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 Zodiac Signs and Guardians

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PostSubject: Zodiac Signs and Guardians   Sun Dec 14, 2014 11:52 am


The Zodiac Signs that once belonged to the Zodiac Dwelling and their Sacred Beast Animal Guardians. The 'Sun Signs' as those of the 'Stars' (Western) and the 'Moon Signs' as those of the 'Sacred Beasts.' (Chinese) This is because the Westerners follow the 'Sun Sign' chart more predominantly than the 'Lunar Calendar,' which is what the Chinese chart follows. All will have detailed descriptions later.

Moon - Sun - Element

1. Rat - Aries - Fire

Both are leaders and very head strong.  Both are yang/masculine.

2. Ox — Taurus - Earth

Both seek security and have a green thumb.  Both are yin/feminine.

3. Tiger — Aquarius - Air

Both are versatile and can not be pinned down or labelled.  Both are yang/masculine.

4. Rabbit — Virgo - Earth

Both are very neat in appearance and health-conscious.  Both are yin/feminine.

5. Dragon — Leo - Fire

Both have over-the-top personalities and are born leaders.  Both are yang/masculine.

6. Snake — Pisces - Water

Both are psychic sensitive and sensual.  Both are yin/feminine.

7. Horse — Sagittarius - Fire

Both are outspoken and multi-talented.  Both are yang/masculine.

8. Sheep — Cancer - Water

Both are nurturing and home/family oriented.  Both are yin/feminine.

9. Monkey — Gemini - Air

Both are very expressive, creative, and vocal.  Both are yang/masculine.

10. Rooster — Capricorn - Earth

Both are business and career oriented and good with finances.  Both are yin/feminine.

11. Dog — Libra - Air

Both are all about fairness and balancing wrongdoings.  Both are yang/masculine.

12. Pig — Scorpio - Water

Both are sensual and somewhat indulgent.  Both are yin/feminine.
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Divine Pet


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PostSubject: Re: Zodiac Signs and Guardians   Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:13 am

Sacred Beast; Rabbit

Rules over all 'Usagi' type Monsters. Sun Sign is Virgo.

True Guardian Form; Shirosagisu, the White Rabbit

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PostSubject: Re: Zodiac Signs and Guardians   Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:24 am

Zodiac Sign; Taurus

Rules over all 'Taur' type monsters. Sacred Beast Moon Sign is 'Ox.'

True Guardian Form; Tank Wilde, the Crystal Taurus

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PostSubject: Re: Zodiac Signs and Guardians   

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Zodiac Signs and Guardians
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