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 Lost Weapons

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Great Ape the Golden Blisschrysm :: Chocolate Scarab Alpharaoh, Keeper of the Crystal Shard
Great Ape the Golden Blisschrysm :: Chocolate Scarab Alpharaoh, Keeper of the Crystal Shard

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PostSubject: Lost Weapons   Sat Feb 21, 2015 9:48 am

Null, the Family Dagger
I'm only going to have one weapon and one weapon only; The family dagger. Its name is Null. It's your ordinary dagger, slightly longer than the norm, however. While I'm holding it, I can concentrate my Natural Energies within it to enhance it, like I can my body. It's got holes for my fingers, too, just in case I wanna use it like bladed knuckles. This is the weapon of my family, and so their power is embedded within it. Whenever the family wants to help me, Null will gleam and change color from green to clear.

I put some Materia in this baby, too. Got some Summoning Materia and Independent Materia and put em in and the Dagger's never looked better.

Summon; El Dorado: Summons Blank's flying motorcycle, El Dorado, at any given time.


Osiris the Hook Sword Crook
Yeah, so I said I'd have only one weapon, but... This one was just too cool to pass up. It's a Hook Sword that looks like the crook of an ancient Egyptian ruler... Big time treasure right here. I'm not all that much of a fan of weapons, but when it came to the Materia and my new Assassination skills... Yeah, it was definitely okay to make this exception. I put some materia in it and gave it some magical power... Think I put in maybe four Magic Materia orbs...? Fire, Lightning, Poison and Blind. Yeah, those Materia.


Isis the Ankh
I'm sure it doesn't look much weaponwise, but it's actually something I can get the hang of, a giant Ankh. Probably use it as a bludgeoning weapon or something. It seems to hold some sort of strong affiliation for protection, cuz it urged me to give it lots of white magic materia and support materia... Cure, Dispel, Silence, Water, and Wind.

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Lost Weapons
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