The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension (Tymon Nikia Bolton II's Website)

The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension (Tymon Nikia Bolton II's Website)

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 Chomao; Ai~Yon U.

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PostSubject: Chomao; Ai~Yon U.   Thu Feb 12, 2015 2:36 pm

Ai~Yon Universe; the Origami Crystalmoon

A crystalline child draped in a flowing, shimmering robe like that of ice, with a semblance remarkably like the late Khrona Tensei. Made in the image of her father to always be reminded that he was with her, he has cold, sharp eyes that seem to always be staring into the universe. The 'U' in his name stands for 'Universe,' and in his eyes, there seemed to be the entire universe trapped inside; as though he could see everything with perfect clarity, making a play on his name to be 'Eye On Universe,' as well as 'Ai (Love) Yon (Four) U. (You). This is because this is not merely an image of her father, but actually a sliver of his strength bound to her Sacred Text, the Crystal Blue Grimoire, and this is a symbol of his love for his daughter and hers for him in the form of the physical construction of a sliver of himself as a Chomao.

Ability; Origami Crystalmoon
His title was named after his special ability, the Origami Crystalmoon. He is able to fold himself into different types of energy as well as mirror any image like the Moon and fold himself to meet its energetic structure and composition like an origami art. With that, he can completely match the shape and energetic form of whatever he comes across. He is also able to retain some of these in the book, which become part of his powers. He shares the same abilities as are written in the book, as well as the Magus Art of Tsukimiko.
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Chomao; Ai~Yon U.
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