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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension (Tymon Nikia Bolton II's Website)

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 Divine Pet; Tzedusa The Ouroboros

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PostSubject: Divine Pet; Tzedusa The Ouroboros   Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:54 am

Tzedusa; the Infinite Lost Dragon ShinRyu Ouroboros:, The Twin Piscean Chrysms of 'Exodia, the Golden Phoenix.’ Khrona creates a beautiful winged feathered serpent of crystal known as Khrona creates an entire universal reality in the form of a crystal serpentine chain known as ‘Ophiuchus, the Serpent of Infinity.’’ It is a complete universe beginning to end, and at its head is the beginning whilst at its tail is the end, and could be considered an entire universal existence,  timeline or history compacted into the form of this reality serpent. It is the essence of ‘Infinity’ itself, and is known as the ‘Mugenfinity Serpent,’ and also frequently looks like an 8 with wings. Though it may freely move about as it pleases, it is controlled solely by Khrona, as are all the goings on within it, for it is one of his realities. It has two positions it shifts between and two commands.
-Mugenfinity Lock: The Beginning and the End at the Same Time, forcefully brought to the same point by Khrona. When using this technique, Khrona creates and strings together an entire complete alternate dimensional reality loop that cycles an entire beginning and end of a universe at the same time, shaped like a cosmic serpent eating its tail. To an outsider looking in, it looks like the Infinity symbol when it is in 'Lock' position, and all things within the infinite loop are locked and isolated within its infinite universal confines.
--Harmageddon Infinitum (Infinite Armageddon): Only to be used when Ouroboros is in 'Lock' position. By cycling through the beginning and the end of a universe at such a high speed (which looks like the serpent slithering as an Infinity sign at high speeds), the vacuous force of the destruction and creation of all such energies at the same time so rapidly draws in whatever is nearby into its eternal loop that is The Beginning and the End within Khrona's own hands. This occurs for what is outside of the Ouroboros at the time of the 'Harmageddon Infinitum'. As for what is within  the Ouroboros at the time of the 'Harmageddon Infinitum,' one will experience the beginning and the end of their lives all at once, never being able to escape always instantaneously being at the 'end' and 'beginning' at the same time. Every time they finish, they instantly start anew, and then instantly end again, never to truly be able to begin life nor end it, but being locked and stuck in the middle to feel the destructive force of the armageddon apocalypse over and over and over at a high speed. Rinse and repeat. They can alternatively always experience the power of the apocalypse at all times, rather than repeatedly. It depends on Khrona’s choice.
-Mugenfinity Load: When it is in 'Load' position, the snake stops biting its tail and lashes out at the target, trying to swallow it whole in its infinite alternate reality to be placed into storage. This is the only opening it ever has, as this is the only time that it is ever 'unlocked,' you could say.
--Mugenfinity Cannon: Only to be used when Ouroboros is in 'Load' position. When something is 'Loaded' within the Ouroboros, it can also spit out whatever is within its infinite alternate universe as ammunition, such as whomever is trapped, a planet, or a even a star. Though the size is variable between microcosmic and macrocosmic, the general power level is dictated by however much strength Khrona has to use.

Twin Dragon; Geminus Anguium
Geminus Anguium is a Latin phrase meaning "Twin Snakes". Its form is that of a black snake head attached to a never-ending chain. Ouroboros is the symbol of a snake eating or biting its own tail, symbolizing infinity.
-Attacks the mind and psyche.
-Create portals at will.
-Bind spacetime.
-Mechanize Algorithms.
-Extension Infinitum
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Divine Pet; Tzedusa The Ouroboros
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