outgoing, Hard working, Peaceful, Simple
Threat Level: Low (Female); Medium (Male)
Habitats: Blossom Fields (Common), Misty Field (Uncommon), Agruria (Common), Great Valley (Uncommon)
Weaknesses: None
Item Dropped: Longhorn, Cow Bell, Rejuvenating Milk (WIP)
Additional Info: (WIP)



Natural/Signature Abilities


Bostaurus Info

Beastkin who take the form of Cows and Bulls, not too distant cousins of the Centaurs and the more calmed descendents of the original Minotaurs. Sometimes referred to as 'Cowboys' and 'Cowgirls,' the Bostaurus are rather peaceful as oppose to their ancestors, which were vicious and carnivorous beasts.

They come in many different, diverse forms, though the females of black and white fur tend to yield the most milk and are most often used for dairy production. They typically own their own farms and settlements, selling their naturally produced wares to passersby and those who are in need of milk. Otherwise, they produce it just for food and drink to those of their village. Being naturally friendly and an energetic, hard working race, they run their farms efficiently and with lots of love.

Though they dislike fighting, the male Bostaurs are quick to defend with a great deal of aggression. With their strong bodies and long horns, they will all stampede at the same target all at once to run them out of the village, if they feel any bit of it being threatened. Their race as a whole are incredibly fast and agile, even if sometimes they can seem a little dense and stubborn. Sometimes, they may fashion weapons to defend themselves (such as large axes or hammers), though they more than often enjoy using their own bodies.

Their race is naturally respectful and courteous, making up for their lack of 'smarts' with a whole heap of loving and kindness. They're simple folk that tend to live in pastures and in valleys, wherever there is a lot of greenery, flatland and a source of water. Sometimes, they'll even put their settlements in the mountains.

The milk and dairy products they yield are extremely nutritious, famed for their ability to rejuvenate both vitality and spirit, which is why it is sought out so much. Many people buy large quantities when they go to train with their magic or jutsu, so they don't run out of chakra.
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Mysterious Plain Bestiary
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