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 13 Restrictions; Eyes of the Spider Queen

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PostSubject: 13 Restrictions; Eyes of the Spider Queen   Fri Feb 06, 2015 7:23 am

Eyes of the Spider Queen (Eyes of Arachne)

The eyes of the Spider Queen are simply Chroma's equivalent to the Geists that her father uses, and instead of them being masks, they are Thirteen Spider Eyes that open up as she awakens the Thirteen Restrictions, which are embedded into many different 'Dolls' that she uses to unlock her potential of the Eyes. Each eye gives her clear vision of whatever the Restriction is based off of, and opens up more of her power as the Black Widow Dragon or the Spider Queen in the Eighth, with eyes that see all things. From the Ninth onward, her transformations are a bit different. As she opens up more restrictions, she becomes more spider-like in her movements and actions, and her chakra takes on the form of the coating of a spider around her body, giving her more and more legs through the progression of the Restricitons. At the Ninth, the obtains her Dragon Tail, and at the Tenth, her wings. At the Eleventh, she harmonizes her entire body and at the twelfth, she becomes a Free Will. At the Thirteenth, that is her true form.

Each of the Eyes of Arachne harbor a different and specific Dojutsu, each responsible for different things and also allows her sight to see different things. In addition to seeing specific things in others and all around her, these eyes allow her to see these things in herself, which is what gives her the capability to unlock such powers when the Restrictions are met.
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PostSubject: Re: 13 Restrictions; Eyes of the Spider Queen   Fri Feb 06, 2015 7:26 am

First Restriction: Mind's Eye (Chroma); Restriction of Mentality

Doll; Chroma the Black Mist

Black Mist

Imagination Manifestation; The Black Mist
Like her father, Chroma's First Restriction dotes on the use of her psychic capabilities; Psychodynatheos. This is utilized through the Manifest Destiny as the Black Mist, which constantly drains energy from all around and transforms it, in return, into a Black Mist manipulated to Chroma's subconscious consciousness; her imagination. The main perk is Chroma being able to manifest anything and everything she wills from her mind, or even to manifest herself and other things anywhere she pleases through this Mist. As such, she uses key methods of her Psychodynatheos for this form, using the Mist as her sole and primary means of attack, defense and energy. Her main body, which rests peacefully within the Black Mist, controls everything. When parts of the Black Mist are destroyed, the space it has consumed returns to normal, and it shrinks, regenerating slowly.

Example of how the Black Mist functions (I didn't think I'd find anything that would accurately portray it, but I did!!! xD)

1st Restriction Tabitha

Manifest Destiny: The First Eye is the restriction of Chroma's very own mind, limiting her techniques to the use of her mental power. Thus, only Psychodynatheos can be used, and her other KG abilities such as Anatomia are restricted from use. Because she is heavily influenced on the use of eyes, this is referred to as the 'Mind's Eye' Restriction. Here, she assumes her Manifestation Form known as the Black Mist; which is merely her in a state of subconscious consciousness which draws upon her pure imagination to project images outside of her body in the form of a black, malleable mist. The Manifest Destiny is what powers the Black Mist, as it constantly consumes the energy around her. Whatever energy is consumed is left as part of the black mist as an equivalent to the energy she has taken in. The drain is indiscriminate and will draw in the energy even of allies, thus she isolates herself within the Black Mist and drains only the energy of what is directly within realm of her mentality. This is shown by the range of the Black Mist, and can extend outward as the range of her own mentality expands. Because of this, she always seems to be surrounded in Black Mist, and uses that to her advantage to create her manifestations. The drain is always faster than the creation, so the more she wishes to create, the more energy she has to drain in return.
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PostSubject: Re: 13 Restrictions; Eyes of the Spider Queen   Fri Feb 06, 2015 7:40 am

Second Restriction; Soul's Eye (Checker): Restriction of the Soul and Wavelength

Doll; Checker the Black Ashli

Black Ashli the Checker Phantom (Black Phantom/White Phantom): A form assumed as homage to her father, assuming a form quite similar to at of the Phantom. Utilizing only Soul Wavelength, she combines the power of both the Life and Death wavelengths within her monochromatic soul. The White Phantom restricts her into using only her Soul and Wavelength techniques, and thus her Psychodynatheos, Anatomia and other KG capabilities are restricted from use. She is able to assume two forms; one that is her 'Living Shadow,' Mimi, the 'Black Phantom' and the other that is 'Arachnia' the White Phantom. She frequently uses either of these aliases at her leisure to keep her identity a complete secret. Each 'Phantom' lives in one of her eyes; the Black Phantom is a Cat and the White Phantom is a Spider. When combined together, they make 'Cheshire.'

2nd Restriction Tabitha; The Living Reaper

A very powerful form of resonance that causes her Death Wavelength to coat and become all of the black parts of her body (in the picture.) The power of this resonance increases with Black Blood Resonance. She is also required to surge a bit of Life Wavelength into this form to keep from having insanity consume her and make her go crazy, thus she is constantly in 'Calm Insanity' when she is in this mode. Chroma's blackened body parts have high and powerful amounts of Death Wavelength surging about, in actuality, they are her Death Wavelength in a semi-physical form, allowing her to touch the intangible as well as the physical easily and also allows her to become instantly intangible, herself. She may alter the size and amount of Death Wavelength surging through her, and may spread it as a blackness in the air. Also, the flames of Life wavelength on her scarf can surge around her as flames that will push back and sap the energy from whatever comes too near, and may also be used to attack as a fiery... attacky... thing. Anyone who is within her Death Soul's radius will quickly have the energy from their soul, mind and body drained from them and into her, as well as their will and emotions slowly to deteriorate.
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PostSubject: Re: 13 Restrictions; Eyes of the Spider Queen   Fri Feb 06, 2015 7:45 am

Third Restriction; Materia Eye (Chime): Restriction of the Body

Doll; Chime the Black Noise

Materia: The restriction that allows the use of Anatomia, her most versatile technique save for the power of her Psychodynatheos. She takes on many different shapes and forms, transforming into many different beings and uses the power of the most basic Anatomia to her liking, as well as her form as a Weapon.

3rd Restriction Tabitha; Monochroma



Monochromatic Scale; Materia

The most well-known power of the Khrona family. Though its power can only be passed down through genetics, it is not a Kekkei Genkai and just their general power, however the Khrona family has made derivative Jutsu that uses the power of Anatomia. Now, what is Anatomia? Anatomia would be total and utter control over all aspects of the physical body as well as the enhancement and decrement of any other bodily aspect. The usefulness and control differs, for example, Khrona is able to control all aspects at all times, while Chroma is not that advanced and therefore can only utilize it on some parts of her body at one time. The bodily aspects involve anything physical, from the cells and molecules to the DNA. For most people, the control would be slight and would probably physically harm them in some way, but with Chroma, the Anatomia allows her to do most anything to her body as much as she needs to without feeling too much pain or any other repercussions because of her lineage. If Chroma is to physically touch someone, she has potential to make them succumb to her Anatomia and be hers to control as long as she is touching them, given the right circumstances.
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PostSubject: Re: 13 Restrictions; Eyes of the Spider Queen   Fri Feb 06, 2015 7:50 am

Fourth Restriction: Aura's Eye (Cherish); Restriction of Energy/Chakra

Doll; Cherish the Black Crow

Chromatic Meditation: Opens up all channels in her psychic mind to let out any and all psychic powers that she knows how to currently use and use them to their fullest potential, thus allowing the use of the various elemental Kineses through trance-like meditation. This is known as Zen Mode, where her mind is opened completely.

4th Restriction Tabitha; Akai Karasu (Red Raven)

Mental Harmony; Absolute Zen
Chroma is able to unleash the power of her dormant energy and connect to the energies of the elements with her mind. (WIP)
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PostSubject: Re: 13 Restrictions; Eyes of the Spider Queen   Fri Feb 06, 2015 8:50 am

Fifth Restriction: God's Eye (Cherub); Restriction of Reality

Doll; Cherub the Black Angel

5th Restriction Tabitha; Tabritha (Shinritha)

Divinity Styx: A form that can only be achieved via Black Blood Resonance with her Anti-Insanity Wavelength. Chroma will be consumed with Black Blood surging with Anti-Insanity Wavelength, making her the ultimate resilient being against any sort of negativity, evil or tainted thing. Anti-Insanity leaks from her wings and surged through her body and she also keeps a lantern with it that will shine away and destroy evil or negative abilities with its light. Also, she has a halo of Anti-Insanity Wavelength above her head that allows her a higher form of mental protection, making any sort of mental attack ineffective. Her Black Blood will react in any way she wishes, even automatically without her thinking or saying anything, and constantly trails behind her or flows around her acting as an incredibly awesome and resilient shield. Chroma also tends to coat and surge through her body the Death Wavelength when she goes into this form, thus allowing her even more power than before.
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PostSubject: Re: 13 Restrictions; Eyes of the Spider Queen   

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13 Restrictions; Eyes of the Spider Queen
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