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 Tsukuyomi Yin; Tear Lacrimoso

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Tear M. Lacrimoso
Shinigami Tsukuyomi :: Moon's Eye Mirror; Keeper of the Crystal Heart
Shinigami Tsukuyomi :: Moon's Eye Mirror; Keeper of the Crystal Heart

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PostSubject: Tsukuyomi Yin; Tear Lacrimoso   Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:51 am

(Updates Necessary, WIP)

Name: Tear Lacrimoso
Age: 24
Origin: Unknown
Species: Human
Weight: 157 lbs
Height 5'11
Race: Weapon (Spiked Mallet, Belt Sander)
Known Family: Mother and Father (Deceased)
Soul Attributes: Liquid Wavelength
Used Jutsu: Taijutsu, Bunshinjutsu, Nintaijutsu

Likes: Being alone, Beauty, Fine Art, Refinement, Destruction, Creation, Life, Death, Nature, Bondage, Happiness, Sadness, Tears, Emotion, Killing, Liquid, Shinigami, Teaching, Learning, Respect, Poetry, Soliloquies, Elegies, Requiems, Dirges, Stories, Scenery, Pets, Living beings.

Dislikes: Rudeness, Crowds, Destruction, Creation, Life, Death, Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Other generally negative emotions, Killing, Dryness, People with tainted personalities/souls/etc., Disrespect, Unannounced guests, Living beings.


Tear's anatomy is slightly different than that of normal humans. He does look like a normal person in appearance, however. His hair is short and whitish-silver, very relaxed and flowing downward like a waterfall. His eyes are generally halfway opened most times, but are very keen beyond imagination. Tear is able to notice not only changes in the atmosphere with just his eyes alone, but also able to notice wavelengths, energies and spiritual things with his eyes. Tear's eyes also tend to glow as if they are coated with a film of liquid, as they are constantly gleaming like that of a cat. This film has special properties that make Tear's eyes like mirrors, thus, he can make them act as true mirrors or one way mirrors, also allowing Tear the ability to see in the dark and slow down the frames of speed of what he perceives, making his eyes the most powerful asset on his face. Tear's ears are very sharp, too, but not as much as his eyes. Naturally, he can hear better than most just because of training, but his ears aren't anything to brag about. With his physical appearance being normal, his physical attributes are quite adapted to his former lifestyle.

Tear's skin and bones are incredibly strong and durable. They do not pierce easily and are actually strong, despite the smoothness. This is because his life as a nomad hardened his body intensely, and his incredible physical strength called for him to have to harden his body in any way possible for him to use it. Speaking of which, Tear has incredible physical strength. He tends to hide it by show of his Mallet, however his true strength is actually not induced by the mallet. His strength allows him to destroy a building and crush diamond. His speed is also nothing to play with, either, as he can move at insane speeds that are more than breakneck or blinding, and naturally, with great speed comes great agility. All of these changes in his body happened due to his nomadic ways prior to coming to Shibusen. Finally, the most important aspect of Tear is his weapon blood. His weapon blood allows him to change into a spiked mallet or a beltsander.

Tear's attire may be the most striking thing about him, excluding his gleaming, watery eyes and signature, deadly nonchalant smile. Tear wears things that make him look similar to a bondage slave, but at the same time, like a really cool guy. He wears around his neck a small studded choker, only barely visible above the color of his shirt. He wears a white, casual shirt with an eye with a teardrop on the left side of it. Over his shirt, he wears a navy blue jacket that seems to be tight around the arms and waist, however pops outward and flutters slightly after passing the waist, though it only reaches down to his butt. The cuffs of the jacket are studded, just like his choker. Around his right hand, he wears a single, black, fingerless glove with a sort of buckle on it, for some reason. His pants are made of the same material as his jacket, being the same navy blue in color. They are also slightly tight, yet oddly roomy at the same time. His pants have several straps and buckles on them, about 3 around his they on his left leg and 2 crossing around his calf on his right leg. On the right side of his waist, a few chains dangle down loosely as well. Finally, he wears plain, black boots which come up to about his knees, having the same straps and chains as his pants.

Generally a kind, yet depressing person, Tear is an odd one, indeed. He almost never raises his voice and is always seen as calm and collected, even in the most dire of situations. He gives off a depressing vibe most times and has a strong love for the beauty of nature, but also the destruction of everything else, finding personal beauty in both life, death, creation and destruction. He also has a very keen eye for fine arts and any sort of great art in general, and knows how to appreciate it. Tear tends to cry at times when it doesn't seem necessary, but that is only because that is the only way he shows large emotions outside of his signature, deadly nonchalant smile. He is very respectful to generally everyone, and likes to be by himself most times. He is willing to train with anyone and likes to make sure he gets his point across in any means necessary. In his nomadic times, he was a ruthless, violent, demonic killer of all things that were tainted, and still keeps that same personality to this day, however more hidden now. He does still enjoy killing, but does not do it as often.

Tear's Tragic Tale
So it begins, the story of a lonely weapon. As a child, I was found to have the blood of a weapon running through me. It is unknown how or why, since my parents were both normal humans, but I did not complain. I was an odd combination of 2 weapons; A Belt Sander and a Sledgehammer. Once it was found out that I was a weapon, I became an outcast... My parents did not seem to care, which left me with happiness. One fateful day, I tried to show off my weapon abilities.. But it seemed that I was not able to use them correctly and while showing them to 2 other children who were interested in me... I ended up grinding one of their faces off and smashing the other's skull in. I cried, but only one tear out of one eye. When I got home, I was struck by my parents with both a belt sander and a sledgehammer. They meant to kill the monstrosity that they harbored as a son by the same means that it killed those other children. I could not allow myself such an ironic and cruel death. I retaliated with a swift blow to their heads with my sledgehammer arm. I could move it much faster than they could swing their sledgehammer, though mine was quite a bit larger and heavier. So ended the lives of my parents. I shed one tear, though I could not stop there, for I loved them. I opened them up by grinding off their skin, muscle and tissues and placed them in a box, then proceeded in shattering every bone in their body with my sledgehammer until it was nothing but a fine dust. I compacted their organs into a flat and solid disc, placing those in separate boxes. Their bones resided in a jar. All that was left were their souls... Their souls that had been tainted by their thoughts of me as a weapon. I devoured them, earning myself two souls. I felt stronger, and it gave me the ability to carry on, to feast on the souls of the tainted and those who cannot weep for my anguish... and so I weep for their destruction and their pain. Rampage. I had to rampage. I saw the ways of the light and they saw only what was darkness... It was then that I could 'perceive' their souls... Soul Perception, was it? I could see how tainted they were becoming just by whatever thoughts they had of me. Bloodshed. Death. Departure. Feast. I devoured 50 souls that day... And trekked off alone. After many years passed, I devoured many more souls who thought of me in this way, some who meant to destroy me though I was kindly minding my own business... Monsters. Evil creatures. Demons. All of the like, I harvested their souls, gaining 99. Then I came here. It seemed to be a nice and friendly establishment in which I was accepted. For once in my life, I wept tears from both eyes, and they rolled down nonstop... For once, I actually cried tears of happiness. My soul... My Crying Soul... When I cried tears from both eyes, I could feel it grow larger exponentially... Shinigami inquired if I would take the road of a Deathscythe and slay a witch, in which case I did, devouring her soul and becoming a Deathscythe. My purpose now is to rid the world of the tainted, weeping for the pain of my suffering and encourage those like me to press forward... By any means necessary.

"Nothing is unclear to eyes cleansed by tears." ~~ An Elegant Engagement;
'Moonlight Waltz'

"Shall we dance under the evening sun bright, late into the glassy-eyed moon's light?" ~~ God Of Death;
'Tsukuyomi Yin'

"Tears of a thousand,
Pain of a million," ~~Tear Lacrimoso;
'Weeping Willow'

"Filled with Destruction and Anguish,
Grinding your emotions down to dust,
Crushing your happiness into nothing," ~~ Mechanica;
'The Reaper'

"Our thoughts clash
And my soul weeps..." ~~ Moon's Passion;
'Deadly Rondo'
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Tsukuyomi Yin; Tear Lacrimoso
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