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Tear M. Lacrimoso
Shinigami Tsukuyomi :: Moon's Eye Mirror; Keeper of the Crystal Heart
Shinigami Tsukuyomi :: Moon's Eye Mirror; Keeper of the Crystal Heart

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PostSubject: Skills   Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:43 am

I. Dependability - Working In A Reliable And Responsible Manner.

II. Flexibility - Accepting Change And Variety In The Workplace.

III. Persistence - Working Continuously Despite Interruption.

IV. Integrity - Avoiding Unethical Behavior And Being Honest.

V. Efficiency - Effectively Using Resources.

VI. Competitiveness - Striving To Be The Best.

VII. Social Perception - Being Aware Of The Needs And Feelings Of Others.

VIII. Independent Work - Working With Little Or No Supervision.

IX. Teamwork - Working Cooperatively With Others.

X. Working With The Public - Representing The Organization And Communicating With Persons Outside The Organization.

XI. Assisting/Caring - Providing Assistance, Care, Or Service To Others.

XII. Performing - Interacting With Others To Entertain Or Sell.

XIII. Instructing - Teaching, Guiding, Or Motivating Others.

XIV. Finger Dexterity - Coordinating Movements Of The Fingers.

XV. Manual Dexterity - Coordinating Movements Of The Hand, Arm And Hand, Or Both Hands.

XVI. Motor Coordination - Coordinating Movements Of Two Or More Limbs Together.

XVII. Stamina - Exerting One's Self Physically Over Long Periods Of Time.

XVIII. Strength - Exerting Force Repeatedly Or Continuously.

XIX. Rapid Response - Moving Quickly And Correctly Between Two Different Activities.

XX. Sound Discrimination - Detecting The Difference Between Sounds, Pitch, Or Loudness.

XXI. Shape Discrimination - Detecting The Difference Between Sizes, Shapes, And Mass.

XXII. Color Vision - Detecting The Difference Between Colors, Shades And Brightness.

XXIII. Depth Perception - Detecting The Distance Between Objects.

XXIV. Visualizing - Forming A Mental Image Of How Something Will Look After It Is Moved Or When Its Parts Are Moved.

XXV. Creativity - Originating, Designing, Or Creating New Ideas, Relationships, Systems, Artworks, Or Products.

XXVI. Aesthetic Judgment - Recognizing Artistic Or Natural Beauty.

XXVII. Stress Tolerance - Dealing Calmly And Effectively With Tense Situations.

XXVIII. Hazards Tolerance - Working In Potentially Dangerous Conditions

XXIX. Discomfort Tolerance - Working In Unpleasant Environmental Conditions.

XXX. Repetition - Continuously Performing The Same Action.

XXXI. Following Procedures - Correctly Following A Given Set Of Rules To Complete A Task.

XXXII. Categorizing - Identifying Items By Similarities.

XXXIII. Record Keeping - Entering, Transcribing, Recording, Storing, Or Maintaining Information.

XXXIV. Attention To Detail - Checking Each Item Or Task Carefully.

XXXV. Verifying Information - Evaluating Information Against A Set Of Standards Or Ensuring That It Is Correct.

XXXVI. Installing - Setting Up Equipment, Machines, Or Structures To Meet Specifications.

XXXVII. Inspecting - Checking And Evaluating Equipment, Structures, And Products.

XXXVIII. Repairing - Fixing, Service, Aligning, Setting Up, And Adjusting Machines, Devices, Moving Parts, And Equipment.

XXXIX. Troubleshooting - Determining The Cause And Solution Of An Error.

XL. Controlling Machines - Using Control Mechanisms Or Direct Physical Activity To Operate Machines.

XLI. Operating Vehicles - Running, Maneuvering, Navigating, Or Driving Vehicles Or Mechanized Equipment.

XLII. Using Computers - Working With Computers By Using Programs Or Entering Data.

XLIII. Programming - Writing Computer Programs.

XLIV. Technology Design - Developing Or Adapting Equipment And Technology.

XLV. Calculating - Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying And Dividing.

XLVI. Estimating - Approximating Distances, Quantities, Time, Costs, Resources, Or Materials.

XLVII. Budgeting - Allocating Financial Resources.

XLVIII. Math Reasoning - Using Mathematical Methods To Understand And Solve Problems.

XLIX. Science Reasoning - Using Scientific Methods To Understand And Solve Problems.

L. Reading - Understanding Ideas And Information Presented In Writing.

LI. Writing - Communicating Information And Ideas In Writing.

LII. Speaking - Talking To Others To Convey Information.

LIII. Listening - Listening To What People Are Saying And Asking Questions.

LIV. Concentrating - Focusing On A Task Without Interruption.

LV. Information Gathering - Locating And Identifying Information Or Ideas.

LVI. Evaluating - Judging The Success Or Progress Of An Idea, Work Activity, Or Project.

LVII. Advising - Providing Consultation Or Advice To Others.

LVIII. Synthesizing - Reorganizing Information To Get A Better Approach To Problems.

LIX. Analyzing - Examining Information And Using Logic To Solve Problems.

LX. Planning - Developing Approaches For Implementing Ideas.

LXI. Active Learning - Working With New Material Or Information To Understand The Implications.

LXII. Using Knowledge - Using Work-Related Experience.

LXIII. Safety Of Others - Managing The Work Environment To Provide For The Health And Safety Of Others.

LXIV. Persuading - Convincing Others To Approach Things Differently.

LXV. Negotiating - Bringing Others Together And Trying To Reconcile Differences.

LXVI. Confronting - Communicating A Position Opposed By Others.

LXVII. Initiating - Taking On New Responsibilities And Challenges.

LXVIII. Coordinating - Organizing People And Activities To Complete Tasks.

LXIX. Directing/Leading - Providing Leadership And Direction To Others Through A Process Of Give And Take.

LXX. Decision Making - Understanding Information And Reaching A Conclusion To Solve Problems.

LXXI. Managing Resources - Determining The Best Use Human Resources, Finances, And Material Resources.

LXXII. Impact Of Responsibility - Accepting The Long-Term Outcome Of Decisions.

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