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 Freedom of Speech; At Your Own Risk

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Dusk Citizens


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PostSubject: Freedom of Speech; At Your Own Risk   Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:55 am

First topic message reminder :

It was a dark day at the Governmental Headquarters of National Security. They were finding out that they were finally unable to control the people and that they were catching onto their shit.

"They're getting too powerful," said Bob, also known as Robert, also known as Rob, also known a Rob-Bob, "We need to find a way to strike terror into their hearts, like we used to!"

"Uh, sir," said one of the tacticians, "Why don't we try to tell them that everything that they do against us is terrible? Even if we're telling them complete and utter bullshit just to scare them, as long as they don't oppose us, we're alright, right?"

Rob-Bob thought for a moment, before realizing that they were probably just stupid enough to believe whatever the Government said as long as it was made publicized. "You're right. I mean, they listen to that crap on TV and on the News all day and night, right? I mean, have you seen those ratings? These people will buy ANYTHING as long as you can scare them into it! Quick, let's set up a list of things to terrify them so that we can continue doing whatever we want!"


Now, instead of actually trying to run their nation, cities and country properly through thorough and intellectual instruction, in order to maintain a sort of ill-gotten and disgusting control over people so that they could do whatever they want without question, they came up with a list of terrible dumb things that, if one really thinks about, don't make any sense.

They will be explained here. In GREAT detail. And EVERY layer of stupidity that comes from them.

*Note: This one is not for the faint of heart. This stupidity could get really gruesome for the eyes of the weak-minded. Please. Shield your eyes if you are not prepared for this level of God awful ignorance. Fair Warning.
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Dusk Citizens

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PostSubject: Re: Freedom of Speech; At Your Own Risk   Sun Apr 12, 2015 12:06 pm

The group muttered amongst themselves again, some seeming uncertain, but as they talked, gaining understanding and contentment with these words and legitimately having no issue with what was said. He just made sense.

Rob-Bob, still being a stubborn old goat, crossed his arms and crumpled his face again. "He's just a brazen kid with his head in the clouds. Doesn't wanna do ANY important business related work, but wants to reap everything that comes from it! Hurmmrm..."

One of the members next to him laughed, shaking his head, "Oh, lighten up, Bob. You can't have Freedom of Speech without the Freedom, and this kid's as free as a bird. Don'tcha think?" Unfortunately for Rob-Bob, he couldn't argue with that logic, even if he disagreed. He sat there in a grump, but as the logic settled in his head, he came to, at the very least, acceptance of it. "We'll see how it goes," he uttered reluctantly, "... I do admit, he has some mighty fine words to share, and he does so freely." If nothing else, he would agree to that.

"Well then," someone else shouted happily, excited to hear that everyone was basically in agreement about what had been discussed here, "I believe that we all are in harmony about this decision, as well as the position of our new Head?" They all (even Rob-Bob) nodded with certainty, now inspired to do more and better things for the people just the way they'd done for themselves all this time and responded "Aye!" They were clearly on board and very much supportive of the new changes, as well as the fact that he apparently trusted them to keep their positions. As long as he came and helped out every now and then with some major issues that needed his overview, then they could maintain what already was and start making the alterations necessary based on what had been discussed in this meeting.

Rob-Bob: Well, what say you, Mr. T.? You are... *sigh* ... The Head of the Organization now...
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Tymon Nikia Bolton II
Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being

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PostSubject: Re: Freedom of Speech; At Your Own Risk   Sun Apr 12, 2015 12:18 pm

"I say..." he began, a smile on his face, "... Enjoy your new world, guys~!" He was happy that they were all so agreeable, despite what he heard and knew about them from heresay. They weren't so bad after all. Just a little misguided... and a wee bit corrupt... But that was nothing a little clean sweep couldn't handle, as long as they didn't fight things like blatant and pure bare logic and understanding. "We're not just making things bigger, better and more efficient for them, but also for you. You guys are people, too. Part of this society just as much as they are. Just remember that, yourselves, and you should be fine." He nodded his head profusely, finding wisdom in his own words that he was very much proud of himself for being able to say to another.

"I hope you guys can have as much fun and freedom as I , and that soon everyone else will, too~!" Things were looking up for the world, and it would start with, no doubt, the Dusk and its OFFICIAL new Rules and Regulations. "Do me proud, boys!" he said, giving them a thumbs up and rising from his chair.

"Meeting Adjourned!"

He started out of the door, excited to get back to doing awesome things (since he'd been held in this conference doing paperwork for so long), but remembered something EXTREMELY important and turned back to them to make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that they knew,

"And please don't listen to Mister Sir anymore nor any of his variations. He is legitimately pure evil and seeks to destroy everything and everyone because he knows he's gonna eventually die if we start changing things. He cares about only himself and his sustenance and should NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be trusted. He thinks his law is absolute and is perfect, despite how it destroys everyone and everything it comes in contact with, so. Please, don't even TOUCH him or anything OF him." With that, he turned back around and walked through the door, "... Tell your friends," he'd say with the doors closing behind him.

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Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Re: Freedom of Speech; At Your Own Risk   Sun Apr 12, 2015 12:20 pm


'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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PostSubject: Re: Freedom of Speech; At Your Own Risk   

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Freedom of Speech; At Your Own Risk
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