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 A Sanguimancer's Toolkit

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The Last Sanguimancer
Spirit of the Delta :: Heart's Whisper
Spirit of the Delta :: Heart's Whisper

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PostSubject: A Sanguimancer's Toolkit   Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:39 pm

Krikor's weapon and armor all have their own unique personalities. Each piece is made of blood ore, a special type of metal that is made from the blood of a sanguimancer as a rite of passage during their training. The idea is that someone will find whatever the sanguimancer in question forged his or her blood into and learn the ways of sanguimancy themselves. Weapons and armor are the things that blood ore is usually forged into, but there are some rare exceptions to this rule.

Generally speaking, blood ore is a very durable material. It takes intense heat to melt down, and it allows for the storage of blood inside of itself for use in sanguimancy spells. When blood is converted into blood ore, it takes on the memories and personality of the person whose blood it belonged to, thus giving each weapon or piece of armor forged from it its own unique personality. This personality is retained if the ore is reforged, and the voice of the weapon or armor can only be heard by the wielder.

The more pieces of blood ore equipment that a sanguimancer has equipped and maintains contact with, the more powerful the sanguimancer becomes. The pieces of equipment use their own memories to infuse the wielder with the knowledge and power to cast more and more potent blood magic. As of now, Krikor only has contact with Ashcroft, making his sanguimancy far weaker than it has been in the past. With time, however, he hopes to regain contact with the rest of his equipment.

The following is a list of Krikor's armor and weapon and their personalities.

Ashcroft, the Right Gauntlet: Ashcroft is Krikor's oldest and closest companion. He is the one who began teaching Krikor the art of sanguimancy, and as of now is the only piece of equipment with whom Krikor can still communicate. Ashcroft is a no-nonsense mentor, expecting perfection from his pupil, Krikor.

Durun, the Left Gauntlet: Durun is a happy-go-lucky sort of individual, always pushing Krikor to take it easy and be merciful to those he encounters in combat.

Mara, the Greatsword: The most violent of all of Krikor's equipment, Mara is constantly pushing him to greater and greater violence and cruelty. Appropriate, then, that she is a serrated greatsword -- all the better to draw blood from foes for sanguimancy spells. For the most part, Krikor tunes her out, but there are times when he gives in to her influence.

Shudu, the Breastplate: Wisest and most knowledgeable of all of Krikor's equipment, Shudu is also the oldest piece of equipment, dating back thousands of years. Shudu has taught Krikor a lot of the history of sanguimancy, ethics, and other philosophy.

Zzazk, the Legplates: Zzazk is the idealist of Krikor's equipment, always trying to be upbeat and positive. He pushes Krikor to be courageous, honest, and true, trying to get him to walk the path of a valorous knight. However, he tends to see things in terms of black and white, when reality is never that simple.

Barras, the Right Greave: Barras is the fraternal twin brother of Sheela, Krikor's left greave. Barras is a boisterous individual, getting along well with Durun. He is the clown of Krikor's equipment, always cracking jokes, no matter how lame or poorly-timed they may be.

Sheela, the Left Greave: Sheela was, in life, the fraternal twin sister of Barras, and is the least talkative of Krikor's gear. She is shy and introverted, but will speak up if she thinks something is of vital importance to Krikor.
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A Sanguimancer's Toolkit
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