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 Evidence Against Aquila Mushir Bey

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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

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PostSubject: Evidence Against Aquila Mushir Bey   Sat May 12, 2018 3:44 pm

First topic message reminder :

Disclaimer: "This Is The Record Of The Account Of Myself And Aquila Mushir Bey Over The Phone Via Text Message, Non-Inclusive To Calls. This Is Evidence That Supports My Previous Claims And Charges Against Him As Well As The Proof Of Our Various Frequent Communication Through E-mail, Facebook, Personally And Over The Phone From 2015-2018."
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

Posts : 788
Join date : 2014-11-02

PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Aquila Mushir Bey   Sun May 20, 2018 1:54 pm

Monday, May 7, 2018

10:31 PM

Tymon: Good Morning Aquila. I was letting you know that I am awake and will be in the office today at 1:00 PM as we discussed.

Aquila: Great,
This will change to 14:30 as even though your guarenteed the earnfare spot, we actually start interviewing for the actual earnfare program today

Tymon: Ah, understood. Well then I will see you then!

Aquila: K

Aquila: K

Aquila: lease respond by giving me an email too confirm with security for a security pass....
To come to
444west lake street
Arrival at no later han215p.m.


Aquila: Great
Keep in mind that even though you may receive an email early that just helps confirm your 230p.m.arrival is security cleared

Tymon: Wonderful. I will be heading your way soon.

Aquila: You should have gotten an email for change of location
300 north LaSalle street
49th floor

Tymon: Yes I have.

Aquila: Excuse me yet again follow the email and go to 155 north wacker your already in the system for food stamps

Tymon: Okay. Will you still be providing the bus cards for my transportation every day?

Aquila: I have one card, you have the other card being it

Tymon: Yes, I brought the card with me.

Aquila: Great 155 north wacker 42nd floor just tell them as always your here to see Dr.Bey-Phd

Tymon: Okay.

-1:57 PM-
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

Posts : 788
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Join date : 2014-11-02

PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Aquila Mushir Bey   Sun May 20, 2018 2:58 pm

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Tymon: Good Morning.

Aquila: Gud

Aquila: ou will need to find the nearest post office to you or you can come downtown to the main one.
You will need to go get shipping supplies before arriving atolunteering service today

Aquila: When your ready text me the post office you wish to go to

Tymon: Why don't you just tell me everything all at once instead of wait for me to ask you something so that you can gauge my intelligence?

Tymon: I don't function in incompletes for a reason. If you do, I will leave you incomplete.

Tymon: Everything I do will -always- be incomplete and half-assed. -Forever-.

Tymon: I'm just stressed and extra thinking means extra sharp.

Tymon: I just don't get my own work done enough and I am irritated at how little time I have for that and how much I have to think about.

Tymon: Right when I get started, everyone has more things for me to do, then they wonder why I am irritable and don't ever have anything done.

Aquila: don't understand this response at all.
Your only objective is to read and reply.
I in no way have you multiple assignments nor engaged you incompletely.
.look up post offices and tell me if you want to go to one on the way downtown or go to the one downtown. will be picking up shipping supplies.
ow tell me is that easier for you to comprehend

Aquila: If you cant function respecting your not god then let me know

Aquila: If you cant function respecting your not god then let me know

Tymon: Also, where is my original Ventra card? That has been bothering me, as well.

Tymon: Having to think about anything open-ended is bothersome.

Tymon: I do not like public display.

Aquila: Stop texting separate sentences and handle the one thing asked of you.why are you making your day hard?

Tymon: I get upset very easily when I have too much exposure for any reason and I don't take it well. I do better in a small, enclosed space with little to no interaction at any given time ever.

Aquila: Tymon
Your making your day hard and that's not how you become better

Tymon: Too many people are interacting with me far too constantly. Spreading me too thin.

Tymon: You will not like the outcome.

Tymon: Where is my missing item? I am stressed because I am thinking about it.

Aquila: Then do as your asked and stop acting out

Tymon: I function in fullness and completeness and something about incomplete information makes me physically sick.

Aquila: Its not benefiting you

Aquila: You were told that all three ventra cards need pictures today so why are you so forgetful

Aquila: I told you three times
Your school pass,, your regular card and the new card must be pictured

Tymon: I don't do well with insecure situations when my situation is insecure.

Tymon: I need to know everything to completion at all times and never have anything left out plus no alterations nor confusion, especially not on purpose, because I will retain it and then bottle it up.

Aquila: So your not responding your rambling

Tymon: Okay.

Tymon: "Do Not Ask Me For Tea."


Tymon: "I Will Appear At The Designated Location."

Aquila: All passes have unique numbers

Tymon: "Finality."

Tymon: "Preparation To Depart."

Aquila: Your still not answering the question.

Aquila: You asked a question you already know the answer to and your upset so let's review.
Why are you asking questions you know the answer too

Tymon: "Irrelevant."

Aquila: o irrelevant but you know I'm telling the truth
You asked a question that you were told the answer to three times and now that facts are revealed your cared to admit you caused your own passing match.
Just make sure you come prepared to present as we are to choose one stack to tell us about hat's what we agreed to yesterday and that's what their expecting to hear and see from you

Tymon: "Procedure."

Aquila: ou are scheduled for two hours today.
You will get an email
This is to.
1.>Do your presentation as you think best
2.Propose to us as you ant to.
3.Do your volunteer applications.
4.Take pictures of all three ventra cards together and separately
5.Any left over time you can use to learn how ou will plan your free hours to yourself starting monday as Thursday you will di new D.H.S.FORMS&FRIDAY MORNING YOU WILL BE AT DHS4RECLASS

Tymon: There is something always talking to me in my head that does not stop even when I do and I know it is not me. I know what it is, but it distracts me whenever I do things at all. Especially for other people and when I am about to go anywhere in life.

Tymon: Yes, thank you.

Tymon: Technology in this day is so advanced that there are people with machines that can beam information right into your head and speak to you nonstop. This has been happening for one entire year for me and only started one year ago.

Tymon: The plan is for these people to eventually link plenty of other people together and ensure that they are all held captive in this method so that others believe that they are insane and use the technology in secret.

Tymon: The flaw is that the technology has to eventually be released to the public and gathering too many people will make it suspicious.

Tymon: So whenever I start doing something important for anyone, including myself, someone very wealthy flips on a switch to an exclusive piece of machinery and continually distracts me and messes with my brain.

Tymon: They are dedicated to not letting me go ever because I am so valuable.

Tymon: They take information directly out of my head whenever I receive it or think it and my own brain is like a bug.

Tymon: They connect other people who are near me so that if they cannot antagonize me, they can antagonize people associated to me.

Tymon: Other people do not notice because they believe that these are their own thoughts and feelings, but I already know what it looks like when they have been hooked up.

Tymon: It is hard to inform people because when I do tell them, they end up just remaining hooked up to it and then they become complacent and do whatever they are told. Something like Kanye.

Tymon: I'm the only one who actually knows what this is and what is going on and why. All I am saying is to remember this and that it is a highly developed technology.

Tymon: And that they are always talking to me. I frequently hear Rothschild and Bill Gates.

Tymon: They have no intention of stopping, but get strangely timid when they find out people start to believe me. And they stop completely only for a short time and then do it all over again.

Tymon: They are afraid of me having money and a business.

Tymon: They are so afraid of this, they never let me go. They fear me, and they will never tell anyone this, but this is why they use that technology. They want to watch me do my work and try to take it so they can say that they were associated with it the entire time.

Tymon: They want to stop anyone from helping me so that they can ensure that no other businessman can have me or bring me up. This has happened before.

Tymon: "They Don't Want Anyone To Have Me, Especially Not Another Businessman."

Tymon: "Maybe You Should Pay Me For Personal Hours -Instead- Of Work Hours, Because I Am A -Personal- Attendant."

Aquila: 330to530@444west lake street17th floor

-2:05 PM-
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Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order
Judgemaster the End :: Righteous Arbiter; Goddess of All Laws, Decrees and Order

Posts : 788
Female Reputation : 0
Join date : 2014-11-02

PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Aquila Mushir Bey   Sat May 26, 2018 4:57 pm

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

1:31 PM

Tymon: "I Propose That We Work Something Out Before The Court Date -- I Have The Mail Which My Ventra Card Came With And The Text Messages And Facebook History As Evidence."

Aquila: reat
Use it
I'm requesting mental health care for you.u think we owe you a zero dollar card when you stole our7day.go print your evidence and I will show he judge and the states attorney the7day you stole us ours

Aquila: We have your smiley come to court get a lawyer because you will need to got to jail

Aquila: ou lucky you got the card but remember it is coded with numbers the judge and I can track to show you have our30dollar card we have the receipt your eceipt says zero dollars

Tymon: You stole my Ventra Cards. Both of them. And assaulted me. And tried to rape me. And sexually harrassed me.

Tymon: "Thank You. I Appreciate You."

Tymon: "I Will Gather My Evidence And See You In Court."

Tymon: "Property Damage And Emotional Distress Plus Abuse Are Inclusive."

Tymon: "I Will Include How You Took Pictures And Frequently Took Advantage Of Me And Request A Thorough Investigation."

Tymon: "I Also Have Some Of The Servcorp Tickets From Previous Visits And History From 2015 That You Have Stolen My Evidence From Me, Which Supports How You Have Stolen My Ventra Cards."

Tymon: "I Will Press Charges For Malpractice, As Well."

Tymon: "As For Sexual Harrassment: Molestation, Assault, Extortion, Blackmail And Rape."

Tymon: "I Also Will Have A Testimonial About The Sexual Harrassment In Terms Of The Other Young Men And Adolescence, Which Is More Than Statutory Rape."

Tymon: "The Theft Of My Ventra Cards Is Part Of The Malpractice Claim."

Tymon: "Thank You, Again."

Tymon: "P.S. Sexual Predation."

Tymon: "I Have Also Involved My Family And Will Show Everyone All Of The Evidence Against You Before The Hearing."

Tymon: "I Also Have An Alibi Via IP Addresses And Timestamps On The Internet And Through Texts Verifying My Location And Situation At All Times."

Tymon: "I Even Have Text Evidence Of Your Request To Come To Your Private Location In Exchange For Work, Which Is Part Of The Alibi For The Testimony Of Sexual Harrassment."

Tymon: "God Is Good. Amen. God Bless You."

Aquila: God bless Psychiatry

Aquila: God bless psychologist

Aquila: God bless psych therapy

Aquila: God bless having your text stating bill gates is making you do this

Aquila: See you in court

Aquila: I have a witness you saw help me contact police on you

Aquila: That witness is on my side

Aquila: He says to the police you need to go to jail for stealing

Aquila: I agree

Tymon: "If You Say I Need Mental Help And Took Advantage Of Me, That Makes It Worse.'

Tymon: "The 7 Day Is Also The Most Important Evidence."

Tymon: "I Also Know You Have Been Stalking Me And Made Many Sexual Advances Even When I Said No."

Tymon: "The Lies You Told About Me Stealing Lead Back To You Stealing And Willingly Giving Me The 7 Day For My Ventra Cards In Order To Attend Work, Which I Have Texts About."

Tymon: "My Alibis Are Set."

Tymon: "Unless You Have A Settlement, Then Goodbye."

Tymon: "The Lying And Falsification Of Information Tie Into Malpractice."

Aquila: ead the rules of criminal justice this is not civil justice
*You tried to run to flee from police arrival
*You refused to give me our property which has alue and your does not
*you attacked me to flee and not return my pass
*You have no receipt for the30day pass.
*Call the police ask them can they track ur pass you stole,they will say yes
So just show up in court

Aquila: Just get a public defender before court

Aquila: I'll call your mom later

Tymon: "I Never Attacked You Nor Fled From The Police. You Assaulted Me After I Tried Calling The Police And Cracked My Phone As I Called For Help. I Was Running From You Assaulting Me."

Tymon: "I Was Cooperative With The Police."

Aquila: For now
Stop Texting me I dont care

Aquila: Stop texting me

Aquila: Stop or its harrassment of a victim

Tymon: "Now Because I See You Will Continue To Lie, We Have Nothing Else To Discuss. Beyond That, All Of Your Statements Are Invalid Strictly Because Of The Fact That You Provided The Service And Have Two Things Of Mine In Exchange."

Tymon: "You As Well."

Aquila: You were charged with battery against me

Aquila: Stop

Aquila: Stop

Aquila: Stop

Aquila: No more

Tymon: I. "You Are Harrassing Me."

Aquila: You still texting me after I said stop

Aquila: Stop

Aquila: Stop

Aquila: Stop

Aquila: Stop

Aquila: Stop

Aquila: Stop

Aquila: Stop

-2:35 PM-

"Immediately Afterward And During Aquila's Texting Me, I Called The Police And Filed A Report For Harassment, As Well As The Other Claims Such As Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Slander, Emotional Distress, Stalking, Sabotage, Theft, Extortion, Sexual Predation, Malpractice, False Advertisement, False Witnessing With A False Testimony About Myself And The Situation To The Police. For Wasting My Time About Seeking Employment, Friendship And Business Investment, I Am Pressing Charges And Pursuing Holding Him To The Fullest Extent Of The Law For Lying About Me Stealing (Of Which I Have Evidence Of) And Assaulting Me When I Attempted To Call Yhe Police On Him For Threatening Me And Harassing Me On The Day He Filed The False Police Report, Plus Property Damages For My Phone And Endangerment Of My Life And Resources. Also For Trying To Tarnish My Record With A False Testimony." - Testimony (Tymon)
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PostSubject: Re: Evidence Against Aquila Mushir Bey   

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Evidence Against Aquila Mushir Bey
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