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Dusk Citizens


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PostSubject: Relationships   Tue Feb 14, 2017 8:41 am

Quote :
Chiyoko is married to a 'Dusk Citizen' and had an affair with a 'Foreigner,'
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Void Sun


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PostSubject: Re: Relationships   Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:56 pm


Chiyoko Kobayashi -- the woman of the hour, stumbled home drunk at a later hour of the perpetual city of night than what could be considered 'daytime' to the Dusk Citizens. The depth of the darkness outside and the lack of mobility in the streets, which were relatively quiet around the Residential District at this time, were indicators that it was universally the time the majority of La Crysta came to a rest. She, however, had just come from the Entertainment District with more than intoxication on her breath and on her bodice. There was a Myst around her that was barely visible to the naked eye, especially of a common resident, yet wafted over her like an aromatic. It brought a sickening air wherever her presence should so have stirred, and all about the outside there was a lingering trail of this Myst behind her -- like the aroma of liquor. Fortunately, when she slipped in at whatever hour, her husband was asleep. Chiyoko's coming in at this hour wasn't exactly uncommon, especially recently, though in her state of intoxication, she was somewhat incoherent. She was still thinking about her time out, which was... refreshing for her, to say the least. She almost found herself giggling at the thought.

She kicked off her shoes at the door. Her dogs were tired after being on her feet all day -- in heels, no less -- and she quietly snuck into the bathroom of her bedroom quietly without waking her husband. She had a sink with a vanity in there with a mirror attached to it so she could look at herself before she went to him. Turning on the faucet, she splashed some water in her face and mentally gathered herself just in case so that in her intoxication she would not utter something she would regret. As long as he didn't find out, a one nighter wouldn't hurt anyone. It was something that could be swept under the carpet and never brought up. She'd long forget about it as time progressed and never let him know what happened. As long as she didn't do it again (or, if she did, not get caught), it was the same as it not happening, since he wouldn't know. He'd never suspect anything, either, as long as she had no tells about it. She looked at herself long and hard to ensure there were no marks or obscurities that were not her own makeup, which she also made certain to rinse from her face.

The smell of the alcohol was pungent, though. It wasn't something that would concern her husband, but it was something that could open up a line of inquiry. Showering wasn't an option -- too suspicious. She would have to simply play it and the hangover she knew she'd have off until he went to work or left her to rest. She slipped off her cocktail dress, letting it drop to the floor. Tiptoeing around the unsuspecting was never something difficult to do. It was easy because of how unwary they were living in the unknown, yet it was filled with tension for the one that had to carefully creep around the subject into it was pressed to the back of the mind, not to stir again until something triggered the memory. As she thought, she'd already retrieved her sleepwear and drew up her night gown's straps over her shoulders, gazing herself in the face. She would be able to live with that. She told herself that there were people who lived with worse every day, and she knew this to be true. Justifying her actions empowered her to make the move out of the bathroom and straight to the bed in an intricately calculated manner to avoid communication at all if he should awaken. She already had the 'Baby, I'm tired' ready for him if anything should stir him. Rustling the covers oh-so-gently, even in the drunken stupor, Chiyo (as she was called for short) slipped into the bed with her hubby. No one would ever know.

Yet, somehow, for some reason, she could not simply shake the thoughts out of her head about the night she'd just had. It was a thrill for her; one she hadn't had in a while with her husband. The lingering thoughts both enraptured and tortured her silently, and instead of falling into slumber, Chiyoko would lay awake with her passive thoughts cycling about. Just the memory of it, even if only a short while ago, was enough to get her to smile. She had to restrain herself from giggling giddily since she knew it would alert her husband if he heard her. She did all in her power to keep her head straight, but there was something about the engagement and the attraction she felt that left her bound to the feeling. It was what she was looking for -- or, something similar. It was her desire -- or, something relatively close to it. Even if it weren't exactly it, it was so close to it, it was practically the same. So, why is it that she wanted more? As much as she knew she should dismiss the thought, comparatively to what she was dealing with in her own life, she preferred to indulge herself. 'Just for a little while...' she thought, finally resting her eyes. Sentiments of the night continued on all throughout.
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