The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

Where All Is Made Truth...
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Magnus Ignis the Opal Lightchrysm :: White Sun; Crystal Star Seed
Magnus Ignis the Opal Lightchrysm :: White Sun; Crystal Star Seed

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PostSubject: Focus   Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:52 pm

Absolution; Ultimitia Energia
Generation and concentration of the three primary energies (Positive, Negative and Neutral/Zero) and creates the Ultimate Energy known as ‘Ultimitia Energia.’ He may use it as he sees fit; shaping or molding it into any form he wishes, even embedding it in or charging it as other techniques. Though it can be manipulated by itself in whatever way he chooses, he commonly uses this energy to create ‘Ultimate Techniques’ that can only be used after he produces the necessary amount of ‘Ultimitia Energia’ to form them. It is a special type of energy that holds all charges and polarities working in complete harmony to accomplish a single ultimate goal, hence why it is the Ultimate Energy. If threatened or interrupted by outside forces or opposing energies whilst he is charging, or if he has no time to mold the energy as he wills, he is known to release whatever energy he has already charged previously as a spontaneous, pulsating wave that frees all stored energy immediately in an explosive manner. It takes one post to create the Ultimate Energy, one post to mold it into the shape he wants, and the final post to release the technique, known as any of the ‘Ultimate’ techniques listed as derivatives. While he is charging, he cannot attack nor defend, but he can easily still dodge and evade. Some charge times may differ or vary depending on the technique.
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