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 MK IX; Girl's Best Friend...

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Mikou the Panduochrysm :: Keeper of the Crystal Wings; Alice of the Crystal Petals

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PostSubject: MK IX; Girl's Best Friend...   Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:16 pm

Ruger Blackhawk 44 Magnum; MK IX (Mach 9/Mark 9)

Mikou's one and only trusty magnum, the Mach 9. Originally just called 'Mach' or 'Mark,' it was upgraded by Cleff 9 times, each better than before, earning it the name Mach or Mark 9. Though it looks like an old fashioned magnum, it actually is an amplifier of sound as well, and allows her to fire off bullets faster and stronger by amplifying sound and can even transform into a megaphone, though more commonly called a 'Gigaphone' because of how much its power succeeds a typical megaphone.

Right Hand
Mickey's second weapon (technically) is her right arm, which is made out of a special metallic alloy called Oscillium. Oscillium is a perfected form of Vibranium created by Cleff using his extensive data on Vibranium strains as well as his own natural knowledge and application of sound based ability. By merging all properties of Vibranium into one, Oscillium was created, and as such, it harnesses the power of them all. Mickey is only slightly aware of the power her right arm has, knowing that it can absorb vibrations and release them out as destructive forces, and allows her to control vibrations and wavelengths with her right arm only. She is also able to liquefy any metal or metallic alloy simply by pointing her arm at it, however that is alll she knows how to do until she learns more about Oscillium, itself. These abilities come from Reverbium, Wakandan Vibranium and Antarctic Vibranium strains all merged into one thing. It is super durable, and is even able to reform gradually after being busted. Takes quite a bit of time, though, and a large amount of wavelength or vibrations. With this, she can harness the pure power of vibration and wavelength in the palm of her hand, most literally.
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MK IX; Girl's Best Friend...
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