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 The Head Witch, Zita L'sia

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PostSubject: The Head Witch, Zita L'sia   Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:20 am

First topic message reminder :

Name: Zita
Age: 1,001
Origin: Witch Province
Species: Witch
Weight: 135 lbs
Height: 5'10
Race: Unknown
Family: Chita/Rita (Daughter)
Animal Theme: Parasites
Magic Use: Gravity (Element), Chains and Locks (Object), Skulls/Death (Object)
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Grimro, the Pumpkeeper :: Obsidian Darkchrysm; Dark Alice of the Kurogami

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PostSubject: Re: The Head Witch, Zita L'sia   Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:53 am

Seventeenth Beating: ALL WITCHES ASSEMBLE!

Zita stood on a moderately large podium in a wide open space in the Meeting Hall, awaiting all of her Witchlings and Witches. She had something to run by them... Something important... Something special.

Cecil would appear shortly after, observing the empty chairs and decor. There wasn't even any fellow 'witch' in the room and he felt awkward.

Eruka made her way into the Meeting Hall as well back from an important... mission. She was a bit nervous because of what she had done, but as long as it was in secret... "Gekogeko... I wonder what Zita is going to share with us. It's been a while since we've had a meeting like this. Gekori."

Momako would float into the room sitting on her book drinking a cup of tea. She would fly about as if there was no one else there as she took sips of her tea and waited for things to start.

*Kira floats in on her staff* You called Zita-Sensei?

Renga timidly walked in, standing a bit further back than anyone else. She didn't really know any of the other witches, so...

The 5 Mizune sisters walked toward their seats, all 5 of them sitting next to Eruka "Chichichi!" They said in unison, giving the thumbs up sign simultaneously. They were so cute when they weren't merged to make adult Mizune.

--Tyrande would materialize out of the shadows in her cat form in the midst of things with her eyes a glow; she had met Zita before, but not everyone else... Looks like Zita isn't the only one that's 'odd' in the room, especially since there is a guy in here who thinks he is a witch; coulda sworn it was a female classification, but I'm sure he is the only exception--

Kira: We are all witches of the Reality; Let's introduce ourselves... Hello, My name is Kira Kittredge.

"I'm Renga Biruda..." Renga said after Kira spoke.

--Yui and Chloe fade into the room, eyes dreary as they look at Zita, then quickly scanned all the other witches. With their eyes locked on Zita once again, they floated silently, holding an umbrella over their head.--

After clearing his throat slightly, Cecil looked around at the group of women, blushing slightly.

"Cecil.. Nightwing. And I prefer the term mage for my expertise..."

*Jenn would appear in the middle of the room in a small flash of black light looking around shyish like. She would find a corner in the room where she would hastily walk to, fixing her glasses with one hand as she would look at the ground trying to avoid eye contact with others.*

Zita finally cleared her throat, her keyhole pupil growing intensely. "Alright, alright. It seems as though most are here except for 2... But I can make exceptions to them..." Zita turned, nibbling on a piece of cloth "When I see those two little heifers again, I will--" She turned around again "ANYWAY. I have gathered all of you all here for 2 reasons. One, because you all need to learn about Soul Protect, a special ability only available to witches that allows us to hide our souls and become undetected in power level by anyone, meaning that if some people just 'happened' to be looking for witches souls to become Death Scythes, they wouldn't know it was us so long as Soul Protect was on, even if they had their Soul Perception." Zita coughed a bit, flipping her hair, which surprisingly still covered her left eye even when she flicked it a bit "And the next reason I am here is because... All of you witchlings need to collect souls so you can gain more power. Because of this, each and every one of you will have to go on missions to collect souls. Lucky for you all, there have been 'things' going on around the outskirts in which will be needed to be... taken care of. SO. To make this easy, you all will be split into teams, each of which will have at least ONE witch to monitor you and protect you if things go awry. Since we only have 4 witches... Which is kind of sad... All of your target souls are just about 50. Get 50 souls and ask to be tested. We will see if you are worthy." Zita scanned the crowd, spotting out the witches and trying to figure out which witchlings would go with who "... Hm... Alright. Witches Eruka, Mizune, Yui and Chloe, you all will have the following places to attend to; Eruka, the Eternal Desert. Mizune, the Realm of Eternal Rain. Yui and Chloe... You two may or may not have to be split up depending on the number of Witchlings, however for the moment, you all are together and will be heading off to The Graveyard." Zita made a count of the witchlings that remained out of the witches "... Hm... Alright... Momako and Renga, you two will go witch Eruka to the desert. Cecil and Tyrande, to the Realm of Rain with Mizune. Jenn and Kira, go to the Graveyard with Yui and Chloe. Your respective missions are this; Eruka's team, there is a magical source seeping from the hidden cave in the eternal desert. We could use that magical source to revamp our magic whenever we need to instead of having to go out and wait or find another source to heal our magical... stuff... Mizune's team, the animals in that realm have become possessed by demons and have turned into horrific monsters and are terrorizing the place, eating other animals and shit. I want you to seek and destroy all of them. Leave no survivors, no exceptions. Remember, only the demonic monsters, none of the normal animals. Lastly, Yui and Chloe's team, there is an odd vampire at that place who has been creating zombie vampires via a ritual to give the dead souls, and he just happens to make these dead people vampires as well. If he is to rise with an army of these zombie vampires, there might be hell to pay, so stop him before he can escape the graveyard, hopefully before he can summon anymore zombie vamps." Zita looked over the area "Any questions? Come on. Anyone? Ask now, because I'm not gonna answer after now.. Well, yes I will, but you'll get severely beaten first~!" Zita had a feeling that she was going to have to go into the Realm of Darkness by herself adn stop the evil that was there, but there were the other 2 witchlings that needed souls collected... ah... I guess she'd have to take them when she went. Hopefully they wouldn't succumb to the darkness of that place...

Tyrande: "Sounds alright to me... I just need to kill something."

--After completely ignoring everyone else and their introductions, Tyrande would transform from her cat form to her regular humanoid state rather elegantly with sparkles and such around her... She would then look to her right and see that she was partnered with the individual who is the only male witch... odd, but she was sure Zita knew what she was doing when it came to the pairings.--

Animal hunting, was it..? This woman was sending Cecil on a 'mission'.. to kill mere animals? Well, this could either be taken as an insult or an easy assignment... and he chose the latter. Now eyeing the woman who was to partner with him, he got a rather cold impression... yet if he wasn't talked to he wouldn't respond. Hmph.

--Yui smiled, and Chloe would frown from Zita's assignments. The graveyard, sounds so much better than any of the other places she mentioned, and they get to kill there too? How fun. However, the thought of baby sitting was unbearable as they quickly glared at both Kira and Jenn at the same time.--
"D-don't slow us down. I must, get more souls..." They would say in unison.--

Kira: I'm ready! ^^

*Jenn would nod her head slightly at Yui and Chloe. She was prepared for the mission she was assigned to and tried to prove herself...*

--Yui and Chloe glared at Jenn for a quick second, then quickly switched their gaze to Kira. She then would float on out the room, towards the graveyard, hoping the other two would follow, although she had no problem if they didn't.--

*Jenn would follow shortly after Yui and Chloe after finding out what all the other witches look like.*

*Kira followed Yui and Chloe and Jenn out of the room on her staff*

The 5 Mizune sisters jumped on top of each other, all snapping as they assumed their transformation from young girls into one extremely sexy large Mizune. "Chichichi! Alright, my witchlings! Come along with me! We're off to our mission. Chichi!" She started off.

Eruka got up and started off "Come on, little witchlings! I, Eruka, will take you under my wing and teach you the ways of a witch! Geko~!" She ran off toward the desert.
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Grimro, the Pumpkeeper :: Obsidian Darkchrysm; Dark Alice of the Kurogami

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PostSubject: Re: The Head Witch, Zita L'sia   Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:07 am

Eighteenth Beating: Another fun battle for Zita~!

Zita sits on a rock in a deserted area surrounded by a few trees every now and then. The sky was dark. She fell backwards "Why have I been craving battle so much lately...?"

*Nero walked over and looks over at Zita*

Nero: What ya doin?

○Nymphadora was skipping through the grassy plains, her paint giving a radioactive like glow as her plating that held her paint in the shape of a giant blade was spinning around her body as she skipped through the dark night.○ "Oh, what a beautiful...wait what's that?" ○Nymphadora instantly ceased her graceful pace as of her large paint plate(sorry I forget what it's called xD), the glowing of the paint also stopped completely. Nymphadora shoving her giant paintbrush into the ground, cracking a bit. The seemly endless paint within a glassy handle was swirling about. Fixing her hat to a slant she peered over, placing her hand over her brow to squint for a better look. Seeing it was dark a orange glow from her orange paint was on her hands allowing to give her a better look. Which the orange flame would instantly ablaze giving her that sight yet not burning her hand or face in the matter of fact.○ "Hello? Who are you?" ○Nymphadora yelped afar hoping the woman could hear her.○

Zita glazed her one eye not covered by hair over to the two "Ooooh... A Cuuute little ninja and a cuuuuute little witchling! HOW FUN! You two shall be relieving Zita of boredom, huh~? Well. Let's do it~! I, Zita, the Head Witch of this planet will indeed show you two a good time~!" She concentrated some gravitational magic into her finger and her keyhole pupil began to glow a bit, a devious smile slithering across her face.

"Zita the Head Witch of the planet? Must be strong..." ○Nymphadora swung her giant paintbrush as a mixture of a yellow and red paint arose. Flinging into the air and dropping onto the ground the thick paint ablazed and caught fire, yet seeming to not die out, the fire was scattered around the field infront of Nymphadora.○ "Time to paint a Master Piece~!" ○Nymphadora would then slam her paitn brush with the tip handle into the ground first as from the paint within the glass handle flowed to the ti pthat was dug underground. This would expell blue paint channelling and routing around Nymphadora's area for the mean time. Yet the brissles of the paintbrush seem to move slightly strangely seeming alive.○

Zita immediately felt less of a need to fight Nero and quickly expelled him from the area via shifting his gravity so that he would be attracted to some... random... object... in the distance. Away from here. Sorry, but Zita needs battle NOW!

Anywho, since that is all over, Zita made note of the fire "Huuuuuuh... Fire? From painting? A fun little witchling, aren'tcha~? Gravity Ball." Zita flung her hand out to the side, a small orb of blackness surrounded in some sort of purplish substance flying out of it, immediately sucking in all of the fire and imploding on itself. "Teehee~! Now that there's no more burny fire... Let us have the Dance of the Chains~!" Zita twirled, many randomly large, bladed chains jutting straight form random places in the ground, most focusing on Nymph's main position.

○Since blue paint was channeling around Nymphadora's position she could easily teleport from one place to the other since she was standing on the blue paint, yet this was unknown to Zita in the mean time. Nymphadora wanted to test this witch out and with her own abilities of paint aswell.○ "Raining Paint~!" ○Since the brissles of the giant paintbrush plunged into the ground, the brissles would then create a tunneling torndao of the sort which would spin upward channeling the endless amount of paint within the brush's handle. This paint would then reach the tip of the tornado as the raging winds would then instantly stop since all the pain needed was in the sky. Suddenly paint would the rain from the sky different colors were present. With colors falling and colliding with each other some colors began to well fuse together. As the blue and red paint would fuse together it would form a dark purple which would impact the ground or anything within it's path exploding releasing strange colored fire as of a clear liquid from the water present from receiving from the coulds since, they possess water vapors within that height.○ "Now to show you....~!" ○As other colors would form they would splatter on the ground floor, their abilities were absolutely unknown since different colors were everywhere. There were several different colors including green, brown, and orange. As the green paint impacted on the ground plant like vines would erupt stopping most of the chains, yet some of the chains would have been stopped by Nymphadora dodging most of the rest. The paint overwhelming the chains it captured they would be then coated in greenpaint aswell. In Nymphadora's hands were two large pastel sticks which was currently unknown to Zita. They could create images and objects(similar to chalkzone xD).○

Zita sighed "All this paint is making a mess... Sigh... Alright, let's do this. Gravity Shift." Zita pointed at one of her chains and all of the paint that had rained down then instantly slapped onto all of her chains, giving them several colors and whatnot, since Zita altered the gravity of where the paint was so that it would be attracted to the chains instead of the ground. Now to destroy them "Gravity Seal!" Each and every one of Zita's chains imploded on itself due to the fact of her intensifying a gravity core inside of them after creating it, leaving the field purged of the paint and the chains. "How unfun... Oh well. Guess I'd better Lock n' Load, huh?" A chain shot from Zita's hand, however it had a lock on the end of it. It was aiming for Nymph, trying to wrap her up and lock all of her movement as well as her abilities in one fell swoop. In Zita's other hand, she began to conjure up some more gravity magic...

○Since blue paint was near Nymphadora and was channeled through the cracks underground beneath Nymphadora. She would travel through this paint to dodge the incoming chain that Zita formed and would lash at her. Since there was alot of blue paint travelling through the blue paint would be easier and quicker than it would with less paint. As the locked chain would fly through were Nymphadora would have been yet traveled through the paint to a new spot. A purple tentacle would rise from the ground since paint rained all around the field and only the paint that was affected were the ones near the chains. Upon the purple paint touching the chain would instant decay and rather quickly since the size of the paint tentacle. the decaying would travel to the origin of the chain, which would be Zita. With the pastel's within Nympahorda's hands and her body and whereabouts unknown, she would lift her pastels through the blue paint which her body was within and fused with which was still underground and unknown. As the pastel's would leave a long black mark above the ground they would within seconds explode and rupture releasing dark energy slashes would then be released after the explosion which would be near and around Zita.○

Zita saw the decaying of her chain and simply... well... Broke the link. The chain would fall and decay, dispersing back into magic. Zita sighed, now not having a clue where this girl was. Oh well. That's what senseless destruction was for. "Heavy Body." Her arms, legs and torso became encased in powerful gravity magic, which she could use for various purposes. Zita punched the ground, sending gravity through it, and suddenly, the ground exploded, many large chunks rising and imploding on themselves. Zita then began flailing her arms, releasing discharges of gravity in the air that worked instantly, as if she were already at said point. Now Zita knew where Nymph was. She could have used her Soul Perception, but, meh. It's too late for that. Since she already had gravity magic around her body, she figured it would be wise to use her Black Shield to protect her form any dark energy that happened to come at her, if it still was. Her keyhole pupil gleamed as the shield dissipated "Sealing Beam." She shot a thin, yet extremely quick and powerful beam from her pupil, about the size of it, and aimed for not Nymph... But her blue paint. If this beam were to touch any of her blue paint, not only would she not be able to conjure up anymore until the seal was gone, but she wouldn't be able to use any that was already on the field. Ah, the Sealing Eye techniques... so useful.

○Quickly as the explosions came off she would defuse from the blue paint jumping on the rocks that would quickly fall from the pressure she placed on the rocks to quickly fall on the ground. As Nymphadora landed on the ground, upon lifting her head she noticed a thin and quickly shot beam that was coming from Zita's eye which was a bit late to save her blue paint which would'nt listen or move to Nymphadora's telekinetic comands she gave her paint, it just stood there like a dead body.○ "Damn....anyways there's always orange paint right?" ○Nymphadora flailed her arms to travel and point to Zita as a watery substance almost clear but held a hint of a orange hue to it moved quickly to her, which since it was a liquid and was traveling over the grassy field and considering it was dark out it would probably be very hard to notice in the night(hey you said it was dark xD). The liquid moved rather quickly which when it would reach a certain position infront or around Zita it would instantly ignite. Since the liquid would go in a circle around Zita it would ignite and probably burn her when the fire circle around her would ignite and close in on her, yet Nymphadora wasn't keeping her hopes that this would work. So she stood up holding her paintbrush.○

Zita was having a bit of trouble following her in the dark, since she was at such a far distance and there was no light illuminating the field... She could see her soul, but that was it. So, Zita decided to take advantage of her already active Sealing Eye and use "Target Seal." Now, not only would all of her attacks have homing capabilities and just about perfect accuracy, but Zita herself could now perceive things almost to the speed of light, and not only that, illusions, darkness and stuff like that would have no effect on her eyes, therefore meaning she could now see in the dark. She saw some liquid coming at her, now, and since she could perceive things faster, that meant she also knew how much faster she had to react to counter it. Zita didn't have time for anything big, so she simply held out a hand "Gravity Ball!" The ball of gravity stayed in her hand, sucking in the orangish liquid and imploding. Zita wasn't aware of the orange liquid around her, however, and it exploded. The only thing she could do at such short notice was conceal herself in chains. They were quite durable and made of magic, so melting was not an option. Zita then released all of her chains that blocked the attack and made them all fly down at Nymph, intersecting and stuff so that they would not only stab her, but make a net and hopefully confuse her.

○Nymphadora was amazed and shocked from Zita's option of dodging the attack, not moving an inch it seemed as the chains bursted towards her, she quickly reacted and held her paintbrush infront of her which the chains would all be connected to the paintbrush yet some managed to escape the paintbrush's movements and bypass her body aswell, probably landing and capturing the ground behind Nymphadora maybe. With the chains and Nymphadora in a struggle to stab her, she would then lash her paintbrush as the plate of paint that always floated near her would spin rapidly clashing with the chains slowly cutting them down. Sparks would be seen as the plate's blade would clash with the chains cutting them.○ "...." ○Nymphadora was running slimmly out of options to do in this tight situation, yet she would then hold her pastel's in her hand and create a circle around her body which would create a black circle from her drawing her was coloring in on the ground as she held the paintbrush in the struggle in her other hand.○

Now for one of Zita's favorite gravity abilities... Thousands of giant balls of extremely condensed gravity spread throughout the air. Zita smiled maniacally, knowing that there was no dodging this. With her Target Seal active and the amount of gravity in the air, there was simply no way. Zita's eye dimmed, giving her a grim and evil expression on her face "Graviton Wrath..." Zita pointed her hands at Nymphadora and the countless barrage of gigantic gravity balls would smash into that general area nonstop, pelting and crushing the ground, compressing it so much that it would force that whole area of ground down so much that it would become a deep pit. Though, Zita didn't make the power enough to kill Nymph, even if she did block it. Zita wouldn't kill one of her witchlings.

○Nymphadora finished her circle below her, he grabbed her paintbrush with her two hands, wiggling to get it free, yet it looked to seem like it. Yet the total opposite. The paintbrush would then rotate grabbing all her chains spinning it around like a fork with pasta((alright no more food examples...)). From teh chains clumping together they would shatter instantly from a great raging tornado that would be created from the paintbrush which would then after shattering the chains to bits would then surrounf Nymphadora's body on a vertical axis. Each time a gravity orb smashed into the raging spinning wind it would loosen in strength and slowly drain to a smaller size everytime a orb hit. Slowing and condensing the tornado. After being beaten several times by the gravity orbs the tornado vanished, unlucky on Nymphadora's part, there were a few orbs left which pounding and clashed into her body sending her a good 30 feet behind her original position. Struglging to get up she did after a few minutes her paintbrush flew to her side and her plate instantly appeared at her side rotating her body. Nymphadora began to breathe heavy thinking this was a difficult battle to win.○ "Your a good challenger...." ○She fought to say struggling for breathe to even speak. She would then ram her paintbrush into the ground from the tip as the brissles poured paint like a water fountain.○

Zita smiled, winking "That's why I'm the Head Witch! Teehee~! You're a good one to survive that. Perhaps when this is over, I can take you on a special mission with me..." Zita then noticed the brush going back down... Hm. Let's use a ground attack as well. She pointed down at the ground from her floating position "Chain Game." The entire ground was then covered loosely in chains, and they continued to spread toward Nymph's position. Touching even ONE lightly would result in all of them instantly wrapping around and squeezing Nymph and cutting her, and even locking away her abilities until they were not touching her.

Damn, I wish I had my blue paint to make purple... ○Nymphadora thought to herself, seeing the chains filling the ground she yelped and jumped dodging the chains from under her.○ "This will be troublesome..." ○Nymphadora leaped onto her plate which would lift her somewhat off the ground from touching the chains. Her paintbrush would then release a foutain of brown paint which pounded the chains into the ground acting as rock, and also hardening like rock. Brown paint connected to Nymphadora's arms and reacted as tentacles of brown paint that also pounded the chains into the ground. This gave the chains a tougher chance of the chains moving to capture her. Yet she didn't know about touching the chains would result in all of them wrapping around her.○

Zita smiled as with a simple touch, all of the chains covering the ground wrapped up Nymph in a fashion that was so fast, she wouldn't know what hit her. Her powers over paint and the ability to use her paintbrush would be nullified until the chains were off of her. They would squeeze her, however Zita did not make the chains cut her. How, you ask? DON'T ASK. Zita floated over to Nymph "Well well well... Seems like you're a bit chained down, huh~?"

○Nymphadora constantly struggled to move her body, feeling a bit embarressed for not seeing this attack to be made. Trying to move her paintbrush, her paint, her was useless. Like she was at the moment. Looking up to see Zita above her. She closed her eye's at let out a sigh.○ "Seems like it...rather of a tight one too..." ○Nymphadora told her.○

Zita smiled "I'll show you tight--" She shook her head "AHEM! But anyway, This was quite a fun battle for me~! Who would have though a little witchling would be so very powerful from the start~! Mind telling me who you are, hun~?"

○Nymphadora wanted to answer Zita's question formally and politely than normal since Nymphadora was usually frusterated quickly and was always impatient (like myself). She smiled and answered Zita's question since she complimented on her abilities.○ "My names Nymphadora, or Tonks for short."

Zita was a bit confused "... Erm... Tonks...?" It didn't really matter right now "Hm... I see you have artisan magic, hm? Is there any sort of animal that you are attributed to? I, myself, am attributed to metallic parasites... I just don't use them often because they eat energies of all kinds, and are only to be used when all else fails." She smiled.

"I-I don't think so?" ○Nymphadora was a bit caught off gaurd of Zita's question and quickly shoot a question, later questioning herself if she was attributed to an animal at all.○

Zita nodded "Well. Whatever. It's nice to meet you! Welcome to the Witch Province! Hope to see you collect some soul-- ..." Zita then remembered something. "You. You're coming with me. Now. Let's go." A chain unraveled from teh chains holding her and attached to Zita as Zita spontaneously blasted off in some direction toward the Reality Village.

"..." ○Nymphadora was speakless as Zita sped off telling her to follow her.○ "Um, OK~?!" ○Nymphadora whipped the dirt from her as she landed on the ground, quickly sprouted up and began running in the direction Zita rushed into also. She suddenly stopped and remembered that she could travel via blue paint.○ "Dammit that's right~!" ○Nymphadora's body difussed into a bluish paint that would be absorbed into the ground as she would rush towards Zita while traveling in her paint using her yellow paint which sped the paint's movement rather quickly close to blinding speeds.○ "Zita I'm coming!"
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PostSubject: Re: The Head Witch, Zita L'sia   Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:19 am

Nineteenth Beating: The darkness of the heart.

Zita finally came to the entrance to the Darkness Lands... There was no light. In fact, the light was inverted in there. From the point Zita was and a line that crossed over to the Darkness Lands... There was blackness. The outline of everything was white, and only gray flames existed. Zita knew the dangers of this place... And yet she was bringing such a Witchling into this place...? This was both special training and a mission...

○Nymphadora just appeared from her paint that was underneath the ground and sprouted like a broken hydrant. Nymphadora formed from the paint spraying like water, even looked like water from it absrobing water from underground. After Nymphadora's figure appeared the water blue paint disappeared from thin air. She turned her head and looked at Zita, then back at the darkness ahead of her.○ "Wh-what's this place?"

Zita sighed "Well.This place is... The entrance to the Darkness Lands. The colorless, monochromatic plains of pitch blackness. Originally, this place was abundant with greatness, despite the darkness... But soon enough, we found out that some evil magic was being generated throughout the entire place... And we had to leave. It was horrid. Witches became corrupt and evil. They attacked violently with some newfound shadow power and adept control over darkness... But... "Zita sighed once again "We exterminated them all. In fact, that is how a few Death Scythes came about... Though most left the Reality." Zita shook her head "Well. The reason why YOU are here is because you are a witchling in need of souls to collect power. The other witches and witchlings split into teams on my command to do their own missions... However since you area newcomer, it was too late for you to join. So, you have to pair with me on this dangerous mission... But I will protect you. Just do your best to keep your heart pure and collect as many souls as you can." Zita's eye gleamed "... If I can destroy what's inside, I can keep it from spreading..." She coughed "Well. Let's go."

○Nymphadora's jaw dropped when she heard this place was dangerous, and the last part of Zit'a speech also continued to put her jaw on drop mode. Retracting she looked forward, gripping her paint brush a bit tighter than normal. Her paint plate was slowly spinning around her, as she walked forward about to step in the darkness infront of her, she then turned to Zita nodding her head in delight.○ "Alright let's go do this...."

The instant they both stepped in, the darkness fell and blocked off all vision of the other side. It was just blackness. "We will return here to leave when we are done. Stay close to me." Zita looked up at the twisted and distorted buildings, the dilapidated houses... the sinister looking scenery where everything had a morbidly tortured and saddened face on it... The dead trees. The ornaments. The broken glass. Even the buildings themselves omitted depression and anguish. It was quite difficult to see two steps in front of them, though it was easy to make out the outlines of the sidewalk and other objects and such. Zita figured that something was awry... "Target Seal..." Her keyhole pupil began to glow and Zita's perception of the area changed drastically. She could see everything clearly, despite the darkness. Some feet away were unwary figures. That is when Zita stopped and grabbed Nymph, whispering to her "Is there any way that you can see in the dark? Or, even better, is there any way you can see souls?" Zita knew that if she couldn't see in the dark, she couldn't help, but if she couldn't see souls, Zita could swiftly teach her the ability of Soul Perception.

"Ah, I don't think I can see in the dark except for my orange paint glowing light but since this place feeds and devours light voiding it useless, I'm not sure how to see souls..." ○Nymphadora, tightened on her paint brush a bit more, thinking something is going to attack us from noticing Zita's whispering.○

Zita nodded "Alright. Quickly, close your eyes and block out everything from your mind. Try to focus on your own energy within yourself... Yourself. Where everything you possess comes from... Personality. Magic. Life." Zita watched the figures carefully, as they were still unaware....

\"Um, alright....I\'ll give it a try.\" ○Nymphadora whispered, and closed her eye\'s, what was the difference even which her eye\'s open it was still pitch black. Yet she followed Zita\'s commands and closed her eye\'s focusing on her energy that made her power reality. Alright Tonks, ○A small voice was heard within Nymphadora, a small section in her mind, a cloudy pitch black section. I-I don\'t think that\'s it.... ○Nymphadora tried to knock the other voice from her mind out, trying to focus on her energy source. Feeling a tingle, and her spine feeling a slight chill, she would then open her eye\'s. Seeing pitch black, yet slight outlines slowly formed in her eye sight, slowly coming in view. She could barely see what everything was but her sight every minute became better and she was able to see the outlines of the place.○ \"Wait what am I...\" ○See saw the outlines of everything the houses, the sidewalks, but something was moving ahead of them....○ \"Wh-what\'s that Zita? Are those the dwellers of this place? Those soul things?\" ○Nymphadora whispered to her stuttering a few words of being shocked.○

Zita smiled "Those, my apprentice..." Zita pointed for dramatic effect "... Are your targets. Collect their souls. Don't lose sight of your new Soul Perception. This is your training. I will be here if you need assistance." Zita shoved Nymph closer to the figures, watching from the distance. Zita figured she could take on these beings... So long as they didn't take over her soul.

There were 5 beings. Each of them looked exactly the same. Each other them had mantis-like scythes for arms and pointed legs and necks that moved around and stretched to what seemed endlessly. There was a gleam in their eyes and 3 of them lashed their heads out at Nymph, the other two running in close for a slash with their scythes.

"Right Zita..." ○Nymphadora felt a tad different when Zita called her an apprentice, yet she mustered her strength and lashed her paintbrush which tossed a wave of blazing fire, still a bit solid from the paint that the fire was made from. Nymphadora's paintbrush's brissle ignited yet didn't burn. Nymphadora would then create a sphere of fire around her, as it would then later be released as a attack upon the creatures if they dodged the fire attack.○

The beasts jumped high into the air, attaching themselves to nearby building. The quickly dashed downward, seeming not affected by the natural gravity of the area.One extended its 2 blades from its arms, launching them like high speed boomerangs. Another lashed its neck out once again, trying to bite at Nymph. The other 3 merely kept distance, however their blades began to shudder a bit.

○Since the fire barrier around Nymphadora would release it would probably burn and block the incoming attacks. Yet she was unsure so she dipped her fingers in blue and red paint which she rubbed her fingers together as it would form purple, splashing the paint onto the dark ground it prospered into more purple paint would would lash at the boomerangs which they would instantly decay is disappear. As for the mouth of the creature it would probably be stopped by the flame which would also continue towards the others if not, then the purple paint would make more tentacle like figures to lash at the mouth also.○

The 3 non attacking creatures violently stabbed at the body of the one that had its head burned, ripping it to shreds so they could create shields for themselves. A soul was left where they did this. 2 were hit with the decay, however, making them disintegrate and leave their souls behind. The final two learned from the mistakes of the others. The boomerang scythes were unaffected by the fire, piercing right through and at Nymph. The other one dodged the tentacles gracefully and split the fire coming at it so that it could get a clear shot at Nymph, lashing its head forward at her.

○Nymphadora was a bit amazed at the creatures reaction to the one that got burnt, and seeing faint glowing orbs signifying their souls, amazed Nymphadora a bit more. Yet seeing the boomerangs cutting through the fire and heading straight towards her, she lifted her paintbrush which deflected the one incoming at her, yet not having enough time to block the other one. Nymphadora would merely lower her body and sweep her foot forward which angled her body into a low limbo appearance which she would then lift her body from this position rather quickly. Smacking the other boomerang that flew past her with her paintbrush bashing it into the ground. She would then quickly turn and placed her paintbrush into her side like a sword, and drew her pastel's out. Which she would flail in the air, thus created black lines which would be invisible to anyone else if they couldn't see in the dark but once these black lines came in contact with anything they would explode.○

Naturally, these creatures could see in the dark since they thrived there, however their reaction time while already attacking was not good. The one that lashed its neck out immediately shot straight into the lines and exploded, leaving its soul. There was now one, whose boomerang scythes returned to it. It stabbed its scythes into the ground and they would shoot up from the ground under Nymph trying to slice her. After seeing what happened to the other one, it seemed to have learned not to touch those lines.

○Nymphadora was amazed by the reaction and the quickness of the attack from the monster, yet caught off guard where it would appear, as soon as the rock around she shook from the boomerangs able to rip through. She tried to cartwheel backwards, which was somewhat successful, only dodging to one, however the other managed to cut Nymphadora's arms.○ "Damn..." ○As Nymphadora landed from succeeding in her cartwheel she grasped her injured arm, as her paintbrush spun in the air from her side, which create a tornado of the sort quickly. From this the glass handle of the brush released a green paint which flourished and overwhelmed the wind and flung to the top, and started to rain in drops of the green paint. From this the green paint would create vines and lash at the creature from multiple spots and position. If they would capture the create the vines would constrict and strangle the creature to death.○

Unfortunately for the beast, having its scythes travel through the ground gave it little mobility and retracting them did take a bit of time, not enough for it to dodge the attacks. It was lashed and beaten to death, its body dissipating and its soul floating above where it fell.

Zita nodded, shouting out "Good job! Now, you see those souls there? Absorb them into yourself. Souls increase magical powers of witches! If you get a lot, your power will increase a lot. Once you reach 50, you will be eligible to rank up to a true witch..." Zita walked toward Nymph, noticing her cut "Hm. That's not good."

○Nymphadora held her paintbrush up into the darkness as the barely noticed fainted glowing orbs floated eerily towards the paintbrush which would then be absorbed into the brush then into Nymphadora's being. She then looked at her cut still grasping it, then answered.○ "I-it's fine...Zita..." ○As Nymphadora left her hand from her arm, yellow paint was seen which speeds up anything including healing of cuts. She then looked at Nymphadora.○ "It'll take awhile for it too heal but, I'm a pocket full of wonders, now where to?" ○Nymphadora said as she placed her pastel's in her pocket and placed her paint brush to her side. Her plate still rotating around her body.○

Zita smiled "Well. It's good that you are okay. That was only a small portion of what creatures lurk here..." Zita pointed off in a direction, and there happened to be a large house on top of a tall, demonic looking hill "We need to go there. That is the place that is allowing this place to spread its darkness and evil. It will consume the entire village, or worse, if it isn't stopped. We did not realize this until this place grew from what it used to be... A long time ago, it was about half of this size... Now look at it. Almost a whole village itself of darkness." Zita remembered the witch who used to live there... The one who is probably still doing this beyond the grave. The one who corrupts unsuspecting witches... "Onward we go." Zita said, walking past some buildings and turning some corner somewhere.

"Yeah, right...." ○Nymphadora looked at the house on the demonic hill suddenly her head was quickly being flooded by the same noise that was whispering in her head merely 5 minutes ago.○ What is this....? ○The voice seemed to get louder and angry from Nymphadora's not acknowledging the voice, trying to get it away from her head. She gripped her sides one at her pocket where her pastel's here locationed. She walked like a stone unmoving her face except her legs forward trying to get the voice away from her.○

Zita noticed her change in movement, however she figured it was only because of the evil of this place had her scared... It was a natural feeling. Something then buzzed around Zita's head... Something large... It tried to slash at her, however a quick severing from a chain instantly disposed of it, leaving its soul. "Here, you take this soul as a freebie. There are more of those... Things. They should be pretty weak." Zita stood off in the distance, once again, though not too far away as to where she couldn't react.

Another buzzing thing floated down from the sky. It was large, about half the size of Nymph. It had huge talons for arms and a talon on its long tail, beating wings and pincers. It was some sort of insect-like creature. 18 more flew down behind it, then, all of them staring at Nymph. They flew around her at a high speed abruptly, swarming her head trying to cut and stab her, some releasing high frequency waves of sound from their wings, the ultra sound able to physically hurt her.

○Nymphadora looked and jumped back as the bug was sliced in two, and the soul floated towards Nymphadora. Yet suddenly after that second her trauma's disappeared and she heard more buzzing upon seeing more bugs the size of well Nymphadora, she ran then turned around lashing her pastel's in the air as black lines appeared and wildly lashed at the bugs which in contact would explode. Nymphadora would then make her plate surround her body which would consume her body in a tornado that would then lift Nymphadora high in the air, swirling her paint brush in the air, paint appeared from a swirly circle being created in the air.○ "What the hell are these things....I hate bugs~!"

The insects moved too fast to be hit by the lines. Their precision in the air was extremely accurate. The flying bugs followed Nymph, keeping a distance due to the tornado. They continued to omit ultra high frequency sound waves at her, which would not only rupture her orientation, but impale her body. They seemed to be able to dodge the paint.

○Nymphadora was thinking how to destroy them all in one hit, and it stumbled onto her, blowing up the area was her objective. Looking at the tornado it being strong, she knew this was her opportunity. Allowing the paint to rain from being swirled in the air, it would be sending electrical shocks through the air, the sound of the electricity buzzing would lower and interrupt the frequency of the sound waves the bug's wings were giving off. Nymphadora would then slam her hands together reopening as a large brown muddy substance was in her hands, she smiled deviously. Allowing the tornado to well release it's power it quickly expanded outwards like how a collapsing building as smoke arises and disperses throughout the area, this was what the raging high cutting wind was preforming. Nymphadora would then hover over the wind which maybe with a high chance capture the bugs within it's grasp. From this Nymphadora would then drop the mud substance as it would then spontaneously combust releasing a explosion, since there was a high amount of oxygen the fire from the explosion spread, and if the bugs were in the raging wind they would turn to ashes. If they somehow managed to get out of the wind in time, the fire would still extend as flares like the solar flares would protrude and wildly fly about and return to feed the flame within seconds or a minute the fire would disappear.○

Of course, all of them were wiped out quite swiftly. each of them leaving a soul, 19 of them floating around Nymph.

Zita clapped "Bravo. You really are coming along well... And with how many souls you have now, you should have increased in power with your magic..." Zita continued to walk toward the house, Nymph most likely following behind.

○Nymphadora waved her brush as all 19 souls were captured within the brush and went to her soul count. She would then travel behind Zita. As the voics then reappeared more pleased this time with the more souls she had, yet turned more angery as she tried to ignore the voice.○ Leave me ALONE! she screamed in her mind stomping the ground she stepped on. Quickly rushing to follow Zita.○

Zita was wondering what was up with her. She was lagging behind and something seemed... wrong with her. "Are you okay, little witchling?" She had to endure. THe house was so close... Just up the hill...

○Nymphadora leaped literally when Zita spoekn caught off guard. quickly pulling herself back together.○ ", I'm fine we are almost there...." ○Nymphadora rubbed her head as the voices lowered in her head, let one was repeatively speaking her name over the other low whispers.○ Nymphadora..... ○Attempting to shake the voices away she continued to walk towards the hill.○

As they started up the hill, there was another being. It came alone this time. It was made purely out of what seemed to be darkness with white eyes and whip-like hair. It stood there, blocking the path of the two. Zita examined it a bit...

○Nymphadora trailed behind Ztia as she suddenly stopped to see Zita facing a grand strange creature, She draw a pastel and her paint brush.○ "Zita any idea what it is? ○ Nymphadora was quite scared looking at this scary and strange looking creature.○

Zita shook her head "No... I don't. This one seems different than the other ones... But I don't know how..."

Instantaneously and without warning, it was behind Nymph. Even Zita didn't see it move. As it got close to her, the voices in her head should have grown extremely loud and simultaneous in speech. The being's eyes gleamed as it revealed a large smile, its hair wrapping around Nymph in a second, then biting her.

Zita noticed that this creature had moved and immediately took action "Gravity Ball!" She launched a gravity ball at it, but it was no use. It was already gone back on the other side of the hill, where it stood originally. "Huh... Are you alright, Nymph? This one seems more powerful than the rest... And I think I've figured out what it is.. Stay on complete guard at all times." Zita readied herself, getting nearer to Nymph just in case anything else happened and it attacked again.

○Nymphadora looked around helplessly as the figure disappeared in front her of and Zita. Moving my head from the sides. She then, feels her body being distorted, her mind screaming from the voices. Instantly the creature's hair wrapped around firstly of her arms, pulling her backwards. Nymphadora tearing from the screaming, wanting it to stop, trying to step forward. Yet flung backwards from the hair being stronger. The white thread like hair enveloping her body strangling her body as well it seemed. Feeling the voices now burning inside her mind and skull with the screams. She gave out a loud screech, as the creature bit Nymphadora's neck. Feeling the hair release and disappear, Nymphadora collapsed to her knee's on the ground, her hand grabbing her neck, feeling herself about to pass out.○ "G-Get ou-out of mm-my.........." ○Nymphadora was indeed slurring her words, edging to stand up. She clenched the ground with her other hand pulling her weight up, she staggered and swayed to the side, yet still holding her neck, she looks at the creature, her eye sight slightly loosening from regular vision. She knew this creature was the source of her voices, and she needed to stop this, but how can see if it can move without being noticed. Pulling her paint brush out, a fire ignites on the brush.○

Zita felt like it was her duty to assist Nymph and would guide her around with gravity "Gravity Shift." Nymph would not not be affected by gravity and Zita would be able to control her at will if need be. "Let's hope that bite didn't do anything to you... I hope not..." Zita looked over and the creature was gone again. It was instead floating upside down above them, as if it were attached to a ceiling of sorts, even though there was only the black sky above them. It lashed hair at them, however in an instant, it was behind them still lashing hair from both the top and from behind. It seemed as though its razor sharp hair could break off from the main body and be used and controlled still. It would try wrapping its hair around the paintbrush to take it, the fire doing absolutely nothing to the hair.

Zita moved close to Nymph and touched her, initiating her Black Shield, which was anti-gravity and should have forced everything away, including the hair to protect the two. "It seems to like attacking from behind.. Or perhaps our blind spots. I'll cover you. And don't worry about touching my gravity attacks now. So long as I control your gravity, you won't be affected by them at all."

○Nymphadora tugged on her brush, as a black shield would appear made by Zita to protect from further damage from the hair and the brush. The end of the brush was still intact with the hair which Nymphadora would allow a flow of purple paint which fused with the orange for a burning poison of the sort, acid which would probably dissolve the hair enough to divide the hair from the brush. If not then Nymphadora would pull on the brush as the hair would bounce off of the brush from the black shield Zita produced. Nymphadora's eye's felt a tad sleepy periodically closing slowly and reopening, she didn't feel like herself anymore. Her name was now being screamed and said angrily in her head, which made her unbalanced and on the brink of tears. Holding the weak pouring tears back, Nymphadora lashed her paint brush into the ground as she would mold clay in her hands once again, she was trying to pull the same act as before. But if fire wouldn't work or any other element then the pressure and force of the explosion should do something right? Unless it was completely something different.○ "I think I have a plan....I'm going to reenact what I did the the bugs to this monster think it'll work?"

The hair did not decay or falter in any way. It seemed immune to a large amount of substances. Once the Black Shield was activated, the hair was repulsed. The monster unleashed a tidal wave of hair, attempting to destroy the two and slice them into nothingness. The monster figured hat the shield wouldn't last for long.

Zita kept the shield up, looking to Nymph "You seem a bit out of it. Are you sure you can fight?" Once Nymph told her the plan, Zita didn't think it would work the way it was... "It probably won't work with the field set the way it is now... But I think I know how it can work." Zita touched Nymph's brush, sending gravity magic through it "Go for it. Now. While I do this... Chain Game!" Zita's chains appeared all across the ground, just as they had done before to Nymph. Naturally, the creature did not stay on the ground and was once again in the air, as Zita planned "Do it!" If Zita's thought process was correct, when Nymph unleashed her paint, gravity magic would surge through it, and even if this creature was not affected by the attack, the gravity change would launch it into the chains and hopefully slice it to pieces. If nothing else, wasn't hair's one true weakness something sharp to cut it?

"I'm fi-fine.....let's just get rid of this monster..." ○Nymphadora swayed a bit to the side yet slowly pulled herself together, the voices were getting angrier and louder each time we attack the creature. Nymphadora took the quick chance when the paint brush spun and released a high energy tornado from the tip as Nymphadora would fly and be flung to the top of it. Holding the mold of clay in her hands. The tornado would instantly ignite yet not affecting Nymphadora in anyway. Dismissing the tornado would make it spread out greatly as the fire would ignite the air also spreading like a wildfire. Yet the attack wasn't finished the clay bomb was dropped seconds after the tornado spread out which would explode releasing more heat and fire. Even great amount of pressure from the force of the bomb exploding and from Zita's gravity magic within the tornado which would highly push the creature downwards even if the flames wouldn't affect it in anyway. The objective was to force the creature into the chains from the great amount of force and pressure which was great present.○

The creature's hair burst through the tornado and the fire, but upon doing so, it swiftly fell to the ground, as did the creature itself. Right into the chains. The chains instantly wrapped around the creature and severed and cut it severely, slicing off all of the hair just as Zita predicted, however the cut hair manifested into some sort of black substance that looked similar to a soul... Which then flew off somewhere. The creature was cut up and whatnot, the body finally giving out and releasing a rather large soul.

Zita relinquished her chains, inspecting the soul "Hm... Hmmmm... Yep. This soul it worth just about 10 souls. Good job, kid. You've earned this soul, which brings your count to about... a little over 30, if I'm not mistaken, huh? Wow. Already over half of the souls you need to be eligible to become a witch. And such short time... You'll be a witch in no time." Zita had the gravity carry her so she wouldn't have to move or strain herself "There is still one more thing we have to do... To prevent the spreading of darkness." Zita began to walk toward the house again, pulling Nymph with her. Zita knew that this wasn't the last of that black soul looking being... But it was gone, so it didn't matter at the moment.

○The moment the creature was caught in the chains, a loud screech was filled through Nymphadora's mind. Making her clutch her head grasping and ripping her nails into her flesh. She fell the her knee's. her weapons also fell limply to the ground. Yet was caught and lifted by Zita's gravity.○ "○Instantly Nymphadora felt her body slowly drifting into pieces, into two separate beings. Yet her soul was drifting from her body it looked like. Within half a second it quickly retreated back to Nymphadora's body, her arms left her head and grasped the air around her since she was being carried in the air by gravity. Crying tears, the voices stopped instantly and vanished. She wasn't sure if they would return.○

Zita turned, not knowing why she was crying... But it must have just been because of that battle, and possibly fear. "Don't worry... It will be over soon." They finally made it to the door of the house and Zita opened it. There was nothing but darkness that even Zita with her Target Seal could not see through... No... This wasn't darkness... It was the literal essence of nothingness... All except for a small box on the ground. Zita opened the box, taking out the small jewel inside of it. Zita turned to Nymph who seemed very tired "I have it. This is what we need. Let us depart now." Zita would grab Nymph and propel herself at an extreme speed by pushing two opposing gravitational forces in the same direction, much like a magnet. They would shoot straight out of the darkness lands at a high speed and back into the Witch Province, where Zita could have Nymph rest.

○As Nymphadora looked at the house, her eye's instantly closed when she saw the jewel Zita grabbed. This made the voices return and scream at her, instantly cuts appeared over her body and arm's. This made Nymphadora scream loudly, as she hair flew wildly around her body, her soul was splitting. However it was unknown how at the moment. A clear faint glow was ripping away from Nymphadora's being. Suddenly the glow flew away spinning in various directions as it flew into the unknown darkness of the land. Nymphadora was nearly conscience and couldn't hear anything from her screaming ceasing. Her skin turned a light pale color. As Zita would quickly fly from the dark lands with Nymphadora, were she would later rest, it was unknown what happened would effect in anyway.○ I'm finally free..... ○The sentence rang in her mind and slowly faded away.○

As hours past and the night sky devouring the sunlight from outside. A figure ghostly walked from the Darkness Lands, stretching. "Seems like it's in need of a body, yet who....." The figure tapped their chin thinking, yet they thought of something else, she'd go visit the one person in dire need in the moment. Nymphadora. Instantly she body turn black and transformed into a smoke substance that quickly flew into the air quickly flying towards Witch Province.
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Twentieth Beating: I Need Some Blood

*Ken would stand in an area surronded by trees and grass. He would have a die in his hand twirling it about in his hand for no reason as he awaited an opponent to run up.*

Zita floated down "Why hello there cuuute little ninja~? What's up with yooooou~?"

*Ken would look up to the witch,, whom he have heard stories, none of them being to flattering. He then look away with a blunt look on my face.*

Ken: "I really don't wanna fight something like you.."
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Twenty-First Beating: ...Kukiho Bikou, and Leiko Fuzen...

○After Nymphadora's escape from Zita's castle and seems to be under control of that figure that visited her earlier in the manor during the night. Her eye's were empty and black. Her skin was pale and abnormal than it was just a few hours ago when she and Zita were battling.○ "....." ○Her body seemed dead and unmoved as she awaited two people it seemed.○

Leiko strutted into the area, her usual cocky and overconfident aura around her.
"A hey hey~ 'Ya called, hmm?" She said to the strange witch whom she had never met.

._. "DYNAMIIIIIIC ENTRYYYYYY!!!!" came Kukiho's scream as she heroically dashed into the area. However, she stumbled over her own feet, and landed sprawled on the ground beside Leiko. She looked up at Leiko. "Who the hell are you?" She asked blinking. She then looked over at Nymphadora. "Even better...who the hell are YOU?!" She demanded, not even standing up._.

"..." ○Without warning paint spewed from the ground. They consisted of orange and purple. As the purple flooded the ground it was acting wildly and making tendrils that lashed at the two. The orange paint was taking a different approach and evaporated within seconds and it's components resided in the air where it would then diffuse and spread the orange paint as a gas which will late ignite the air burning anything within a matter of seconds. However that was for later. The purple paint could also corrode and decay things within seconds also.○ "Your death shall please her..."

Zita poked in from a distance, staring at the battle ensuing "Huh. She's trying to please someone? Yep. Totally possessed. Nyaaaan~! Let me see how this thing plays out. I won't let it get out of hand~!" She most likely would because she's irresponsible. But oh well. A good battle would come out of it, and when the time was right, she would STRIKE!

._."?!THE FUCK?!" Kukiho yelled out, completely caught off guard by the tendril things. They managed to hit and catch her, due to her failness at paying attention...and the fact that she was on the ground still. She mentally facepalmed while struggling against them. "DEATH?!?!?...what you talking 'bout?!"._.

Leiko jumped back in shock as Kukiho got caught by the weird...lashing things. She WOULD'VE helped her...but there was no way in hell she was going any closer to those things. She was a bloody coward after all... As she jumped away from the tendrils, she noticed an extremely powerful presence had appeared in the area...probably not a good thing. Frowning, she gave a quick swipe of her hand, making metal spikes bust from the ground underneath Nymphadora's feet._.

"Pity souls.....useless...." ○Nymphadora swung her paintbrush which would instantly ignite the fire in the air around her, from the great amount of evaporated orange paint in the area of Nymphadora, the metal would instantly melt yet some quite didn't quickly like the others which would have been easily evaded by a few back flips. From the flames around Nymphadora ignited they would be spread and rush towards the two genin as the other gas paint also ignited powering and strengthening the fire that was inches from burning them. As the purple paint slashed the twilight genin, certain spots where the paint touched her, the skin slowly turned black and burned away to the bone the skin and muscle was gone.○

._.Kukiho observed her burning arm in terror. In fact, she was so busy being scared, she didn't notice that she was about to be burned to a crisp. She screamed in pain as she start buuuuuurning. She couldn't even defend with a water attack, because she was unable to take out her pushpop. And, with that, she slowly burned to her death..._.

Leiko screamed in fear as Kukiho sort of...died. Paralyzed by her own fear, she couldn't react in time to dodge the flames...she did however jump away from them, though she still escaped with a few severe burns that slowed her movements...cringing in pain, she made a few slow handsigns, still moving backwards, causing metal senbon to rise from the ground behind Nymphadora. With a small hand motion, the poison coated senbon raced at her back.

○As the metal senbon flew at Nymphadora, she flung her paintbrush in front of her deflecting a few senbon after she recovered herself from back flipping the dodge the earlier move.○ ".....Die....." ○Suddenly the purple paint was being absorbed into Nymphadora as the purple paint lastly before it left decayed and turned the other senbon to dust. This was all done within less than thirty seconds. As the purple and orange paint leftover was absorbed into Nymphadora's being it would then be released as she raised her paint brush into the air as a jet of raging black wind erupted channeling yellow paint which was tainted by the black paint to take a uglier and more deadly appearance. As the jet of black wind disappeared a cloud appeared above Leiko which would release a barrage of a dark green electrical bolt which was made from the black and yellow fusing together to create a dark green color. This lighting bolt was powerful enough to turn whatever it came in contact with immediately turn to dust which would be no more of Leiko.○

Leiko, her movements slowed by her burns, got hit by the green lightning bolt, and got incinerated into dust, instantly dying before she could even swear loudly.

"......." ○Nymphadora's black eye's showed no emotion for the horrible death that laid upon the two shinobi and had their life tragically taken away for lust of power of the tainted soul that placed a temporary mind control onto Nymphadora. As the flames of the field prospered and turned the entire field into a burning forest Nymphadora then turned around not caring what happened to the fire or the forest they were in. The two faintly glowing orbs that represented the souls of the fallen shinobi floated ghostly towards Nymphadora's paint brush as she left it still in the air. She then would then walk back to the manor to make it seem she never left and done this horrid deed. Yet her mindless self still having her abilities intact. She noticed someone powerful nearby. Turning her head scanning the area for the source. She then continued to walk to the manor of Zita.○

Zita sighed "Alright, she killed someone. Better go fix it." Zita walked over to the dead bodies "I'm very sorry about your deaths~! Next time, I promise I won't let you die-- Oh wait. You're dead. Nevermind~!" Zita bowed a bit "Better go follow her and punish her severely~!" Zita floated off, following Nymph. Hopefully she was going back to her controller...
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Twenty-Second Beating: Returning to the castle of Zita.

Zita has propelled herself in the direction of her castle, shooting straight through one of her windows of gravity with Nymph in her hands. They made a safe landing, naturally. Zita dragged Nymph through the air and to some random and arbitrary room. The best was made of chains "... Oh, damn, that's the fun room... You need the resting room." Zita went to the door across form it, placing nymph on a comfortable bed that floated above the ground.

○Nymphadora slipped into being unconscious. What happened at the dark lands was unexplainable at the moment and seemed to shattered Nymphadora's happiness in one sitting. Her hair lost a bit of the deep blue color. Her skin looked a bit more aged tone to it.○

Zita sighed heavily "Damn... Guess it was a little too much for her... But what on earth could have happened to her in there that I didn't notice? She only got hit once by--" Zita's eyes narrowed "... So. You continue to spread your evil beyond the grave, you evil witch..." Zita used her Soul Perception to look at Nymph's soul.. Part of it was gone. When she bit her, she must have implanted a bit of her evil soul into Nymph and taken out some of her own to keep on living as a soul... "Damn. That piece of Nymph's soul will search for a body soon... No telling from where. It could take over the soul of someone already alive and erase their soul from existence... Or perhaps it will be like that wretched witch Medusa and simply share the body of someone with a weak soul so that the weak soul won't be able to do anything about it... Or maybe it will possess one of the dead." There were so many options... Zita was a bit puzzled on what to do.

As hours passed by, the window open, settled in a breeze from the night sky. The room was dark, and Nymphadora seemed to still be unconscious still from her soul splitting into another piece. Suddenly the door to the room slammed shut, and instantly locked. From the nearby shadows a faint glow was forming, into a being, a soul. The ghostly figure pranced up to Nymphadora's body holding her scepter, holding it high, and nudging her hat down a bit. Bending over she looked at Nymphadora. This gave her a devious and mischievous smile. "Shshsh.....Nymphadora..." The figure repetitively patted Nymphadora's head lightly, and continued her smiling. Pulling her head downwards a bit more to Nymphadora's head she seemed to be whispering something. As this was going on the figure's scepter was glowing a blood red color. "Nymphadora...I will kill you...."

○Nymphadora still unconscience from that horrid thing in the Darkness Lands, her breathing quickened when something was whispering in her ear. She couldn't move or anything. It was strange on how her blood pulse quickened and also her breathing. She seemed to be dreaming something could it be her dreaming of seeing her own self unconscious and to imagine a figure whispering to her?○

The figure leaped onto the bed after placing her finger onto Nymphadora's neck feeling her pulse quickening. She knew she was somehow afraid, and she damn well should be. As she leaped onto the bed she crouched down glaring at Nymphadora. Giving a weak sigh she stood up from the bed looking down at Nymhpadora's unconscious body. The figure nodded her head and crossed her arms, the glowing instantly stopped from the scepter. The figure gave a more beaming glare, lifting her one leg over and onto Nymphadora's neck. The heel of the shoes grabbed hold of the side of the neck. As the bottom of the shoe rested upon the rest of the tender neck. "Or I could kill you know, hopeless, defenseless!" The figure loudly said as she spread her arms, outward looking up at the ceiling. Her shoe not even moving a bit from the deadly position the figure placed it upon. "But....where's the fun and glory in that? NOWHERE!" The figure reached downward lifting Nymphadora's lifeless body and slammed it onto the wall behind Nymphadora. The firgure glared at her more, both hands grasping Nymphadora's clothing. Yet loosened and allowed Nymhpadora to fall back down onto the bed sideways. The figure looked away and walked down from the air like stairs and crouched down a bit on the side of the bed looking directly at Nymphadora. It then patted her head, and the door instantly unlocked as that second the figure disappeared.

Zita walked into the room to check in on Nymphadora "Nymphy, are you okay in here? I was just in the neighborhood and--" Zita walked in closer to inspect her "... Wow. What happened here?" Zita wasn't one to heal people. Perhaps she could get someone to heal her... One of her witchlings? One of the Kages? Or perhaps she really just needed some rest. "Damn... got a little bit Exorcist up in here..." She petted Nymph, adjusting her on the bed.

○As a few hours past, Nymphadora's breathing instantly stopped. Her eye's completely forced open and was pitch black. The entire eye was black, it was strange why, and she was still conscience but how was this all possible? She instantly got up which she raised her arm, her paint brush flew to her hand as she would then fly out the window. Something was guiding her to do something but it was unknown.○

Zita, knocked out in a corner, suddenly woke up to see Nymph flying out of the window. "Damn. So it really did get a little bit exorcist up in here. I'd better stop her-- No. Wait. If I follow her, she will most likely lead me to the one who is doing this... Yes. Let's follow her." Zita followed behind Nymph.

○Nymphadora opened the doors of the Zita manor as she walked gracefully up the stair, it seemed the mind control was wearing off or something else was about to happen. As she reached the door of the room she slept unconscious a couple hours ago. As she hand enveloped the door knob, the evil spirit that was her pure soul a little bit a couple hours ago in the Darkness Lands warped from her body standing on the bed as the door opened. This released the mind control, and Nymphadora conscience again.○ "Wh-what's going on...." ○Nymphadora looked at the girl almost identical of herself standing on the bed which she plopped down bouncing a bit then looked at Nymphadora as she would stretch.○

Imphadora plopped onto the bed stretching, as she turned her face to stare at the shocked Nymphadora that she didn't seem to notice the blood over her and that she killed two gennin. This made her smile and close her eyes. "Ha.....well your in the same room on whom will kill you and devour your soul..." Imphadora leaned her body forward and stood up from the bed walking towards Nymphadora. Placing her finger onto Nymphadora's lips, she whispered something to her as she quickly grasped and released Nymphadora's hand which when the hand left multiple red circles were running up her arm a bit yet not entirely noticeable. "Shh...." Imphadora then walked out the door were she would leave the frantic and confused Nymphadora to stare in shock awaiting Zita to see blood covered over herself. Imphadora would then disappear in the shadows of the dark hallway outside the room.

Zita entered the room "Hello-- ... Okay. So. You kill two genin and you're covered in blood. Something went wrong when we went into the Darkness Lands... I just do not have a clue what..." Zita sighed. "Does anything FEEL wrong with you?"

"I-feel a tad weak and a bit different than I was before we left...." ○Nymphadora recovered from her shock. Looking at her arm seeing red circles upon the surface, feeling a quite burn she grasped it a bit.○ "I don't remember killing anyone are you sure...." ○Nymphadora saw blood over her she hoped she didn't kill anyone, she couldn't bare killing someone. Suddenly Nymphadora remember something.○ "Tha-that monster in the darkness made me hear terrorizing voices....screaming and filling me with that normal, did you hear voices?"

Zita cocked her head "Voice...? Voice-- Shit. I know what it is... Or, in fact, WHO it is... That evil witch will just not rest.. Let me see how much damage is done." Zita grabbed Nymph and looked at her soul, examining it. It was half gone ".. Damn. Worse than I thought. You only have half a soul now. The other half is within what SHOULD be a manifestation of yourself in the form of darkness and pure evil, and possibly the soul of the dark witch... Which is why she needed a bit of your soul." Zita sat on the bed "The only way to get it back is if you destroy the being. Your soul will be instantly released and freed from the clutches of the evil witch. However, if you do not... The witch will take over your soul and turn you into a Kishin or worse by eating the souls of others and killing senselessly."
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Twenty-Third Beating: Zita! Epic! Now!

Zita sighs, floating randomly over an open plain "Boredooooom..."

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Twenty-Fourth Beating: Getting Zita

The lock on the door unlocked and Zita's chains unraveled from the doors. They opened up, revealing a Zita with barely anything on-- wait, that's how she was all the time. Well, she was in skimpy lingerie that she wore to bed, hair all frizzy and her eye all droopy ".. What the hell is it?" She managed to get out in a partial yawn.

Una looked up at Zita and looked frustrated.

Una: Zita this is no time for crap! Hurry hurry hurry you need to get dressed Maze is holding a meeting for the Reality leaders in shibusen and they need you to come so hurry up and get ready!!!!

Zita looked down at herself, then looked up at Una "... I am dressed." A comb of gravity appeared to straighten out her hair and she put on her hat. "There, can we go now?" Even if she didn't have her witch dress, it wouldn't make much different. Everything would still be exposed. Her lock and chain 'broom' flew under her and carried her off to Shibusen.

Una gave herself and facepalm.

Una: I swear are just......*sighs*

Una headed toward shibusen.
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Twenty-Fifth Beating: Meeting Of Reality Leaders

Maze walked threw Shinigami's office door. All the other Reality leaders had been informed of this meeting and all he had to do was wait for them to show. See Maze had showed Yoko rushed to him and hugged his leg tightly. "Oh hey Yoko." Maze gave Yoko a pat on the back and she hugged him and waved to Shinigami. "Hello there Shinigami. Hope you don't mind this on such short notice."

Khrona appeared, though a little later than it should have taken, being an instantaneous warp and all. He had the remains of small children and fries in his hand "... Sorry we're late. We stopped off for some souls and fries before we got here. Now, what's going on?"

Zita busted in through the door, randomly jumping off of her broom and into a chair of chains that randomly appeared. "Well. I'm up now, so, let's get this show on the road."

Shinigami stared at Zita "... I wasn't expecting the Head Witch to be here. But... Since we have made a pact with the Reality, we cannot harm you and any of your good witches... So long as you don't harm us." Shinigami then turned to Maze and Khrona "... So. What's this all about, hmmmm?"

Yoko hid herself behind Maze as soon as Khrona arrived her face was red from blush. Maze just gave a sigh at Khrona's entrance. "For the love of god Khrona your a grown man. Why do you like the kiddy meals so much?" Maze turned and noticed Zita's......random entrance Una floating in shortly after her. Maze's face began to blush as he pointed to Zita. "Zita.....what are you wearing?"

Una: *facepalm*

Maze cleared his throat and turned to the group."A...anyway..I've called everyone here because our home The Reality Village is in great danger from many forces." Maze started pacing. "Asura,Medusa,Evangeline,and now Gig. All of these enemies can easily match our skill if not surpass it. Each enemy my have different reasons for attack reality but non the less they are still all attacking. We need to ban together and think of away to fight these people before it's to late."

Just then, some Dimensional Energy swirled in, exploding from it, the lovable pumpkin headed drifter, Tigen! "TIGEN IS HEEEEERE... for some questions." Tigen didn't recognize anyone "... Isn't this the Twilight? Tigen needs answers for finding out where Pumpkinhead is, but Akarui said to Tigen that Tigen should go to the Twilight... This isn't that, is it?"

Khrona scoffed "Well, I'm only 15, Maze!!.. Although, technically, I could be any age I see fit... BUT MY REAL AGE IS ONLY 15! I can't help it if my two weapons enjoy the souls of small children the most... And I like the fries they serve."

Misery licked her lips "Damn good kids right there. You don't get children as innocent as that anymore. Hahaha."

Despair nodded "Oh, how woeful their eyes were as we ripped apart their cute little bodies~!"

Khrona thought about it "... Won't you two and me turn into a Kishin if we eat the souls of innocents?"

They all paused. Then they all coughed at the same time.

Khrona: SO ANYWAY. Yeah, Maze.. That Gig one... He was the one inside of you, right? We haven't a clue where Medusa and Asura are... And Evangeline... Some other power is with her, and it isn't like we can rush her castle or anything...

Khrona then looked at the one called 'Tigen...' Who surprisingly looked a lot like their former recruit, Pumpkinhead "Your brother is Pumpkinhead? Hey, Maze, didn't Pumpkinhead used to be one of our Anbu?"

Maze started examining Tigen. "Ya he was....but he never said anything about him having a brother."

Zita scowled at Shinigami "We aren't gonna touch your old bones." She then looked at Maze "Well. If we ban together, wouldn't we have to stop them one at a time? From who was most dangerous to who was the least?... Heh, but how the hell would we calculate who was MOST dangerous from the others? Besides... I get on Evangeline's ass, we can have her begging on her knees in no time!!" But she did take note of that 'other power' that Khrona was talking about... Maybe it would make the battle with Evangeline that much harder... Sh stared at Tigen, who randomly warped in, but said nothing about it. Just... Stared.

Tigen warped near Maze "OOO! YES! TIGEN IS PUMPKINHEAD'S BROTHER! WHERE IS PUMPKINHEAD NOW? TIGEN NEEDS TO KNOW! TIGEN NEEDS TO GET HIM AND SUBDUE HIM BEFORE HE DESTROYS A DIMENSION... Agaaaaain..." Tigen poked Maze's head, Tigen's head floating all around Maze's body "Oh, and can you tell Tigen more about Zetsumbabwe? That's where they say he is, but Tigen doesn't know where that is or what that is..."

Shinigami first addressed Maze "Asura can spread his insanity to anyone, and paired up with the witch Medusa, those two might be the most dangerous out of them all... Though, I know nothing of Gig and Evangeline, but if Asura were to get his insanity into them, there may be no stopping them from obliterating everything..."

But Shinigami stopped to take note of Tigen "OH, WHAT A CUTE LITTLE PUMPKIN-CHAN~! Oh Pumpkin-chan~!" Shinigami began to pat Tigen's floating head a bit, now distracted.

Khrona sighed "But if we take out Asura, what are we gonna do about that Gig one? Couldn't he make that big ass world eater that destroyed the condos just come out and attack again? Or couldn't he attack himself?" Khrona thought about it... "... If we're gonna take them out one at a time, don't we need to subdue or occupy the rest for a while?"

"That's true.....If Gig and I clashed it could would be bad for everyone and if you go after Asura Khrona he'd just make you into his insane puppet again. So if we did go after them I'd have to go after Asura and Khrona would go after Gig. But then there's Medusa and their followers." Maze rubbed his head in frustration. "Man this is irritating."
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Twenty-Sixth Beating: Hell vs ???

Zeik would be doing his norm, seating in a tree with his emotions and thoughts running wild "...Meh"

Zita floats in on her chain-lock broom, it randomly disappearing as she continued to float in the air. She laid in the air in a bit of a sexual position, eyes Zeik with her one eye not covered in hair "Hi there. 'Suuup~?"

Zeik smacks his face and sighs,Thinking to himself "Are these the only type of women I found nowadays" Zeik would let his hand down and turn to face the chick "and you must be zita"

Zita quirked her brow "Oooo, you know Zita? How, might I ask, do you know me? And who might you be, by the way? I'd feel bad if you knew me and I didn't know you. Well. Not really. BUT, it's only fair~!" She laughed a bit, changing positions.

Zeik heaved a heavy sigh "Lets just say words about you get around and trust me most of them aren't too flattering" Zeik would roll off of the tree branch in quite the lazy fashion and plunge face first into the ground "The names is Zeik" Zeik mutterers while his face is buried in the ground

Zita huffed "Not too flattering, huh?" Her keyhole pupil gleamed brightly "I'll show them... Bet it was Maze... I'll get his ass..." An intense ball of gravity appeared in her hand, but was quickly relinquished once she retained her composure "Ahemhem. Zeik, huh? Never heard of ya. But I don't get around this place much. I mostly stay in the Witch Province." Zita stared at him, smirking "Well, from what just happened there, word about you must not be too flattering either, huh? Heee hee hee~!"

Zeik would stand up and brush himself off "Yup your right. Im just your run-of-the-mill shinobi,just looking to get into a fight thats way over my head" Zeik said this with a smirk. He was suppressing his chakra to a point were one would mistake him for a genin.

Zita laughed "Really? Is that really true? You don't look like you're a Genin, but... Looks can be deceiving." Naturally, Zita could look at his power via how large his soul was, but she would just have to see how he fought for herself. "Well. You want a fight, right? Well um. Let us battle?" Zita's eye dimmed, her hand focusing a bit of gravity magic in it.

"Why not" Zeik would punch the ground and fly high into the sky,while subsequently sending a wave of telekinetic force to head towards Zita. Zeik should have been far out of Zita sight,so be begin to send large streams of hellfire towards her while applying a telekinetic barrier around himself,to protect him of kinetic powers. He had learned to do this after his fight with khrona

Zita huffed, her eye dimming "... Genin, my ass." To get on par with Zeik and avoid the telekinetic force, Zita would alter her gravitational pull to opposite that of the planet, launching her into the sky at a high speed. As she was going up, she was mumbling under her breath how 'Genin's can't do that shit.' and 'A genin would have exploded trying to do that shit.' and stuff like that. For the Hellfire, Zita made a Gravity Ball that was larger than normal, sucking the Hellfire in and compressing it severely, then imploding it. She then wave her hand shouting "Gravity Shift!" Suddenly, the gravity in the area got extremely intense, pulling down everything, hopefully Zeik as well, keeping him from being in the air. Though naturally, Zita was unaffected. Bladed Chains then protruded from her back...

Zeik stood perfectly still as he watched a bird go crashing into the ground "I see you use gravity. So do I" Zeik had obtained the kinetic ability over gravity a long time ago,just never got around too using it "Play with this love" Zeik now in an oddly playful mood began firing his famous makai needles. The needles like always were clear and thin rending them damn near invisible,but he expected Zita to see them how. "...Maybe im not a genin" Zeik begin zipping around in the sky at probably mach three or four firing flows after flow of hellfire towards Zita from every which and angle.

Zita sighed "Sealing Eye: Target Seal." Now, Zita had sight that was almost on par with Khrona's Hyper Perception, meaning that she could see everything Zeik was doing and throwing at her, and with her Target Seal, she could automatically hit them without aiming, since her accuracy would be damn near perfect. She slapped away the Makai Needles with her chains, durable because they couldn't melt since they were made of just solidified magic, not a metal like normal chains. The only way she would be able to hit Zeik would be to seal his Gravity abilities... But that would require some work. But she could also unleash... No. Not yet. "Chain Down!" Chains started to burst from the ground in the multitudes, trying to grab and wrap Zeik, touching one would begin in sucking out his chakra. The chains coming from Zita's back began to swirl around her "Sealing Eye; Sealing Abyss..." Her Sealing Eye abilities surged throughout her body, touching her being a very bad idea.

"I LOVE BEING ME" Zeik would pull a reckless ass spiraling nose dive towards the ground. His makai force covering his body would deflect all of the chains away from his draining some of them of there magical properties. The chakra drain of the makai force was far greater then zita,Since it can draw chakra from any thing it wants. "Crack down" Zeik would slam into the ground at full force causing a volcanic eruption of nothing but makai Force. This eruption of chakra would head straight to the sky covering about 66% of the sky,zita would have to pull some serious "magic" out her ass to avoid this one

Zita's eye gleamed "And I love being me. Time for the Master Lock." Zita didn't need to avoid the attack because the Master Lock could suck it right in. The overly large lock with a gigantic and menacing M on it appeared, the keyhole an extreme size. Zita also transferred some of her powers from the Sealing Abyss technique into the Master Lock, meaning that once the Makai Force would get into the Master Lock, Zeik would also be sealed from using it as well. Now, you are probably wondering HOW, exactly, the Master Lock is going to get this Makai Force in there, especially with the abilities of the Makai Force, hm? Well, you see, the Master Lock does not force in anything that comes near it, it GUIDES it. And once anything is within its radius of control, it can guide whatever it pleases into itself, and no, it does not touch the lock because the lock can make attacks smaller so that they do fit inside of the lock, and once they pass the lock, they are nullified, since Zita's Master Lock is a reality all of her own, where nothing can exist unless she wills it, and nothing has any power unless she wills it. The Master Lock is literally the ultimate locking and sealing thing known. Kama experienced the Master Lock first hand, foolishly rushing in at Zita only to be guided into the Master Lock and all of his powers nulled while inside of the Master Lock... Though no one else has really gotten a chance to experience it... Besides, it's also made of magic, so it gets a boost that's better than everything else. Hahahaha. Anywho, Zita smirked "Your Makai Force is sealed for the time being, all thanks to The Master Lock here, as well as my Sealing Eye. Now, if I can just get that gravity away from you, this will all be good..." Energy was stored in Zita's eye, charging up to fire... some sort of lazer... keeping her eye on Zeik, which would be easy since she had the Target Seal active still.

Zeik would smile as his makai force headed into the stupid lock thing "Release" Just seconds before the lock would Seal Zeik's power away the character of release would appear on the lock and open back up allowing Zeik's chakra to return to him "I don't think you know what you are getting yourself into" Zeik points to the character both on his right arm and on Zita lock. "That is the character of release,it is from my pentagram. With that character no "Lock" Is beyond me and now that it is on your lock like thing it will stay there until My chakra runs out" Zeik would begin to rant about how the Makai force is a chakra not from this plane of existence and how Zita almost made a bad move trying to seal it and once he got though that he would also rant on the prowess of the pentagram. "That your first strike" Another character would appear on Zeik's left arm,what does this one do "You got two more before I end this one" Zeik laughing hardly to himself would begin charging something in his right left hand while the clouds of above us would begin to turn the bloodiest of reds. Bolts of lighting all charged to the opposite charge of Zita begin to ran down and if that wasn't bad enough it would begin to ran Zeik's infamous clear makai needles. There was no place to hide for the Sealing witch

Zita was formally pissed off now. "Fine. This calls for... That Zita." Her broom came down, turning into a key. As the Makai needles came down, Zita put up her Black Shield, the shield made of anti-gravity to deflect them. This anti-gravity happened to be a lot larger than Zita usually did for some reason, however... She placed the key within her unlockable lock contained on her waist and with that, the chains around her waist broke, the lock opening. That being done, Zita's appearance began to change a bit. Her hat became short and pointy, lined with razors, the lock changing into a skull that would be put on her hat; her dress becoming skimpier and showing a bit more cleavage than before, which surprised even herself that it was possible, her gloves becoming poofy and claw-like, extremely sharp and durable, and finally, the key changing into a long handle, a scythe blade protruding from it. Zita's pupils were glowing now, since the 'other Zita' had been released.

Zita looked at Zeik who seemed to be still playing "Goddamn, I'm happy to be out again... But you're gonna pay for what you're trying TO DO TO MY SEXY BODY!!!" The Anti-Gravity was released from her body, but in its place came the metallic locusts "LOCUSTS! DEVOUR EVERYTHING!!!" Zita's Animal Theme was parasites, and these parasites were metallic and were not invincible to heat in any and all shapes or forms, meaning they could sleep on the sun or thrive in temperatures below absolute zero. It didn't matter what temperature there was, they were immune to it. And these parasites ate all energies... But what happened when Zita went into her other side of herself? They became locusts that instead of ate energy, ate EVERYTHING. Space, Time, Energy, Solids, whatever it was, they would eat it, and Zita had an infinite amount. The locusts would devour the needles, not being effected by their heat, obviously, but also began to eat the space around them. Zita's scythe grew to horrific lengths "I don't need any fucking magic to be on par with you! I AM ZITA! I'M BETTER THAN THE OTHER ZITA BITCH. She knew she needed me! SHE CAN'T DO SHIT WITHOUT ME!! NOW GET THIS FUCKING SKY OUT OF MY FACE!! It's too bright for my TASTE!!" Zita's scythe scraped the sky, all of it ripping, then opening up to be a black hole that literally was the sky now. Zita's scythe created black holes. And with the locusts eating the spa--... well, the everything... existence... around the area, soon, the black hole would be the only thing, except for, of course, Zeik and Zita... But thinking about it now, how would that work out?

Zeik nonchalantly rubbing the back of his neck begins too sigh "And I pissed off another one" Zeik would point to the sky,which was still raining with Zeik's A.O.E "I hope I dont have to take my gloves off" Zeik waves his hand and the sky(What little of it wasnt a blackhole) begins to rumbling with Catatumbo lightning "I like those bugs,but honestly they wont work" Zeik would snap his fingers in the direction of the sky and his dangerous storm would become even worse. The clouds that covered the battle field in it's entire were exchanging bolts of lightning between each other. Zeik's lighting draws energy just like Zeik's chakra things were about to get nasty. Zeik's wondrous storm began to draw life force at a reckless speed. The clouds were drawing in everything that used energy,since everything needs chakra to live this storm would draw everything in. The clouds would draw in the energy from Zita's bugs causing them to be reduce to nothing but ash,It would draw energy from Zita as well...unless she did something. Since the storm covered the entire area and Zeik's Makai Force's chakra was unmatched it would take two minute to fully drain some of Vescrutia greatest shinobi,but since there was a black hole up there Zeik would have to deal with that first. Zeik's makai Storm would simply cancel out not only the black hole but the bugs leaving Zita and Zeik "Well well well. Who is this little lady"

Even if the locusts were gone, the places they destroyed still remained "This place is gonna crumble if we finish. But I don't really give a damn, quite frankly." Zita did feel a bit of her soul getting drained, and in the sky, she saw... Lightning. "... Tch. Fine. Gotnna get rid of that, too. You and your fucking lights." Zita's scythe just continued to grow larger and larger, seeming to have no end to it. Zita then took a big slice, the place becoming halfway consumed in a black hole. Zita's scythe created black holes on whims. And in fact, Zita could control these holes "Continue to expand. Leave NOTHING in the sky!" The black hole expanded, this time covering up the entire sky "I WON'T LET YOU DRAIN ME! YOU'LL FALL INTO THE BLACK HOLE! And with my Skull Magic-- ..." Zita paused. Her Skull Magic. It was ingenious. The one ability that no one would be able to get around. "Dummy Head." A skull then appeared in front of Zita. Whose skull? Zeik's skull. Or, perhaps one would say, a Voodoo version of his skull. Whatever happened to this skull would happen to Zeik's. Now, Zita, herself couldn't do anything to it, for it was her magic, but this field had become surrounded in a black hole, correct? Zita smirked "Come get your head. Before it is destroyed." Zita grabbed the Dummy Skull, floating nearer and nearer to the Black Hole. If you're wondering how Zita made the Dummy Skull... Well, let's just say that Zeik had already technically touched Zita and exerted enough power for her to do so. Zita kept her eye on Zeik, though, because she knew he was fast, but with her Target Seal, she'd be able to see him coming from anywhere, and with that storm being taken care of by the ever expanding black hole, Zita would be fine... For now. She gripped her still extremely large Scythe, just in case she needed to react and use it, surging her Sealing Abyss and some of her own wavelength through it in case a certain... ability was needed to get rid of him fast.

Zeik's eye would twitch for a moment "Stand still" Zeik would look directly at the black hole and freeze time around it,following this Zeik would simple server the space time continuum around the black hole and cause it to be trapped in an infinite time loop. "Now Open" Zeik would then open up the door to Purgatory and the black hole would be grabbed by thousands of red demon like hands "Now Zita I think that is strike two" Zeik would say this as the Door to purgatory was closing.

Zita scoffed, eying some random object in the distance "As much as I wanna get my third strike... I have something to attend to. Peace. Oh, but uh, have fun with your head." Zita swirled it around and launched it in the direction of sharp rock at an incredible speed, like that of a bullet. Naturally, if it hit, the skull would shatter, as well as Zeik's skull, and if not, then the skull magic would disperse because quite frankly... Zita was out this bitch. She cut open a hole with her scythe and jumped in, using the black hole like a portal and it closed behind her.

Zeik would simply dash off and catch the skull "Meh" The Skull would simply disappear and Zeik would soon do the same.
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PostSubject: Re: The Head Witch, Zita L'sia   Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:19 pm

Twenty-Seventh Beating: An entertaining battle.

~@ Fuuma stood in a forest area with trees all around and some wild life, Miya standing next to him.@~

Fuuma: "Its nice to get out the village every now and then isn't it?"

Miya: True...Although, for a resident, you don't do much in the Reality.

Fuuma: "Not true...I do, somethings....just not as much as some would hope."

~@Tera chuckled at his own statement and Miya gave an annoyed glare at Tera.@~

Zita randomly floated down from the sky, wondering what the two were doing. She was so curious "Well hellooooo theeeeeere~! What are you two cuuute little lovers doing out here~?"

Miya: Lovers?

Fuuma: "Cute?"

~@They turned the the direction of the witch. Fuuma was able to sense her energy, so without realizing it, he had did that to know she was a witch.@~

Miya: What, I'm not cute or something?

Fuuma: "Nonono, thats not what I meant. Your very...cute-"

Miya: Wait, what? You like me or something?

Fuuma: "Hold on, I mean-- "

~@He turned to the witch in hopes of changing the subject.@~

Fuuma: "Your a witch...aren't you?"

Miya: Hey! Answer me Fuuma!

Zita laughed a bit at the two "HAAAHAHAHAHA! Yes, yes! I am the Head Witch of the Reality, Zita! And from what I can deduce from your souls..." Zita's keyhole pupil gleamed for a bit, as she had the Soul Perception ability that she learned from Maze a while back "... It seems to me that the boy is the technician and the girl is a weapon? How fun! Haven't collected any of my Witchlings' souls, have you?" She laughed again to herself. "Aaah.. Anyway... What EVER could you two be doing here, of all places? Zita just needed to... Play... with something, so I came here! Tee hee~!"

Miya: Fuuma here wanted to take a 'vacation'...Not like he did much work though.

Fuuma: "Come on Miya, can't we do this later....wait, do you know a witch named Medusa? Me and Maruze had a close run in with her a while back.

Miya: Medusa?? You met her before? Maybe you do more than I thought...

~@He gave a curious look at Zita, wondering why she would be here, or what her purpose was.@~

Zita's eye gleamed, narrowing after hearing about Medusa... "... So... The evil witch has struck again, huh...? Medusa... She's a no good witch who disbanded herself from the Witch Province simply because she didn't like my siding with the Reality OR the fact that some Reality Ninja had Soul Weapons, which require them to eat a soul of a witch if they are to become a Death Scythe... My agreement was that only witches disbanded from the Witch Province would be up for grabs, and even then, she left... Now she's been nothing but trouble. For some reason, she revived the Kishin... TWICE, ACTUALLY... She had several unknown accomplices here and there... And sources tell me her magic may have gotten so powerful that it might surpass my own... She and Evangeline are the witches I must eliminate..." Zita coughed a bit "Ahem, but, yeah. Run in with her? Lucky you survived~! Don't get killed! She's a sneaky witch, just like a snake~!" Zita was feeling a bit pissed off now, thinking about Medusa. Hm... Two victims right there. Heh heh... score. "Saaaay... You two... Wouldn't happen to want a battle with little old Zita, would you~? Perhaps I will give you something to help against Medusa if you doooo~!" All she could think about was pummeling them endlessly... She needed to get them to battle her by any means necessary!!

Miya: So what Khrona said about Medusa was true then...

Fuuma: "Sure, we came out here for some fun. Ready Miya?"

Miya: Ready

~@Miya would leap towards Fuuma, turning into a gun in mid-air, letting Tera catch her. He would Make one unneseccary shot into the air, but nothing came out. Instead, one of the diamonds on Miya would glow. He rolled his sleeves up, revealing two new equips, they were two clear bracelets on both of his wrists. He then pointed Miya at Zita and fired, but once again, nothing came out, although a projection of sound bursted towards Zita like a bullet while another diamond began to glow.@~

Zita smiled "Oooo! Fun! Then let's battle!" As Zita saw nothing come out, she took a precautionary action and immediately dodged out of the way in the air, just in case some... unseen force was going to hit her. "Buu. I didn't see anything! Maybe I should use my Target Seal... No. Wait. I know what will be even more fun! Gravity Shift!" Zita waved her hand around and pointed to the area under Tera, which would then shift in gravity, making it more intense and harder to move. Hopefully that would hinder him a bit, but it's not like she changed it much. She was 'having fun' right now. She hadn't even started to really 'play' with Tera...

~@ Fuuma felt his weight shift, and would have the wind around him pick up to raise him skyward. He made two one handed handsigns and His black hoverboard warped beneath him. He would use it to float and compensate for his weight gain.@~

Fuuma: "What the hell was that?"

Miya: I guess she can control your weight...but you look slim.

Fuuma: "Then she must have control over gravity."

~@Tera would blaze across the sky towards Zita, firing several dozen sound shots at her, and causing several dozen diamonds to glow. As each shot was made, some of the sound waves created would be absorbed into his clear bracelets, so they were slowly charging.@~

Zita snickered a bit "Hee! You've figured me out~! Now for some CHAINS OF DESPAIR!" Many bladed chains shot from her body, some whipping away the shots and darting straight for Tera. As these chains were aimed at him, Zita focused some Gravity magic in there... Specifically, she used Gravity Shift in her chains to make their pull of gravity extremely intense, meaning that Tera would not only go slower if he tried to move, but if he stayed stationary, he would get pulled in. The chains also began to stem off around the area to cut him off, just in case he happened to be fast enough to get out of the immediate area unscathed.

"Damn, never fought a gravity user before."

~@He would dart off in a circle around the chain blades, effectively and quickly dodging them. When things are getting pulled in to something, they move quicker spiraling towards the source of the pull, like water in a sink being drained, or things sucked into a black hole. Tera knew this, so he was able to make these actions quickly. Tera would be closer to Zita now, about 50 feet away from her, and shot at Zita with the first trigger, sending 3 shots at Zita with 8 times the power, leaving only 12 diamonds glowing afterwards. These bullets were extremely quick, and would maneuver for Zita;s position, so if she moved, they would strike at her new location.@~

Fuuma: "Noww to deal with this..."

~@Tera would charge chakra into his hand, then snap his finger, releasing the charged chakra at the point of the snap. A sound wave bursted downward and was amplified by the chakra, creating a strong enough force to bust Tera out of the gravitational pull.@~

Miya: Your getting better Tera...

Gravity magic was surging around Zita, making her "Black Shield!" able to be put up quickly and effectively bouncing the oncoming bullets off of her. The shield was then put down and the chains retracted. "Buu! Fine. You want to play? Let's play. I love to... Play." Zita's keyhole pupil began to glow. "Gravity Whip. Zita pointed out a finger, a condensed beam of gravity shooting out in the form of a whip that extended toward Tera. Zita flailed it about, trying to whip him out of the sky, making several different stems and tiers of the whip so that it could cover a larger area. Everything it touched would have its gravity altered... Some whips just happened to hit the ground. And the gravity shift would pull down the gravity intensely from the sky and hopefully bring down Tera so that he couldn't fly. If Tera touched a whip, it would instantly force him into the ground by increasing his gravitational pull to the planet or something very intensely~! Then, the whips would proceed to beat him down further and further...

~@ Tera felt the massive pull from the ground, so he would go higher up to make the pull of gravity weaker on him as he was closer to the o-zone layer. The gravity whips lashed at him, and he would lock his eyes onto Zita, and combined with his Analysis awareness, he used Gofuu Juuu, sychronizing himself with the whips, so he could quickly and effectively evade the whips. He would grow closer towards Zita as he dodged, and would use the hovering capabilities of his board to compensate for the gravity forcing upon his body.@~

Miya: Hmhm, Fuuma, leave this to me.

Fuuma: "Oh? What are you planning?"

~@The shots that bounced off of the black barrier Zita put up would U-turn, and blaze at Zita in an eradic pattern trying to make it harder to see where they would hit, or when for that matter. Still dodging the whips, a black blob would appear in front of Tera, and he would enter it, having it disappear after he did. He would appear out of a black portal about 50 feet away from Zita, half way into his shadow. black bubbles would begin to float out of Zita's shadow.@~

Unfortunately for Tera, looking directly at Zita was a veeeery bad thing, especially when full body was in view. Her keyhole pupil gleamed "Sealing Eye..." Zita sealed Tera's use of Sound. No more sound for him this battle. She smiled deviously "Oho, boy, you really do not know who I am! Allow Zita to show you~!" Zita 's whip curved into a ball, snapping off from her body "Gravity Center." Suddenly, the planet's gravity was nullified in the area, and the only gravity was from the large sphere that Zita created, thus making that the center of gravity in the entire area, meaning that Zita not had control over the gravity indefinitely . She intensified it to attract Tera. He thought he could escape into the skies? If he did, he would be mistaken. The ball would follow him. The bullets, Zita had to slap away with the large cuffs around her wrists and legs. She looked like she had escaped from solitary confinement... Heavy duty. Zita began to laugh as the sphere attracted all things in the immediate area into it.

~@Tera smiled as this ball of gravity followed him. He was going to propell himself faster with the sound created from his hoverboard, but nothing happened. He would wonder why for a bit, until Miya snapped at him.@~

Miya: Fuuma! Pay attention!

~@It was then that Tera knew he had to forget why he couldn't use sound, and deal with things with what he did have. Darkness would engulf both his arms and legs as he began to slow down.@~

Fuuma: "Hmm, it seems I don't know about all your abilities, and vice versa. Did you know darkness has influence-"

~@He would turn around, and fire a beam of darkness at the gravity ball, and the beam would turn solid like a chain to the gravity ball. He would swing it around, causing the gravity ball to follow.@~

Fuuma: "On gravity?"

~@ He would let go of the chain, letting it fly at Zita with extreme force and speed. Tera would follow up with 12 soul shots, and since with Miya one shot equals 3, this was 36 soul shots. Also, this gravity ball was flying at Zita, so the bullets would be increased in speed drastically as they flew at Zita due to them being pulled in her direction because of the gravity ball. The gravity ball would be coated with dark energy from the beam, so Zita may/may not be able to use it. The shots would move around the gravity ball and aim for Zita once they grew closer. Tera stayed air-borne as darkness swirled around him.@~

Zita scowled now "Huh. Fine. You're better than you look." Her eye narrowed and her keyhole pupil gleamed once again. Play time was over. "Zero Gravity." She waved her hand, all gravity in the area having no effect except for what she wanted, meaning she could give and take the gravity of her own abilities as well. "Gravity Ball." A small orb of gravity appeared in her hand and once the bullets got close, they were swiftly sucked in and promptly imploded. The gigantic gravity sphere then dissipated, though She wasn't sure about the dark energy. Didn't matter, though. Zita's 'broom' appeared, changing from a long chain with a lock on the end to a gigantic key. Time for Zita to do something she very very veeery rarely does... Hm. But first, to rid the place of the dark energy, just in case. "Parasites... Feast." An uncountable amount of metallic parasites swarmed from out of her body and flew toward the dark energy, wrapping around it and within a few seconds, leaving nothing left. They ate energy of all kinds, though mostly focused on high concentrations of it. They returned to Zita, disappearing into her body. "Bet you didn't see that coming, huh?" Zita's hair covering her left eye began to flare up a bit as the key began to float....

~@The parasites would eat the darkness, but what would that leave? Light? Of course, but where light and objects exist, shadows do too, for spots that cannot be reached by light are created, and that would be a source of darkness that Zita couldn't get a hold of, that and the darkness in Tera's body. He chuckled a bit, looking at Zita below. Seeing her try to get rid of all the darkness gave Tera the idea that she was trying to stop him from using his abilities, and he theorized that she had something to do with his absence of sound techniques.@~

Fuuma: "One can't get "rid" of darkness. Darkness will always exist, no matter what ones abilities are, and as long as dark matter holds this universe to the cosmos, dark energy will continue to be, everywhere-"

~@Bubbles of shadows and darkness would drift out of Zita's shadow and form purely in the atmosphere around her, ready to burst with highly compressed air, enough force to reduce steel to dust.@~

Fuuma: "Even around you. If your wish was to rid of my darkness ability, you'd have to seal me from using darkness since getting ride of all darkness is impossible, but to do that, you would have to unseal my sound...wouldn't you?"

Miya: Stop trying to sound cool Fuuma.

Fuuma: "Heheh, It didn't work?"

~@He would get caught up in a mild side conversation with Miya.@~

Zita merely used her Black Shield, the anti-gravity forcing away the air easily "Hm. You know, you're kinda making me mad. But don't you worry. I'm gonna show you..." The key that Zita's broom had become finally entered the indestructible lock on her waist, turning ever so slowly before it finally came to open. Once it opened, there was a large amount of energy that shot out of it, most of it looking very deathly. Blackness in the shape of a skull engulfed Zita. Zita's hat became shorter, yet lined with razors, her dress became a bit skimpier than before (though not that much), the lock around her waste turned into a skull and flew onto the side of her hat, her gloves became large and claw-like and sharp, and from under her hat, there was one gleaming eye with a keyhole pupil, the other covered with hair. The key that had just unlocked the lock expanded into a staff, Zita grabbed it and put it on her shoulder after twirling it a few times, an extremely large scythe blade protruding from it, a cute little skull face on the handle connecting the handle to the blade. Zita gave a devilish smirk "Holy fucking hell, I thought I'd never get out. Haaah... It's been too damn long. Fucking locks... fucking chains..." Zita glared at Tera with her one revealed eye, posing a bit like this....

"Ah, this Skull Magic has been dormant for so long... Wonder if I still remember how to use it? Heh heh heh..."

Zita then began to talk to Tera "So, I'm guessing you pissed me off enough to turn me back into my other self? Sweetness. Now, I hope you know, you're not gonna live. And if you object, then uh, might wanna hurry your ass up." She gripped the scythe tightly.

~@Tera and Miya shut up abruptly, gazing at Zita. She had changed, had a more deadly aura, and looked just plain mean.@~

Miya: Idiot, look what you did..

Fuuma: "I highly doubt this is the time to be passing the buck. So, you transformed did you? I'm sorry to say that I lack a transformation of my own, but I'll try my best to keep up. Absolute shadow."

~@The wind would pick up around Tera, and suddenly, several Tera's would appear around the sky, bolting around and randomly disappearing. Tera would summon Kuro-Ita and begin to rid it through the air, and so did the other Tera's. Soul energy began to surge into his black board as he flew about. Then, Kuro-Maitsu would form into his hand, and one of the Tera's would appear behind Zita, swinging down the sycthe with great force, enough to create a shockwave that can shatter stone. The other Tera's, about 3, would be leaving Traces of dark feathers in the air as they flew about.@~

In this form, Zita excelled in speed, rather than in her other where she excelled in flying. Yes. And her perception and reflexes even without her Target Seal ability were phenomenal. Besides that, her scythe was on her shoulder, making easy access to her back, so once the Tera came at her, she merely swung her scythe, creating a rip through the air that was a black hole, destroyed the Tera then immediately closed. "Little punks. You need to know who you're dealing with..." Zita snapped her fingers, waving her hand a bit as a nonstop barrage of skulls poured down from the sky as if they were rain. "Skull Rain. I would suggest you put up a shield or something, cuz I'm about to light up the field with Death." as each skull made impact, it exploded, and with all of them exploding ,the explosion's radius got larger and larger and larger, until there was no space not covered in the Death magic of the skulls. Zita twirled her scythe nonchalantly "Now, where's the little fuckers go...?" She stabbed her scythe into the ground, an odd energy flowing through it...

~@Tera would be looking down at Zita, and with his Analysis awareness, he would begin dodging all of the falling skulls quite effortlessly. As the explosions began to commence all over the field, the several Fuuma's would all create a barrier of darkness which would connect with the next, creating a massive several miles long screen in the sky. Then they would begin to feed dark energy from the atmosphere into it, steadily making it stronger as well as forcing the explosion back and increasing its pressure on the ground, which could potentially catch Zita in her own uber explosion. Then Fuuma's scarf would stretch and grab hold of Miya, and fire several soul shots at Tera, in which they would then orbit his body.@~

Miya: Never knew this is what your scarf could do...

Fuuma: "Haha-"

~@ The barrier would continue to strengthen, and since death is a dark and negative type thing itself, in small doses, it would also begin to power up the dark screen. Tera already had his next move planned.@~

Zita laughed, naturally her own explosions not effecting herself, mostly because of the energy that it was made of, the death energy. "Runt. This is gonna be bad for you. Sealing Eye; Sealing Sight." A thin beam of energy shot out of Zita's keyhole pupil wherever she was looking, which happened to be at that barrier. When hit by the Sealing Sight, automatically, whatever it hit was sealed in another dimension. Even the air and space around the beam was getting trapped in said dimension as it traveled. Zita was the only one who could open and close this dimension, unless someone had some sort of dimensional energy or something (coughcoughREFERENCEcoughcough). Once making contact with the screen, in a second, the entire thing would get sucked into the dimension, as if it never existed. "Cuuuute. But it sucks. Now, to demonstrate something that doesn't suck... Well, it does, but not in that sense." The odd power emanating from the scythe before was a large and... well... utterly extreme power that was about to eliminate the area. Zita slashed her scythe, creating a thin line of blackness in the ground... This thin line suddenly and without warning expanded into a greatly large hole... In fact, a Black Hole. What else? Zita imbued some Gravity Magic within the Black Hole so that its suction, already unparalleled, would become that much stronger... And lastly... "Sealing Eye; Sealing Abyss." Zita's scythe began to glow green, transferring power from her Sealing Eye within itself, the ability of the Sealing Abyss. She stabbed the scythe into the side of the pit of the Black Hole, making it lined with a green energy. This meant that if Tera got in, regardless of what he did, he wouldn't be able to get out. Passing through the lined green part would definitely seal every bit of his power. The black hole and gravity would ultimately suck him in and destroy him, and if he tried to control the dark energy in the area under the lined green part... Well, then his Dark Energy abilities would be sealed as well. There was no stopping this black hole... And to Zita's will, it could and would expand. All that could be heard was maniac and evil cackling.

~@Well seeing that the beam even sealed the air and space around it, the death energy explosions would also be sealed, meaning no damage for Tera. Upon seeing the black holish thing in the ground, dark sweat began spill from Tera's pores, being a very sturdy defense itself, so even if something was left over, Tera would be ready.@~

Fuuma: "Tch, sealing and gravity..."

Miya: Tera-

Fuuma: "I know-"

~@Tera would fire a gravity soul shot at his chest, and Miya's soul shot would surge into his body, giving him some energy as well as a separate gravitational pull, and since he is covered in dark energy and is adept with manipulating darkness, he would influence this gravitational force to be unaffected by Zita's, which was a separate gravitational force. Fuuma wouldn't be able to have this altered because he was manipulating his dark energy around him for resistance, and he has more control with his dark energy than anyone else would. Tera would fire countless soul shots, but nothing would come out, and yet about 58 diamonds on Miya were glowing bright.@~

Fuuma: "Soul barrage."

~@Tera fired a total of 174 soul shots at Zita that were x58 in power each, and thanks to her massive black hole, they all would gain untraceable speed. That being said, the soul energy of Miya has the ability to soul down what it nears, and weakens what it touches, so as they actually got to the black hole, they would drastically slow it down, and then the black hole would no longer be sufficient in stopping or sucking anything, leaving Zita to deal with these powered up, multiple lightning fast soul shots on her own. And of course, some of the bullets would be sucked up, so the black hole was weaker all together, and so was the ability to seal things, no longer being strong enough to seal these shots. It wouldn't stop, but thanks to this, it wouldn't have to, as long as it would be to powerless to do anything major other than implode, which Tera was ready for. The rate at which it expanded would also diminish greatly, looking about the same size. If Zita were to move, the soul shots would follow and make sure to strike her from all angles with increased speed than before. The sky was now pitch black, and Tera looked down at Zita with his glowing yellow eyes. Since everything was pitch black in the sky, she wouldn't see that his body now had a thick coat of dark energy and rupturing chakra on him, and was emitting into the atmosphere, distorting the sky.@~

Zita could do nothing but laugh "Really? You think the Sealing Eye is this easy to get around?" See, the thing about Zita sealing something was that once one thing of one energy was sealed, all of the same energy would be sealed, hence why Tera could not use ANY of his sound abilities from earlier. So, even one bullet getting sealed would mean that all Soul Energy that Tera had would also be sealed, meaning that the bullets would in turn be sealed as well, even the ones coming at her. Besides that, he scythe was still feeding power, meaning that it could intensify the black hole and sealing techniques at will... Though, with his Dark Energy being the only thing left, it was kinda not good to keep a black hole open. Zita pulled her scythe out, the hole closing. "Well. Guess it's time for the other stuff... Soul Reap...? Soul Condense...? Soul Crush...? Soul Seal...? Ha. All seem quite good." Zita's scythe, able to change its size, became grotesquely and menacingly large and long "... Or, maybe I'll just fight you with this. I can take little runts like you." She flexed her claws, darting off into the air at a high speed, her Target Seal and now her Soul Perception active. Luckily she was friends with Maze, or a lot of these Soul Abilities would not have been accessible... Her keyhole pupil gleamed brightly...

~@The light emitting from Zita would be devoured and lost into the distorted sky of darkness as a wormhole like figure appeared in the sky. As Zita made for the pitch black sky, the darkness would condense and force itself all around her body, and since the sky is pitch black and filled with darkness, this would pretty much be instantly. Tera had perfect vision in the darkness, and could see Zita clearly, even though to mostly anyone else it would be like a void of nothingness. Fuuma's voice would project from all over the field at the same time.@~

"You underestimate me, and that will be your down fall."

~@As the darkness pressed up against Zita from all sides, it would begin to surge Tera's rupturing chakra onto her, trying to break her apart, and the same would go for the rest of the area. The wormhole like thing in the sky would widen, covering several miles. Something was coming, something big, but Zita wouldn't know. As long as Zita was in the darkness, she would be near Fuuma's chakra, and would begin to rupture, and any light casted, like earlier, would be devoured and lost to the darkness instantly. Tera's glowing eyes were nearing the wormhole.@~

Zita was locked onto his soul, so even through darkness, she could see his exact location. As for his rupturing wavelength "... Soul Protect." Now, Soul Protect was meant to hide the presence of the soul of a witch by coating it with powerful magic. But Zita planned on using that ability for a different reason this time. Since her soul was coated in magic, that would mean that his wavelength would have to go through the magic first before it could reach Zita's soul, which would take a lot, since she was the Head Witch, the most powerful witch. Now, for that darkness... "Locusts...?" If Tera remembered, or if he had ever seen, the before Zita had energy eating metallic parasites... But the alternate Zita had everything eating Locusts. They ate everything in the most literal sense. They devoured the darkness, but without light, what would be filling the space between? They would. There wouldn't be a space that they wouldn't fill after eating the darkness, meaning none of it would be coming near Zita anymore. "You wanna play, huh? Let's see how you play without your soul. Soul Condense." Zita grabbed her scythe, slashing it through the air, tearing through the locusts and the darkness, however once it touched the darkness, it began to condense Tera's Soul Wavelength, meaning that now he wouldn't be able to get it to go long distances, if he could even use it at all. She made another slash "Soul Seal!" This time, if this slash were to hit, it would seal his Soul Wavelength, Soul Energy and Soul Resonance altogether, which would leave him with nothing but... Darkness, right? The Locusts could always take care of that. Whether they had to eat darkness, space, light, whatever, they would eat it until they were destroyed.

~@As the locusts tried to eat through the darkness, they would be exposed to the rupturing chakra in the darkness, breaking down particle by particle before they could eat a single thing. Their particles would then become tainted, and converted into dark energy, that would then be sucked into the wormhole.@~

Fuuma: "Those parasites, or whatever they are, can't eat all the darkness. Dark Matter is still here, and so will darkness because of that."

~@As Zita swung her scythe for soul seal, Tera wouldn't be in his old location, in fact, Tera wouldn't be in any set location. A massive hand of darkness grabbed Zita, since she was still in the darkness, and the rupturing chakra would continue to fight against her soul protect, still trying to break it down to get to her. The darkness would begin to converge around Zita, distorting, warping her area and weakening its structure, meaning even if she would to move with too much effort, then her body could easily distort and break down.@~

Miya: Tera whats going on, for a while I couldn't see anything.

Fuuma: "Its okay, I just need to finish."

~@Zita probably wouldn't know it, but this entire space was filled with dark energy bubbles that were perfect camouflage with the surrounding darkness. Each one could instantly reduce steel to rubble, and since they were everywhere, they were even near Zita, and the slightest movement would blow her to bits, in a literal since. The wormhole continued to grow in size, and an immense pressure can be felt nearing them.@~

Again, a bad move for Tera "Sealing Abyss." Since the darkness was touching Zita, and the Sealing Abyss allowed Zita's Sealing Eye technique to surge throughout her entire body, that meant that the darkness touching her would be sealed from Tera's usage, meaning that all of the darkness in the area would dissipate and everything would normalize and Zita's Soul Protect would keep her from sustaining much damage. "Now you literally have nothing left, am I right? I've sealed your sound, your darkness, your soul energy and possibly your wavelength. What else is there?" Zita sighed "Well, not much else. Better just rip your body apart then. Or perhaps shatter your skull. Hell, I could do a lot of stuff. Oh, how very fun..."

~@Zita would have just made a mistake, one that would cost her. All the bubbles contained rupturing chakra, so as the bubble's outside immediately dissipated since they were darkness, the rupturing chakra compressed inside would be released, then a massive wave of rupturing chakra would burst through the area , disintegrating everything in a 5 mile radius almost instantly due to its numbers and sheer force, and breaking it down particle by particle. Zita would also be affected by this, and soul protect wouldn't be enough to deal with this completely after having dealt with the deteriorating darkness from earlier.@~

Fuuma: "Wrong."

~@Tera's voice would come from high above, the wormhole. He would descend from it as the entire sky was covered in this wormhole, and thanks to the explosion of rupturing chakra, the wormhole would begin to warp the atmosphere of the entire area. Since the sky was covered in this wormhole, it was still dark, since inside this wormhole was an abyss of darkness, so it would be a natural occurrence of darkness, none used by Fuuma, although-@~

Fuuma: "I used this wormhole as a portal, exiting the dimension temporarily to keep myself unaffected as you sealed the darkness created in this dimension. so you couldn't seal my darkness ability."

~@From the natural darkness created, more bubbles of dark energy formed, filled with something other than rupturing chakra. Tera knew, but Zita would not.@~

Fuuma: "I decided to return after you did this, and while in a different dimension, I found something interesting."

~@A ungodly massive block of dark energy was falling from the wormhole, covering space equal to that of the wormhole itself. It would drop down with incredible force on whatever was left on the field. It was the screen of darkness Tera created earlier, that was transferred somewhere because of Zita. And since it was sent into a different dimension and back, it would have no longer been connected with Tera's spirit, so whatever Zita did to it, it wouldn't effect Tera. The wormhole was constantly feeding its natural source of darkness to the block of darkness, like high speed regeneration, so if it would to dissipate, it would be reforming at a speed that would rival the force trying to tear it down, meaning hell for Zita. The earth beneath was being compressed the closer this screen of darkness got, meaning Zita would start to feel herself getting crushed. Tera would be in the sky placing his skull candy headphones on, watching everything take place while listening to some J-rock.@~

Tera was right, Zita's Soul Protect couldn't protect her from the rupturing chakra... But Zita still had her Sealing Eye abilities, one called the Sealing Bomb, an explosion of her Sealing Eye technique at an incredible distance, and once something touched it, just as with all of her sealing abilities, it was sealed, so the rupturing effect of his chakra would be sealed away. Now, as for the Dark Energy thing... That would be a doozy. Zita didn't have her chain's and locks now, so she couldn't wrap it up and lock it away. Unlike the Sealing Eye, Zita's Locks and Chains could seal away one individual thing instead of everything. "Hm... Well. I could always use the Dummy Head..." A skull appeared in front of Zita. A Voodoo Skull. This skull, a perfect copy of Tera's. How can she use this, you ask? Well, All Zita needed was a touch from Tera, physically or nonphysically, I.E. through his Chakra? Although Zita herself could not do anything to the skull, she could always throw it at that big ass thing coming down at her and have it be utterly destroyed, making Tera's head destroyed along with it... "Hey. Want your skull to be destroyed?" Zita put up a shit load of Anti-Gravity around herself, holding the skull within her hands to take the attack.

~@Tera would smirked at her attempt to have him stop his own attack, or use it against him. Whatever happens to the skull happens to him, so if the skull was engulfed in darkness, so would Tera, only it wouldn't affect Tera because it is dark energy.@~

Fuuma: "No. Matter-."

~@ Since the darkness that was in the area was created naturally from the wormhole, after Zita sealed the darkness with Fuuma's chakra, and the rupturing chakra, earlier when he went into s different dimension, so Zita would have created a skull using the natural dark energy since she already sealed Tera's chakra. So if the skull got destroyed, so would the darkness and dark matter around Zita, and with no dark matter around her, she would cease to exist. SO she might want to not have that thing get destroyed. Tera was within the wormhole, safe from such effects. Not to mention, the bubbles of dark energy all around were now closer to Zita, and the force of the dark screen crashing at Zita would cause the bubbles to burst, creating piercing bursts and slices of air, which was coming at Zita from all over now, since the bubbles were in the darkness, and the darkness is everywhere now. So in addition to the doll she had busting immense dark energy waves, she had this problem, not to mention the dark screen threatening to crush and grind her into atoms.@~

Fuuma: "Compression."

~@Suddenly, the dark screen would bolt downward, crushing the field almost instantly, disintegrating everything in its 5 mile radius, except for Tera and his doll, which were being strengthened by this instead. So Zita had nowhere to run, less than a 1/4 of a second to react and all energy that this screen touched or neared would be tainted, and slowly convert to dark energy, so the anti-gravity, soul protect, would not last that long, especially against this. Tera's body would then pulsate with dark energy from the dark screen, giving him more power.@~

(It's not a doll, it's a skull, and it has no power to be surged into it. It's just a voodoo skull. Meaning whatever happens to it happens to your skull. You should. Fix it. It's made out of Zita's magic, but the only way it is linked to you is by locking onto the energy that you attacked Zita with. Like a normal voodoo... Object. An object from the person that makes it work... Right? Might need to edit, but I kinda figured you would, but I was in a rush and couldn't explain the effects...)

(... Damn you! I will think of something! In fact, let me go mix and match now!!)

Zita sighed "Fuck this shit." Naturally, her Anti-Gravity and Soul Protect would hold out for at most, a minute. She did put up a LOT of anti-gravity. Well. It was time for her to use some hit and run shit. "Sealing Sight." The Sealing Sight, one of her 'oddball' Sealing Techniques, which instead of sealing abilities completely, it locked something into a different dimension. (I'm slightly pissed I didn't use this before, because I'm a lazy dumbfuck that didn't want to look at the Magic List. Gawd, I feel dumb.) The entire darkness... thingy... Would be sealed in a different dimension, naturally one that Tera wouldn't be able to access, the Sealing Dimension. BUT ANYWHO. If that didn't work, it was time to shift her gravity. She shifted it to something so intense, that she would shoot halfway to the center of the planet in an instant. The skull that was with her, you ask? Well. That might just go with it. Gravity was getting intense down there... And yes, Zita was getting a little hot, but she tried her damnedest to keep what little remained of her Anti-Gravity up to keep the heat and the lava out. Now, if Tera wanted to attack her, he would have to go through the ground, meaning he would have to be in this dimension, meaning also that he would feel the effects of the voodoo skull, meaning also that his skull would melt if Zita dropped it in (but since we are in the battles, we can't kill each other. XD ) Zita sighed "... Little bastard. Better be lucky I can't-- ... Or perhaps, I'll just go back to how it was before. He's already sealed, and I ain't doin SHIT without my chains and locks..." The scythe became a staff again... "Time to reseal... Fuck. I don't know when the hell I'll get out again... But whatever. To show this bastard up..."

~@The darkness may be in a different dimension, locked away, but the wormhole was already partially in the dimension where Tera and Zita were battling, so in a sense, the wormhole would be the bridge connecting the two, especially since wormholes do in fact connect two different plains of existence. So as Zita went into the depths of the planet, the darkness would continue to to flow into the dimension because of the wormhole that was created. Once the darkness filled the area where Zita was, Tera would hold both of his hands in Zita's direction, and would completely disable the gravity in her area, causing everything to float lazily, even Zita and the skull. Zita may be able to control gravity, but since the amount of dark energy in the area is immense, and still growing, Tera's influence over gravity would be much greater.@~

"Now, time to collapse."

~@The throat of the wormhole that was where Tera was would go through its own wormhole, which would eventually cause a spacial collapse, and because the throat of the wormhole is going through to the side where Zita is, the collapse would be on hr side, causing a spacial collapse of epic proportions, since most of the dark energy was also dumped on Zita's side. The collapse would probably be too big to stop, but whatever was left would be lost to a void of non-existence. Tera didn't follow Zita into the dimension, so more or less he would be safe from this, although because it is so great in strength it would even warp his space, which he would have hell stabilizing with his dark energy manipulation. And since Tera wasn't in the other dimension, being on the side where the wormhole originated, the skull would still be connected with the darkness that was collapse and not Tera, making matters worse for Zita. Tera would stay where he was, collecting up enough dark energy to portal back to the dimension with Vescrutia, later.@~

(I'm not sure if I read it incorrectly or something, but I know that... I'm confused. So, I think I should say stuff so you can explain what you did to me better. Cuz I'm reeeaaally confused. Zita isn't in another dimension, she just shot a beam from her eye that puts whatever it goes through in her dimension, which would seal it there. Nextly, Zita isn't influenced by gravity whatsoever. She's basically immune to it, hence why she can enter and exit black holes with ease. Also, your influence on gravity might be great, but that's only natural gravity, that wouldn't involve magic, meaning nothing about Zita would be influenced by the gravity you just happen to be influencing. Let's see... Zita's under the planet now. Naturally Zita being protected from what little anti-gravity she had left because if there is no gravity, the force of lava hitting her would be very low, so it would be like reaaaally hot pillows and they wouldn't do much to the anti-gravity. And the skull isn't connected to any sort of energy. Only and I mean ONLY Tera's head. That's what Voodoo does, you know. You can't voodoo energy~! And... What else...? Well, that's basically it.)

(Yeah, the beam seals things in another dimension, which would, now that I think of it, indiscriminately close the wormhole as well, if I'm not mistaken, making the Dark Energy be sealed in the Sealing Dimension, and no, not Dark Energy in its entirety, just this high concentration of it. Naturally, if you were in it, you would be in said dimension, too. And the Voodoo Doll is not using energy, it uses energy to find the person who first USED the energy, so it may then lock on to the skull. Whatever it can use that comes directly from the target, it uses so that it may lock onto the skull. It has no special powers other than destroying the skull of the one who it has locked on to, so every time you enter back into Vescrutia, it re-locks on, since you, yourself haven't changed and the target hasn't changed, either. Does that make more sense? Or do I have to go into more detail? Even if your chakra is sealed, it is still within you, and stuff.)

~@ As Zita sealed the darkness that was all around them because of Tera's screen of darkness and natural darkness, She would lock away all the dark energy around herself first, since the beam came from her, or originated near her, and unfortunately for her, Tera's dark screen Matter Compression tainted everything with dark energy, and dark matter would also have the dark energy in it, even before this was done. Because of that, Zita sealed the dark matter around herself, and since dark matter is what allows everything to exist in this universe, Zita would cease to exist in the universe, and her beam would also cease to exit shortly after firing. Tera was safe, being in the wormhole where the darkness was constantly coming by him, not like it mattered, Zita's beam was locked away with her before even reaching them. Tera began to build up more dark energy, ready to use it for anything. A final attack, healing, bringing Zita back into this universe, etc. And since Zita and her beam were sealed in the same dimension presumably, the beam would probably continue to seal and lock stuff, possibly making it harder for her to get out. Also, she was now in a different realm of sorts, and nothing was really destroyed, so the skull wouldn't be connected with Tera anymore, at least until Zita manages to come back. Tera would wait for her return.@~

(... Naaaw, you were still confused. Alright, I have to explain further... Basically, everything would just normalize if Zita shot it with the Sealing Sight beam. And she wouldn't cease to exist, anyway, she would only go into the Sealing Dimension, which was her own dimension, which she could get out of at any time since it is her own dimension. And Dark Matter allows things to exist, so it would be perfectly normal for it to be sealed in another dimension and be fine, am I right? If Zita seals something, it's only what the beam touches, nothing else. If Zita seals water that the beam touches, it doesn't mean that all of the water in existence would be sealed. Only the water that Zita shot. Do you get me? And Zita can't seal her own power with her own technique. The beam is basically just a teleporting thing. The thing that seals is the dimension, hence being sealed in the other dimension. And even if what I said changed nothing, it would still seal you in the sealing dimension due to the sole fact that you were connected to the darkness via the wormhole. Nooow, do you get it? I'm not sure if I can explain it anymore.)

(Oh, when I said that, I just meant the giant wormhole that was spewing the darkness stuff and all the darkness in the way or near the beam. And it's not too big, but it's big enough. It's a varying size that only grows to how much power Zita exerts into it, unlike the Sealing Beam which is always the same size unless tampered with... ANYWHO. Would Zita just not... Be... In... existence..... and stuff... Even if I have told you this, or does something change? I have something for both.)

(Aw, you should know by now that I don't just let things happen. Muahahaha. But I'm tired and can't think to my full... stuff that makes me... do good.)

Zita sighed "Man. Haven't been to the Sealing Dimension in a while... Heh. Might as well take advantage of the situation. Goddamn Dark energy can only be stopped with Chain magic. Might as well..." Zita put the skull on her waist, locking it with her Scythe that had become a key once again, the skull quickly turning into a lock and chains wrapping around Zita's waist, the extremely large chain cuffs around her arms and legs once again, hat becoming long and zig zaggy, and key changing back into the chain/lock broom. She snapped her fingers, exiting the Sealing Dimension on her own. "Well. I'm sure the other Zita was happy to make her way out, but it seems she needs my chain magic once again. Hahaha, I'm back in control~!" A good thing about Zita's chains and locks was that she got the ability to lock up open things... Meaning that wormhole. Hopefully Tera was still in it. All she needed to do was use her "Heavy Lock" And that wormhole would be locked up and closed, a large green lock symbol appearing on it before it just closed up. Zita sighed, some chains slithering around her body "Seems as though I nor the other side of me overpower the other... But I wonder if one day we can work together...?"

Fuuma: "Maybe. Anything is possible."

~@Tera would say as he was now behind Zita, pointing Miya to the back of her head. He seemed to had come out of her shadow, or the surrounding darkness, hell, he could have even used a dark portal he learned from observing Shinta. One thing is for sure, Tera had became a bit better with darkness fighting this witch. Once he felt her chakra signature back on the planet, he locked on to it, going right to her location almost instantly. He looked at her hips, blushing a bit, but noticing the skull. He also noticed the chains, and took a cautious note of them.@~

Fuuma: "Hmm, so if whatever happens to that, happens to my skull. So what if I was, intangible, when that happened to break?"

~@He spoke curiously, having another trick up his sleeve.@~

Zita sighed, seeming not surprised that he had gotten so close. She hadn't for a second stopped her Target Seal. "Well, this skull stays the same, no matter what yours does. It's merely a holster and connector, you see. It holds no other power nor ability except for the sole purpose to be destroyed and take your skull with it. No matter what you do, the skull would shatter and take yours with it... Unless you just didn't have a skull. But if that were the case, this wouldn't exist, right?" Zita smirked, stretching a bit in the air, everything on her becoming a bit tighter on her voluptuous body... Well. Everything that covered parts of her body. "Care to take the risk~?" Zita held the skull up to him, stuck to her hand via magic chain.

~@Tera raised an eyebrow, looking Zita in the eye. He didn't know if what she said was true, or a bluff, and he was never one to let such an opportunity pass.@~

Fuuma: "I'll Pass."

~@He fired a shot of compressed air at Zita's head point-blank range. In a nanosecond, Miya altered the course of the bullet to go around the skull, and right for Zita's head like intended.@~

(I thought you would know not to look Zita in the eye. But, whatever, time to use it to my advantage in an unnecessarily mean way! =D!!!)

And so, it ends here. The second Tera looked her in the eye, his fate was sealed. "Sealing Eye." The most powerful ability of the Sealing Eye other than the Sealing Abyss. The Sealing Eye only available via direct eye contact between Zita and the foe, giving her the ability to seal up any and all moves. The Sealing Eye was so powerful that it could lock up the body, especially since Zita was looking into the eyes, directly connected to the brain. So basically, with a look, Tera was rendered temporarily paralyzed as well as all of his abilities sealed, leaving him without the ability to move and shoot his gun. "And so. It ends here. I wonder if I should let you go..." Her eye dimmed, a scowl appeared on her face as her entire face darkened. The other Zita was talking now "Or I COULD just whoop your ASS..." Several chains jutted out of Zita and surrounded the area. Just in case Tera happened to start moving again during her naturally quite brutal assault... Or in case the gun became a human again, it was up to Zita to lock them up in every single way. "Nerve lock." Zita touched several places on Tera, so even if the paralyzing ability of the Sealing Eye wore off, his nerves would be locked, meaning he couldn't move any places where Zita touched. "Chain Down..." A chain wrapped around Tera, which could suck out chakra/soul energy, etc. as well as hinder the body from doing anything further, slamming him into the ground... And finally..."HEAVY LOCK." He was smacked in the head with a lock that would be placed upon his mind, making thinking sort of impossible for the time being. "Now... To finish... this... up.." Gravity shift." She intensified the gravity quite greatly around him, and without his abilities, he would have no way to repel the force of gravity this time. "Dance of the Chains.. of Despair!" Ooo ,mixing two abilities into one! How fun! Chains shot from the ground under him and from Zita almost infinitely, stabbing, impaling, ripping him... and then flinging his body somewhere, waiting for Zita's magic to wear off whenever she felt like releasing it... But naturally, he wouldn't be dead because of this being a random battle... Cough cough... "Well. That was fun. And the other side of me got to come out for a while... though she was almost useless--" a chain wrapped around Zita's neck quite fast and Zita scoffed, smirking. She hopped on her broom and glided off, laughing hysterically, like any typical witch.

~@Seeing that Zita didn't take the time out of her fun to actually dodge the bullet, just as intended, it impales her head, and explodes since it was compressed air, with enough force to break down her head. People always forget the most simplistic thing when they get caught up in their own mess. Of course, Zita couldn't stop Tera's fire, since Miya could and would shoot if Tera didn't. Just in case Zita did lock Tera's body before she was shot in the head, Miya would turn human, and shoved Tera into his shadow before Zita could use nerve lock, since it involved her touching him, which gave Miya more than enough time. Tera would be warped somewhere, somewhere safe.@~

Miya: Don't you dare touch him witch."

~@Miya's arm's turned into cannons, as her soul wavelength would begin to extend from around her. It was slowing and calming things down, so despite the fact Zita was shot in the head, and probably lost her face, she would be unusually calm about it.@~

( I just wanted to maim your body. And now that I can't, I'll have to take it out on the girl.)

Naturally, Tera would have to look Zita in the eyes before he could shoot, meaning that before he got the thought to shoot the gun, his body was sealed, meaning that the shot was never fired by him, at least. But if the girl just happened to fire the gun herself... Well, it was at Zita's face, correct? Zita's eyes were connected to her face and her Sealing Eye was active, right? Once the shot was fired, it took only a glance from Zita to make it go away. The shot would just be sealed, therefore, gone as soon as it was fired. She smirked "And now... What's left? A weapon?" Zita did feel unusually calm. But when she's calm, that's when she enjoys playing with chains and causing mischief, as seen when she is 'playing' with Maze or someone. Besides, it's not like the girl can shoot any soul energy bullets. When she tried to shoot Zita before, her bullets got sealed. "Huh. I haven't even used this chain ability yet.. the Chain of Events... Let's test it out now, huh~? I'm in a surprisingly good mood! I feel like trying something new~!" A chain shot out from Zita. But it was no ordinary chain. It didn't aim at Miya. It first circled Zita a few times, making it look like she had a shield of chains, then it flew into the sky, and down at Miya. Touching this chain would be direly bad for Miya. Zita touched the ground, sending gravity magic surging through it...

~@Miya would fire two soul beams from her arms, propelling her out of the way as soon as possible. The beams would wrap around and continue for Zita. As Miya fell towards the ground, she would make the handsign that Fuuma showed to her before, and Kuro-Ita would appear below her, letting her hover on it.@~

Miya: What is she doing? All this Its getting dark."

~@The sky began to darken, and distort as Miya shot a soul shot into the sky. She would watch the movements of the chain closely as well as Zita, readying herself for anything.@~

The chain only continued to elongate... Growing longer and longer infinitely. If it didn't hit its target soon, there would be no space for Miya to move and thus, the chain would have her. The chain flew past her in the air, making abrupt turns and weaves trying to encase Miya as well as make her touch the chain. As for the Soul Shots that came at Zita, easily deflected with her Black Shield. Next... "Graviton Sphere!" She snapped her fingers, an incredibly large ball of intense and highly powerful gravity appearing, slowly pulling in anything and everything. The ground was even getting pulled up. Clouds started to get sucked into it as well. Naturally, Zita's chain wouldn't be sucked in due to it being... well.. Hers. But if Miya didn't get sucked into the orb, then she would naturally be pulled into the chain, and with that, everything would end.

~@Miya would hang on to dear life on Kuro-Ita, and as such, would keep herself from being pulled in. The speed at which Kuro-Ita can travel gave it more than enough speed to resist the pull to some extent, but anyway. The darkened sky would envelope the graviton sphere, and before anyone would notice, it was gone, lost to a void somewhere.@~

Fuuma: "I want to thank you, Miya."

Miya: Who--Fuuma!?

~@Coming out of a rift in the atmosphere near Miya, Tera stood, in a white cloak seeming extremely pale.@~

Fuuma: "I'll take it from here Miya. Turn into a weapon one last time."

~@And so, Miya turned into a weapon and Tera would put her under his cloak. He then turned to Zita, noticing the chain extending his way. He held out his hand, and the darkness around the area voided the chain, sending it to a void. Being in a void and being sealed are two different things, also voids aren't connected to dimensions, so Zita would not be able to access this chain. The chain excompssing Zita would also void, seeing as it was an extention of the one expanding on the field. Now, everything that the darkness reached would be lost to a void and it would quickly spread through the field. The sky was already voided, her chain, the ground and herself was next. Tera stood with his eyes closed, tapping his foot on something solid, but it wasn't the ground.@~

Fuuma: "Sorry Zita, I cannot allow you to hurt Miya."

~@The dark energy inside of Tera was sealed, and with no dark energy, the dark matter in his system would be depraved of the source that allows it to maintain its form. Dark Matter without dark energy becomes the same energy found inside of a void, as such, because of Zita, Tera would have a void manifest into his body, and his dark matter would be desparately trying to find something to substain it as energy, and choosing the void, allowed Fuuma to use the void as energy.@~

(WHAT THE BLOODY HELL? I don't remember you having THIS. D< Plus, I tire of using Zita.)

Zita scoffed "Fuck it. I'm out. See you later." Zita launched herself back to the Witch Province via gravity. "I ain't got time for no more shit." And with that, there wasn't a trace of her left.

~@Tera would watch as Zita left, and Miya would turn back into her human form.@~

Miya: Fuuma...what happened to you...?

Fuuma: "My body is in desparate need of darkness. If I don't get it back into my system soon, I won't be able to change back to normal..."

Miya: Uh..! Right!

~@And with that, Tera and Miya left using Kuro-Ita, heading back to the Tower of darkness, where he would then regain his power.@~
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PostSubject: Re: The Head Witch, Zita L'sia   Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:10 am

Twenty-Eighth Beating: Witchlings who want some souls... Get your asses out here.

Zita tapped her foot impatiently at the podium, awaiting any witchlings that wanted some souls or something so that they could get more power and stuff.

--Yui and Chloe appeared through a black hole-ish void that suddenly appeared on the ground. They were looking rather grim, as usual. They dragged their dreary eyes up at Zita.--"Good morning..."-- They must be tired, or something.--

Zennyth, who was the COMPLETE opposite of the two who had just showed up, flew in on a broom of metal. "Hiya, everyone~!" She obviously didn't know what the heck they were doing here, but it was a chance to at least get to know some people~

Lilith had had though the grape vine of this Offer and she just could turn it down "So whats the catch" Lilith was a very direct person and had no time for bush beading.

Zita cleared her throat "AHRMHRMHRMHRM. So. Yeah. You witch bitches. You all need to collect souls, am I right? Well. Lucky for you, there is an outbreak of nothing but creatures lurking in the desert. These creatures were born of a magical artifact lost in the desert gone haywire, and as such, we need this magical artifact so that we can power up our own magic and stop the outbreak of monsters. YOU will be going to slay these magic beasts. Yui and Chloe, being full Witches, you all will have to keep a close eye on the two witchlings and assist them in getting the amount of souls needed to become a witch once they have their exam, which is when they collect 50 souls. And um. Watch out for that Sand Spirit... He hates tourists and he is the master of the desert with powers I am not even sure of. SO UH. YEAH. THAT'S YOUR MISSION. GET THE FUCK OUT THERE AND DO IT!! BRING ME THAT ARTIFACT!!!"

--Chloe opened her spell book, letting it emit a bright green glow from the contents.--" I can, do that. Please, witchlings, meet me in said desert."-- With that, they disappeared, no doubt warping to the desert to kill shit and get stronger. As usual, they cared not if the two followed or not.--
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Twenty-Ninth Beating: ZITA'S BACK!!! FIGHT HER!!!

Zita floats around randomly, taking off her shades and stroking her hair "Man, that was a fun vacation. I THINK IT'S TIME FOR ME TO WHOOP SOME ASS!!!" A chain would form in her hand and she would swing it randomly, waiting for anyone to shooow~!

"You have to be the cockiest Witch I've ever seen." Maze's voice echoed threw the land as he appeared but only a few feet away from Zita. "Hey Zita~! How are you?"

Zita screamflailed, her chain randomly combusting "... Oh. Hiya Maze~! It's been a while, eh...? I've been fine, taking my vacation and whatnot. How's the village been?"

Maze sighed as he rubbed the back of his head. "Things could be better....Evangeline and Medusa have been quite lately but I can't help but think they're up to something....But on a lighter note I'm going to be a dad~!" Maze smiled

Zita's face perked up "Oh, that's wonder-- ... ... How-- ... ... Lalalalala, I'm not gonna wonder about that~!! WHAT'S THE NAME GONNA BE? BOY OR GIRL? WHO IS THE BABY MOMMA? WHERE DAT CHILD SUPPORT AT!?!?" She coughed "... But um, yeah. What brings you here, Maaaaze~?"

Maze chuckled Zita was still that spazzy chick he knew while growing up. "Their two girls, haven't come up with names yet but I've always liked the name Mana, MY WIFE IS THE BABY MAMA, and what the hell are you asking for child support for? You ain't the mommy of any of my kids..........I think.......ANYWAY I'm here cause I could hear you from my house yelling about "whooping ass" so I thought I come here and right some wrongs."

Zita's eye dimmed and a wide, mischievous smile grew across her face "Really now~? Teehee... Why don't we just see about that...?" But then again, Zita must have gotten rusty with her abilities from her long... vacation. Some chains started to float around her, rattling "Well then... Let's go!"

Maze gave a small smile as he took a kung-fu type stance with magical circles appearing in front of his fists. "You first Queen Of Witches."
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Thirtieth Beating: Time to see the Head Witch...

Friday would move into the Meeting Hall as if she were a ghost, not leaving the ground, but not moving her legs at all. She was simply moving, somehow. Her eyes seemed to gleam brightly in the darkness, seeing clearly through the darkness attempting to find the one called Zita.

Zita would see the glowing eyes, only to respond with her own glowing keyhole pupiled eye "Oh? A new witchling? What fun. We need aaaall that we can get... It's not the ones we have want to do much... Sigh... So, yeah. Let me give it to you straight... Gimme your abilities and your purposefor being here and you're in. Go on."

Friday smirked slightly, liking the attire and attitude of the Head Witch "My name is Friday Malfortuna XIII, but you can call be Friday the Thirteenth, or Friday. I am not only a witch, but a baku as well. I come here from the Dream World to hone my powers and such, which happen to be of Bad Luck magic, and Arrow Magic... And my animal attribute are Owls. Is that sufficient enough, miss Head Witch?" Her head cocked to the side, eyes still glowing.

Zita nodded "Aaaalright my cuuuute new witchling~! You're all good! Welcome aboard, Friday~! I am Zita, as you know, the Head Witch. I will be happy to train you and all that shit. Oh, but you say you want some power? Huh, do ya, huh? Well. Time for your first mission to collect some souls... And so I can see if you truly are worthy of being one of my Witchlings... Go out to the Graveyard and collect 20 souls. Once you do that, your mission will be complete and I will reward you with special abilities. Alrrriiighty?"

Friday nodded "As you wish, Head Witch Zita." Friday's body started to fade out and become distorted as she walked away, before finally she was completely gone.
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Thirty-First Beating: Returning to Zita...

Friday returned to the Meeting Hall, looking quite beat up and tired from that battle with the Yureinna. "Head Witch Zita... I am back... I got a little over the amount of souls I needed to collect... Here, I have brought this soul worth 15 back for you... If you will have it?" Friday was still breathing heavily, but not as much as before.

Zita smirked, her keyhole pupil glowing "Niiiice! Actually went over your goal, eh!? Well. Ha. You earned the souls, so you keep em. Heh. It's not like I have any use for any souls right now. Keep all 35 souls. My little witchlings need their power, anyway~!" Zita floated nonchalantly closer "Alright, alright. I guess I did say I would teach you a special ability when you got back.. Soul Perception and the special ability of a Witch, Soul Protect. After you learn these 2 abilities, the basis of Soul Abilities, you can create Soul Abilities to how you like, embedding your magic or powers within or do whatever the hell you want to do with your soul powers, just as long as you know Soul Perception and Soul Protect. So, Friday... Are you ready?" Zita smirked, her eye dimming...

Friday sighed "Gimme a few minutes to regain my strength... But go ahead and explain to me what I have to do, will ya...?" Friday sighed some more. Her breathing had become more stable now.

Zita nodded "... Aaaalrighty then. For Soul Perception, all you have to do is focus on where all of your energy comes from... Focus on what makes you yourself, focus on the very essence of your being, your identity, your power from within... Your soul. Once you can successfully locate your own soul, you should be able to find the souls of others in the same way. Block out everything from your mind except the power of your soul... everything but your soul is darkness..."

Friday finally caught her breath, taking one last heavy sigh "... Well. Let's get this over with..." She closed her eyes, attempting to focus on her own power. At first, all she saw was remnants of the Dream World, not seeing any sort of soul or feeling any sort of power... But the Dream World was also black, much like what Zita said. Eventually, Friday would see a small, purple light... This purple light began to shine brighter and brighter with each passing minute, seeming to come closer and closer to her "... I think I can see it... This purple light... Is it my soul...?" Friday would wait a little while longer, and finally the soul would be as big as it could, right in front of her face. It was her own soul now, having large, ominously evil eyes and a beak like an owl, having arrows and needles jutting out of it randomly. "... Yes... There it is, my soul... I can feel the misfortune and bad luck eminating from it..." She opened her eyes, now seeing Zita's soul as well... But to her surprise, it was extremely large and extremely powerful, seeming to almost engulf the room. It was because of how many souls she had collected, being a Head Witch and all. Her power must hav been great. "Eventually.." Friday said to herself "... I will have power like that as well..." She shook her head, awaiting Zita's next instruction.

Zita clapped slightly "... Bravo, little girl. Now, it's time to learn about Soul Protect. Now that you know WHERE your soul is and how to find it, it is time for you to learn how to hide it and allow others with Soul Perception not to know that you are a witch and mask your soul so that it seems like a lowly and normal soul. If you are ready, here it is..." Zita sighed "... Alright. All you have to do is take some magic and wrap it around your soul heavily. Now, it doesn't seem like it would be all that hard, but it might be, depending on what your magic is and how well you are at controlling it. Besides that, actually interacting with your soul is more difficult than finding it. So. Yeah. Coat your soul. Go on!" Zita finally stepped on the ground, ceasing her floating, staring down on Friday, since Zita was taller than her.

Friday stood straight up, glowing eyes lookin quite determined "Coat my soul? With Bad Luck and Dream Magic? It can be done..." Friday closed her eyes once more, focusing on her soul. Onc e it appeared, the eyes of the owl still staring her directly in the face. "Alright, my soul... Let's coat you..." She would wave her hands, making Bad Luck magic swirl around in a dome shape, thus making a dome shaped Bad Luck Soul Protect... But it wasn't enough. She then had large needles come from all around, thus her Arrow Magic was in use... And it was quite good just in case a Soul Wavelength tried to get it... Finally, Dreams, in which she would let a large and ominous cloud flow around her soul. Which was in fact, a very intricately made Soul Protect for Friday. Friday then opened her eyes, her soul being hidden by her magics. "Did I do it correctly, Head Witch Zita?"

Zita used her own Soul Perception to look at Friday's soul.. It seemed to look at the normal soul... Which was good when using Soul Protect "... Hmmmm... Pretty good for your first time, kid. You should practice more to make it more stable. I can still tell a hint of your magics lurking about your soul, which will give away status as a witch or where your soul is when you don't want it. But yeah, you've done well. If you ever need anything, feel free to come to me. I'll call you if I have any missions or anything, alright?"

Friday nodded "Thank you, Head Witch Zita..." Friday would turn a round, beginning to faze out once more, until she completely disappeared.
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Thirty-Second Beating: Zita, A small crisis.

*Bloom materialized into the Witch Province, unexpectedly at least. She did not intend to, but since she was here, she may as well talk with the Witch in charge. She had a proposal.*

Zita would yawn, just waking up from her 'duties.' "Yeah yeah, whaaat is it little girl?" Zita wasn't happy to be woken up.

*Bloom shivered at the bad vibe that came from Zita at the moment. She then looked at Zita, giving a faint smile.*
Bloom: "Hi, I'm Bloom. But anyway, I was wondering I could, work with you, and the other witches. I have reason to believe the people that confronted my little sister are in this village. I haven't heard from her in months, and wish to get to the bottom of it."
*She was more serious, with her smile gone.*

Zita's eye opened up a little more, focusing a bit "... Meh? Your little sister? Who is this? And... Who would have confronted her...?" Medusa... Arachne... Evangeline... Asura... Shit, any one of them... Ah well. C'est la vie.

Bloom: "Rozalyn is my sister, and if I remember correctly, A group of rogue ninja and A witch confronted her."
*She scratched her head, a bit embarrassed.*
Bloom: "Sorry, I don't know the witch. She was one of arrows and snakes from what I've heard."

Zita's eye twitched "Arrows... and Snakes..." Gravity in the room began to distort, becoming light in some places and heavy in others "... Medusa..." Zita coughed, the gravity reverting to normal "Alright. You have my attention. What is it you want to do about it?"

Bloom: "I would like to stay here and assist. Then that way I can get closer to...Medusa you say?
*Bloom thought about the name, remembering she heard it somewhere, but she continued.*
Bloom: "Who is Medusa?"

Zita smirked "Stay with me, eh? You gonna become a witch or something?" Zita began to cackle insanely, since it was a joke "Naaah, but seriously... You gonna stay in the Reality Village or something, or is this temporary?" Zita's eye would twitch at the thought of Medusa "Eh... Medusa... She's an evil witch beyond belief. She uses anyone and anything for her little 'experiments.' She has also revived the Kishin Asura, and if I am not mistaken, her sister Arachne is on the loose as well... That means double the witches in our village... And word on the street is, Medusa has some lackeys working undercover for her, but we can't decipher who the hell they are... It's a horrible tragedy... And she's only gaining more power, from what I heard... She has created a magical pendant that will increase her powers tenfold... Not good at all..."

*A bead of sweat fell from Bloom's head.*
Bloom: "I...don't think I'll become a witch...but it seems as though you are going to have to stop this Medusa sooner or later. I'll do my best to assist in her capture."

Zita smirked "Alright then, Bloom. You answer to me from now on, OKAY? You and one of my Witches, Eruka Frog, will congregate at my house for discussion on the matter. Mizune, Yui and Chloe are... Meh, I dunno, but I guess I trust Eruka most of all. So yeah." Zita threw Bloom a key "This is a key to my house. Not only will the key lead you TO my house, but it will let you in. You and Eruka are to socialize and scout for information about Medusa and her current status, alright? When you think you've found out enough, come back to me and we'll talk. Kay?"

Bloom: "C-can do.."
*She caught the key, giving it a look before responding.*
Bloom: "I'll see you later then..Mata ashite."
*Bloom would turn around, heading towards Zita house. She was a bit curious on how it looked though.*
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Thirty-Third Beating: Tyrande, report in now!

Zita would sit impatiently waiting on her desk, awaiting her little Witchling. It was time to collect some souls for her.

_-Out of the shadows a cat would walk in the room, it was purple and had pointy ears. It scratched its fur and stretched as greenish energies began to surround said Kitty. A flash appeared and Tyrande showed up transforming out of the cat form as always. She stood up and looked at Zita of whom she had met once_-

Tyrande: "You called?"

_-Tyrande said as she pulled her long teal hair from in front of her face behind her elven pointed ears_-

Zita nodded "Yeeeeaaaaah, soooo... I assume you want souls, riiight? Well, because you want to gain these souls, I have found that there is an outbreak of... Monsters... in the Enigmatic Ruins. As such, I cannot have them going around and destroying ancient magical stuffs... So can you go and tend to that, if you please? I'm sure you'll gain a hefty sum of souls... Or at least I would hope."

_-Tyrande really didn't 'feel' like doing anything right now, after all she had just been hanging out in the witch provinces hangin out! But she didnt want her skills to go to waste. She nodded and spoke rather elegantly:_-

Tyrande: "Of course... anything else you would have me do while I'm out?"

_-She said as she turned around to the door to immediately go about her way_-

Zita snickered "Yeah, actually... While you are out... Pick a fight with someone. I don't care who, I just wanna see a fight. It gets so lonesome and boring, I need some entertainment. Report back when you're done and we'll find you someone... Alright?"

_-Tyrande smirked with her back turned as she opened the door, a blast of wind filled the area and she was gone from sight. She had went to go start her mission as Zita requested. She remembered that witches gain more power as they collect souls... she wanted this power_-


_-Tyrande appeared outside the office and knocked on the door hoping Zita was in so she could answer_-

The door would open just as Tyrande knocked "Oooooh, Tyrande! You're back, eh? Harvested all of the souls in the ruins, I presume, eh?"
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Thirty-Fourth Beating: Report for Zita.

*Bloom walked into the same room in which she first came to Zita, hoping Eruka was behind her.*
Bloom: "Zita, I think we have found out something, interesting."

Eruka was directly behind Bloom under Medusa's order. Naturally, Otama Jackson was resting outside "... Ge... geko... Yes, Head Witch Zita, we have found some valuable information?" Eruka gulped a bit, wondering what Bloom would say...

Zita scratched the back of her head, adjusting her top, since for some... unknown reason.. It wasn't adjusted correctly. Cough cough "Eh? Found some information, huh? Well, go on and spill it." Zita then adjusted her hat as well.

*As Zita fixed her top, bloom looked off to the side irriated, face slightly red. She then cleared her throat, and began to speak.*
"Zita, while investigating the swamps, we encountered a black clown, and it used the same vector magic as Medusa. It also had Kaerei's spiritual presence, and since it was at the swamp, I assumed that this Kaerei and Medusa are in league with each other. Also, it seems that Eruka is physically and spiritually weak, for she was easily possessed by a vector arrow, and her bombs were ineffective against the black clown."
*She then crossed her arms and tapped her foot, like she was in deep thought.*
"I also wanted to ask you about the monsters of the Reality such as demons and whatever the black clown is counted as. They don't harm witches do they?"

Zita tapped her desk with her finger "Hm... Black Clown? Never heard of it or seen it before. Might be a new monster, but... then again... Vector Magic? That does sound like Medusa... But I know nothing of this 'Kaerei' per--" Suddenly, it hit Zita "Waiwaiwaiwaiwait. You said the swamp, didn't you? Only the Black Swamp is in the Reality village, and from what I have heard, the Black Swamp is home to the 'Frog Spirit,' as they call her. I guess this is that Kaerei you speak of?" Zita stroked her chin "... Hm... Eruka might not be spiritually weak, it is just that spiritual resistance is weakened severely just by being there, so I've heard... Because of this Frog Spirit's spiritual power.. Though it is odd that you weren't effected like Eruka was.. But... You say Eruka was hit, non? I wonder if it would be the same if you got hit..." Zita actually seemed serious for once in her life... How strange.

Bloom: "Well, I have a part of Kaer-- The "Frog Spirit's" soul within my own. I think thats why I wasn't spiritually effected."
*Bloom thought back on the time when she and Kaerei fought. She remembered how dangerous she was.*
Bloom: "The black clown attacks were targetted at me instead of Eruka, so I assumed that witches must not be targetted by it. If you say it may be Medusa's lastest experiment, then maybe she made it not attack witches since she is one herself?"
*She then thought about the last thing Zita said. What would have happened if she had gotten hit? Would she had become possessed just as Eruka did? Since she wasn't hit, she couldn't say anything on the matter, and with that, she realized the error of what she said.*
Bloom: "I-I'm sorry, I did not take into account that getting stuck would possess someone, and I shouldn't have called Eruka spiritually weak...G-gomen.."
*She bowed to Zita, shamefully looking at her feet. She should have trusted Eruka more, but Bloom was still confused. If spiritual abilities are weakened in that area, then even a possessed Eruka shouldn't have been able to use spiritual moves to power up her own. Not only that, if the clowns goal was to eliminate them, why would it possess only one of the two, then leave? It could have worked with the one it possessed to possess or take down the other one. Bloom kept these suspicions to herself.*

"It's alright to be suspicious, don't feel bad." Zita closed her eye "Even so, it still is weird... It didn't go after Eruka at first, hm...? Well, if it had the Frog Spirit's spiritual power within it, this power would only increase if it was coming directly FROM her... But I can't say if it was or not..." Zita's eye quickly opened as she jumped up and pointed at Bloom "You have part of the Frog Spirit's spirit within you!? Maybe THIS is why it tried to get rid of you before it touched Eruka! If you had some of the Frog Spirit's power, you might be immune to possession by her!" Zita pondered, then sat down "... Or maybe... You would be even MORE susceptible to it... Huh... What a difficult solution... But on any note." Zita would look at Eruka now "Eruka. Tell me how it felt being possessed by the creature... I'm sure that will be of some use to us."

Eruka froze for a second, gulping. She knew she wasn't really possessed back then, but was just using some of Mederei's power... So what was she to say?

Medusa interrupted. Medusa was sly enough to get Eruka through this, and with having Kaerei within her at the moment, it would be easy to describe what it felt like to have her inside.

Eruka's eyes narrowed a bit and she began to speak "Well. It was cold and dark, and I had no control over my body whatsoever. It was as if 2 more people had entered my body and were slowly taking it over completely, blocking my soul and mind with their own presence. Is that a sufficient enough answer, Head Witch Zita?" A few moments after 'Eruka' stopped talking, her eyes returned to normal and the expression on her face became unsettled, as it was before.

*Bloom looked back up at Eruka as she spoke. She didn't really have anything to say, so she waited for Zita to respond to Eruka's description of being possessed.*

Zita closed her eye again, nodding "I see, I see... Well, I guess we cannot use much of that if it was dark, meaning you couldn't see and we know who possessed you, so we don't gain any new information... Huh. How about you, Bloom? What does the Frog Spirit's presence feel like inside of you?" Perhaps Bloom would be of more use since she harbors a portion of the spirit within herself...

Bloom: "The spirit caused by Kaerei inside me has called itself Kuiin. She was out of control at first and took over my body when I felt defeated, or near death, but thanks to Mahk-x, shes been calmer, but I have no clue how long that is supposed to last. Many people on Mahk-x team almost died because of the things she did. And this is only a portion from the Frog Spirit."

Zita tapped her finger on the desk once more "... Hm... I wonder if you can actually use this to track down the Frog Spirit... this portion should lead you to the whole of her, right? And if what we assume is true, she should be with Medusa. So, do you think you can do it?"

"Ge... geko..."

Eruka nodded blankly, then realizing she had just nodded tried to cover it up with "... O-oh, that sounds like a great idea, Head Witch Zita!" Phew... Saved...

*Bloom nodded at Zita proposal.*
Bloom: "Can do, but Zita may I request something of you? Would it be possible to send another person with us? If Medusa is as strong as you say, then if we happened to find her, me and Eruka might not be enough."

Zita prodded her head "Send someone else? Well, I'm low on witches... The only other witches I have are Mizune, Yui and Chloe. Everyone else is a witchling... I could always ask my buddy Maze for one of his shinobi, or something... Ya think that's good enough, or do you have any suggestions as to who?"
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Thirty-Fifth Beating: ... Reality village meeting. Maze, Shinigami and Zita.. Report.

Khrona would sit in his chair looking a bit concerned, Misery and Despair near him, trying to grasp what he just told them... Which was very hard to grasp, really.

Zita showed up, appearing out of a black hole looking thing "Heya Khrona. What's... up?" She cocked her head a bit, wondering where Maze was... and why Khrona was calling her here. Khrona and Zita never really spoke.

A mirror would protrude out of the ground, showing Shinigami's image in it "Hii~! What's up, Khrona-san~?"

Khrona cleared his throat "Yaaay. Everyone's here. Now, for business... If you all haven't noticed, there was a large, wide scale change in the Reality Village in its entirety a little while ago... From what Tigen described, there were 2 large beams of magical light that shot the village and merged it with.... Another dimension." Khrona would wait for the awkward gasps, then continue "Yes yes, gasp. Anywho, the dimension we are merged with currently is a dimension from where Tigen's little... 'Tonberry' friend has come from. The Tonberry informed me about the separate realms of this dimension, or a few of them, rather, that are quite... Unique. Terra, Gaea and Ivalice. Terra and Gaea are twin realms, connected with each other, while this... Ivalice realm is different, yet similar." Khrona would then wait for them all to take this stuff in... THEN CONTINUE "Many new... beings have inhabited the Reality Village. Monsters of these realms. I assume that other things are here as well, some things that are less malicious... I have foresighted the land and seen that there are certain 'classes' that have become of some random civilians. I'm not sure what they do or what they mean, but... They look cool!... Anyway. That is all I really know as of now... I do not know WHO merged our realms together or for what purpose, but I assume it would be one of our current antagonists, since this thing WAS placed on the Reality village... From what the Tonberry said, a Moogle would know all there is to know about this sort of thing... So a Moogle would have to further our--"

Suddenly, through the window bursted a small creature.. Fluffy, cute, holding a book and looking like a mix of a bat and mole... With a little bonbon thing on its head. "Kupo!" It said "Someone call for a Moogle, kupo!?"

"Ahh~!" Maze ran over to the adorable creature and gave it a tight hug. "Oh may god look at this thing it just adorable."

The moogle would flail a bit "Kup-Kupo! I know that we're cute, but I must explain this to you kupo!" The moogle would wriggle his way out of Maze's grip, then hold his book under his arm, clearing his throat "Kup-kukukupo. Well. You see... To explain further on the situation... Our dimension is linked through various realms that all of us Moogles know about. Whether it be Gaea, Terra, Ivalice or any of the other realms or continents in our universe, Moogles inhabit every place. We help out humans, monsters, chocobos or any other thing in our dimension. We're the guides kupo!" The Moogle would flap his little bat wings, floating up onto the desk and open his book "Alrighty then, kupo. In this book is knowledge of our world. We call this book the Final Fantasy. You all are... Shinobi, correct kupo? Well, instead of shinobi, we have classes. Black Mages, White Mages, Paladins, Warriors, Theives... You name it, we probably have it kupo. This is our way of life. We slay monsters and such to keep our universe safe from obliteration, which it has come to a numerous amount of times... Realm by realm, there is always a different threat. Now, in all of these realms, we have summon creatures that are extremely powerful... In Gaea and Terra, we call them Eidolons. In Ivalice, they call them .. Kupo. There are 2 names... Espers and... Kupo, I don't remember." He turned some pages in the book, trying to look for the name, but he ended up getting side tracked by the Eidolons "KUPO! Eidolons! Here we go! They are powerful and omnipotent beings that are called upon by special means, such as with magical stones or something of the sort. If you are a summoner, you may embed their power within you so that you do not need the stones. Whoever summons these Eidolons will have complete and utter control over what they do until their time is complete or until you run out of energy. Naturally, they cost a LOOOT of energy to conjure up, and eveen more to stay out, kupo. Normally, they can only stay out for one attack and then they return to whence they came until summoned again." The Moogle put a hand to his face "Kupo.. I assume that whoever merged our dimensions plans on using the Eidolons to commit mass destruction, for their power is unmatched by most and is usually very widescale... Kupopo. But that's only a Moogle's theory kupo."

Khrona sat there, taking this all in, wondering how to get an Eidolon... What magical gems hold their power... And how to change into such a class of 'summoner' or whatever else there was. Heh heh heh...

Khrona coughed "So, Moogle, tell us more about these... classes. And the gemstones, if you please..."

The Moogle nodded, turning some pages in the book "Kup-kupo. Well, you see, the Classes are quite various with numerous abilities, powers and magics and such. The magics are very powerful and can be cast from a very long range, and most magics involve being a Black Mage, White Mage, Blue Mage, Red Mage, Summoner or others of the sort. The Black Mages consist of the dangerous, destructive magics such as Fire, Blizzard and Thunder and their entire bodies are always covered, and their faces are always blackened with darkness. The White Mages consist of healing and support magic like Cure, Protect and Reflect kupo. Blue Mages consist of Monster Magic in which they must learn by sight, absorption, devouring, or however you plan on taking a monster's abilities. And lastly, Red Mages, which can learn both Black and White magic, however their magic is not as powerful, so they can only learn first class spells, such as Fire, Cure and so forth. No Cura or Fira or any second or third or fourth class spells for them kupo. I have informed you about the Summoners and such... Kuuupo... There are too many classes to just LIST and rally off like this... Kupo..." The Moogle thought for a moment "KUPO! I have an idea kupo! How about I just leave the book and let you all post it up for everyone to see! The monsters, the maps, the classes, the abilities, the gemstones, the weapons... Everything that you can use and see within this book is yours! And a better idea... I will stay here for your assistance kupo! It's ingenious kupo!"

Khrona wholeheartedly agreed with this "Of course! It's perfect! And now each aspect of the Reality will know about it because all of the leaders are here! Wait, Moogle... Each of them will need their own Moogles, don't you think?"

The moogle pondered "Kupo... That's right kupo... Hm! I know! Moogles always respond and appear when you blow the Moogle Flute! Here, each of you get one!" The Moogle threw a Moogle Glute at each of the people there, then blew his own. Just then, 3 more Moogles appeared. "Alright, Kupo. These are my friends! Firstly, I never formally introduced myself kupo.. My name is Kupo!"

The next Moogle introduced herself "I am Mocha!"
The next introduced himself "I'm Mopopo."
The last introduced herself "I'm Moni!"

Each of the Moogles bowed "Happy to be of service KUPO!!"

Khrona smiled "Awwww, how cute~! KUPO STAYS WITH ME." He grabbed Kupo and patted him. "Oh, Maze, before I forget... I went to the remains of the Depths Village. I wanted to 'merge' with them so that we could have access to their village and their resources as well as their shinobi and they ours... And also, while we fix up their village. Do you think this is a good idea? They like this idea, I like this idea... It's up to you, now."
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Thirty-Sixth Beating: Training in Khrona's pit.

Zita looks down into Khrona's dark pit of insanity and fear "Damn... this place gives me chills..." She screams down "HEY! KHRONAAA! IT'S ZITA, THE HEAD WITCH AND MAZEY'S FRIEND! MAZE WANTS ONE OF THESE NINJA TO LEARN MAGIC, AND I WANTED TO KNOW IF WE CAN USE YOUR PIT FOR A WHILE, HUH?!?" She waited for a response. Seeing how deep it was, it might be a while...

Prince then follow behind Zita into Khrona's pit but stops right behind her waiting for either Khrona response or Zita signal to lets train.

Misery and Despair begin to shout up


Despair: Don't worry about her! It's alright if you train here... Khrona would allow it, so we will allow it while he's out!

Prince makes a face with eyes of determination.

Zita sighs "Well, we'd better get in there, then. I don't suggest we go all the way down, so I'll alter gravity and use my abilities to keep you walking on air." She pulled him down into the darkness, and after some feet, they stopped on midair thanks to Zita's gravity powers "Okay, first off, you must feel your environment's energies around you. When you feel these energies, you'd have to focus them inside of yourself. It's actually better if you have a medium first starting out..." Zita pulls a book from under her hat "This book, a tome of darkness, will help you conduct your darkness abilities until you can do it yourself. Think of it like a crutch until your magic is strong enough." Zita walked back a bit, awaiting to see what he would do.

Then Prince opens the tome of darkness he reads the first page and then folds down the page as he closes the book he then put his free hand in the air and then started to inhale and exhale calmly and then when he stopped it could be seen that a little dark energy was flowing around his hand constatly growing as he grew more focused he then pulled his hand own and let the energy flow back into the environment.

Zita clapped her hands "Good! Good! That's a really good start! Now, try it again, only try to make it a little bit bigger... You think you can manage that? After that, we'll see if you can actually use it as an attack..."

Then using the same process as before, it took him less time to get it to the same size. Prince, feeling confident, he wanted to see what he could do so he focused on one image only, then all of the sudden the dark energy formed a wide disk (kinda like krillans disk attack) "How's this?"

Zita clapped again "Yes! Yes! Good! You're getting it! Okay, now let's see you try to attack with it... Throw it at that wall over there, huh?" Zita points in some arbitrary direction and awaits Prince.

Prince then creates another dark disk and tosses it it then flips and glides in the air not hitting the target but hitting something and upon contact made a small orb where all the destruction caused by it got absorbed and disintegrated.

Prince then continued to attack the wall with the dark disks until the was obvious damage along its surface.

Zita sighed "Okay, yeah, you're doing fine right now. Let's see if we can work on more control..." Zita points to another target "Hit that target. If you don't hit it the first time, continue until you do hit it, got it? GO!"

Prince then began to think of what he could do to make it more pin point...

Idea; an idea came. He then began the process of creating the dark disk, but right before throwing it he changed his open palm into a closed fist with his index finger poking out of the energy. The energy then began to become smaller and more compact around his finger. He pointed his finger at the target and released it; it came out as a dark black colored beam. Then as it hit the target, it didn't do as much damage as he thought, but it did pierce right through it. "YES!" Prince cheers.

Zita nodded happily "Great! Now, next thing, hit that target 10 times in a row without missing. If you mess up, you have to start over. This will help you out when trying to hit a target... Hm. Maybe we should do moving targets next...?"

Then Prince did exactly what Zita said except when he hit the target 5 times, he decided instead of one finger he would use his closed pinched fingers (like a muff) when he shot it. The rays of dark energy flowed and spiraled around each other when it hit the target. One of them pierced through it, possibly immobilizing it if it was moving, and then the other four began to spiral around that one and when it got fully twisted, a powerful blast was made.

Zita was impressed "You are doing quite well... But now it's time for the moving targets. We will see if you can really hit these targets as well as you may think..." Zita snapped her fingers and 10 huge locks appeared, floating around randomly and kinda slowly "Let's see how you do with big targets first, then we'll move on to small ones..."

"Alright a challenge, huh?" Prince then examines how the locks are moving, then waits four seconds and shoots a dark energy ball that moves medium speed and bounces off the first chain, which causes it to break and crumble to the ground. It did that until 5 others were destroyed. It then traveled along to three other locks, but the locks seem to be floating away. Then with my hand controlling the ball of dark energy, Prince began to spin it causing the wind around to be sucked into it and those three locks to fly closer to it. When they did, with his free hand Prince created a dark energy disk and tossed it to the side of the ball, causing the disk to circle wildly around the dark ball that it destroyed the locks that come closer. Then timing its release right with the hand he used to control the dark ball, Prince closed it causing it to disappear the disk then flew towards the two lock that were left.

Zita saw that he was doing well, the locks being destroyed quite well "Huh. Okay, now let's see you do that with smaller targets moving at a higher speed." Zita snapped her fingers again and this time, 10 more tiny locks appeared. "These will move at a fast speed. Let's see if you can hit them, okay?" Zita commanded the locks to go, having them fly around the area a lot faster than the larger locks.

Prince then shot off two beams as fast as possible, but still missed. So the smirk that he had soon disappeared then he realized that they were still in a dark area and he could use his surroundings to his advantages. He then created a dark wall and pulled them closer and closer, causing the locks to end up in a line. Then using one hand to hold the walls together barely; he then used his other hand to charge a strong beam which he shot off into the key entering area of every lock causing them to be cut in half.

Zita smiled "Alright. Now that I know you can hit a target... Let's see how powerful you are. It seems like you're good enough for you to use darkness around you, but how do you fare when you're out in the light?" Zita shifted the gravity so that they were back to the top of the pit, where the sun was shining "Okay, so, you're gonna have to learn to use darkness in well lit areas, which will be hard for you, even with the tome. You're gonna have to get rid of the tome soon, as well." Zita sighed. "Okay, now let's see. You need to be able to take down extremely durable targets. I doubt this one will be as easy... Normal ninja will not go down easily, so I will give you a huge and strong target." She created one huge lock that was very thick and very hard, the keyhole sealed up. "Now, blast it. It probably won't break easily, but keep on blasting it, and try to build up an immunity to light, or at least learn to use darkness with the light."

"I guess darkness is the perfect element for me seeing, as I hate hot areas and the sun." Prince then took a while to manifest the dark energy, for it seemed to be harder up here, but when he did, he blasted five beams at the lock and barely chipped any thing off. Then Prince sat down trying to think of a solution, but it being so hot he only got more and more frustrated. Then shade seemed to crawl over to Prince. Then Prince, being relieved of the sun, smiles and looks up to see who blocked the sun, but it seemed to be the shadow from the tree. It seemed to manifest into a moveable object. With this newly found, he tried three times to use this new ability and then figured the basics of it. He then threw the tome away seeing as he thought of it as a crutch. Then, facing the lock, he used the shadows of five trees. All the trees' shadows formed hands; three of the shadow hands balled up into a fist and started to blaze the lock, heavy damage being done and also being visible because the lock itself became dented. When the trees' shadow fists punched the lock's shadow, then all of the hands grabbed a different side and ripped it apart with ease. Seeing as how they damaged it heavily before then, Prince looked at Zita breathing heavily because it was really tough to use magic without the tome.

Zita sighed. He was learning, but she didn't think he was ready to throw the tome away "Um... Are you really sure you want to throw that away? It seems like you might still need it just a bit..." She coughed a little bit and grabbed the tome, just in case. "You can always have it back if you need it. And if you read it, it may give you some new ideas for dark magic..." Zita shook her head "But oh well. It's time for the next thing. Defensive Magic. You seem to be able to attack well with the magic, but let's see how well you can defend with it. I'm gonna attack you with a few weak attacks and you have to try to defend with your darkness magic, alright? Tell me whenever you are ready." Zita waited patiently.

Prince then walks over to Zita and grabs a hold of the tome and when Zita lets go off it, he says, "I won't be using the book to enhance my powers, I'm just using it to increase my knowing of dark magic." Prince then sits down next to the tree and reads about two moves that caught his attention: One; shadow healing and two; shadow scarf. Prince then did the exact preparation (read from the book). He called out the dark energy slowly into his hand over his injuries and the showing of fatigue slowly disappeared. He then stood up after reading the shadow scarf and said, "Alright Zita whenever your ready."

Zita nodded "Alright. I'll start out slow, and I'll only use my chains, since I doubt you will be able to fight against my gravity. Ready? Go!" A large, bladed chain shot out of Zita's back at Prince at a moderate speed, which would cut him if he did not block it.

As the bladed chain comes closer, a dark colored scarf appears around Prince's neck, then the tips of his fingers turn a darkish aura color. Then he held his hand out and swiped it across the air causing a darkish see-through mirror to appear and when the chain made contact with it, it reflected back to where it was sent.

Zita nodded "Good, good..." The chain came back for another blow, more powerful this time and quickly shatters the mirror with little effort "What about that...?"

Seeing the scarf come back for another strike Prince then used two hands this time and created an 'X' that reflected the chain, but seeing as it came back he began to swing his arm fast in a circle causing, instead of a mirror, a giant shield made out of the same fabric as the scarf and when the chain broke through the X-mirror, he jumped back allowing it to hit the newly made shield. Then when her chain hit the giant shield the fabric soon began to cover the entire chain, and right before it hit Prince, it dropped as the chain was covered by the whole scarf. The chain then fell down into a shadow state and when it did, it seemed to attach to the scarf's shadow and the scarf then changed forms into a dark colored chain. When it did, Prince shot a dark colored chain into the air then my scarf recomposed into what it used to be.

Zita smiled "Well, it seems you can deal with one attack just fine..." 5 bladed chains came from Zita's body now "So... Now it's time to see how you deal with multiple attacks at you." One chain dug into the ground as 2 chains came at Prince extremely fast from the front, the other 2 trying to hit him from both sides. The chain from the ground would shoot up directly under him.

As the two locks were coming from straight ahead, Prince used his dark magic to form a shield that he grabbed with his left when the two chains came to him he formed huge needles all along the surface of the shield which he penetrated into the chains, causing them to disappear. Then with the two chains coming from the side Prince began to run forward, dodging the two chains, but with the chain from underground resurfacing, they began to follow him again; Prince then quickly turned around and grabbed the shield with my finger tips and when the chain-locks were perfectly organized for a strike Prince reformed my shield into a giant lance where at the tip the blade began to weave and entwine till it was the size of an ordinary lance. Prince then used all his strength and made a swift strike destroying the locks with ease.

Zita dispersed her chains and locks "Ha, your magic seems to be able to deal with mine just fine, now, even though I have toned it down greatly..." Zita tapped her lips a bit with a finger, thinking of another thing to enhance his magic... And then it hit her "AHA! Alright, Now we need to test your endurance. Learning this means nothing if you cannot use it for a long time. You will be tested on how long you can hold it and how long you can hold it when being attacked, then finally how long you can test those in the gleaming sun. So... Let's see how long you can keep your magic up. Begin!" Zita snapped her fingers, signaling for Prince to start charging an attack for however long he could hold it.

Then hearing his next objective, Prince crossed his arms along his chest, with his right hand on his left shoulder and his left hand on his right shoulder. Then with two fingers (both hands) he moved it along his skin to his chest; then splitting apart, one hand went to his forehead and the other to his stomach. Then he created half a circle with both hands (basically like trading spots with hands) the he connected his hands again. The circle created from the horridly dark aura a yin-yang symbol which stood in the air for a while... then suddenly the dark side of the yin-yang symbol began to spill and unpurified the light side until the whole circle was full of darkness. When that happened, the circle then reformed its newly dark self into a completely black sphere that floated in front of him. Prince then outstretched his arms so that he would grab a hold of it; Prince then whispered an enchantment and his arms outstretched so the orb of darkness would flow into him. His skin then changed into a darkish color with his original skin tone outlined along his body and limbs. But suddenly his skin started to burn, for Prince was directly underneath the sun, so he held his hand up to the sun and then darkness suddenly spewed from his hands unto the sky, coating this area in darkness.

Zita nodded "Continue. You must endure the light and heat of the sun if you are going to perfect your darkness. Continue, continue, continue."

Hearing what Zita said, Prince then brought down the darkness in the air that clouded the area. He then knelt down and got in a proper position and tried to channel my energy.

-------------------------------Medium time skip (15 minutes)------------------------------------------

Then, as some time had passed, Prince then released his dark state and looked towards Zita.

Prince: "How did I do for my first try?"

Zita clapped "Yes, that was quite quite good! But next you must hold it while being attacked, which will be a harder task... a LOT harder. I'm gonna attack you nonstop and I won't let up. I'll use a small bit of power so that I won't break through it with just one strike. Let's see how you do it now..." From all over Zita came bladed chains aimed for Prince, ready to stab at whatever he would put up for however long he would hold it.

Then using the same process as before (except faster), as his skin turns black a chain hits his arm, but makes a scar that was too little to notice; then two waves of the same attack he exerted the darkness but formed a complete dark circle (yin yang circle) and when a chain came to it, it cut through it like water except when it came to the side Prince was on, it was completely black and went into my injuries and burned the wound close. Prince then moved his shield slightly over to see if there were anymore attacks coming for him.

Zita's barrage did not stop, only more and more bladed chains of minimal power continued to stab at his shield, making wear and tear damage. If he wanted to keep it up, he would have to continue to reinforce it, or else Zita's chains would quickly burst through it and hit him again "Come on, Prince... Hold out longer..."

As more chains came Prince put shadow magic upon the palm of his free hand then doing that he began to spin my shield and putting more magic into it also enforcing the shield so it held out for more of the barrage.

Zita's chains all formed into one giant chain now "Good, good..." and then finally it stabbed straight through all of Prince's darkness, shattering it completely "... But you are indeed still of genin power... Hm. Oh well. You seem to endure well for your rank. There is one more thing you must do before you actually go into battle..." Zita pointed up "You must directly use your darkness in the complete light of the sun." Zita had Prince float up toward the sky, over the trees to take in the full light of the sun. "So. The light from the sun is shining directly at you. But there is a catch. You must continue to use your magic that will be weakened by the sun and you must endure my attacks once again. Are you ready?"

Then Prince tries to call upon the darkness to the best of his abilities, but as he is doing so it seems it's been cut in half, so instead of his skin turning completely black -- it turned into a lightly colored black. So he then tried to think of something new because he knew this wouldn't be enough, so he looked down towards the earth as he pondered on what his next move should be, then seeing how his shadow had grown an enormous amount he then used magic to mold it into a sphere around them. Even with him knowing it wasn't strong enough, he gave a signal to Zita showing he's ready.

Zita smiled "Alright. First, I will batter you with my chains... Then we will kick it up a few notches and I will see how long you can hold it against intensified gravity. So. Here we go." 10 large blades chains shot from Zita's back and stabbed at Prince's shield with minimal power to see if he could take that.

Nine of the chains seem to have just ricocheted off the orb around me but the last one seemed to have chipped off a piece of the orb and then looking around to see if anything needed to be remolded nothing seemed to be broken except there seemed to be a newly found scratch on my shoulder.
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Thirty-Seventh Beating: Zita it's been awhile

Maze appeared on Zita's door step. He was hesitate to knock with all that was going on and all but Zita was Maze's oldest friend other then Una and he hadn't seen her for a long time so he'd thought he'd come by a visit. Maze knocked on the door waited for an answer.

Zita would open the door after being shut in for so veeeeery very looooong. "... OH. MAZE. HOW YA BEEN?"

"Zita~!" Maze leaped for Zita embracing her in a tight hug. "Where have you been Zita I've been worried sick."

Zita laughed, embracing Maze in a chain hug "Weelll, I've been... Busy." She coughed, turning off her vibrator.... "You?"

Turning around to hide his blush and his now bleeding nose. "Z-Zita....what are doing with such things?" Maze wipe off the blood with his sleeve and turned around a twinkle in his eye. "You don't need those when got all this magic man right here!" Maze started flexing showing off his never un-buff figure."Hoya~!!"

Zita laughed "Must be a fire magic user, huh? Cuz all I see is that FIYAHPOWAAAAAH!!!" Zita 'adjusted' her top... a bit lower than normal ".. So. What brings you here? I assume you want something from me?"

"What can't come see an old friend with out wanting something? I was just worried about you. I haven't see you in a while so I thought I'd come by and check up on you."

Zita shook her head "WELL. Come inside then, guy. Let's catch up on a few things, eh?"

Maze walked threw the doorway. "So~....?"

Zita turned to him, scoffing "... HA. So WHAT, motha fucka?" Zita would snicker, her keyhole eye pupil "Thought you wanted to TALK, huh?!"

"S..shut up Zita." Maze cleared his throat before speaking. "The kids are doing ok. Thanks for asking there so called god mother." Maze sticked his tongue out at Zita.

Zita paused "... YOU HAVE KIDS?!?"

Maze gave himself a massive facepalm. "Damn that's right....So ya I have two twin daughters now. There names are Mana and Aura. There a handful but they keep this old man smiling."

Zita coughed "... Wow. That's... How long have I been in here? Time is different for witches, you know..." She sat down, in deep thought...

"I know. There only one but they look like 15 year old's." Maze sighed. "But Sado has passed...She was murdered by her sister."

Zita started playing with her hat "... Weeeell, that's too bad." She didn't really care... Cough cough. "So the bitc--WIFE is gone, huh? That's a terrible... etc. etc.. SO WHATCHA DOIN?'

"What do you mean WHATCHA DOIN?" Maze sighed. "You seem calm..hell you seem happy to know Sado is gone."

Zita was silent "... I think she stole my top one day. That's it." She grinded her teeth a bit.

"Ya I'm sure that's the reason." Maze smiled as he walked over ans sat down next to Zita. "Is something wrong?"

Zita fell over "Well... I've been kinda alone, ya know? I was just thinking of why I was actually locked up.. And..." She poked her head "I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHY. HAHAHAHA."

"Idiot..the only one who could chain YOU up is yourself." Maze patted Zita's side. "So other then...that...what have you been doing all this time?"

"... YOU AN IDIOT..." Zita would lie flat on the ground, puffing up her cheeks "... Well. I was just thinking of..." Zita stood up. "Nothing. Never mind then. HEY. LET'S GO... Um. Fight...?" She kicked her feet a bit.

Zita smirked "Nah, I forgot. SO. LET'S DO THIS, HUH!?" She struck some random ass pose, awaiting a fight.

Maze smiled as he made his own pose. "Alright then let's go~!" Maze would then warp the two to the battle area.
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Thirty-Eighth Beating: Maze V.S Zita *Sparks Fly*

Leaving Zita's house the two appeared in a snow covered plane no one and nothing for miles. "Your sure want to do this Zita? I'd hate to mess you up." Maze smiled sticking his tongue out at Zita.

Zita huffed "Aww, just for that, I'mma have to whoop your ass even worse!!!" Chains would fly from all around her, all aimed at Maze. She would use her Target Seal to ensure that she could see and react to Maze's movements at every speed "Let's go!"

A flash would happen and Maze's Masamune Sword would appear in his hand crackling with death energy. Standing at the ready Maze would deflect the chains away with Masamune. From there contact with the blade the tips of the chains would become engulfed with death energy and it would spread down the chain back to Zita.

Zita smirked, staring at the 2 beams with her glowing pupils, releasing the power of her Sealing Eye. This would seal the Death Energy, eliminating it completely and keeping it from coming close to her "... Gonna hafta do better than that!" She raised her chains once more and lunged them straight at Maze at a high speed, embedding them with a bit of gravity magic to throw him off his game a little bit.

"Me?" Maze would slash Masamune toward the incoming chains sending out two crescent blast of Kikei energy that would blast right threw Zita's chains as if they weren't even there and would zoom toward Zita. Maze would put his free hand in his pocket. "Maybe that bra is to tight that it's cutting off your magic flow." Maze started laughing childishly. He loved getting under Zita's skin...and he was the best at it.

Zita puffed out her cheeks "DAMMIT. Fine. Get the hell out!" She snapped her fingers, shifting gravity's pull away from Zita with a very POWERFUL force. Zita would also shoot out another beam of Sealing Eye energy directly at him trying to seal his powers and stuff. In addition, she would look at the energy beams to nullify them, too.

"That's more like it...but." Maze stood his ground as the dimensional shoulder pads around his would change themselves into what looked to be like cleats that would branch out from his shoulders to the ground keeping Maze in place not budging from his spot as if he was bolted from to the ground. Maze smirked as he pointed a finger at the incoming sealing beam. "Sagitta." A blast of magic energy would shoot from Maze's finger tips toward the sealing beam nulling the two out seen as the beam would have sealed the sagitta's power. "My turn~! Frozen Earth." The ground would instantly freeze and a horde of jagged ice pillars would launch out of the ground. If Zita hadn't reacted in time her feet would of been frozen to the ground and she would be stuck as the jagged ice pillars would try and skewer her.

Zita waved a hand, creating her Black Shield, which was made of anti-gravity, which, instead of pulling everything toward it, pushes everything away from it, thus pushing the ice away from all around, leaving Zita completely unharmed. She would fly up into the air, releasing the shield "Fine then, Maze! You wanna stay in that place? Then sit DOWN!" Zita would wave her hands downward, making a powerful gravity magic crush the entire area, this being her Area Crusher ability, making everything surrounding her get crushed with INCREDIBLE force by gravity. "Now, to Chain you Down!" She would raise her hands, making numerous large chains spurt from the ground everywhere, just in case the crushing gravity wasn't enough, Zita would have the chains wrap around Maze and lock around him, then suck out all of his energies.
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Thirty-Ninth Beating: Getting to know the Vescrutian Populace......Starting with the Witches

*Valerio warped Angel to the front door of this place, and he would calm her down from being scared, then he would knock loudly 3 times as to alert whoever was inside that he wanted to see the head witch*

Zita's lock would unloack and the massive gravity doors would open "... Sup?"

*Taken aback by the hotness that is Zita, Valerio would quickly regain his cool composure and state his case*

Valerio: I take it you're the head witch, I'm Valerio Lombardi and I'm new to this whole planet thing and wanted to become more aquainted with all the races that populate this place.

Zita smirked, hey keyhole pupils gleaming "Really now? More acquainted, eh?" She moved her body just a bit, loosening the chains around her body to make them look a bit more... Sexual. "Witches, as you might know, are a race of all women... Is that other business of yours?"

*Valerio, moving closer to Zita, "Women, are definitely my business..."

*Valerio, now whispering in her ear. "But I'm more interested in making you my business..."

Zita snickered, her keyhole pupils gleaming "Well, if you care to open my locks, you're gonna have to take off the chains, first. Heh." She stroked his chin, then nonchalantly walked back into her house. The little ho. XD

*Valerio tells Angel that he might be awhile and then places an impenetrable form of mental, physical and spiritual protection around her to protect her from anything bad that could be happening around here. After that, Valerio then follows Zita into the house and closes the door behind him.*

Zita smiled, not looking back "What is your interest in the witches, might I ask?" She would turn down some random ass corridor that probably wasn't there when she went outside, then turn into a room.

Valerio: Well besides, the beauty... I realized that I should make some allies here.

*Still following Zita around, Valerio is unimpressed at the castle's corridor magic.*

Zita waved a hand around, making the magical energy from the gravity within the chained walls illuminate the room in a purplish-blackish lighting, plopping down on the random bed in the middle "Sigh. I've been in my castle for a while, alone... I've been sooooo booored... Well, actually, I kept myself.. busy..." She laughed to herself "Beauty, eh? Weeell, I try."

Valerio: Perhaps I should get more comfortable.

*Valerio takes off his suit jacket and lays next to Zita in her bed*

"Shall we?" Valerio would say while embracing Zita.*

Zita tipped off her hat, since... she basically wasn't wearing much of anything else "Huh. Someone moves fast. I like it!" Many chains fell off of her body... As well as wrapped around Valerio to pull him close, wrapping around them both...

*The chains would wrap around snuggly and various pleasuring things would happen for hours upon hours on end*

Valerio: That was wonderful, we should do this more often.

Zita was slightly dazed, giggling to herself "Heh heh heh... Oh yes, of course. I would never object to that~!"

Valerio: Cool, I keep in touch from time to time, take care!

*Valerio would warp to Angel's side and take to the skies to go off to his next task.*
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Fortieth Beating: It's been some time.. A fight to get back in the feel of battle.

Zita sighed, actually WALKING this time to her destination "... Man, I've been locked up in my castle for so long... Need to release some pent up aggression! Heh heh heh..." She would stop at the edge of a cliff "... So boring..."

-*Kham walked in behind Zita and saw a strikingly awesome hour glass figured woman in the distance, using his cosmic awareness he noticed that this was Zita the head witch and she wanted to fight...-*

"HEY!" He yelled; hopefully she turned around-*

Zita would spin around "HEY... YOU." Zita didn't really recall who this was. She didn't recall anyone other than Maze and Khrona "... So. You wanna fight or something of the sort? I'm outta practice... Gotta get back in the groooove, ya know?" She pressed her breasts together with her arms and shivered "It makes me so EXCITED! WOOT!"

-*Kham raised his eyebrow at this horny toad of a woman... fighting women and some other things were his only weaknesses. So he tried to imagine her as some ugly troll bitch; no avail...-*

Kham: "Uh... yeah. I guess you could say that."

-*Kham scratched his head, all witches were peculiar in there own way he composed himself and continued to talk in a bland fashion-*

Kham: "Kham's the name... Kage of the Twilight Village."

Zita smiled "Well... You know my name, so... Nice to meetcha!... And if I've already metcha... Nice to see ya! RIGHT THEN. Let's get back to to this battle. I wonder what you do..." Zita would create a ball of magic in her hand, which was... Gravity magic "Let's go~!"

-*Kham nodded, he new a fair bit about magic to know that it had limitless possibillities which is why The Master warned him against it especially going up against it with his own cosmic powers. No biggie, he was going to test these new things out anyway... and could probably ask Zita for a favor after he defeated her. He pounded his fists together in a hulk like fashion creating an epic sized crater around him and a dust storm he then emerged with black eyes and a black flame in the middle of his forehead his persona seemed a bit calmer. This was Hyper Dying Will Mode, the ring on his left had lit a black gaseous flame from it... this was the Crusher Flame-*

Kham: "After I win, I need you to do me a favor..."

-*Kham said as he reached in his back pocket and pulled out a small cube, in this cube contained a box weapon the 'Dying Will Axe' he pressed his finger to the hole and out emerged a guitar similar to the guitar from guitar hero but the end of it was on fire with the same black flame on his ring, the colored buttons also were on fire with different colored flames of the corresponding type. Kham pointed the head of the guitar at Zita and began to play beginning with the red button, playing like a kid who plays on professional... it actually made sounds! Kham's playing was fucking awful... but a grand sized sphere the size of a house began to gather at head of the guitar... he was charging something-*

Kham: "This shit makes sounds! And it seems it uses all the other traces of the flame in my body to mix with the sky flames to make new ones... It would be more effective if I knew how to play a guitar."

Zita blinked "Oooo, it's pretty! I wonder what-- Favor, you say? Hm. If you really want, then I can provide~! Now.. Let me see if I still got it in me..." She would sink the magical ball into the ground, and from all around came giant black boards of Magic from the ground. Everything that wasn't magic or gravity related would be slowed to any speed Zita found necessary by controlling the magic and the gravity that they were omitting, you see. Hopefully the Gravity Boards would work. Now for some more of her magic... "Hm. I dunno what that thing you're charging is, but it looks unstable. Lemme help you~!" She pointed at it, a magical beam shooting from her finger. She was trying to use her Heavy Lock ability, which basically locked any unstable, open, free, etc. etc. energy that was arbitrarily lurking around. As such, she'd try to seal that energy by locking it with the magic of that beam. Lastly... Her keyhole pupils began to gleam "I have an idea... But I don't know if it will work..." She started to float a bit "Target Seal..." Using her Sealing Eye abilities, she would gain the ability of what was similar to Khrona's Hyper Perception, however also with the addition of automatic homing attacks and increases power and concentration of attacks. Typically, she would be doing this because she knew nothing of the speed or power of Kham, so it's just a safety precaution so she can react at any time she needs to rather than being off guard. Her pupils did not stop glowing, however...

-*Kham's diamond eye glowed, changing his density to anything lighter than what Zita was controlling the gravity in the immediate area to. Being the earth's advocate he was immune to earth altering affects such as changing gravity magically altered or not. Thanks to Hyper Will Mode, he was granted Hyper Intuition and a mega increase of speed and power however Zita thought how fast I was, I was faster guaranteed. The Giant sphere receded back into the head of the guitar as Kham appeared above Zita avoiding all projectiles shot at him using his new found speed with the head of the guitar pointed downwards-*

"I'll call the Sky combined with the storm flame, the Flame of Rage," He thought to himself, as he appeared he played a sequence of buttons again releasing more horrible terrible playing that unleashed a golden flaming blast upon the world that would no doubt engulf Zita in it amazing power. The Storm Flame attribute would destroy all energies it came in contact with while the Harmonization Attribute would 'harmonize' any energy substances that threaten the well being of the blast reducing them to nothingness or sapping the energy from them and put them in a defenseless state. Should Zita be hit, she would be turned to rubble, any energy manifested on the physical plane is at the mercy of the flames. Whether or not a clash was applicable is up to the power of Zita. But even if a clash was incoming the flame attributes would eat away at the defenses at a very fast rate. While shooting the blast, Kham kept playing what he was doing was unknown.-*

Zita frowned as Kham appeared over her, but she knew he was going there, since her Target Seal was locked on him in all ways. As such, Zita used her most powerful Lock ability right off the bat, the Master Lock. Basically, the Master Lock was nothing but a portal into Zita's own reality. It nullified everything Zita wished, since it was her own reality, thus only her own laws, whatever they may be, existed. Also, once something was close to the portal, it would instantly be sucked in, not because it had suction, but because it guided any and all matter and energy into it. As such, since it guided these things, it could alter the size to fit the hole, even if they were larger than the hole. If it worked to Zita's will, the blast would be sucked into the depths of the lock and then nullified in all ways. As this was going on, Zita would hop in from the other side. Hey, if you can't fight on this plane of existence, then make your own and fight there, right!? It was Zita's ultimate protection. She would hover around in the nothingness that was her own reality, sighing "... Well, that was unexpected. Well, I can do anything here, so... Let's have some fun! Why don't you, um... Come in here, eh?" Zita was safe, since if somehow Kham could close it from the outside, then she could just reopen it, since it is her own reality. Yay. She's not going back out there. =(

-*Kham saw Zita retreat into a small lock, this was probably the Master Lock. The thing that imprisoned Kama and forced him into defeat. He floated a ways away from the lock and began shouting...-*

Kham: "Hell no... I'm not going in there. I heard what happened to Kama; bring your ass back out and admit defeat. I wont blast you."

-*Kham figured, if Zita could hear him, she could hear him play the guitar. So he kept playing... a red button initiated sequence that sounded bloody awful. He really needed to get better with this. He tried, and say in Hyper Will Mode playing the guitar still, since the Lock is a product of Zita's own conscious mind and she nullifies things as they area awakened to her. Kham was safe to play as he wanted, but he was going NOWHERE near that lock. -*

Zita scoffed "DAMMIT! My ONE trump card and I can't even use it... FUCK." Kham's voice sounded odd in her own realm "... Hm... I don't wanna admit defeat, but if I come out, I will be defeated... Hrrrm... Unless..." Zita got a wicked smile on her face... The other side of Zita... The one which had the scythe.. the one that could open up giant rips into the realm all on its own with just slashes... Heh. Perfect. "Oh. Well. I'll try something else, hope that's okay with you~?" Zita's keyhole pupils gleamed as a key manifested in front of her "... Dark Release..." The giant lock chained on her stomach would have the key enter it and turn, opening it, as only that key could open it. Once that happened, she changed into her... Sealing Form, or Skull Form, also known as... Alternate Zita!

Zita would wave around her scythe "HEY. You know what I can do with this scythe, hmmm~?"

-*Khams eyes practically exploded out of his head... DAMN SHE GOT SOME BIG ASS BOOBS!!! But not as nice as his wife's mmhmm. But still, he was rather distracted. He kept playing awfully with the guitar regretting that he doesn't know how to play better. From afar he looked at the new Zita, obviously she had some new powers as well.-*

Kham: "You're lucky, if you didn't come out I was going to banish that lock to the Cosmic Hell. Now let's get to fighting..."

-*Kham said as he continued to play, it was Zita's move-*

Kham: "Your move..."

Zita laughed "The hell's a Cosmic Hell? In my world, there is no hell! Cuz in there, it IS hell! And you know what else is hell? The fact that I can make as many portals to there as I WANT in this form!!" She raised her scythe, quickly making a gigantic slash with it, opening another portal, this one actually as large as the slash, thus the radius of the 'guidance of matter and energy' was a lot further as well. She would have a skull appear high above Kham, it falling down and before making impact, exploding with Skull Magic, also known as death energy. Zita would sit on the opening of the Master Lock like it was a hammock "And uh, guy, even if I do lose..." Her keyhole pupils would gleam as that dark expression stayed on her face "I'mma give you one hell of a fight. Or, at least, I'd hope so." She would fall back into the rip, about to use some new... 'tactics' that might work... Hopefully.

-*Now, unknown to Zita who probably though that Kham was playing the guitar in vain and horribly. Kham was sending storm flames through the sound waves and it began to infect the body of Zita. All he had to do was play a chord and she would explode violently from the inside out. But, he needed to see her, and currently she was invisible. So he had to draw her out... but the instant she showed her sexy face, he would play. Right now, he had to by time.-*

Kham: "We'll see about that..."

-*Kham looked above him, it was raining energy of sorts. he switched up the melody, a yellow button initiated sequence that fused the Sky Flame with the Sun Flame. Kham called it the Freedom Flame, and it's attribute was activation... causing him to move at light speed by 'activating' his body, he warped elsewhere well away from the projectiles. He continued playing his original melody the red button initiated sequence-*

Another rip would open up elsewhere on the field, even though the first had not closed yet. From this rip came Zita's parasites... Rather, her metallic locusts, since the metallic parasites became metallic locusts when she was in her Alternate Form, gaining the power from just eating all energies to being able to eat literally everything they could. Just then, Zita would throw out the Dummy Head, which was a Voodoo head of Kham's skull, meaning whatever happened to it would happen to him... And Zita, herself, cannot do anything to the Dummy Heads that she makes, which pisses her off, but... Her Locusts surely can do whatever the hell they want to it. Though, the Dummy Head will only work in the same realm that Kham is in, so that was the only reason she had to fling it out of her own Realm... And her rules only affect things that come into her realm, which Kham was not in. As such, the locusts would go for a mad dash at the voodoo of Kham's skull/brain/etc. Another slash would appear out of nowhere, and locusts would be shooting from there, as well... Another slash would appear, and more locusts would come out... and so on... and so on... She was going to fill the whole area that Kham was in with just... her everything eating locusts. The more that came out, the less there was to eat, meaning that they would be eating a lot faster...

-*Kham initiated a different melody, while placing the head in a telekinetic shield of epic proportions a blue button initiated sequence which caused a sphere the size of the house to build up at the head of the guitar. The Sky Flame mixed with the Rain Flame created the flame of justice, anything in the range of the concussive sound blast was affected by it's tranquility attribute and was 'tranquilized' or rendered in to peaceful defenseless states. In this case, the bugs would be cast in suspended animation upon feeling the force of the concussive sound blast. The sphere dispersed, the bugs would no doubtedly be caught in its awesome concussive blast and stop dead in their tracks. The harmonization factor would then kick it and the bugs would then implode, removing them from this plane of existence. Kham kept playing so if more bugs showed up they would walk into the sound and die...-*

Kham: "Come out Zita... stop playing whack a mole with me"

As more rips formed, no bugs would come out, yet Zita shouted out "... LIKE HELL. I want to have some fun, ya know? It's been a while since I've done any of this shit... So, I'm gonna have me a merry fucking time." Another rip would open and this time, her Sealing Eye energy would shoot out in the form of IMMENSE blasts, due to the Master Lock realm amplifying her power... Simply because she willed it. Now, from all of the rips, which there were a massive number of, which basically circled the entire area so that these attacks would HOPEFULLY hit Kham and seal his abilities... Unless he had more abilities. As this happened, Zita made a few more finishing touches with the rips, now the entire area was basically full of them so that she could attack from anywhere at any given time.

-*Kham looked at all the projectiles nearing him, the blasts would be shot into an area filled with rain flames. It was evident that the blasts could not seal sound. But by passing through the sound waved the blasts would steadily and steadily get weaker and would be rendered ineffective and dissipate by the time they neared Kham-*

Kham: "Look's like I'll have to drag you out then.... This looks like a stalemate Zita."

-*Kham played a different melody, same flame though... he knew Zita could hear it... it was only a matter of time before her mind was at his will.-*

Zita scoffed, since the blasts did not stop the sound coming from Kham... Though, she did have an ability that could do such a thing, since it even sealed space and time around it... Though, it was very tiny... OH WAIT, she's in her own realm. She can do whatever she wants and make whatever she wants happen. The sound coming from Kham would sound like classical music, naturally losing all of its effects once it reached the Master Lock's portals. Zita knew nothing of the flames, and as such, not knowing about them, they did not exist in this realm. Anything Zita did not know about, wasn't aware of, etc. did not exist. And if Kham informed her, it was DAMN sure that she would keep it nonexistent! "Stalemate? Most definitely. But still, I'm not fully back in my groove, ya know?" She would make one last final, huge slash, and with that, all of the portals to the Master Lock realm would connect, basically making a sphere around the entire area as of now. The combined rips and portals making one large dome around Kham would mean that the 'guidance of matter and energy' would HOPEFULLY pull him into the Master Lock realm, and as such, lock him there. "I WILL put this realm to good fucking use, dammit!!" If the 'guidance' didn't work, naturally, the dome would start to close in on him...

-*Little does Zita know... the better the music sounds, the more effective it is. Thanks Zita I really appreciate it. Kham took out another box weapon and opened it, and he went inside. This was an interdimensional transport box that Kham made when he fought Sadira Dakini, using interdimensional transport, Kham slipped into the negaverse and appeared out of an open box weapon that a weapon emerged from. Kham dropped the guitar's box weapon a ways away when he first opened it. As such, he was safe for now. HOWEVER, now was the perfect time to blow Zita up since the music was sounding so good. When Kham appeared outside of the dome safe, he played the chord necessary to catalyze the storm flames within Zita's body destroying her from the inside out the storm flames would slowly degenerate the insides of her body and if she did not cease. She would die. Kham kept playing the melody, he would kill her if he had to-*

Zita, being the master of her own realm, already had the flame thingies set. They did not exist in her realm. Thus, while in this place, they did not work in her body, since as soon as the sound from Kham came into the Master Lock realm, the flame became nonexistent, as explained before. It can only be reiterated so many times that anything Zita says in this realm goes. If Zita wants something gone, it's gone. If Zita wants to make something happen to herself, it happens. No flamey thingy for Zita, mostly because of the fact that even though she heard it, the effects would STILL only work in the realm Kham was in, which was not her Master Lock Realm. "The only way for me to defeat you is to get you in here... And the only way for you to beat me is to get me out there... Any altercations I do to my powers in here would be nullified once coming out of there, so I can't do any of that... And any powers you do will be nullified upon coming in here... Doesn't seem like this is gonna work unless one of us comes in or out, huh...?" Zita pondered, sealing up her Skull Form and reverting to normal "... So... How's life?"

-*Kham was still thinking of some means to get this bitch out of her little hovel. Perhaps he could take a portion of this reality seal it in with the sky flame so that it wont be compromised and extend his influence in the master lock realm without any of the master lock realm to touch him The power cosmic combined with the sky flames, would be the perfect tool for this feat. Then Kham would use the cloud flames to multiply his influence within in the master lock realm. Like a balloon within a pool of water without any water in the balloon if you know what I mean. He could give it a shot.-*

Kham: "Life's treatin me well, how about yourself?"

-*Kham said as he set his guitar down on the ground next to him. He began to sign, accessing the PC, putting as much of this dimension as he could into an empty box weapon. It was a slow process, he clenched his guitar with his free hand just in case Zita was prepping some surprise attack of sorts, he pressed the yellow button the end of the guitar was set ablaze with a golden sparkly flame-*

Zita began to play with her lock "Oh, I'm doing quite fine... Everything's been going alright. I kinda locked myself in my castle for god knows WHY for a hell of a long time.. But now I'm just coming out for some fun, ya know?" Zita pondered something "Hey, Kham... Since I have the power to unlock any locks and seals, and my own reality is a 'lock,' one could say... You think if I UNlock it, will it merge with the reality of the places that it's open to at this exact moment and give me complete control over the areas in which it merges its reality with? Since this place is not a dimension and I don't have any super dimension powers like some awesome people I've heard about, I was just wondering if you think that would work?" Then again, why would Zita ask the 'enemy' for advice on this matter? Meh. Never hurts to try, eh?

Kham: "There are greater powers at work here that prevent you from seizing control of an entire dimension. But I believe it's perfectly possible for you to bring a fraction of your lock world to this plane and extend your influence. But total control is out of the question..."

-*While they were asking one another questions, Kham decided to ask her a question about his strategy he was asking. It seems they were on mutual terms. Zita's plan was similar to Kham's plan. Brining a fraction of her dimension into this one attempting to trap him in it while she was safe in her own dimension at the same time.-*

Kham: "While we're asking one another questions, you think I could bring pieces of 'this' dimension into your dimension and try and trap you in it while in your dimension, as long as I can keep you from negating this dimension? It seems we have similar strategies."

Zita laughed "Of course, it's perfectly possible, so long as I don't object to it... Hm... But it seems quite curious.. OH WELL! But... Hm. Okay, I've got another thought here... What if... Okay, now stay with me... What if I merge my reality with the normal reality, while you merge your thingy with my reality? Will that make everything all... Wacko? Too many alternate realms merging into one another?" Zita smiled, now having so many ideas. She was quite happy to have such a session with Kham, as it seemed to be quite enlightening. "This is fun, don'tcha think?"

Kham: "I feel like it depends... it depends on whether or not my flaming ring is a lot stronger than your magicks."

-*Kham clenched the box and set it ablaze with a orangish flame, the flame then turned black, then yellow... then finally blue. The flames then calmed down after the flames burst into a crimson static like tremor. The dimensional box was ready-*

Kham: "Are you ready to... test your theory?"

-*Kham said flipping his new box weapon up and down-*

Zita pondered for a moment... "... I wanna try some stuff... Maybe I can infuse my magic with the Master Lock realm... Maybe I can fuse my BODY to my Master Lock...? What if I can make the portion of my realm within your box not exist..? Does the box go, too...? Hm..." Zita did want to test the theory of Kham.... Yet... At the same time... She wanted to train her magics once more "... Kham. We will do battle once again. For today, I'm out. I wanna go... Make some modifications to my magic. Kay?" She would release herself from the Master Lock dimension, locking it and sealing it once more, then make her way back to the... village. "Catch ya later, Kham."
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PostSubject: Re: The Head Witch, Zita L'sia   Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:34 pm

Forty-First Beating: Having fun with the Master Lock...

Zita made her way to her home after fighting with Kham, pondering the wondrous abilities of her Master Lock realm that she came up with whilst fighting him "... Infusing it with my magic... Infusing it with my body... I am the master of seals and locks... Infusing things to me is nothing... I could seal myself to the realm, couldn't I? Would I ever run out of power? Would I be able to be stopped...?" She paused, moving to a room made of nothing but chains and filled with darkness "... Would I... Be able to control it? What if I become consumed by it?" Zita sighed "... Guess I'll just have to find out! But first, I'd better test out my ability to infuse myself with solids..." Zita would look at her room of chains, then sigh, knowing that being the master of Chain Magic, having the chains wouldn't make a difference "Ugh. I need something better..." She would look out of her window, gazing at the grim landscape that she loved ever so much ".. Let's see, let's see... Seal myself with something... AHA. THAT ROCK." Using her gravity magic, she would have the rock float up to her and then she would stare at it with her Sealing Eye, touching it with a finger "... Let's seal this solid rock within the depths of my body..." The rock, being the target, would suddenly be sucked into her body. With that, her fist changed its shape into that of a gigantic rock fist. "HOLY SHIT. I guess I CAN seal myself with other solid things!!!" She would unseal the rock, letting it fall to the ground. She looked around and noticed that there was some water waaaaaaay off in the distance "... Shit. I guess I've gotta do liquids next. I bet if I can do solid, then I can do liquids... Just gotta get that water over here. A little shift of gravity should do the trick..." She held out her hand once more, and a small portion of the body of water would slither towards her, forming a ball in her hand "... Right then. Same thing I did before, eh? Seal the water's properties with my body..." She would then seal it using her Sealing Eye, thus making her body liquidy and such. She slithered about like a puddle, reforming and becoming solid at her own will, spewing out parts of her body like water "... COOL. I bet I could seal a lot of shit within my body! Now that I've covered that I can do solids and liquids.. How about a gas...? Or... Maybe even space...?" She would start with gas. Air, being all around her, would be no trouble whatsoever. Huh. Right then. "Alriiiight. Let's go. Concentrate on the air aaaand..." Her keyhole pupils would gleam, and suddenly, her body became gaseous, able to converge with the atmosphere thus making her all of the wind and the air. It was quite... The discovery. "Maybe... Just maybe... I could Seal myself within space or gravity itself, or a Black Hole I can create and become these things as well! YES. IT IS INGENIOUS!!! HAHAHAHA. But I wonder how much by body can take at one time...." She would create a very powerful gravity ball, which would warp space around it, causing the atmosphere to become like that of space. She would touch it, her body becoming spacious and... well... Spacey. She'd be able to do wonders with this. "Hm... Space... Gas... Liquids and Solids... Anything my heart desires, I can seal myself with and become it. I LOVE IT~! Heh heh heh. It loses all control whilst locked within my grasp... And I absolutely. Love. It."

Zita pondered something else... That night with Valerio... She did not know what the repercussions of such a night had in store for her.. And she did not want to wait to find out. "Hm. While I am in the Master Lock realm, I know all things within... Including what is within myself. So, I might as well go inside and... Check." She would open the portal to the Master Lock Realm once more. And close herself within it. She waited, thinking of the question to ask... The question of if that night with Valerio truly did something to her... In a split second, she would have the knowledge of what it was that happened... She was pregnant. With twins. Such was a joyous and devastating occasion... Joyous because she got to pass her powers down to her seed and devastating because... Having twins would RUIN her body!... Unless... She WAS in the Master Lock realm, where whatever she said was law... Therefore, if she wanted the kids out of her... It could happen! But for that to happen, she would have to... Discuss the matter with Valerio first... "Hmph. Twins. That bastard..." She would release herself from the Master Lock realm and would be off to see him... But she had other matters to attend to, first...
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PostSubject: Re: The Head Witch, Zita L'sia   Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:37 pm

Forty-Second Beating: A favor of Khrona...

Zita would knock on Khrona's door, hoping he could do something about her Chain Chomp... It would be burdensome to have that big ass thing in her possession without a way to change its size..

Khrona snickered, already knowing what Zita wanted just from her being there, the door opening "Alright, Zita... I just mind raped you. And from what I have gathered, you wish for me to use my DNA powers to make it so that your newfound Chain Chomp can have the ability to change to any size and become any and all Chain Chomps at will as well as also give you the ability to use the Chain Chomp's abilities, am I right~?" Khrona smiled.

Zita was a little dumbfounded, for she had forgotten about Khrona's mind powers. "Erm... Uh... Yes please!?" She would yank the Chain Chomp's chain, thinking of a name for him in the process... "Maybe Locke.."

Khrona merely touched the Chain Chomp, then Zita for a few seconds, then went back to his desk "There. It's done. Now the Chain Chomp can change its size and become whatever subspecies of Chain Chomp it needs to be at any time, and you can, as well, and also control the Chain Chomp from anywhere at any time. So, now that you're all good and whatnot.. You can... Skeeeedaddle~!"

Zita laughed gleefully, testing this out by shrinking her Chain Chomp, Locke down to a size that could fit her palm. Locke would bark cutely, and she would attach him to her neck as a choker for safe keeping. As she left Khrona's office, she would seal the Master Lock dimension within Locke's mouth, so that not only would he be able to infinitely eat anything, but she'd have power over whatever was eaten... Muahahaha... How great for Zita... She decided that now it was time to go play with Locke... In Battle. <3
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PostSubject: Re: The Head Witch, Zita L'sia   

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The Head Witch, Zita L'sia
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