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 Space Piracy

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Hayden Shepard


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PostSubject: Space Piracy   Wed May 16, 2018 2:28 pm


Name: Hayden Shepard

  • Nickname/Aliases:

    • Shep - A friendly shortening of her last name, used predominantly by the other space pirates at the galactically known, communal trash planet,Scars I6W. Where the waste and scourge of the known galaxy ends up, one way or the other.
    • Hayday - A friendly shortening of her first name, used ONLY by her first mate, and best friend. It’s not a nickname used commonly enough for anyone but her best friend to know it.
    • Protege - The only thing she was ever called by the bounty hunter that raised her. According to him, she didn’t deserve a name until she took one for herself. Eventually, she chose her own first name and commandeered his last name. To this day, Hayden doesn’t know whether this man was her biological father. Also called this by the oldest members of her crew, who knew her guardian.
    • Impulse - An alias forcefully inserted between her first and last names on the galactic patrol’s wanted lists. Or, her pirate captain name. Known to flying off the handle at a moment’s notice, act on instinct and prone to fits of destructive rage, many pirates that fear her, and the galactic patrol members trying to capture her, Impulse because of perceives ‘poor impulse control.’  
    • Captain - What the not so decorated members of her pirate crew call her, when they aren’t whispering ‘Impulse.’

Age:  Seventeen Years Old

  • Physical Age:

    • Seventeen years old

Gender: Female
Birthplace: Babroria
Previous Residence: Scars I6W


General Appearance:

    • Height: 5’5” (Normal), 6’0” (Suited Up), 5’9” (Energized)
    • Weight: 145 lbs. (Normal), 245 lbs. (Suited up), 170 lbs. (Energized)
    • Eye Color: Spring Green(Normal), Non-Visible(Suited up), Glowing Green(Energized)
    • Hair Color & Style: Medium Black Hair, Styled as a High Ponytail Afro Puff(Normal), Non-Visible(Suited up), Spiky Glowing Greenish Yellow Hair(Energized)



Overall Personality:

  • Hayden is an aggressively friendly individual, capable of making friends quite quickly, despite how frank and blatantly ignorant of social customs she can be. It isn’t fueled by malice, her bluntness and ignorance, but a deep misunderstanding and social constructions like manners and personal space. She is a product of her upbringing and her caretaker, Shepard, never cared for such things either. Thankfully, she has her best friend at her side to reign in some of her more aggressive tendencies. Hayden shows the same amount of loyalty to her crew and friends as she expects from them and it is due to her diligence as a space captain that inspires the utmost loyalty from those that follow her. Because she cares so much from her crew, Hayden’s protectiveness would cause her to do anything for her crew just to keep them safe, even discarding her protective armor which seals her uncontrollable power.
  • One thing Hayden can never be accused of is not being straightforward. She is an honest person who lives life exactly as she wants to live it and expects people to be just as upfront and honest about themselves as well. Due to this strong-willed honesty it has colored the way that she fights. Built for speed, with an ability that gives her massive power, Hayden is quicker to rush you down, rather than wait you out. She strikes true and honestly, and hates when opponents resort to cheap tricks in order to get one over on her. Unfortunately, because she enjoys battle, she can get drunk on the battle frenzy and tends to go berserker when she is greatly pleased or exceptionally upset. In this berserker rage, Hayden sees nothing but red. She rages uncontrollably attacking friends and foes alike, and needs to be sedated immediately. It is because of this uncontrollable power that Hayden wears her protective armor, to suppress her wild tendencies.

  • Favorite Quote/Saying:

    • ”Follow me to glory!”
    • ”The end is here!”
    • ”We stand united!”
    • ”Live great, die better.”
    • ”Strong, free, and proud.”


    • Avid Reader
    • Accomplished Hunter
    • Accomplished Engineer
    • Accomplished Martial Artist
    • Treasure Seeker
    • Sweets Connoisseur

    Favorite Color:

    • Purple


    • Her Mentor is Dead
    • Her Home Planet (and Parents) Have Been Destroyed
    • She’ll Never Be Able To Control Her Power
    • She’ll Lose her Crew to her Rage


    • Reunite with Mentor, who went missing about 5 years ago
    • Find her Home Planet
    • Protect her Crew

||Skill Information||

Elemental Affinity

  • Dominant: Earth
  • Recessive: Wind

Skill Specialty

  • Dominant: Jorin (Martial Arts)
  • Recessive: Kenku (Ki Manipulation)



||Face Claim||

Series/Game: Dragon Ball Super
Name: Kefla, Caulifla, Kale
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Space Piracy
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