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The Tensei
Souzenryoku of Earth; Red Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Earth of the Crystal Shards
Souzenryoku of Earth; Red Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Earth of the Crystal Shards

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PostSubject: Conflict   Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:03 pm

The Great Mind of the Tensei, who has been given the name of 'Tabrith,' is the collective Brain and Consciousness of All Tensei. The Eight Arms of Tabrith that make up the Veritas' Crystal Bridges may Connect to other worlds as well as hold together and maintain the one created by the Tensei.

His Creative Energy can create Any Living Being as Familiars and Constructs such as Golems, Humans, Animals or even Planets. His Spiritual Energy and his Life Energy allows all control of all Earth and Nature.
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Depthsroot Residents


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PostSubject: Re: Conflict   Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:47 pm

The economy of the village was still stabilizing. Everyone in the community pulled their weight to restore what they could after the decimation from the terror only a short while ago. It seemed like it had been years since the incident that couldn't have even been more than a few weeks to months at best. In the underground village, they were doing what they could to rebuild their homes and businesses that were destroyed. Things were coming along nicely. One of the recent establishments that needed to be restored was the Grocery Store, which those who had begun to deal with produce were filling up. With the economic collapse, there wasn't much, but it was enough to feed the community. Most of their efforts went into making more, but the construction progressed at the rate that it did.

In the meantime, whilst the Depthsroot Residents were waiting for the rest of the land to be restored, they used what resources they had. Whatever was in the store is what they had. The lack of what they desired brought a bit of tension to certain parts of the community. The weaker ones were becoming more agitated, however, at their lack of resources. It was irritating the very little society that there was, and because of this, a conflict broke out in the Grocery Store.
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