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 Soul Nomad (Soul Cradle)

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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Soul Nomad (Soul Cradle)   Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:54 pm

Soul Nomad
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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas

Posts : 224
Pisces Male Reputation : 0
Join date : 2014-11-16
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Soul Nomad (Soul Cradle)   Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:47 pm

Title: Life Changing Appearance
Location: Head Official's Meeting Room

It was the middle of the day. A worksman official sat at his political chair working on some paperwork for matters concerning the city that he lived in at the time. The day was normal and he only went about his normal quid pro quo.

A pitch black sword blazing with a blood red tinted black fire burns itself into the room from another dimension. It stabs into the ground right in front of the desk of the head official, seemingly doing nothing but surging utter and sheer... power... and darkness...

The head official rises from his desk and walks over to the sword in shock. "What the hell....?" He grabs the hilt of the sword and pulls it from the ground.

A wicked and badass laugh is heard coming from the sword. "AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OOOOH SHIT. Goddamn, how long did it take you to frickin pick me up? I thought I was gonna stay in that sword forever... I mean, really." The power from the sword surged through the man's body, creating a huge black and red aura around him and a great, powerful rumbling.

Head Official: "This... This POWER!!"

This energy slowly changes the man that picked up the sword. He grew taller, his hair turned white, and his robes became a suit. The newly changed head official look down at his hands and then around the office. "What the hell just happen to me? What is going on here?"

Gig -- the entity that existed inside of the sword -- laughed to himself. "Hahaha... Naive little human... thing. My soul is now in your body, and you have my awesome, frickin incredible, damn near unstoppable power in your body! Pretty sweet, huh? Haha, that's what you think..." Gig thought about it some. "Oh. Shit. Better get them out here..." The head official would suddenly snap his fingers against his will, and a rip appeared in the sky. Three enormous structures fell down from the gargantuan dimensional rip that just happened to appear in the sky at the snap of a finger.

Gig: "Ah, good to have them here... Now, anyway. How about we start to get rid of this soul so I can have your body, huh...?"

The head official was flabbergasted at the occurrences going on both without his will and yet with an involuntary initiation. The startled man stammered, "What is going on hear? What are those things?" He realized what the voice said and looked around the room.

Head Official: "Wait a second!! Get rid of my soul? I don't think so!! Look I don't know who you are but you're not getting my soul."

Gig scoffed, "Dammit... And those things are nothing... Well. Might as well fill you in on what's going on since we're gonna be together for a hell of a long time, Soulmate. You see, since you touched that sword, my soul -- which was trapped in that sword -- went inside of your body and... well... My soul is gonna take over your body by eating your soul little by little... But, on the plus side, you get to use my ultimate, kickass powers! But, that's only if you let me have portions of your soul... The more power of mine you use, the more you become mine..." Gig laughed deviously before remembering something else. "Oh... Yeah. And I'm gonna need some dominion over you, too. If I dominate you, you can use this tiny, tiny portion of my power to summon anyone you need from anywhere as long as you dominate them and have a mannequin of them. Pretty sweet, huh? So, whadda ya say?" Gig didn't want to say much about the three large figures that appeared outside the head official's office, nor what they meant... Not yet, at least. He would keep them on the 'down low'.

Head Official: "I see. Your you're a soul parasite, ah! This Domination sounds like it could be useful. I'll accept it for now. However, don't think I don't mind some free loader coming into my body and trying to take me over." He then walks over to the window and looks at the three structures. "You didn't answer my question though... What are those things?"

Gig snickered, "Alright. Let's dominate you..."

A light flashed throughout the area.

"You've been dominated. You also have the power now to dominate others. That should be fun. Loyal peons in which you can summon to take an ass kicking at any time, anywhere, no matter where." As Gig was asked again what the three structures were, he felt that he might as well answer, since the head official would likely just keep asking. "Alright, alright, keep your pants on... Those are the... Hehheheheh... World Eaters. They were my servants so very very long ago... They would royally FUCK SHIT UP, no matter what it was. They could actually destroy this planet, if they wanted to..."

Gig laughed...

"But... The problem is... I'm not sure if they are under my control anymore after all this time. I mean, I haven't done anything for so long, so they might have started their own... purposes." Gig stretched inside of the head official's body, which caused the head official to once again involuntarily move his body to the will of Gig's soul. "Huh. Wait, I've been talking this whole time? Da-yum. This is easier than I thought it would be. Soon we'll be more linked than ever... Our minds and souls will become close... Heh heh... and soon become one..."

The Head Official laughed. "You're a lively one, aren't you? But even if the day comes and we become one, I'll fight you to the death before I just hand over my soul to you. Then again we are going to be together for a while and should learn to cooperate if this is going to work."

Gig laughed again, harder than before.


Gig continued to laugh, gasping for air a little bit, then calming down "Ooooh... Man... Haven't laughed like that in centuries... But, yeah. I am the Master of Death. What you might call the Grim Reaper. Pretty damn sweet, right? I am the kickass, hardcore... GIG!!!"

Head Official: "Gig... So that's your name. I'm the Head Official of this city."

Head Official: "So, a god of death... If you're so strong, why are you trapped in this sword?"

Gig scoffed "Huh. I was in a fight with some old hag... Gah. Damn Layna... I could've been out wreaking havoc by now... Fucking this goddamn planet up! GAH!"

The Head Official laughed. "Well, well, seems someone was a little bit too overconfident in their abilities. Haha, man you're too much. All brawn and no brain I see. HAHAHA!!"

Gig scowled "Hey, shut it, man! She used some type of bitch magic on me or somethin! Either way, you be luck that I need your body to stay alive, or else your ass would TOTALLY be grass right now..." Gig has the Head Official involuntarily pat the sword in his hand, up and down, like he was going to do something destructive with it... "If I can burn myself into a different dimension from my own by myself from within this sword, just think what I could do with your body as my vessel instead?"

The Head Official looks back out of the window. "I just thought of something. If those things don't follow you anymore, then... couldn't they attack us?"

Gig snickered "Heh heh. They COULD... Not like I couldn't whoop all of their asses in an instant, though. Those are my bitches out there... Heh heh..."

Gig then saw 2 of them run off in separate directions.

Gig: "... Woah. Shit. That must be Thuris and Raksha... Those two are the only 2 World Eaters that can move... Probably knew I was talking about them and ran off like little bitches."

Gig shook his head...

Gig: "Well, I bet Feinne is still loyal to me. Fienne was always my favorite. She is also the most powerful World Eater, anyway. Haha. Let's go pay my favorite, Feinne a little visit, shall we?"

Head Official: "World Eaters... Feinne?"

The Head Official opened up his window and climbed out, and suddenly floats on the air. "Let's go meet this... Feinne."

The Head Official starts to fly toward Fienne.
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Soul Nomad (Soul Cradle)
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