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 Tsubake the Forgotten Sky Pirate

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Great Ape the Golden Blisschrysm :: Chocolate Scarab Alpharaoh, Keeper of the Crystal Shard
Great Ape the Golden Blisschrysm :: Chocolate Scarab Alpharaoh, Keeper of the Crystal Shard

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PostSubject: Tsubake the Forgotten Sky Pirate   Sat Feb 21, 2015 9:42 am

Name: Tsubake
Alias/Preferred Name: Blank (Those who do not wish to call him Blank call him "Bro.")
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black (With Belt over Eyes), Red (when belt is over 1 Eye; 4th Power), Blonde (When Belt is off; 5th Power)
Eye Color: ???
Dislikes: Those who use weapons/using weapons, Projectiles, Supernatural abilities that he doesn't know how to deal with (mainly flight), Losing fights.
Like: Fist Fighting, learning to control new energy within his body, Winning Fights, Motorcycles, Airships, Training, Sky Pirate Raids, Stealing in General, Leather Jackets, Materia, Rare items.
Kekkai Genkai: Natural Energy, Hihyougan (Critical Eye) (unknown)
Special Abilities: Body Enhancement
Personality: Find out for yourself.

----- Story Time... -----

The name's Blank. Don't wanna call me that? Call me Bro. If that's too much for you, then you should just stay out of my way.

I come from a clan that used to ride the skies. We were Sky Pirates. We used to take what we wanted, when we wanted and didn't give a damn whom we took it from, but we didn't like to hurt people. Don't get me wrong, if they attack, we will collaboratively whoop their asses, but we never initiated fights. We only did that when we absolutely had to... And when we absolutely had to, we always won.

There is a simple reason as to why we always won fights... My clan's special ability of Natural Energy. All of our bodies have the potential to harness all types of energies to power up our own bodies, though we can only excrete this power with physical attacks. We would take the energy of the surrounding area and focus it within ourselves to demolish all who got in our way. Not only that, but they also said there was a strange power in my eyes that helped up in times of danger. I never paid much attention to it, though. Anyway, there was no way to defeat us. Though, one day in a raid, our airship was blown down from the sky; all of our treasures being spread across the land. I grabbed only one treasure most important to me; the family's dagger. I, myself, am not a fan of weapons, but... This weapon, I can make an exception to. It has the memory of my family within it, and whenever they want to assist me in battle through the dagger, who am I to stop them? Not many of us died from the blowing up of the ship, but many of us were separated and never saw each other again. Yeah, guess what? I was separated from them... But also separated from myself. Some of my body parts had been damaged and blown away in the process, and I was unconscious for 6 months straight. How did I survive, you ask? My body pulled in some Natural Energies to keep my life sustained, even though I couldn't do anything. Nifty, huh?

When I came to, my body parts were sewn back on and I had a strange belt over my eyes. I don't know who or what sewed me back together, but I do appreciate it. About the belt... I intended to see why this thing was over my eyes, and after many experimentations, I found out that it was regulating my power. Some time afterward, I noticed a note inside of it, as well, explaining further what I had already come to the conclusion of. The note read:

"Boy of the strange energy,
Your power was leaking uncontrollably out of your body, gushing out as your blood was. It seemed as though it had been 3 days you had been there, bleeding unstably. Your body was on the verge of death. We found your body parts as quickly as possible and reassembled them, to ensure no more blood would exit and no more of your energy would pour out. To our favor, the blood stopped, but unfortunately, the energy coming from your body did not stop flowing. It threatened to take your life's essence if any more were to flow out, and we could tell, as your life's essence was becoming weaker and weaker with every passing moment. Using an ancient containment relic of our people, we placed it upon your head and allowed it to contain your power and regulate the flow of your energy to ensure your survival. Your body was too weak to handle your power at that moment, however, with time...."

The note was cut off. It was rather dirty and sloppily written... It was amazing that I could read even that much. Oh well, I'm sure I could infer from the rest of it about what to do. Well, regardless of what I had been through... I still had the family's dagger and I had this new belt and all of my body parts, which seemed to be functioning fine. Now, all that was left to do was wander around... Take what I can to survive. And bide my time until the family and I are reunited once more, ready to scourge the world of all of its treasure. That's the life of a Sky Pirate... The life for me.

--- Forgotten ---

Guy I met around this place, a Sky Pirate like myself... Wave was th'name. He and I; best of bros. Together we hunted and gathered all the rarest treasures all across this land... But this land here changed, and the materials were becoming scarcer and scarcer. So we had to start going farther out... and farther and farther and farther... Until finally, we found what we were looking for. Materia. Sweet, glorious materia. It wasn't a lot, but it was enough. Materia and these two knew weapons; an Ankh and a Hook Sword shaped like a Crook. Found it in some sort of Pyramid way off, and they were said to be some sort of special weapons or whatever... I took em. Named em Isis the Ankh and Osiris the Crook Hook. They seemed to take kindly to the Materia I put into them, and it only felt better for my natural energies to get hold of those two. Woo baby. Shortly after, my natural energy started going haywire and it surfaced itself on my skin... Like it had evolved. Now it looks like really cool tribal markings all over my body, and I'm loving it. I learns that I could control these tattoos in any shape or form I want, since it was just my own Natural Energy.

However, on our journey back... We found chaos. Not only that, but we'd been forgotten. They really did that to us? They forgot who we were?

We'll show them. Now we're back with a vengeance. Before I left my journey, I started on the path of an Assassin. Skilled at the sleight of hand and the art of killing? Plus Materia and my Natural Energy and these weird looking Tattoos? Me and Wave are gonna take this place by storm... No one's ready for these Sky Pirates back on deck!
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Tsubake the Forgotten Sky Pirate
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