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 Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson

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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:54 am

First topic message reminder :

Personal (Memory/Reference)
Verbal Communication

Purpose: Judgment, Future, Daughter, Self, Evidence, Proof, Record, Reference, Eternity, Memento, Notes

Description: "Comprehensive Compendium Of All Crimes, Evidence, Reference And Notes Taken Against Tatiauna P. Williamson Over The Course Of 2010 To 2017+ And Each Of The Recorded Transgressions."

Note: "Some Notes Are Missing Because I Did Not Start Documenting Due To An Attempt To Have Trust And Faith And Love In A Relationship That I Was Unaware Of Only Had Personal Interest At Heart."

Relationship Notes: "Did Not Care About Me And Only Sought Things For The Self At All Times. Constant Liar. Habitual And Fearful Liar. Quick To Flee And Blame Others Without Taking Responsibility For Actions, Though Is Always Demanding Others Take Responsibility AFTER She Has CAUSED Something Detrimental, Pretending As If She Were Not The Cause Of The Detriment. Known To Be Consciously Abusive On Purpose With Premeditated Intent And Consistency." - Abusive (Unfaithful)

Virtue: "Will Show Daughter In The Future, Which Is Why Notation Is Important. Mother Of Daughter Is A Known Liar Specifically To Keep Herself Out Of Trouble And Will Pervert The Truth To Poison The Mind Of My Daughter In Order To Use Against Me, As She Already Has And Has Been Known To Do, Inciting Unnecessary Discord And Unwarranted Disruption In Relationships For Malicious Purposes." - Foresight

Abuse: "Uses My Daughter For Her Own Selfish Malicious Intent And Emotions Against Me Without My Daughter Realizing It, Which Ends Up Damaging Our Relationship Because My Daughter Doesn't Know She Is Being Used By Her Mother And Won't Believe It." - Manipulation
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

Posts : 788
Join date : 2014-11-02

PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:54 am

-Present Day-

Present Time

Tymon: "Why Did You Even Say That I Raped You Knowing It Is Untrue? What Is The Purpose Of Trying To Tell Me And Not Anyone Else, Especially After I Have Told People That You Are Making This False Claim Against Me? The Reasoning For Trying To Tell Me Something That Is Not True Shows Up As Malicious Intent."

Tatiauna: Its not untrue and Im not going back and forth about this anymore.

Tymon:  "It Is Untrue And You Do Not Have A Choice Because You Have Said Something False That Is Legally Unjustified. This Is Treated As A Case."

Tymon: "It Is Because You Claimed Something False And It Must Be Dealt With Because It Is False. What You Did Not Consider Is The Length The One Who Knows The Claims Are False Will Go To, And How Much Of A Priority It Would Be Considered."

Tymon: "This Is What We Will Be Talking About Until The Court Date, Since I Am Not Only Completely Certain That Your False Claim Will Be Discovered, But Also Will Have You Incarcerated For Such A Severe Claim Being Untrue."

Tymon: "This Is What We Will Be Talking About Until The Court Date, Since I Am Not Only Completely Certain That Your False Claim Will Be Discovered, But Also Will Have You Incarcerated For Such A Severe Claim Being Untrue."

Tymon: "Because It Is Untrue, I Also Have No Issue Talking About It To Anyone Necessary As I Already Have Been In Order To Deal With This Properly."

Tymon: "You Cannot Even Answer Why You Even Brought It Up, Which Is Suspicious. Why Did You Wait So Long, If It Is True?"

Tymon: "Also, If I Ask New Questions, It Is Not Going Back And Forth. Your Lack Of Cooperation Also Shows Up As Attempting To Hide, Which Is What The Guilty Party Does.'

Tymon: "It Shows Your Unwillingness To Resolve And Illustrates An Ulterior Motive, Especially After I Have Told You That The Longer You Lie, The More Your Faulty Story Shows Up."

Tymon: "The Fact That You Made A Claim Out Of Nowhere And Then Are Refusing To Resolve The Matters Also Is Suspicious Plus It Helps To Show What I Was Saying About You In The Past, Which Further Illustrates My Point."


Tymon: "You Have Already Committed The Crime. Like Rape, It Cannot Be Taken Back, And I Treat It Just As Seriously."

Tymon: "You Did Not Know My Feelings About Rape Before You Falsely Accused Me Nor How Strongly I Have Always Been Against It. You Are A Criminal And I Have A Case Against You."

Tymon: "And If You Have Done This To Force A Reason Not To Communicate About Trinity, That Will Show Up As Well. These Things Have Been Done Before."

Tymon: "You Are A Criminal."

Tymon: "The Fact That You Are Not Taking This Seriously Shows Up As Well. It Is Part Of How One Can Tell You Are Lying With Malicious Intent Against Me."


Tymon: Quote: Recently, I was falsely accused of rape by a girl that I knew from my college class. She later admitted that her accusation was false and dropped all the charges. Meanwhile, I lost my work study job at the campus library after everyone heard the accusations and I’ve been having a hard time paying for my tuition and expenses without a job. I read about defamation of character lawsuits. Is defamation for falsely accusing of rape something I could sue her for?

Tymon: Quote:  falsely accusing someone of having committed a crime is considered “defamatory per se” or “actionable per se.” That means harm is taken as a given in the eyes of the law, and harm to your reputation is presumed.

Tymon: I. "Because You Have Falsely Accused Me At All, Especially In The Heat Of The Moment, The Statements Themselves Are Considered Legally Malicious."

Tymon: Quote: Depending on your state’s laws, you may only need to show that the young woman made the statements, and that the statements were false. 

Tymon: II. "I Already Have The Statements And An Alibi And Records. You Are A Criminal And Will Be Treated As Such."

Tymon: Quote: Again, depending on your state’s laws, the young woman might be liable for any resulting actual damages stemming from the statements -- money you lost as a result of losing your job, damage to your ability to secure new work, and harm to your reputation because of the false accusations of your having committed a serious crime. You may also be entitled to compensation for things like embarrassment, mental anguish, and humiliation.

Tymon: III. "Because I Have To Deal With It At All, That Is Part Of The Terms Of Your Liability And Also The Continuation Of Communication On The Matter."

Tymon: Quote: Malicious prosecution lets you hold someone else civilly liable (meaning you can get compensation in the form of financial damages) when they initiate (or cause to be initiated) a criminal or civil case against you, while knowing that the allegations are not true (or without any reasonable grounds to believe they are true), and with a wrongful purpose. 

Tymon: IV. "Not Only Will It Look Strange That I Bring You In, But Also That You Did Not And Also Made No Attempt. I Should Not Be More Zealous Than You About This, Or Else That Is A Large Hole In Your Own Case."

Tymon: V. "The Fact That You Have Actively Chosen Not To Express Your Feelings When Given An Opportunity To Resolve Also Shows Intent To Withhold Them Intentionally, Which Shows Up."

Tymon: VI. "Your Intentional Lack Of Resolution Shows Up As Motivation For The False Rape Claim And Other Animosity."


Tymon: Quote: Actual Malice

In a legal sense, "actual malice" has nothing to do with ill will or disliking someone and wishing him harm. Rather, courts have defined "actual malice" in the defamation context as publishing a statement while either

knowing that it is false; or
acting with reckless disregard for the statement's truth or falsity.

Tymon: VII. "You Are Guilty Of Actual Malice And Negligence By Making The False Rape Claim Then Not Speaking On It, Which Are Serious Crimes."

Tymon: VIII. "The Fact That I Am Using Actual Legal Terms And That They Apply Is Proof On Its Own Of Your Criminal Behavior."

Tymon: IX. "Negligence Is A Crime And Evasion Of Issues -- Especially Criminal Issues -- Is Both A Sign And Its Own Evidence."

Tatiauna: You can do whatever you want I have nothing to fear because its the truth. I brought it up apart of list of ways you were abusive to me in the past. Just

Tatiauna:  because i dont have my old messages doesnt prove anything. If you have your messages from 2012 - 2014 and you didn't delete them i would like a pdf copy

Tatiauna:  of them. I know it was over phone i don't remember if we were talking over the phone, messages in text or over Facebook. But it happened and we did in s

Tatiauna: tefanos building before I went to school.

Tymon: "What Happened During The Experience?"

Tymon: "You Have The Same Facebook Messages I Do. If You Deleted Them, Why Have You Done This If That Information Is So Important?"

Tymon: "Why Has This Never Come Up Before, If It Is True?"

Tymon: "No One Forgets The Context Of Rape If It Actually Happened."

Tymon: "Why Would We Be Talking About The Event On The Phone And It Never Be Brought Up? That Is Conveniently In Your Favor."

Tymon: "We Had Sex Multiple Times In That Building. What Was The Context Of This Time You Claimed Happened Specifically In Detail?"

Tymon: "Why Do You Not Remember The Details Of Your Own Claim, Yet You Recall And Hold Onto More Trivial Things  And Have Been Proven To Do So?"

Tymon: "You Do Not Take This As Seriously As I Do, Which Shows Up As Contribution To The Fact That The Claim Is False."

Tymon: "This Is Not As Simple As You Believed It To Be Nor What You Had Done In The Past, Hence Why The Things You Started And Tried To Finish Did Not Come Together Completely Seamlessly, As They Should Have If You Had Done Good Works."

Tymon: "The Fact That Literally Everything You Have Ever Done Can Even Come Upon You Because They Were Left Unresolved And Were Deemed Resolved Is A Sign Of Your Own Impaired Mentality And Judgment."

Tymon: "It Is Coming Together Now For A Reason, And It Is Because Of The False Rape Claim And How You Have Lied, Deceived, Manipulated And Did Not Resolve Issues In The Past. Your Entire Life Is Summed Up And Pressed By One Lie."

Tymon: "Your Entire History Of What Sort Of Lying Person You Are Will Not Only Show Up, It Will Be Emphasized, Including Each Time It Has Happened, Where, And Why."

Tymon: "The Fact That You Cannot Answer Any Of The Questions I Have Asked Is A Sign Of The Lie. These Are Questions You Will Probably Be Asked And 'I Do Not Remember' Does Not Suffice, Because Plenty Liars With Actual Malice Say That."

Tymon: "Beyond That, Whether Or Not You Even Respond To Them, Because I Am The One Bringing The Claim, It Depends On Me And My Claim, Not You And Yours. At -All-."

Tymon: "The Time It Takes You To Respond Shows Up As Evidence And Not Responding At All Is A Form Of -LEGAL- Negligence, Which Is A Crime."

Tymon: "Because You Have Lived Your Life Avoiding Resolution Using Legal Negligence And No One Calls You Out On It, You Already Believe That Neglecting Or Prolonging Answering Will Work And Be Seen As Justified, When In Actuality That Is Worse For You."

Tymon: "Your Actions And Believing Things Functioned In That Way Only To Find Out That Legally, What You Have Been Doing Is Something You Can Be Charged For Despite How It Seems To Hold Sway Over Manipulation Is The Reason Why I Told You Years Ago To Stop Avoiding Resolution."

Tymon: "I Warned You To Stop Lying And Running Away. Now All You Can Do Is Lie Criminally And Run Criminally."

-7:15 PM-
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

Posts : 788
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Join date : 2014-11-02

PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:31 am

-Present Day-

Present Time

Tymon: "It Was The Relationship And My Dedication To It That Made Me Deeply Emotionally Invested. Without The Relationship, What You Used To Do Bears No Weight Nor Power. All Of It Is Based On Someone Deciding To Open Up And Give You A Chance, Which You Use To Provoke Anger Or Invoke Emotional Distress."

Tymon: I. "What Happened During The Experience?"

Tymon: II. "Why Has This Never Come Up Before, If It Is True?"

Tymon: III. "Why Would We Be Talking About The Event On The Phone And It Never Be Brought Up? That Is Conveniently In Your Favor."

Tymon: IV. "We Had Sex Multiple Times In That Building. What Was The Context Of This Time You Claimed Happened Specifically In Detail?"

Tymon: V. "Why Do You Not Remember The Details Of Your Own Claim, Yet You Recall And Hold Onto More Trivial Things  And Have Been Proven To Do So?"

Tymon: "A Lot Of What You Say And Do Contradicts Things You Have Said And Done In Other Places, Which Is A Sign Of Lying For An Extended Period Of Time."

Tymon: Omfg, there is this dream you told me about on October of 2012 about how you were trying to stay away from me but I found you and you got on all 4s like a lizard and ran around crazy all over the highway trying to get away from me. Then you talked to CJ and turned back to normal. Zeik was there with some weed. Then you threw the weed and cigarette to a man in a black tophat and had a fancy accent (like my character Khrona). He thought someone else did it and lectured her about littering. I found you later and we walked somewhere.

Tymon: "The Point Of That Dream Was A Premonition About Both How You Have Been Acting And What Has Become Of It, As Well As Those People Involved. My Character, Khrona, Shows Up In Another Person's Dream As A Man In Black Wearing A Tophat, As Well. Ironically, Sophia Is The One That Had That Dream When I Was Living With Her."

Tymon: "... When I Explained To You Previously That There Was Something That Happened Between Us Whilst We Were Together That You Did Not Ever Recognize, It Showed Up As 'Khrona', Just As It Did In Sophia's Dream. Only I Can Comprehend This, And It Means Things I Have Said Became Stuck In Your Subconscious."

Tymon: "I Told You About That Sneaky Littering."

Tymon: Omfg, there is a time here where YOU are pressuring ME for sex and I'm telling YOU I don't want to do it because of relationship issues.

Tymon: "I Nearly Forgot About Those Times, But They Are Certainly Within The Time Frame Of This Claim."

Tymon: "The Deterioration Of The Relationship Is Also Vividly Apparent To The Point Of Your Damages And My Backlash. My Outbursts Being An Effect Rather Than The Cause Also Puts What You Have Said About Me In An Entirely Different Perspective."

Tymon: "You Were Also Extremely Possessive And Clingy, Which I Totally Did Not Notice Because Of The Love I Had For You, But Can See Clearly Now Where You Had Damaged Us Recklessly Trying To Cling To Me, Then Being Upset Years Later When I Try To Keep Us Together Doing The Same Things."

Tymon: "Evidence Of Using Trinity Against Me During Early Stages In An Attempt To Manipulate My Feelings."

Tymon: "... Tatiauna. You Seriously Do Not Have A Case At All. You Also Know I Did Not Rape You And That You Have Made Up The Scenario. There Is Evidence That You Do Things Like That And Withhold Information, Blame Others Without Acknowledging Yourself, Lie, Manipulate And Were Untrustworthy; Possibly Promiscuous."

Tymon: "Nearly Every One Of The Questions I Asked You Were Avoided Unless I Askes You Multiple Times. You Still Do That."

Tymon: "Most Of The Conversations Are You Not Communicating, Avoiding Resolution And Being Uncooperative. Paired With The Evidence I Have Now, Everything I Have Been Saying Falls Into What I Have Been Saying Automatically By Default. It Shows You Have Been The Cause Of The Issues We Have And Not Part Of The Solution."

Tymon: "Also, I See I Was Not Even Around Often -BECAUSE- I Was Displeased With You, And You Were The One Trying To Be Near Me."

Tymon: "That Means Something -DRASTIC- In A False Rape Claim."

Tymon: "I Only Stayed With Sophia For 2 Or 3 Months, And That Is The Time Period You Are Referencing."

Tymon: ... "You Literally Are Only A Hypocrite, Liar And Contradict Yourself. You Really Do Not Want To Look At Your History. It's Atrocious. What's Worse, Everything -YOU- Said Destroys You -OWN- Case -AND- Destroys -EVERYTHING- You Have Ever Said Whilst It Is Supporting Everything I Have Said."

Tymon: "You Were Clearly Definitely Jealous Of Sophia."

Tymon: "You Are Going To Jail, Tatiauna. You Have No Case. Your Claim Is False. All Odds Are Stacked Against You By Your Own Hand And Honestly... This Looks Like A Joke."

Tymon: "Even Worse Is, You Said On 12-30-2012, Right Before Talking About Sophia, And I Quote, 'Therefore anything you say to me won't or don't matter to me unless used in a court of law. since were not in a courtroom I think those rules don't apply.'"

Tymon: "The Lord, God, Is Completely Displeased With You. The Lord Would Never Even Bring That To Your Mind And Make Things This Blatantly Opposing To Your Own Words And Thoughts By Your Own Judgment Unless The Lord Has Decided To Destroy You."

Tymon: "You Were Trying To Make Me Jealous The Entirety Of The Time I Was Staying With Sophia And You Clearly Hate Her. Your Hatred For Her Combined With Animosity For Me Shows Up In Your Blending Of Emotions And Scenarios, Which Is A Psychological Disorder."

Tymon: "I Want To Feel Sorry For You, But Because Of All The Lying, Manipulation, Provocation, Antagonism, Neglect, Hypocrisy, Contradictions, Recklessness, Vanity And Lack Of Communication That Did All Of This, I Do Not And Will Not."

Tymon: "I See A Pattern That You Refuse To Talk When You Are Wrong Or Can Be At Fault. This Shows Up As Well."

Tatiauna: I'm not scared of you what you have. Ill  fight whatever you got to best of my ability. You think someone going to keep tolerate your abuse. You did rape me. You emotionally abused me thoughtout the relationship you tried to spritually abuse me after it. It has nothing do with hating sophia. I have no animosity towards. It definitely not jealousy or making you jelous. I barely wanted to be with you at that point. Because of the things you were doing. You don't get to tell me what I should rember to validate what happened. I told you what happened. 3 i have a lot of things to do. I don't have to responds to your 50million post of you trying to lie about what you did. Honestly. I know deep down you remember. You're just liar. You always somehow forget your wrong doing. You were mad. Talking about your anger coming from stress we were going back and forth and you said of you didn't have sex you rape sophia. I met you at stefanos apartment because i wanted to calm you down. And we did it on the stairwell then I went to school afterwards. I don't remember some of the details as to how we were communicating. But im pretty sure it was through messages but i dont have any messages before 2014. Which is why i asked for a pdf copy of your texts and facebook messages.

Tymon: "I Have The Actual Information And Read It Myself. You Have Not Even Read It. I Did Not Rape You. You Did Want To Be With Me. You Said It Many Times. You Are Lying To Save Face."

Tymon: "Your Story Also Does Not Make Sense Based On The Alibi."

Tymon: "I Never Threatened To Rape You Nor Sophia And I Never Raped You."

Tymon: "The Liar Is The One With Less Information, And Your Story Changes Every Time We Dig Deeper Into It, Which Is How Any False Rape Claim Is Discovered."

Tymon: "I Have Actual Written Documentation. The Fact That You Are Denying It Is Also A Sign Of Your Lying Nature And Malicious Intent."

Tymon: "The Emotional Abuse Was Coming From You, And The Earlier Evidence Of Our Relationship Reveals That In Its Entirety."

Tymon: "Most Of The Things You State About Me Are Actually What You Have Done, Yourself, And There Is Evidence Of This All Throughout The Relationship. That Is A Mental Disorder Called 'Psychological Projection'."

Tymon: "You Have Needed Mental Help For A Very Long Time. You Are Disturbed And Perverse. You Are Lying In Order To Prolong Animosity."

Tymon: "Most Of My Evidence Is What You Have Said And Done."

Tymon: "Saying Less Does Not Always Mean You Get Away With It. It Often Actually Means It Makes It Easier To See What You Have Done."

Tymon: "In A False Rape Claim, You Saying Less Often Means That You Are Lying."

Tymon: "You Did Not Answer Every Question In Your Response."

Tymon: "The Fact That This Happens Often Is A Sign Of Intent, Which Reveals That You Are Trying To Hide Something By Not Answering Specific, Probably Incriminating Things."

Tymon: I. "Why Has This Never Come Up Before, If It Is True?"

Tymon: II. "Why Do You Not Remember The Details Of Your Own Claim, Yet You Recall And Hold Onto More Trivial Things  And Have Been Proven To Do So?"

Tymon: III. "Why Do You Get To Tell Me To Remember Something That Never Happened, Yet I Cannot Tell You What I Have In Written Text?"

Tymon: "The Last Question Is A Signal About Your Avoidance, Your Psychological Projection, Denial And Narcissism. It Shows That Even With Evidence, You Will Lie And Deny Until You Are Confronted."

Tymon: "The Fact That You Are Claiming I Am Lying When I Am The One With The Record Evidence Does Also Reveal Your Disregard For Actual Facts For The Sake Of Your Story Out Of Desperation."

Tatiauna: Then show me the proof then all of it not just the ones where you try to make me look bad because i gurantee you there are other message that should how

Tatiauna: Then show me the proof then all of it not just the ones where you try to make me look bad because i gurantee you there are other message that should how

Tatiauna: you the full story not just the one you're trying to pain.. You paint me as if i was desperate for you and wanted you around all the time when that wasn'

Tatiauna: t the case after i had Trinity. I admit that i didn't like that you were talking to other girls. Even a little jelous of sophia but i didn't hate her. I

Tatiauna: was md at you because yiu wouldn't help out, hut find time for evrything else but to take care of trinity. I also had misguided anger at ziek and your ot

Tatiauna: her friends because i blamed them for you not heloing with trinity. When in reality it was your fault and not their responsibility to make sure yoh do th

Tatiauna: e right thing. But I didn't hate Sophia. I actually liked her more than anyone else because she was understandng of my feelings and respected them.

Tymon: I. "I Find The Messages That Are Relevant. It Has Nothing To Do With Making You Look Bad. You Have Done This Yourself Based On Information Claimed And Recorded."

Tymon: II. "I Am Not Biased And Speak On Only What Is Relevant. Everything Else Is About Different Matters. You Are Looking For A Way Out Of Your Own Mess When There Is None, And It Shows."

Tymon: III. "I Was Looking Directly At The Messages With My Own Eyes As I Texted You. You Were Trying To Get Me To Be Around You When I Didn't."

Tymon: IV. "I Only Give Facts As They Are. I Do Not Paint Stories. I Only List Accurate Information, Which All Links Together In The Present And Past, Unlike Your Information, Which Is Disjointed And Distorted Both Then And Now And Does Not Connect."

Tymon: V. "All Of These Events Happened After Trinity."

Tatiauna: Saying that I hated sophia isnt a fact. Saying im using trinity to mess with you isn't a fact. Saying your abuse is justified isn't a fact.

Tymon: VI. "Sophia Was Waiting For Me To Get Rid Of You Every Time I Went Out To See You. She Wanted To Be With Me And For You To Be Gone."

Tymon: VII. "I Was Upset At Your Irresponsibility In Handling The Relationship And As A Parent, Plus As A Family, Which Is Why I Was Away From You Until You Became Cooperative."

Tymon: VIII. "Everything I Am Saying Now Has Not Changed Since Back Then Up Until Now, Which Is Why My Information Is Accurate As Is. I Also Checked.'

Tymon: IX. "All Of This Information I Am Stating Has Involved You And Me From The Past Until Now. I Have Said The Same Things And You Have Not Changed, Which Shows Up."

Tymon: X. "The Fact That I Have Been Saying The Same Things And Have Evidence Plus That They Match Up Perfectly At All Times In Accord To What You Have Done Is Also Evidence On Its Own In My Favor And Against Your Distorted Or Disjointed Information By Default."

Tatiauna: Again non of it's an excuse. You cant get mad and abuse someone because you cant control them. I don't have to agree with you. I don't have to do what yo

Tatiauna: u want. I also don't have to want to spend "family" time when i needed breaks just because you wanted to play house . And it didn't just start with Trini

Tatiauna: ty. You were always controlling. You didn't like my friends. You hated alisha and tried to make me stop being her friend. You got mad when I made male fr

Tatiauna: iends. You tried to control how I dressed.

Tymon: I. "The Fact That You Believe Facts Are Excuses Reveals A Deeper Mental Instability That Stems Back To Your Repetitive Inability To Communicate Properly."

Tatiauna: Its not mental instability. Theres no justification for abusing someone.

Tatiauna: That fact that you think its ok just shows how messed up you are.

Tymon: II. "You Often Were Upset More Trivially And Tried To Control Or Manipulate Your Way By Negligence And Avoidance."

Tymon: III. "Family Time Was For Trinity. The Fact That You Did Not Do This And The End Result Is This Outcome By Your Own Doing Is A Sign That You Worked Against The Family, Which Is Against Your Favor."

Tymon: IV. "None Of What You Said Is About The False Rape Claim Nor Its Resolution, Which Is A Sign Of Avoidance At Convenience."

Tymon: V. "You Often Were Abusive Emotionally Because I Was Being Submissive To Your Manipulative And Controlling Ways By My Attempts To Support You, Love You And Establish A Family With You."

Tymon: VI. "Your Friend Alisha Often Got You In Trouble And I Was Concerned About Your Safety Just As You Felt About Zeik. To Classify That As Abuse When You Did The Same Thing Is Hypocritical."

Tymon: VII. "The Fact That You Are Casting Blame Again And Not Acknowledging What You Have Done -- Which Is How You Had Always Been -- Is The Sign Of The Psychological Projection, And Is What Guilty People Do To Avoid Being Blamed."

Tymon: VIII. "Because I Explain Myself Completely With Explicit Detail And Evidence That Relates Shows That I Am Both Justified And Trustworthy As Well As Not Hiding Nor Avoiding Anything At Any Given Time."

Tymon: IX. "I Do Not Miss Anything Nor Leave Anything Relevant Out. I Respond Quickly, Clearly And Completely. I Also Respond To Everything Always. Because I Do This And You Do Not, That Shows Up As Incriminating To You By How You React And Respond -- Like You Have Something To Hide Or Trying To Cover Tracks."

Tatiauna: No i avoided arguing with because you get abusive or you hurt yourself or threaten to hirt yourself. Like the time we were arguing on the metra on stairw

Tatiauna: ay and you kept hitting your face into the wall. You don't stop until you get what you want.

Tatiauna: There were plenty of opportunities for it. Not just when I needed time to myself. Also it's not the same because i didn't treat your friends differently

Tymon: X. "The Fact That You Are Suddenly Attempting To Avoid Speaking About The False Rape Claim In Order To Deal With The Outstanding Issues I Have Tried To Resolve For Years Is A Show Of Avoidance And Desperation To Appear Cooperative Where You Are Still Being Uncooperative, Which Links Back To Prior Behavior On The Past."

Tymon: XI. "The Fact That There Is No Explanation For Your Behavior, Yet You Continue To Exhibit It At Certain Points In Time Serves As Its Own Evidence Alone Based On Timing By Itself."

Tatiauna: and i also didn't mind you hanging out with then. I didn't become a problem until after you stoped helping with Trinity. You never liked alisha. The prob

Tatiauna: lem she caused was not knowing directions and thats not enough to hate someone on. You sent her messages talking about her weight and everything. You als

Tatiauna: o didn't want me hanging with any of my guy friends. You stopped menfrom talking to antonio elliou chris and non of then were bad people. Hell you even g

Tatiauna: ot mad because i spaced out and happen ed to be looking in the direction of a guy. The only time i didn't feel comfortable was when you did something beh

Tatiauna: ind my back with a girl and that one time you told me dierra got drunk and was all over you.

Tatiauna: Also what time did you want to call Trinity?

Tatiauna: I'm not attempting to avoid anything. It have no reason to avoid its the truth  . Youep sending me millions of messages and i try to respond to what i ca

Tatiauna: n.

Tymon: I. "You Were Not Communicating Nor Listening And Avoided Resolution, Which Was Stressful. You Too Are Guilty Of Recklessness And Abusiveness To Yourself And Others When Stressed Or Enraged."

Tymon: II. "You Believe I Wanted My Way. I Was Upset Because You Did Not Communicate Effectively Enough And It Was Damaging Much Of Our Lives And Relationship And You Did Not Change."

Tymon: III. "You Did Not Like My Friends And Tried To Keep Me From Them So We Could Spend Time Together. You Insulted Them And Often Tried To Steal My Time With Them And Claim I Was Wrong For Wanting To Spend Time With Them. You Barely Spoke To Them And When You Did, It Was To Manipulate Them Away From Me By Driving Wedges Between Us Through Making Issues And Not Communicating To Me -- As With CJ."

Tymon: IV. "You Were Actively Promiscuous, Did Not Communicate And Acted Spitefully To Use Other Guys To Make Me Jealous Or Suspicious Because You Were Upset."

Tymon: V. "You Created And Perpetuated The Broken Family Trinity Has By Yourself, And It Still Shows Up."

Tymon: VI. "You Were Constantly Doing Things Behind My Back And Often The Reasons You Believed I Did Things Behind Your Back Was Due To Your Lack Of Communication And My Acting On My Own Because You Did Not Communicate, Which Is Different From Doing Things Behind Your Back."

Tymon: VII. "The Rape Did Not Happen. By Trying To Put More Emphasis On Everything Else But Minimizing The Major Claim -- The False Rape Claim -- Shows Up As Well As Detracting From Information Purposefully. The Fact That You Are Speaking With More Details About Other Women From Memory Rather Than The False Claim And Also Cannot Remember Is Shows Up To Further Emphasize In Reverse Your Own Lie About The Rape And Its Motivation Being Your Dislike Of Other Women."

Tymon: "Whatever Time Is Best Is The Time That We Will Speak. Noon Is A Good Time For Me."

Tymon: IX. "You Are The One That Only Just Now Are Deciding To Deal With These Matters. All Of This Information Is Byproduct Of What You Neglected To Resolve In The Past. The Timing You Decided To Deal With It As A Desperation To Avoid Speaking About Your False Rape Claim That I Have Exposed And That You Are Running Out Of Room About Shows Up, Especially Because I Point It Out When You Shirk From The False Rape Claim."

Tymon: X. "The More You Attempt To Run From The Lie Of The False Rape Claim You Have Against Me, The More Apparent It Is, Even If You Attempt To Use Other Information To Detract Or Distract From It."

Tatiauna: Not having proof doesn't change the fact that it happened. So you can do what you want im not backing down from you anymore.

Tymon: "Not Having Proof Is The First Sign That It Did Not Happen."

Tatiauna: Im not minimizing it. The rape is apart of your abuse. Its because of the trama frombthe abuse that I've given into you.

Tymon: "You Have More To Say On Everything Else Unrelated And Are Obscure About The Information, Which Is Common For Liars And The Second Sign That It Did Not Happen."

Tymon: "The Rape Claim Being False Is Abuse From You. Your Record Of Being A Liar And Abusive With Lying Is Part Of The Evidence. The Fact That You Lie About Important Things At Important Times Is A Recurring Sign Of The Fact That You Would Even Make This False Claim."

Tatiauna: It actually doesn't mean it didn't happen. I didn't have more to say aboit one over the other. You're the one that keeps bringing up stuff that has nothi

Tatiauna: ng to do with it and ibrespinding to what you're saying. You keep bringing up stuff and then try to call me a liar for addressing those also

Tymon: "You Cannot Have Trauma From Something That Did Not Happen. Lying About Trauma Or Faking It Shows Up When It Is Looked Into Being Brought Up At All Comparatively To Actual Rape Victims, Just As With The Story."

Tymon: I. "You Are Attempting To Remove Your Involvement With Psychological Projection, Which Is A Mental Disorder You Had Before We Met And Before I Knew You."

Tymon: II. "All I Have Noted Is Relavent, Which Is Why You Suddenly Shift What You Talk About And How Whenever I Present New Information, Which Is A Sign Of Trying To Watch What You Say To Prevent Being Exposed. -ONLY- Guilty People Do That."

Tymon: III. "I Have Not Altered My Communication To Avoid Anything At Any Time, Unlike You."

Tymon: IV. "I Call You A Liar For Answering Falsely. Just Because You Answer Does Not Mean It Is Truth. The Fact That You Think That Way Shows That You Lie And Withhold Information Frequently, Believing No One Will Notice Because Of A Lack Of Information. This Also Illustrates That You Put More Thought In How You Respond In Order To Manipulate Others."

Tatiauna: This is what I'm talking. You have a just did. You bring 50 million things that have nothing to do with. Sophia wanting me gone has nothing t

Tatiauna: o do with it. (Which probably a lie btw)Me asking you to come over months befor has nothing to do with it. You try to paint as if i was trying to force a

Tatiauna: round and use trinity to keep you. So it seem like i have a motive to lie but its not true. I don't have a reason to lie. You did rape me. I started bein

Tatiauna: g jumpy and having aniexty before you raped me.  Brcause you getting in rage fits already before that. That is why i was scared and hurried to you when t

Tatiauna: old me that.

Tatiauna: I don't try to manipulate others. The only one who ever does that is use. Youve always been manipulative. You tell lies to make people feel sorry for you

Tatiauna: .

Tymon: I. "I Brought Relevant Information For The Supporting Parts Of The Information Stacked Against You. You Believe It Is Irrelevant Because You Are The One It Is Used Against."

Tymon: II. "Sophia And I Talked Regularly About You Because She Wanted You To Stop Keeping Trinity From Me And To Date Me When You Were Gone. She Often Said She Would Take Care Of Trinity. She Even Met Trinity."

Tymon: III. "You Asking Me To See You Is Proof That You Were Lying Earlier And That The Rape Claim Is False, Whether You Recognize It Or Not."

Tymon: IV. "I Have The Log And Timestamp Of You Using Trinity To Try To Manipulate Me As Well As My Own Remarks About It Every Time It Did."

Tymon: V. "You Are Jumpy And Anxioys Because You Are A Liar, And That Is A Trait. It Is Also Because You Did Drugs Before We Met."

Tatiauna: Its not proof of that  what happened outside of that event has nothing to do with. And i wasn't keeping her from you. that's a lie and you know it is. I

Tatiauna: kept asking her to get you. I was to reason you got her and brought her over there in the first place. I didn't use her to keep you around. I only wanted

Tatiauna:  you to get her.

Tatiauna: Im not jumoy anymore. I dont fear you. I was jumpy because of the mental abuse you put me through. The yelling,the death threats, to the talks abiut you

Tatiauna: killing yourself, to you always telling people lies about ne to keep people away from me. You're the liarm youve been the one lying throught the whole re

Tatiauna: lationship and afterwards. You lie to get your eay and make people agree with you.

Tymon: VI. "Your Statement About Running To Me Because I Was Allegedly Angry Does Not Make Sense, Especially When Linked To The Other Information, Whether You Notice Or Not."0

Tymon: VII. "You Had Not Only Manipulated Others, You Continued Years On, Told Me You Did, Already Did It Out Of Habit And Lifestyle, And I Have Written Documentation Of It."

Tymon: VIII. "The Fact That You Believe That Only What You Have Said Matters Is One Of The Most Important Signs That This Is Malice And You Are Lying."

Tatiauna: Yoi bringing one sided irrelevant information to the table doesn't eithrt. I'm not lying whether you admit or not. Im going to find a way to prove the tr

Tatiauna: uth. Also i unlike you i don't have to lie to make you look bad. Your behavior shows who you really are.

Tymon: IX. "What You Are Referencing Are Results Of The Situations You Caused. Most Of Your Information Over The Entire Relationship Is Either 'I Didn't,' 'I Don't' Or 'You Did,' Which Is The Sign Of The Liar, The Abuser And The Manipulator All By Itself. It Also Directly Reveals Your Psychological Projection, That You Had It Before Me, That You Had It During The Relationship And Still Now Long After."

Tatiauna:  That's funny because that all you ever don and project your issues onto me.

Tymon: X. "The Truth Is That I Did Not Rape You. The Best Way To Find Out Is In Court, Which Is Why I Am Doing This And Building My Case And Going Through Evidence."

Tatiauna: The truth is you. You can take me to court if you want to because it's the truth.

Tymon: XI. "The Fact That I Have Been Gathering Evidence For Court For A Long Time And You Ignored It Shows You Are Lying Now About The Entire Rape Claim Is Clear, Or Else It Would Have Come Up Earlier."

Tymon: XII. "You Were The Issues And Causes, As I Have Stated, And Refused To Correct Them, As Stated."

Tymon: XIII. "Because I Did Not Rape You And I Am The Truthful One, You Will Go To Jail Just For The False Rape Claim Alone, Especially With Evidence."


Tymon: "I Am Going To Keep My Evidence For All Time To Utilize On Similar People That May Falsely Accuse Me Of Rape."

Tymon: "I Do Know Why You Have Done Everything You Are Doing, And Have Known For A Long Time, But A Lot Of It Is You Not Owning Up To It And Also Making It Seem Like That Isn't The Issue When It Actually Is And Then Avoiding Me Questioning You Further, Even If I Continue To Do So With The Factual Information That I Originally Stated."

Tymon: "Most Of It Is In Mint Condition, And Quite Early On. It Does Not Get Any Better When I -Actually- Started Documenting, Plus When It Leads Into Me Initially Being Correct And Only Being Said Once, -Unless- It Never Got Resolved."

Tymon: ... "The Worst, Most Heartbreaking Part Is That You Thought You Were The Shit The Entire Time When You Were The One Making The Mistakes The Entire Time, Which Proved That You Were Not Listening."

Tymon: "And You Know I Am Only Disgusted To Have To Look At It, And Of Course Disappointed, As Usual, But... I'm Displeased That You Never Actually Understood That I Actually Loved You And Tried To Seriously Help You The Entire Time, As An Actual Goal Intended Since The Very Beginning."

Tymon:  "I Was Portraying It By -TRYING- To Help You When I Noticed Them, -Not- Hurt You By Informing You And Offending You, As I Believe Was What Kept Happening When I Attempt To Correct It."

Tymon:  "I Am Very Ashamed Of You And That My Daughter Came From You, Especially Because Of That."

Tymon: "You're So Hurtful."

Tymon: "However, All Such Aside, All Of It Adds Up To What I Was Originally Trying To Express To You Out Of Love And True Concern For Our Relationship, Family And Especially Our Daughter, Though Also Ourselves."

Tymon: "All Of The Information Also Explains All Of My Actions And Any Mishaps That Happened Along The Way Because I Communicated Almost Everything Initially."

Tymon: "Barely Any Of What You Are Saying Is Explained And Is Interpreted As I Was Interpreting It, And Thus -Requires- The -Actual- Explanation For Anyone And Everyone Else To Actually Understand You, But My Information Is All Self Explanatory."

Tymon: "I Have Also Just Clarified Many Things And Will Continue Permanent Check."

Tymon: I. "I Cannot Explain Anything Unclear To You Unless You Ask."

Tymon: II. "Most Of The Numeraled Articles Are For Future Reference."

Tymon: III. "What Disturbs Me Is The Reason Why You Have Done All Of This, Especially Only To End In A Lawsuit And All Of The Evidence Actually Being What I Was Saying Initially -Actually- Being Correct The -Entire- Time, Including Now As I Review."

Tymon: IV. "Because We Must Also Go Over Every Facet Of Every Claim, I Have Already Begun On Multiple Documents."

Tymon: V. "One Of The Facets Is The Alleged Abuse From Both Ends."

Tymon: VI. "The Fact That I Am The One Guiding Us Through This With The Same Or Similar Information And Fashion Shows Up As Something Credible And Valuable, Just As Incriminating Information Is When It Alone Serves As Its Own Incrimination As Is."

Tymon: VII. "Due To The Fact That The Belief Of The Feelings Of Abuse Are Mutual Between Us, That Is Important To Be Understood On Both Ends From Both Sides."

Tymon: VIII. "If I Repeat The -Exact- Same Thing That I Stated Previously -- Years Ago -- And It Not Only Make Sense But Also All Still Be Unresolved, The Abuse Charge Only -Solitarily- Falls On You, And Ties Into The Homewrecking I Spoke Of."

Tymon: IX. "The Fact That We Are Also Resolving The Exact Same Issues From Before When We Are Not Together And I Am Not Angry With You, Yet They Are Still Unresolved Initially Leaves A Vast Majority Of The Weight On You By Default."

Tymon: X. "Because A Majority Of The Weight Falls On You By Default -- Because You Did It And It Speaks For Itself -- It Also Looks More Solitarily Bad On You."

Tymon: XI. "Because The False Rape Claim Is Also Being Mentioned As Involved In The Abuse -- Yet Has Been Initially Remarked By Me To Be -THE- Abuse -- It Also Bears Weight On Both Ends As Something That Is Potentially Threatening To The Both Of Us."

Tymon: XII. "Because Of This, The Fact That This False Rape Claim Is Being Used As Abuse Shows Up -Only- Because And As You Are Doing It And Also Proves You Have Been Doing Similarly Emotionally Or Intentionally Malicious Things Before, And This Is Not The First Time."

Tymon: XIII. "This Information Only Functions One Way In Either Situation And Only One-Sidedly In The Favor Of The One To Whom It Is Credited."

Tymon: XIV. "I Am Also Writing This Statement Personally For My Own Case And It Functions Against You If You Attempt To Use It For Your Own, But A Vast Majority Of That Is Your Doing Alone."

Tymon: XV. "Also, Because Most Of What I Was Saying Is Irrelevant -BEYOND- The Actual Answers, None Of The Other Components Beyond Only -Exactly- The Answers Are Useful."

Tymon: XVI. "In Order To Be As Clear And Concise As Possible For The Legible Understanding Of Anyone Else, The Irrelevant Things That I Am Saying Are Both Unnecessary And Detract From The Case."

Tymon: XVII. "Anything And Everything Irrelevant To Only The Claims Is Being Left Out In Order To Keep The Focus Specifically On Target During The Entire Case With No Spillover."

Tymon: XVIII. "The Fact That I Was Withholding Sex From You Purposefully During The Times Of Relationship Issues Also Severely Detracts From The False Rape Claim."

Tymon: XIX. "I Have Already Confirmed Myself Saying Many Of The Exact Same Things I Am Using Both As Support And Against You At The Exact Same Time In Various Places Earlier In Time, Which Is Its Own Proof Against You, And I Am -Obliged- To Tell You That In Order To -Not- Be A Criminal."

Tymon: XX. "Either Party Which Leaves Out Certain Details Or Specific Information When -Obliged- To Confess Or Attest To It Will Be Considered The Criminal ='FOR'= Leaving It Out Or Not Speaking On It, As I Have Been Attempting To Make Clear, Which Is Why I Am Doing This, Why My Messages Are So Long And Numerous, Why They Are Valuable Or Important And Also Why I Am -REQUIRED- To Both Inform You And So Are You."

Tymon: XXI. "Though Your Confessions Up Unto The Last One Have Some Sort Of Merit, Whatever You Have Left Out Discredits You So Very Much That It Looks Like You Are Trying To Evade Actual Issues Being Detected Or Resolved Anyway And Work Only Against You Until You Confess The Rest Of Your Sins."

Tymon: XXII. "The Only Time To Confess Before It Is To The Judge -- Which Looks Worse If Your Confessions Are Not Already Inclusive Before You Get There -- Is Right Now With Me As We Are Going Along And Before I Am Done."

Tymon: XXIII. "This Is Why I Have Always Given As Much Explanation As I Could About Literally Anything That Seemed Important To Be Communicating About, Even If That Never Actually Got Accomplished No Matter How Many Times I Brought It Up."

Tymon: XXIV. "The Obligatory Providence Of Specific Information At All Times To Prevent Criminal Intent Also Covers Any Type Of Harassment Claims Via The Negligence In Communication, Serving As An Initiate For Explanation Of Said Obligatory Information Whether Responded To Or Not."

Tymon: XXV. "Part Of The Obligatory Explanation Highlights Where The Emotional Abuse Has Been Coming From Or Directed And The Lack Thereof Such Information Invokes The Comprehension Of The Fact That The Abuser Is The One Hiding It Rather Than Being Victimized By It -- Since Both Parties Are Claiming The Exact Same Thing About Being Abused And Victimized."

Tymon: XXVI. "When The Source Is Located, What Its Causality Was, The Effects Of It Happening, Results Of The Happenings, The Aftermath Of The Situation And General Residual Or Sedimentary Damages Will Be Applied To The Initiate And Not The Subject."

Tymon: XXVII. "Because Of All Of The Disappointment, Unfortunately, That Does Outweigh The Good Experiences We Had And Causes Me To Feel Badly Just From Reflecting On It For Exactly The Same Reasons As Before, Just As Before, Originally."

Tymon: XXVIII. "It Would Have Come Together In This Fashion At Any Given Point In Time No Matter When And Already Did At The Beginning When I Was Saying It, Yet Also Gets Worse As Time Progresses And It Is Either Unresolved Or Repeated, Especially Consistently, Just As In The Past."

-11:14 PM-
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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:42 am

-Present Day-

8:08 AM

Tymon: "You Have Stated That I Am Truthful And Trustworthy, But Have Still Conveniently Not Ever Stated That I Actually Did Not Rape You, Which Would Actually Undo The Criminal Act And Refute Part Of The Charge, Which Also Looks Suspicious. Why Is This?"

Tymon: "The Fact That There Was A Breakthrough At This Point In Time Is Also Actually Important As Valuable Evidence Due To The Nature Of Which It Occurred."

Tymon: "There Were Times Where You Were More Passionate For Me Than I Was For You, Which Is Part Of Why The Rape Claim Is False, As Well As A Great Many Other Things That You Were Saying."

-Tatiauna Calls At 5:35 PM-
*I Miss The Call
-I Return The Call At 5:39 PM-
*No Response

Tymon: "Your Mom Stopped Us From Getting Back Together The Very Last Time We Were Trying To Work Things Out."

Tatiauna: I called by accident. It wasnt passion it was about loyalty and appearances.  It doesn't  prove anything. Also I'm not messaging you about it anymore. If

Tatiauna:  you wanna handle in court handle then do that. But this back and forth is pointless. You can still message me about Trinity though.

Tymon: ... You also honestly said I was not emotionally abusive.

Tymon: "The Fact That You Attached More Issues To The Original That I Covered Also Means That There Is Still More To Cover And Clarify, Especially With All Of This New Information Inserted."

Tymon: I. "The Passion Is In Your Expression."

Tymon: II. "You Were Upset Because I Either Did Not Notice Or Because I Withheld Mine, Or Was Upset."

Tymon: III. "I Also Might Have Been Trying To Prove A Point Whenever That Occurred."

Tymon: IV. The Fact That Your Mother Got In Between Us Is Now More Important Than It Was Previously Because Of The Timing It Happened Being Exactly As When We Were Working Together, Yet Broke Up Soon After."

Tymon: V. "This Does Not Change The Fact That We Still Had Issues And I Was Withholding Sex Because I Was Trying To Prove A Point By Making Sure We Resolved The Bonds Of Our Relationship Rather Than Having Sex Distract Us From The Issues, Which Still Loops Into How I Did Not Rape You."

Tymon: VI. "The Fact That You Stated That I Abused You Is Still Relevant, Just As The Fact That You Said That I Raped You Is, Even If Neither Of Them Are True Because Certain Issues Being Completely Untrue."

Tymon: VII. "The Feeling Of Mutual Abuse Is Still Accounted For And Also Part Of The Overall Situation As The Identification Of The Issues, Themselves, That Are Attached To The Abuser."

Tatiauna: I have proof of your abuse so do whatever. Please stop messaging me because you're sending too many messages.

Tymon: VIII. "The Abusive Is Always The One Purposefully Prolonging The Behavior."

Tymon: IX. "The Fact That You Said I Raped You Yet Did Not Say That I Didn't Will Also Be Seen As Malicious Intent Because The Rape Claim Is False From The Beginning."

Tymon: X. "You Must Apologize To Me And Everyone That You Have Gotten Involved In Order To Correct This, With Myself Or Trinity Preferrably First."

Tymon: XI. "To Apologize To Me, You Must First Admit That You Were Lying About The Entire Rape Claim, Made Up The Story And Also Never Do Anything Along Those Lines Nor Speak Falsely Of Me, Especially For Something So Sensitive And Severe."

Tymon: XII. "After We Have Resolved Communication Issues, We Should Converse Over The Phone And Through Text About How To Have Trinity Communicate With Me More Often."

Tymon: XIII. "The Fact That Calling And Texting Were Always Available Options And You Did Not Respond To Communication During That Time Period Shows Up As The Evidence For Why I Was Not Communicating With Trinity, Which Is Extremely Important And The Most Credible Source."

Tymon: XIV. "I Have Evidence Of Chris Being Involved In The Early Part Of 2012, Which Is Proof Of Manipulation And Promiscuity, Which Is A Sign Also Because Of The Context Of The Content When Speaking Of Him. It Makes It Look Like You Used Him To Get Back At Me."

Tymon: XV. "Because Of The Fact That It Looks Like You Are Using Chris To Get Back At Me, It Also Makes The Fact That Trinity Has Been Kept From Me And That We Are Not Together Worse."

Tymon: XVI. "During The Conversation, I Was Being Openly And Directly Expressive Of My Lack Of Concern And Your Openness Of Freedom Until The Issue With Chris Came Up, Which Credits The Suspicions About Your Behavior Back To You."

-6:44 PM-
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:24 pm

-Present Day-

8:15 AM

Tymon: OMFL.

Tymon: "The Statement From Earlier That I Mentioned About Your Own Credit To Your Own Issues, I Had Already Stated Nearly Exactly Similarly Years Ago."

Tymon: I. "Because I Have Told You Many Of These Things In The Past And They Are Legally Sound, It Looks That Much Worse That I Have Already Stated Them In The Past And That We Fought On Them And Also That They Did Not Get Resolved."

Tymon:  II. "Some Of The Times That Are Occurring Involve Us Being Directly Sexual, With Myself Being The One That Is Trying To Talk About Resolutions For The Relationship And Yourself In The Midst Of Insinuating Something Sexual Over The Response To Resolution."

Tymon: III. "We Have Also Actually Already Talked About You Harboring Hatred And Malice For Me And You Confessing That It Was Turning You Into A Bad Person By Your Own Testimony."

Tymon: IV. "The Fact That You Were Both Interested In My Friends And Dated Them Adds To The Perception Of Your Affairs With Any Of Them By Default, Especially Because This Was Prolonged And Possibly With Intent."

Tymon: V. "The Fact That You Did Things Because You Did Not Trust Me And Did Not Believe Me Because You Did Not Trust Me Adds Credit To The Reasoning Behind Why I Do Not Trust You As Well As How I Respond To It."

Tymon: VI. "I Believe There Are Deeper Things That You Have Never Expressed That Are Probably Involved In The Situation And Feelings That Were The Causes."

Tymon: VII. "I Also Believe That We Should See Each Other In Person And Work Certain Issues Out Directly In Order To Gauge Tolerance."

Tymon: VIII. "There Is Clear Evidence Of You Wanting To Be With Me And Attempting To Rope Me Into It For The Time Period That You Made The False Rape Claim."

Tymon: IX. "The Fact That It Happened Around The Same Vicinity In Time Looks Bad Solitarily On You."

Tymon: X. "The Fact That We Were Not Together At The Time Also Ties Into How It Looks Bad Only One-Sidedly For Just You."

Tymon: XI. "Most Of Your Anger Was Misplaced Because Of The Relationship Issues That You Were Causing Which Were Not Being Resolved And Thus Caused Blocks In Communication And Sex Instead Of Being Expressed In Those Forms As Part Of The Outlet Of The Anger Rather Than Holding It In And Letting It Accumulate."

Tymon: XII. "Due To That Happening At All, It Provides Evidence All On Its Own That The Reasons Behind What Was Going On And Making Us Both Unhappy Were Being Handled Inappropriately By You Before I Began To Because You Kept Holding Your Feelings In And Causing Issues, Which We Discussed You Doing."

Tymon: XIII. "You Have Stated Numerous Times That You Were Trying To Prevent Your Own Attraction And Convince Yourself That Our Relationship Would Not Occur Again For Your Own Sake, Which Was The Sign Of You Still Being Attracted To Me At All, Yet Also That The Sexual Attraction Gets In The Way Of Actual Resolution And Also Simultaneously Causes A Problem."

Tymon: XIV. "I Have Mentioned Even That Already When It Happened, Which Proves I Was Consciously Aware Of It And Also Addressed It."

Tymon: XV. "You Have Stated Yourself That You Did Not Believe In Keeping A Parent From A Child, Yet Doing So Over The Years Seems Like Retaliation Using That Method."

Tymon: XVI. "You Admit To Angering Me On Purpose."

Tymon: XVII. "You Have Openly Admit In The Past That There Is Something That You Do Not Like About Me And I Need To Know What It Is Because It Might Be One Of The Things Being Held On To Emotionally By You That I Referenced Were Not Resolved."

Tymon: XVIII. "You Also Openly Stated That You Liked Making Me Angry For Sexual Reasons, Which Contributes To A Great Deal Of Things, Including Why I Said I Was Withholding Sex Until We Resolved Our Issues."

Tymon: XIX. "We Have Had This Conversation Before Whilst Trying To Resist Having Sex And Openly Expressing Our Sexual Intent For And From Each Other And That You Were Doing It On Purpose To Anger Me For Sexual Reasons."

Tymon: XX. "I Also Made Reference To How I Was Distancing Myself Physically Yet Remaining Involved And Aware Both Mentally And Emotionally, But You Denied And Disagreed, Dismissing My Actual Real Warning."

Tymon: XXI. "You Often Confused My Openness Of Expression As Either Not Loving You Or Coming Onto You, Either Of Which Might Have Been Incorrect At Certain Times That My Openness Of Expression Was Misinterpreted As Bipolarity And Not Tolerance Or Communicating."

Tymon: XXII. "There Is A Point Where You Were Trying To Distance Yourself Because I Was Not Having Sex With You Instead Of Resolving The Reason Why We Weren't Having Sex In An Attempt To Have Me Pursue You."

Tymon: XXIII. "You Admit That You Withhold Information On Purpose When I Was Saying We Had Communication Issues Based On Your Own Feelings."

Tymon: XXIV. "You Also Did Not Understand My Emotional Expression Of Confiding With You Via Communication, But Took It As A Problem And Then Made A Problem By Running From It When You Thought There Was An Issue."

Tymon: XXV. "You Were Also Competing With Trinity For My Affection, Which I Also Have Noticed In Other Instances Causing Turbulence In My Relationship With Her."

-12:56 PM-
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:07 am

-Present Day-

Present Time

Tymon: I. "The Fact That You Have Not Verbally Stated Legibly In Text That I Have Not Raped You, Yet Confessed I Have Been Telling The Truth Shows Up."

Tymon: II. "If This Is Addressed And Resolved Over The Phone Yet Is Not Written In Text, It Will Obviously Look Like You Are Purposefully Avoiding It In Order To Cling To Using It Because It Was Not Addressed."

Tymon: III. "I Will Repeat What Was Spoken And Continue To Pursue The Confession That I Did Not Rape You, As You Know."

Tymon: IV. "Not Only Must You State That I Did Not Rape You, But Also That You Were Lying About The Entire Scenario And Anything Part Of It That Extends From Your Fabricated Story."

Tymon: V. "The Longer You Prolong Not Verbally Making That Clear, The Worse It Looks On You For Withholding, Clinging And Anticipating My Return, Revealing That It Is You Holding Onto Something Deeper In An Attempt To Keep Me Continually Interacting With You About These Issues."

Tymon: VI. "I Already Have Evidence About You Holding Onto Hatred, Doing Malicious Things On Purpose, Directing Frustrations At Me, Causing Further Issues And Admitting That You Had Done All Of These Things On Your Own Multiple Times -- Which Is The Criminal Provocation And Abuse I Spoke Of That Ties Into My Abuse Claim."

Tymon: VII. "We Also Must Discuss The Abuse Claim Just As We Did The False Rape Claim, But You Still Must Confess About How You Lied That I Raped You."

Tatiauna: I have proof of your  emotional abuse, harassment and death threats. If you want to take me to court then do it. But I'm no longer going back forth about

Tatiauna:  it.  I'm not going to back down. You know it was rape. I don't have nothing else to say about it. I don't want you and I don't care about our past relat

Tatiauna: ionship, so you can tell whatever crazy lie you want. But dont try to paint me as this vindictive person when I've tried to work with you about Trinity m

Tatiauna: ultiple times. and you've only displayed abusive behavior and angry outburs. Even in those outburtst when you were just talking badly about me, I've give

Tatiauna: n you opportunities to talk about Trinity and you wanted to argue. I don't have to deal with your outburst , lies to others, and harassment. I've asked y

Tatiauna: ou to stop sending me so many messages, so I'm going to block your messages. Feel free to email me at about Trinity.

Tymon: I. "This Form Of Avoidance Is A Sign That You Are Running Away From Dealing With The Issues That You Started On Purpose."

Tymon: II. "The Fact That You Have Done This Only Further Illustrates The Points I Have Made And Also That You Do This Frequently When Things Are Confronted About Your Behavior."

Tymon: III. "Because You Are Both Lying About The Rape And Also Are Involving Me At All, That Makes It My Legal Right To Be Involved And Your Dismissal Is A Criminal Act, Regardless Of Anyone Or Anything Else."

Tymon: IV. "I Also Believe That You Are Once Again Using This As An Excuse Not To Have Me Speak To My Child, And If It Is The Last Time We Communicate, It Will Be More Clear Because You Have Done This At This Time After I Have Explained These Matters To You."

Tymon: V. "Because You Have Already Done This Before And The Communication Suffered From It, That Already Shows Up As Evidence That This Form Of Communication Does Not Function And You Utilize It Only To Prolong The Fact That I Cannot Communicate With My Daughter On Purpose."

Tymon: VI. "The Fact That You Had Done It Today Makes That Malice, Intent And Premeditation."

Tymon: VII. "That Also Violates My Rights And Is Considered Child Abuse, Which I Also Hold Against You Along With The False Rape Claim And Abuse."

Tymon: VIII. "I Have Been Cooperative This Entire Time. Only You Are Failing To Be Cooperative, As You Usually Are, And Have Made Another Issue Out Of Convenience Yet Again, Which Again Only Shows Up Around You And Not Myself."

Tymon: IX. "I Am Messaging You For Legal Purposes."

Tymon: X. "If I Do Not Regularly Communicate With My Daughter Because Of This, That Only Makes It That Much Clearer That It Is Your Intent To Keep Us Apart."

Tymon: XI. "You Actually Are Vindictive And It Shows Up Everywhere And In Whatever You Do, Including This, Even If You Do Not Realize This Only Because It Is Between The Two Of Us."

Tymon: XII. "Because You Are And Have Been Acting This Way When It Was Only The Two Of Us, That Is An Example Of Abuse And Also That You Are Doing It Because No One Else Is Present, Which Shows Up Beyond Your Visual Perception."

Tatiauna: You can do what you want, but i asked you stop. I told you, you can still see about Trinity. I asked you what time you wanted to call. You continued mess

Tatiauna: aging me when i asked you to stop. You didn't tell me what time you wanted to talk to her. So im blocking the messages. You can email me and ask about he

Tatiauna: r. I'll check it daily. You can also email say when you want to talk to her. But you're not about to keep blowing my phone up with messages.

Tymon: XIII. "The Fact That You Brought Up That You Mentioned Don't Want Me Illustrates To Me Deeper Feelings That I Not Only Am Not Thinking Of, But Also Never Brought Up, Illustrating That You Might Have Those Thoughts And Feelings Completely Independently And Are Misinterpreting Why I Am Even Speaking To You At All -- Which Is Vanity."

Tymon: "I Told You I Wanted To Talk To Her At Noon. I See You Missed That, Meaning You Have Not Read All Of My Messages."

Tymon: "The Fact That I Told You Already Means That You Are Avoiding Me Communicating On Purpose, As Usual."

Tatiauna: If you stop sending so many messages I would see that. Can you do 11 instead?

Tymon: "You Said You Would Check Your Messages Daily The First Time I Agreed And You Not Only Lied And Failed, You Stopped Communicating On The Phone Entirely With Me And Also I Did Not Speak To Nor See My Daughter For Months, Which Shows Both Disregard And Spite Based On Control Of Communication, Which Shows."

Tymon: "11 Is Fine."

Tymon: "I Send You Messages Because There Is A Lot Of Information That Is Unresolved And Made Worse By Piling Up, Especially With You Continuing To Lie About Things Like The Rape, Causing Me To Have To Bring Up More Evidence Against It."

Tymon: "I Will Stop When There Is Literally Nothing Left. The More Things Come Up, The More We Must Address And Most Of It Looks Like You Avoiding The Truth And Prolonging Uncooperative Behavior To Avoid Your Lie About Rape Looking Bad When In Actuality It Will Look Worse The More You Drag It On And Make More Things Up."

Tymon: "You Must Apologize To Me And Tell The Truth About How I Did Not Rape You."

Tymon: "I Do Not Want To Deal With You Just The Same As You Not Wanting To Deal With Me, But I Will Not Have Such A Claim Upon Me, Especially Because It Is False And I Have All The Information About It Being False And That You Do Things Like That Intentionally From Your Own Testimony."

Tymon: "I Also Have Record Of You Consistently Denying Resolving Or Talking About The Past Even In The Past, Which Also Shows Up As Negligence And Contribution To Prolonged Issues, Just As With Now."

Tymon: "Your Constant Trying To Get Back At Me Shows Up Visibly Through The Use Of Other Men And Trinity, Plus Avoiding Important Communication Purposefully At Critical Moments Helps Reveal The Intent Of Malice And Holding Of A Grudge. We Must Also Address That."

Tymon: "The Fact That You Never Got Over Certain Instances And Refused To Resolve Them Shows You Were Holding Onto Them By Not Resolving Them And Neglecting Them, Then Let Them Drag On And Come Up Again, Then Used Them As Fuel Or Justification For Your Own Behavior -- A Sign Of Neglect And A Grudge."

Tymon: "The Traumas You Have Had In The Past Because Of What Happened When You Were Sexually Abused As A Child Also Stem Into Why Your Malice And False Claim Against Me Are Sexually Oriented. It Is Because You Even Thought To Use Something Sex Related That Stems Back To That Issue."

Tymon: "The Fact That I Remember All Of Your Lies And Have Evidence Of The Fact That You Did Them And Maintained Them For Years Before Telling Me Is Also Applicable And Probably The Most Noteworthy Factor."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:29 am

-Present Day-

7:53 AM

Tatiauna: eber.

Tatiauna: Tymon im not trying to put you in jail so stop telling Trinity that. It did happen. I agreed to do it because you were angry. I brushed it off because I

Tatiauna: felt like I shouldn't agreed to it in the first place. I'm not angry about it but im not going to lie and say it didn't happen. It did you just don't rem

Tymon: "It Did Not Happen. Not Only Did It Not Happen, You Made Up Extra Things Around It. You Are Lying To Save Face. I Never Raped You."

Tymon: "I Would Never Rape Anyone And I Never Raped You. Because I Know This And You Are Saying This Falsehood, That Is A Crime And An Intolerable One. There Are Real Rape Victims That Would Spit At You For Even Trying To Fake Something Like That. You Are Not Even Thinking."

Tymon: "Tatiauna. You Have Done All Of This. You Are The One That Cannot Stop Lying. Maybe Now Is Just The Time For You To See Why It Was Never A Good Thing, Even Though You Got Away With It All This Time."

Tatiauna: Im not lying, nor am I not trying to save face. It did happen.

Tymon: "Tatiauna. You Know It Did Not Happen And Now You Are Seeing What Happens When You Lie About Things Like That Because You Are Upset. These Things Only Get Worse Over Time And I Will Never Accept Something I Did Not Do."

Tymon: "You Felt The Same Way When You Finally Told Me The Truth About Those People You Were Lying About After 2 Years. You Continued Telling Me It Was Real Until You Could No Longer Explain Yourself And Continued Messing Up The Story. That Happens To All Liars Eventually The Longer It Isn't Exposed."

Tatiauna: You did it. Maybe You don't remeber but you did do it. Maybe you didn't see it as rape  so it left you memory. But i did see it as that.

Tymon: "It Never Happened. The Fact That All You Do Is Accuse Is A Sign Of Your Lying."

Tymon: "If You Saw Any Time We Had Sex As Rape, You Would Have Said Something Sooner."

Tymon: "The Fact That You Brought It Up Only Recently And As A Threat Or With Malicious Intent Only Proves You Are Lying And Upset About Something Different."

Tymon: "What Will Trinity Think When You Go To Jail?"

Tatiauna: Anything is a sign of lying in your eyes. I don't care if you believe me or not. I'm not trying to put you in jail nor am I trying ruin your reputation.

Tatiauna: So if you going to take me to court then do it. But im not about to keep going in circles with you because you don't remeber.

Tatiauna: Idk lets wait see. Make sure you tell her you're the one trying to put me in jail. Like you lied and said I was.

Tymon: "You Are The One That Neglects Everything."

Tymon: "I Did Tell Her That. I Said, 'She Will Go To Jail For What She Is Doing.'"

Tymon: "No Rape Victim Acts Like You Do."

Tymon: "They Do Not Even Look At Your Words As Much As They Do Your Mentality, The Entire Situation And Events Around It, As I Have Covered."

Tatiauna: She said you said i was trying put you in jail. You can't tell me how I should act or how I'm supposed to act. There are plenty of victims who are like m

Tatiauna: e.

Tymon: "They Know What A Liar Sounds Like And What A Liar's Story Looks Like."

Tymon: "You Cannot Tell Me I Did Something I Did Not. Actual Rape Victims Act Different, And That Shows Up."

Tymon: "You Are Unable To Comprehend The Extent Of What You Say And Do. You Believe I Will Not Send You To Jail. I Will, Because You Have Done Something Criminal Against Me."

Tymon: "You Are The Equivalent Of Any Criminal In My Eyes. ESPRECIALLY For Lying About Something As Serious As Rape. You Are Insulting A Lot Of People And The Court Will Not Deal With Someone Who Has Such Malicious Intent."

Tymon: "Everyone Says 'It Happened.' Everyone Makes Up A Story. Only The Real Victims Have Something That The Fake People Do Not, And That Is Something I Have Faith In."

Tymon: "Not Only Is It A Lie, It Is A Bad Lie. I've Already Sent Bits Of My Evidence To My Lawyer Yesterday. He Also Already Knew About You From Years Ago."

Tatiauna: Then take me court then. I don't care. You don't know all rape victims. And you cant tell me how I should act. So just just take me court. Stop messaging

Tatiauna:  me about it. But nomadder what happens. You did it. I'll always know the truth.

Tymon: "When The Time Comes, We Will Go. There Are Matters To Be Addressed First, Mostly All Of The Information Being Prepared."

Tymon: "I Can Tell That You Are Acting, At All. That Is Not Good."

Tymon: "I Did Not Rape You."

Tymon: "The Fact That You Are Accusing Me Consecutively After Years Of It Never Even Being Remotely Present Anywhere Is One Of The Biggest Ways People Know You Are Lying Out Of Malice."

Tymon: "I'd Rather Gather As Much Evidence As I Can. You Do Other Criminal Things, As Well, Which Are Being Addressed Simultaneously."

Tymon: "Just Because You Say It To Me Multiple Times Does Not Make It True, Does Not Mean It Happened And Doesn't Make It APPEAR To Be That It Did.'

Tymon: "That, Alone, Makes It Malice, Especially Your Sudden Focus On Being Belligerent About It And Having Literally No Depth Beyond Saying It Multiple Times."

Tymon: "Also. I Want To Speak To My Daughter More Frequently. Every Weekend, Plus Some Days Out Of The Week."

Tatiauna: It'll be hard during week because we're busy. The weekend is fine.  But it'll have to be Sunday next time.  

Tymon: "That Is Fine. However, We Still Must Discuss The Details Of The False Rape Claim."

Tymon: "Tell Me The Entire Story, Beginning To End."

Tymon: "Include Important Details."

Tymon: "Also, Sophia Said She Would Testify Against You For Me Because She Doesn't Want Her Name In This, Either. Not Only Did You Lie, You Brought Someone Else Into It. That Is A Crime Against Two People, You Know. Technically, She Could Press Charges Against You The Same Way I Can For The -EXACT- Same Reason."


Tymon: "You're Going To Jail. You Know I Did Not Rape You. You're Going To Jail."

Tymon: "I Told You There Was More To This Than You Just -SAYING- Something Happened Because No One Was Around Or Because You Said It Or Want To Make Others Believe It."

Tymon: "It Came From Your Mouth During The Time I Was Living With Sophia -- The EXACT Time You Were Talking About."

Tymon: "You Were Also Upset With Sophia The Very Next Day For Me Living With Her, And It Was Out Of Envy And Spite. It Gets Worse From There, And Your False Rape Claim Against Is Completely Torn Down By Your Own Words And Own Doing Again."

Tymon: "All Your Lies And Manipulation Are Really Coming Back To Get You. That Is The Lord At Work. I Told You In The Past Not To Ignore These Issues. Now, Because You Have, Everything You Avoided, Lied About Or Manipulated Is Coming Down On You."

Tymon: "Part Of Me Believes That Was The Same Day I Told You That She And I Slept In The Same Bed. And I Am Grateful And Thankful She Came To Me And Supported Me About Your Lying About Me And Her."

Tymon: "So Now I Have Evidence Not Only That I Did Not Rape You, But Also That You Were Lying Through Your Teeth About It From Your Own Mouth, Plus The One You Claimed Was Involved Saying She Would Testify Against You Because She And I Know It Did Not Happen."

Tymon: "You Need To Stop With This, Because The Longer It Goes On, The Worse It Gets. There Is A Reason Why I Get More And More Evidence With Proof Against You Every Day And You Keep Repeating The Things I Am Directly Finding Evidence And Proof Against As If The Evidence Does Not Apply."

Tymon: "The Fact That You Become Silent Whenever I Find Incriminating Evidence And Prove It To You Shows Up As You Both Avoiding The Truth And Revealing Your Lies."

---- False Rape Claim Conclusion ---

Tymon: "I Reviewed The Messages And On January 24th, I Do Recall Mocking You About Something Sexual Trying To Make A Point To You By Purposefully Being Antagonistic In A Completely Wholesomely Facetious Manner That You Do Not Recall Because I Had Not Ever Told You, But Pretended To Be Upset To Purposefully Make You Upset."

Tymon: "Because I Spoke On It As Soon As I Saw It, That Is Considered My Confession To You That I Have Ever Been Purposefully Facetious In Order To Prove A Point To You, Sometimes By Treating You How You Treated Me When You Were Upset About Something I Previously Spoke On."

Tymon: "What Is Even Worse Is That You Are Following Along Coherently, And You Are Responding To My Being Facetious At Times In A Sarcastic Fashion, Which Is The Evidence And Proof Itself That You Understood The Conversation."

Tymon:  "The Fact That We Both Understood The Conversation Is A Sign Of Our Level Of Intelligence, But Also Means We Both Must Be Judged In A Certain Fashion By Level Of Intelligent Comprehension Based On Our Mental Cognition."

Tymon: That Means, "You Cannot Be A Certain Level Of Intelligent And Be Unaware Of Certain Intelligent Decisions To Be Considered That Intelligent, And To Make Such Mistake Is Evidence Of Your Cognition That It Is With Intelligent To Even Decide To Make The Mistake At All" -- Which Is An -Immediate- Threat.

Tymon: *Intelligent Intent.

Tymon: "There Are People Who Cannot Tell What Intelligent Intent To Make Mistakes To Make Oneself Appear To Be Less Intelligent, However There Are Psychoanalysts Or Psychologists That Would Be Able To Understand It And Myself For Noticing It As Well As Pointing It Out In Another Person Without Having Done It Nor Intended To Do So."

Tymon: "I Had Been Able To Tell Since We Were Both Doing That Way Back When, But I Remember Recognizing That You Were Doing It And Retaliating Because Of It, Even In Ways You Did Not Understood... Which Is What Makes This One A Sentiment To Me."

Tymon: "We Were Fighting In Deeper Manners Than It Is Possible To Initially Pick Up Between The Both Of Us, But It Is Still Apparent Between The Both Of Us And Will Refresh Our Memories When We Review, Which Prevents Lying About Any Events As Soon As They Are Brought Up -- Which I Will Do."

Tymon: "The Fact That It Still Shows Up And That I Can Recognize It Also Means That Both You -AND- Other People Can Recognize It Happening Like I Can After I Tell You (Which I Never Did)."

Tymon: "We Also Actually Talked About An Actual Issue Because It Happened, Which Is The Evidence And Proof That Both Of Us Were Coherent About What The Underlying Issue Was When We Were Talking About It And Led Into It."

Tymon: "You Also Attempted To Retaliate In A Similar Fashion To How I Had Previously Been Facetious At You By Pretending To Be Like You With Actual Malice And Hostility Toward Me Without Trying To Prove An Actual Point Nor Accomplish A Goal, But Specifically To Hurt Or Threaten Me Emotionally."

Tymon: "It Was Because Of The Response At All That Shows Your Intelligent Comprehension, However The Manner In Which You Responded In A Similar Fashion To Mine Own Is What Makes The Response Itself The Mistake."

Tymon: "You Said, 'I Hate Sophia' At 9:33 PM."

Tymon: "I Would Actually Feel Sorry For You Right Now If You -DIDN'T- Lie, Which Would Also Prove That Either I Would Actually Be The Culprit Because I Didn't Feel Sorry For You Once We Got This Far Or That I Was Being Malicious, But Because You -DID- Lie -AND- I Have Record Proof, I Not Only Should Not Feel Sorry For You As The Proven Liar, But Also -DEFINITELY- Send You To Jail For Lying About The Rape And Myself And Sophia."

Tymon: "What Is Even Worse Is That I Spoke About Something Serious -- Our First Kiss -- Which I Only Even Bring Up Ever To Anyone I Have Done That With If I Am Being Serious -- Which Shows That I Was Both Being Serious And Also Transitioned From First Being Facetious, And It Is Noticable."

Tymon: OMFG.

Tymon: "I'm Literally Already 100% Correct About Something Back Then That Applies To Now And Also This Situation, And Me Telling You Back Then Is Actually Proof Of My Own Claims And Logical Comprehensive Thought Process Being Correct Every Time You Were Refusing To Listen To Me Back Then."

Tymon: "Not Listening Back Then Still Applies To Now, Because It Still Isn't Dealt With, Which Is The Evidence Of Neglect Because Of Its Importance To Our Communication -- Like I Said Both Then And Now."

Tymon: "Surprisingly, This Is The Only Time During That Time That Something Really Big Happened And A Lot Came Out All At Once -Because- I Did What I Did During The Conversation, And I Remember That Being The Intention Of My Acting Like That Legitimately (Which Is Why I Straightened Up So Fast Immediately Afterward, Which Is The Only Hint That I Was Not Serious When We First Began Except To Lecture You."

Tymon: "..."

Tymon: "Then We Actually Accomplish Something I Was Trying To Get Accomplished."

Tymon: "I Lectured You About What I Did And What We Had Been Doing As We'd Been Fighting In That Deeper Manner And Also Told You That We Had To Stop, Which Shows Me That I Had Already Been Trying To Resolve The Unspoken Fighting As Well As Illuminate That It Has Even Been Occurring."

Tymon: "You Also Explain In Your Own Words About How You, Yourself, Were Venting Your Anger Out On Me Intentionally, Which References -All- Of The Times I Brought Up Before, No Matter -Which- One."

Tymon: "All Of It Is On The Exact Same Day And Serves As Its Own Evidence."

Tymon: That Day Is Approaching And It Seems Like Some Sort Of Divine Equinox.

Tymon: "The -EXACT- Thing I Explained To You On That -EXACT- Day Is -EXACTLY- What You Were Refusing To Do, Which Is Classified As Intent -Because- I Told You Previously And You Were Intelligent Enough To Understand It When I Explained It To You Initially."

Tymon: "You Brought Up The Actual Part Where I Was Lecturing You By Being Like You In A Facetious Manner On Your Own, Which Is Evidence That You Knew What I Was Doing To Antagonize You When We Began And Before We Resolved Anything."

Tymon: "I Told You That You Should Have Stopped Back Then, And I Have An Entire -Day- Of Proof."

Tymon: "This Also Sets A Standard Barline For What An -ACTUAL- Resolution Between Us Looks Like -BECAUSE- Of Your Change In Participation -- Which Is Also Both Clear And Apparent Compared To How You Interacted With Me On Other Occasions."

Tymon: "A Different Day Down The Line Shows Direct Retaliation From You For A Misunderstanding, Which Looks Like It Was A Lie And Happened Completely Off Of Facebook."

Tymon: "Literally Everything Is Stacked Against You, Including -Why- I Was Upset In Certain Instances Where You Were Explicitly Uncooperative With Intent, Possibly In Premeditation Of Retaliation."

Tymon: "I Tried To Keep You From Doing The Retaliation Thing The Entire Time Because You Were Not Being Accurate, You Were Being Reckless And Destructive With Malicious Intent Just Because Of Something You Thought I Was Doing Or Because Of Misunderstandings That Simply Required Explanations."

Tymon: "Later In The Year, You Are Causing A Problem And Allude To The Time I Told You About Sophia And I Sleeping In The Same Bed, Showing That You Knew And Still Had A Secret Hatred."

Tymon: "All Of This Mess Is Stupid And You Are A Terrible Person For Wasting Everyone's Time. No One Will Be Happy With This At All, Especially When I Prove That You Are And Have Been Lying And The Cause Of Our Issues The Entire Time, Like I Had Been Saying."

Tymon: "I Will Go Over The Final Judgment Tomorrow."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:06 am

-Present Day-

6:48 AM

Tatiauna: Then you must do so through email because your messages are blocked from my phone.

Tymon: "Why?"

Tymon: "Your Doing This At All Just As I Am About To Provide You With Necessary Information About What To Do About Everything Just So You Do Not See It And Wish For Me To Go Out Of My Way For No Real Reason When Texting Has Been Best The Entire Time Is Its Own Evidence Of Reckless Negligence -Just- Because You Did That At All."

Tymon: "The Very Fact That You Asked Me To Go Out Of My Way To Communicate For No Reason Was Also Alluded To Both Earlier In My References And During A Time Where We Had Done So."

Tymon: "You Should Be More Concerned About How Trinity Is Going To See You As A Parent, A Person And Especially As A Woman Because Of This -- As I Am And Have Been The Entire Time, Which Is Part Of Where A Greater Frustration With You Always Was For Setting A Bad Example."

Tymon: "Because All Incidents Are By Your Suggestion, The Manipulation In Order To Acquire Some Sort Of Means To Be Difficult On Purpose And Without Explanation Is Clear And Shows Up Simply In The Fact That You Did It And Have A History Of Doing It Just Like In The Past."

Tymon: "You Should Not Be Treating This Like We Are In A Relationship Nor That There Are Deeper Feelings Tied To That, Which Is The Only Reason You Would Act This Way At This Time -- To Have The Feeling Again."

Tymon: "Not Only Do You Not Deserve Nor Earn The Pleasure Of Reliving Our Relationship After Being Reminded, You Also Should Not Be Attempting To Do Things As If We Were In A Relationship That You Would Not Do To Someone Else Involved In Trinity's Life."

Tymon: "It Is Because Of Trinity That You Should Not Even Be That Quick To Make Such A Decision."

Tymon: I. "I Will Continue To Contact You By Phone Because We Need To Be In Direct Communication About Trinity And I Do Not Trust You Nor Your Communication Skills."

Tymon: II. "I Am Obliged And Allowed To Continue Because Of Your Criminal Negligence, Which Is Not Best For Trinity And Our Relationship As Family."

Tymon: III. "Because You Have Done This Immediately After I Spoke On A Resolution With Intent, It Immediately Illustrates Your Lack Of Cooperation And Serves As Its Own Evidence To Use Against You If You Ignore It Out Of Sheer Negligence."

Tymon: IV. "If We Do Not Communicate Further From This Point Up Until The Court Date, This Will Serve As Its Own Evidence Against You As Soon As You Bring It Up And Also Tie Into All Of The Evidence Prior To That Serve As Proof To Your Deliberate Manipulative Malicious Intent Against Me When Confronted On Actual Issues And Their Resolution -- Such As With Our Daughter And Our Relationship."

Tymon: V. "I Did Not Rape You Nor Threaten To Rape You. You Know I Did Not Do This. Because You Are Not Admitting That I Did Not, You Are Holding Onto A Grudge Based On A Lie That I Am Keeping Track Of As A Personal Crime Against Me Out Of Malice With Intent To Keep Me From My Child, Which Is Why I Have Been Communicating Thus Far With Such Urgency And Distrust Of You Based On Repeated Endangerment Of My Child Or Our Relationship Together."

Tymon: VI. "The Abuse We Both Felt Were Mutual Exchanges Of A Deeper Level Of Intimacy Between Each Other Spiraling Into A Continual Gradually Escalating Competitive Retaliation (Which Is Referenced In Actual Record) That I Not Only Frequently Insisted That We Stop, But Also Spoke To You About Ceasing -Several- Times Over The Course Of Time Because Of Your Reckless And Selfish Behavior When You Are Attempting To Retaliate For Any Reason -- As If You Are Attempting To Compete With Me Without Actually Understanding The Risks, Which Is The -Actual- Reason I Do Not Compete With You."

Tymon: VII. "Your Reckless Behavior Done With Intent To Harm Is Both Malice And Abuse, And The Value Of The Crime For That Escalates The More You Do It, Which Is Evidence Of A Grudge And Priority Being Put On The Grudge Instead Of The Relationship With My Child -- Which Should Have Been Priority The Entire Time."

Tymon: VIII. "Because I Have Responded To You In A Certain Fashion The Entire Time, The Evidence Of Concern For My Relationship With My Daughter -- Which Should And Would Not Be Present If Not Provoked By An Outside Force -- Is Evident In The Actual Logic Of Why I Have Decided To Deal With You In Any Way Or Fashion I Have Done So (Which I Can And Will Explain If Necessary)."

Tymon: IX. "I Will Continue To Deal With You In The Same Fashion For The Overall Sake Of My Daughter And Our Relationship, As Well As The Ultimate Complete Removal From Between Us Both In The Near And Far Future."

Tymon: X. "If This Is The Final Time That We Communicate At All Even If I Do Not Do So Through An Email, These Last Words Will Stand On Their Own As The Reasoning Behind The Judgment And Hold Up As Their Own Proof Of Literally Everything Necessary For The Case About The False Rape Claim."

Tymon: XI. "This Should Not Mean That We Do Not Communicate About Trinity."

Tymon: XII. "Even If I Do Not Respond For A Long Time At Any Given Time In Life, A Good Woman And A Good Mother Go And Check On The Father Of Their Child And -MAKE SURE- There Is A Relationship By Reaching Out -FIRST-, Which You Both Have Rarely Ever Done In The Past (Which Can Also Be Used As Its Own Evidence Based -Solitarily- On The Fact That You Have Not And Do Not Done Nor Attempt To Do)."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Fri Jan 26, 2018 2:02 pm

-Present Day-
Note: "Tatiauna Has Contacted Me Through Email Instead Of Texting Me, Which I Believe Is Premeditated Intent To Cause Issues In Communication And Waste Time So That I Cannot Speak To Her About My Child As Swiftly And So That She Can Purposefully Ignore The Messages For Extended Periods Of Time And Use This As Cover For The Excuse Of Not Communicating When She And I Both Have Working Phones And She Has No Good, Clear Reason For Communicating In Email Rather Than Text -- Like She Did Before In 2015-2016."

Tatiauna Williamson
1:41 PM


Can you speak with Trinity at 6pm Sunday?

Tymon Bolton
1:56 Pm

"That Is Fine."

"Please Speak To Me Directly Through Text Messages Or With Phone Calls."

"I Do Not Check My Email And Am Cleaning It Out."

"You Have Prevented Proper Communication On The Phone For No Good Reason, Which I Am Holding Against You As A Charge That You Are Attempting To Make Communication More Difficult On Purpose For No Reason -- Which Is Spite And Malice, Even If Denied, And Shows Up Regardless."

"Phone Communication Through Text Is Both Best And Swiftest, And To Do Anything Else Grants Suspicion Based On Your Behavior And Judgment."

"I Am Keeping Note Of The Time It Takes You To Respond And Using It As Evidence Compared To Text Messages."

"I Did Not Rape You And Because You Continue To Say That I Did, I Will Continue To Speak On How You Are Falsely Accusing Me For As Long As You Continue All The Way Up To When You Stop As Evidence."

"I Will Speak To Trinity Every Week."

"If At Any Time There Is Failure To Communicate, I Will Attribute It To The Change In Communication And Associate It With Manipulation To Prevent Or Hinder Communication With My Child Because We Both Have Access To Phones And Our Numbers And There Is No Reason To Communicate In An Obsolete Or Lesser Fashion Unless There Is Premeditated Manipulation Involved, Which I Am Documenting At The Beginning."

"Because You Have Initiated The Email, The Reasoning Behind It And Anything That Occurs Because Of It Or After It Will Be Charged To You And Your Decision Making Skills, Which Will Be Brought Up As Evidence Should There Be Any Issues For Any Reason At Any Time."

"I Will Still Be Initiating Conversation Through Text, Not Email, Because That Is The Best Communication."

"I Will Still Record Any Messaging I Do Through Text As Evidence Including Lack Of Responses, Which Will Still Serve As Means Of My Attempts Of Communication And Reveal Neglect On Your End If There Is No Response."

Tatiauna Williamson
3:09 PM

No, I asked you to stop sending so many messages multiple times and keep it about Trinity. You didn't. You can email me. I'm not going back and forth with you. If you're going to handle it in court then do it because its not a lie.

Tymon Bolton
3:45 PM

"I Asked You Plenty Of Things That You Never Did, Especially To Make Things Better. That Is On The Record As Neglect -- Which Is The Reason Why Things Are The Way They Are And This Repeat Offense Is The Evidence Of It."

"All I Am Speaking Of Regards Trinity Because This Effects Her Future, Even Though You Are Not Able To See, Which Is Why I Have Spoken Of Everything I Have And Shown How It All Relates To Her, Even From Way In The Past."

"I Am Going To Communicate With You In The Best Way Possible, Which Is Text, And If You Fail To Respond, That Is Still Accounted To You, No Matter What You Are Saying."

"I Did Not Rape You, And I Am Not Lying About It. The Fact That You Continue To Say I Did Or That I Am Is Why I Am Talking About It And Will Never Stop, Because That Is Evidence Against You, And Is Proof Of Your Abuse Even To Continue To Say I Did Or Intend It When It Is Not True."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:02 pm

-Present Day-

Present Time

Called To Talk To My Daughter, Trinity.

Tatiauna: Hey Trinity want  to see you Saturday?

Tymon: "YAAAAY!!! DADDY'S BABY!!!" Very Happy

Tymon: "Trinity Can See Daddy Whenever She Wants To." <3

Tymon:  "What Is A Good Time? What Is The Address?"

Tatiauna: We can drop her off to you. But you need to stop lieing to her  saying I'm keeping her from you. That's a lie and you know it. Stop bad mathing me to her

Tatiauna:  because I don't do it to you.

Tymon: "Excuse Me. You Have No Right To Act As If Anything You Have Done Is Undone. She Will Know -EVERYTHING- You Have Done. Without QUESTION."

Tymon: "You Need To Own Up To What You Did And -WHY- Things Are The Way They Are."

Tymon: I. "If You Did Not Want Someone To Know, You Should Not Have Done Those Evil, Ugly, Ungodly Things At All."

Tymon: II. "Because You Left A Mess All Over The Place, Did Not Fix It, Were The SOLE CAUSE Of It Getting Worse And The -ONLY- Person Out Of Us -ALL- Not Trying To Fix It, There Is Only One Person Responsible And She Needs To Know."

Tymon: "Keep Your Lies To Yourself. We Have -NOTHING- To Talk About Any Longer. I Resolved Our Outstanding Issues And The Only Thing Left To Do Is Resolve The Misinformation From Your Lies And Manipulation."

Tymon: "You Have Someone To Lie To, And It Isn't Trinity. Keep That To That Limitation And Keep That Ungodly Behavior Away From My Child."

Tatiauna: You're the one who needs to own up to what you've done. Ive tried to work with you on multiple occasions and all you want to do is argue. All you do is t

Tatiauna: ry to bad mouth me and be rude. I tried talking to you and all you do is get madm i tried working with you and all you do is flip off on me whenever you

Tatiauna: feel like it. When we were being courgal you throw jabs at me and i try to ignore them. You have been the problem. You have been hard to work with. In sp

Tatiauna: ite of that I've never bad mouth you to Trinity. And you lie on me to make yourself look good. You try to make her choose between me and you. You really

Tatiauna: are horrible person.  

Tymon: "I Have All The Record Of What You Have Done Ready For You, Trinity, The Court And Everyone You Have Lied To Or Manipulated. Speaking On It Any Further Is Literally Useless Because All Evidence Speaks Against You."

Tymon: "If My Words From 5-6 Years Ago Still Make Sense And Are Resolute To This Day And Yours Are Not, You Need To Go Review What I Told You Years Ago."

Tatiauna: You swear you hate lies, but thats all you do. Its pathetic. You couldn't even control your anger for your child. You disowned her at times and called he

Tatiauna: r mean things and threaten to harm her before. But you ignore all you've done and try to blame me for your issues. You'll never change. We'll never get a

Tatiauna: long. I don't want to anymore. Take me court already. I want to make sure that whatever custody agreement happens. You're not allowed to talk about me to

Tatiauna:  her. You're not allowed to tell her your lies and problems about me. And you don't talk to me about anything unless it's specifically how she doing, wha

Tymon: "Next Time I Am Going To Use Those Words Just To Prove To You That They Still Are Applicable To This Day And You Have Not Changed, Which Is Why They Would Still Be Applicable At All -- Which They Wouldn't If You Changed Or Fixed Things."

Tatiauna: t she need and seeing her. I have nothing else to say to you bye.

Tymon: "You Are Saying Things To Make Yourself Feel Better."

Tymon: "These Things You Have Told Yourself To Make Yourself Feel Better Are Only Applicable To You. They Bear No Weight To Me, For The Issues Are Resolved Unless You Make Another Mess."

Tymon: "Is There An Unresolved Issue? I Care Literally About Nothing Else. If The Issues Are Corrected, We Have Nothing To Say To Each Other."

Tymon: "Trinity Can Speak For Herself."

Tymon: "You Do Not Need To Speak For Her Nor As A Third Party Between Us Any Longer. Cut Yourself Out Of My Daughter And I's Relationship Like You Tried To Cut Me Out."

Tymon: "The Safety Of My Daughter And Our Relationship Is Secure -- Nothing Else About You Or Your Life Matters To Me Until It Concerns Me, My Daughter Or Our Relationship."

Tymon: "And Never Forget -- These Ugly Incidents Were Always Your Doing, Are On Record As Your Doing And Only Make Sense When Your Part Of It Is Inserted In The Spots You Expected People Not To Ask About Or That You Tried Not To Be Accountable For. Nothing You Ever Say Will Change What You Have Done, And That Is What Really Matters. For Everyone Else's Sake."

Tymon: "The Time It Takes For You To Realize This Is Enough Time For It All To Do As It Is Supposed To. It Need Not Be Touched Any Further. It Is Perfect As Is. You Can Review On Your Own Time."

Tymon: "I Only Have Time For Trinity. It Has Always Been That Way. You Were Just Getting In The Way On Purpose."

Tymon: "Without You, We Will Be Just Fine. There Is Never An Issue Between Us Until You Are Involved, And That Is More Key Evidence Leading Back To It Being Because Of You That All This Happened. That Will Never Change. Especially If There Are No More Issues After You Are No Longer Intervening. That Will Say It All."

Tymon: "ALSO Did You Ever Think That Trinity Comes Up With Her Own Conclusions? Like I Always Tell You, She Is More Intelligent Than You Can Tell. Maybe She Has Just Been Paying Attention, Like I Have. Do Not Discredit My Daughter."

Tatiauna: She didn't saying any of that until the first time you told her i was being mean to you and keep her from you. She's smart, but you're feeding her lies.

Tatiauna: She didn't saying any of that until the first time you told her i was being mean to you and keep her from you. She's smart, but you're feeding her lies.

Tatiauna: If not keep my name out your mouth. What time and where should I bring her?

Tymon: "You Don't Know What She Knows. I Can Tell. She Is More My Daughter Than Yours. You Will See. I Warned You Of The Days When She Starts Taking After Me."

Tymon: "It Is Just Like When She Was A Baby And You Could Not Tell Her Intelligence Even Then, Yet I Could."

Tatiauna: Watever just give me a day and time

Tatiauna: I have nothing else to say to you

Tatiauna: I have nothing else to say to you

Tymon: "Is That A THREAT?"

Tymon: "You Intend To Harm My Daughter Because She Speaks Her Mind About You? That Will Never Go Well. You Really DON'T Know Me Nor My Genes, Do You?"

Tatiauna: Stop with your lies. I asked you for a day and time to take her to see you. But of course you're trying to make more lies up.

Tymon: "There Is A Reason Why I Used To Hate My Own Mother.  I Always Told You That You Reminded Me Of Her. I See Myself In Trinity And She In You. That Is All I Needed To See To Know The Outcome, Especially With How Slowly You Grow And Learn."

Tatiauna: Ok still talking, but not answering the only question I asked.

Tymon: "You, Yourself, Said Saturday. The Fact That You Even Your Sentence That Way Makes Me Concerned About My Child. Remember That."

Tatiauna: Ok where should I bring her and what time should I bring her?

Tymon: "You Never Answer Questions I Ask. We Are Speaking About Other Things As Well. Have Patience. Lust Is A Sin."

Tymon: "You Have No Manners."

Tatiauna:  Where should I bring her and what time should I bring her?

Tymon: "My Daughter Will Know The Truth. I See She Is Discerning Enough To Tell Good From Evil. The Lord Is With Her. The Lord Is Not With You. I Will Literally Keep Nothing From Her, Nor Will I Distort The Truth -- That Is Dishonorable To My Child."

Tymon: "I Am Recording Literally Everything For Her Sake, So She Can See What Happened And Know The Truth In The Future, When She Is Older."

Tymon: "I Know My Daughter And Her Capacity Because She Comes From Me. She Knows What Is True Because She Has Been Here Watching, But You Are Dishonoring Her Intelligence, And It Will Not Go Well For You With Her In The Future If You Continue. She Is Much Smarter Than What You Have Been Attempting To Do, Just As I Am And Was When You Were Doing It To Me And I Told You Why It Was Wrong."

Tymon: "Trinity Has Made Her Own Conclusions Based On What You Have Done. Keeping Things From Her Like You Do Others So You Can Make Me Seem Bad Will Only Leave Holes That You Cannot Fix And Only I Have Answers To."

Tymon: "That Is Why All The Evidence I Have Is Valid And None Of What You Say Can Change That -- You Make Holes And I Fix Them, Whether You Understand Or Acknowledge Or Not. And You Have YEARS Of Holes You Never Fixed That I Kept Track Of Specifically For This Time."

Tymon: "This Will Follow You And Get Worse Progressively For The Rest Of Your Life, Because Of These Things You Have Done.  They Did Not Go Away. They Got Worse. And I Have The True Record."

Tymon: "I Have Been Warning You About How These Things Decay For Years, Specifically For This Reason. All Of The Things I Told You Have Not Changed, They Only Became More Relevant BECAUSE I Was Already Thinking THIS Far Ahead WAY Back Then When You Were NOT."

Tymon: "There Are Not Only More Things, But Worse Things -- Most Of Them I Have Already Told You And Will Not Remind You Of Again. Trinity Will Hear Of These Things, Because She Is Intelligent Enough To Understand And Listen To Them."

Tymon: "You May Bring My Child To My House At 9 AM Or 9:30 AM."

Tymon: "Also. Tell Trinity I Am Sorry That You Are Her Mother. That Is My Fault. I Should Have Given Her A Better Mother. Thank You For Helping Me Understand How Important That Is For My Child, So I Do Not Make That Mistake Again When Finding A Beloved Partner Suitable For Myself."

Tatiauna: 9:30 is fine I can pick her up at 6pm. Can I have your address again?

Tymon: "You Must Also Give Me Your Address As A Safety Precaution."

Tymon: "Because I Do Not Trust You, I Need Your Information. Your Address, Chris' Address And Chris' Phone Number, For Emergency Purposes. There Should Be No Issue With This, And If There Is, There Is Suspicion Of You."

Tymon: "This Is Not Only Not One Way, It Should Not Function That Way. To Withhold Important Communicative And Transportative Information Is Endangering To The Most Maximum Security For -ANY- Given Scenario, Which You Should Be Accounting For Initially -- Especially Now That It Has Been Brought Up."

Tymon: "Therefore, We Need To Exchange Even More Information That We Should Have Been Doing Before When She Was A Child, And Questions As To Why We Did Not Will Be On Your Head."

Tymon: "We Will Cover The Remaining Holes When We Cross Them. I Will Note Them And Any Antagonism Or Uncooperative Behavior As Reference For The Past -- WHEN You Did It Before -- And The Future; If You Do It Again."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Sat Feb 03, 2018 7:47 am

-Present Day-

7:19 AM

Tatiauna: What's your address?

Tymon: "How Dare You."

Tymon: "It Is 7022 S. Bennett."

Tymon: "This Is Going In My Police Report. Including The Timestamp."

Tymon: "This Proves That You Are A Trifling And Conniving Woman."

Tymon: "This Also Proves That You Are Trying To Hide My Child From Me."

Tymon: "That Is All."

Tymon: "I Have What I Need, Once Again -- You Are Your Own Proof Against Yourself."

Tymon: "This Act Of Cowardice Does Not Help You, It Hurts You Severely Just By You Acting In This Way. It Proves To Others That You Are As Conniving, Sneaky And Manipulative As I Say."

Tymon: "Thank You. I Will See You When You Arrive."

Tatiauna: You have issues. And are only trying to cause problems. The only coward is you. You're trying to put fear in me because you can't control me. You tell Tr

Tatiauna: inity  one sided lies , so she can hate me. You're a very toxic person who has no regard for your destructive behavior. But love crying wolf when I don't

Tatiauna:  want to deal with you. You have history of violent behavior and poping up unwanted.   I will show the police that. So do what you want I don't care what

Tatiauna: you do.

Tymon: "Most Of That Is Untrue And None Of It Is Relevant. I Care Very Little About You Beyond My Child. As I Have Stated, Having Contact Information Is Important For Communication And Emergency Travel."

Tymon: "You Are Paranoid. That Is A Terrible Sign And Probably Guilt Because You Know You Have Done Wrong, Especially With Saying I Raped You When I Did Not."

Tymon: "Your Conscience Is Getting To You, Which Is Where Your Fear And Cowardice Come From. Whether We Interact Or Not, That Gets Worse Because Of Guilt, And You Fear Being Blamed For What You Have Done, Just As In The Past -- Part Of Why We Got Here, On Record."

Tymon: "I Will Leave You To That. Guilt Does Not Wash Out And People Who Fear Because Of It Act In Sneaky And Criminal Ways Because Of It, And It Shows Up In Avoidance."

Tymon: "At Least I Know You Have A Conscience To Feel Guilt. Whether It Haunts You Forever Or You Resolve It Means Nothing To Me Unless It Effects My Child."

Tatiauna: We outside

Tatiauna: We're on our way.

Tatiauna: We're 5 minutes away.
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:53 am

-Present Day-

Present Time

"Tatiauna P. Williamson Has Failed To Contact Me At All About My Daughter, Trinity Bolton, Despite How She Is Supposed To Be Communicating With Me About My Daughter. I Will Be Contacting Her Through Phone Calls From Now On And Recording All Times That She Does OR Does Not Answer As Well As The Content OF The Conversations From Henceforth."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:01 pm

-Present Day-

5:47 PM

Tatiauna: Trinity wanted to come over Saturday.

Tymon: "Yay! Daddy's Baby! She Can Come Over."

Tymon: "You Also Need To Stop Saying That I Raped You And Confess That It Did Not Happen As Well As That You Made Up The Story."

Tatiauna: We can bring her at 10am

Tymon: "That Is Fine. Tell My Daughter That I Love Her."

Tymon: "I Am Going To Bring Up The False Rape Claim Every Time We Speak And Use It As Evidence For The Case."

Tymon: "I Am Noting Your Neglect Of The Subject Matter Right Now As Further Evidence To Be Used."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:19 am

-Present Day-

10:04 AM

Tatiauna: Hey we're at McDonald's by your house. Trinity wanted something to eat.

Tymon: "Okay. Let Me Know When You Get Here."

Tatiauna: We're outside

Tatiauna: We're outside
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:27 pm

-Present Day-

"Today When I Saw My Daughter, I Saw That She Is Afraid To Tell The Truth. This Was Suspicious And Upsetting To Me. She Said That Others Were Lying About Me And Telling Me That Others Tell Her Not To Tell Me Things As Well As The People Who Told Her."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:06 pm

-Present Day-

Present Time

Tymon: "Why Has Trinity Not Contacted Me?"
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:19 pm

Present day

11:30 AM

Tatiauna: Because of how you treated her when she last saw you.

Tymon: "Trinity Lied To Me And She Was Disciplined For That With A Stern Talk."

Tymon: "You Are Abusing Authority, As Usual."

Tymon: "There Is A Law Against This That Terminates In A Restraining Order That Forces You To Allow Me To See My Child Yet Also Forbids You From Speaking To Anyone About Me."

Tymon: "Laws Have Changed."

Tymon: "Find A Day For My Child To Speak To Me."

Tymon: "Her Bad Behavior From Your Education And Lack Thereof Are Completely Apparent."

Tymon: "Make Sure This Is Understood."

Tatiauna: Trinty didn't lie to you she has no authority make any decisions about how she spends her weekend. There was no reason for you to react with her like tha

Tatiauna: t. You have anger issues. This isn't you first time lashing out wither. You dont have authority over her you don't raise her.

Tymon: "You Were Not Present. She Lied A Lot That Day. A Lot Of What You Said Also Does Not Apply Nor Make Any Sense. You Were Trying To Fight And Didn't Realize That Those Things Are Not Relevant."

Tymon: "You Are Withholding The Child Without Cause And Keeping Me Out Of Her Life And Teaching Her Poor Behavior So That She Will Behave Poorly With Me."

Tymon: "You Then Seek To Bring Up The Facts That You Have Done These Things On Your Own And Say That These Happen Because Of Myself."

Tymon: "The Fact That Trinity Can Lie When You Are Not Present And You Do Not Believe That She Did Is A Bad Sign Considering Your Judgment And Intellect."

Tymon: "This Will Show Up In The Future First To Trinity, Then To Others, And You Will Not Notice Nor Understand -- Just As When She Was Growing Up And I Pointed These Things Out."

Tymon: "I Do Raise Her. You Are Unable To Observe That Factor At This Present Moment. You Will See In The Future."

Tymon: "Withholding My Child From Me Is Not Good, Especially Just Because She Did Something And Then Got Disciplined For It. That Actually Is A Minor, Petty Issue That The Judges Look At As Something The Mother Does To Prevent Visitation Unnecessarily -- Teach The Child Poor Behavior Skills Then Have The Father Observe Only To Take The Child And Teach Them Worse."

Tymon: "If She Continues To Lie, It Will Look Bad On You, Not Me -- Any Bad Habits That She Picks Up Will. She Also Knows Better, She Just Has No Reason To Exercise Her Better Judgment Because Of Her Environment And The People Surrounding Her, Which Shows Up."

Tymon: "You Will See In Time. I Already Know What The Outcome Is, As Usual."

Tymon: "It Was About Time For Another One Of My Important Talks, Anyway. I Hope This Helps, As Usual."

Tymon: "God Bless You."

Tymon: "Tell My Daughter That I Love Her And Things Will Make Sense When She Is Older."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:20 pm

Present Day

Present Time

Tymon: P.S. "You Should Really Consider How Much My Daughter Is Doing, How Much She Tells You And How She Sees You. Even If You Believe You Are Doing Well By Driving A Wedge Between She And I, It Is More Important To Really Understand The Long Term Effects And Shifts In Value Based On Trinity's Standpoint."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:07 pm

Present Day

Present Time

Tymon: "Not Only Did Trinity Know What She Did Was Wrong, But She Can See That You Cannot Tell, Can Also See That You Are Against Me And That She Can Take Advantage Of You For As Long As You Are Trying To Use Her To Get To Me."

Tymon: "This Will Not Look Good For You In The Future. You Need To Start Respecting Our Intelligence, Relationship And Family. More Than Just Trinity Can See What To Do About You Whether I Notice Them Or Not."

Tymon: "It Would Be Wise To Start Figuring Out How You Truly Look To People And How They Will Think, Feel And Speak Of You In The Future -- Especially Trinity's."

Tymon: "Play Nice."

Tymon: "Tell Daddy's Baby That Daddy Loves Her."

Tymon: "God Bless You, In Jesus' Name, That You Should Be Healed And See The Light So Salvation May Anoint Thine Eyes And Thy Spirit, That You Do Not Sin With Your Flesh By Continuing To Abuse Mine Child. Amen."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:41 pm

Present Day

Present Time

Tymon: "You Are Teaching My Daughter Weakness That You Are Incapable Of Recognizing Because It Is Who You Are And How You Live. As She Grows And Learns More And Is Taught More, She Will See Why These Things Are Weakness. You Should Have Considered What She Would Pick Up And Be Able To Use Against You."

Tymon: "As A Reminder, I Have Evidence Against You Regarding Legal Matters That Will Have You Incarcerated No Matter What And History To Prove It As Well As Witnesses And The Amount Of Time Elapsed Makes It Worse Instead Of Better If Things Remain Unresolved When I Have Actual Tangible Evidence Of Resolution."

Tymon: "Because Of The Time Sensitivity, Wasting More Time Is Only Hurting You Rather Than Helping You, As You Believed It Did In The Past. Leaving Things Unresolved Has Turned Into Only Decay For You The Longer It Takes At This Point. I Am Just Letting You Know That It Gets Worse, Not Better From Here."

Tymon: "There Is A Reason Why I Am Not Paying Attention To You And Have Faith In The Goodness Of My Child As Well As The Future. This Entire Scenario Has Taught Me That All Of These Things Work Out For The Best Over Time. That Is All."

Tymon: "I Am Also At The Hospital Where Trinity Was Born. With My Lawyer Who Knows The Case."

Tymon: "P.S. It Is Also Exceptionally Clear Both On Record And In The Sight Of Others When You Change Your Ways After I Say Or Do Something, Which You Have Not Been Keeping Track Of, But As Usual, I Have -- And It Works Against You, Cannot Be Lied About And Nullifies All Of The Lies That Would Work In Your Favor."

Tymon: "You Will Be Seeking To Play Catch-Up Forever And Waiting For Something That Will Both Never Happen And That You Will Completely Miss Or Misunderstand When It Is Resolved And There Is Nothing Left To Do -- Much Like Now But Clearer. Please Think A Little Better Before You Act. Thank You. Have A Nice Day."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:57 am

-Present Day-

Present Time

Tymon: "After Dealing With Events Involving Someone Else Who Has Been Treating Me Like You, And Reviewing Our History, I Recognize From God Why It Is Best To Simply Continue Without Concern About Your Wicked And Sinful Behavior, As I Had Been Doing Before You Attempted To Provoke Me With My Child Again."

Tymon: "I See That All Of The Things You Have Claimed I Have Done Are Nullified By Our Own Experiences And Your Own Words Or My Own Actions. Everything You Have Done Serves As Its Own Evidence."

Tymon: "You Are Continuing To Keep Up An Appearance That Will Collapse On You, Even If You Pretend To Be Good, Manipulate Or Make Me Look Bad And Tell Others Evil."

Tymon: "Because Of This, The Longer You Do This, The Worse It Is On You Because Of You. I Am Content And Pleased With This From Seeing It Happen To Someone Else Who Was Satan Against Me And Manipulating Others, Like You."

Tymon: "I Am At Peace Now. I Have Love And Trust In My Daughter As Well As Faith In The Lord. I See How All Weapons Forged Against Me Will Not Prosper And All The History You Thought Would Not Apply Will Definitely Account On Only Your Head And Before Trinity's Eyes. That Is All That Matters."

Tymon: "The World Needs Less Of You. Thank You For Being You And Giving Me Peace Of Knowledge Just By Being Yourself. Go In Peace."

Tymon: "And Remember This; No Matter Who You Go To Around Me, That Is Evidence, Especially As Long As You Avoid Me. My Daughter Will Remember And The History Of Our Relationship Will Account For Everything. No Matter What, She Is More Intelligent Than You And I Have No Time For Your Game That You'd Already Lost. So Just Remember This."

Tymon: "Tell Daddy's Baby That Daddy Loves Her And Cannot Wait To See Her."

Tymon: "And Thank You For Walking The Path Of Sin And Being Satan, Tatiauna, That You Would Absolutely Surely Be Destroyed By Your Vanity. I Cannot Thank You Enough. God Bless. Amen And Amen."

Tymon: "From This Point Forth, I Will Be Calling About My Daughter Only And Recording If And When You Do Not Respond. I No Longer Require Texting You. I Have All Of The Information I Need. I Will Monitor The Nature Of The Calls. This Is All For A Case In The Future, Be It From You Or Myself -- Likely, Myself."

Tymon: "God Is Good. Praise The Lord. Thank You So Much. I Cannot Thank You Enough For Removing Yourself From My Life. Though It Was Terrible For Trinity, It Was Best For Me. For The Entirety Of The Time, I Did Not Want You Around Me. I Only Speak To You Because Of My Daughter. Without Her, I Would Not Even Think Of You. So Thank You For Your Removal. My Daughter, However, Belongs To Me."

Tymon: "God Is Using You For A Good Purpose; To Be An Example For Sinners And My Daughter. I See This Clearly. Everyone Will See This Downfall, Especially My Daughter. I Cannot Thank You Enough. So Keep Clinging. God Needs To Make An Example Of You. Amen."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:45 am

-Present Day-

Present Time

Tymon: Bonus: "I Saw Cheyane Today. I Am Also At Her House. We Do Not Fight At All. I Am In The Most Loving Love. I Just Needed To Record The Date For -Past- Reference."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:50 am

-Present Day-

Present Time

Tymon: "She Was Not Pleased To Find Out That You Were A Pussy And That You Fucked Up And That You Were Weak And Did Evil To A Child, Did Not Face Me Directly And Also Were Not Victorious And Permanently Cannot Be Victorious Plus A Sore Loser."

Tymon: "God Is Good. This Has Been Most Useful, Indeed. I Hope You Understand God A Little Better Before You See Jesus. Amen."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:49 pm

-Present Day-

8:35 PM

"Instead Of Responding To Any Messages Or Making Any Direct Communication, Tatiauna Made A Youtube Account And Sent Me A Video About Dora The Explorer. I Have Not Heard From My Child Nor About My Child. If She Has Time To Do This And Indirectly Deal With Me, She Has Time To Communicate Directly With Me."

Tymon: "This Is A Good Start. This Is Not A Substitute For Real Communication."

Tymon: "This Is Also Going On Record As A Form Of Lack Of Communication Directly With Me About My Child In The Record, Along With All Other Forms Of Interaction, For Reference Purposes."

Tymon: "Something Child Friendly From My Childhood." Smile <3
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Sun May 06, 2018 11:29 am

-Present Day-

11:22 AM

"Called Tatiauna P. Williamson About My Daughter. No Response. I Left A Voicemail Expressing My Concerns And How I Will Be Calling Her Back Daily In Order To Check On My Child."

Note: "I Will Continue Documenting When I Call, How Often And If There Is A Response Or Not." - For The Record
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Mon May 07, 2018 8:35 am

-Present Day-

8:31 AM

"I Called About My Daughter To Wish Her A Good Day At School. No Response. I Also Alerted Tatiauna That If When I Send Messages And Refer To Myself As 'Daddy' And Trinity Thinks That It Is Tatiauna's Boyfriend So That Trinity Is Confused And Believes He Is Speaking When I Am The One Speaking, I Would Write It Down As Evidence. I Will Ask My Daughter If She Gets My Messages And If Her Mother Tries To Say That They Come From Someone Else."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   Wed May 09, 2018 6:29 pm

-Present Day-

6:25 PM

"Called About My Daughter. No Response. I Have Chosen 3 Separate Times To Call And Have Received No Response."
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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson   

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Evidence Against Tatiauna P. Williamson
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