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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension (Tymon Nikia Bolton II's Website)

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PostSubject: Gemini   Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:11 pm

North Gate; High Void Sun -- Noonday.

The land was cold and filled with a sense of absence like no other. Barren as the arctic polar regions of the earth, the hard and frozen terrain bore no life nor activity all across the North Gate -- common. The dwelling of the souls of the lost (those who did not make it up the top of the mountain) were trapped here in the polar region; lifeless and suspended in place. The unconscious spirits resembled snow that did not fall nor blow and maintained an eerie silence and solitude between them -- no resonance. Trapped in place and locked in their own independence, each of them had long since retreated into themselves and rested within the confined of their own individual spiritual realms deep inside their own souls. They were like babes, and their inner turmoil was found within the fetters of their own binding afflictions, which they searched through in an eternal 'Soul Search' of which they could not emerge from. The saddest fate of the unborn and unconscious; those that had sought life and lost it to the mountain of death before being allowed escape and rest in the afterlife.

Among them, there were those which had found means of adhesion to each other by the bindings of an outer force -- a third party seeking to consume them. By their mutual implications of affliction, their souls attached to each other by turmoil, and through this an unholy beast forged itself unconsciously. It started off small, bound by its own palms with fingers blended together to the point of obscurity and eyes upon both sides, which were black and white and inverted from the coloration of the monochromatic hands -- either eye beheld the opposite of the other. Stretching out from either side, as if in opposition, were two branches -- arms -- both of the opposite color (black or white) from the blended hands and conscious eyes that were the souls which had come together. Eventually, a very large body on either end of the stretching arms mirrored the other -- black or white -- and continued to forge more of itself based on the image of the one it gazed at in reflection. They bore a single eye on either head and a single independent arm on either body that belonged to either side, yet their other eyes were in the blend of the obscurity in the palms, gazing at each other. Two dislodged protrusions extended from the base, which was connected at the pelvis, yet the legs of whichever being were independent, just as the single arm and single eye on the independent bodies born from the mirroring arm branches.

This unholy monster was, like the souls it consumed to create its form, locked in affliction with itself, attempting to mirror and oppose the other. They could not detach by the linked hands, nor could they move beyond their own attachment to each other, despite one seeking to move in one direction and the other in the complete opposite. Bound in suspension, the entity looked at itself and bore great hatred for its adhesion and inability to move. So, from either end, the two hands that belonged to the independent bodies reached out to snatch more souls out of envy and consume them in order to grow stronger -- strong enough to unhinge at the hand and slay the other.
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Magnus the Archsage Witch Doctor :: Nightstorm Badass; Crystal Oversoul of the Delta
Magnus the Archsage Witch Doctor :: Nightstorm Badass; Crystal Oversoul of the Delta

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PostSubject: Re: Gemini   Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:41 pm


-Pumpkin Head-

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