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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension (Tymon Nikia Bolton II's Website)

Where All Is Made Truth...
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 Into The House

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PostSubject: Into The House   Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:12 am

"One.. Two.. One... Two. Two..  One.. Two. one.." His voice echoed throughout the wings of a lavish spaceship which follow with thuds of him throwing punches to a punching bag. Lin was getting a early morning training session in but it was more like it got the best of him. He wanted tto keep his body in shape so he push a bit harder than normal in deep space, seeing as it has no gravity.

Soon he would be done and off to the showers he goes. While there he thinks about his family and home. How he missed his daughter and son back home. But he was at least three years away from them. He left when on their 16th Birthdays and has been away since then. He wondered what they looked like now.

His shower suddenly end.

"Master Hugo,There seems to be a system malfunction. " A woman A.I. voice said as a digital face would manifest on the wall of the shower. " What is it now HIAN?" Lin would say as flipped his hair from in front of his eyes. The man would exit the shower wrapping himself in a towel. Soon he would emerge from the bathroom fully dressed and headded to the area of the ship that was having problems. He would run a system diagnostics and found a bug in the plumbing system. Quickly he would rid the ship of the issue.

"Alright Hian you should be all set to go." Lin said as he came floating downward to the surface below him. "

"Thank you...*beep beep*.... Master Hugo, we seem to be getting a distress signal from a vessel 5,234 kilometerss away from our location." Said the ship A.I..

"Could it be?... Have I found the Ship??

Quickly Hian launch recon probes. I need to see if this is Ichimora."

The Hugo man wasn't ust in space to for the sight of the universe, no, he was on amission bestowed upon him by the eldars of his clan. He had to find the last piece to his Gentai seal. The last key to release all of his memories from his past life. Who was Linomaru and where did he come from. The question he could never find the answer to...UNtil now.

Lin's suspicion was confirmed the ship in which was sending out the signal was in fact the Ichimora. His father's ship. Lin would gaze upon the ancient space shuttle. His father's ship looked like a little rebel star fighter jet compared to his ship. Lin, Only hoped he could find a trace as to where his father had gone after he mad it here...

"Hian, Get closer and prepare to broad."
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Tasha Hugo

Tasha Hugo

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PostSubject: Re: Into The House   Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:41 am

*The Veritas*

The streets rang and hustled with people of the great city of Diamonds. The lights shined bright into the skies. Each building glowed in a everlasting rainbow of warmth. Anywho would walk these streets would feel life itself fill their souls with joy. However, in every ray of light a shadow is casted. It tries to over power the light in which it dwells from. The light is nothing with out it's shadow and a shadow is nothing without it's light.

"My father spoke these words to me as a child... It had become my way of life. It became my song. My father was off on his life goal. To find the truth of our people.  

The land can't  show you what the stars have seen.

It was the last thing my father said to me and my twin brother Natsuka. We were in the battle to determine the faith of our family and it's lineage to the world we now know."

Tasha said as she sat in an interrogation room. She was chained to a chair as she sat under a lone bulb only the area in which the light shined downward could be seen in the dark room. She had a look of confidence on her face. They asked her questions about her father. She couldn't help but wonder how did she get into this mess. This seems to happen often more than not. She wondered what was so spiecal about her father? Who was he?

"Your will is strong... However, You will break.."A large man said as he stepped from the shadows. His eyes a piercing bright red as he looked into the soul of The Hugo Princess. Her body felt heavy, it soon got harder to breathe, the air got thinner the more she tried to control her intake. "Damnit" she couldn't help the pressure of the man's mana.

" Your a tough little bitch are you? Fine, I'll kick it up a notch. Jiko Kai Aero.."

The room would begin to feel as if it were getting smaller. The girl would feel as if she was in a coffin that was running out of air. It felt as6 if her skull would burst out of the folds of her skin.

" TSUKA.." she called out to her brother. This only made the man and his witnesses laugh. As they watch the girl break down into nothing.

"Show them.. your power Natashina...
Awaken Shinjinri..."
A voice sounded deep inside the girl. "NO.. Soul sleep.. Tsuka please I don't know how long.. brother.. "

"Hehehehe..No one can save you.. just tell us where is Linomaru Hugo.."
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Into The House
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