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 Zita :: Tzita

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PostSubject: Zita :: Tzita   Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:57 am

Weaponry of Witchery.
Alright, so, Zita has 2 weapons so far. One was received on a mission and the other was stolen from Takai.

The first weapon gained from a mission is the Magical Cube. It has 6 faces with 6 keyholes in it. The purpose of this is to suck in any 6 energies, forces or beings, whatever they may be, trap them there and give Zita the immunity to it in all ways. It's a very powerful magical artifact. What is sealed inside can be trapped in the infinite abyss forever, or released upon Zita's will. Zita can only hold up to 6 things in there, and as such, if she wants to hold something different, she has to release something first.

The second weapon is a puppet that now has its own will and own mind and stuff, as well as magic thanks to being turned into a witch by Khrona's contract. She is Tamura.


She can make any number of metallic arms extend from her body wielding any metal weapon at any given time. But that is not her magic. Her magic is that of puppets. Puppet magic. Whatever her magic touches turns into a puppet with no will of its own, only able to be controlled by Tamura or Zita themselves. Tamura's puppet magic tends to manifest itself as numerous invisible strings, however, and if even one touches you, you're a puppet. Yay.

Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros
Its form is that of a black snake head attached to a never-ending chain. Ouroboros is the symbol of a snake eating or biting its own tail, symbolizing infinity. It is believed that this Nox Nyctores can directly attack the mind and psyche of the victim. It can appear out of portals at will to zip out infinitely at the enemy, and can grab onto sheer space with its teeth to pull things in. The weapon itself is a metallic snakehead hook attached to a chain of black and green energy, making an infinitely long chain. Geminus Anguium is a Latin phrase meaning "Twin Snakes", though 'twin' is, oddly, singular.


Chains (Species)
After studying a great deal about the species of Chains, Zita intended to go to the Abyss to take control of them all to keep up her reputation as the Chain Master. As such, she called for the help of Tigen, the only one who could locate this realm. Once Tigen found this realm, he took Zita to it and allowed her to snoop in the Abyss for the Chains. Not long after she got there did she understand the power of the Chains, and thus, became able to control them and bind them with her Chain Magic, as well as the entirety of the Abyss itself with her Sealing Eye. Now, The Abyss resides inside of Zita's keyhole pupil and from there, she may summon her Chains to her liking.

Chains are beings of the Abyss. At one point every one of them was a human but over the course of at least 100 years, if the human manages to stay alive, they evolve into a greater entitey. The way a Chain can escape from the Abyss is by contracting with a human, legally or illegally, and then escaping through a distortion that creates a path to Earth from the Abyss. Zita, however, did not have to make a contract, for she bound every one of the Chains' power to her own, thereby making them her pets.

A contract is formed when a Contractor verbally agrees to form a bond with a Chain, and intakes the Chains' blood, followed by uttering the Chain's name.

Illegal Contracts are formed when a contractor drinks a Chains blood to bind themselves to the Chain. An invention, the Blood Sealing Mirrors, were made to prevent people from becoming Illegal Contractors, who were dragged into the Abyss once the Incuse on their chest had made a full revolution, and to tame Chains' powers, however Zita has gotten control over this power, as well, and it has been added to her Sealing Eye repertoire.

Illegal Contractors are known to feel any pain that their Chains are put through after their Incuses have progressed far enough, however Zita feels nothing of their pain.

With an Illegal Contract, in order for the Chain to have power, it must devour humans, and so their Illegal Contractors must sacrifice numerous people to their Chain. With Legal Contracts however, Chains do not need to devour humans because of the Blood Sealing Mirrors that control them. Zita's Chains do not need to absorb humans because they are not contracted, she has utter control over the Blood Sealing Mirrors, and she has utter control of the Chains.

The Abyss has the power to give "will" to those without it and can turn humans, who survive there, into Chains. It exists in a different dimension as the world, and as thus, time doesn't truly exist in the Abyss. A person can find themselves in any random time period upon exiting the Abyss. According to Break, the Abyss can appear as a prison, a broken toy box, or anything, depending on the person. How the Abyss came to be is unknown, but it is now bound within Zita's Sealing Eye, under her control, as she is now the Will of the Abyss. She did this by sealing the Nucleus of the Abyss inside of her very being, that being the keyhole inside her Sealing Eye, thus becoming the Master of Chains. The Abyss is an endless world of darkness and things from the past floating around the place. It's known that before the Intention of the Abyss was even born or existed, the Abyss was once a beautiful place where the golden light was always around. When Zita became the Will of the Abyss, the Abyss changed to have many keyholes and chains about all the time.

List of Chains:



Dodo appears as a giant black dodo bird, its head alone is larger than his contractor, with a featherless face, a round body and stubby wings. Dodo has blazing, wild eyes and a grinning mouth that ends in a small beak, with nostils just above it, that gets lighter in colour as the snout progresses. Its legs are short and stubby, and end in large curved talons. He and the other Black Wings are able to open The Way, the singular pathway to The Abyss. Dodo is able to use dark energy to attack its opponents in a number of ways, this dark energy being manifested as the black feathers from his bod. He is able to create illusions instantly with his blazing eyes of black fire, and is able to stop further damage to the chains that have been harmed so that they do not become destroyed.

Owl is an always unseen chain, and it is unknown if he even has an actual physical form. The only way to know that Owl has been somewhere is through the binding ties he creates with someone to locate them. Though originally a thread, Zita has altered it to become an actual metaphysical chain that links two people together once Owl finds them. Because it is a chain of Zita's power, this chain can directly surge her magical powers through them, thus even if she is nowhere near them and she surged power through the chain, they will feel it, no matter where they are. Like the other Black Wings, Owl is able to open The Way and access the Abyss. He can also create ties with people via a thread (Now a chain) that only the user is able to see, which allows the user to always be able to find the person tied to Owl. Zita uses this as a magical conduit. Owl shares the ability with Dodo to stop chains from being completely destroyed, as well.



A large black gryphon with judgmental eyes that can see the crimes and sins of those who it looks at. Like all of the Black Winged Chains, Gryphon can open a path to the Abyss and summon the Chains of Condemnation to drag a sinner to the depths of the Abyss if found guilty with its sinner-seeking eyes. Gryphon is able to prevent further damage to the chains to keep them from being completely destroyed.



Raven appears looking much like an actual raven that is comparable in size to that of a house. The flesh around its face has been shown to have deteriorated as Raven's skull is clearly visible. Raven also has numerous lines of chains wrapped around it, one of which holds Raven's mouth open. Raven can pass judgement on those accused with a sin. It would then open a path to the Abyss and summon the Chains of Condemnation in order to drag the offender into the depths of the Abyss. This is an ability shared wih its fellow Black Feathered Chains. Raven can create blue flames that can hurt those who are connected. As such, if one person who is being burnt by these blue flames is connected to someone by blood, by contract, or by anything that binds them to each other, he may harm and kill all others attached to the first. Raven is also known to be able to seal the powers of others, making all of their special powers useless. It has the ability to traverse various dimensions as well. Raven can create many huge copies of menacing eyes, as it was shown to not have any eyes itself, to intimidate its victims. Raven can also manipulate darkness to seemingly become one with it. Raven shares the ability to stop the destruction of the chains with his fellow Black Winged Chains.



The Cheshire's appearance is to have short black shaggy hair. He has a red left eye which he stole, since the Will of the Abyss got it for him. His two hand or rather paws are large right sharp claws, just like a cat. He seems to wear Jester's shoes, and he has two ribbon-like cape with bells at the end. Cheshire has an agressive personality because his sole purpose in his eyes is to protect The Will of the Abyss. As Cheshire was previously a cat who had been given a human form by the Will of the Abyss, Cheshire often licks his 'paws' when there's a break in a fight, he also says 'nya' occasionally. Although Cheshire can be agressive, his overall attitude is more relaxed and generic. Cheshire is also a coward, letting his dimension take care of those he is scared to fight. Another trait of Cheshire's is that he always speaks in third person when refering to himself. Cheshire is able to travel between any dimension as he pleases. This power also appears in the Chain Eques, as well as Gryphon, Raven, Owl, Dodo and Jabberwock, though it takes a lot of power to do so for them than it does for him. Cheshire is able to freely move where ever he wishes to go by trailing his ribbons across his body, and can regenerate at an extremely accelerated speed. His speed, strength and endurance are also on superhuman levels. Cheshire is able to change his shape to anything he wishes at any given time. Cheshire's most commonly used form is one which the Will of the Abyss had granted him.

Hedgehog Chains


Each of the Hedgehog Chains looks the same, each having their bodies covered mostly in beige-coloured fur, save for their feet which are black, they also have a multitude of black needles lining their backs. The Hedgehog Chains do not have mouths on their faces, rather their much larger mouths are located over top of their stomachs. They also have crimson coloured eyes with tiny black pupils which stitch and unstitch themselves whenever they close and open their eyes to simulate blinking, using the strings that outline their eyes, which are remniscent of eyelashes. They are able to spin at high velocities and have super speed and strength, and are able to change size at will.

Mad Baby


The Mad Baby appears as a giant baby head with blonde hair and large insane eyes with a swirled pupil and no iris. He often had drool coming out of his mouth, as well as spider webs as he could spit them in order to trap his prey. Mad Baby also had eight spider-like legs coming out of his head, which had sharp edges to cut through foes. Mad Baby is able to read people's memories, by which he plays off of these memories by altering his own form to be whatever it is that the victim wishes to see from their memories. He can shoot webs from his mouth and legs, which can bind prey's bodies and their powers. The Mad Baby is also able to teleport at will.





Five of Cards

A numerous race of Chain, also known to be the weakest Chains of all. They all look relatively the same, and there are supposedly 52 Card Chains, with 13 in a suit. Cards all appear similar with only few variations between each other. All Cards' heads are round and roughly stitched together. One Card has its mouth sewn shut, and empty black eyes. It also had a nail that had been hammered into its head at some point. Another Card has its right eye stitched shut and a small black left eye as well as a large gaping hole in its head, exposing some of its stuffing inside. Another card has four arms and two small black eyes with white pupils. Its mouth is hardly visible, though it does not appear to be sewn shut. It also had a fork embedded in its head and a legless body that dragged on the ground behind it as it walked on its hands. They all have formidable strength and speed, and also have the ability to sense the powers of others.



Dormouse appears as a giant mouse with blue fur. Dormouse's eyes are sewn shut as is the seam along Dormouse' spine. Dormouse has a small pink nose and a long winding tail with a small pink bow near the tails end. The most prominant feature of Dormouse is the large silver metal key in its back, making Dormouse look very similar to a wind-up toy. With Dormouse's closed eyes, and constant curled body shaped it always appears to be asleep, which ties to its primary ability to put people into a deep sleep instantly, as long as the user is touching the victim's head. It can also levitate and cause other things to levitate.

March Hare


The March Hare has brown fur and an overall cute bunny look to him, with large eyes, a soft well rounded face and small pointed teeth that stick out on either side of his quirky mouth. He also has patches of darker brown fur over top of each eye. The March Hare wears a top hat, as well as a large bow and black over coat. This gives him a sort of civilized look. The March Hare is about the same size as Mad Hatter, appearing larger than a truck. He is not skilled in physical combat, and is rather weak physically. His only abilities are to levitate and make other things levitate and cause others to see what living things would look like dead. As such, when his power is active, it will seem like whatever others look at will seem dead in every way, in different fashions each time.

Mad Hatter


A rather unusual Chain, the Mad Hatter is the appearance of a rather fine tattered petticoat with a pocketwatch and a fancy tophat, shrouded by nothingness on the inside. His only physical feature besides his clothes is the giant piercing red eye that opens up from the abyss within himself and stares at the opponent, destroying them on contact. His only power is destroying other non-human beings.



Equus appears as a muscular black unicorn with a mane of purple flames with violet eyes and more purple flames on its ankles and tail. When Equus teleports or appears, black waves tend to appear out of the ground. Equus has the ability to manipulate darkness to create portals to another location, or even to another dimension, however this ability is only useful in areas where the power of the Abyss is strong, when its weaker, Equus can't crate these channels as easily. Equus is able to reside in a person's shadow, allowing its Contractor to hear and see the movements of the person whose shadow Equus is in.



Snap-Dragon-Fly has a small flaming head, connected to a much larger circular-shaped thorax. It has six jagged green wings, remniscent of holly leaves, and a long serpentine tail. It looks very similar to the insect it was based off of. It can fly and shoot powerful concentrated streams of purple flames from its flaming head.



Rocking-Horse-Fly appears as a white rocking horse-like Chain with large eyes with spiral-shaped irises. It is very angular in shape, making it look as though it has actually been directly cut from wood. Rocking-Horse-Fly also has large transparent insect wings. It can fly and shoot out energy beams from itself.



Jabberwock greatly resembles the classic image of the Jabberwock dragon from the poem Jabberwocky. Jabberwock has black scales that cover his body, which gives him a cosmic appearance, and huge black feathery wings. Jabberwock had a long neck, insane eyes, four antennas, two of which are on its face above its mouth with multiple rows of teeth. Jabberwock has three toed hands and feet and a long tail as well. Unlike many other Chains, Jabberwock has yet to interact with others through conversation, however, Jabberwock was shown to be very protective. Jabberwock can generate a power energy beam that will destroy anything in its path, however it takes some time to power up before it can be used. Jabberwock can pass judgement on people accused of a sin, and summon the Chains of Condemnation after opening a path to the Abyss in order to drag the offender into the depths of the Abyss. Jabberwock shares this ability with his fellow Black Winged Chains. Jabberwock can prevent further destruction of the chains that are about to die. Jabberwock shares this ability with his fellow Black Winged Chains. He can also manifest himself inside of any form of existence or being of his master to protect anything he wishes of theirs.

Lacie's Chain


A chain of unknown name, once belonging to a girl named 'Lacie.' Lacie's Chain appeared as a large silhouette of a bipedal rabbit with a round head and oval-shaped eyes. Lacie's Chain also appeared to have a crown floating over top of its head. It can release a multitude of chains from itself to rip its foes apart mercilessly. Its silhouette seems to resemble the B-Rabbit.



Leon appears as a large lion-like Chain with white fur and a black mane. He wears a small crown on his head and also has tattered bat-like wings coming out of his back. Leon also wears a collar with a small golden pendant that isn't very visible because of Leon's mane. He has insane speed and strength.



Tove appears as a small badger, with black markings over its eyes, its arms and black stripes that lead down to its behind that thicken and make its lower half black as well. Tove has very sharp claws and two short tails, each with a white stripe. Tove is mostly brown in colouring and has blue eyes. Tove can move so fast that he cannot be seen, and it uses this to propell itself when tunneling. He can assume the form of a corkscrew when tunneling to instantly drill through anything, even his opponents.



Bandersnatch acts on his blood-thirsty nature rather than his thought process most times, making him a cold hearted killer. Bandersnatch appears as a muscular black dog with pointy ears, small patches of deep crimson fur just behind his eyes, a powerful jaw and wispy tails that appear to have fluid motion.

Humpty Dumpty



Humpty Dumpty appears as a large floating white orb with black eyes as the original, it is very orbulous with two small hands on either side of it, it also has two stubby apendages at its base that may or may not be its feet. Humpty Dumpty has eight crazed eyes and a large, and very toothy, mouth that when open, shows a void that its extremely long toungue appears out of and delivers heads.. As more contracts are made between Humpty Dumpty and the Orphan's, Humpty Dumpty is replicated for them as their Chains, but these copies appear as black shadows of the white one, and with white eyes and each copy has its own unique shape, like lopsided orbs. Aside from that one difference the two are alike. Once contract is formed with Humpty, he can banish all painful memories from the Contractor's mind and can make multiple copies of itself, which take the form of black Humpties. They attach themselves to other people's minds like parasites, and spread to keep their powers intact. Even if the original is destroyed, if the copies are not, it can live forever. Also, its mouth is a direct portal to The Abyss, which it brings people into with its tongue. When a Humpty is destroyed, be it original or fake, it harms the original holder of Humpty, however. Thus, every time one is killed, Zita will feel the pain, too.

Oz the B-Rabbit



(N/A, It's too much for me. xD) He has the power to summon the Scythe of the B-Rabbit, become the B-Rabbit, shoot chains from his body, destroy anything non-human, and super enhanced strength. He is one of the strongest chains, and can turn other things to dust.

Albus the White Knight


Albus appears as a silver suit of armor from the torso, up. Albus' lower body consists of a large cape, what lied underneath being shrouded in shadows. Albus often had twin swords, with blades that were larger than an average person. When Albus was drifting through the shadows at night, a pair of circular, glowing red eyes were all that could be seen of him. They were located underneath Albus where his legs would have been, though strangely enough they don't appear to be there when Albus steps into the light. He can levitate and has supernatural strength, shown when he attacks with his swords.

Demios the Queen of Hearts


Demios appears as a large skeletal deer-like Chain with large horns, she also appears shrouded in a tattered robe often, which casts a shadow in the shape of a full gowned woman, which is where she got the nickname "Queen of Hearts" from. It has large skeletal wings that are as sharp as knives, this is what Demios uses to decapitate things with.



Grim looks like a giant teal coloured caterpillar, with multiple red eyes and numerous stubby, round feet and on his face, Grim has numerous tendrils coming out of his mouth. Grim has a yellow underbelly and at the end of his tail is a giant white arm, which has two much smaller arms coming out of its forearm. He has great strength and speed and can fire fingernail missiles from his fingers, as well as sense the presence of others.

The Fawn


The Fawn in its sealed form appears as an ordinary fawn, just slightly taller than a full grown man. He had short two pronged horns, brown fur with an execption to its neck, stomach, upper fore legs and tail which were all covered in white fur. It also appears to have a blue scarf wrapped around its neck that seemingly fused with the Chain, though if they had any function is unknown as all that they were shown to be able to do was levitate overtop of The Fawn. When in its released form the Fawn grows exceptionally larger with its horns growing to the size of that of an elder buck. From these horns, it can shoot powerful blasts to attack its enemies.



Duldum resembles a woman that was tied like a marionette via chains. Her eyes are covered but despite this, she can still control anyone and anything with an infinite amount of infinitely long marionette strings that come from her. She can also use them as weapons, as they can sever anything as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Zita :: Tzita   Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:59 am

Whips and Chains; Magic of the Head Witch
Graviso Sepulchuro

Originally separated into both Skull Magic and Gravity Magic (Skull Magic being from her alternate self, Vita, the original Skull Girl and Lich Queen), once Zita unlocked the seal between them and unleashed her true power, the Gravity Magic and Skull Magic took on its true form as Graviso Sepulchuro. Powerful gravitational techniques now shaped in the form of Skulls and skeletal appendages, it combines the best of both worlds. With the deadly power of Death, Curses and the Dead (Necromancy and such) from her Skull Magic and Gravity, Antigravity and Black Holes from her Gravity Magic, the Graviso Sepulchuro is one of the most deadly magics to have ever existed, and has been labeled 'Forbidden Magic' because of that. Zita wasn't formerly Head Witch AND Grand Magistrate for no reason, after all.

With this, at any given moment, Zita can summon floating gravitational skulls as her new 'familiars' in this form, in a sense. Because of the Skull Magic seeping deeper into her being as the Lich Queen, she has an eerie fondness for beheading.

Her magic is specifically reliant on the dominion and generation of Gravity or Antigravity through magical means. It is very versatile in ability even though it is so simple, and easily powerful enough to grant the suction strength of black holes or even greater at Zita's whim. Her Gravity Magic also seems to be able to exceed the gravitational power of a Black Hole on numerous instances, so it seems as though a Black Hole's gravitational force is not the limit in which her Gravity Magic can achieve. Though Zita is naturally immune to the effects of gravity, she can turn this ability on and off to effectively use her own Gravity Magic on herself whenever she needs to, however this only works with her magic, and other gravitational techniques used on her will not work. On another note, anything that is gravity can become anti-gravity if Zita wills it, and vice versa.

The Skull Magic, also known as Death or Shini Magic, was passed down from her father, Xi-Ta, who reigned as the original Lich King. The Skull Magic evolved into Shini (Death) Magic when she accepted the Shini Bones of her father (Who took on the form of Skelette) and the remainder of his power into her own, granting her access to both his power whilst also increasing her own. His bones were made of the Shini Energy, which is a mainly black energy surrounded by green and/or purple colored outlines. It is a volatile substance that sucks out the essence of life and brings about the darkness of death in any way, shape or form. It was the prize of the Lich King, and served fathoms times better than sheer Necromancy, having all of its traits and more. The green and purple energy that outline the pure dark energy are what contain the 'Death' or 'Shini' Energy within, isolating the pure essence of death and molding it to any shape and form the user sees fit. The green and purple glow surrounding the black parts are extremely stiff and hard, able to cut through various substances with little effort whilst the black death energy inside seems to be quite aqueous, able to take the shape and form of anything. In a technical sense, these can be created from anywhere on her alleged 'body,' just the same as her Chains. Shini Energy is ALMOST virtually indestructible and the green and purple energy around it allows the Shini Energy to ALWAYS AND ABSOLUTELY stay in that form of energy. It is literally impossible for Shini Energy to be converted by any other energy, making it have the ability to shirk off and/or rip through dark/matter, or even a star with little effort, however if hit with enough force, it might shatter. It gives Zita absolute control over this energy.

Graveyard Havoc: A powerful, partially necromantic magic that allows the summoning of Shini Energy covered skeletons/puppets/corpses/dead that abide by the thoughts of Skelette. The majority of this magic, however, is a mixture of Shini energy and pure black necromantic energy. Skelette, itself, casts no shadow because its shadow is always being used within this energy, mostly just to guide the attacks with a lot more precision. In a sense, you could say that Skelette's shadow is within the attacks. Also, Graveyard Havoc allows Skelette to reanimate any dead thing, however it will be a zombie or another sort of undead creature and it will be quite susceptible to light and holy energy, despite whatever it was like before death, and they will be servants of Skelette eternally or else they will return to being dead. It may also summon up any sort of undead being almost instantly, as well as bring inanimate objects to life via the power of Necromancy. Lastly, it may siphon out the life and soul of things it touches using Necromancy for energy, or it may use Necromantic magics in general and that dark magic will absorb the life/soul for it.

Graviz (Gravity Ball): By conjuring up a bit of Gravitational Magic, Zita creates a simple ball of condensed gravity. This gravity has proven to be rather strong, however, and can effectively suck even large things into itself and crush them as if they had never existed. The Gravity Ball can be thrown and shot out in the multitudes, as well, making them very useful as a standard attack. (Basic, Gravity, First Tier, Attack)

Graviso (Gravity Flux): Concentrates the force of gravity in a small spot where she deems fit. It may be very powerful, but only consumes a small space.

Graviolizzo (Gravity Moon)

Gravilizzima (Graviton Eclipse)

Gravizzio (Gravitational Discord): A sort of upgraded version of the Gravity Ball, in which Zita conjures up more Gravitational Magic to create a massive ball of gravity with a highly intense core. It will suck anything into this core and compresses it to about an eighth the size of Zita's body. The larger it is, the harder it is to compress, however. Using the power of the intense core, Zita can trap things that do not get compressed within it as a prison, as well. (Basic, Gravity, Third Tier, Attack)

Gravisodiablo (Devil's Hold): High-class, upgraded version of the Gravitational Discord. Zita conjures up a vast amount of Gravitational Magic in the same sense of the Gravitational Discord, thus creating an immense ball of pure gravity with a highly powerful gravitational center as its core that surpasses the intensity of the Gravitational Discord a thousandfold. Due to the upgrade, it has its own sort of 'artificial intelligence,' in a sense, and will extend claws made out of its core straight out of itself that will rend, grab and/or crush whatever they touch, compressing whatever is touches severely. In addition, this sphere is able to hover around of its own free will, breaking down, absorbing and converting what it crushes so that it may get larger and 10 times more powerful with each object that is sucked into it. In the same aspect as the Gravitational Discord, Zita can trap things that do not get compressed as an even better, reinforced prison, as well. (Basic, Gravity, Fourth Tier, Attack)

Magna Gravisodiablo (Graviton Sphere): A highly advanced and highly powerful upgrade to the Devil's Hold. Zita conjures up an astronomical amount of Gravitational Magic that far exceeds that of the Devil's Hold, creating a gigantic sphere of gravitational power that is unmatched by any gravitational force on the planet, almost equal to that of a black hole. Due to the incredible potency and force of the suction, whatever is caught in it will be trapped inside of it. Its power and gravitational force grows the more it takes in objects, until it fills. Once it has taken in its fill of things, it will implode, as if it never existed, taking anything and everything it had inside of itself with it. (Basic, Gravity, Fifth Tier, Attack)

Optima Gravisodiablo (Graviton Hole): An upgraded and advanced version of the Graviton Sphere, and the highest power of the Gravity Ball line of attacks. Zita conjures up an ungodly amount of Gravitational Magic that even exceeds that of the Graviton Sphere, focusing an insane amount of pressure and gravity magic in a certain area. As such, Zita can quickly and effectively create a miniature black hole. However, once creates, this black hole will continue to grow and grow, taking in anything and everything it can. Whatever is taken into the Graviton Hole is instantaneously spit out into another part of the universe at any given place. (Basic, Gravity, Sixth Tier, Attack)

Ars Saifogravisia (Parasitic Gravitational String): Utilizing her Gravitational Magic and control of pressure, Zita condenses a high amount of gravity into single threads of pure, highly pressurized gravitational force. These threads will 'attract' themselves to Zita's targets, whether it be by natural or magical means, thus locking on to whatever Zita wishes. If they are to touch an object, their high powered and fluctuating gravitational forces will surge through it instantaneously. The gravitational force is so strong and unstable that it causes whatever has been touched to be completely and utterly immobile as it drains their energy from it in large quantities. (Concentrated, Gravity, Third Tier, Attack, Drain)

Arsia Teogravoru (Graviton Frame): Zita concentrates a high amount of Gravitational Magic into her hands, charging them with great gravitational power. From Zita's hands come intense, overly massive, concentrated blasts of pure gravitational force of the highest caliber, causing whatever is near to be sucked into the center and crushed into nothingness, leaving barren space void of all matter where the beams had been fired. (Concentrated, Gravity, Fifth Tier, Attack)

Optima Aizo Gravizora (Heavy Crusher): A powered up version of the Graviton Frame, in which Zita concentrates high amounts of Gravitational Magic into only one of her hands, once again charging it with gravitational power. With the hand outstretched, Zita releases a funnel-like wave of magic that will cause anything aligned with her own hand to be instantaneously crushed into nothingness, sucking in anything around the blast for the same effect, leaving barren space void of all matter where the funneling wave had been fired. Alternatively, Zita can expel a large and powerful 360 degree explosion of the same ultra pressurized gravitational magic that either forces everything away or reduces whatever is within its radius to nothingness. (Vacuum, Gravity, Sixth Tier, Wide Spread)

Roh Gravizora Omega (Demon Demolition): An upgraded version of the Heavy Crusher and the most powerful version of the Graviton Frame attack line. Zita concentrates severely high amounts of Gravitational Magic throughout her entire body, charging herself with nothing but this gravitational power. Once she has enough power, Zita looses all of the charges Gravitational Magic as highly intense, ultra massive gravitational explosion from her body that is so strong, it crushes anything within as well as anything near it into nothingness, void of any and all matter. The loose gravity explosion will expand gradually, yet very swiftly, growing stronger the larger it gets, destroying everything even more and more as it gets larger and stronger. It will not stop expanding until forced to stop by Zita or an outside force. (Wide Spread, Explosion, Gravity, Seventh Tier, Attack)

Magna Priso Gravidom (Pressure Dome): Using natural pressures that come from her Gravitational Magic, Zita increases the pressure of gravity around the area, creating a dome around her target. The dome will then release exponentially powerful pressures continuously on anything and everything inside of the dome, the dome becoming smaller and smaller, pressurizing everything within. Anything that can or does survive will be locked within this tiny dome. The pressure can be of any intensity. (Dome, Trap, Gravity, Fifth Tier, Immobilization)

Galgo Millenia Gravidiablo (Graviton Wrath): Concentrating a massive amount of Gravitational Magic around the area, Zita instantaneously generates a thousand or more meteor sized, highly condensed and pressurized spheres of gravity. These spheres will either focus on one target of Zita's choosing and smash it to death with their insanely high gravity, or smash about the area in a sort of frenzy, destroying everything in the process. (Multiple Shots, Gravity, Fifth Tier, Attack)

Ultima Gravicho (Ultramassive Gravity Bomb): Creates one or more insanely condensed, unstable, tiny spheres of gravity no larger than a marble. Their gravitational power is so intense, they are said to be able to suck a planet from space down if they are to be unleashed to their full power in this form. These tiny orbs explode on Zita's command, releasing gravity so strong that it leaves nothingness where the explosions occur, and then, when done, they compress themselves back into tiny spheres once more so they do not risk bringing down a planet. (Explosion, Gravity, Seventh Tier, Attack)

Sin Graviton: One of Zita's most powerful abilities in her arsenal, part of the 'Sin' line of spells, the most powerful there are. By creating a gravitational force so strong that everything around it becomes unstable and unable to keep form, Zita releases it throughout the entire area to have everything instantly crushed, shattered, compressed and imploded by this godly gravitational force. (Basic, Gravity, Eighth Tier, Attack)

Dras Congraviso (Silent Black): Creates a gravitational field similar to that of an exceptionally tiny black hole barrier around the target, which will adjust and adapt itself to their power and resistance to gravity to forcefully make them completely and utterly immobile, stealing energy from their struggling and draining their chakra constantly to keep them in place in the infinite blackness of the Silent Black. (Drain, Trap, Gravity, Seventh Tier, Immobilization)

Sin Gravisia (Black Clear): Another one of Zita's most powerful abilities, in the same power level as a 'Sin' spell. She musters up all of the gravity produced and projected from the planet and concentrates it into one area, virtually crushing anything that isn't prepared into nothingness. Alternatively, she can generate a field of gravity all of her own so powerful it alters the very strength of the planet's gravitational force as a side effect, thus causing the gravity to become as forceful as Zita wills it to be. (Concentrated, Gravity, Eighth Tier, Attack)

Shin Gravidiablo Infinitum (Black Sin Clear): A combination of the Sin Graviton and the Black Clear together, making up Zita's most powerful gravitational attack to date. Zita musters up all of the gravity within not only this planet but any other nearby planets, stars, moons, black holes, and the like and forces them onto one singular point, causing such a catastrophic and destructive effect, words cannot even begin to describe it. This is Zita's absolute strongest attack, however it is immensely stressful and draining. (Gravity, Eighth Tier, Attack)

Causo Graviso (Gravity Shift): With just a tiny bit of magic, Zita can change the flow of gravity, as well as the intensity of gravity to make it go in any direction she pleases at any given time as well as make it as light or as heavy as she wants to at any time. She can also easily shift the 'center of gravity' of other things at any time she chooses. (Manipulation, Gravity, Second Tier, Support)

Gravioli (Fulchrum): Zita makes a small sphere of gravity that acts as a placeholder. It will intake all projectiles into itself and can allow Zita's chains to use them as explosive fuses or as grappling hooks, or allow her to project attacks through them as gravitational portals. (Small, Gravity, First Tier, Support)

Causo Gaviro (Gravity Seal): The upgraded version of the Gravity Shift. By using the natural center gravity inside of someone or something, Zita can easily increase its strength or create a core of pure intense gravity within the very center of the target to force it to implode on itself. Though, it's harder to focus on people, for some reason, especially those with great power. However, with inanimate objects, it works almost instantaneously. (Manipulation, Vacuum, Gravity, Third Tier, Attack)

Magna Causo Gravizoro (Graviton Center): The upgraded version of the Gravity Seal. Using a high-class magic, Zita creates a large sphere of gravity that nullifies the gravitational pull of the planet and anything else (in that area) before creating its own gravitational pull, forcing everything to the large sphere instead. (Manipulation, Nullification, Gravity, Fifth Tier, Support)

Ultima Causo Gravizora (Graviton Destruction): Zita fuses her magic with the natural gravity of the area/the planet, thus causing her to control the planet's gravitational force in its entirety. Using this, she can increase the pressure of the pull to the planet's core to any intensity she wishes for however wide or small an area she wishes. She can intensify it so much that anything above the area will instantly be pulled into the core of the planet. (Manipulation, Wide Spread, Gravity, Seventh Tier, Support)

Alpha Gravikoku (Pressurizer): With a very powerful amount of just pressure from gravity, Zita can literally pressurize anything and everything she wishes with this purebred force of any intensity to bring even the most powerful of foes down to the ground with nothing but pressure alone. It is so powerful that if used to its full potential, it can easily compress the planet into a tiny sphere. Naturally, it gives Zita the ability to compress things into extremely small spheres, in which she can effectively reuse for later attacks. (Weakening, Gravity, Seventh Tier, Immobilization)

Nil Causo Graviso (Zero Gravity): With just a flick of the wrist, Zita can nullify all natural gravitational forces and fields within her magical range. This does not include her own magic, however if she chooses so, it can. (Nullification, Manipulation, Gravity, Sixth Tier, Support)

Magna Gravikozo (Biorhythmic Influentia): By looking at or directly feeling the Biorhythms of whom she is fighting or of nature around her, Zita can literally predict the foe's next move or any abnormalities in the area, thus giving her a vast upper hand when necessary. Not only this, but she can increase or decrease the power, potential and general capabilities of herself or anyone she uses this ability on. (Manipulation, Gravity, Fifth Tier, Support)

Optima Grashiru (Black Shield): By focusing Antigravity around herself in an octahedron sort of fashion, Zita is able to literally push away anything she wishes at any given time. She can also control this shield so much that she can make large walls or even a skin-tight suit of nothing but this Black Shield. (Protection, Gravity, Sixth Tier, Support)

Sin Causo Gravidiablo (Grim Overload): A powerful, yet tricky ability that allows Zita to increase the power of gravity in the atmosphere so much in the area that Zita distorts and it, the flow of space, time and light will be altered to her will, or even destroyed, if she so chooses. This attack, however, does not affect her, but does everyone else indiscriminately. (Manipulation, Gravity, Eighth Tier, Support)

Sin Nil Gravidiablo (Clear Null Wave): The Antigravity equivalent to the Black Clear, by which Zita uses an immense amount of magic to nullify, suck out and absorbs forces of any and all kinds with a powerful wave of gravity and antigravity, making all forces of Zita's choosing nullified and powerless. (Nullification, Gravity, Eighth Tier, Support)

Sin Nil Gravidiablo Infinitum (Anti Sin Clear): The Antigravity equivalent to the Black Sin Clear, thereby using all of previously said gravity as antigravity, making the absolute strongest shield in her arsenal to date, though at the cost of an immense drain and stress. (Nullification, Gravity, Eighth Tier, Support)


Gravitational Lens: Zita generates a gravitational field so strong that she is able to project multiple images of herself by bending and refracting light around her body. She is able to give these projected images density and physical shape via gravitational condensation, thus making them weigh the same as er own body to confuse her foes. They can be sed as 'gravitational bombs' as well.

Garuda Raajiavis (Graviton Boost): By either coating her legs in Anti-Gravity or surging high amounts of Anti-Gravity out of her body, she can accelerate and move at almost any speed depending on how much power is put into the anti-gravity. It allows her quick escapes from fast people and even faster attacks. (Enhancement, Gravity, Fourth Tier, Support)

Teo Graviruda (Heavy Body): Concentrates gravity into certain parts of the body (mostly the hands) and gives her the ability to transmute high powered gravity force blasts through the air to great distances spontaneously as well as break through things with her gravity enhanced body parts. (Enhancement, Gravity, Fifth Tier, Support)

Garuda Magnavis (Graviton Punch): A sort of advanced version of her Heavy Body technique when it is focused into her hands. Zita focuses an insanely high and unstable amount of gravity into her very fists, giving her the ability to punch with exceptional power far exceeding the physical strength of most. Upon making contact with something, for even further deadly capabilities, she is able to send this unstable, fluctuating gravity into the hit target and cause them to disassemble or cause them to simultaneously and continuously explode and implode. (Enhancement, Gravity, Fifth Tier, Attack)

Doa Graviopia (High Gravity Flux): Sort of like a mixture of the Graviton Boost and the Heavy Body. Coats her entire body with a high concentration of gravity and anti-gravity, thus making her invisible by literally pushing away certain types of light from hitting her. If not, she will increase the power to make herself have the repulsive force equal to that of a Black Hole. In addition, she will have the ability to push and pull literally anything toward or away from her, however using this hinders her from using any other Gravity Magic simultaneously. (Armor, Enhancement, Gravity, Sixth Tier, Support)

Heragravisia (Earthbound): Zita casts gravity magic specifically focused at the feet, flowing into the foe's legs, which causes them to literally be unable to lift from the ground by any means. Though they have the ability to walk, Zita can increase the force to ensure that they stay in one place as well. If they are to try to get around this ability, gravity will intensify around their feet and cause them to fall to the ground or the force of the planet itself will suck them back down to the ground. (Concentrated, Manipulation, Gravity, Second Tier, Immobilization)

Ultima Heragravisia (Gravity Board): By creating large, black boards made of insanely concentrated and compressed gravity around the field from the ground, Zita can slow down anything and everything not associated with gravity to any speed she wishes at any given time. So, if they are affected, no matter how fast they go, Zita can still slow them to a point where it will make no difference. (Concentrated, Manipulation, Gravity, Seventh Tier, Immobilization)

Arsia Graviaopia (World Compressor): Zita concentrates a highly intense amount of condensed gravitational force into the form of an enormous mallet of variable size and power. The force released is not dependent on the size and can be intensified all the same. (Concentrated, Weapon, Gravity, Sixth Tier, Support)

Koranecht (Death Claw): Learned from Shinigami and edited a bit. Black claws in the shape of skulls fly out of Zita and work as extra arms. They can rip off skin, crush skulls or even steal souls, and they are quite powerful, as well.

Balto Necro (Death Cannon): A large skull appears on Zita's arm and shoots out a beam made out of death and curses. Quite fatal if hit by it, could put you on the very last strand of life you have.

Magna Balto Necro (Death Cannon; Triple Fire): A huge skull appears on Zita's hand and shoots out a beam from the eye holes and the mouth made of death and curses.

Spira Necrisia (Death Blast): A concentrated, spiraling beam of death.

Rio Korocris (Skull Beam): Skulls are summoned that will shoot beams from their eyes or mouths. Upon being touched, they explode.

Raa Balto Necro (Skull Bazooka): Launches skulls at an extremely high speed that explode in a grand fashion.

Roh Megalo Necro (Head Bang): Creates a giant, magical skull made of nothing but magic and force. This giant skull aims to smash down on the opponent and then explode. If it misses the first time, it will continue to try smashing them until it gets them, and then it... explodes.

Giga Roh Necro (Skull Bash): Summons another gigantic skull, this time with powerful rocket boosters that power its flight. It is extremely durable and hard, able to break through diamond with ease. It will launch itself at the foe and then try to ram into them and explode.

Teonecrocho (Skull Meteor): A huge, meteor sized skull flies down from the sky, making a huge explosion once it makes contact.

Alto Gargonecht (Skull Bomber): Shoots out a barrage of skulls from hand or body, which them explode on contact. They can also fly about like missiles and lock onto targets, homing in on them.

Foh Magna Gargonecht (Skull Rain): Summons skulls from the sky to rain down nonstop, making massive and consumptive explosions when they are to make contact with something, hopefully obliterating it on contact.

Ars Necrobeso (Head Shot): Fires a bullet from her finger in the shape of a skull that instantly locks onto the center of the head of an opponent. If it is not deflected, it will penetrate through the skull no matter how thick or tough it is and then explode.

Garudo Teonecro (Skull Splitter): A devastating attack that even on slightest impact to the head will instantly split the skull in two.

Garudo Necropia (Skull Crusher): Grabs someone's head and forces energy into it that crushes the skull.

Raa Necrio (Deadly Rain): 1) A skull is thrown out that with either shoot out a nonstop barrage of deathly magic or explode covering a huge radius or 2) Zita slams her scythe into the ground and has magic shoot straight up from the ground. If that misses, the magic will come back down for a second try, this time covering double the area.

Ars Necriomega (Death Impact): A large force of magic shoots from above the foe at lightning speed from the sky that tries to impale them devilishly. The force is so powerful that it can impale straight into the center of the planet.

Skull Barrier: A huge barrier of magic in the shape of a skull similar to Shinigami's. It can be used to crush people at will, as well.

No Man's Land: Creates skulls all over the ground that engulf the ground in a sea of skulls. THe skulls can then attack by biting and sucking out energy, exploding, or even ramming into the foe.

Cursed Skull: A skull condemned with a powerful curse transfers this magical curse onto any foe it wishes in the area, placing this curse on their very minds and souls. Not only does this curse weaken them and their abilities, but it also hinders their body in a lot of ways, and is able to cause fatal internal problems.

Burning Skull: Creates floating skulls burnt by a cursed flame that if touched, will also bring the curse down to the target. The flames of the skull cause all abilities and powers to be sealed, as well as the use of any weapon the target might have, thus making them near useless. Also, when they are destroyed, the skulls explode in a grand manner... Even the explosions carry out this curse.

Binding Skull: Skulls with bandage-like things attached the them appear and try to wrap up the foe. If they get the foe, all of their abilities will be sealed as well as their ability to move (even warping.)

Dark Wipe: Zita concentrates magic into the head of someone to wipe their memory of some things, or even steal information from them.

Dark Drain: Steals the memory of the foe via a skull that appear near them to drain them of the ability to remember anything. If you look into its eyes, it nulls your chakra output.

Dark Mind: Erases the mind of someone via magic.

Mental Block: Nullifies the use of all abilities that involve the mind via magic.

Conscious Siphon: Steals the consciousness of foe via a skull that appears near them to drain them of the ability to stay awake.

Death Glare: A skull appears that glares at the foe, paralyzing them instantly upon eye contact.

Dummy Head: A skull appears in front of Zita. This skull is an exact replica of the skull inside of her foe, meaning it has the same properties and is linked to it in every way, like Voodoo. Zita cannot do anything to it, but if anything happens to the skull, the same will happen to the foe's skull and... well... You know.

Skull Hammer: Scythe changes into a skull hammer that can crush bones with the slightest touch.

Condemned Decapitation: Uses her scythe to cut the head of a foe clean off. It disregards shields and natural abilities as well as other things, making it able to go through just about any defense or energy, however it is quite easy to dodge. If it makes contact, the head will not be able to regrow or be able to be put back on (unless it was never attached in the first place.)

Graveyard Havoc:

The Sacrifice: Creates a clone of himself that can absorb any energy shot at him and fire it back if it feels the need to do so or even destroy it within himself, regardless of power or what energy it may be.

The Confused: Releases a black aura from around himself that takes up a wide space that is of his own, not of any normal or known space, nullifying all energy based attacks that come from the opponent. It also ceased the opponent from using any energy based attacks while inside of this as well as keeps anyone except Skelette from using abilities, be them natural or learned, meaning warping, telekinesis, etc are included.

The Rotten: A upper torso of a skeleton demon appears from above the ground. Whatever this torso touches with hands, or any of its bones instantly disintegrates.

The Demon's Hand: From Skelette comes a giant hand that can pass through solid objects unphased and at his own will, sucking out the energies of whatever it passes through or touches.

The Dead: A puppet that looks exactly like the foe appears, built with every bone and every internal... inside thing that the foe has. Whatever is done to it is instantly done to the foe.

The Geo Saber: Makes swords of pure magic shoot straight up from the ground as well as be able to be used by Skelette as weapons or fly around and stuff like that for aerial attacks (regardless of the name Geo Saber.)

The Heretic: An exact copy of Skelette that can use his same moves for Skelette while the real Skelette attacks (example, The Heretic would use The Rotten while Skelette is pounding someone with his Shini Bones.) The Heretic cannot move, however, and upon being touched (if touched) it reverts back into Shini Energy.

The Slave: Fights for Skelette using either the energy of the natural environment around it (For example, a hot place would allow it to use fire) or using Shini Energy, or both.

The Demon: An extremely large Skelette looking monster with a cloak that shrouds the entire area. Within this cloak, you are stripped of all of your powers for a short period of time and utterly... well... Fucked up until it leaves.

The Puppet: Upon being touched by the foe, it takes over the foe's body and allows Skelette to move the foe to his will and whim until its energy runs out.

The Delusion: A fake Skelette appears and the real Skelette disappears without a trace and you fight the fake Skelette, but at any given moment, the real Skelette can pop out and attack.

The Evil Eye: 1) Skelette stares straight into your chakra pool/mind/etc. and forcefully rips out every single amount of energy you have from your body. 2) Skelette summons a large eye made of dark energies and when it is attacked, it absorbs the attack into its eye and instantly appears in front of the foe, paralyzing the foe of all movement and attacking the foe itself.

The Nightmare: Skelette grows to huge proportions, shrouds the entire area with his cloak/rode/thing which nullified all of the foe's abilities completely as well as paralyzes the foe, then an army of Skelettes appear and proceed in beating the fuck out of the foe, similar to The Demon, however Skelette can use it for as long as he wants.

The Accursed: When the foe makes contact with Skelette, he implants some of his Shini Energy into them which slowly drains their life, their chakra, and slowly devours their internal organs and brains.

The Slime: Creates a smiley creature of energy that will absorb all non-physical attacks within itself and store them, becoming larger. It may explode with all or one of these energies if it pleases.

The Goblin: Tiny energy monsters with skulls for faces will attack the foe and suck out their life force by touch.

The Mummy: A floating sarcophagus or upper torso of a mummy will appear and release wrappings that will ensnare and absorb the life of the foe, slowly turning them into a mummy.

The Golem: Creates a giant golem made of any sort of earthen substance that hovers, having no lower torso and skyscraper sized arms and body.

The Succubus: Creates a bi succubus that will suck out pieces of the souls of those she touches, shoots lightning out of her hands and transforms her arms into large, serpent-like things that suck outs souls with powerful vacuum forces.

The Basilisk: A large snake-like head shoots from the ground and spews out breath that turns anything to stone.

The Gorgon: From Skelette comes the upper torso of a Gorgon, the snakes on her head able to turn whatever looks at them into stone.

The Siren: Summons floating sprites that release powerful, high pitched shrieks that are so powerful, they can shatter diamond and liquefy solid objects. These sirens also can suck in sounds as well, or sing tunes that will cause things to go to sleep or become under their control.

The Dream: Skelette's robe wraps around you and sucks out all of your known energies, then also leaves you asleep on the ground.

The Lust: Skelette summons a skeletal beast that pursues a foe no matter where they hide, no matter what illusion they pull and no matter if they are invisible, The Lust always finds you. Then, if it touches you even slightly, you will be trapped in it, paralyzed throughout your entire body and unable to do anything.

The Glutton: A huge skeletal head appears and sucks literally ANY AND ALL ENERGIES WITHIN THE AREA. No energy is an exception to it. The head disappears once all energies in the area are gone.

The Envious: An aura surrounds Skelette that allows him to nullify attacks that touch him as well as fire them back in his own way (example; A fireball comes at Skelette while The Envious is active, the fireball is nulled and a fireball looking Shini Energy.) It doesn't last very long, however.

The Greedy: Absorbs the chakra/energy of someone near him completely to replenish his own.

The Proud: A large mirror appears as far as the eye can see between Skelette and the foe that is one sided. Skelette can see through the other side of it, though the foe only sees a reflection of himself, only the reflection can attack out of its own will.

The Slothful: Space and time around Skelette slows down drastically as long as this being is out on the field, though it does not affect Skelette at all.

The Wrathful: The entire field combusts with an explosion of Shini Bones and Graveyard Havoc fire. It incinerates everything first while the Shini Bones destroy and attack everything within the fires.

The Sin: The necromancer inside of Skelette releases himself from his robe temporarily. He spreads necromantic energies across the entire field, killing the living, reviving the dead (of his choosing) and he will use all of the Seven Deadly Sins Graveyard Havoc at once.

The Paranoid: Skelette summons a floating orb of Shini Energy that locks onto a foe with exceptional accuracy and precognitive abilities, floating around the foe's body. If the foe moves, it instantly attacks with a barrage of extremely sharp spikes that jut from it. It also follows the foe around everywhere.

The Arcane: A large blob-like demon grabs Skelette's scythe and slashes at the foe repeatedly, upon contact both sealing and depleting the foe's energy.

The Hell's Gate: A large gate of bones appears. 1) From it comes a huge and consumptive blast of nothing but undead energies that destroy bodies. 2) The door sucks in all the souls of the living near it.

The Abyss: Skelette's robe grows large and absorbs everything around him with the force stronger than a black hole. The cloak then converts what it touches into Shini Energy.

The Brain Eater: Skelette moves at incredible speeds, now able to float temporarily, devouring organs of people by becoming intangible, however the one he goes after most is the brain. Once the brain is eaten, it is replaced with Shini Energy, making that person under the control of Skelette or dead.

The Soul Eater: A large skeletal head protrudes from Skelette's body and creates a deadly vacuum in the direction of living things, sucking out their life force piece by piece while they are within the vacuum, until Skelette has their complete soul for nourishment.

The Convict: A skeleton with a pistol, a shank and a ball and chain. Once it is destroyed, it comes back every 10 posts (5 from Skelette, 5 from opponent).

The Malevolent: Creates a giant, ghastly spectre that will hover over the land and follow the foe. Whenever the foe attacks, it will attempt to destroy or parry the attack as well at attack the foe directly with a scythe.

The Phantasm: An invisible, floating entity with no lower torso however hundreds of whips coming from its non-lower-torso-having spinal cord appears and whips the fuck out of a foe with its invisible spinal whips.

The Enigma: Skelette may mix and match or merge any one of his Graveyard Havoc AND/OR Shini Energy/Bones abilities to his will by summoning up an enigmatic blob with cute eyes that can merge these things and transform into them at will.

The Reaper: A large Shini Energy reaper appears and takes hold of Skelette's scythe, making it grow to astronomical proportions. The Reaper then takes an incredibly large slash that mows down everything in the vicinity, with a force so powerful and a speed so fast that the very vacuum opens up a space that sucks in souls of the living and then destroys them, as well as sucks in bodies and destroys them as well.

The Twilight: The sky becomes engulfed in Shini Energy which rains down extremely large blasts of shini energy nonstop.

The Fallen: Uses the energy to replicate a fallen ally (For a maximum of 5 turns) that uses the same abilities and powers, however it is under Skelette's control.

The Unique: A skyscraper sized monster with a hammer for a right hand, a reaper scythe for a left hand, a blaster cannon for a mouth and a ghost tail appears that attacks at Skelette's command.

The Dismal: A mist engulfs the area that poisons the foe through physical contact or breathing, but it is not normal poison that takes effect of the blood, no, the mist is actually an entity itself that eats energy of the foe as well as will, so after a while it will eat the will to stand, the will to attack, and possibly the will to live.

The Conundrum: A large hole appears on the ground and various hands try to grab the foe and pull them in endlessly.

The Chaos: A large sphere of energy appears and sucks in whatever it can with the strength of a black hole. It grows larger and larger with everything it sucks in, then it explodes in an astronomical way.

The King: Summons the King of the Dead, ergo, Lich King, or even the Demon King to fight alongside him with various demonic and evil abilities.

The Fool: A Kamikaze attack that kills Skelette's opponent instantly upon contact, but also leaves Skelette on the edge of existence.

The Inferno: Creates a large, burning fire of pure necromantic energies that will suck out the life and souls of the living things that they touch and drain them into Skelette.

The Corrupt: Skelette will touch you just once, even if it is a brush, or one of his undead minions will touch you and instantly, Shini Energy will surge through your body, making all attacks that come out hold the same form as they did beforehand, however they will be made completely of Shini Energy that Skelette can control as well as absorb.

The Pure: Skelette or a being devours all impure energies within something, converting them into Shini Energy and absorbing them. It completely devours shadows and darkness, as well as chaotic or any sort of corrupt or impure energy. It has no effect on light or holy attacks, or anything using light or is completely and utterly pure.

The Nemesis: Creates another Skelette that has all of the opposite abilities of the foe Skelette is fighting.

The Nemesis MK II: Creates a copy of the foe with all abilities opposing their own as well as Skelette's abilities to use to thier will.

The End: An explosion that covers the area in darkness, then, whatever is in the darkness gets sucked back into one singularity of a ball and compressed so much that it has nothing to do but shatter into a million pieces.

The Finale: Skelette takes off the robe that contains all of his energies and basically he becomes the atmosphere of the area, taking control of the air, the trees, the ground, everything and... well... You see where this is going. He fucks shit up.

Shini Bones/Energy. This stuff is made from Skelette and therefore requires no energy to actually summon up or use, unlike the Graveyard Havoc which requires Magic.

Paw Glove: A large cat paw with claws slams at the foe.

Pointy Bone: Shini Bones jut out of Skelette or the ground and impale the foe.

Goblin Claw: Many small claws manifest around the foe and slash at them furiously.

Shocking Grasp: Creates a skeletal hand that will grip the foe and surge numerous energies into their bodies to immobilize them completely and seal their energies as well.

Wolf's Fang: 1) Skelette's hood opens up a great distances and clamps down on the foe, trapping them inside of Skelette's alternate realm inside of himself. 2) Shini Bones jut up from the ground under the foe in the form of a wolf's head and devours them.

Bat Parasol: Numerous skeletal bats are created to fly at the foe and tear off their flesh and bones.

Slimy Membrane: Shini Energy gushes from Skelette and wraps around the foe in a slimy, nucleus like fashion, stopping the foe of all movements and making them all sticky...

Cat's Claw: From Skelette, 3 clawed paws form with immense and long claws that will slice through most any solid structure.

Crab Claw: A large claw shoots out of Skelette at extreme speeds and slices the foe, clamping them as well. It rarely misses when the foe is closer, since it moves at supersonic speed.

Porcu-Spine: Releases numerous quills from all over self and curls into a ball or shoots quills out nonstop.

Scorpion Tail: A tail that looks like a scorpion's comes from Skelette surging with poison and paralyzing currents. You don't have to touch the tip for the poison and paralysis to take its effects.

Electric Eel: Makes numerous skeletal eel heads/torsos shoot from body like snakes, and upon touching one, Shini energy will shock you and strip your body of all energies.

Cobra Fang: Numerous skeletal snakes slither around Skelette and upon the foe getting close, they strike continuously and nonstop, draining the energy of whatever they bite.

Odd Mandible: Skelette opens his robe and sucks in everything into the alternate realm inside of himself for a few moments.

Bear Claw: A large claw swipes down from the sky, tearing up the ground and rending through everything quite ruthlessly with one fell swipe.

Viper Bite: Snaps at the foe, shooting a supersonic speed snake out of his own body, upon touching it, poison and acid will disintegrate the foe.

Panda Claw: Superspeed slashes of MASSIVE claws of energy that tear through whatever get in their way.

Bull Horn: 2 extremely large horns protrude from Skelette's hood and he begins to ram through literally everything in a straight line until he is either stopped or until he stops himself to turn.

Spiky Shell: Skelette shrouds his entire body in a turtle shell of spikes that shoot out like juts as well as the shell protecting from all known attacks.

Tentacle: A large tentacle whips out from Skelette, or possibly even more, all surging with paralyzing currents.

Poison Needle: Skelette shoots out a seemingly endless barrage of poisonous needles that cut through the wind, unaffected by resistance from outside forces.

Rose Whip: Skelette makes vines and whatnot with poisonous and latching thorns shoot out and whip at the foe violently.

Mystic Horn: A large horn shoots from Skelette's robe and absorbs all attacks that have been used previously in the battle (and in that battle ONLY).

Medusa's Eye: Skelette's eye glows gray and whatever living thing looks at Skelette will turn to stone. He may also shoot beams that will turn what they touch into stone.

Tiger Fang: Summons a huge Tiger that will leap at the foe and gnaw at them ferociously, exploding with its energy.

Lionheart: Skelette becomes immune to physical attacks for a while, however is unable to attack, himself.

Golem Punch: A large fist as big as a house shoots out of Skelette and punches the foe with incredible force.

Mystic Attack: Skelette secretes a mist that allows him to attack from anywhere that the mist is instantly, meaning without warning and from literally ANYWHERE.

Cat Punch: Fists with extremely large claws coming out of them will appear out of the atmosphere and punch at mach speeds nonstop, easily going up to at least 1,000 every second.

Imp's Claw: Large hand-claws manifest in the air and slash through space, leaving nothingness where they swipe.

Blowfish: Many spikes jut from Skelette and his body expands to unheard of proportions. The spikes will suck out the energies of whatever they touch.

Death's Breath: Spews out a horrendous gas from self that will suck out the life of anything it touches.

Mammoth Tusk: Giant tusks protrude from Skelette and release blasts of energy from themselves by first sucking in a random energy, containing it, then releasing it with double its original power.

Chameleon Tongue: Skelette's Shini Bones are allowed to turn invisible at will.

Organic Power: Shini Energy allows Skelette to make explosions of the earth.

Poor Orphan: Skelette creates a copy of the foe as a child, however with no powers or abilities. Whoever is to touch the copy will instantly have all of their powers sucked out of them, this includes chakra and natural abilities until the battle is over.

Mad Parasite: 1) Skelette makes a parasitic faces cord os energy lash at the foe and if it hits, it will drain life, chakra, energy, etc. 2) Skelette shoots out a swarm of parasites that do...the same thing.

Dark Aura: Skelette's aura absorbs all attacks of all kinds and makes Skelette's power grow stronger until it is done with. Skelette cannot attack or move while this is in use, but it works for just about any energy attack.

Chimera DNA: Skelette touches 3 things and merges those 3 things together to make a super creature of some sort, and it can be ANY 3 things and automatically when they are merged, they become under Skelettes control and are under no exceptions able to be changed unless they are destroyed first.

Pegasus Hoof: A godly hoof of energy stomps down on the ground, covering about 100 foot radius and causing an earthquake and an eruption of shini energy everywhere like a volcano.

Demon Cry: Skelette releases an eerie sound that will distort the space and time only around him, and whoever gets close is under his own space and own time, which does not work by the same laws as normal space and time. This is within a 5 foot radius of Skelette.

Titan Fist: A large fist of Shini Energy shoots out of Skelette and hits with the force as strong as a planet crashing.

Dragon Anger: Heat, as well as fire of all kinds do not work on Skelette.

Demon Fang: The ground becomes the face of a demon and tries to engulf the foe. The face does not disappear after failing once, however.

Death Wing: Skelette sprouts 100 foot wings from his back. Touching these wings will rob you of life, and the wings create decayed wind, this wind able to rob you of life and all of the gases in your body at once.

Asura Arm: Skelette becomes able to create an infinite amount of Golem Fists from his body from anywhere.

Furious Scale: A weight scale appears under Skelette, allowing him to change the weight of whatever he touches to whatever he wants so long as he is on the scale.

Devil Matrix: Space and Time shatter, allowing only the Realm of Skelette to thrive for the time being, and whatever happens there is controlled by Skelette.

Insanity Eye: 3 vertically slanted eyes appear, instantly stopping space and time of whoever is to look into them (this lasts for 2 posts, 1 from the foe, one from Skelette after using it. After that, it wears off.). They may appear anywhere at any time when Skelette says it, to be wary. They also have a different effect, however, if space and time are not frozen. It will shatter the minds of whoever looks into them and send them into insanity, stripping them of their powers.

Bestial Mark: Skelette creates a mark on whatever he touches that makes it disintegrate.

Immortal Body: Skelette becomes unaffected by any and all attacks for a short period of time, in which he cannot move or attack, but his life gets saved for that one post! Haha. It can only be used once per page.

Phoenix Feather: A feather drops and ignites the entire field in Dark Magic fire that will burn up everything eternally.

Satan's Motor: Skelette is able to move at speeds faster than the speed of light, as well as instantaneously ignite things.

Babylon Crown: A crown that will increase all of Skelette's abilities' speed, power, force, etc. by 10fold.

El Dorado: Shoots out one million bullets of Shini Bones/Energy from self.

Lucifer Force: A massive and powerful attack of sheer and utter force in the most literal sense, driving away and crushing everything within a large area of Skelette, leaving nothing where the force comes in contact. The force is so powerful that it can swiftly force down something straight to the core of the earth.

Baal Body: Skelette releases his cloak from himself and unleashes what is hidden under it; his 'body.' This 'body' is actually the essence of Skelette's own will and a realm totally isolated and controlled by himself. If not contained by the cloak, it will spread and spread, making whatever gets sucked into it subject to Skelette's will completely.
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Post subject: Re: Whips and Chains; Magic of the Head Witch
Chains and Locks

As is everything with Zita, her magic is naturally very binding, and thus innately takes on the shape of chains and locks in order to portray her restrictive nature. This allows her to literally form very special chains and locks out of her pure magical essence, thus giving them special properties unknown to that of any normal chain or lock. In addition to being able to shape her magic into 'magical' chains and locks, she may also create, take control of and fortify actual chains and locks that are not purely magic. This magic also allows her to restrict and lock anything by placing a lock on it or manifesting a keyhole on it. This is the power she uses with her weapon, Skeleton Key, which is able to both lock and unlock any and everything. Because of the magical power flowing through Zita's Locks when she uses her Lock magic, Zita can easily and literally lock anything and everything so long as a keyhole is on it. This also means she has the power to UNlock anything meaning she has an immunity to being locked in any seal or lock, herself... no matter the power or where it comes from, her own magic gives her the ability to unlock or unseal it. Due to her adeptness in using her own magic, she is able to not only instantly spurt chains from herself, but manifest them anywhere at any time from other things, making it much more deadly.

Also, her chains almost always have a bladed tip, and the blade can be that of any weapon; spike, sword, axe, mace, etc, as long as it is attached to a chain. Also, the chain links, or even the blades at the tip, can change into her parasites at any given time, or take on the properties of her parasites, since that is her animal theme.

Dance of the Chains: Zita causes an innumerable amount of chains to shoot from the ground, each and every one of them tipped with blades for slicing through the enemy. They can also be used to wrap around the foe and restrain them.

Chain Reaction: Zita creates an infinitely long chain that continues to extend and extend into infinity until it hits its target. The very moment it touches the target, it seals away all of their abilities and gives off as many explosions as chain links that grow exponentially in power. The longer the chain, the more powerful the explosions.

Chain Game: Zita release chains across the entirety of the ground, however they are limp and loose and unmoving. On Zita's command, they stiffen and cause anything and anyone on the ground to become ensnared by the chains, wrapping them up and cutting them up. This ability can also be used through the atmosphere rather than the ground.

Chain Storm: Using thousands of chains in a swirling fashion, creating an enormous tornado of completely chains with sharp blades on their tips.

Viper Chain: Chains shoot from Zita's body randomly at extremely fast speeds and stab at the foe with sharpened tips like vipers. They tend to make movements like snakes.

Snake Chain: A giant chain is created with a bladed head and it acts like a giant snake.

Lock Smash: A giant lock smashes down from above the foe with explosive force and incredible weight. If it is to touch them, it will cause their memories to be locked away.

Chain Mail: Using very powerful chain magic, Zita encases her body in chains wherever necessary, constantly generating and regenerating chains around her body to keep her safe. They adapt to the force of what last hit them and become more durable once that has happened, thus making them stronger and more powerful every time they regenerate. Upon generation and regeneration, Zita cannot use any other Chain abilities, but once they're set in place, she is able to use them again.

Chain Down: 1) Chains burst from the ground and tie up the enemy, locking them with a lock and draining their chakra/magic/etc. 2) Upon touching Zita, chains spurt from either her body or the ground instantly and chain down the foe, crushing their body and sealing their power.

Unlock: Zita unlocks any seal or lock or encumbrance on herself or others, regardless of what they are. This is done via the indestructible, unalterable lock on her torso which holds this power and will automatically react to it.

Lock n Load: Shoots out an infinitely long chain that will chase the target to the ends of the earth. Once it touches them, it will wrap around them automatically and lock all of their powers, giving them the inability to use any of their powers whatsoever as well as making them immobilized.

Chains of Despair: Zita shoots out a massive amount of chains from her body, each being able to seal away a person's will just by being touched by them. Just in case, however, once one touches someone, it will immediately wrap around them.

Heavy Lock: A powerful lock that Zita tends to use on any free or loose energy or object to lock it up and seal its abilities. she generally uses this on open portals, large amounts of energy being excreted from something or things of that nature. She may even use this ability on someone's mind to severely cripple them.

Ability Lock: Physically touches the foe and seals one of their abilities completely for however long Zita wants, or until it is used again (Only works for one ability at a time.)

Weakest Link: A chain wraps around an attack with a broken chain link. Once it wraps around, it shatters, nullifying the attack. It also works to immobilize a foe and seal chakra and soul energy and magic and stuff.

Nerve Lock: Locks the nerves within the body so that movement of certain or all body parts is not possible.

Web of Chains: Creates a giant web of chains with locks on them. Upon touching one of the chains, they will instantly close in and wrap around you, then seal you in the chain prison until the lock is broken, draining your energy.

Locking Seal: Seals away anything and everything she touches by... well... Touching them and putting a lock that cannot be broken except by her on it.

Master Lock
Master Lock: Sends the foe into the Master Lock, which is another reality made and controlled by Zita within the lock that can only be escaped from by the Keyhole. If Zita chooses, she can lock someone in there forever. This Master Lock can also suck in large attacks and seal them in the Master Lock reality as well. Once you are inside of the Master Lock, you can literally use NO abilities whatsoever. It is almost an absolute thing. There is no space, there is no time, there is no nothing. Just, whatever is within there is within there forever until let out, and Zita can control whatever is inside, what goes on inside of the lock, and what and what does not go into it. It is Zita's own reality, making only her word law, and that of everyone else nothing.

Form Change
Dark Release: Her broom changes into a key and unlocked the indestructible and unalterable lock on her torso to release the alternate form Zita that uses Skull Magic. After this, she cannot use her Chains and Locks until that lock is sealed once again by the broom key, which transforms into alternate Zita's scythe.
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The Sealing Eye Dojutsu
(Putting this in the correct place, since it was never placed there before. Edits will be made later.)

Kekkei Genkai: Sealing Eye

A special dojutsu that summons innate energy located within Zita's eyes, concentrated from her keyhole pupils. It draws the to seal anything with the same proficiency and potential as her Magic. The Sealing Eye is much more potent than her Lock techniques, the only one on par with it being the Master Lock (for obvious reasons.) This Sealing Eye is a powerful mix of magic, pure sealing energy and power straight from her soul, thus making it a force to be reckoned with.

Sealing Eye: Seals away any and all things Zita wishes if one looks her directly in one of her eyes whilst active. This ranges from chakra, magic, mentality etc. even to the point of one's own life.


Sealing Beam: A thin, swift beam that seals away the foe's power. Whichever Zita chooses if you get hit with it.

Sealing Cannon: A giant blast from her eyes that explodes in the form of a keyhole. The explosion also creates a powerful suction that pulls things in and turns into a singularity, locking anything within as a singularity with no power.

Sealing Bomb: Concentrates her Sealing Eye abilities so that she can release a huge dome of Sealing energy from around her to seal all abilities of who or whatever is within the vicinity of this dome. It is quick and disappears once someone comes into it, however it will stay up until someone comes into it. If Zita were to be attacked while in the dome by any attack, that attack would be nullified upon contact and then sealed from being used, making the dome disappear.

Target Seal: Gives Zita almost 100% accuracy and aim when she attacks, or at least on a stationary object. She can also see at a super accelerated speed, almost as fast as Hyper Perception, though a little bit less. Her attacks also become more precise and concentrated, making their power go up. It also gives her attacks the ability of homing in on an opponent and locking onto them. It's quite the useful ability.

Sealing Merge: Merges her Sealing Eye magic with any one of her other abilities, thus making them double deadly.

Seal Transmission: Allows Zita to make her Sealing Eye magic shoot through any part of her body at any time, even coat her own body in it, however disallows her to use any other abilities if it covers her entire body. She may also shoot it out of her body in concentrated beams or blasts., or even explosions.

Sealing Sight: Shoots a beam from her keyhole pupil that goes in the direction that she looks. Whatever is in its way becomes either sealed of all power instantly, or confined within another dimension in the Sealing Room.

Sealing Abyss: Seals the abilities of whatever she touches by focusing power from her Sealing Eye. This can seal multiple techniques at one time as well as seal body parts and/or the mind or even chakra/magic itself. Quite useful. In another sense, it can create a void of pure sealing magic. Once something enters, it is sealed in there, and then erased due to its existence being sealed. Almost as potent as the Master Lock realm, for in the same sense, it has an altered reality/law and only works to the will of Zita, however it is much more limited. It only has Sealed and Not Sealed.

Sealing Rune: Projects or creates a gleaming green Keyhole wherever she wishes to seal someone or something and traps them or seals away their techniques as long as they are within the rune.

Alternate Realm
Sealing Frame: Creates a giant energy eye with a keyhole in its center around the foe and whatever the foe tries to do to break out or destroy it will instantly have the power matched and shot back at the foe with double the force, and if it misses the first time, it will continue to reflect about the eye until it collides with something. It can match any power, and once it is locked, it is sealed off from reality and this dimension.

Sealing Prison: Creates a giant dome that seals itself off from reality, from other dimensions, from EVERYTHING. Once within it, the dome also seals away the powers of everyone in it instantaneously (except Zita) once it has closed.
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A Soul Once Sealed...
(Putting old things in the correct order, as what should have been done a long time ago.)

Zita's Soul; the Sealed Soul
Zita's soul is a very special soul, unlike most others. It is a soul that has been forcefully restrained in power by itself. It takes the shape of a lock with green chains of sealing wavelength and a very light green, keyhole shapes core. The outer part is purple, just like a normal witch soul. The chains generated by the Sealing Wavelength have locked away her full power and only allows Zita to use about half of it at a time, thus separating herself into two different personalities. It is said that when this chain is unlocked and the soul is allowed to expand to its full power, Zita will lose her second personality and become her true self at true power, and only then will she become the true Head Witch. As stated before, this soul gives her the Sealing Wavelength. Zita's magic/soul magic is very advanced and will grow astronomically in power when unlocked.

Zita's Soul was unlocked and she became one with her Alternate self, Vita, the Lich Queen. Because of this, her Magic is becoming united (Skull Magic and Gravity Magic merged to become Graviso Sepulchuro, her magic's true potential) and her power has risen astronomically. She is now fully in control over her Lich powers, which also enhances her Parasites (instead of just turning them into Locusts).

Sealing Wavelength
Not much to say about it, other than it is Zita's Sealing Eye in the form of a wavelength. It has the ability to seal, overpower, lock, etc. anything it may come in contact with as well as unlock or unseal things. It is the driving force that seals away Zita's OWN power, so it is a very, very, VERY powerful wavelength altogether.

Soul Abilities
Like most witches, her Soul Abilities are generally more magic induced than wavelength induced, though her wavelength is just as formidable as her magic.

Soul Perception

Soul Perception: The ability to see, assess and analyze one's soul. By focusing on an individual soul, a skilled Soul Perception practitioner can actually "read" a soul and make accurate judgments about the person's characteristics, personality and wavelength. This can be used to hear or see one's soul.

Soul Magic

Soul Protect: The ability to hide one's soul from all abilities that involve the sensing of Souls. Only available to witches or those who use magic.

Soul Lock: An ability only available to Zita. Locking onto a soul with her Soul Perception and combining it with her Sealing Wavelength or Sealing Eye magic allows her to seal away the Soul Abilities of others. Through this, Soul Resonance, Soul Wavelength and Soul Energy as well as other abilities involving the soul (Maybe even summoning spirits or... well... Hell... Anything involving the soul) becomes sealed and unable to be used until Zita takes off the seal. It is also a very useful ability that can seal off magic from being used by other Witches, as well.

Soul Barrier: Using the same powerful magic of her Soul Protect, Zita can transfer said ability over to the soul of another, causing their wavelengths to be compressed and as such, locked in a Soul Protect barrier and sealing it with the Sealing Wavelength. This causes the use of Wavelength and the Soul in general to become useless, as well as Magic of other witches.

Soul Menace

Soul Crush: A magical form of the Soul Menace. Whilst sending her wavelength into someone else, Zita also becomes able to send magic through them, as well, reinforcing her own wavelength and being able to literally crush the souls of those she hits with this with magical reinforcement to her own wavelength.

Soul Reap: An ability taught to Zita by Khrona. Uses own wavelength and forms it into claws that will grasp the foe's soul and rip it out of them. This ability can be transmuted through a weapon to have the slightest touch of said weapon have the ability to rip the soul out.

Soul Sealing: A powerful Soul Menace technique that allows Zita to seal up the power of souls, wavelengths, chakra, magic, etc. by touching as well as sealing the movement of a foe just by a simple touch thanks to her wavelength.

Magical Transformation

Soul Disperse: Disperses own soul into oblivion if a body is dying and finds a new one. It may take the shape of something else until a body is found. The user keeps not only their own powers, but gains the powers of the body they take as well.

Transform: Using magic, Zita is able to transform into either a massive, flying, metallic Parasite, or a minuscule, flying, metallic Parasite. Hell, any type of Parasite, for that matter. Normally, she will change into the latter so that she can spy on things and such, but rarely ever does that. Zita can also transform OTHERS into something of her choice and seal them that way with the Sealing Wavelength.
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First Domination: Acquiring the Bait
-Zeik appeared some distance away from Zita's castle, it reeked of men and alcohol, Zeik was disgusted. He kept imagining some super villain was going to jump out and mug him or something...he hated being in the Dusk Village-

Zeik: "..Looks like Alice couldn't keep up."

-Zeik said trying to find a clean spot on the tree he wanted to rest on.

-Alice came running. She was panting as Zeik had left her hours ago and tried to make up for the time by damn near killing herself.-

Alice: " a rush?"

-Alice said leaning over trying to find air and rest at the same time.-

-Zeik didn't even look at the girl, instead he started walking.-

Zeik: "I'm not rushing, I'm moving slow."

-Zeik said taking a single step and appearing at the door, he most have clear a mile or two and Alice more then likely didn't even notice.-

"If you fall behind, you want get the information."

-He yelled knocking on the door of the witch Queen.-

Upon knocking on the door, it would open very quickly, though not by the hands of Zita herself... By her newfound weapon, the Ouroboros. It opened a portal and spewed through, grabbing hold of the door and pulling it open, then retracting back into its portal. Who would be seen floating through the darkness of the castle to the door was the Head Witch, Zita. Seemed like she hadn't been out for a while... Again.

"MMm.... Who is it? I was asleep..."

Looks like she'd been asleep for a couple of months, actually...

-Zeik had already taken care of his business with Alice and thus she had went home. In reality Zita took several days to open the door, its a good thing Zeik was a patient man.-

Zeik: "Zita darling, I'm home."

-Zeik said knowing full-well how she would react to his statement. The witch and The Hell-gate had by far the oddest relationship, neither of them knew if they were coming or going.-

At first she didn't realize who this was, as she was still very much asleep. Harnessing all of that magical power called for huge sleeping time, you know... But eventually, when her eyes adjusted, they would widen in shock as she saw the Hellgate she hadn't seen in quite a while.


She wasn't particularly prepared for this type of arrival... She wasn't even fully clothed-- Well, when was she? She snapped her fingers, her clothes appearing on her body with a bit of altercations made to them.

"Wha... What are you doing here at my home?"

She was blushing a bit, unable to hide it like she normally would because of how much of a surprise this was and how flustered she was.

-Zeik walked deeper into the castle of Zita's, the decorating was interesting to say the least.-

Zeik: "You know whats a better question."

-He said waving his right hand around carelessly. His face would also turn to meet the eyes of Zita. He preferred to see peoples reactions as he questioned them.-

Zeik: "Why I haven't see you around lately. Normally whenever I'm not in the mood for people, you always seem to show up. So why goes the change? Need a break from pestering me?"

-He said slightly laughing through his entire speech. He was having a good time.-

Zita smiled, catching onto his joke rather swiftly and therefore feeling more comfortable. She started to float in a reclined position, as she was most comfortable doing, looking a lot more laid back now for some reason. As Zeik looked her in the eye, out of sheer habit her keyhole pupils started to glow, activating the Sealing Eye, however when she consciously realized what she was doing subconsciously, her pupils stopped glowing. She wasn't in battle. Though, it was a brave action to look Zita in her eyes; her most dangerous weapons.

"Oh, well... As true as that may be, I haven't been bothering too much of anyone recently... Not even my brothers or my daughter have seen me cuz I've been knocked out these past few months. The more magic I gain the longer it takes for me to recuperate, ya know? That's why I sleep so long."

She yawned and stretched one more time , flicking her hair and messing with her lock around her waist.

"But now I'm up and ready for anything... Well, that is until I have to sleep again. But that won't be for a while."

At the thought about her pestering Zeik, she only wanted to take advantage of the moment right here and now, since he was here in her grasp. She had almost not realized who she was talking to. Haha. Her tone of voice got more affectionate and seductive and she slowly floated toward him in a provocative position, winking and poking out her chest and lips.

"Well now, Hellgate, I think you must have missed me pestering you, hm~? What other reason would you come all the way over here for anyway, huh Zeiky~?"

She licked her lips as her pupils glowed their bright green color once more, then died down again.

Zeik: "Oh Zita."

-He said rolling his eyes behind the blindfold that granted his vision. He knew what he was getting himself into and he was beyond intrigued, but business before pleasure.-

Zeik: "I have come here today with goals beyond what I am about to speak. I assure you they will sound rash and harsh,but none the less trust is what is needed right now."

-Zeik waved his hand through the air, creating a magical display of energy. The energy would play out a scene of what is to come should Zita not follow his will.-

Zeik: "Before you right now is the future. The Kingdom of Chaos will fall and soon after it so will this village. There is a man I need to kill and I'll need your help in doing so."

-The energy showed a man dressed in white, destroying the Chaos. He and his army of Follows then moved to the dusk and lastly the Nightmare. At the time the nightmare had more military strength then both village combined, but that wouldn't be enough to quell the threat, should the mans plans play out the way he desired.-

Zeik: "I need you to aid me in fooling both of your brothers and getting them to sway to my ideals...I'll wait to see how you respond to that, before I go on."

When Zeik said that he had something important to say, Zita immediately ceased her actions and went back to a more reserved position, listening with open ears. She heard the tale of what would happen to the Chaos and in truth, wasn't really swayed by it... And hell, he even said that the same thing would happen to the Dusk and that didn't sway her either. She just looked and thought, interest void from her gaze.


Since she was a Witch, she had a natural liking for chaos and destruction, as that was the Sway of Magic, which all Witches had. It wasn't as high with Zita as it was with witches like, oh, say, Evangeline or Medusa, but it was still there and that influenced her thoughts more than anything. However, given who she was talking to... and who ran the Dusk... Her opinion slowly, but surely, began to change.

"... Trick my brothers, you say? And just what exactly do you expect me to do? And what are YOUR plans, anyway?"

Though she was very serious, there was always a hint of sexuality in her voice... She couldn't help that. It was the way she talked. However in this sense, her body language stated that she was in no mood for games at the given moment. It was purely business. She wasn't a dumb witch, you know.

Zeik: "I seek Medusa and I plan to make them Acquire her for me. Maze and Khrona may be in a position of Leadership but at the same time they are just children and Children need both motivation and discipline."

-Zeik had figured his words would not go so easy on Zita. She may have been an overly sexually being but she was a woman and stubborn didn't begin to explain "them"-

Zeik: "Now, I am a business man and acquiring something for free is normally out of the Questions. So if retribution is what you price."

-Zeik waltzed over to a chair and took a seat. He didn't know how long this conversation would take and he certainly didn't need to be blown away by the request of a witch. They were crafty little creatures.-

At the mention of 'Medusa,' Zita was a bit infuriated, yet surprised. What would he want with her?

"Medusa? She's been lying dormant for quite some time... Much like the rest of the Dusk's antagonistic felons. She's been using some hyped up version of the Soul Protect so that not it would even be more than difficult for Khrona to detect her... If he even cared... But besides that... You want me to trick them into bagging Medusa and bringing her to you?"

Zita wasn't too sure how that would work, actually... Maze had magic that surely surpassed hers, but he was easy to trick. Khrona had a wavelength that could easily destroy her, but he was easily distracted and swayed by insanity. If anything, Medusa might end up tricking them...

"Hm. Weeeell... Alright. I think it's doable. I just need you to ensure that they stay focused and on track, lest Khrona get distracted and corrupted and Maze get tricked by the enemy. They are very capable, but as you just said.. They are only children~."

All while she said this, she was thinking about something she would want... Anything, in fact. She could always go for sex, but... She didn't want another badass little kid like the one she's got now from Valerio... And not only that, she could get sex anytime, actually. She needed to make this one count... Make this one REEAAAALLY good...

"I want..."

Something she would be too lazy to do herself...

"I want..."

Something that would probably make her angry if she did herself...

"I waaaaant..."

Something that wouldn't make her so lonely around the house! Yes! That's it!

"I want a pokemon! Go catch me one!"

-Zeik head tilted. This woman had the power to ask Zeik anything but the throne of the Chaos and she asked for a pokemon.-

Zeik: "I have more then a plan to control them both, I just need you to work with me. I can fool and control any man or woman, I just need the opening."

-Since the important parts of his mission were over, perhaps he could relax a little. So he made his way over to the area in which Zita was sitting. He would stand beside the couch and await invitation-

When Zita saw Zeik move over to her couch, she thought to herself 'Finally!' and snapped her fingers, chains slithering from around the couch and temptingly slid across Zeik's legs and arms.

"Well, good Sir Hellgate, it seems like we have a plan then, huh? I'm ready to set out anytime you are..."

She floated over to him, assuming a provocative position once again, though different from before. This time, she wasn't exactly trying to 'tease.' She started to stroke his hair a bit as the chains caressed him, her free hand doing the same, and she would move close to his ear.

"Oh, and Zeik... Consider this a 'gift' from me... For coming to visit me when I have been soooo lonely these couple of months..."

A chain tightened around his arm, as did one around his leg. The others were still rather loose... for now.

-Zeik stood firm and over looked Zita. His face was the same as it was before. He may have been a man but Zita didn't realize what she was doing, not yet.-

Zeik: "Zita, I am immune to flattery but if it is a celebration of our Unity you seek. I will oblige you willingly."

-The chains shattered into a dazzling display of sparkles, he needed to make sure she knew where they both stood. Not to say Zeik was a dominating type of man, he preferred to play out all possible roles in this type of combat.-

Zeik: "So, I assume we have a deal?"

-He said allowing the chains of Hell to surface from behind him-

Zita wasn't swayed by his words, as she could tempt any man, and she knew this. She had almost a thousand years of practice, anyway. Then again, she didn't know Zeik's age... he might have been better than someone who played hard to get... He might actually BE hard to get. Though that thought left her mind when he uttered the word 'Unity,' and when her chains shattered from around his body.

"U... Unity!?"

She wasn't exactly sure what he meant by that, actually... Did he mean unity of the two of them with this plan? Unity of the Chaos and Witch Province? Or Unity of the... Two of them? It was too much for Zita to think about right now, and her cheeks started to glow a rosy red. This embarrassment was soon easily cooled by the chain-like flames behind Zeik, which turned her on seeing... Naturally, she was a sucker for those whips and chains. With a few more moments of thought, then a chill, assured smile, Zita outstretched the back of her hand out to Zeik elegantly and nodded.

"... Yes. We do."

-A smile had come across his face. He had hoped he didn't have to result to extreme with Zita and that this could be done peacefully, after all He liked her style. She was controlling and powerful yet humble and elegant. She knew when to back down and when to stand firm. They were qualities not often found in the world of man, but she was no human after all.

Zeik actually meant unity in a number of ways; an Ally of Zeiks was entitled to any service he could offer. This meant the witch province would immediately come under protecting of Zeik and the Chaos. However those were things Zeik didn't need to think about now. His plan of several months was finally achieved and now he could indulge in the spoils of victor. Not to mention he had a sorta soft spot for Zita anyhow.-

Zeik: "I am beyond pleased."

-He said motioning towards Zita-

Zita winked at him, finally deciding to land on the ground, her heels making a slight 'tap' on contact. She smiled as sexy as she could, biting her lower lip as she stood a little closer to Zeik in a cute fashion.

"Oh really? You are? Damn... I was hoping I could please you beyond pleasure in another way..."

She pressed herself close to him and stared up into his eyes, stroking his chest softly and making little swirls in it. After a moment, she took a step backward and swiveled around, starting to walk daintily off in another direction.

"Oh well~. I guess it's too late for that, huh~?"

She turned her head back to look at Zeik, her pupil glowing a bit as she slowed her walking and blew him a kiss from afar.

"Guess mister big, bad businessman has some business he needs to attend to, huh?"

-Zeik had a faint look of confusion, Perhaps his words were misunderstood. Good thing he wasn't beyond explaining himself.-

Zeik: "Perhaps my words were misunderstood. I was pleased with our alliance, I had more then hoped for our celebration of sorts. However if you do not desire my attention.."

-He honestly wasn't sure if his words were understood, but perhaps he should try a more direct approach.-

Zeik: "May I?"

-He said pointing at the half open door he had assumed to be her bed room."

Zita giggled, flipping her hair and floating back over to him, guiding his hand 'elsewhere' and to a different door across the hall from the one he chose, letting out another small and cute giggle.

"Oh no, I heard you loud and clear... But I didn't want to look too thirsty now, right~? Not classy at all."

The door would open via Zita's magic and she would slowly start to pull Zeik into the darkness of her room full of whips and chains.

"... By the time we're done, I want my room to be lit up with flames. You got that~?"

She finally pulled him all the way in and the door would slowly start to close behind them.

"Oh, and by the way... I want a Mismagius. Make sure to get it by any means necessary~!"

Zeik: "Oh, do not worry about silly things like that. I know of your character full on. You have little to prove to me."

-With the door closed, words were the only thing able to those with peeking eyes.-

Zeik: "Mismagius, I have one at my house. Perhaps you could meet her after we leave."

-Zeik had contained himself long enough and words outside of the present situation were now meaningless. He heard what Zita's request was and had already pre planned to express his gratitude in the most Hellgate way possible, Especially after that girl in his office had to be reminded of he who was. He didn't care if she were captivated in some movement, a woman forgetting anything done behind the closed doors was absolutely unexceptionable and would surely never happen again

There was but a brief moment of silence in the dark room that Zita had lead Zeik too, before the crevice of the door light with a mighty glow. The light shined through the castle, it had begun. God only knows when Zita and Zeik would return.-

--- Hyper Time Skip ---

Several days later, Zita exited the door of her room panting heavily and having little to no clothing covering her body. There was a smile of pure ecstasy on her face and shackles and chains on her body.

"*pant pant* Ha... *pant*... that was... *pant*... Heh heh heh... I haven't had... *pant pant* lovin like that in... God knows when..."

She was barely able to stand and when she looked up, there seemed to be half of her castle missing. There were scorch marks along the edges and lots of crushed trees and rocks from Zita's gravity magic around the area... Looking at all of the calamity made her smile even more, a finger happening to 'wander' down below.

-Zeik had expected a show but he never expected all of this. He walked out of the room with his attire matching what one would expect from such a display of...power from them both.-

Zeik: "...Perhaps we should eat before making way to my place."

-Zeik said trying to maintain his cool, in reality he was way to out of it and there was no way he was entering the Chaos looking like this. Everyone would know and although Zeik was never ashamed of his decision, he hated being caught with his pants down...-

Zeik: " clothes are destroyed. Perhaps your magic can be worked in this area as well?"

-He said looking to notice half of her house was missing. He most have blacked out and let his primalness just take over after all what else could a person of their considerable reputation do.-

Zeik: "I'll pay for the damages..its the least I can do after all of that."

-He said in a more seductive tone, as to compliment Zita in her efforts after days past.-

Zita waved her hand and shook her head, laughing just a little bit between breaths.

"Nah, nah... It's... Fine! I can fix this in like 20 minutes..."

She didn't intend to at the moment cuz... She was kinda tired and it would strain her more than necessary to use her big magic like that. But as for clothes... She could at least do that much. She looked Zeik up and down and snapped her fingers. At first, nothing would happen, but after a while Zeik's clothes would be mended back to their original state without him even realizing that the process had happened. By this time, Zita had finally caught her breath.

"There ya go. Now uh, about that food...~?"

Truth be told, Zita was hungry. She may be a witch that can sleep for months, but dammit sleeping for months and then loving for days doesn't exactly leave her with a full stomach. She was more than famished.

Zeik: "Just like new."

-He said walking over to the large hole in the castle and yelling at the top of his lungs.-

Zeik: "Kuragari!"

-Zeik had expected he would have to fight Zita in order to get him sway his way but that did not happen. So he called his best friend Kuragari to be his taxi, instead of his battle chariot-

Zeik: "On the way to my house we can stop at our cafe, unless you know a better place."

-Zeik said jumping onto what he proclaimed to be the largest and mightiest dragon to exists. He had only lost one fight in his 6663 years of life.-

Zita didn't know exactly what that Kuragari was, but was very interested in seeing it. She floated over to Zeik and landed, coming in view of a large dragon. Zita hadn't seen too many dragons recently in existence and was amazed at how old and powerful this one was.

"Oooo! Pretty! It's a dragon, huh? Ha, I wish I had one. I don't see too many of these guys around anymore... Especially one of such caliber~!"

Zita didn't know of any eateries around the Dusk nor did she know any in general, so she was all up for heading to the Cafe Chaos to eat out with Zeik... Especially if they were riding a dragon.

"Alright, let's go! Hahaha, I'm so jealous~!"

She hopped on right next to Zeik.

"They no longer roam the skies of this planet. They sought only yo aid man and man sought to destroy them for power. Most dragons do not even speak to "Man" nowadays."

-Zeik said while Kuragari made his way towards the chaos. Kuragari normally a talker was very quiet, zeik knew why but ignored it for his own reasons.-

"Kuragari and I have been friends since the stone age. We...we really go back."

-He said rubbing the head of his closest friend.-

"Aw, how cute. Sentimental moment."

In the midst of the cuteness, Zita felt something in her chest. It was a pain of sorts. She didn't really go way back with anyone except for Maze and Khrona, and even they had grown a bit distant. Such a moment was getting to Zita because she hadn't really been with anyone...

"Yeah... Cute..."

She sighed heavily, staring off to the side of the dragon and at the Witch Province as a whole. She was lost in thought by now.

-Zeik grabbed hold of Kuragari and gestured for Zita to do the same.- "I'd hold on if I were you...Kuragari isn't one for slow moving"

-After his words, were spoken there would be a brief moment for Zita to adhere to Zeik's warning and after that Kuragari would blast off taking them to the Chaos Cafe.-

Naturally, Zita got out of her daze rather quickly when Zeik warned her about holding on, and she would grab onto him. She didn't say a word as the two blasted off to the Chaos Cafe.
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Second Domination: Zita and Zeik: Furthering A Unity
-Kuragari would fly past the Cafe, dropping both Zita and Zeik off. He had business to take care of.-

Zeik: "Right this way."

-Zeik said walking into the cafe, holding the door behind him by means unknown.-

Zita stepped into the Cafe right behind Zeik, not even willing to use magic to float in there because of fatigue and hunger. Her stomach growled and a pained expression came on her face.

"mMmm... I hope they have good stuff here..."

Zita wasn't exactly a picky eater as long as what was made was made well and it was good. Besides that, being so hungry made it so that it didn't matter what she ate anyway.

-Zeik took his seat and gestured for a waiter to meet him. The waiter some young kid didn't even realize he was serving none other then the Kage himself.-

Zeik: "This is my first time eating here, but I spare no expense in accomidation for my people."

-The waiter left two menu's on the table and soon after two glasses of wine. Zeik wouldn't drink his wine as his late why hated for him to drink. Honor did not leave with death.-

Zeik: "So, now that we have made a sin of your house...what next?"

-He said tossing the wine out the window why the waiter wasn't looking.

Zita happily accepted her wine, sipping it down like it was an everyday thing, when in reality drinking wine was something she didn't have the chance to do often. She hadn't drunken much since her 'teenage' years...

"Hm? What next, you ask? Well, I don't know... You are the one who took me out, mister businessman! I think you're the one calling the shots around here, riiiight~?"

Before she knew it, her wine was gone. She really didn't think she was drinking it that fast, but it was a delicacy after all. She snapped her fingers, having the waiter come back to the table.

"More wine please!"

And she would give him her glass, awaiting the refill.

-Zeik told the man to simply bring a bottle, as he could clearly see his tab was not going to be lite.-

Zeik: "Calling the shots huh? Perhaps you are right. You brothers, I would much wether they listen to reason...what is Khrona's weak points...what does he treasure? I know Maze has children,,,even though he looks no older then ten."

-He said mocking the poindextex look of the young Kage. He was hungry but with business on the table he had no idea what to eat. He would simply eat what Zita did.-

Zita lifted the bottle with her magic, having the wine pour itself as she skimmed the menu. She did that typical thing that women do... Act as if they weren't listening while doing something else when in reality, they were. Looking over the menu, she saw a few choice dishes. She did enjoy seafood quite a lot and they seemed to have a little bit of it.

"Alright, I'd like to order the lobster and shrimp, and don't skimp out on the cocktail sauce, please."

She turned her attention back to Zeik and sighed.

"Yeah, it's pretty easy to get to Maze, but... Khrona's another story. The most you can do is probably scare him or let him succumb to insanity, but that's always been risky. When he's like that, he can be either one of two ways; really impressionable or really unreasonable. Most times its the latter."

She sighed again, reminiscing on times past in the old Reality village when Khrona and Maze would battle it out to calm Khrona down again whenever he would get like that... And Zita would be in the background laughing.... Oh, those were good times.

"... On the other hand, it probably is best to bribe Khrona, if you want to take the safer route."

She placed the bottle back down and took a sip of her wine, placing the glass back down before she drank it all like before.

Zeik: "Bribe? what can he possibly desire? He can make anything"

-Zeik said a little frustrated at the notion. He wasn't upset with Zita but he hadn't a clue as what to bribe Khrona with.-

Zeik: "And I definitely wanna avoid an all out battle...unless me and Maze are working together..."

-He said in an evil plotting voice, complete with a sinister smile for comedy.-

Zita laughed at Zeik's smile and at his words, for he seemed to have the same mindset that most people had about Khrona. She would have to let him in on the secret if he wanted to do this right.

"Hahahahahaha! Ah, no, sweetie, no. He doesn't have everything... He can't make everything. There are certain things that he aspires for that cannot simply be made. He only creates simple things. Nothing more. The way to bribe him is with... Well, souls, for starters. Things that will help his mind to grow and become more stable... A friend. Parents. Acceptance. Ya know. Things that he never had in his life?"

She'd let that marinate in Zeik's mind for a moment as she swirled her wine around. She shook a larger sip from it this time before putting it down, staring back at Zeik and swirling her finger around the top of the glass.

"Besides, I doubt that Maze would think of fighting Khrona unless he actually DID blow his lid... AGAIN. That's the only time they really ever fight, unless testing their own limits, like before."

Zeik: "Things he never had...sounds right up my alley then."

-Zeik sad heaving a sigh of relief. The sudden spike in energy he had felt over by the cemetery was now in his office. Who/what ever it was, was looking for something or him.

He looked around, trying to find the source, but he wasn't sure of what it was.-

Zeik: "Zita, I think we will have to postpone this meeting."

-He said signaling for the waiter. He gave the boy a more then reasonable some and tip.-

Zeik: "Please make sure her first day in the Chaos is...delightful."

Zita pouted, wanting to stay with Zeik a little longer. She wanted to know what was going on and all that good stuff.

"Wait! What is it? Come on, let me in on it! What about showing me around? And talking more? And my pokemon? And my lobsteeeerrrr!!?"

Everything was happening so fast... almost too fast for Zita to recognize.

-Zeik had already stood up, he could feel Kurai's energy pulsing around and this only happened in times of peril. His thoughts were correct, what ever was looking for him was he too start trouble.-

Zeik: "I'm am so sorry dear. I need to check on something...I will have your pokemon sent to you..No I will bring it myself."

-With that he was gone, moving at speeds only seen by few. Kurai was in danger, he spared nothing.-

Zita only watched as Zeik left her, almost unable to keep up with his speed with just her eyes alone. As he left, she sighed heavily, not even enthusiastic about the pokemon.

"The pokemon weren't as important as... Being with you..."

Just then, the waiter would come back with the food. Zita glanced over to him with evil eyes, grabbing the platter and forcing him into the wall by altering the pull of gravity on him. She sat down and stared at the boy, eating the pieces of shrimp off of the platter whilst throwing gravity balls one by one at the immobilized waiter, trying to see how much he could endure.

"Sigh... Oh well. It's not easy for someone like me."
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Third Domination: Recon Mission: Exploring the Second Half

Though it seemed she was late, Zita felt that she had come right on time. She had felt Zeik give off a massive amount of energy, being used to his energy signature by now. She was worried, yet curious at the same time, coming to the mountain as quickly as possible to investigate. When she saw everyone up there, she payed no attention to them, hearing and seeing only Zeik.


Her tone of voice was both compassionate and irate, her face showing the same emotions. She crossed her arms and lightly touched the moist ground with her boots.

"... You left me at that cafe, Mr. Businessman. I'm guessing that this is the business you are tending to...?"

She looked around, glancing over all of the people present. They seemed to be more or less Zeik's friends and family... People he was close to. She was definitely in that category and she knew it. She took some steps closer to him, smiling sweetly.

"Well, you can count me in. Can't go on without support from a lover, right?"

She giggled to herself, now putting a finger up to her cheek cutely and seductively.

-Zeik didn't even realize that Zita had just called him a lover in front of everyone, he was a bold man, but at the same he was a man of secrecy. Not to mention the fact that Azazel was next to him.-

Zeik: "...Zita?"

-He said, his flames having died down around the same time Zita showed up.-

Zeik: "Even you came to help..."

-Azazel head made the oh so typical and oh so comical slow turn. He looked up at the man he was suppose to be his father, he had already learned he had another he has another lover.-

Azazel: "...You, you just don't stop do you?"

-He said shaking his head, normally he would have been pissed, but in all honesty, Azazel had learned to much about one man in such a short time. He didn't care how Zeik lived anymore....this man needed a break.-

Azazel: "...Don't try to explain...I have heard enough, you're life is fresh out of a graphic novel. Lets just go."

-He said with a slight laugh, he honestly just didnt care.-

Kham: "I grow weary of the sickening smell of companionship."

-*Mahk-X said stepping through the dying embers of black flames brushing past Eva, through Aizu, past Zita around Azazel and up towards the Garganta. He had waited for this for a long time and honestly just wanted to kick some ass already. Aizen or no Aizen...*-

Kham: "As the boy said, Let's Just Go..."

-*Kham said referring to Azazel... of whom he didn't recognize but it benefited him greatly to know who he was despite the fact that Zeik had set up his own personal countermeasure against Khams awareness, Azazel had wandered outside of the chaos. So Kham knew of Zeik's recent 'other zero'. Kham reached deep into his cloak and pulled out a box weapon he tossed it up into the air once and grabbed it.*-

Kham: "I hope they have an armada waiting for us... I mean me."

-Zeik hated khams Cloud flame traits, it always made him step to the front and lead. Zeik had a trait simular to that, but it work a little differently then Mahk-x's.-

Zeik: "Perhaps you're right...Lets do this."

-Zeik started walking and eventually ended up directly in front of the gargan, there wasn't anything else that needed to be said right now, so he walked on through.-

With Zita right by his side, she nodded, stepping through the portal as well. As she did, her face became a bit more sinister.

"Now I'll have to stop playing and use all of my chakra instead of half..."

Zita meant the forbidden combination of both her personalities, each of which used half of her entire chakra. This was going to be MUCH fun.


Was the last thing she said as she stepped through.

~*Aizu didn't say anything much, but he looked to Mahk-x before entering. He then looked away before jumping through the portal. He had wondered if Atra was going to be joining the fray. If he did, he would expect him to make a flashy difference making entrance, as he usually does.*~

-Eva would perform a set of handsigns before she touched the ground. Under her feet, a paper shaped board appeared beneath her; very silver surfer-esque. She then flew through the portal, performing several handsigns.-

-Alfons chased after the group jumping through the portal and into the world that would become their war zone. Everything had come down to single assault.-

+With the brave shinobi off to fight the force that would be Aizen and his armies Allen appeared in the area like ghost fazing into existence. He looked up to the portal in the sky his face all but amused.+

Allen: Damn you Aizen..

+ Apparently Allen had witnessed what had transpired and he was even among his normal calm expression Allen was pissed, for lack of a better word. The plant life around him started to wilt and die a testament of his raging aura.

He disappeared quicker than he arrived, the life restoring to the landscape among his departure.

Allen had left to give his the Kingdom we wished to call home.+

-=Alaude would stand motionless for a moment seeing no just Zeik but a whole group of people entering to portal that was left by Aizen for them to fallow. Alaude did not understand why they would simply fallow into what could possibly be a trap. But not only was his village putting their life on the line but so was his friend Alfons. So Alaude would jump forward through the portal heading into the battle field.=-
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Fourth Domination: Releasing Hell's Wrath

-Aizen was floating in the sky, his carefree expression plastered to his face. Behind the man stood an army of considerable numbers. Hollows, Espada, and a number of unfamiliars.

The spiritual pressure being released was great enough to be felt in the Shinobi world, the time for waiting was over and a great battle was about to be waged.-

Aizen: "With the preparation made, the throne of god will no longer sit empty."

-The man turned his back and looked over the crowd, giving them the ok with a simple gesture, they Hollows made their charge, leading the army was a small child wearing a mask.-

Aizen: "I expect this will be sufficient for your battle?"

-Aizen said to the girl. Her lips did not move but the red gleam shining through her mask was answer enough for Aizen.-

~Among the mass of Hollows, Espada, and unfamiliars Tōsen could be seen standing to Aizen's left hand side. Because of the already large number creatures going on the attack their was no needed for Tōsen to be anywhere but by Aizen's side to make sure no one could try and make an idiotic hero's assault on Aizen. As he stood next to Aizen, Tōsen would simply remain silent for the time being.~

-The girl stood beside Aizen and nodded in agrence to his statment. Hey face was covered by the vizard mask and her expression was as calm as still water.-

Nagase: "This will be more then enough."

-The girl floated into the one of the many portals before her.-

*Time skip*

-Zeik would exit the garganta, he would be met by an armada of Hollows. The gray area reminded him of home, perhaps this wouldn't be so bad he thought.-

Zeik: "...Hollows...I'm defiantly not in the mood for this."

-Zeik lifted his hand up to the armada of black creatures and quickly charged his hand with enough energy to kill most of the Hollows. Even if it didn't kill them all, it would weed out the weak from the strong.-

*~Aizu would exit soon after. He had performed a set of handsigns at an invisible pace. There were a sea of Hollow placed in front of them, and he planned to weed the numbers down a bit.*~

Aizu: "Welcoming committee?"

*~He said, taking a deep breath and exhaling a fire ball so massive in size, strength, and power, it would do more than clean up behind zeik. It looked similar to a meteorite traveling across the ground and incinerating what got within range.*~

As Zita exited the portal, she only licked her lips at seeing all of the morsels present... Wonderful, powerful, delicious souls all waiting to be eaten and added to Zita's already immense power.

"Ooohoooo! I'm gonna like this one... Let me just..."

Zita set up a gravity ball somewhere specifically made to suck in souls and keep them for later, so that all of the souls Zita collected would be gotten and not wasted.

"Let's go, then~!"

Zita's pupils gleamed as she released several thousand colossal, powerful chains to sweep through and skewer everything in her way, aiming to leave nothing but souls in the wake of the piercing chains of magic.

-Eva exited the portal, zooming through the grey skies like an oversized bullet. She had completed her handsigns and was dropping paper bombs by the masses, each of their individual explosions strong enough to waste a small city.

She dropped them by the masses, leaving a trail of explosions as she jetted above everything...very very silver suferish.-

Eva: "We...shall triumph.."

-*There can't be this many hollows for everyone to sufficiently destroy... Kham had begun to run through everyone's massive AOE attacks already planning to keep the pressure on the next coming army his body was already tattered from everyone's series of explosios, he one handedly hacked and smacked down hollows that appeared in his midst not saying much at all really.*-

Kham: "..."

-*Kham continued to mow down hollows punching some, tearing others in half or just pushing others elsewhere.*-

-From the midst of the Hollows would come a very power psychic wave. Its power so great even the dullest of minds would be able to see it. The wave, expanding in radius rapidly, seemed to be destroying everything that was so unlucky to be touched but it was instead simply decomposing matter.3:10/Psychic wave

In the epicenter of this devastating wave of power, stood the young Lady Chaos. Surrounded by a black mist, that seemed to be hovering over her from the sky. The white jacket she was wearing was identical to that of Aizen's, her father and the mask on her face was missing the red dot, her eyes were closed.-

Nagase: "I can not let any of you pass, if you persist...I will respond with lethal force."

-She said as the Psychic force died down, those that were stronger enough to defend themselves would of course be there, unlike the Hollows.-

Nagase: "I will say that only once."

-*There was plenty destruction to go around as Kham was ripping hollows to shreds as well as his allies. There seemed to be no contest whatsoever as Kham had grown into a state of calmness. He stood amongst the destruction...*-

Kham: "This is getting du-"

-*Kham turned his head to the right and looked in the distance where a MASSIVE power was building and being unleashed, it was picking apart matter by the microsecond dismantling it as it was let loose upoon the land. Kham reacted aiming to take the full brunt of the attack since he was in front. Kham flared up his dark power manifesting two giant hands of the giga trigger that protected everyone from the pulse of matter eating pwnage. The hands were then awayed there after... Kham gazed upon Nagase making her speech. That mask was increasing her power to phenomenal heights.*-

Kham: "Then let your force be lethal... But strike to kill."

-*Kham said manifesting his Cosmos Destroyer. He leapt towards Nagase, he knew intuitively that she was beyond any words now... it was only battle. Kham had his hammer above her aiming to strike her down with new power much different than their last fight. He wondered how she would react, previously it took everything in her to block the blow... what about now?*-

-The red dot within her vizard lite with sudden suspense. It rolled around to meet the direction of Mahk-x, who was rushing in as any man with a large battle hammer would be expected too.-

Nagase: "The time of cleansing..."

-Nagase was a kind and kindred soul, but she defended her love for her father and his ideas with unprecedented prejudice. Anything going against him, was to be eliminated. Mahk-x would soon learn that Hell has no fury like a woman's scorn.

The area around Nagase seemed to sparkle wildly with energy, moments after this display large white arrows of what looked to be pure energy would form. Soon after their appearance, the arrows of energy shot off towards Mahk-x, colliding with his cosmos destroyer, her powers were far and beyond what they were before, Mahk-x was going to be the first to learn this.-

-Seeing as Mahk-x had dealt with the Psychic force, Zeik nothing else to do but keep walking. The Hollows slain were good and gone, so talking to Nagase would be easier. That was until Mahk-x did that.-

Zeik: " chess the pawns go first."

-He said making his way towards the fray, he gestured for everyone else to stay back and let them deal with this one.-

Zeik: "Nagase...why are you fighting us? We are on the same team."

~*With the hollows destroyed, and given the order to standby, Aizu would do just that. He kinda figured it would be like this, however, he wouldn't drop his guard.

He simply crossed his arms and watched on. Ready to dodge any collateral that may come his way.*~

-*Kham was flying through the air with his hammer primed to strike, the mass of power behind this one stroke was set to well beyond kill command. Kham was the 'end it all here kinda guy' so knocking Nagase down right now would do everyone some good so that everyone else can be wiped out. The arrows colided with Kham's swing, the power behind them caused a massive explosion that blew Kham backwards. But he forced himself towards Nagase still despite his wounds sustained from taking that mass power damn near directly...*-

Kham: "Come to your senses girl!"

-*Kham said, he had his fist to Nagase's face now aiming to global fist her into next week... sending her deep into the depths of hueco mundo to separate her from the battle.*-

-Nagase was watching Mahk-x muscle his way through the arrows, it was a remarkable feet in her eyes. She had seen a 1/4 charged arrow kill even the strongest of Hollow, and Mahk-x had just taken several direct hits.

The mass that was the cosmos destroyer fell upon Nagase's head directly, her body firing deep into the crust of Hueco mundo; which was nearly infinite.-

Nagase: "..."

-A few seconds would pass and dew to the severity of the hit, one would have been fool into believing this was over, but in fact it hadn't even begone.

The quite abyssal where Nagase was hiding, seem inactive, until it suddenly flared up with the same colored psychic force as before. The young Hellgate floated from the canyon and stepped lightly on the ground. Her body completely in tact and her mask undamaged. She took nothing from the strike.-

Nagase: "I will take the liberty of quelling all confusion. Aizen has already informed me of the trickery of you band of Interlopers. I know of your names, I am aware of your powers and I certainly know this stories outcome."

-The singular dot on her mask, shifted around from person to person as she spoke, Mahk-x was behind her at this moment.-

Nagase: "I will suffer no damage from your attack, my body is impervious. I do not require Chakra my body is without flaw. This is not a delusion, this is factual."

-Nagase turned and looked at Mahk-x only to turn back to Zeik, she had been starring him down quite aggressively since he showed up.-

Nagase: "My father has lead you here in order to eliminate you once and for all, right now garganta are appearing all around your world, luring in your mightiest warriors, in order to kill you all at once.

I call this plan...cleansing. I will kill each and every last one of you, making father's goals a reality overnight."

-Zeik wasn't too far from blasting Mahk-x into space for striking his little girl with such vulgar force, but before he could even finish the though Nagase was stepping out of the canyon. Her body was untouched, she should no signs of the strike ever happening.-

Zeik: "...Impossible."

-Zeik was aware of his child growth, but this was insane...thats when he remembered about the Vizard mutation, this must be the power of the Hollow side of Nagase. That coupled with her emotions towards her father would make her power worthy but this was too much. Something was wrong with Nagase for sure, and the only person who could answer these questions was Aizen.-

Zeik: "Fine, how do we get to Aizen? If you answer me that question I'll fight you on my own. However the rest must be permitted to go on..."

-Nagase seemed like she was in ration mind, so perhaps a wager would go fine.-

-*Kham was pleased at his hammer's connection sending Nagase plumetting to the ground as it should have. No one could have taken that effortlessly let alone survive. But Kham was smarter than that, and Nagase had gotten fathoms stronger. He didn't sense the spikes on his hammer pierce flesh... something was amiss.*-

Kham: "Great... event powerups classic"

-*Kham said slinging the hammer back on his shoulder. He didn't wish to keep attacking, Zeik had already interjected. He just waited now... leaving Nagase's power tested and the 4th wall broken but things still incredible and epic*-

- Azazel had enter the scene sometime ago, he was waiting for the right time to say something, but he honestly didnt know what to say. The girl he had sent to rescue, was fathoms stronger then he was and that was just the half of it.-

Azazel: "I'll help you fight her..."

-He struggled to say, not really having any faith that he would be of any type of help. However he wasn't going to back out now, not after having cursed Zeik out once already.-

Eva: "This is a fight that Lord Zeik should fight on his own.."

-She said landing next to Azazel. She could see the look on Zeik's face and how this battle was obviously personal.-

Eva: "We should try our best to make our way to Aizen.."

-She then looked toward Zeik, waiting for him to affrim or deny what she said. If it be truth or not.-

-Nagase's casually shook her head, Zeik wasn't aware of it but her esp was in full effect. The block on her mind was lifted and she was in constant tune with the future, meaning she knew Mahk-x would break through her arrows.-

Nagase: "I can see the future like a picture book. None of you leave this place alive. Beyond me are ten keys, only the hold of those keys can open the gates."

-Five gargnta opened around the battle field.-

Nagase: "I have warped the space around Hueco Mundo, In order to get to my father you must acquire ten keys. Those five doors lead to different ares of Hueco, and each has a key. Find the key, speak with my father...however the future doesn't say that happens.

I am very familiar with this tactic, divide and conquer, you Shinobi have used it twice to avoid sudden demise. However, there is a fall in this plan, individually or dont have enough power to defeat me or my father."

-The garganta were left open, the shinobi could leave at any time. If Zeik insisted on taking her on alone, it made her job easy. After she killed Zeik, she would be able to follow behind the rest, picking them off while they were tired from what lies in store.-

-*Kham awayed his hammer and crossed his arms, he stood on air with a grim look on his face and his eyes shut. It seemed that this Aizen character had found some way to make Nagase seem that this was reality... it was if there was no mental struggle. Kham turned towards Zeik and sighed to himself. Zeik knew that he was going to be hitting a brick wall. It was something Zeik was used to doing especially after fighting Kham for some time, so Kham was assured that he may be able to purge Nagase from whatever was ailing her. Kham was needed in collecting these keys.*-

Kham: "Fine... Don't die."

-*Kham said towards Zeik, Kham leapt through one of the garganta that had the strongest reiatsu coming from it. He had heard that the people who kidnapped Nagase were horribly strong. Well Kham's strong is worse... so he took it upon himself to fight one of the stronger foes.*-

Zita had witnessed all that went on. Everyone wanted to help Zeik, including herself, and the headstrong Mahk-X did what he could without any command. They either must have been friends for a long time... Or he was thick-headed. Maybe both. With Zeik's request to fight his daughter alone, Zita didn't accept his wish... But respected it.

"... If that's the way it has to be..."

Zita started off into one of the portals, though not behind Mahk-X. She probably should have so she could get to know him better, since he was closest to Zeik, but by the time she thought of that, she had already chosen her portal to take. She just had a better feeling about this one. Besides, there was one made for each individual so... Yeah. Though, before entering, she turned to Zeik, looking at Nagase and only seeing her own child in her.

"... Chita... Hmm..."

That was a different thought for a different time. Right now, it was about Zeik.

"Zeik... You're alive right now. Make the best of it and come back living. I've dealt with a certain psychic all of my life... This won't be an easy battle, but it isn't impossible."

With that said, Zita reluctantly turned around and entered her portal.
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Fifth Domination: Garganta Three: Third Key

Zita exited her portal with concern still on her face. She was hoping that not only someone would have already been here so that she could assist, but also that Zeik would return safely.

"... I don't even know what these people can do... If only Khrona or Maze were here... Their abilities could help me out..."

With the portal still open, there was a chance that someone else could come through. Perhaps it would be someone useful to explain to her exactly what was going on before combat.

-Aizu would jump from the garganta portal and land a little bit ahead of Zita. He hadn't seen, or heard of her, but he could tell that she was a powerful creature. He looked a bit over his shoulder at her and chuckled.-

Aizu: "Of course, I always get the weird ones."

^Upon entering the two would find themselves in front of a massive door which would seem to need a large amount of force to open. However moments later the door would simply unlock and open wide inviting to two in. While it did seem like a trap of some sort from the surroundings it could be seen this was for a fact the only way into the building so the two had no choice but to enter.^

Zita noticed Aizu, but he didn't say anything to her, so she didn't think to say anything to him. He was pretty antisocial and she was kind of upset about it... She might have wanted to talk. She didn't know too many people outside of the Dusk Village... And then when he did talk, he called her weird.

"... I hope that's a compliment."

Before anything could be said, the door opened. It might have been a trap, but all that needed to be done was to go inside and see for herself.

"... Well, come on, then. I'd rather not stay out here and wait. Actually, yes I would. Do you think if we stood out here long enough, our opponent would come looking for us out here? I mean, it's just a thought..."

Disregarding her own thought even before she got an answer, Zita floated inside, her keyhole pupils gleaming as to observe all that was around her. Hopefully Aizu had her back...

Aizu: "Not so much a compliment as it was an observation. However, I haven't insulted you yet. A good sign indeed."

*~He said walking behind Zita. His sharingan activated as he too was observing everything within the area. He had hoped he got to fight the same bald guy he fought earlier..he had a bit of a score to settle. And of course Aizu had her back, they were allies right? If she didn't have his, he was more than capable than covering all his "blind spots".*~

Aizu: "If we waited on them, we would be here forever. We're the ones looking for the keys, not them."

^As the two entered the door behind them would quickly close and disappear leaving nothing but a blank wall like how it appeared on the outside. Inside this building the two Vescrutians would be surrounded by a large amount of pillars. These pillars varied in high some only knee high others appearing to touch the ceiling. In the center of theses pillared would be a single pillar that was around "7" to "8" feet tall and sitting on it would be a somewhat large dark skinned man who would be in a meditating position, eyes closed, and blade across his lap. This man would not open his eyes but would begin to speak in a very low tone voice.^

Zommari: "So it is once again we meet in the face of battle..."

^Whether he knew it or not this man was speaking directly to Aizu who had once faced him in battle during the attack on the Nightmare's Kage. Although the man would not say anything else and would wait for a respond from the two in front of him.^

"Uhh... I don't think we've met..."

When she said this, she hadn't realized that Aizu was there... Or rather, she forgot for a slight moment. He must have been talking to him.

"You two have met before? So I guess you know what he does, huh? Care to fill me in?"

Zita wanted to know since apparently this guy was very dangerous, and with some prior knowledge, the two of them could have a bit of an upper hand instead of having Zita rush in blindly without knowing what this guy could do or who he was.

Aizu: "Honestly dude, you couldn't have gotten a worst match up."

~*Aizu said shaking his head. Turned out that he did get baldy, the same guy he was fighting from earlier. He seemed pretty fast but that's about it. Besides, he was no where as quick as Jace. He then tapped his hand on Zita's shoulder. It was a technique that allowed her to know everything he did about chrome dome and spiritual pressure in general. In essence, Aizu just taught her a lesson that could've taken years to understand.*~

Aizu: "In case you were a little left behind.."

Zommari: "I could say the same for you...."

^Zommari would say this as he would jump off the pillar he was sitting on and land on his feet with out making a noise. With his blade drawn and pointed toward the two he would begin to speak.^

Zommari: "I am the 7th Espada Zommari Rureaux..."

^Zommari would the wait a moment to give the two in front of him a chance to introduce themselves as it was simply common kindness to know the name of the person you are about to kill.^

Zita, touched by an angel, now knew all that Aizu did of this 'espada' guy. His spiritual pressure, his speed, etc. It had all become clear to her. Wonderful.

"... Hahaha. Thanks, Aizu. That would be useful to me..."

When the guy introduced himself, Zita was a little bit surprised. He was one of the nicer bad guys... The polite ones, you may say. Sure, he was a big black bald brother (nice use of alliteration, Zita), but he was still polite. Surprisingly.

"Well, I am Zita, Head Witch of the Witch Province in the Dusk Village. Charmed. Hahaha."

As she said that, a singular chain swirled around her body... It was her Nox Nyctores, Ouroboros, accompanied by one of her magical chains swirling in the opposite direction around her body.

"And I'm finally gonna get to see Ouroboros in action... Heh heh heh!"

~*Aizu would then step in front of Zita. He was already in the midst of doing handsigns, the likes of which would cause his hair to flutter about.~*

Aizu: "I don't do introductions."

~*He completed his hand signals and his sharingan began to spiral. He continued doing handsigns however, causing his chakra to flare up and build over.~*

Zommari: "I see...."

^Zommari would say this as he would suddenly release a powerful amount of spiritual pressure that would cover the area causing the air to become thick and heavy. Though Zommari was releasing this powerful amount of energy his face would appear to remain completely calm and collective. Although before attack Zommari would as one last thing toward the two this mainly being directed toward Aizu.^

Zommari: "Just know the reason for your defeat is the arrogance that kept you from telling me your name."

^Zommari would then disappear as speeds that appeared much faster then Aizu had seen in their past fight. Suddenly around Aizu two Zommari would appear on the far sides of Aizu on in front and one behind. They would have their blades extended moving toward his neck trying to cut his head off. Ask for Zita three Zommari would appear around her release powerful Ceros in a triangle like formation. While it looked like these attack where some real and some face all this attacks where reall and could cause massive damage if the two did not take things seriously.^

The spiritual pressure released by this espada was surprising at first, catching Zita off guard, but she quickly got used to it, since she always dealt with something similar with Khrona and Maze; the Soul Wavelength. That is what helped her adjust so fast.

"Why couldn't you just tell him your name...?"

Since Aizu had stepped in front of Zita, Zita noticed his attackers first and was ready to assist him. She would release the two chains circling around her body with her eyes locked on the two blades coming at Aizu's neck, ready to intervene... However her own fighters had appeared before her, and she had to rethink her battle plan. She switched her Target Seal to focus on the attacks at her, which were... apparently 3 beams of energy. Nothing too bad. Zita placed a hand below her sexily and created a high powered Gravity Ball, using its own power to launch herself into the air as well as draw in the beams as to not hit her and have their energies scrambled and dispersed within the gravity ball, creating a sort of implosion from within.

Once in the air, portals would open above her and numerous snake heads attached to chains would spurt from them violently, aimed directly at the three Zommaris that ganged up on her. With her Target Seal active, she could see with similar precision as Khrona did with his Hyper Perception, so his speed was fine to deal with. Luckily.

*~Aizu would drop into a deep crouch, evading the attack of the espada in time to answer Zita while he attacked~*

Aizu: "I don't like associating with terrorists."

*~While he spoke, he would use a caporara type attack, spinning and twirling while kicking his feet. This would more than likely trip the speed clones. And if it didnt, the following slashing waves of chakra that followed soon after would. *~

^The three Zommaris that where dealing with Zita would quickly be stabbed by the many snake causing blood to spill from their bodies. Although just as fast as they where hit the three Zommaris would simply disappear into thin air. Meanwhile with the two Zommaris dealing with Aizu while one would be hit and disappear as well one Zommari would jump back avoiding the attack completely landing a few feet away from the two.^

Zommari: "So you two do posses some level of talent after all....and with two of you I cannot take things lightly."

^Zommari would then suddenly take a strange stance as he would hold his blade out in front of him. Zommari would then begin to levitate his Zanpakutō in front of him horizontally fallowed by him clapping his hands together his hands together. Zommari would then begin to twist his head until it's perpendicular to the rest of his body and he would begin to glow.^

Zommari: "Suppress....Brujería"

^Zommari's sword would then bend into the shape of an edged spiral. Once in the shape, a thick white smoke emits from the corners of the spiral and covers his body transforming into a thick, white, foamy liquid that mixes with his Spirit Power. The foamy liquid would then begin to melt away and Zommari's entire body would covered with fifty open eyes, and his legs (along with his lower body) are replaced by a pink pumpkin-like (or sea urchin-like) structure surrounded by cyclopean faces that somewhat resemble his own face. Zommari would then turn his two normal eyes toward the two and would then begin to speak.^

Zommari: "Now come and face your end."

The clones were easily dispatched, though it didn't seem like this espada guy was really doing much that was all that threatening. Zita figured that this fight would just be tedious rather than difficult... That is, until she saw him transform into some big pink thing with lots of eyes.

"Woah, Aizu, do you know what he's doing? I mean, I have an assumption that we shouldn't be caught by those eyes... But you're the one with the battle experience with this guy."

Zita started to descend toward the ground near Aizu, hoping that he would be willing to tell her something about this guy's new form.

~*Aizu would bust out into a fit of laugher once the espada assumed his transformation. He honestly never seen something more hilarious in his life, and the fact that his life was on the line made it all the more hysterical.*~

Aizu: "Oh my god, you can't be serious."

~*Aizu spoke, activating his mangekyo.~*

Aizu: "Oh yeah, I dare him to look at me."

~*He said cutting Zita off. Eye contact with Aizu at this point would mean some Eternal Tsukuyomi action. He dared the Espada to exchange eye contact. He crossed his arms, and waited. It seemed he dropped his guard...hardly.*~

Zommari: "Do you really think your eyes are stronger the mine these eyes can seal the sovereignty of whatever they see."

^Zommari say this as one of the eye on his lower body would move around and look toward Zita and begin to glow. Suddenly what appeared to be a force wave would appear right in front of Zita trying to his her right in the face. Ask for Aizu who seemed to be somewhat of guard Zommari would point his finger toward him and release multiple Balas which would be moving twice as fast as a normal Cero trying to keep him busy while Zommari delt with Zita.^

With her Target Seal active, Zita would be able to easily see the attack coming and was ready to attack accordingly... However, with what this guy said about his eyes... She only heard that it could take control of what he looked at. Deducing that the attack came from his eyes... She figured that this attack could probably take control of her body if she let it hit. So, she might as well fight eye power with eye power. Her Sealing Eye was already active and ready to go, and now she had an attack to seal. It couldn't steal her actual attack, now could it? Especially if she matched or overpowered it... So that's what she was going to do.

Zita's keyhole pupils gleamed brightly, looking not at the eyes, however at the actual attack coming at her in slo-mo. Assessing the attack, she used her Sealing Sight technique and looked at the oncoming attack, causing it to seemingly disappear as soon as it was about to hit her, as if it had never existed. The Target Seal allowed her to assess the power so that she knew how much to output with her Sealing Sight, and as such, she would have been safe.

"Hm... Aizu, we should just overpower him with our eye abilities. I know you have the Sharingan and with my Sealing Eye, we can take him down! Don't you think?"

Aizu: "You poor damn fool.."

*~Aizu said with a slight chuckle. He then nodded at what Zita said, not wanting to catch her in his jutsu by looking at her. As the incoming Bala screamed toward Aizu, he would complete a set of handsigns and he jumped what seemed like infinitely into the air, circumventing the attacks.

What came down however was no longer Aizu, but what looked to be a large black cloud of infinitely expanding mass. Trillions among billions of small little fluttering wings could be heard amongst the black cloud. What they were in reality, were small black butterflies manifested from Aizu's sharingan. The giant mass began to close in on baldy, like a hurricane coming from the land of the dead, causing this immediate area switch from whatever lighting it previously had, to a purplish black. As if they were suddenly hit with a nightshade . It suddenly became quiet. A calm before the storm.*~

Zommari: “You are the fool if you think this can stop me.”

^Zommari would say this as the rain of butterflies would move toward him and he would keep his mouth wide open. Suddenly a large amount of energy would begin to gather in his mouth as the butterflies closed in. Once close enough suddenly from Zommari’s mouth would erupt a large and very wide Cero that would cover quite a large area most likely destroying every last butterfly and continuing toward Aizu with enough power to blast a hole through the wall of the room they where in.^

Looks like it was Zita's time to shine assisting Aizu, since he had already attacked first. As the butterflies were released, Zita quickly figured that she was gonna want to cover him as he attacked, so... She began to focus some energy in her eye and magic in her hand. Zommari wasn't paying her any mind right now and was focused specifically on Aizu, so she might as well intervene a little. When Zommari opened his mouth, she knew that was her chance.

The very moment Zommari thought to fire the blast, Zita had created a massive gravity ball dead center of his mouth; the Gravitational Discord. All of the energy he was excreting from his mouth did not pass the massive gravity ball, as its gravitational core was so intense and so strong that it just wouldn't pass through, but get trapped within. Truthfully, Zommari's mouth should have slammed shut upon creation of this gravity ball, but that's a different story altogether. Anywho, after that, the real magic came in.


Using her other magical ability, Pressurizer, Zita compressed the energy trapped within the Gravitational Discord into the size of a tiny orb via the closing of her hand. As a tiny orb, it still had the exact same power of what Zommari had fired, but it was in condensed form. Now, the final part.

"Ability... Lock."

Zita snapped her fingers and a minuscule keyhole indented itself on the tiny orb, verifying that the lock had been placed. Not only was this energy unable to burst out of this compressed orb, but also Zommari would be unable to fire anymore of them, as that was the power of the Ability Lock. It was very powerful.

"All clear, Aizu!"

The tiny marble-sized black orb would float over to Zita as she let one of her Ouroboros chains play with it in the air around her. She didn't let down her guard and was ready to assist Aizu again if need me, or even take the lead if Aizu's attack didn't work.

Aizu: "Good shit.."

*~As the attack dissipated, the black clouds would proceed to changing. The black sky would come to represent a giant ever watching Mangekyo sharingan.

What Aizu did was Mark a genjutsu that the butterflies looked like a huang cumuliative sharingan, that would bridge off into an infintely more powerful tsukuyomi. He was stacking genjutsu, something he learned during training in solitude. And thanks to the fact that baldy was aldeady looking into the sky, he was shit outta luck.*~

Zommari: "!!!"

^ This single word would begin to echo through the mind of Zommari as he was caught of guard and his mouth shut. The normal cool and collective Zommari would begin to slowly lose his composure as he suddenly found himself trapped within the genjutsu of Aizu. Suddenly from Zommari’s forehead would suddenly erupt another row of eyes that along with the rest of the eyes on his body would begin to glow releasing multiple pulsed of his energy trying to catch the two ninja even thou he could not long see them.^

Zommari: “Take it take my love and submit to my will…”

It was apparent that the two of them had won, and all that was needed now were the finishing touches. Aizu had him locked in a genjutsu and Zommari desperately attempted to attack them even still, but it was more than useless as of now.

"Huh. You're a fool..."

Zita touched the tiny marble of blackness she had created only moments ago and infested it with Sealing energies. She flicked it at his attack and muttered "Unlock" as the sphere would suddenly explode. With the power of the Cero that Zommari released before, the Sealing energies within would easily negate the power of all of the eyes and cause the attack to be useless, leaving Zommari wide open for the finisher.

"... Heh. That which falls into infinite darkness..."

Zita's hair started to flair up now as she emanated with a high amount of magical power, radiating with a sort of purplish-black hue; the color of her gravitational magic. As this happened, an invisible force would start to push upon Zommari's general area, quickly developing into a massive, pitch black dome over him. It was a gravitational field similar to that of a black hole, only releasing gravity on the inside of it as to only influence Zommari. This was meant to keep him in place (not that he could move anyway, thanks to the genjutsu), for the more he struggled, the tighter its bindings would get. Not only that, it drained his chakra quite rapidly, and the drain only grew faster if he were to struggle or try to retaliate in any way.

"... Silent Black."

Though it already seemed devastating enough, Zita was not done. The outer layer of the black barrier that captured Zommari would start to glow a dim blue color. Zommari already couldn't see or move, so he would never expect it to be coming.

"... One that hates the pain of lament..."

Now, within the barrier numerous large spikes of blue energy would stab into each and every one of Zommari's eyes as to ensure that IF he survived, he wouldn't be doing anything else again. The blue energy was releasing a steady stream of power that would weaken the target just as rapidly as the chakra drain so that they couldn't break free if they had the force to.

"... Pain Blue..."

And though that seemed to be quite enough, Zita still had one more attack to do. Her keyhole pupils gleamed brightly as now her body was coated in a large, almost translucent light-green aura, matching the glow of her pupils.

"... And finally, to restrain all things..."

Zita pointed to the blackish-bluish sphere in front of her and numerous chains of both her own magic and Ouroboros would slither from her body, merging with one another to create a big snake-chain. The chain would wrap several times around the barrier before Zita unleashed her Sealing Eye power through the chain, changing it a lustrous golden color.

"... Chain Gold!"

The teeth of the snake head would bite into the barrier and stop moving as a small lock appeared and locked itself around the chain. The chain, as stated, was made to restrain all things, hence why it was reinforced with the Sealing Eye. Because it was also linked with Ouroboros, it would devour the mentality and will of the opponents just as fast as the Pain Blue would weaken them and the Silent Black would drain them, as that is what Ouroboros' natural ability is. With all of that, the large mass of prison would start to shrink, as if imploding. In fact, it was starting to implode. It would take a little bit of time, but it was happening all the same. Eventually, Zommari would become nothing but a memory.

Aizu: "Good work Zita.."

*~The black mass of butterflies would alll compress into this cylindrical figure and would shoot toward the ground. It splattered like a giant raindrop, soon reconstituting to manifest Aizu's body. He began to rub his eyes, for whenever he had to do something like that, it would severely tap his chakra. He looked to Zita with a thumbs up.

The bald fellow however would have soon died from the intensity of the genjutsu. Aizu looked to him to see of his condition.*~

^Zommari would stand completely motionless trapped by the power of the genjutsu. Soon enough Zommari would turn back into his normal human appearance showing that he was slowly dying. After a moment Zommari's energy would completely disappear meaning he was dead killed by the power of the genjutsu. Although suddenly from Zommari's hallow hole would appear a light that would move out of his chest and float in front of the two ninja. In this energy would be a key which was for the two to take.^

Zita had strained herself a little with that one, though she felt it was well worth it to destroy Zommari. The key popped out of his hole and the prison that Zita sealed him in would implode with his body inside of it, the key being the only thing salvaged. With the implosion, Zita panted a bit and fixed her hair, which was very wild and vicious now. Her keyhole pupils slowly began to dim back to their normal black color.

"Phew... I've been wanting to do that for a long time."

Zita adjusted her clothes, pushed up her boobs and lifted the key via magic, luring it into her grasp with a seductive tug. She floated very lax in the air, turning to Aizu.

"I think we make a pretty good team, you know. You with your Sharingan and me with my Sealing Eye. We should do this more often."

Zita planned to exit the area and bring the key back to Zeik, whom she hoped was okay fighting little Nagase...

Aizu: "We may have the chance to do so in a few moments. We may be done, but our friends may be getting it handed to them." "

~*He said walking up to the key and and grabbing it. It shone a bright blinding light before a portal opened up before them. Aizu turned his head to the side so that Zita, behind him, could hear his words.~*

Aizu: "Round two?"

Zita smiled seductively, as if she were waiting to hear him say those words. The battle before got her all pumped up; the Sway of Magic flowing in her like adrenaline (which, it technically was for Witches.) She was ready to destroy her next opponent and would float leisurely through the portal.

"I thought you'd never ask..."
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PostSubject: Re: Zita :: Tzita   Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:12 am

Sixth Domination: The Strongest Shinigami
-While Yamamoto was clashing with the Hellgates flames, he started to grow a little respect for the boy. Genryusai and his old age had first pegged Zeik as a hot head with no direction, but either his eyes were fooling him back then, or this was a different man.

Genryusai was getting tired of the tricks of the Shinobi, he had been forced to use one large release after another in this fight, at this rate the battle would be decided by numbers, something a man of skill could not allow.-

"Shinobi love to show their muscle," Genryusai said, using the tyrants of fire, that were holding off Zeik's flames, as a shield and a counter in one attack. The closer anything got to Genryusai's flames, the sooner they would learn just how power of a zanpaktou Ryujinjakka truly was.

In combat with Genryusai's flames that was no trying, there was only matching him or being destroyed. Anything not strong enough to match his flames reitsu, by some means, would be instantly incinerated.

This was known even to his Shinigami partners, yet it was only amplified by his Visored powers. This would explain how Yamamoto had gotten free of so many of the Shinobi's tricks, Shinigami only had one art to focus on and the Gotei 13 were the most proficient at their arts in all of Soul Society.-

Genryusai: "Ryujinjakka, incinerate all in your wake."

-Using the time bout for him by his flames, Genryusai would activate his Bankai, something he hadn't done in centuries. Almost immediately, the Man of Soul society set himself apart from the Shinobi's current power outputs, as the release of Ryujinjakka shock all of Hueco Mundo, undoubtedly eliminating Zita and Aizu's respective attacks.

The Shinobi were constantly putting Genryusai in a corner, he had to change the tides of this battle.

The five beams of destruction broke through the flames, being halted this long most have surely anger the Great Destroyer, as his Crimson beams came racing towards Genryusai with increased power.

Yet, they would be halted once again, this time by a very large hand roaring flames. The collision of this was simply indescribable, collateral damage most have scorched the sands of Hueco Mundo for miles.

As the smoke cleared, Mahk-x and the others would soon Notice, Genryusai was now covered by a mass of Flames. The flames having taken shape into a humanoid like figure may have resembled that of Susanoo with yamamoto at the center.

It would take some time, but eventually the five beams would have been reduced to mere trickles of residual energy, having taken no damage directly from this Genryusai simply looked down on the Shinobi.

He was going to give them everything he had in this fight, there was no way around it.-

Genryusai: "First!"

-With the stage clear of Threats, Yamamoto would take the battle on the offense finally. Using the speed oh his original body coupled with his vizard powers to appear directly Behind Mahk-x, whose reactions may have been reduced from using such a massive move

The massive figure of flames would bring his fist down upon Mahk-x, hopefully knocking him deep into the sands beneath his feet.-

Zita was simply amazed at how much power he was releasing... It was even greater than Zeik's flames, and those were the strongest flames she'd ever seen. This power destroyed her energy devouring parasites... Though her Locusts would have fared much better. This was rather amazing to say the least.


Typical anime girl comment is typical. But even so, Zita still had more power to show. She was being underestimated, undermined and unkempt with her own abilities. It was time for her to stop trying to assist them with power and assist them using her own special support skills... She was probably the best support here, in actuality, and she knew the exact reason why. Kham upped his power, Zeik upped his power, Aizu tried to up his power and Zita... Zita stayed the same. She was really did not want to unlock her true potential here and now... She needed it later.

"... No more. I will not have my power undermined by you any longer, old man! I respect your skill, your age AND your power, but no longer will you DISrespect MINE!!"

Believe it or not, Zita was over 1,000 years old and had power and skill that could rival that of any one of her allies, and if that was the case, then she could do the same for Yamamoto... But she was simply doing it wrong. Completely wrong. She's being doing it wrong this entire time...

"... So let's do this right. ZEIK! MAHK-X!! AIZU!!!"

Zita's keyhole pupils gleamed brightly. So brightly, in fact, that their light illuminated the general area around her, tinting it the same light green color. Zita straightened herself up, intensity in simply her posture alone, as a massively powerful gravitational field surrounded her, distorting the flow of space and even light bending and twisting around her. She was using her power over gravity to alter Biorhythms here, people, the most powerful thing you can do. Biorhythms, to put it simply, are nature's way of telling a person how they fare in a certain environment, or rather, where their potential is and how far it is able to go to in that certain area or in those certain conditions. What Zita was doing was altering all 3 of their Biorhythms up to their maximum potential, thus increasing their power to its highest capability, whilst also attempting to lower Yamamoto's in exchange so that none of them would feel the severe effects that it had afterwards on them... He would be the substitute here. This all happened through an immense control over gravity far beyond normal means, and Zita was the only one who could do this.

In retrospect, to do all of that, Zita had to expound an astronomical amount of power as well as stay perfectly stationary, however the gravitational field around her should be able to protect her, and even her Sealing Eye if anything came near. She knew she'd be drained afterward, but she honestly didn't care as long as this shit got done so they could fight the final boss. The ground crumbled under Zita, literally imploding into nothingness around her, however because of the massive amount of gravity, she didn't fall nor did she notice. The intense gravitational field even distorted Zita's voice.

"Zeik... Mahk-X... Aizu... You'd better use this power I'm giving you... To KILL this bastard! I REFUSE to let you all lose here! To let my power go to waste! To sit out! So... SHOW HIM that we aren't just using numbers... But an actual TEAM effort!"

And that, my friends, was the contribution of the lovely Zita. Use it wisely.
Author: Zeik [ Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:47 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Zeik couldn't believe his flames had been snuffed out., he respected Yamamoto, but never did he expect him to push his Hellfire this far. How could he face Andover when a ranked Shinigami could best him in a fire competition, that wasn't going to go overlooked.-

"Hmp, I need to train more."

-He said, using the power Zita had given the three of them oh so wisely. In his hand grew a tiny red ball, the likes of which would grow into a sphere of grayish flames.

Mahk-x was the only man besides Shinta to have seen him use his fire in sure a pure form, they were infact so young he had yet to name them, let alone did he know the full extent of its power.-

"This hit will end it all."

-He said, holding his hand tightly as he gathered the necessary chakra for his jutsu. Zeik figured his allies where all going to go ape Shit on Yamamoto with their power boost, so he would have more then enough time to prepare.-
Author: Michio Kham [ Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:04 am ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-*To Khams surprise his 5 pronged Gaia Cannon was not enough to end this battle... Yamamoto had uttered the words 'bankai' in response. Kham's power had been thwarted to the extent of his Nova Cosmic this early in this fight and Yamamoto had survived. But most of all he had appeared behind him, Kham was prepared of course his arms were still in the area and caught Yamamotos blade. The Shock of which shattered the skin of its arms almost instantly burning his dark power away into mere fabrics of what they once were. Yet Kham was briefly safe under his protective hands and had to get the fuck out of the way before he probably died. But on a more positive side, Kham was the first response to Yamamotos obvious impressive power in other words- Perhaps, this millisecond of pause before Khams rather ultimate demise was long enough for his allies to recover and for Zeik and Aizu to omni-stroke Yamamoto.*-


-*Kham turned around to see his arms destroyed and his newly acquired power bested so easily thanks, and Kham himself was smitted to the ground and was followed by an inferno of flames that erupted around his body... the flames were soon smothered by a burst of dark power and Khams torched body was slowly putting itself back to snuff thanks to Zitas power boost. He needed some time to get back up though.*-
Author: Vizard Yamamoto [ Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:28 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
"How do you hope to save your lives, with weak will attempts like this."

-Having effectively dealt with Mahk-x, Genryusai would direct his attention towards the Hellgate. He was clearly charging some move, but if he wasn't allowed to finish his preparation Genryusai would have nothing to worry about.-


-The flame like persona covering Genryusai's body, sprouted two larges blades of fire, one in each hand. It a blazing glory of speed, he appeared in the general area as the Hellgate, bring both blades down on Zeik's head with speed equivalent to his previous movement.

Upon his blades hitting the ground, Zeik would be engulfed in the same slurry of flames as his larger counter-part, thusly destroying Zeik and any chance of Zita and Aizu's survival.-
Author: Aizu Uchiha [ Sat Dec 24, 2011 4:55 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami

*~He said having finished his charging, Aizu would complete his handsigns and release his ultimate jutsu, Susano'o. His eyes began to cry crimson tears. All around Aizu would form the armor and body of a majestic shogun like warrior. He was as large and powerful as all the legends and myths of this jutsu brought into existence.

The creature mimicked the banaki of the Captin via sharingan, however, he bore an invisible legendary sword and shield, once thought lost to history. The effects of these weapons would make themselves apparent soon, but now was time for Aizu to act.~*

"Old people never shut the fuck up.."

*-In front of Zeik is Aizu would reality warp himself to, using the presence of his ultimate jutsu and the power boost to hold off the flames that may have blocked his divine intervention. The large arm of the overshadowing beast would raise its forearm to intercept the sword swing of the beast. Upon its arm would manifest a shield with mystic origins, repeling the same force upon the swing once it made impact. Much like a mirror.*~

"Make it count Zeik.."

*~After aizu blocked him, Susano'o would go for a swing, attempting to bash the beast with the same shield. In the eyes of the crimson shogun overshadow was the mangekyo. He was predicting movements and preparing a follow up genjutsu.*~
Author: Zeik [ Sat Dec 24, 2011 9:18 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
"All ready on it, Zero."

-Zeik came jumping over susanoo, his fist full of the black flames of origin, their intensity so great they resembled the same charge as electricity, Zeik would not have his Hellfire ignored by any man.

He ran along the shoulder and fore arm of Aizu's Susanoo, picking up enormous amounts of speed in such a short distance, only to burst into hyper space just seconds before he got near Genryusai's armor. Zeik knew how to trick the eyes of man, genryusai would have no chance in stopping Zeik's attack.

The moment he exited out of that hyper space, his speed would have reached far past the elder Shinigami's understand, and utterly defying the laws of relativity. Genryusai time was drawing short.-
Author: Vizard Yamamoto [ Sat Dec 24, 2011 9:38 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Genryusai was mid in his attempt to stop Zeik dead in his tracks when all of a sudden he vanished, genryusai took it as a simple trick of a hotheaded young boy, but whether that where his intentions or not was meaningless now.

When Zeik exited the hyper space, he would go shooting through Genryusai like a streak of lightning, tearing clean through his bankai flames and shattering his bankai release.-


-He struggled to let out, as he descended from the sky and plummeted into the ground. He laid there for a few seconds before standing to his feet, over looking the field and taking a very deep inhale. small debris begin to rise as he continued to inhale what he consider his final good breath on earth.

The wound in his chest began to quickly heal, all most as if he had sustained no real damage.-


-He thought in his head just before releasing the air he had been taking in, immediately bursting his spiritual pressure to yet again amazing heights, he needed to gain the strength to use his bankai again.

The pressure would act as a shield, preventing the shinobi from getting near him, at least not without being nearly instantly incinerated. Genryusai was holding any of his power back and if he where to bankai again, the Shinobi would know true terror.-
Author: Zeik [ Sat Dec 24, 2011 9:48 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Zeik was floating in the air panting heavily, he hated using Zero shift outside of hyper dying will mode, though the tech was amazing and less chakra draining, it still weighted heavy on Zeik's body as a whole. It was around now when he noticed the old fart wasn't dead. Zeik figured he was using the cloud flame to amp up his will, but due to his poor understanding of the art he wasn't using it to its full extent.

Genryusai was simply pulling power from the ring, more then likely unknowingly, it was truly a shame Zeik thought. If the old man knew what he was doing, they may not have been able to beat him.-


-Zeik yelled. He never called Mahk-x by this name, probably because Mahk-x was always provoking Zeik's temper, but all of those things went away on the battle field with Zeik, using his old name was one of the ways Zeik showed they where still friends.-

"We are sealing this power house, Aizen's trying to use his to drain us of our stamina."

-In a flash Zeik appeared on the ground, striking a stance and attempting to match Genryusai in power, he would need to be at the same level as him in order for the pentagram to seal away his power.

Though with Yamamoto blindly pulling at the cloud flame, that would simply be impossible, this was going to be a combined effort on all four of their parts.-
Author: Michio Kham [ Sun Dec 25, 2011 9:00 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-*It was as if Zeik yelling Mahk-X's name triggered what happened next nearly instantly. From the depths of Hueco Mundo rose a massive figure as if it was the embodiment of the white sands below. It was none other than an extremely large humanoid figure with makings of a war lord and the eyes of a demon. This was Mahk-X's second Giga Trigger, yes he has two now. He whipped them both out on Shinta in the tournament. This Trigger boasts more power than the first and an entirely separate arsenal and could only be brought out with the activation of the Nova Cosmic. The mighty beast rose it's fists and slammed both of them down on the old man over... and over... and over. Mahk-X was standing on the shoulder of this construct and yelled down below at the geezer with great anger and distaste. Something pissed Kham off.*-

"You... will... LOOSE!"

-*Mahk-X said as he pounded away vigorously at the bankai of the old man, there was a method to this madness. Kham was trying to be the center of attention mostly to end this fight. Everyone was nearing their peak and the only one who had more was Zita- Zita had more, fathoms more. Mahk-X had witnessed all of Zitas rather cheap tricks and it was time for them to show face. While Mahk-X was ruthlessly beating Yamamoto Kham decided to call out to Zita one more time.*-

Zita. You must seal away this mans flames. His power stems from his blade but his blade burns with the heat of 10 suns... Do you have enough strength to relieve us of his fire? Or will you forever sit in the background?

-*The last bit was a taunt on Zitas part. Kham knew that Zita had a hot temper to match her equally hot body... if Kham could spark Zitas spiral power then perhaps she could win this for us. In the mean time, Kham was powering away at the old mans flames hoping to create an opening for Zita to seal the mans power away*-
Author: Tzita L'sia [ Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:56 am ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
Even though it seemed impossible to beat this guy, Zita did not lose her faith in herself nor her allies, especially when she saw Zeik pierce the old guy. The only thing keeping her going right now was her sheer want to fight the one that was stronger... She couldn't lose until she tested herself against the one that was stronger, and thus, her power was not going to falter. They were all beefed up to their maximum potential, Zita made sure of this, but it still didn't seem to be enough... Witnessing the marvel that was Kham's Giga Trigger, Zita was touched with another mental message from him.

Seal away the flames, huh? Tch... I was trying to save up a lot of my power for the final boss... But since you put it that way... I will NOT just SIT AROUND AND WATCH ANYMORE!!!

In truth, Zita had done this a number of times in the Dusk whilst Khrona and Maze handled the heavy lifting in the Dusk Village... She even did the same upon the death of her father... Her time of feeling powerless was no longer here! This was the NEW Zita! The Zita of ACTION!


Even within the midst of increasing Biorhythms, Zita kicking it up another notch and harnessed the power within. A key made of her Sealing Wavelength appeared before her, inserting itself into the locked keyhole that was her soul... With a single decisive twist, the chains of Zita's Sealing Wavelength that bound her soul were suddenly broken, unleashing her full power... Zita's two mentalities suddenly merged into one and her wavelength expanded in such a way that Khrona himself could feel it wherever he was right now. Zita had never had both parts of her mind merged before, but with this, her mentality was definitely hardened enough to handle the full potential of her soul, and it showed. Even her mannerisms changed just a little bit.

"... So. Let's see how you like facing the power of all four of our MAXIMUM strengths combined! Feel the power of the Master Lock!!!"

Zita crossed her arms, her body igniting with soul wavelength and powerful magic, it was so much to contain. The Master Lock itself took on a new appearance as well from the last time she used it, which was, surprisingly, the last time she fought Mahk-X. It was bigger, badder and better than ever, with more to it than ever before. It hovered right in front of Zita, guiding every single ounce of the flames of Yamamoto into its infinite confines and locking their power away for all of eternity the very moment it passed from the realm of Vescrutia into the Realm of the Master Lock. This was definitely enough to keep his flames at bay.

"Everyone... Zeik... Don't let my efforts go to waste! This is the last time I'll say it! Now, GO, YOU THREE!!"

Zita was maintaining her new power rather well, almost like it wasn't anything new. For hundreds of years, Zita had been waiting for the day when she'd master both sides of her personality and combine both into one... And today was finally that day. She wondered how her other side was taking this right now, actually... and how much power that destructive monster even had right now... It sent chills down Zita's spine.
Author: Aizu Uchiha [ Mon Dec 26, 2011 2:05 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
"Le coup de grace.."

*~Aizu said. It was something he in he said in memory of Atra. His Susano'o rose his invisible sword above his head. He brought his blade down and sliced through the downed and weakened Captin. Sealing him within the immortal genjutsu of bliss that the blade brings. The blade was swung with such magnitude that it pushed opposing forces elsewhere. The reality warping powers of his mangekyo making this blade more of a law than a possibility.*~
Author: Vizard Yamamoto [ Mon Dec 26, 2011 2:28 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-The Hellgate was matching Genryusai's flame pressure output for some time, but around when Zita started to seal away his fire power, is when his flame output when through the roof, immediately dwarfing Zeik's fire and devouring them in the hopes of surviving the Shinobi's next assault.

Mahk-x giga trigger was mindlessly bashing away at Genryusai, though at no point did any of the hands touch the body of the Shinigami, the force of such a strike still caused grave damage to his body and stamina. The flames he was trying to build up was damn near infinitesimal, Zita and Zeik's combined efforts wouldn't be able to adequately seal away all his flames...not until Aizu brought down his legendary blade, attempting to seal the old man in a genjutsu forever.

When the smoke cleared Yamamoto would be seen kneeing, his flames gone were gone and his stamina was following closely behind, the old man had fought a valiant battle, but at the end of the day...he couldn't stop the four of them. He had somehow managed to survive long enough to speak to the Shinobi.

"...Aizen is not something to underestimate...I didn't listen to Soi-fon when she told me that..."

-The old man said while slowly sheathing his Zanpaktou, it was dishonorable for a samurai to die with his sword out, perhaps Genryusai shared that belief.-

"...I can still fight...even without my Zanpaktou."

-Genryusai said, now starring intensely into Zeik and everyone else eyes, he wasn't going to die without a fight; Though, it was obvious that this fight was over.-
Author: Zeik [ Mon Dec 26, 2011 2:49 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Zeik stood in awe for a second as Yamamoto babied his Hellfire, Zeik had seen a many of things in his life, but to lose a match of flames was never one of them. He quickly fixed the dumb look on his face after the smoke cleared, that's around the time Genryusai started lecturing the Shinobi. Zeik was growing closer to his own darkness with ever word genryusai spoke.-

"...You're an old fool."

-Zeik said appearing before Genryusai and grasping his neck in hand, he lifted the beaten Shinigami off his feet and starred in his eyes, letting him see Zeik's fury.Genryusai was a wise man, he would know why Zeik was pissed...everyone would.-

"You underestimated Aizen...we just haven't killed him yet. You should die peacefully with that knowledge...its the only peace you'll know for the rest of eternity."

-Zeik had seal the old mans movement and over energy use, their was nothing he could do except be Zeik's prey. Causing a weak explosion around Genryusai's neck and face; however, this would not be the end of Genryusai, only the serving as the beginning of his eternity of torment.-

"You should have healed my daughter when I came too you...maybe if you had done that...I would have sparred you."

-Nagase and Kurai where Zeik's only treasures, serving as the bases for Zeik's stability and sanity.-

"Outta my site!"

-Zeik said, activating the penance stare while looking into the now helpless mans eyes, burning his soul for all the sins of his past and sealing his tainted soul in Zeik's eyes.-
Author: Michio Kham [ Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:15 am ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-*Mahk-X hopped off his Giga Trigger it disappearing and fading into mere spectacles of darkness in moments. He landed on the ground with a thud and dusted himself off... paying no mind to the unfortunate and rather burtal demise of Yamamoto. That Penance stare move is the most cruel technique Mahk-X knew.*-

"... Looks like Shinta isn't finished"

-*Kham looked up and found the sky tore open around where Byakuya and Shinta was. The result had to end, if Byakuya was a Vizard and Shinta was immortal then the two would keep fighting both having regenerative abilites. Kham wanted to watch so he left, but he couldn't help but ask Zeik and the group a question.*-

"So. You guys weren't gonna back me up back there?"
Author: Aizu Uchiha [ Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:52 am ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
"Everybody had there hands full. You just decided to take more than the rest of us."

*-Aizu said, Susano'o unraveling like a fleshy christmas present or a backwards and twisted science project. He fell to the ground holding his eyes. He soon wiped the dried up tears of blood from his cheeks by licking his thumbs and rubbing it off.

He kept his eyes closed though. It was going to take a few seconds for him to use them again.*-
Author: Tzita L'sia [ Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:50 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
Ah, yes... The cool-down period. Zita was waiting for this the entire time. Without a single fragment of hesitation, the same key used to unlock her mighty power sealed it back once more, storing her power for later as well as regenerating it slightly. The powers of the witch were magnificent, to say the least, but still much less than perfect...

Zita's Master Lock dissipated, taking with it the knowledge of all that had come into its confines... now, like any witch would, Zita could study the power of this 'spiritual pressure' intensively and probably learn a lot more from it through research than the time she spent fighting it off... And from what was seen, it was the most powerful one there was out there, save for the one made by this 'Aizen' guy. Oh well. That was neither here nor there. Zita hovered over the ground in a relaxed manner, closing her eyes and simply relaxing, knowing that this was the only time to do so.

"Aizen? That's his name? Sounds like the mixture of Aizu and Tigen, if you ask me."

How she knew Tigen, we'll leave only to the gods... Well, he did stop by her house that one time to help her get to the Realm of Chains but... That's another story for another day. In any case, everyone seemed worn in their own way or form, even if they didn't want to show it. Everyone had done their part; Zeik's Hellfire, Kham's Giga Trigger, Zita's Master Lock and Aizu's Susanoo. But as the old man said before... Would it be enough to take him down? She only hoped...

"... Well, I tried, at least."

Naturally, she was talking to Kham, but it didn't really matter too much right now. Zita was slowly going over everything in her mind... Her power... his power... her magic... Her unlocked potential. Though she really wanted to relax and just forget about it, she was actually getting prepped for the next battle soon to come.. Where her magic would not be as useless as it was this time, especially being able to match it to an actual full-powered source this time. Yes... The battle would be grand.
Author: Zeik [ Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:43 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Zeik tossed Genryusai's limp body aside, he had heard the words of Mahk-x but didn't take the time to reply to them, he had already left the area so what good was speaking going to do.-


-His anger starting to leave, Zeik felt a little bad for what he had just did...he had killed a man out of anger, battling his inner demons was an ever going struggle.-

"..Lets go clean house."

-He said, performing a simple back-flip and disappearing into the thin of air.-
Author: Aizen Sosuke [ Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:41 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Appearing only a few seconds after the Hellgate made his retreat, Aizen would appear directly beside the tattered body of Genryusai Yamamoto. He glanced down at the old man's body, having successfully gotten rid of the strongest Shinigami for good.-

"Shinobi are such useful tool."

-He spoke in his typical calm and nonchalant tone of voice. Aizen had been pulling the strings from behind closed doors for some time, though now he himself where standing before Zita and Aizu.-

"Genryusai Yamamoto, the strongest Shinigami in thousand years was it?"

-He said, mocking the dead mans corpse.-
Author: Tzita L'sia [ Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:54 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
With Zeik and Kham gone, Zita wished them good luck on each of their respective missions silently, closing her eyes for a little bit to continue to enjoy the peace. Not too long afterward, a strange power much stronger than the one she had just fought previously had forced its way into the area, almost expertly planned to have come when Zeik and Kham had left. Her eyes shot open as she looked up with the utmost urgency, seeing before her a rather calm, collected, yet extremely powerful man... This had to be...

"Aizen...!?" she whispered, turning to Aizu to see if he had laid eyes on, or even felt what she had just now. She wasn't sure what she was gonna do, if this guy was stronger than the old man... And not only that, from what she heard, he was controlling him so that he could get rid of him!? That's... That's some power.

"Aizu... Aizu...! We've gotta do something..."

Zita had only recovered a little bit of her magical power and was also still looking over the power of this Spiritual Pressure thing, but it wasn't like she was incapable of fending for herself if she had to... She'd just wait to see if he decided to notice them and if he wanted to attack... Cuz it's not like he didn't know that they were there. That much was apparent.
Author: Aizu Uchiha [ Sat Dec 31, 2011 4:18 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
"I know Zita.."

*~Aizu responded in a whisper. His eyes were still shut, the price of using Susanoo. Once you blink, your eyes must remain shut for an extended amount of time. Well, for aizu anyway. He felt the massive power make its ominous appearance, but there was so little he could do. He was practically on E.*~

"But i'm dead on chakra.."

*~He wasn't even looking in the direction of either of zits or Aizen. He was like a helpless blind man.*~
Author: Zeik [ Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:01 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Zeik appeared in-front of Aizen, his fist aimed at Aizen's face, if he made one move Zeik would blast him to kingdom come. Zeik didn't come here to play games, he knew Aizen would show up after he left, so him leaving was only to lure the master mind himself out.-

"Hmp, You aren't getting away this time."

-Zeik said, releasing a blast of flames powerful enough to blow a hole through the most durable of Arrancar. If Aizen was on the battle field, then he was ready for vescrutia to finish what he started.-
Author: Aizen Sosuke [ Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:51 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Aizen didn't even bother looking at the Hellgate, his hand naturally resting on the hilt of his weapon, would have made dealing with Zeik simple; however, that's not what Aizen came here for.-


-Aizen said, making no clear effort to stop himself from being engulfed in Zeik's flames; yet even still, the flames did not touch nor harm Aizen in anyway.-

"You fell to these flames?"

-Aizen said, mocking Zeik to the fullest extent possible.
Author: Tzita L'sia [ Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:37 am ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
Part of Zita knew that Aizu was drained and she figured that he couldn't help even a little... To ensure their lives, she'd have to find a way to have them both escape and regroup.

That was when Zeik showed back up, however. It seemed to be a plan of his to bait Aizen out, which worked, and which Zita was very much glad about. Perhaps now he'd be too preoccupied with Zeik to actually attack Aizu, and then Zita could help out Zeik. All the while, she continued to power herself up, though, just because it was the best thing to do when doing nothing.

"Zeik! You came back!"

The explosion of flames released upon Aizen seemed to be the only thing necessary to destroy him, as Zeik's flames were enough to decimate anything... But that thought passed right out of Zita's mind when she saw Aizen take them and then mock them. This was gonna be a looong fight...


She wanted very badly to help out Aizu, but there was no way... Unless... She did know of a way, but it was rather risky.
Author: Zeik [ Tue Jan 03, 2012 5:14 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Zeik eyes would narrow as Aizen stopped his flames with absolutely no effort, the rage in him wanted to build;however, he that voice in his head urged him otherwise.

Zeik wasn't sure if the voice were actually his mother, or just some concept his mind created to keep true to his mother memory, but one thing was for sure...the voice was never wrong, much like his mother in his eyes.-

"Of course I did Zita, I would never leave you to die."

-Zeik assumed Aizu would know he cared about him aswell, though there was no real bond between he and the uchiha, nothing past the pursuit of power and ambition.-

"You can mock my flames all you want Aizen, but I guarantee you...this is the last sunrise you'll ever see."

-He said, allowing his flames to return to his side.-
Author: Aaroniero Arruruerie [ Thu Jan 05, 2012 8:42 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
@It was while the shinobi gathered themselves and foolishly tried to dominate our lord did Espada 9 appear. Among the sunlight he couldn't uphold his skin of that Akarui Yami, instead It proudly showed it's true form, making It's way into the sky, to It's master's side, who It greeted with a kneel, and bow.@

"My lord.."
Author: Alaude Nightwing [ Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:09 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-=A mile or two away from where Zeik and the others where a large circle of darkness would appear in the distance. The darkness and Alaude and his whole group he grabbed a moment ago which included Kurai, Shiro, Slade, and Rayne would appear from the circle. Alaude would be on one knee however as he was still low on chakra from his last battle and also from transferring a large amount of his energy to Zeik.=-

"Sorry this is as far as I can transport you all."
Author: Ulquiorra Schiffer [ Sat Jan 07, 2012 8:27 am ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Ulquiorra arrived with Aaroniero and took up the other side of Aizen awaiting his orders with his hands in his pockets. From up above he scouted the area. There were many Shinobi.-

Even that group from before followed us here..

"It appears were still a couple short."

-He said mostly referring to the other Espada's Non presence, though it wasn't a shocking discovery since Ulquoirra usually finished his tasks the quickest.-
Author: Slade Hyuga [ Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:28 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
*upon arrival Slade would immediately scan the area with his byakugan. Locating zeik, the two arrancar they just saw, and three others slade had never seen before. One of which with an outrage amount of chakra/retsu.*

They're over there.

*Slade would gesture in the direction of the main group. He would turn to the group he was with. And spoke as he helped Alaude to his feet.*

The two we just encountered are there along with another with one more... His power is incredible.

*Sweat would roll down slade's face.*
Author: Zeik [ Sun Jan 08, 2012 5:12 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Zeik's eyes were locked onto Aizen for the longest, searching for any sign of weakness or an opening to make his next attack. That was until Ulquiorra showed up and claimed the immediate attention of the Hellgate and all his rage.-


-Zeik yelled, completely forgetting he had to kill Aizen. Ulquiorra took priority in Zeik's book.-
Author: Ulquiorra Schiffer [ Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:46 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Ulquiorra's gaze moved to Zeik as he called out his name, his eyes unblinking with a unmoved demeanor. With his hands in his pockets, He spoke back.-

"You people are growing weaker, and yet still the top Espada's remain, Lord Aizen has the clear upper-hand against you. Your presences here might as well be that of a mouse. "

-Ulquiorra within a second phased unnaturally close to Zeik.-

"But someone like you who see's things With "hope", can't even grasp that simple logic. You just want to fight me."

-He rose his arm to meet with Zeik's chest to quick chop him across the ground, with a strangely powerful left arm swipe.-
Author: Zeik [ Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:39 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Ulquiorra was right, the Warriors were growing weak and they still had to defeat Aizen and the rest of his lackeys, but that wouldn't slow down Zeik's resolve.

He lifted his hand to parry Ulquiorra, their clash immediately clearing the area of the debris that they themselves had just created.-

"Tread lightly Ulquiorra, for you tread on my dreams."

-Zeik said, starring into Ulquiorra's unmoved eyes. They were both battling for dominance and even though Zeik was weakened, he was still able to match the output of Ulquiorra...well for now at-least.-
Author: Aizen Sosuke [ Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:51 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Aizen took Humor in Zeik's words. He knew Zeik's dreams didn't even scratch the surface of possibility and with the power Aizen had, Zeik's dreams would remain as such, dreams.-

"Enough Ulquiorra, we did not come here for that."

-A garganta would appear behind Aizen, the likes of which glowing with a hue of colors, though mostly green, the energy closely resembled the "alter" energy Zeik's daughter had been using.-

"This world is a matrix, the likes of which will collapse on itself once I stop maintaining its existence, Thus eliminating your hope and ridding me of your useless presence."

-Aizen turned his back on the Shinobi and slowly walked into the garganta. Almost immediately the sky began to crack, the ground started to rumble. Aizen wasn't bluffing, this world, Hueco Mundo was going to cease to exists. Trapping everyone who was here and crushing them into nothingness, naturally this would take time but it wasn't likely that Zeik had the power to reverse what he was doing.

Aizen, Barragan, Stark, Grimjow Tia and Ulquiorra were all either present at the time or where already in the Chaos, it was by the Will of Aizen that they leave and so that would Happen. Leaving behind only Vescrutia warriors and the Shinigami to die.-
Author: Shiro Kazuma [ Wed Jan 11, 2012 4:03 am ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
**Shiro's eyes were closed at the moment. He was in a kneel with his blade still in his hand. He was completely oblivious as to what was going on right now. Hearing the sound of Zeik's voice made him open one eye to look around and try to locate the Boss Man. The last blow he gave to the imposter before had left him pratically exhausted for some reason. Started to get annoyed, he spoke aloud still ignorant to the situation at hand.**

"Will somebody please... Tell me what the hell is goin' on here....?"
Author: Ulquiorra Schiffer [ Wed Jan 11, 2012 2:40 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Strongest Shinigami
-Ulquiorra brought back his arm to his pocket as Aizen Spoke, It appeared he was going to be destroying Hueco Mundo afterall, It was no suprise he was just using this place temporarily. But before he to took his leave via a garganta he Spoke to Zeik, a man he couldn't really comprehend on any normal level.-

"Idiotic, A dream.. a goal a wish are all just lies your people tell themselves it doesn't hold firm in reality.. just hoping something will happen wont make it so. You will see that before the end."

-Though he didn't notice it about himself ulquiorra had the urge to straiten out irrational thinking he had to pick apart people like that, people had too see things in the firm reality he believed to be so or he would make them see it.

However he had no time to stay he turned and taped the nothingness behind him causally opening a garganta to walk threw, with no fear of being attacked when he turned his back to leave.-
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PostSubject: Re: Zita :: Tzita   Yesterday at 10:04 pm

Seventh Domination: Dusk Witch Trial: Aura, It's Time to Atone for Your Sins!

Just as quickly as they were taken out of the Ruins was as quickly as they'd appear in front of Zita's home, in the lush greenery that was her garden. Zita didn't mind replanting it if everything got destroyed... Those petunias were ugly anyway. The seal around the both of them faded, and now the brisk wind could touch each of their faces, Zita's long, elegant hair frolicking in such a bluster.

"... Aura... I've never had a Witch disobey my rules without getting punished... They were either executed or exiled for their crimes. You may take your pick."

Zita snapped her fingers once, multiple chain-like serpents curling slowly around her body, slithering all about before standing up straight with bladed heads pointed at Aura, ready to strike like vipers. Zita's keyhole pupils were burning green, the intensity great enough to light any darkness. This is what a true Witch Trial was... and one hadn't happened for quite a long time.

Aura: "Is that how we do things? Either throw out or kill anyone who has the '"audacity" to do things different?"

_-With as much conviction and pride she young girl could muster she stared down her Aunt, watching as she readied her attack, calling forth her chains. She was serious, and so too would be Aura.

Several sentient magical blades would be summoned at their master's side, they positioned themselves in perfect symmetry around Aura, their bladed ends pointed toward Zita, just as her chains did to Aura.

The insanity had effected them both...and right now Aura was calculating, planning, she was seeing the frames(!) every single way this first clash could go, coming up with the same thing each time...-_

Aura: "I will not leave, this place is my home, and I will fight to keep my place here."

_-... Destruction!-_

Zita narrowed her eyes at the ignorant Witchling, as she still didn't see it from an adult's perspective.

"I don't know, Witchling. Why don't you ask Medusa?"

Those were the only words Zita had for Aura at the moment, and they were the only ones that needed to be said. She was in the same position as Medusa was hundreds of years ago... As a heretic who didn't want to do things the correct way, so found the wrong way around the rules. Such a shame that one of her own kin would take advantage like that. However now, not even their kinship could save her from punishment. The chains raised up just a little bit higher, cocking the tips back like snake heads, then lashed out, ready to strike Aura in every which way.

"This is a REAL Witch Trial. We'll see if you even make it to Judgment."

_-Each chain was met by a blade, blocking them from reaching their target, Aura. The sword would hold the chains at bay as Aura made her finally remark...-_

Aura: "What about Petricia?"

_-The very thought of her friend having been subjected to trails such as the one Aura was in now, made her young blood boil. The swords would overwhelm the chains using a great deal of force to push them back, knocking them away. Aura's crystal like eyes, started to ripples, her pupil forming into that of a star, her Mahoume had be activated.

Aura slowly outstretched her hand toward Zita, a pistol, graffiti'ed in mystic marks of magic materialized into her hand. Aura pulled the trigger unleashed a powerful blast of pure magical energy that took up the entire view of Zita and her house from in front of her launched it her Aunt. Such pure had to of been Aura's art of Astion, and the beam, made of concentrated Aer.-_

Aura's skills with her swords had increased greatly since the last Zita had met with them. Her training combined with her time outside must have paid off. Still, it was nothing compared to the might of the Head Witch, which Aura would feel full-force.

"Petricia? She left of her own will years ago! She didn't like the way I ran this place so she left by herself. I never said she could not come back."

Zita's chains, forced away, would retract to her body like a zip-line, the very tips still eagerly slithering around like heads. When Aura drew her gun, that was when Zita knew that her special power had been activated. She was going to need it.

The moment Aura raised the gun to Zita, Zita countered by raising her hand in the same fashion, palm facing Aura. When she fired the blast, Zita's hand generates a moderately large sphere of gravitational magical energy, condensed into a very thick blackness shrouded in a dingy purple aura. This gravitational magic forcefully bent and sucked in the magical blast from Aura's gun into its epicenter, blocking even its light from escaping its reaches. When the entire blast was within the sphere, it pressurized into a smaller, palm-sized sphere and Zita would grasp it, clenching it tightly within her palm.

"... Maybe you should do your research before you go around accusing people of doing their job wrong. Aura!!"

She cocked her arm back and chucked the sphere at Aura as hard as she could, sending the sphere flying at a high speed. This sphere had all the force of Aura's attack combined with Zita's gravity magic, thus when it hit something, the force of the impact was going to be monstrous.

_-Seeing her beam neutralized, Aura lowered her gun as Zita spoke her words and compressed her void.-_

Aura: "That's not the point.."

_-Aura's reaction to Zita move would be swift. Aura would quickly raise her unarmed hand toward the incoming sphere, from it Aura's own personal insignia projected it's self outward to clash with the hurled void. The ball would come to a halt upon hitting Aura's little trap, all the force behind it was gone, stolen by Aura's seal, and it slowly dropped to the ground.

Aura scooped up the ball before it hit the ground and launched it into the air. As it flew further into the sky Aura took aim with her pistol and fired a single bullet toward the small sphere, causing it to break and explode, unleashing the powerful magic trapped within in a storm of pure magical destruction that started falling toward the ground like meteorites.-_

Aura: "Why did she leave in the first place? Have you never asked, what it was that drove her to the point of just leaving her home?"

_-Aura then took off toward Zita, glimpses of were the beams of Aer would landed flowed into her head, the threat of being hit by one gone thanks to the telekinetic training from her real Master Hakku, but was that the case for Zita? Aura's gun began to morph into a sword ablaze with the same energy that fell from the sky cocked and ready to slash, the other sentient swords she had summoned earlier all coming to her side forming what looked like a halo that floated behind Aura's back.-_

Zita shook her head, looking up at the sky that was raining down destruction upon the land, then shook her head again, starting to walk toward Aura.

"Honestly... Children these days..."

She flung her arm out to the side, nonchalantly releasing another condensed sphere of gravity a good distance away from her, pulling in any energy that got too close to Zita and redirected it into its core, yet again.

"My guess is because she doesn't like people all too much. But from the way you speak of her, she takes rather kindly to you. So I guess you won't mind if you live in the outskirts with her, huh!?"

When the two of them were about to meet face to face, Zita stared at Aura with her sealing eyes gleaming, harnessing a fury that was ready to burst. With another flick of the wrist that harbored more anger this time around, the sphere off to the side became larger and had a more intense gravitational pull... Intense enough to totally null out the natural pull of the planet. The Gravity Shift ability in its finest. If Aura wasn't prepared, she'd be sucked right into it. Zita stood there motionless, however, the bladed tips of her chains now changing into large locks gleaming with green energy, the same as her eyes.

"And if you felt this strongly about this before... You should have just come to me in the FIRST place!!"

The ground around Zita cracked as she raised her voice, gravitational forces at work again, you know.

_-Aura was about swing, unleashing a devastating slash, when suddenly everything was turned sideways. Aura had be yanked right off her feet by Zita's gravity shift, and was now being pulled toward it's epicenter were surly waited Aura's demise. Upon her back amongst her swords projected out the same symbol she had used before, and suddenly the gravitational pull of Zita's void no longer effected Aura's, now she merely floated in the air, turning herself up right and straight again. Aura's seal was at that very moment was absorbing the force behind the void's pull and then using it to fight it off, using it's own strength against it.

Aura's blades all became engraved with the same symbol that floated behind her back and Aura floated their in mid-air...-_

Aura: "How couldn't!!....not then anyway..."

_-For a moment Aura lost all her rage, it replaced with a saddened look of pure disappointment, toward herself. Had she only been stronger back then...and had acted on this sooner, rather then waiting....-_

Aura: "Back then...I couldn't of asked anyone."

Zita's eyes narrowed, calling back the sphere of gravity after Aura had dispelled the effects of the force on her. Zita was ashamed at how naive Aura had been all of this time.

"You couldn't what? Come to me? What, you were too weak? And you think that just because you've got the title you've got a couple of souls and a few new fancy powers and the title of witch that actually MAKES you one? That isn't the case, Aura!!"

Her hand would raise above her head, the orb following to her palm, gravity intensifying once again.

"This isn't a joke, Aura! You can't just get stronger and assume everything's gonna be alright! That's what's going to lead you to death! And if you don't even understand that, I don't know why you're a witch in MY territory!"

The sphere grew several times larger, chains of Zita's Sealing Wavelength swirling around it now, as if locking all of the force of the suction in place for the sheer purpose of increasing its power by that amount. If Aura tried to rely on her fancy little insignia again to get by this one, she'd come to a sad realization that the Sealing Wavelength would seal that power away from her.

"If it were all about strength, Aura, you'd be outmatched right here and now."

Zita brought the massive sphere of gravity down upon her and everything else in the area, creating a huge explosion from the Aer inside of the gravity ball trying and failing to get out, whilst the chains contained the explosion from moving too far outward. Before long, the explosion became an implosion, the resulting energies collapsing in on themselves and trying to take Aura with them.

_-Aura would move to intercept the sphere before it's catastrophic explosion, flying up to met the ball half-way. It's size was eminence, Aura feel a bit of intimidation while under the sphere large shadow. See felt as if she was staring down a meteor, and she had to stop it.

In a single burst of color and violent magical power Aura would change taking up the form that she hadn't seen, nor used since her long ago battle with Chroma, the "Magical Inquisitor" and with it the several unique blades that fell beside her, forming a large, rotating ring.

The blades began to act, spiraling around Aura like a veil of thorns. Each blade was moving to a singular point positioned right above Aura's head. With the last blade in place, and all ad joined together, what was left was what seemed to be a 1961 Gibson EB-0 engulfed in the white light of Aura's wavelength, and radiating with magical power, rippling the very space around it.

Aura took the guitar in hand and cocked it back, before bringing it full swing toward Zita's sphere. When the guitar collided with the large sphere it seemed as if every thing at began to slow down, and the effect of the guitar seemed to be moving through the sphere of gravity. Like the ripples in a body of water after casting a stone, Aura's influence moved across the sphere, effecting both in inside and out. Aura had put enough of her wavelength into her swing that when it connected it would be able to battle off Zita's own sealing wavelength, while at same time concentrating the imprisoned Aer and forcing it to explode outward from a single point, right out of the back of the sphere.

The freed Aer would shot out into the far off sky, probably into space, whilst the sphere would crumble, weakened by the large hole in it's back from the Aer's explosion, and was now just a hollowed out shell.

Aura's guitar broke apart into it's several original blades that all went back to circling Aura as if in her subjected to her own gravitational rotation.

Aura looked to her Aunt, staring into her keyhole pupils with her blacken stars....Did her Aunt really not think she was unworthy? Was it so wrong that Aura desperately wanted to be like her, to be respected as a witch along side her Aunt?-_

Aura: "I'll make you see...that you can be proud of me.."

Witnessing all that was Aura's very flashy spectacle, Zita stood there with eyes just as cold as ever, losing the burning flames of rage that once fueled them before. Zita had gone from angry to simply contemptuous.

"Poor, poor naive Aura... In all your efforts, you still don't realize that it only takes one wrong move..."

As Aura sent the sphere flying out of the park, Zita's hand raised up beside her, the position as if about to deliver a decisive snap of the fingers.

"... For your fate to be sealed.."

Just as suspected, with a quick, decisive snap of the fingers, Aura's transformation was sealed from her use, simply by being allowed to touch Zita's wavelength. Sure, Aura released enough wavelength to hold the wavelength's effects off, but Zita was still in the most control. She could up the power anytime she felt like it, and as such, it occurred, and Aura's transformation was forcefully locked from her use.

"You think I'm not proud of you? That I haven't witnessed you grow and become more powerful over this time? And you'd rather go behind my back for a stupid title rather than just show me what you've done for yourself for me to see? If you really wanted to make me proud, you would have shown me beforehand."

Zita snapped her fingers again, one of the locks gleaming with a bright white energy inside of the keyhole.

"Inside of this lock is your transformation. It has all the force of your strongest power as well as the effects of the transformation locked away within."

That said, Zita pointed her finger at Aura and the lock and chain lashed out at her, ready to strike with the same power that was locked away from her use.

"You can have the power of a full-fledged witch... But the title still remains with me. You aren't ready for it with a mindset like that. Maybe you can get it if you show me... Show me that you're ready to be a Witch! In title and in power! That is YOUR Witch Trial!"

_-To Aura the surprise of her power being sealed anyway...wasn't that alarming, her Aunt was STRONG it was only logical that she would go over even that of expectation.

Never the less, Aura reverted back into her normal form, her hair, and clothes all going back to the way there but moments ago as she listened to her Aunt's was funny, this wasn't the first time she had heard this same sermon, the teaches from Ixion, rattled in her head...

Do not think that power is always the key to victory!

She would never forget..-_

Aura: "I won't...I will. Do m-my best!"

_-The effects of the insanity began to subside, Aura and Zita being so fair from it's source at the moment, and Aura began to once again think clearly, her adrenaline slowly coming down.

Zita's wild chain lashed out and Aura, her mental eye alerting her of the danger far before the were within her ranger Aura dodged the chain, quickly repositioning herself to higher ground, and fired out what seemed to be a single blade that zoomed toward her Aunt. The blade had the faintest glow and moved quickly to it's target. With it's speed the blade looked as if it was a glitch amongst reality, sometimes looking as if was off course and others, it seemed as if it was more than one.-_

Though the chain missed, it retracted at a high speed just as Aura launched her sword. As it retracted, the keyhole of the lock would collide with the tip of the sword, causing the sword to become lodged within, locked in place.


The power within the lock would be expelled as a violent surge throughout the sword, having all of the power locked within used to destroy it entirely.

"Not bad... But not good enough."

Zita's lock dispersed, reverting back into a blade as it once was, now accompanied by more chains, though they didn't move. Instead, Zita's hands, feet and the tips of her chains would suddenly become focused with a highly intense amount of gravity.

"So you can only shoot weapons at me? Aura, how far do you think that will get you? You can't be a one trick pony, you know."

Zita started walking toward Aura, who was now above her, but she didn't care. She slowly would make her way... but surely, she would. That was a guarantee.

_-Zita would find that Aura's attack wouldn't be so plane, and as the one blade was locked with in the keyhole of her chains, several more would be reveled from their shrouded existence.

The blades weren't pinpointing on vitals nor on Zita herself truly, however for a few of the blades at least, Zita would be in their direct patch, Some would move to stab her in her shoulders, or legs while the others blades just zoomed by, falling to the ground, or into the clouds.-_

Aura: I'll make you see...

_-Were or not Zita was able to somehow able to protect herself from Aura's trick or not, Aura would descend, ever so gently landing upon the soil. The sky began to turn black, roaring with the sound of thunder, yet with no lightning.-_

Aura: "I will show you that, I'm am capable of being the "witch of Blades"!"

_-Aura pointed her sword at Zita in the far off distance. The entire blade, covered in a shining white light.

The mood had been set and the stage was set. Aura waited, her mind's eye seeing so many different possibilities but Aura knew whatever it was.......she would be ready.-_

Zita didn't stop a thing she was doing, but was still caught off guard by the blades. A nice little trick she had, but still not enough. Without even trying to fend off the blades, her shoulders and legs suffered random minor injuries. But Zita still meant every word of what she said.

Since the swords were magically inclined, when they impacted with Zita, only moments after would they be snuffed out by her sheer magical force, shattering them into oblivion as well. Zita continued to walk slowly toward Aura, now holding up a finger, which the tip was glowing with green energy. Just by tracing the wounds she suffered, they would be closed by the Sealing power she had, whilst she simultaneously spoke to Aura.

"The Witch of Blades, eh? Doesn't your magic allow for you to summon any weapon? Limiting yourself to one isn't gonna help you out. If you're gonna use your magic... Use it right. To its fullest extent."

Zita outstretched her gravity-gloved hand, which had blood fresh on the fingertip. She was trying to pull Aura into her grasp with an incredible gravitational force. Nothing else was affected by this force because it was solely focused on Aura and nothing else.

"Seems like in your pursuit to train yourself, you forgot to finish up the basics, Aura. You are a child for a reason, and were a Witchling for a reason."

_-Aura's body began to move on it's own slowly sliding across the ground trapped in Zita's gravitational grip, slowly being pulled toward her.

Aura would seemingly try to fight Zita's pull, stabbing her sword into the ground as hard, as she could holding on to it, but Zita's pull was still to strong and Aura would loose hold of her grip on the sword and would force to let go still trapped in Zita's pull. Aura was surprisingly blushing under these, threatening moments. She was being handled like the child Zita, constantly reminded her of being.....and that her title name was shot down so quickly.-_

Aura: "You don't like it? But I thought it just rolled off the tongue better..."

_-Suddenly the energy that was within Aura's sword would be released and both Aura and Zita would almost instantly be trapped within the large rhombus like cage, made from Aura's scattered and well placed swords, the laid all across the battlefield. The walls of the this prison rivaled some of the worlds tallest skyscrappers, and were embedded with powerful magics, bothed in terms of power, and stubility, weaved together like fine quilt. The walls would cause a feeling of incressed gravity but that wasn't truly their power, No Zita would so find that while within these walls moving in general was going to be incredablily diffacult. The walls feeding on in kinitic energy, Zita would have to use twice the amount of force for something if she wanted to do anything at all, The walls taking that absorbed energy and storing it, in a place were only Aura could get to it..

Aura's anti-force symbol would project it's self from Aura's body as the walls were made around them. The suddenty of all of this would give Aura her moment to strike.-_

Aura: "..You know your right.."

_-From the roaring clouds above shot down what seemed to be a large jagged bolt of lightning, which Aura, raising her hand to be held above her would grib the bolt from the air, it's shape and structure beganing to change in her grip.-_

Aura: "Witch of sounds much better."

_-Aura's swords had effected even the clouds which made this phenomenon happen, their magic effecting even the forces of nature, Aura had learned much.

The large bolt of lightning had morphed in to that of a large glorious hammer the size of which cover the entire grounds of Zita's home in it's shadow. The entirety of the hammer was crackling with electricity, but more so was within of the hammer, the electricity strongest there.

Aura raised the hammer, Ixion's words still racing in her mind, he gave her strength, even without being there...-_

Aura: "Avalon Hammer!!"

_-Bring the hammer down upon the area, everything below would immediately feel the force of the hammer as it it feel down upon the area. The ground would began to rumble, breaking apart in some places, causing huge cracks, random hills and small mountains raising from the ground. The hammer was coming down on Zita ....hard.-_

With all of the malicious intent in the gravity pulling Aura, Zita aimed to have Aura well in her grip, which seemed to be the case as she continued to walk toward her slowly. But, as she was almost in Zita's grasp, a barrier appeared around them and Zita found it very hard to move, stopping her movement right where she stood once she realized it. She lowered her hand, crossing her arms across her busty chest, staring at Aura.

"... Witch of Weapons hm? You're right, it does."

Internally, Zita was mustering up a large sum of magical power, her Sealing Eyes gleaming extremely brightly. The gravity surrounding her hands and legs would now just be focused in the palms of her hands now. She pressed the two of them together to create a gigantic sphere of gravitational force.

"Graviton Center."

Zita, now using some of her high-class magic, caused the force of the barrier around her to be nullified thanks to the overpowering effects of the Graviton Center to generate its own. With the effects of the barrier put at bay, Zita was going to then take it out, sealing its power away with her Sealing Eye.


But before she fired, she looked up, seeing Aura pull down a massive hammer of electrical destruction. Looking at how large it was, and the shape of it, actually reminded her of her rarely seen gravity hammer, World Compressor, and it made Zita smile.

"Ha ha ha... Finally, something worth while, Aura."

When Aura swung the hammer, Zita lifted the powerful sphere of gravity omitted from her palms up to the hammer, ready to greet it. Giving it a bit of extra juice to fight instead of just repel the power of the barrier, the sphere grew to about half the size of the head of the hammer, yet it was darker than black with a huge amount of force into it. The two forces clashed with each other, the force easily enough to blow away the now useless barrier that was erected around them. Zita was initially pushed back a little bit, skidding across the ground upon clashing with the hammer, but retained herself easily once she had an accurate assessment of the force of it. Instead of cleaving through her gravity, the hammer would slowly start to be engulfed by the gravity, slowly, slowly but surely. Since Aura was basically pushing it into the sphere and the sphere was moreso pulling than pushing, after a while, the hammer would just fall straight into the center of the gravitational force, which would lead most to think that Aura was going to cleave through it.

"I guess I can see that title fitting on you, Witch of Weapons. You're living up to it. Hmhm. However..."

When the hammer's head was secured, Zita began to crush it with a force Aura had never experienced before, one of which Zita dealt with regularly with her own power. The force of Zita's Pressurizer, which would compact everything within this large sphere of gravity into nothing but a tiny sphere. This is something she'd done something similar earlier, but this was not her Pressurizer ability that she was displaying now. She'd leave nothing of the head, but only the handle for Aura and drop the condensed, tiny, marble-like sphere to the ground. Upon hitting the ground, it would create a large crater as a testament to both of their powers combined into one small object. Zita exhaled sharply, flipping her hair and kicking her feet up into the air into a comfortable floating reclined position.

"Well... That sure was fun. Are you satisfied with that, Aura?"

Though it seemed strange for Zita, the proctor to ask about this, there was a method to her madness, surely.

_-Aura descended from the skies, floating down like the little angel her father saw her as. She would touch down along the edge of creator, a testament to the powers of but her and her Aunt.

Zita was something else, so much power. It was obvious why so many looked up to her.....and why Aura did too.

Smiling she looked toward her Aunt, her hair was a mess and her face covered in dirt and sweat...Zita hadn't made this easy by any means... The darken skies began clearing letting in rays of sunshine. A blue sky and gleaming sun, just behind their darkness.-_

Aura: "Yeah.."

_-Aura stood there.....trying to avoid eye contact. Had she done well enough? Was Zita still mad at her?....She did just drop a very large hammer on her....b-but she did her defend herself marvelously.

Aura: Ohhhhhhh~~~~~!!!!

Aura's head was racing...

Aura: No get it together!!

Shaking her head, clearing her mind, Aura looked toward Zita.....waiting for her words.-_

As Aura descended from the sky, Zita picked up the marble before her and transported it into her house. Perhaps she could use that to make her World Compressor a little better, or something. She was still a Witch of study, even if she mostly went out and had fun. When Aura hit the ground, Zita stared at her with her same cold eyes for a moment... but after a while sighed heavily and walked over to Aura with a more calm face.

"... What you did was inexcusable. So I gave you a test. Your test was to see if you really were meant to be a witch. It looked bleak at first, but you pulled through. You're definitely a witch in my eyes."

She ruffled her hand through Aura's hair a little bit, then repelled her back some with a sudden burst of gravity.

"But if you ever break my rules again, so help me I will throw you out of this place and back with your father. You understand me?"

She looked at her with those same eyes of anger yet again, but this time with a face as if she was itching to do it. Almost like 'I dare you to' was written all over it.

Aura: "Yes Ma'am!"

_-Aura was happy, it was written all over her face. To hear her Aunt say that, to be approved and allowed to join the ranks of "Witch". This was a huge moment in Aura's life and she was just so happy.

Tears began to build in her eyes, as she turned from her Aunt, her magic immediately tending to her damaged clothes, her fuzzy hair and dirty face, and just like that, she was spic and span.-_

Aura: "Wish me luck...Head Witch.."

_-..As much as she wanted to stay, Chroma was waiting for her, and they had important things that needed to be done. Arachne was going to find out just what happens when you mess with the Family(!!).-_

Aura: "I love you Auntie.."

_-With all she needed to say, said Aura took off to the skies, zoning in on Chroma's location fast,....she would have to hurry.-_

Zita sighed again, shrugging her shoulders.

"Well, you have things to do, right? Chroma needs you. So go."

Zita started off to her castle when she heard Aura say that she loved her. Zita smiled.

"I love you, too, Aura."

She started to go into her house as Aura zipped off, then remembered.

"... Wait. Isn't Khrona going on a rampage out there with the others...?"

She paused for a moment, but shrugged her shoulders.

"Eh. Happens all the time. They can handle it."

What a lazy witch. She walked off into her house to rest from everything that just went on. It was surely getting busy in the Dusk lately.
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