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 Zita :: Tzita

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PostSubject: Zita :: Tzita   Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:57 am

First topic message reminder :

Weaponry of Witchery.
Alright, so, Zita has 2 weapons so far. One was received on a mission and the other was stolen from Takai.

The first weapon gained from a mission is the Magical Cube. It has 6 faces with 6 keyholes in it. The purpose of this is to suck in any 6 energies, forces or beings, whatever they may be, trap them there and give Zita the immunity to it in all ways. It's a very powerful magical artifact. What is sealed inside can be trapped in the infinite abyss forever, or released upon Zita's will. Zita can only hold up to 6 things in there, and as such, if she wants to hold something different, she has to release something first.

The second weapon is a puppet that now has its own will and own mind and stuff, as well as magic thanks to being turned into a witch by Khrona's contract. She is Tamura.


She can make any number of metallic arms extend from her body wielding any metal weapon at any given time. But that is not her magic. Her magic is that of puppets. Puppet magic. Whatever her magic touches turns into a puppet with no will of its own, only able to be controlled by Tamura or Zita themselves. Tamura's puppet magic tends to manifest itself as numerous invisible strings, however, and if even one touches you, you're a puppet. Yay.

Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros
Its form is that of a black snake head attached to a never-ending chain. Ouroboros is the symbol of a snake eating or biting its own tail, symbolizing infinity. It is believed that this Nox Nyctores can directly attack the mind and psyche of the victim. It can appear out of portals at will to zip out infinitely at the enemy, and can grab onto sheer space with its teeth to pull things in. The weapon itself is a metallic snakehead hook attached to a chain of black and green energy, making an infinitely long chain. Geminus Anguium is a Latin phrase meaning "Twin Snakes", though 'twin' is, oddly, singular.


Chains (Species)
After studying a great deal about the species of Chains, Zita intended to go to the Abyss to take control of them all to keep up her reputation as the Chain Master. As such, she called for the help of Tigen, the only one who could locate this realm. Once Tigen found this realm, he took Zita to it and allowed her to snoop in the Abyss for the Chains. Not long after she got there did she understand the power of the Chains, and thus, became able to control them and bind them with her Chain Magic, as well as the entirety of the Abyss itself with her Sealing Eye. Now, The Abyss resides inside of Zita's keyhole pupil and from there, she may summon her Chains to her liking.

Chains are beings of the Abyss. At one point every one of them was a human but over the course of at least 100 years, if the human manages to stay alive, they evolve into a greater entitey. The way a Chain can escape from the Abyss is by contracting with a human, legally or illegally, and then escaping through a distortion that creates a path to Earth from the Abyss. Zita, however, did not have to make a contract, for she bound every one of the Chains' power to her own, thereby making them her pets.

A contract is formed when a Contractor verbally agrees to form a bond with a Chain, and intakes the Chains' blood, followed by uttering the Chain's name.

Illegal Contracts are formed when a contractor drinks a Chains blood to bind themselves to the Chain. An invention, the Blood Sealing Mirrors, were made to prevent people from becoming Illegal Contractors, who were dragged into the Abyss once the Incuse on their chest had made a full revolution, and to tame Chains' powers, however Zita has gotten control over this power, as well, and it has been added to her Sealing Eye repertoire.

Illegal Contractors are known to feel any pain that their Chains are put through after their Incuses have progressed far enough, however Zita feels nothing of their pain.

With an Illegal Contract, in order for the Chain to have power, it must devour humans, and so their Illegal Contractors must sacrifice numerous people to their Chain. With Legal Contracts however, Chains do not need to devour humans because of the Blood Sealing Mirrors that control them. Zita's Chains do not need to absorb humans because they are not contracted, she has utter control over the Blood Sealing Mirrors, and she has utter control of the Chains.

The Abyss has the power to give "will" to those without it and can turn humans, who survive there, into Chains. It exists in a different dimension as the world, and as thus, time doesn't truly exist in the Abyss. A person can find themselves in any random time period upon exiting the Abyss. According to Break, the Abyss can appear as a prison, a broken toy box, or anything, depending on the person. How the Abyss came to be is unknown, but it is now bound within Zita's Sealing Eye, under her control, as she is now the Will of the Abyss. She did this by sealing the Nucleus of the Abyss inside of her very being, that being the keyhole inside her Sealing Eye, thus becoming the Master of Chains. The Abyss is an endless world of darkness and things from the past floating around the place. It's known that before the Intention of the Abyss was even born or existed, the Abyss was once a beautiful place where the golden light was always around. When Zita became the Will of the Abyss, the Abyss changed to have many keyholes and chains about all the time.

List of Chains:



Dodo appears as a giant black dodo bird, its head alone is larger than his contractor, with a featherless face, a round body and stubby wings. Dodo has blazing, wild eyes and a grinning mouth that ends in a small beak, with nostils just above it, that gets lighter in colour as the snout progresses. Its legs are short and stubby, and end in large curved talons. He and the other Black Wings are able to open The Way, the singular pathway to The Abyss. Dodo is able to use dark energy to attack its opponents in a number of ways, this dark energy being manifested as the black feathers from his bod. He is able to create illusions instantly with his blazing eyes of black fire, and is able to stop further damage to the chains that have been harmed so that they do not become destroyed.

Owl is an always unseen chain, and it is unknown if he even has an actual physical form. The only way to know that Owl has been somewhere is through the binding ties he creates with someone to locate them. Though originally a thread, Zita has altered it to become an actual metaphysical chain that links two people together once Owl finds them. Because it is a chain of Zita's power, this chain can directly surge her magical powers through them, thus even if she is nowhere near them and she surged power through the chain, they will feel it, no matter where they are. Like the other Black Wings, Owl is able to open The Way and access the Abyss. He can also create ties with people via a thread (Now a chain) that only the user is able to see, which allows the user to always be able to find the person tied to Owl. Zita uses this as a magical conduit. Owl shares the ability with Dodo to stop chains from being completely destroyed, as well.



A large black gryphon with judgmental eyes that can see the crimes and sins of those who it looks at. Like all of the Black Winged Chains, Gryphon can open a path to the Abyss and summon the Chains of Condemnation to drag a sinner to the depths of the Abyss if found guilty with its sinner-seeking eyes. Gryphon is able to prevent further damage to the chains to keep them from being completely destroyed.



Raven appears looking much like an actual raven that is comparable in size to that of a house. The flesh around its face has been shown to have deteriorated as Raven's skull is clearly visible. Raven also has numerous lines of chains wrapped around it, one of which holds Raven's mouth open. Raven can pass judgement on those accused with a sin. It would then open a path to the Abyss and summon the Chains of Condemnation in order to drag the offender into the depths of the Abyss. This is an ability shared wih its fellow Black Feathered Chains. Raven can create blue flames that can hurt those who are connected. As such, if one person who is being burnt by these blue flames is connected to someone by blood, by contract, or by anything that binds them to each other, he may harm and kill all others attached to the first. Raven is also known to be able to seal the powers of others, making all of their special powers useless. It has the ability to traverse various dimensions as well. Raven can create many huge copies of menacing eyes, as it was shown to not have any eyes itself, to intimidate its victims. Raven can also manipulate darkness to seemingly become one with it. Raven shares the ability to stop the destruction of the chains with his fellow Black Winged Chains.



The Cheshire's appearance is to have short black shaggy hair. He has a red left eye which he stole, since the Will of the Abyss got it for him. His two hand or rather paws are large right sharp claws, just like a cat. He seems to wear Jester's shoes, and he has two ribbon-like cape with bells at the end. Cheshire has an agressive personality because his sole purpose in his eyes is to protect The Will of the Abyss. As Cheshire was previously a cat who had been given a human form by the Will of the Abyss, Cheshire often licks his 'paws' when there's a break in a fight, he also says 'nya' occasionally. Although Cheshire can be agressive, his overall attitude is more relaxed and generic. Cheshire is also a coward, letting his dimension take care of those he is scared to fight. Another trait of Cheshire's is that he always speaks in third person when refering to himself. Cheshire is able to travel between any dimension as he pleases. This power also appears in the Chain Eques, as well as Gryphon, Raven, Owl, Dodo and Jabberwock, though it takes a lot of power to do so for them than it does for him. Cheshire is able to freely move where ever he wishes to go by trailing his ribbons across his body, and can regenerate at an extremely accelerated speed. His speed, strength and endurance are also on superhuman levels. Cheshire is able to change his shape to anything he wishes at any given time. Cheshire's most commonly used form is one which the Will of the Abyss had granted him.

Hedgehog Chains


Each of the Hedgehog Chains looks the same, each having their bodies covered mostly in beige-coloured fur, save for their feet which are black, they also have a multitude of black needles lining their backs. The Hedgehog Chains do not have mouths on their faces, rather their much larger mouths are located over top of their stomachs. They also have crimson coloured eyes with tiny black pupils which stitch and unstitch themselves whenever they close and open their eyes to simulate blinking, using the strings that outline their eyes, which are remniscent of eyelashes. They are able to spin at high velocities and have super speed and strength, and are able to change size at will.

Mad Baby


The Mad Baby appears as a giant baby head with blonde hair and large insane eyes with a swirled pupil and no iris. He often had drool coming out of his mouth, as well as spider webs as he could spit them in order to trap his prey. Mad Baby also had eight spider-like legs coming out of his head, which had sharp edges to cut through foes. Mad Baby is able to read people's memories, by which he plays off of these memories by altering his own form to be whatever it is that the victim wishes to see from their memories. He can shoot webs from his mouth and legs, which can bind prey's bodies and their powers. The Mad Baby is also able to teleport at will.





Five of Cards

A numerous race of Chain, also known to be the weakest Chains of all. They all look relatively the same, and there are supposedly 52 Card Chains, with 13 in a suit. Cards all appear similar with only few variations between each other. All Cards' heads are round and roughly stitched together. One Card has its mouth sewn shut, and empty black eyes. It also had a nail that had been hammered into its head at some point. Another Card has its right eye stitched shut and a small black left eye as well as a large gaping hole in its head, exposing some of its stuffing inside. Another card has four arms and two small black eyes with white pupils. Its mouth is hardly visible, though it does not appear to be sewn shut. It also had a fork embedded in its head and a legless body that dragged on the ground behind it as it walked on its hands. They all have formidable strength and speed, and also have the ability to sense the powers of others.



Dormouse appears as a giant mouse with blue fur. Dormouse's eyes are sewn shut as is the seam along Dormouse' spine. Dormouse has a small pink nose and a long winding tail with a small pink bow near the tails end. The most prominant feature of Dormouse is the large silver metal key in its back, making Dormouse look very similar to a wind-up toy. With Dormouse's closed eyes, and constant curled body shaped it always appears to be asleep, which ties to its primary ability to put people into a deep sleep instantly, as long as the user is touching the victim's head. It can also levitate and cause other things to levitate.

March Hare


The March Hare has brown fur and an overall cute bunny look to him, with large eyes, a soft well rounded face and small pointed teeth that stick out on either side of his quirky mouth. He also has patches of darker brown fur over top of each eye. The March Hare wears a top hat, as well as a large bow and black over coat. This gives him a sort of civilized look. The March Hare is about the same size as Mad Hatter, appearing larger than a truck. He is not skilled in physical combat, and is rather weak physically. His only abilities are to levitate and make other things levitate and cause others to see what living things would look like dead. As such, when his power is active, it will seem like whatever others look at will seem dead in every way, in different fashions each time.

Mad Hatter


A rather unusual Chain, the Mad Hatter is the appearance of a rather fine tattered petticoat with a pocketwatch and a fancy tophat, shrouded by nothingness on the inside. His only physical feature besides his clothes is the giant piercing red eye that opens up from the abyss within himself and stares at the opponent, destroying them on contact. His only power is destroying other non-human beings.



Equus appears as a muscular black unicorn with a mane of purple flames with violet eyes and more purple flames on its ankles and tail. When Equus teleports or appears, black waves tend to appear out of the ground. Equus has the ability to manipulate darkness to create portals to another location, or even to another dimension, however this ability is only useful in areas where the power of the Abyss is strong, when its weaker, Equus can't crate these channels as easily. Equus is able to reside in a person's shadow, allowing its Contractor to hear and see the movements of the person whose shadow Equus is in.



Snap-Dragon-Fly has a small flaming head, connected to a much larger circular-shaped thorax. It has six jagged green wings, remniscent of holly leaves, and a long serpentine tail. It looks very similar to the insect it was based off of. It can fly and shoot powerful concentrated streams of purple flames from its flaming head.



Rocking-Horse-Fly appears as a white rocking horse-like Chain with large eyes with spiral-shaped irises. It is very angular in shape, making it look as though it has actually been directly cut from wood. Rocking-Horse-Fly also has large transparent insect wings. It can fly and shoot out energy beams from itself.



Jabberwock greatly resembles the classic image of the Jabberwock dragon from the poem Jabberwocky. Jabberwock has black scales that cover his body, which gives him a cosmic appearance, and huge black feathery wings. Jabberwock had a long neck, insane eyes, four antennas, two of which are on its face above its mouth with multiple rows of teeth. Jabberwock has three toed hands and feet and a long tail as well. Unlike many other Chains, Jabberwock has yet to interact with others through conversation, however, Jabberwock was shown to be very protective. Jabberwock can generate a power energy beam that will destroy anything in its path, however it takes some time to power up before it can be used. Jabberwock can pass judgement on people accused of a sin, and summon the Chains of Condemnation after opening a path to the Abyss in order to drag the offender into the depths of the Abyss. Jabberwock shares this ability with his fellow Black Winged Chains. Jabberwock can prevent further destruction of the chains that are about to die. Jabberwock shares this ability with his fellow Black Winged Chains. He can also manifest himself inside of any form of existence or being of his master to protect anything he wishes of theirs.

Lacie's Chain


A chain of unknown name, once belonging to a girl named 'Lacie.' Lacie's Chain appeared as a large silhouette of a bipedal rabbit with a round head and oval-shaped eyes. Lacie's Chain also appeared to have a crown floating over top of its head. It can release a multitude of chains from itself to rip its foes apart mercilessly. Its silhouette seems to resemble the B-Rabbit.



Leon appears as a large lion-like Chain with white fur and a black mane. He wears a small crown on his head and also has tattered bat-like wings coming out of his back. Leon also wears a collar with a small golden pendant that isn't very visible because of Leon's mane. He has insane speed and strength.



Tove appears as a small badger, with black markings over its eyes, its arms and black stripes that lead down to its behind that thicken and make its lower half black as well. Tove has very sharp claws and two short tails, each with a white stripe. Tove is mostly brown in colouring and has blue eyes. Tove can move so fast that he cannot be seen, and it uses this to propell itself when tunneling. He can assume the form of a corkscrew when tunneling to instantly drill through anything, even his opponents.



Bandersnatch acts on his blood-thirsty nature rather than his thought process most times, making him a cold hearted killer. Bandersnatch appears as a muscular black dog with pointy ears, small patches of deep crimson fur just behind his eyes, a powerful jaw and wispy tails that appear to have fluid motion.

Humpty Dumpty



Humpty Dumpty appears as a large floating white orb with black eyes as the original, it is very orbulous with two small hands on either side of it, it also has two stubby apendages at its base that may or may not be its feet. Humpty Dumpty has eight crazed eyes and a large, and very toothy, mouth that when open, shows a void that its extremely long toungue appears out of and delivers heads.. As more contracts are made between Humpty Dumpty and the Orphan's, Humpty Dumpty is replicated for them as their Chains, but these copies appear as black shadows of the white one, and with white eyes and each copy has its own unique shape, like lopsided orbs. Aside from that one difference the two are alike. Once contract is formed with Humpty, he can banish all painful memories from the Contractor's mind and can make multiple copies of itself, which take the form of black Humpties. They attach themselves to other people's minds like parasites, and spread to keep their powers intact. Even if the original is destroyed, if the copies are not, it can live forever. Also, its mouth is a direct portal to The Abyss, which it brings people into with its tongue. When a Humpty is destroyed, be it original or fake, it harms the original holder of Humpty, however. Thus, every time one is killed, Zita will feel the pain, too.

Oz the B-Rabbit



(N/A, It's too much for me. xD) He has the power to summon the Scythe of the B-Rabbit, become the B-Rabbit, shoot chains from his body, destroy anything non-human, and super enhanced strength. He is one of the strongest chains, and can turn other things to dust.

Albus the White Knight


Albus appears as a silver suit of armor from the torso, up. Albus' lower body consists of a large cape, what lied underneath being shrouded in shadows. Albus often had twin swords, with blades that were larger than an average person. When Albus was drifting through the shadows at night, a pair of circular, glowing red eyes were all that could be seen of him. They were located underneath Albus where his legs would have been, though strangely enough they don't appear to be there when Albus steps into the light. He can levitate and has supernatural strength, shown when he attacks with his swords.

Demios the Queen of Hearts


Demios appears as a large skeletal deer-like Chain with large horns, she also appears shrouded in a tattered robe often, which casts a shadow in the shape of a full gowned woman, which is where she got the nickname "Queen of Hearts" from. It has large skeletal wings that are as sharp as knives, this is what Demios uses to decapitate things with.



Grim looks like a giant teal coloured caterpillar, with multiple red eyes and numerous stubby, round feet and on his face, Grim has numerous tendrils coming out of his mouth. Grim has a yellow underbelly and at the end of his tail is a giant white arm, which has two much smaller arms coming out of its forearm. He has great strength and speed and can fire fingernail missiles from his fingers, as well as sense the presence of others.

The Fawn


The Fawn in its sealed form appears as an ordinary fawn, just slightly taller than a full grown man. He had short two pronged horns, brown fur with an execption to its neck, stomach, upper fore legs and tail which were all covered in white fur. It also appears to have a blue scarf wrapped around its neck that seemingly fused with the Chain, though if they had any function is unknown as all that they were shown to be able to do was levitate overtop of The Fawn. When in its released form the Fawn grows exceptionally larger with its horns growing to the size of that of an elder buck. From these horns, it can shoot powerful blasts to attack its enemies.



Duldum resembles a woman that was tied like a marionette via chains. Her eyes are covered but despite this, she can still control anyone and anything with an infinite amount of infinitely long marionette strings that come from her. She can also use them as weapons, as they can sever anything as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Zita :: Tzita   Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:29 am

Twenty-Third Domination: No More Lazy Bones!

Her mother and father gone, Mana couldn't stand being cooped up with the squalling, tantrum-throwing devil that was her little brother. Being in the Labyrinth was worse than being alone. But whenever she ventured out of the house, the looming orb in the sky disturbed her, chilling her bones. What exactly was it? It didn't really look like anything she'd ever seen, but an adult would know what it was, right? Una didn't seem to be able to leave Vincent's side for more than a moment, so she wasn't really any help. Her sister hadn't returned for months now, and with Mom and Dad gone, Mana could only think of one person to ask.

Upon her signature puffy cloud of stardust, Mana floated from her family home to the Witch Province, constantly alert. Something didn't feel right... People weren't out on the streets; she hardly saw a single soul on her journey. The citizens had opted to stay inside, and the Dusk shinobi moved with a sort of tension that made her nervous... Tempted to stop and ask someone, Mana thought better of it; her Aunt Zita would have the answers to the ones she would initially ask, no doubt.

Still, her uneasiness made her quicken her speed, and soon she floated up to the door of the Head Witch's castle. She raised a hand to knock upon the doors of the place, glancing casually back over her shoulder... Mana almost felt like she was being watched, now.

Before she could even knock, the doors opened to her with the utmost urgency. Seems as though Zita felt the presence of her little niece outside, considering she was always on the alert these days.

"Mana! It's you... I haven't seen you in quite some time. What brings you here? Shouldn't you be... Inside somewhere?"

Of course, moments after she said that, she pulled Mana inside with a faint tug of her finger, altering the natural center of gravity within her to be attracted to her finger for just a split second, so that she could indeed come inside. It wasn't safe to be present whilst Ozma was around.

"And why did my deadbeat brother let you out with... THAT lurking around?"

With the emphasis of the word 'that,' she pointed her head in the direction of Ozma, clearly referring to it and its new home base up above the Dusk village. There was nothing good about that deity...

Mana: "Well actually I --"

Before she could answer, she was whisked inside by something deep inside her, her balance shifting to move the cloud forward. Making note of the technique, she dispelled the cloud as her aunt pointed to the sky...

Mana: "Well, uhm, Dad's not really home at the moment. Neither is mom.."

She didn't even mind when Zita called her dad a deadbeat... He was never around anymore, and so Mana was growing to dislike him little by little. Once, it had been her mission in life to make him proud of her, but that goal was slowly slipping away. But bluh, that's depressing stuff.

Mana: "Actually, about that! What is the floating thingy?"

"Not home?"

Her head quickly whipped back to Mana with curiosity piqued to the highest degree, as neither of her parents were at home.

"That's really... Weird. Usually Maze never leaves the house for anything, that little recluse... So why would he..."

Perhaps he already felt the effects of Ozma's power. It was perfectly feasible, considering he lived MUUUUCH closer to Ozma than Zita did, and she felt his power almost immediately. Perhaps he went to go intervene? She only hoped that he knew not to attack him now... that boy was so smart, but if he did this now as Ozma was, he'd be no more, no question.

"Sigh... Well, anyway. That thing out there is Ozma. It's an ancient Eidolon from so long ago that not even I can remember it. It's from the times of the Grand Magistrate. Possibly even before her... It lost its form long ago when they sealed it the first time, along with the other two deities and Grimlock himself. Ozma lost his form when everyone forgot about him, as every summon takes on the form of what people perceive them as, since they are technically beings beyond our own cognitive perception... But losing its form just sent it into being a swirling mass of pure and utter energy and magical power, harnessing the power of all of the other summons as its own..."

Telling this tale was a bit disheartening for her, as she could only leave this one up to the two Witches she designated to fight for the Dusk as a whole, as part of the Eight Warriors... What a forlorn life it was being the Head Witch, sometimes.

Looking thoughtful, Mana attempted to comprehend it all... Not having a form would be scary, certainly... At least to her. But this Ozma seemed to draw strength from it, taking in the strengths of these other summons. That made it a rather intense threat.

Idly, she wondered if her mother and father had gone off to combat it, joining forces with everyone else like they normally did, but then realized that since Ozma had a great deal of magical power too, it would most certainly be the duty of the Head Witch to aid the cause... But here she was, in front of the small witchling. Perhaps Auntie Zita was nervous, but she didn't seem very battle-ready or anything.

Mana: "So is Ozma," - she took her time on the name, letting the new word roll over her tongue - "gunna just sit up there and give us the creeps? And there's more like it? Where?"

Zita knew that Ozma wouldn't be dormant for long, it was simply waiting because it knew it was invulnerable...

"As of right now, the Eight Warriors are going to consult the protectors that allow for it to be invincible. When they take down the barrier, Ozma will be vulnerable... And that's when it's going to get hostile."

Zita didn't know exactly what that meant, but the Dusk would be in far more danger than before upon its activity.

"And yes, there are more like it... More or less. Necron, master of Life and Death, and Li-Grim, master of all Wills, Dreams and Desires. And the leader... Grimlock."

The Witches had to act now, before Grimlock got hold of the other great entity... the Skull Girl. Perhaps, even the Skull Girl might be of use... But...

"... Mana. I need you to do something for me. It's going to be very dangerous, so I'm not sending you alone, but... I'm going to need you to go find the Skullgirl... And take her Skull Heart."

Hostile... That didn't sound good. Mana felt a little conflicted, as she wasn't quite the same as she had been. Was there anyone she really wanted to help? Anyone that she wanted to protect? No one was there for her, not really. Aura and Koudo... The two were the ones worth fighting for, if no one else.

The announcement of the two others, and one that was powerful enough to lead them, made another shiver run along her spine. Things weren't just fun and games anymore. This... This was serious. There were forces at work that Mana could just barely comprehend, and it made her feel so very small. The Master of Life and Death? The Master of all Dreams, Wills and Desires? Could these eight Warriors really handle it all...?

Almost feeling obligated to go along, the Witchling nodded.

Mana: "But... What's a Skullgirl? And what's so important about her heart?"

Zita closed her eyes, having to go to a very dark place to talk about the Skullgirl. With a deep, grim breath, and a heavy exhale, she began the long and woeful story of the Skullgirl.

"... The Skullgirl is a girl with a wish. A wish so strong that nothing can fulfill it except for the sacred and feared Skull Heart. Only those with the purest hearts, the purest intentions can have their wish granted and not suffer the severe consequence of asking this vile thing for its assistance... And though her intentions were pure, her wish was not. Such was how Marie became Bloody Marie, the Skullgirl."

Naturally, Zita would not go into detail of what Marie's wish was, for it didn't make any real impact on the story or Mana's mission.

"Now, the Skull Heart itself is a sacred thing filled with unfathomable power... but also a great malice. It can make any wish, no matter how insane become true, at the price of your body and your soul, which will then belong to the Skull Heart. It will become one with you, and you will have no choice but to do its bidding. It will eat the impure hearts, even if your intentions are pure."

This was the legend of the Skull Heart; that which always changed all the little Witchlings of the Dusk into the Skullgirls of immeasurable power.

"As a Skullgirl, you have power over skeletons, bones and the dead. Every Skullgirl uses her power differently, but the basis is always the same. Bones."

Zita crossed her arms, unable to get the image of the wretched Skull Heart out of her head...

"So whatever you do, when you get the Skull Heart, do not talk to it, do not touch it. When you touch it, your greatest desire will come true only so it can take you as its new host. Make sure of this."

... What a terrible story. Note to self; never let Auntie Zita take the lead for story time. It made the little one wonder, though... It sounded so easy to become a slave to this Skull Heart; all it needed was for you to want and or wish for something! What if... What if Mana became one of these Skull Girls??? What sort of creeping, slimey tentacles (or other sorts of monstrous appendages) would be affixed to her body??

Her small wings fluttered nervously, as she nodded quickly.

Mana: "Got it. No touchy. No talky. Heck, I shouldn't even look at the thing unless I need to!

Mana: "So... You said something about me not going alone... Who's coming?? And, uhm, what's gunna happen with the Skull Heart after, Auntie?"

Zita shook her head, snapping out of her little rut before she went in too deep. She sighed heavily and crossed her arms.

"Ah... Yes... Well... Your uncle Khrona has been kind enough to refer one of his most skilled shinobi to me as a bodyguard, an ANBU on a special mission to protect you at all costs on this mission. His name is Koudo Tamura."

She hoped that was right, she couldn't really remember the names of the shinobi all that well, considering she barely came in contact with them.

"He is to protect you with his life. Such is what an ANBU does, I think that's what he said to me."

If the ANBU were really that skilled and that covert, then Mana should be fine going with just him, as Koudo must have been one of the best of the best.

"And after... Well... Don't worry about what will happen to the Skull Heart after. That's my job to worry about that..."

She closed her eyes in worry, tapping her foot on the ground a little bit. She was concerned.

"Oh, and before I forget, if you do indeed reach the marker of souls to transition between Witchling and Witch, I do approve you as a full fledged Witch, just for taking this mission."

She nodded her head, that being all she had to say on the subject now.

"So. Are you ready to go?"

Koudo?? KOUDO? Oh, goodness, Mana could think of no one she wanted to accompany her more. She hadn't seen his strength since he was a genin, so she wondered what he could do now, as an Anbu. Huh. Was she a terrible friend for not knowing? I mean, all she did in her free time was train and play and stuff, so she could easily go visit him... In fact, he'd invited her to! But Koudo always seemed too busy... Mana hated being a bother. Besides, it wasn't... cool to bug people every chance you got.

Since she was busy thinking about Koudo, she didn't really catch the rest of Auntie's explanation of how he would protect her with his life and whatnot... But she already knew that. Perhaps it disheartened her a little to know that she probably wouldn't be able to be the protecting one for quite awhile, if they were going up against foes this dangerous. Poo. She needed more souls.

Mana: "Me? Witch? BOOYAH."

A huge smile broke out upon her features, transforming her to the super happy bubbly Mana that so many knew her as. Ah, it's wonderful being cute.

Mana: "Haha, yeah, I'm set!

Mana: "... Where am I going to meet with Koudo-kun?"

Zita shrugged her shoulders.

"Out there, somewhere. I guess he'll find you. He's an ANBU and all, you know."

That was all Zita could really tell her about it.

"Well, if you're ready, then head on out there. I don't know where exactly the Skullgirl is, but she's rumored to be near the Grand Forge Peak."

Mana: "Grande Forge Peak... Got it!"

Suddenly, nearly out of the blue, Mana hugged her Aunt around the waist tightly. At least she wasn't so short that her face squished into Zita's ample breasts like she used to.

Mana: "Wish me luck!!"

With a grin, she broke away and skipped out the doors and away from the castle. Her mood wasn't even diminished in the slightest by Ozma looming over them all... She was off to see Koudo-kun!
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Twenty-Fourth Domination: The Benefit of The Witch Province

Rushing upstairs, Zita plopped on her bed with her arms behind her head, the pen and paper hovering above her so that she could see just what she wanted to write.

"Alright, so... First order of business... From what the tablet said about the Grand Magistrate, she didn't really die, but ascended to become a higher being... Not only an Observer, but an actual god-like entity..."

Zita started writing this down.

"So the only way to get her back is to call her back with an incredible amount of magical power...

Zita then documented this as well.

"I'll need some of the strongest power sources in all the land, proably a Demon Tool, as well as intel from Shibusen, the Enigmatic Ruins and any other place of mystery and interest..."

She documented this as well.

"One of the most powerfully magically inclined potions and brews that exists to date..."

Wrote it down.

"And finally... The blood of one of her direct descendants."

Zita wrote this down as well. It all seemed to be legitimate, and also seemed to be what she knew from the top of her head. Wonder why she knew of this? Was someone speaking to her from up above?

Looking over this several times, Zita knew that this would require a lot of power. Probably a thousand souls would be in order just to initiate such a thing.

"Well, I have a great many souls, and as such my magic will reflect that. If I do this on my own, I should be fine."

She knew this to be true. Now it was just time to get her Witchlings and Witches to start doing this.

"Alright, I guess I'll number it how I want these things to be collected... Starting with... This!"

She numbered each of the items on her formula, in order of what needed to be gotten first to last. It then looked like this:

1.) A thousand souls
2.) Intel from Shibusen and secretive places in the Dusk
3.) Power of a Demon Tool
4.) Extremely potent potion
5.) The Blood of a Descendent

Looking over it, it seemed absolutely perfect.

"Aaaand... It's done! I'll have to post up in the Witch Mass right away... And then everyone will be able to see it for themselves."

This was her new mission, her new resolve. Time for the Witches to become active!

So soon had the Head Witch completed her formula for revival of a powerful being, yet a faint whisper in her ear would divert her attention from these matters and onto more pressing issues about the fate of the world.

I send the swarm
I send the horde...

As if Pestilence itself had overcome Zita, her animal theme would start to well up inside her as if being controlled by another, more powerful force. Her familiars, and thus, herself, would start to fall into a thought process of only redemption of this world by force; by the hands of the Gray Horseman. There would be quickly nothing left of Zita's former initiative, as it was not as important as what she was meant to do now.

Thus saith the lord...

Stricken, almost instantly, from the faintest of whispers, like a simply odd thought in her mind, Zita could not get this new way of thinking out of her mind.

"... The swarm...?"

The pen and paper within her magical grasp dropped upon her bed and she jumped to her feet, eyes inquisitive and her head buzzing with that whisper that just would not leave.

"... The horde...?"

She started to scratch her head... She started to scratch it violently. The buzzing in her head sounded now like millions of her own parasites and locusts just swarming around, now her thoughts had become incoherent. Behind her, her metallic parasites and locusts had indeed manifested, forming a cloud of them all around her body, which all quickly formed to the shape of bladed chains, which were her magical affinity. She peered upon the chains and looked into her reflection... Her eyes... They did not resemble her own will anymore, and now looked as if she were possessed by someone or something... She knew that she was, but also knew that there was no way around this. This was divine retribution, and she had been chosen to give it.

"... Thus saith the lord..."

She knew what she had to do now. She started toward her window, hovering ever so slowly, until she reached it and descended unto her garden. The locusts around her started to consume everything.

"On every grain on every stalk... until there is nothing left of green..."

Her garden was barren now, nothing left. And so, Zita continued on toward the Witch Province, and toward the Dusk.

Only a couple hours after Zita exited the castle did Chita burst in with the utmost of urgency. Looking around her mother's room frantically, she found her to be completely and utterly gone.

"... Fuck!!"

She scoured the entire room, finding traces of her magic being used in the oddest fashion... Her parasites and locusts had been out and about, she could tell, but why?

"... This doesn't make any SENSE!!"

Chita was beyond frustrated. Plopping down on her mother's bed, she started to think about all of this. Without a leader, the Witch Province would be in grave discord and confusion... Not only that, nothing could get done (not that much did anyway with Zita around), but even less stuff would with her out of the picture. Though Chita's initial thought was to go search for her, she couldn't help but stay put on that bed.


This was so frustrating.

After so long of doing absolutely nothing, Chita just couldn't take it anymore. The time to act was now, and she couldn't think of what to do!

"Ugh, this is so... STUPID! That woman is so... UGH!!"

She slammed her fist down upon her bed, causing a piece of paper to shoot high into the air.


Plucking it from the air quickly, Chita skimmed over it...


Reading it more thoroughly, this was a formula on how to revive her great grandmother, the Grand Magistrate herself! Was she up to doing this? No, it couldn't be... Something had to have gotten her beforehand. She would have been find sending others to get the job done for her, so this was clearly what she was doing before she was captured. Knowing this, a certain passion burned within Chita's heart. A passion she had never before felt within her before; not to do anything, even when it was for things that she wanted. No... Now, she was not just doing things for herself, but for her mother, her family and for the entire Witch Province.

"... It's no longer a time to be selfish..."

She said this lowly to herself as she folded up the paper and placed it right in her bra, close to her heart.

"... This is a time to grow up. To take responsibility. To mature. Things I've always had trouble with... until right now."

Chita smiled, closing her eyes and voiding herself out, then voiding herself in at the top of the castle, where she could see the entirety of the Witch Province.


Giving herself this title in place of her mother was the first and best thing she could do. The Witch Province needed a leader, and she was stepping up to her own heritage. It was time to get the ball rolling.

"... In the name of my mother... And my family..."

And so, she voided herself back out, appearing in front of the castle. She was heading to Witch City to put up a mission for the Witch Mass, as the new Head Witch of the Witch Province.
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Twenty-Fifth Domination: Chains Will Be Broken

*A powerful concentration of energy began to gather before the grand steps that lead up into the Mezzanine. Swirling around each other at such rapid speeds caused them to spark wildly, before dispersing in instant leaving that particular space distorted and unstable. It looked as if the very air was rippling, like waves in a disturbed pound.

The waves began to spread from each other as a hand came forward from the distortion, opening a very hole in reality it's self. With the hand came forth the rest of the body, and stepping out of this distortion was none other that Maze himself.

He looked upward toward the giant building that his brother had made for they're villagers, it was a good testament of the love they have toward they're home, and stood as a symbol of the unity of there village. It was even better then how Aura described it to him...*

Maze: "Aura, Mana..."

*Just saying their names only gave him more courage, strengthening his convictions. He was here to free his home from the tyrant who treated the safety of his children, of his his home. Never had Maze been more determined, the look of fire in his eyes..

In but a moment he had leaped off the ground and into the air soaring toward the top of the Mezzanine expecting to find the one who was responsible for all of this....Grimlock.*

"Aura... Mana..."

At almost the very moment they were uttered from his mouth did they slip from her lips, lowly and under her breath, in a swarm-- nay, a plague of the disgusting hum of a silver cloud. Before her brother, the silver cloud did fall, spreading all around the atmosphere and circling around the building. From the midst of the cloud of parasites would emerge the one and only ex-Head Witch herself.


Her keyhole pupils gleamed with blackness rather than with the green sealing energy that normally flowed through. Her attire was different as well, fitting her overbearing and dark aura around her body. Zita?

*His leap was a bit much, over shooting the top of the towering Mezzanine by about a mile or so. Looking down he could see the swirling veil of the silvery hue spread out from the center to the tower's roof, forming a large halo around the top of the building.

As Maze decided down the sky was left rumbling, as their white clouds turned black and the ominous feeling of a coming storm decided with him.

He gazed upon his sister with a sad demeanor and a wounded heart. Her loving eyes that used to give him such comfort over the many years had become black with corruption and malice. The radiant flow of magic the used to grace his big sister was drowned in a see of darkness...*

Maze: "No...Zita..."

*To many times has Maze had to watch his family be used and manipulated by the dark forces of others...His Brother, his Mother...and now even his Sister...*

Maze: "No, I will not allow anyone taint those who are most precious to me anymore..."

*Outstretching his hand, Maze summoned forth his Mighty Blade "Masamune" in a dazzling flash of light. The sword hummed from with in it's enchanted scabbard, and Maze would take stance...*

"I WILL save you Zita."

The heavy heart Maze donned in his chest was the first giveaway of his true feelings, and it formed into a crystal green tear in her eyes. That tear fell from her eyes and to the ground the moment Maze made contact in front of her, which only proved to infuriate her possessed body.


Her breath thickened, sounding like the flapping of a billion wings all in constant discord, a loud, low and bellowing hum causing the building to rumble and quake.


The swarm of silver parasitic insects and locusts that hummed around her body in discordant tandem with her destructive voice soon all linked together, forming chains right upon Zita's back, which arched over with bladed tips harnessing mouths on them as if ready to completely consume Maze in their hunger.

"I send the swarm... I send the horde..."

Zita rose from the ground, hovering only so lightly above, in a position of utter thirst for the material makeup of Maze... and the power his magic had...

"Thus saith the lord..."

Maze: "..."

*He stood silently, the loose ends of his clothing along with his sliver-ish gray hair blew wildly with the howl of the demon within his sister now. It's power was extraordinary causing the very foundation of the Mezzanine to rumble, these insects, the swarm as Zita went on to call them began to form themselves into weapon that come over Zita's back. They seemed like chains, a similar style of Zita's own technique if not with a little...extra added on. He could her eyes looking at him, but it wasn't just was those things as well, they all looked at him as if they were looking a their pray before pouncing, but they would not feed so easily today.

In a sudden action Maze drew his blade from it's sheath, and with it unleashing a column of bronze magical energy. It's proprieties were solid, reinforced, and it's size would rob his possessed Sister's sight of all that was in front of her as she would be casted in it's large shadow, it towering high into the thundering clouds above. It's body was strange, seeming to be covered in a coating hexagonal print, and tattooed all across it were runes of a ancient magical language:

Maze: I must PROTECT...

Something so massive and dense, it would surely knock Zita far from the grounds of this rooftop. As Maze prepared for other things...*

There she was, dazed, unknowing and confused as to what was going on. It was dark, it was cold, and there were bugs. But someone, somewhere was fighting for her and everything that she was. The sound of the insects rose up above her, as if trying to quell something from the outside from getting in. It was something that their discord could not quench, however, for this power worked only for harmony, not discord. And Zita knew it all too well.



A powerful force knocked something over... Sending Zita right smack dab face to face with her dearly beloved brother, for the first time in all too long.

"Maze... These bugs... These bugs are not me... They're... They're... gzzrrrttttzzz..."

Her voice was getting drowned out by the noise now... It was so hard.. Sooooo hard to talk...

"Oh... Fuck it... HELP MEEEE!!"

Chains shot from every which way, hundreds of them... No... Thousands of them. Like a swarm. Hundreds of thousands, all swarming in on Maze like a plague. A Pestilence. A parasite. These chains rattling whilst the buzzing resonated throughout their metal... It sounded like the chains themselves were made of pure and utter discord. Could Maze stop that?

*The column would shatter into millions of hexagonal disks after it collided with Zita, scattering themselves all around, practically covering the entire Dusk sky, floating about, simply drifting.*

Maze: "Zita? What is it? Zita.."

*It was no use, her couldn't her, her couldn't even hear himself as the buzzing and hum of the bugs forever seemed to get louder and louder, but he knew that whatever this was came from these creatures...they we're simply using his dear sister as a host.... controlling her body.

Obviously agitated this "swarm" became wild, sprouting out thousands more these incest like chains which all seemed to be headed toward Maze's very position.*

Maze: "I've had enough..."

*The noise of the "Swarm" had muted and Maze slowly began floating toward his dear sister.

The moment Zita became hostile the millions of disks came into play all converging inward toward the hostel chains, and the surrounding ring of insects halting their movements by block their ability to move as the many disks began to box them in.

In but a moments time Zita's body, her chains, and the halo of insects around them had become imprisoned in Maze's snare. And struggled as they might they would find that they're binds would not even budge from signs of struggle. No these binds, these disks...Maze's Protectma, formed in much smaller, more mastered version than what he had displayed in the Final Confrontation with Asura.

She looked like a crystallized goddess, surrounded by a ring of her own radiant power. Maze would return Zita to the way she the radiant person she was, before this corrupting breed had gotten to her. He moved to place his hand upon her forehead, and his other right above her breastplate, closing his eyes... concentrating. From his finger tips projected the array of the Yuukai Circle, upon Zita's body.*

Maze: "I won't watch Zita, or anyone else suffer anymore..."

*The process had begun as Maze journeyed deep within Zita's very being to find just what this corruption within her.*

They swarmed and buzzed, trying desperately not to let this beautiful host go, not even after they had been plucked and weeded out, and their host had been captured in one place. They were too busy fending off those... Prisms. Hexagons? Shapes. Too many of those for them to worry about fighting Maze at the moment...

But she was able to see him more clearly now. That was a start.

"Bro... You can break these cuffs. Break these chains. Chains will be broken, right? Set me free, too!"

Her words... Were they speaking to him? It looked like he could hear her, but it was clear that he couldn't hear her. He could only understand her. As if her heart spoke desperately to his... Asking him to come save her. To be her hero.

This was not going well at all, and resistance would still be had. All that Maze would find would be nothing but bugs... Bugs amongst bugs among more and more bugs. Buzzing. Flying. Swarming in disarray. And now, going into Zita's heart... He saw more bugs than ever to be thought imaginable on this plane of existence. Well, now they weren't on that former plane of existence. They were in Zita's heart. So it was imaginable. Right?


*The further down he went only more and more infested did things seem. This "Swarm" had dung it's claws deep, but nothing was going stop him from what needed to be done. Zita's soul cried out him and he would not let her down.

A powerful cyclone of energy began to form around them and the roar of thundering clouds above echoed all around them.*

Maze: "HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

*Slowly did Maze bring his hands back away as he began to strip Zita of this...pestilence. The Yuunkai, the technique and only trace of his father's use it now in order to save his sister...

The storm of energy only began to grow bigger and grow ever more ferocious forming it's self to that of a hurricane, that spiraled above, covering the skies of the Dusk. Maze, who's resolve was unyielding and determination gave him strength continued pulling this dark essence from Zita until he with one final tug, pulled it from her.

The Protectma prison shattered like glass into that of dust that blew off into the wind, the insects within them...gone...

The storm began to subside, and above him Maze held up a cube. Inside you could see nothing but blackness, it was the "Swarm", completely extracted and contained within Maze's pocket dimension where they could harm no one else. The innards of the cube started to become washed away in a white hue, as Maze's Ensunga cleansed this plague ridding them of it, once and for all.

He slowly decided down upon the rooftop, Zita at his side, he felt he need to be there in case she needed something to lean on after all of that she had went through.*

Maze: "Zita? Are you alright? It's over now."

*Maze looked at her with a smile as sunshine finally broke through the dark clouds, a dark chapter in their lives was now at a close.*

With all of Maze's great magical power, it was just enough to release Zita from the terrifying grip of Pestilence, and clear her very heart and soul from the dark grip it had on her. No longer was her soul trapped in languor and all of those disgusting insects were gone. Now, only her docile parasites remained as her animal theme, and she was returned to normality.

Her eyes shot open, only to find herself jolting up from the ground, breathing heavily.

"*Pant*pant*pant*... Oh... Maze... Did you really do it...?"

She was really, really, REALLY tired from all of that. Pestilence worked similarly to her own parasites, and leeched off of Zita's own magical power. She might have been completely consumed at one point and may not have come back if Maze hadn't stopped this evil in its tracks in its prime stages. She fluffed her hair and slowly, shakily started to hover off of the ground like she usually did... This lazy witch.

Maze: "Of course I did...."

*Landing upon the roof top of the Mezzanine Maze was finally able to sigh a breath of relief. Maze was rather shocked however, Zita had recover fairly well after what could only be called Maze's first exorcism if not a tad tired.*

Maze: "Give your little brother some credit Zita."

*A few light heartened chuckles came from Maze, his dispossession hide his fatigue rather well. His power had become so drained after ridding Zita of whatever it was that plagued her. But seeing Zita spring back from this and quickly return to her normal "Tenacious" self made feel at easy...and gave him comfort in knowing that whatever that darkness was....was gone from her now.*

Maze: "I'm glad you're safe now Zita..."


Zita was finding it hard to talk now. She was just so tired. She could only give Maze a loving nod of the head before she dozed off in the air. Sleep well, Zita.

As the Witch Zita fell into her slumber, kept a float by only her second nature magical abilities her brother Maze looked upon her with content eyes, his heart at ease at know that his family was safe once more. But the fatigue of this trouble with ridding Zita of her plague was a great one. To tired to keep himself on his feet Maze sat upon sturdy roof top as to take but a moment to rather himself and recover.

He was a impatient one, and even know while he waited he thought of nothing but returning to his friends, to take up arms against those that purged his home.

He's became heavy but with only a blink Maze would be cast into a dreamworld. The simplicity of what made up this world he now found himself in was beautiful, standing in dome of diamonds shaped shards of energy that floating in a perfect, gap-less array.

The young Wizard looked around his limited space within the dome and found himself alone. With his surroundings of the dome the young Sannin looked toward his feet and saw a ground of pure white, to which made him guess at it's texture.

Bending down he touched the ground and watched as small ripples echoed out from his simple touch out into the vast void around him.

Maze: "Where am I? Is this a dream?"

*In a mere moment it he had been thrown into a world in which its origins deluded him. Never had Maze felt ease with being transported to some alternate reality against his will. He felt like he had just entered the home of a friend, or felt safe, though it did not look it.

Standing, Maze pointed his hand toward the wall of the dome and began charging a beam of pure magical energy to free him from this prison...but...*

Maze: "My magic, why isn't it working?”

*Tried as he might Maze could not bring forth his powers of the mystical was as if every single speck of magic and chakra had left him. This place, it was behind this…clearly, but the question still remained…what was this place?*

He words echoed out into the vast distance of this unknown place, far beyond that of the "prison" he believed himself to be trapped in. Though it was curious as to how our Maze had lost his powers his words didn't not fall on deaf ears as they traveled into the mysterious void. No, he would be answered by a soothing voice of woman, who's tone could calm the most ferocious of beast, a voice so gentle and warm that it could stop wars among man, a voice of utter peace...

Destiny: You have no need to fear my young "Hero", I have not brought you to this place to hurt you. But to ask of you to uphold a great task in which only you can accomplish..

The roof of the dome became covered in a veil of bright light, that shined down into all that was within the dome's radius, it was a kind light and it warmed Maze's skin as he basked in it's glow..

Destiny: I have been watching you for so long Maze Rituke, and you are everything that your Father hoped you would be and more. My eyes see all, I am a being that Is and that Is Not, but I am in need of you Maze Rituke. As you have saved both your Brother and Sister, I need of you to become a champion from within the darkness, a guardian to all things everywhere. To be the Hero that you already are, and to keep our many worlds safe...

The entirety of what was this "world" began to shake as a hand came down from the light above, stretching its way toward Maze's position. In its grip was a blackness that seeped through its fingers deeming the very space around it. It hummed with a strong radiating power, that cause the ground to ripple like a raging sea.

The hand opened its palm reviling the power's very origin to Maze, as chaos began to swell all around him.

Destiny: You know all to well about the temptation of power, and what it can do to a weak will. Your entire life, the training with Evangeline, the battles with your Brother Khrona, the betrayal of your partner Yuko, and saving of your Sister Zita...where all preparing you for this one moment where bread to be my champion, to become the one I could entrust with my heart and tame it's chaos... Accept it Maze and embrace your destiny.

-The gray ashes would suddenly appear around the roof, floating lightly on the gentle breeze spreading over the village of the dusk. Soon the ashes would take form,giving way to Zeik's appearance. In his hand was the Skeleton key given to him by Zita's daughter.-

Zeik: "..."

-He stood quietly,observing the lingering energies over the Mezzanine and gaining a foggy image of what had transpired here. Apparently Maze and Zita had some bout,to what reason Zeik was unsure.-

Zeik: "Zita?"

-He said softly, not sure if Zita would fall at a given moment or not. In honest Zeik was a little confused as to why he was here, he had words for Zita;but, he felt like he was stepping into more then he knew.-

The unconscious Zita hovered in place, sleeping soundly suspended in the air. Her magic replenished itself gradually by large portions, seeming to draw in the natural gravity of the planet around herself to speed up the process. It seemed as though she weren't going to move, up until around the time Zeik made his way in. In his hand, the Skeleton Key would begin to radiate a powerful dark aura, which seemed to resonate with the lock on Zita's waist.

Against her conscious will, Zita was drawn to the key by her lock, whose keyhole suddenly began to glow with a bright green light. It would seem as though this key belonged in this keyhole.

-Zeik could only shake his head as the key responded to the lock on Zita's waist, a symbolic painting woven by the devils themselves he thought as time took its course.-

Zeik: "Oh now what?"

-He said shaking his head at the irony of the whole ordeal,not sure what would happened once the lock and the key's resonance was complete.-

The Skeleton Key gently passed from Zeik's hand over to the floating Zita, and into the keyhole that only the Skeleton Key itself fit into. It slipped in slowly, reaching all the way to the very, very back, touching upon the dark auras that were within Zita... There was a single turn, as if turning the key to the ignition of something, and the same green energy would spiral outward from the key and the lock's combination together. This green energy was nothing more than the signature Sealing Energy that Zita was so famously known for, finally releasing its binds over Zita herself. With this, she was completely and utterly ready.

Zita was finally released from all her bindings. She was at full power, for the first time in her life, and would stay there.


Her eyes shot open, bursting with these green energies that split the very sky in twain. Two phenomena happened at the same time today on this day; Maze receiving the Heart of Chaos, and now, Zita finally mastering her completed power. Resonating from her body were powerful gravitational waves that suddenly shifted the gravity of this planet, and echoed throughout space, like some sort of signal. Zita's true power and control over gravity... It was fearsome to believe she could force gravity to exist in space. She was capable of that much force... Heh. And it was all to call upon the power of one being...

The Grand Magistrate herself.

Zita came to understand everything that was going on, as the Sealing Eye collected all of the information it needed that Zita simply ignored for so long... Forcefully keeping herself oblivious to everything simply because she was too lazy.

Grandmother... I'm here...

She was searching. Wherever in this universe the Grand Magistrate was, the gravitational pulses would locate, and the Sealing Eye would pinpoint and draw her in. She was the answer to a question that hadn't even come up yet, and Zita knew this was the right thing to do. No wonder she needed to be around Zeik... Somehow, some way, he was going to get the Skeleton Key and give it to Zita, no matter what, just so this could happen...

The same Destiny that had befallen her brother now spoke to Zita in the same will, reacting to her awakened power just the same as it had done for her dear younger brother. From on high, wherever her grandiose soul resided in the very outskirts of this universe, watching over everything as an Observer... The Grand Magistrate's soul. She had been waiting for the moment, to return to the one who was the true successor to her own power. Her daughter, Evangeline, easily misused this power, and now has to pay for her infinitismal mistakes by fixing them on her own. But Zita... She could finally see.

Destiny: My dear, sweet grandchild... How I have watched you grow and mature even since before you were born. Out of the many outcomes that you could have done, you decided to take on the absolute best of them all. Almost like a true Observer, yourself. However, you are not bound to the same laws that I am. That title, Observer... One that can only stand aside and observe, even with all of the power I have to correct everything.

The voice was sweet, with an English accent, even. I guess this family stayed true to their English heritage; Khrona and his regal English attire, Maze and his Medieval fighting and English mannerisms, and Evangeline is an English vampire, as is the Grand Magistrate herself. Their relation to each other was all too clear now, especially to Zita.

Destiny: The power to correct the mistakes of this world, caused by myself fighting against Grimlock before this village was ever created... It has finally come back and caught up with my children. However, I know you all can do it. And I wish to be right by your side as you do. So, my dear child, I grant upon you an Observer's greatest gift... a Life-Link bond. Choose now who you wish to engage the Life-Link with, and thereafter I will combine with your own unleashed soul.

The Life-Link... The most powerful bond there could ever be between two people. Where two souls are bound to each other willfully, and cannot be destroyed unless both are ridden at the exact same time. Who will Zita choose, and will that person accept the terms of the Life-Link as well? Only Destiny knows...

"Life... Link...?"

She uttered these words in confusion, but not for long, as it seems she was able to figure out just what the Life-Link was only moments after she said it, and sealed such information within her. She knew only one person who she wished to share this Life-Link with right now, and it was the only person besides her family that gave even a single damn about her at any given time... Zeik Hellgate.

"My... My Life-Link... I choose Zeik Hellgate. Let this be the representation of the Witches and the Chaos Village as one! Zeik... Accept my feelings and acknowledge my Life-Link!"

She turned to him, eyes beaming with nothing but pure unbridled bright-green energy from her sealing eyes, letting everything she had go to Zeik. From this point on, it was up to him. She was expressing herself to him, but would he accept her, or did he have something else? Zita ached to know.

-Zeik wasn't sure how to respond to Zita, he barely understood what it meant to be a life-link;but, somehow he knew this was where he was suppose to be. Zeik's original intentions in talking to Zita was to gain military power,but in his growing and learning he realized that they had forged a much deeper bond then power. He settled that he would just speak freely.-

Zeik: " can you make such a decision on a whim? You see.. I have come to understand I am no good at love. I get in ppl's lives and I only seem to create more confusion...however I have been noticing some odd occurrence of synchronicity in these last weeks...perhaps this is where I am suppose to be."

-He said,allowing his emotions to transfer themselves into the simple understand of words. He could only hope Zita understood what he was saying.-

Zeik: "I believe I must aspire my existence to something higher then my own ambitions, if that means being your life link, a link that ties both you to this world and our homes together...that sounds like something I should believe in."

Zita smiled, knowing that this was the right decision from the moment Chita gave Zeik the key. With them being one forever, their powers were limitless.

"I knew this would work out... Somehow."

With Zeik as her life-link now, Zita could accept her fate from the Grand Magistrate herself; her soul as one with the other. It was the greatest honor of a Witch, and she was getting it bestowed upon her... She was finally feeling like she did something right now. Finally...

Without flaw was this power, this ability to understand the unfathomable power of the Witches which the Dusk so kindly held dear. The power straight from the Grand Magistrate herself, even in her ascension... this could only be chosen by a Grand Magistrate of the past, and the title never leaves its previous owner until she deems it upon someone else.

Destiny: You were more worthy than you thought, Grand Magistrate Zita... Only a witch who overcomes the binding laws of insanity can become Grand. Watch over my little Witchlings with care... Okay, my dearest?

The light struck, as if stroking her gentle soul, allowing the Skeleton Key to slip into Zita's locked soul. This was the final lock to Zita, and now she was complete, with the power of the Grand Magistrate Grimnis from the past.

And so too, with the life-link, does Zeik.

-Zeik had little understanding of the this bond he had forged, but he was beginning to believe that this was just how Zita imagined her bond with Zeik from the beginning, what a flattering honor he thought.-

Zeik: "...So, I'm your life Link huh?"

-He said quizzically, with a tinge of sarcasm. Such was these devils relationship. Playful and chaotic.-

"What all does that trap me into?"

-He said in jest, something he was certain Zita would understand.-

Zita snickered to herself, which quickly changed into a seductive giggle the closer she drifted toward Zeik, everything about her very presence starting to intensify beyond what was known before.

"It traps you and the Witches together... Bound as one. Weren't you trying to get into the Witch's pants this entire time?"

She eased her way even closer, until her hands were resting gently atop his chest. Her touch radiated a huge sensation of power... Yet this power was only soothing, and not overwhelming, despite how overwhelming it truly was.

"You've done it~! But what's next on my agenda is... Clearing up some havoc I caused in the Witch Province. I can't let my darling Witchlings lose order, you know."

She knew that Chita was trying her hardest out there in Zita's stead, and things were getting done quite thoroughly. It seemed like Zita's plan to take upon this power actually worked out for once, and it was only because she had some outside help (which she wasn't accustomed to.)

"Are you coming with, or is there something else that needs to be done...?"

In all honesty... Zita wondered how her brother was going to take this.

Zeik: "My ambitions weren't so trivial...I wanted to protect my family,such I have come to learn is much larger then I expected..."

-He said with a certain tinge of sadness, despite the flirting witch Zita's presence. Zeik had a very unusually sense of justice...he never felt right in his actions, nor did he ever feel just...he was simply doing what needed to be done;but, this felt indifferent...did he really deserve this connection with Zita.-

Zeik: "How, can you trust? Weren't we both just trying to get one thing or the other out of the other? wasn't our relationship built on the very foundation I seek to destroy...shinobi? I wonder if I deserve this responsibility, this connection."

-The Hellgate took a step away from Zita, being so close to her only brought the sadness into greater light. His heart was confused.-

Zita shook her head with a smile on her face, able to feel Zeik's weary heart, and understood just what it was that plagued him. She drifted just a bit closer to him, only as much as he drifted away from her, however.

"You poor boy. You always throw yourself straight into darkness when there isn't any darkness to throw yourself into. That's why you are so confused."

She outstretched her arms, wrapping them around his shoulder and head, bringing him ever so gently into her bosom, and close to her heart so he may feel the life-link just as vivaciously as she did.

"The shinobi aren't and never were the problem. It was their foundation. We were all naive children... Myself included. We all ran our humble lands straight into the ground with our selfish ways, letting the foundation of these lands crumble, bringing everything else with it... We are the founders. The people are the foundation."

Words of wisdom seemed to flow from Zita like a river, now. Was this was it was like for her to have achieved her full power? She was a full-fledged Witch now... As technically, she was still just a Witchling before. Technically.

"So instead of throwing yourself into an abyss of nothingness; the darkness that isn't really there, why not pull yourself out and step into the light of the matter? Rebuild your foundation, founder. And so too will the rest of this world."

Zita had to heed most of her own words, as she had run the Witch Province straight into the ground. Without people to mate with, Witches were dying off from being so distant from others, whom they needed for procreation. This was because of a petty squabble between Shinigami and Zita, and as a result, both parts of their lands fell. And as a result, the Dusk began to fall to ruin, too.

"... So, Mister Hellgate... What are you prepared to do? Will you seal yourself back up behind the Hellgate, or will you open the doors to the light?"

The Cursed Flame resided in the gates of Hell... But what was on the other side?

-Zeik had heard the same words in his own head several times in the last month;but, never did they seem to stick until he heard them from another persons heart. The Hellgate lived in a world of self imposed perpetual doubt,ever since he made the greatest fool of himself and the entire Makai clan...Andover. This doubt, though as devastating to the soul as it may have been, was the way Zeik found his way through the darkness of his mind. He questioned his every move,thought and action in all possible ways for centuries. He refused his own happiness, trying to shape himself, blaming the state of the world on his actions.-

Zeik: "Its how I think, its gotten me thus far and for that I am thankful. Only after I have consumed the infinite darkness that plagues this land, may anyone hope of creating such a foundation Zita."

-He said, lifting his face from her bosom. He had heard the words she wanted to share, the sensation of the life-link was something he didn't wish to delve much deeper into...not at this moment. Any further in that version of Zita's light, would only lead Zeik to greater confusion. He knew such would require his full attention and his soul was already on a strain.-

Zeik: "I'm glad you have such wonderful things to say to me, I've grown to use those to keep me moving forward in my insane ambition."

-He said with a dry chuckle, allowing his inner voice to take a seat and allow him to just enjoy the moment between he and Zeik...-

Zeik: "What were you doing here before I showed up?

Zita was more than happy to see Zeik continue to be so ambitious in his goals. She was ready to help him all the way. She giggled at him a little bit, finding his headstrong attitude of 'taking on every problem himself' adorable. Even if she knew that wasn't what was going to happen. He could never see that there were people standing beside him when he wanted to do something alone. Even if he thought that he was doing it alone, the very moment he needed help, everyone was already there to assist. She'd done it herself some of these times. This life-link let her see more deeply into Zeik's heart than she ever had before... And it was good.

"Moi? I was... Huh. Well now, my brother saved me from falling into the darkness of Pestilence... And cleansed it from my very soul. Right after that, you came along with the Skeleton Key."

She swirled the Skeleton Key around on her finger, before gripping it tightly in her palm. A huge lock would appear on the surface of the Skeleton Key, keeping it from being unlocked by even the powers of a Keyblade itself. She was the master of locks and seals.

"Seems like all of this just flows together nowadays, huh? I can sense a rising climax coming..."

And she should know very well about rising climaxes.

"What are you going to do? I need to head to the Witch Province before I get into anything else and inform them that I am okay."

They were probably worried sick. Especially Chita...

Zeik: "I'm going to go speak with Shinigami."

-He said with such an air of knowing, why it was something he had never thought before so why not. Perhaps it was time Zeik got to know a few more people, he knew their where ppl on his team;but, Zeik imagined himself to to be the friend that was always there. If he could carry every burden, then everyone could just help him and when they fell down it didn't matter, because Zeik would just pick them and the burden up.-

Zeik: "I think its time I met him, not sure why though."

-He said calmly, hoping Zita didn't think he was begin too vague. He was trying to let her in, he just wasn't very good at it you see. Such was the world of a loner.-

Zita shook her head, pointing only to her chest, where her soul resided.

"You should take some lessons from the Dusk about the soul. We're all very spiritually connected. And now, with the Life-Link... You're one with us. I can be wherever you are anytime I want to. Just have the will, and I'll find the way. Hmhm."

She understood him more than he knew, only because she understood the Life-Link better than him, for now. Soon, he would come to fully understand it as well. But for right now, Zita had her own matters to attend to with the scenario in the Witch Province...

"Well now, before my daughters get too antsy... Let me go do what I failed to do for quite a long time... And restore order to the Witch Province once more."

It's a good thing she exists. An odd keyhole appeared before her, completely and utterly pitch black. Sticking her hand into the keyhole, it began to glow, and quickly unlocked itself. The keyhole then showed the Witch Province, clear as day, having assimilated itself with the space of this particular point in this dimension. It was just locked. She took a single step in, and the portal would lock itself behind her, separating the two spaces once more. Adieu...
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Twenty-Sixth Domination: The Return Of The Grand Magistrate; Coronation Ceremony

After her wonderful savior, Maze, released her from her darkness and Zeik had so kindly come to merge her soul back together, the former Head Witch, Zita, now Grand Magistrate Zita, finally made her way back to her home; Witch City. She took a deep, clean breath of the fresh, magical air and exhaled laxly, rather pleased to be back in her own home.

"... Witch City... Heh heh. It's been too long, my love~!"

She made her way to the Witch Mass, walking up to the very top of the podium. She was in need of her daughter, Chita, the current Head Witch.

"Chita! You have been summoned by Grand Magistrate Zita! Report to the Witch Mass immediately!!"

And she waited.

As if instantly appearing with the summon of her name, Chita voided herself into this reality again, warping right in front of Zita. Though it didn't really show all that much on her face, she could finally look to her mother with a smile on her face... Even if it was only just a little smirk.

"Heh. So I guess you got out of your little moody fit, huh, old lady?"

Even now, Chita couldn't help but be who she was, and that was someone who expressed her largest emotions in the smallest way possible.

"So. I'm here. I'm listening. Spill it."

That was the first time Chita ever said she was going to willingly listen to Zita. A miracle was in progress here, ladies and gentlemen. Gather 'round and enjoy the show.

Overwhelmed and overjoyed with seeing her daughter for the first time in several months, Zita kept her composure and allowed herself to continue without getting too emotional.

"My dear, sweet daughter... You've come so far in these trying times. You have matured so much, and are now ready to fully and rightfully be crowned at the Head Witch of the Witch Province... My undying proudness of you holds no boundaries. You've made me the happiest mother alive."

She smiled and nodded her head, trying not to cry.

"... So. Prepare for the rightful coronation, hm? It'll be a grand occasion for all to see!"

Zita would have everything prepared soon, and such preparation would be on a grand scale! Oh the magic! Oh the joy! The Witch Province would see brighter days under Chita's rule, Zita thought, despite what Chita was like before.

Rightful coronation, huh...?

She wasn't enthused in the slightest. Lots of people, lots of stuff going on, random festivities that she simply gave no fuck about... Yeah, that sounded REAL fun to be the Head Witch. She had the capabilities, yet did not have the drive. She knew she wasn't a people person and wasn't ready to deal with anyone like that, so she had to... painfully... decline.

"... Sorry, ma, but that's not my style. Coronations and ceremonies and stuff... Nah. So, instead, I'm gonna give up the crown to someone else."

To whom, however, was quite a large predicament that she hadn't figured out yet, but knew exactly how to do it.

"So, as my final time as Head Witch, I do decree that whomever is to kill the Skullgirl will be the new Head Witch. Think that's a fair tradeoff?"

She figured killing the Skullgirl was enough of a display of the qualities of a Head Witch. Now, it was time to see which little Witchlings were going to go for it... For the title of Head Witch? She figured there would be many.

"... And uh, I'm not gonna be the one to tell anyone. Good luck, mother dear. Heh heh."

She snickered, patting her mother on the shoulder lightly, yet firmly.

"Besides," she started as she walked right past Zita, "I've got someone to see that doesn't remember who she is... And needs a friendly reminder."

Zita was going to master her powers this time... The Arcana. She only had half of them, and she who did not remember had the other half. It was time for them to become one again.

Though initially shocked at her rejection to the throne of Head Witch, Zita was not mad, nor did she not understand why Chita chose the decision she did. Though she would be a great leader, she would not be happy in such a role, just as her mother was not...

"... Looks like you take after me more than I thought, my sweet little witchling..."

Zita smiled and laughed lightly to herself. Looks like her daughter made a hard decision that Zita was unable to do as a child herself... Do what makes her happy.

"Well, if that is what the decree is, then I enforce and support it one thousand percent! I will put up the bulletin in the main Witch Mass hall for all the other Witches to see! We will have our new Head Witch!"

In the opposite direction of where Chita walked, Zita did hover toward the bulletin, ready to put up the news.

I hope you know what you're getting yourself into...

She was going to fight her other half... Parace L'sia. Arcana of Life.
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Twenty-Seventh Domination: Searching for New Head Witch! Witches and Witchlings, Come!

The Bulletin; At the very front of the Witch Mass, where everyone could see, was it placed up high with fine writing. Proofreading just once more, Zita nodded her head in agreement that it was perfect. It read:

'Witches and Witchlings of the Witch Province! A long time awaited for new order has come, and you are the ones that are this new order! Temporary Head Witch Chita has mandated that whomever is to kill the Skullgirl and bring back the Skull Heart shall be the new face of the Witch Province, and will be crowned as next Head Witch. This goes for any and everybody, as to give everyone fair game. When the Skullgirl is slain, bring the Skull Heart to Grand Magistrate Zita to prepare for the coronation. Good luck.'

"Yep. Perfect."

And with that, she disappeared, fading away to wherever she goes... Waiting for her children to see the new decree.
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Twenty-Eighth Domination: The Sway of Shuichi's Magic...


Inside Castle L'sia from the skirmish of the outside, Zita would be tugging at Shuichi to come into one of the many vacant rooms... Each harboring a different flow of magical essence.

"... Alright. I'll teach you what you need to know."

She would snap her finger back, severing the ties of her magic and his shifting gravity, allowing all to return to normality. She hovered alluringly to a seat, knowing that her sexual wiles would induce nothing upon this man.

Leaning over the table, her large, voluptuous breasts spilled over the top, barely keeping anything hidden. She sighed heavily once more as she did outside, scratching the back of her head.

"... So. What's Shinta in this time...?"

She shouldn't have known who 'Shinta' was because of the lack of encounter, but she spent her time in solitude reading up on everyone around the planet... In her thousand and three years of age, she should have known quite a bit about the goings on around this place by now, right?

"Use the bond you've got with him. You know how to do that, don't you...?"

-Shuichi Stared at her for a moment with a dead panned look, It seemed like he was deep in thought For a moment about what she said but in a moment you could hear him slightly murmur under his breath something about how nice her hair color was and he wished he could achieve that shade.

However after a moment he sat down and said.-

Shuichi: "Oh .. Bonds.. yeah uhh ahah.. "

-He had no Idea what she was talking about.. were bonds some sort of link to other people.. he always just thought it was a symbolic word that meant you had a connection with somebody.-

Shuichi: "Well.. I know he is after death.. But he would never let me help with that.... he thinks I'm pretty useless in a fight."

-His head hit the desk with an audible thud as he looked distraught all of a sudden, almost in a comical way. He was a Jonin after-all but it seemed that no one really took him seriously outside of his medical Ninjutsu.-

Shuichi: "Sorry..If I seem Ignorant.. I know next to nothing about your culture."

She sighed even harder, realizing that this was going to be a long process that she, as usual, didn't want to go through... She was so damn lazy. But... Hearing the compliment, even under his breath, something she was eternally scoping for with her keen ears, she smiled and straightened u a bit.

"No, no, it's fine~! Here, let me help you~!"

She snapped her fingers, activating a special power within her that allowed for her to sense and alter Biorhythms within people... This was the closest thing that she could do to allow Shuichi to witness his 'bond' with Shinta.

"Well, a Bond actually is just that which you said; your connection with someone. It's a rather high class form of magic in the sight of Witches; one of the strongest there is. Usually made only between two people that trust each other enough to make such connections, since these 'Bonds' are, more or less, permanent... Unless destroyed by one of either party."

She was aware that her neglect of teaching Shuichi about these affairs resulted in him seeming a bit useless... But she'd have to make up for it now.

"If he thinks that you're useless and says that magic is the answer, then you, as a Witchling, need to find out about your own personal Sway of Magic. Look within your soul... And see what type of magical essence radiates from it."

She waved her hand about, purple sparkles swirling about following her hand until they reached the tip of her finger, where the sparkles converged into a low-density gravity ball.

"Mine is Gravity because of my attractive nature. I really like attention, and people naturally gravitate toward me... Because gravity is the magic of my soul. I admit, I may pull in quite a lot because of the nature of my soul... Which is why I have a special seal on my soul, made from my own Dojutsu... The Sealing Eye."

Zita seemed quite knowledgeable about this world beyond just magic... Knowing deeply of her Kekkei Genkai as well as her own magic.

"As a result of these, my familiar works in tandem with both of my natural abilities... Parasites. Leeches. Metallic in nature. They exist as my Chains and Locks, another form of my magic."

She gracefully waved her hand upward, a chain forming from her wrist out of a purple glow, before solidifying into a chain with a lock at the tip of it. Though, with another quick rotation of her wrist, the lock and the chain links behind would disperse into a flurry of silver parasites of all kinds... Her familiars were parasites in general.

"... I'm a parasite in and of myself, I hate to say... So it's only natural that I have them as my familiars. Everything about my powers... Stems from knowing the innermost part about myself. Rather... That's where the control comes from. The magic is always the same, whether you know it is part of yourself or not... It stems from the same place Chakra does, yet the energy is manipulated in a different way. As is with Soul Wavelength. All of it is just energy being manipulated in the form that is most useful and comfortable to you..."

This was the most Zita ha EVER explained to ANYONE. Maybe she was just... Tired of being such a lazy parasite, herself. Maybe this talk with Shuichi could help her stop... Truthfully, it was making her smile to do this. It was time for Zita to grow up.

-Shuichi Sat on his knees on the chair leaning forward as if he was super interested with big wide yes, Taking Note of Everything she said.
About Bonds and how they are unique to the people and Stuff like that but he already had a couple Questions.-

Shuichi: "What if Someone Doesn't have a bond with anyone?.. Or what if the Person Someone has a bond with.. Doesn't have Magic."

-Shuichi Asked Scratching the side of his head, Her explaining her abilities was cool enough, She was one of the Few people The bunnies with clocks Didn't keep an eye on and record information about so it was quite interesting to learn about her.-

She lifted her head a bit, slouching a little less than before, and crossing a leg over the other as if a bit more professional about the situation now. Her eyes narrowed as if in thought, though her face seemed a bit more... Menacing now. Is that what she looked like when she was serious...?

"...Hm... No bond...? That doesn't really matter when it comes to magic. I don't have a bond with anyone and I'm just fine."

She winced at saying that, since a Bond to a Witch was rather... Important. It meant having a significant other... A partner... A lover... A friend... Or, hell, just someone who was very, VERY trusted. But.. Not Zita...

"... Normally, a Witch would create a Bond with a person of her choosing and spend an eternity with them... And, if they were compatible in other ways, have a child with them, but..."

Snapping her head quickly off to the side, her already very serious face became a bit more distraught, as if holding back a whole surplus of pain...

"... Hmph. Not necessary. Not at all."

She looked out of the chained up window beside her, gritting her teeth with all her might to hold it all in...

... Valerio... Zeik...

One left her without a trace, and the other was already committed to a wife...
How unfortunate.

But, this was a time of business, not of reminiscence. Those dark feelings had to be Sealed away deep within her soul, just like before, and be locked up within, as per use.

"... It's natural for a Witch to make a Bond with someone who doesn't have magic. It's how we reproduce... How we have children. Some Witches that cannot mate by normal means can do so through magic... Through the Bond. The Bond allows a special connection; like those Maestros at that accursed school have with their weapon partners... Its a connection of the soul. In your terms, it's like sharing chakra... Becoming one. Sharing power... Sharing everything."

If for anyone else but Shuichi, her special Contract, she would never speak of such things... It hurt too much.

"Wha... REPRODUCE !."

-Shuichi looked away imagining all sorts of embarrassing Situations involving, Magic and the act of reproducing, He turned bright red and keept looking away for a moment trying not to seem as embarrassed as he was. In some ways Shuichi remained sort of Innocent at heart.

However he did take in the rest of what she said, And he wasn't stupid he understood her words and new very well it would take him awhile to fully master this stuff and he wasn't going to rush it today.-

Shuichi: "DO You.. Truly not have a bond with anyone?"

-He said finally looking back, and asked Unselfishly, The way she felt when she said that made him ask.. Something about it was off.-

Shuichi: "That's really terrible I couldn't Even Imagine that."

Zita's longing eyes stared off to what would seem to be nothing, in deep thought about everything that was occurring. Even though she was barely into this mentally, she still winced at the very utterance of not having a bond.

"... No. No matter how many men I pull in, that gravitate around me, that orbit me, that are attracted to me... None of them matter if they don't love me."

There was a sad, sad truth about her... She could not find the right person to love her.

"... It's the one thing that I can't attract... A guy who loves me... Because that's something that even magic cannot hamper with, if the Bond is strong enough... Because, no matter what, it'll find a way to force its way through..."

The same thing was going to happen to her daughter eventually. She tried to establish a Bond with her, but... That isn't what she was looking for.

"... Her love is so strong, that nothing can break it. That's why when she loves someone... Nothing can stop her. Not even me, despite all my efforts."

Truthfully, Zita was jealous of Chita... So pure. So strong. When she did establish a romantic Bond with someone... Dammit, it was going to be eternal. And that was because of the favor she asked of her dear brother so long ago when she was born...
Khrona... You put a piece of the Tensei's love inside of her...
A piece of yourself... That's the only way she was ever going to be able to seal off her incredible power so young... Tch.

A teardrop fell from her eyes, knowing that she'd lose her daughter forever when she found the right one.

"Dammit, Khrona..."

She could feel his resistance inside of her, and him outside her gate right now... Here to take her for her horrible crimes.
... I don't give a damn who it is... Even my own brother...
I'll have my daughter back if I can't have anyone else...
Lich. Take care of them.

To stop Khrona? Definitely.

Wait... What about... Shuichi?

Despite her rather selfish nature, Shuichi was someone she had... well... a Contract with, first and foremost, but he was different. He actually cared. Shame that he had such a Bond with someone else, or she'd keep him as a very special friend... She'd give up sex just to be with someone as nice as he.

Fine... I'll have to hope he learns fast. If anything, let the Lich hold them off long enough for me to give him one last lesson...
Who knows? Maybe he'll actually be a good male witch...

With those thoughts settled in her head, Zita snapped her fingers, releasing the power of the Lich outside her Castle. Within, the two would not feel her might, but outside... They'd have something coming.

She turned her head to Shuichi now, more attentive and alert than ever. If she could do one good thing for a man that wasn't sex... Let it be this.

"... Well now, guess it's time to begin. We're gonna have to figure out what kind of Magic you have. Like you center your spirit when you replenish your chakras, center yourself and align your mind with your soul. Your soul will feed you knowledge of your magic straight to your mind, and from your own personality, you'll be able to decipher what kind of magic you have. Because you've been a Witch for so long, your magic has already been settling in your soul, and all that is required is for you to activate it, so this process should be simple enough."

It was actually good to let it settle... Helps one to understand their powers more clearly.

-Shuichi sat there and watched, She seemed to be deep in thought about something. He tilted his head to the right and examined her posture and Her heart rate.

Something was bothering her that was for sure. He thought it best not to pry, She seemed very private and he doubted shed like him much for doing so,

Even so he couldn't help but feel a little sad for her.-

Shuichi: "Oh, That isn't so different then how I teach people to Control there Chakra, If I fail at this one .. I don't think I'd be able to live it down.-

-He stuck his tongue out playfully at the thought of being the laughing stock of anyone who has ever trained under him to learn medical ninjutsu.. Medical... healing....-

Shuichi: Oh... Please don't be another healing ability I have too many of those.

-He thought to himself, but his face showed that he got worried by the thought, However he crossed his thin flexible legs and ok a deep breath, Making the Hand sign for Rooster, which relaxed his Chakra network so much he could ignore his bodily functions for while.

He was looking deeper.. His soul.. He sat for a moment trying to see it.. but he couldn't, Was he too afraid...why... why was he hear anyways.. To save Shinta... Yeah he would give his own life to do that if he had to.
The Power to Protect the one who he cares about.. even if it is from himself .. that's what really mattered...

When he acknowledged that.. his Soul became clear he could see it with ease.. A soul filled with Worries for others... what he wanted was to protect those Stronger then himself...

Out of his meditation, a swirling transparent aura cloak began to form around him , it was Pink as fitting as it may be, and out of the top of this... magical clock sprouted Rabbit ears, they started off small but grew amazingly long in the matter of a moment, as did the Magical power Shuichi had, It was multiplying quickly, and Just as it seemed to reach Heights not suiting his level it stopped and stayed there.

When He opened his eyes he was missing his pupils they were just white..... But then he fell back into his seat and his form returned back to the bubbling Boy with Pink hair.

He didn't understand what just happened, but Mayhaps Zita did. It seemed Shuichi's Powers Steamed from trying to keep up with Others and as a result Of being around someone as Strong as Zita It rose heavily trying to keep up with her.. -

Even though her mind gravitated toward thoughts of the past, she was more than concerned about the thoughts of the future for Shuichi. He was a good guy, genuinely looking to help someone rather than to just grow stronger for selfish reasons... Zita really liked that about him.

"... A Witch's heart is very big, and so are her emotions. Since our power stems from deep within ourselves, our emotions play a very big part in our magic, the same way chakra does. Since you're so adept at it, I wouldn't put it past you to get by this sort of thing with ease."

She could already see it within him... That great potential. As he tuned into himself, so too did Zita, with Soul Perception as well as her own natural ability to see Biorhythms.

"Hm... Hmm... Your soul is filled with turmoil due to how much to worry and care for others... Very rarely do you think of yourself, and that drives you into the positions of instability and repressing your own feelings for the sake of others..."

She smiled... His soul was so pure and loving. She hated to admit it, though. Zita had trouble admitting things that she was wrong about or didn't like. She couldn't stand the fact that a man could be like this...

The power to protect... So you're a shield and a healer... Those are the most important people.

She remembered from long ago, a demon who went by the name of Tio... Perhaps she should tell her story.

"... Your soul is that of a protector... Like a demon I know, named Tio. With few offensive abilities and lots of powerful barriers and shields, including very potent regeneration spells... She was the greatest support anyone could ever have. I see something similar in your soul..."

After so long, there was a huge spike in his biorhythmic flow, which thereby shot his magical potency up sky high, as well.

"Hm!? What?!"

She saw it; the swirling magical aura that formed around his neck; those bunny ears, that pink energy... He was one of the Witches whose Sway of Magic wasn't destructive at all, which made for a kind-hearted soul... Like that Tanuki Witch and her regeneration spells. They were... Lucky, to a degree... Not having to worry about falling to the powers of 'evil' so easily... Like their magic naturally generated Anti-Insanity or something.

"... I see... Little white rabbit..."

She winked and smiled, giggling to herself a little bit. No wonder...

"Your magic... It's growing... It seems to be in direct proportion to my own... Pushing yourself to the limit trying to keep up, hm? Hmhmhm..."

She gazed into his white pupils for a moment or two, as if staring straight into him... Before his eyes would close and he would return to normal. She nodded her head...

"... Yes. You really do have the potential..."

But the question was, what could his magic do? That would have to come with more practice, it seemed. She had to hurry, though... She could feel that the Lich had been stripped from her, and now was subdued. Accursed Chita... She felt that the power of the Void was behind this... Fucking Valerio... That's how she got it, anyway.

"Hmmm... We're going to have to hurry. Tell me, what does your magic feel like to you?"

-Shuichi wondered at first why they were in a hurry, he hadn't known anything that was going on and he wondered if he were keeping her From doing something Important.-

Shuichi: "What.. it feels like?"

-He thought at all the feelings he got a moment ago, What would that magic turn into when he tried to use it... he for a moment while he was doing that last excersize had swore he saw a Shield, A big Shield Protecting all those he cared about.
It was a warm feeling of people able to protect the people he needed to against the many many dangers of this terrible world.-

Shuichi: "A large, Shield or Barrier...I think..I can do this...Ma Seshirudo "

-He hadn't a clue where those words came from they just sort of appeared in his head as he was thinking about it,

He held his hands forward and suddenly from thin air seemingly, Formed a large Pink decorative Shield.
If only for a few seconds Before it poofed away as though it hadn't existed at all.. He needed to work on how to maintain it.-

A shield... So you're a protector... The greatest support. In addition to your healing Jutsu... Shield Magic should come in handy.

This boy was far more interesting than Zita could have ever imagined. Yes, his soul was starting to take shape... The magic of it, that is. It was becoming more and more deep purple, and its form was beginning to set itself. She could see the bunny ears flopping from atop his soul. He was coming along quite nicely.

"Your first spell, huh? Sounds pretty archaic, to me. Looks like you've got some Lost Magic inside of you..."

There were many different types of magic; Color, Forbidden, Lost, etc. His seemed to fall into the Lost/Ancient Magic category, which was rare in and of itself.

"... You're one of a kind, you know that?"

She waggled her finger, calling forth from somewhere in her house a special potion. She opened it for a moment, absorbing the aroma with her nose, and closed it to ensure it was still potent.

"Here. Take this special potion. It'll assist you with control of your magic until you can do it yourself. Since you're a beginner and not a bloodborn Witch, I'd suggest making yourself a Grimoire until you're able to recite your spells from memory, and until you're comfortable enough with your magic that you won't need a conduit. It's part of being a male with magic. Hahaha. Interested?"

Naturally, he didn't HAVE to take her offer... She was just being generous since she knew this was going to be a very difficult process... And she wasn't sure how much time she actually had left. She looked up out of the window again, gazing at the moon's shift in colors...

Amber... That means that my time is almost up. I'll be seeing the gates of Hell soon enough...

She could accept her fate... It was time for her to atone... And start over from the beginning.

-He Grabbed the potion and stared at it while she spoke, he didn't know what a Grimoire Was and he wondered if he should ask such a question... Those questions were pushed aside at the thought of wondering what the Potion would taste like.
He really Hoped it was bubblegum flavor, he didn't enjoy that the most.-

Shuichi: "Thank you So much Miss Zita, You've done so much for me .. I wish i could repay you."

-He said standing up and doing a half bow in front of her, holding the potion he was for sure going to spend the rest of the next couple months Practicing his heart out at this.. and he was happy to get some help from the potion.

Being the over thinker and worrier he was he had almost tuned out the part about it being some lost Magic, He wouldn't have known what that meant anyways so it might have been for the best.-

Shuichi: "If there is anything you need please.. Tell me, I owe you a lot.-

To see him smile like that... To know that she had actually helped someone that didn't only benefit herself... That was enough for her. She had been a very selfish Witch her entire life, but now it was time to stop.. To grow up. She smiled warmly at Shuichi, raising from her seat and walking over to him...

"... Become a great magic user. Even greater than my dear brother, Maze. You have the support of all of the Witches. As the Grand Magistrate, I will see to it."

And so, the only thing she could do was something she'd never done to a man without getting sex in exchange... Hug him. Hug him tightly and warmly, and deliver a quick smooch to his cheek. He was sweet for being so nice to her... She could only repay his kindness with selflessness.

"... And do your very best to save him if he means that much to you. I know heartbreak all too well to let it happen to someone like you..."

She released him, waggling a finger to summon up the contract she made with him so long ago.

"You want me to... Tear up our binding Contract? I mean, I know you've got a Bond with him, and a Contract is like a written version of a Bond... I don't want to get in the way of that for any reason."

What a change of heart... Was it because the Lich was out of her for good? No, she still had the remnants of that power.. the Skull Magic... So, what was this? Just a regular old change of heart... Zita's Sway of Magic shifted on this day... From the border of Chaos to the side of Harmony. It felt... Good. Almost as good as a good lay. Almost.

... ... That didn't sound half bad right now, either.

Dammit. If only he weren't gay...

-Shuichi Blushed when she hugged him, It was kinda weird getting hugged by someone with such a Prominent rank among her people,

However he managed to hug her back. He waited There now holding one of his arms with the other one as she summoned up the Contract, He honestly never felt it as a burden, And Shinta Clearly didn't care that he had one since he seemingly knew all along.-

Shuichi: "I don't mind having it, Even if you Destroy it, We have a bond Now.. Even if it's only through the help You gave me and My gratitude for it."

-He said smiling big now, his embarrassment from only a moment or two ago seemed to Vanish into thin air. She was a lot nicer then he Imagined her to be and now that he talked to her he wished he would have come Here sooner to meet her.-

For giving an old Witch like herself some company like this, and to be a prodigy much less of a... Hassle than her own daughter was much better for her, anyway. She was quite happy about it, to say the least. To have a Bond with someone... Even if it was Shuichi. Not for sex, not for romanticism... Just to have someone.

"... Thank you. You're the best thing I could ever have."

She sat back down, sighing heavily. She was well aware that her time was coming to an end... She knew more than anyone what was going on in this world, and she tried to deny it all she could, but it was inevitable... Even for the most powerful Witch of all, such a fate was simply... Fate. Destiny. Inevitable.

"... Now go practice. I've got a one way ticket to hell waiting for me..."

She kept the Contract only as a memento of the first time she bound him to it... And nothing more. All of its power was placed in the actual Bond they shared, and, even in sadness... She smiled.

-He smiled and sort of awkwardly smirked, he wondered if what he said was too deep for the situation but then she said something equally as deep and it caught him off guard.-

Shuichi: "Oh..Umm You're welcome ."

-He smiled big too, until she said that bit about hell, He wondered if she meant That Metaphorically, Like she now had to go back to work which was like hell.
He really hoped so he'd like to see her again after-all and he'd hate for her to go and leave so suddenly.-

Shuichi: "Yes, I promise I'll get very good at it the next time we meet."

-He smiled and gave a clumsy wave before heading out the door, in the hallway he gave a look back as if he was worried... She could handle her self couldn't she?
Taking a deep breath he continued on to go train himself up as best he could.-

... At the slam of the door, a being of light manifested in the darkness of Castle L'sia.

"... Guess you knew it was your time, huh. Wanted to give yourself a little good merit before you went, huh Auntie?"

Corona wasn't in the best mood, not whilst looking at Zita. She'd done so much selfishly that caused so much turmoil to everyone... Even to her own family. She had many bad qualities, but that one redeeming factor about her... hell, she wasn't that bad. Even with the Lich, she wasn't all that bad. She just didn't have any regard for anyone else.

"... It's gonna kill me to do this to you, no matter how pissed I am at you, you know..."

Though her eyes were stern and unwavering, a tear did indeed fall from her eye... Pure crystal.

"... Doing something like this to family is... Almost too much for me. Almost."

She pointed Rei at Zita's face, the spear glowing with a terrible purging power...

Corona: "... Any last words, Zita...?"

Zita: "What a sweetheart..."

Her eyes followed Shuichi out the door, waving at him with a forlorn expression, just as longing as her lonely goodbye...

And just as the door closed... Guess who was waiting for her right around the corner?

"... Megaera. Or, shall I call you Corona now? Alright, let's just get on with it."

She crossed her arms and pouted her lip, shrugging her shoulders and brushing Corona's words off like some sort of spoiled teenager. She wasn't gonna go out like a bitch, at least. She said nothing as she spoke, till she called for her last words.

"Yeah. I do have some final words..."

She opened her eyes, and stared deep into the glowing lance's light...

"... I regret nothing, and I will be back."

With that said, she would await her one way ticket to Hell...

Her eyes narrowed... And her grip tightened on the True Godsend. She grit her teeth, infuriated even through her compassion... Yet, it was a nice feeling. Zita would be Zita, through it all.

"At least you can always be yourself. That's something. Now you've just gotta learn how to work with others."

She sighed, her rage subsiding a bit. Hell would be a nice place to learn... To mend her selfish ways.

"See you in Hell, Zita."

She winked at her, and impaled her with Rei, repulsing her soul straight to the depths of Hell in a blinding white flash, taking everything with her.

"Repent, Zita... Can't wait to see ya when you get back. Heh..."

She smiled... Somehow, she was happy for Zita. She'd be able to see her when she wanted to come back...

"... Well, I guess that leaves just one more person on my list..."

Corona spead her wings and flapped, bolting off in a beam of light...

"... I bet Chita is gonna be happy to have the house to herself... Heh..."
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Twenty-Ninth Domination: The Ultraviolet Moon's Rays... Shin Shigaitsukiyomi

In his quarters in Maldoche Dolores, Nytox could finally reveal his true intention. All he wanted was for his family to get along and get what they wished for... He just wanted his family to be happy...

"The Tensei family is, as it is, falling to shambles... And the only person I know who can save it is..."

He closed his eyes, pointed Rei up to the sky...

"... Khrona."

He closed his eyes and shook his head, gripping Rei as tightly as he possibly could...

"... My moon is the moon of Faith. Khrona, I give my faith in your love and the love of your significant other, and your child... Your family and all that it is. I have faith in you... I have faith in us. We, as Tensei men, I give you my Faith..."

He held Rei up high... And for the ultimate act of Faith, he was going to do something he never thought he could before...

"... I will allow her to become Grand Magistrate. As my rule goes over even the Grand Magistrate's law... I will have Zita bless Titania... Er, Khrina, with power as Grand Magistrate!"

This was his decree... By the light of his moon.

"ZITA!!! I summon thee from the depths of HELL! It is time to make a BOND!!"

From a bursting plague off locusts, the Queen of Parasites revealed herself to be, from the pits of Hell which he had been banished. She scoffed, crossing her arms, even though she was happy to be back.

"... I knew I wouldn't be down there for long. Sucks that I'm gonna go back. But, whatever. I'll get over it."

She smiled at Nytox, shuffling her hands together... He was the revered ruler of all Witches, and over Nytoz itself. It was an honor to be in his presence, even as Grand Magistrate.

"Hmhmhm, so, I hear you wish to make a Bond with me...~? How I've longed for this day..."

She usually hunted for men that had power... Zeik, Valerio, and now Nytox... Oh, boy, Nytox... His power would just be so... Juicy~!

"What is is that you want me to do, Master N~?"

He smiled at her from under his scarf, happy to see that she was so very willing to do whatever he wished...

"Ah, my dear, sweet Zita... I am relinquishing my power and giving it to Khrona and Khrina in good faith. As such, they shall be the new rulers of Nytoz, and Khrina shall become the Grand Magistrate! I feel as though they may mediate much better than I, and since I do indeed have your consent..."

He pointed Rei at Zita's soul...

"I want you, under the Contract that I have summoned you under, to go give your blessings to Khrina and crown her Grand Magistrate. Only after that shall I Bond with you."

He closed his eyes warmly... Almost as if threatening her very existence if she did not. Hmmm... A sticky predicament for the crafty Zita... Looks like she was finally caught.

Just like that, almost all of Zita's hopes and dreams were shattered right there before her face.

"You say WHAT!?!? After I tried so HARD to get rid of that little WITCH and her... GRRR!!!"

She couldn't even be happy for Khrona here because she just despised... Yes, TITANIA all that much. But, even so... Having a Bond with Nytox was still great, as his power through the Tensei heritage was far beyond something she could overlook... She might as well make peace with the Tenseis as she found a lover for herself...

"... Fine. I'll end the eternal battle that our ancestors past had started... Grimro and Grimlock... The former Grand Magistrate and your old brother. Hmph. I accept... And I grant my blessing to Titania... er... Khrina."

She could barely even BELIEVE that she even CONDONED this... But, at the end of it all, what did it matter? She had this title and wasn't gonna do anything with it... Might as well give it to someone who was gonna actually do good with it. She still did care for her little Witches... All of them.

"... She'd better treat my Witches right... And now, the spot of Head Witch is open again..."

She really wanted her daughter, Chita to maintain the status of Head Witch, but... It wasn't her right to decide anymore. It was all up to Chita.

"... I guess if another Witch Trial is held, we'll get to see who will be the Head Witch..."

And knowing Chita, she wouldn't pass up a fight. She only hoped her dear daughter won... Or, better yet, cared enough to compete...

"... Alright, Master N... What now?"
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His heart was warmed to find her have such a change of heart... Even if it was forced upon her. Zita was the type that needed to be cornered in her bullshit to actually get her to do something, and if not, she'd continue on the path of 'I got away with it' forever. But now, there was nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, and her blatant hatred of Titania was no longer relevant.

"... This makes me very, very happy, Zita. Thank you."

So, with Rei charged with power... He released a huge bolt of energy straight into Zita's soul, which then shot back into his, creating a powerful, solid Bond between the two of them. He knew that was all she wanted in the first place... Other than a man to sleep with.

"... If it makes you feel better, I will find you someone. So you will not be so lonely. But right now, I must finalize your words..."

He pointed Rei to the sky again, the power charged within being that of the Grand Magistrate's blessing and power, as well as his own, with Faith backed behind it, shooting straight to Khrona and Khrina in Allsgrim Manor.

"... Use it well... Whip these Witches into shape, you two..."

Now, his Night was over, and he was going to have to give the True Godsend to the only human Tensei... Shinra.

"... He was a phenomenal man, that Shinra... To be born a pure blood human out of a family of superbeings such as ourselves... Of course, he was the chosen one to bear that child of his that has made all of this possible... That Khrona Tensei."

He turned to Zita...

"... Well. Back to Hell for you. Still have to atone, you know. Though, I will indeed be down to visit you, and I will summon you up here as necessary. Taa."

He blasted her soul back down to hell with Rei once more, banishing Zita from his sight... For the moment.

"Cruel, cruel fate..."

After, he'd make his way to Shinra. His night was tonight, after all. And this is the night where all such Bonds are finalized by Shinra's fortitude and might. His moon was an important one, definitely.
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Thirtieth Domination: Checking out the Ruins: A Sneaking Suspicion.

While waiting for Zeik to give the word, Zita was in the meantime going to see if she could prepare by finding a new power within herself by the means of the most magical place in the Dusk Village; the Enigmatic Ruins. Though she hadn't been in a while, she knew that every time she went, she found out something new that was important. This was one of those times.

"... Even though I don't like coming here... I've gotta do it for Zeik."

Zita stood there at the barrier, completely still. She was worried, for sure, but that wasn't going to stop her here. With a deep breath and determination, she stepped through the barrier and into the outer part of the ruins, heading straight for the opening to the actual labyrinth-like catacombs. The entrance to the catacombs was near. Good thing no monsters were here at the moment, they'd be annoying.

Entering the catacombs was definitely the creepiest of things. It's not like Zita wasn't fond of this place for no reason.

"Bleh... It's so dark and dirty down here. Why do they always have to hide the good stuff in the back...?"

Zita sighed heavily, starting to walk. She passed through many different corridors and pathways, going through with no knowledge of where she was going or what she was looking for.

"Is this the same way I went last time?"

By now, Zita knew very well that this was NOT the way she went last time, but in fact an entirely new place that she didn't think anyone had seen within the Enigmatic Ruins for what looked like a very long time... Possibly even longer than before she was born.

"... This feeling... This place... It's so familiar, but at the same time, it's so powerful..."

As the pathway guided her to the final room, Zita only felt pure amazement and sheer shock when she laid eyes upon this... this... Ancient text.

"... This is... Is that...? It looks like..."

She looked at the ancient text inscribed on the wall, and everything was in perfect condition, despite what normally happens when people find ancient texts. She could see people on this tablet that resembled herself, Khrona, Maze and others. But what did this mean? Why was this tablet emanating so much power in the first place? She knew that there was only one thing left to do now...

"... I have to contact everyone... Now!"

So that was the first thing she did. She contacted Maze, Khrona and even Hakku for this one using a special signal of magical properties. She would even guide them into this chamber if need be.

Khrona was the first to make it to the place, for reasons unknown. Maybe he just wanted to know more than all of them.

"Zita! What's the problem?"

He had already navigated the ruins and was in the same room as her, gazing upon the same spectacle as her, in the same shock as her. It was THAT amazing.

Chroma followed behind her father, coming into the room with the same words.

"Aunt Zita! What is it?"

When she looked at the spectacle, however, she was just as lost for words as the other two. Yep. Really that amazing, guys.

_-The area wasn't foreign to Aura yet she dragged her feet behind the others arriving last of the three coming from The Mezzanine. She wanted to see what the problem was, and help, but there was still the fact that she hadn't confronted her Aunt.

None the less the situation came first, anything else would have to be dealt with later.-_

Aura: "Auntie?! Are you ok?"

*It wasn't long till Maze and company arrived. They warped among the other Maze would had thought he was appearing into a fight, however it seemed Maze had overestimated the situation.

He looked around the room, but the first person he saw was Zita , who he looked too confusingly.*

Maze: "Zita? What-why did you call us?"

-Hakku would appear along with Maze in some section of the Ruins. Zita, Chroma, Khrona, and even her pupil Aura was here. What was the situation, she wondered.-

Hakku: "H-Hello everyone, what seems to be the issue..?"

Coming to these Enigmatic Ruins did nothing but introduce Nox to a plethora of new people; all of which seemed pretty powerful. There didn't seem like was much was going on, but then again, some times things aren't what they seem.

-And so they appeared at the ruins by the hands of Maze's magic. Supposedly, something was happening and Zita needed assistance, but by the looks of it, there were enough powerful people here. Like, Khrona for example. At any rate, Rozalyn gave Khrona a quick nod of the head to acknowledge his presence.-

Rozalyn: "Long time no see, Khrona~."

Zita only seemed to know a handful of the people here. She barely knew Hakku, had never seen Noxalyz or Rozalyn before and Maze, Khrona, Aura and Chroma were family. Either way, this was all too important.

"... Everyone... Look at this... This gigantic tablet I found.. It's... It's us. Our ancestors! Look, read it!"

That was when Zita noticed... She was the oldest one here. By a longshot. She was a little over 1,000 whilst the rest of these whippersnappers were at most, in their early 20's. Boy, she felt old. She was the only one who could read even the smallest amount of ancient text, for she had to study it back in her young years and especially to use olden magics. Oh well.

"... Well, I'll read it. I don't know much about the ancient texts cuz it's been a while, but I can translate a good chunk of it... It says...

'The Scriptures of Reality; Genesis of Our Village..."

Zita went on for a minute or two about everything she could read, which was not so much the top part as it was near the bottom, where she could read everything. It told about 800 years ago, when Zita was just 200 years old and had learned to read the newer version of the ancient scripts. Though they still kept the general same style, there was still a great amount of translating to do. Basically, there was talk about Shinigami, the Witches, Shinigami's 8 Warriors and the first Kishin, Asura. It told of how Shibusen came to be and why everything is the way it is today. Zita only read a bit about the ancient past, which they had to decipher.

"... Wow... I... I didn't even realize that all of this happened... Nor that this was all logged like this... And even the ancient scripts from before I was born... What I can understand is sheerly amazing..."

She turned to everyone there, not even caring that she didn't know some of them and pointed ambitiously at the tablet.

"I'm sure that with all of our minds together, we can decipher the rest of this in no time flat! Hakku, you're like, a machine-girl or something, right? And Maze, you're just as skilled with magic and the ancient texts as I am! And Khrona, you're mind's the strongest there is! And your children should be able to help us too! *she turned to Rozy and Noxalyz* And I don't know what you all do, but if it can help us, then come on!"

Zita was rather excited to see what was going to happen here. She wanted to know the history before she was born, for she knew a decent amount between that 800 year time period.

Still in awe for a moment or two, Khrona noticed Rozy and was happy to see her after so long of her absence. He smiled, waving at her, but then couldn't help but turn his attention back to the spectacle.

Khrona sat and listened to Zita's tale, finding out more about the Reality village than he actually knew himself. It was surprising that he never looked back on this history before. However, Zita was correct and everyone's mind together could definitely decipher this tablet without any problems at all.

"I'm already on it."

Using the words Zita was reading to find common patterns in letters and syntax and the like, Khrona was starting to piece together information little by little...

-Although she knew little about Zita, she was intrigued by the text she managed to decipher. "The scriptures of Reality"... it certainly rung a bell in Rozalyn's mind. She knew a few things about it from her time at Home, the Oasis Kingdom, and that's when it hit her. If her nation had ancient texts like this apart of it, then does that mean... she is a descendant of this Reality? The more she thought about it, the more interested she became.-

Rozalyn: "How insulting, Zita. Machine-girl? Hakku is a grade Beta D.S. homunculus, created by yours truly, and this girl her... " She said while patting Noxalyz on the back.-

Rozalyn: "Is created with the same bio-NoXmechanics that were used when I made Hakku. They could decipher this whole thing within the next 20 minutes! Hakku, Noxalyz! Would you two be so kind as to assist Zita in deciphering the text?" She said with an expression that read "I'm not going to lose to her". Zita didn't know who they were, but she was about to get nothing short of a good impression of them. As they all began to decipher the text, Rozalyn stood by, pondering. The texts were familiar alright. The witch. The eight warriors of Shinigami. They all took part in a devastating war if she remembered correctly, but... it wasn't against Asura. She couldn't remember who the person was, and she started digging deeper into her memory to see if she could figure out who he was..-

Rozalyn: "Those were there back then too.."

So, this was basically some type of Shinigami time line that showed how Shibusen was made huh? It didn't seem very special, and quite honestly Noxalyz failed to care as much as Zita or Khrona did. However, this all changed when Rozalyn patted her back and began telling Zita how great she was, and this pumped Noxalyz into wanting to show Zita just how amazing she really was.

Noxalyz: "Sure. This is nothing to me!"

Was all she commented as she went up to the tablet and placed her hands on it. Vector arrows of pure chakra manifested on her arms as she began to follow the vectors she placed in and on the tablet.

Noxalyz: "All I have to do is touch this, and follow the vectors that were applied throughout every molecule of the tablet."

Once her vectors were finished shifting through the tablet, she should have all of the information stored within the two vector arrows on her arms. Quite ingenious actually, and at such a young age.

-Also intrigued by the story thus far explained by Zita, Hakku began to wonder what the rest of the text could be, and that was when Rozalyn urged her to join Noxalyz in deciphering it. She already wanted to know what the rest of the tablet entailed, so why deny her request?-

Hakku: "O-Oh, okay Rozalyn.."

-With one hand Hakku snapped her finger and a thick book of spells appeared before her, and with the other hand, she flipped open the book and sent the pages aflutter. As the pages blew by unnaturally, a golden bolt of energy caught onto one unoccupied end of the tablet and Hakku's eye began to light up as the same color. This was the power of simplification magic. It takes one thing and converts it to be grasped by the mind of the user who has the golden eye.-

Hakku: "Just a few more seconds..."

*Zita had found something life changing, he thought. That if the details of these text were what they had thought to be..."The Scriptures of Reality; Genesis of Our Village".

It was all too strange. Just what had they found? Never the less unlike Zita Maze knew just how special Hakku was..., and with Noxalyz with her he felt that in terms of deciphering the ancient code, yet it didn't stop him from glancing over at the table.

The jest of what Maze could understand was what Zita had already said out loud. He caught a few things with in the manuscript. The word "Beast" showing up multiple times. However Maze couldn't understand more than that and didn't think to put anything together till they knew what it said as a whole.

Other than that Maze noticed his daughter standing on the other side of the room, this is first time seeing her in months. He eyes met her's yet he didn't know what to do....did she even want to see him? Maze did what always did, smiled and waved. He didn't know what else to do...*

Maze: "A....Aura..."

_-Aura was surprised to see her Master here, but seeing how her father was here as well that kind of worked it's self out. She didn't know the other two that had come with father and Master. She looked to Chroma to try and see if she knew who the were too. The seemingly older one however seemed to know Master...on a rather personal level at that..and the other she just...gave off the same vibe as Hakku did yet she seemed to be around Aura and Chroma's age.

The text Aunt Zita went on too explain was rather interesting. Since Aura didn't know too much of her ancestry other then that of her father's and mother's and she too was eager too learn what it's secrets held.

And then it happened...Aura's eyes locked with her father's, her face instantly turning red as she quickly looked away to break the eye lock. She started to get nervous, and worried. Was he mad at her? Did he hate her?

She looked back over to him only to find him smiling and laughing, causing Aura to fall over in a very anime like fashion.-_

Aura: Did he even know I was gone!

Chroma, much like Aura, felt a little bit left out of the bunch. She was young, yes, but everyone seemed very capable of cracking this code without her help. All she could do was wait and watch.

"... I just have to get stronger..."

Chroma felt like, even still, she had a long ways to go to catch up to her father. Not only that, there were many more psychic appearing around Vescrutia these days... She needed to keep her family name alive... She needed to... Go into... Deep Thought.

While everyone else was occupied, Chroma slyly made her way off into a corner and began to think, blocking off her mind from reality. She'd stay there for a while, unable to be influenced by anything of the outside world for a while.

Well this new girl had some spunk. That was commendable. Zita didn't know about Hakku, but this girl did, so that was all that needed to be known. Apparently, she created both Hakku and the other new one, which was impressive if they were both bio-material. But, in any case, with Hakku, Nox AND Khrona on this, the whole tablet shouldn't have taken more than about 5 minutes at max. In fact, just from that little time, the three of them looked almost done...

So, as they did that, Zita looked around to Rozalyn, wanting to know more about her.

"Hey. You. You seem to have some sort of affiliation with the Dusk from back when it was the Reality Village... You seem to know Khrona and Maze, but I don't know you. What's that all about and why have we never met if you three go so far back?"

That was a good question indeed. if she was so close to them, she must have been around for a long time and then disappeared... But why had she never met Zita? It was never too late.

As Zita thought, between the three of them, this didn't take more than 5 minutes if even that. Khrona had deciphered it all, as probably Hakku and Nox did as well. When done, Khrona turned around with eyes closed, clearing his throat.

"... This... This tablet explains so much..."

Naturally, with Khrona unable to keep what he says in his mind anymore, he started speaking about it inadvertently and if Hakku or Nox wished to join in, then they could, but Khrona was most literally obliged to tell. Everything said was indeed life changing... They were all related. Maze, Khrona and Zita came from the same grandmother, ergo coming from the same mother, yet all of them had different fathers. When the Reality was discovered, an ancient evil tried to destroy this entire planet as a whole with his almost unstoppable power... The Black Beast was made, slain and left in a grave under the Eternal Desert... That was the 'Beast' Maze kept seeing in the text; the story of the Black Beast. But even through everything that happened in the past, there was just one thing that tied it all together that made things all the more shocking to Khrona and Maze... That Evangeline was their mother and that she tried to SAVE them back in olden days. Even Khrona's mind could barely fathom such a thing. However, in the scriptures it did say that Zita and Evangeline spent quality time together... Meaning she knew all along who she was... Or maybe she only knew that Evangeline was her mother... huh. Regardless, they were all not LITERALLY blood related instead of in just namesake.

Rozalyn's ancestor came up a number of times in the text, as well, having very close ties with both their Grandmother and each one of their parents... Hell, their fathers were part of Shinigami's 8 Warriors back in the day. That was something Khrona didn't know either... that he was adopted and his real parents are still alive to this day. His foster parents are the ones that are dead. Megaera was the same and Khrona would have to tell her of her history later... In fact, he might as well shoot her a mental thought, which he did at the moment. In any case... It was all rather much to take in at this time... Rather... Much.

-As Khrona went off to explain how the planet was intended to be destroyed, Hakku brought up the fact that this villainous man's "plan" was nothing more than a mere accident. He had hoped to recreate the most powerful Nox Nyctores, ShinRaBanShouq, which was used by the Reality trio's grandmother; The Grand Magister. The Nox Nyctores was considered the strongest for its devastating power to gain the essence of life on a planetary scale on a consistent bases, thus infinitely collecting souls to have more power. The man attempted to create his own version of the weapon after he lost a one-sided battle with the Grand Magister, but after collecting so much energy and souls to create the ShiRaBanShouq, the cauldron became unstable. It exploded with so much negativity that there was an eternal night masking the entire planet for as long as the beast reigned. However, the beast brought together an alliance that changed the world forever; The alliance of Shinigami and his eight disciples, and the Grand Magister. Together, they defeated the black beast and sealed the person responsible for its creation along with his Nox Nyctores used in battle, at the cost of the Grand Magister's life. She was too weak after exhausting so much of her power to create a total of 12 Nox Nyctores', battle the beast, and seal it. Even until this day, that man is still sealed within the boundary, doomed to never be released.-

-Finally, the arrows on her arms dissolved into her body, giving her all of the knowledge she extracted from the tablet. It was all... a bit much. Her eyes lit up like head lights of a car for a couple of seconds as her body took in this load of information. Now that she was up to speed, she picked up after Hakku mentioned one of the Realities most Historical events; The Alliance.

Shinigami and his eight disciples, which Maze's father, Khrona's father, and Rozalyn's father all belonged, were among the first to take notice of the beast wrecking havoc on the world. They took up arms, with soul weapons, magic and technological firearms against the beast and needless to say they were off to a strong start. However, majority of the weapons either deemed to weak to land a significant blow on the beast, or they were ineffective all together.

They were falling apart, and several of Shinigami's disciples, Ragnarok and Al'Bec, died battling the black beast, however, before they all met the same fate, they were saved by the Grand Magister, who bestowed them all with several weapons; Nox Nyctores'. Apparently, she did not enter the fray the moment the beast was released because her Nox Nyctores, the ShinRaBanShouq, absorbs the essence of all living things on the planet, and much to her dismay this would have included the black beast. Using its power would cause the ShinRaBanShouq to absorb a large abundance of negativity, which could very well make her Nox Nyctores unstable and in the worst case scenario; create another beast beast.

With her expansive awareness of all the souls on the planet, she took note of 9 powerful warriors not only combating the beast, but keeping it at bay, and that is when she decided to use the soul energy, which was building up in the ShinRaBanShouq for for thousands of years, to create 9 more Nox Nyctores'. They were not as powerful as her own, for that much power were to go unstable again, another beast would surface. Shinigami believed her without a shroud of doubt in his heart, and she thanked him and the other disciples for combating the beast in her absence. If it were not for them keeping it at bay, the world would have ceased to exist already. And so the war of the century was underway.

However, the villainous man observed the entire battle, and planted his seed of doubt into the heart of the Grand Magister. The war raged on for weeks, when then turned into months, and at the time there seemed to be no end to this war. The Grand Magister was swelling up with fear. She began to question their chances of defeating this beast, and that is when the man came into the picture. He mentioned that they could still win the war, however, she would have to create more Nox Nyctores so that he could enter the fray against the beast. She refused, and it was then that this man blamed her for the future destruction of all life not only on the earth, but in the solar system. The Magister didn't know this until the man told her; The beast was growing in power. The war raged on for so long that people around the world doubted their chances of victory, and it was their doubt that gave the beast more power. If it were not for this factor, they would have slain it from the moment she handed the disciples their Nox Nyctores'. With no other choice, she complied with the man, and because she did, he also threw in that she had to make these 3 Nox Nyctores' more powerful than the last 9 she manifested to compensate for the power the beast was gaining.

The weapons were made not even a day later and they were of they were completely obnoxious in power. the man took one of these new weapons and fought along side Shinigami and his disciples.

-Rozalyn scratched the back of her head as she contemplated where to start.-

Rozalyn: "Well, I'm sure you heard of the black hole incident that destroyed a large portion of the Depths about 2 years ago. The people who fell "victim" to that were actually transported to a parallel world, and they are still living there now. I've been working for months plotting the coordinates to try to get back here, but it never worked until recently... but before I left, Khrona taught me the ways of controlling my soul energy, and Maze... I don't know know him really. Hakku seems to be fond of him though..." She said before Khrona, Hakku and Noxalyz went into depth about what was on the tablet. As they went on, her memory became clearer and clearer, and then it was when Noxalyz finished mentioning the mystery man manipulating the Grand Magister that she remembered the contents of the ancient texts she read all those years ago.-

Rozalyn: "GrimLock!!" She said suddenly and abruptly.-

Rozalyn: "That villainous man... his name was GrimLock. Back in the temple of my Kingdom, Haedangwha the 1st, my greatest grandfather, has several books, fables and stories printed in honor of his name. It was said that he aided in combat against the Black Beast and allowed the trump card to be used."

-She pushed her thumb against her lip as she began delving deeper into her memory on what she read.-

Rozalyn: "During the war, as the Black Beast continued on its path of destruction, there was a witch that also came to destroy our Kingdom. It was said that she was trying to trick us all into giving her our souls.. Some people even believed she worked with the black beast. However, our king at the time, my greatest grandfather, asked the entire nation to lend him his power so that he could defeat the black beast and the witch who created it. They all complied, and a large Cannon of sorts was positioned to lurked over the nation. It created a ring around our entire nation and everything within it had a small portion of its life energy absorbed. Collectively, the cannon then had enough power to create a second grand canyon on any part of the planet, and it was launched at the beast. It connected, and the beast was left unable to move temporarily, but it was more than enough time for Shinigami and his 9 disciples to silence the beast once and for all. Afterward, it was said that the beast dissipated into nothingness, like it never even existed.... but, I see the truth now.

The witch they claimed trying to trick was actually the Grand Magister, and she wasn't trying to trick them at all. She was probably asking them to cough up some spiritual energy so they could defeat the beast... but I guess during those times, they didn't take kindly to witches. However, my ancestor had a lot of influence over the people and he was able to get it through their think skulls, so they obliged. The giant Cannon like weapon must have been one of the 3 Nox Nyctores' she created after being spurred on by GrimLock. There also wasn't 9 disciples, it was actually 8 disciples and GrimLock along side them. And the beast didn't dissipate into nothing, it was sealed beneath the Eternal Desert by the Grand Magister... Looks like over time, the truth was being altered to the point of being nothing more than a mere fairy tail, but something is still bugging me..."

*Maze just had too take a moment and step back, needing the wall to prop himself up he tried to just process all of this. The history of the Reality and Dusk, mixed their ancestry, all blended together into the story in which they had just decoded.

What else was there to do other than to be in shock from this news. His best friends were truly family and his master, his Mother, all they're mothers. And as always the truth only brought more questions to mind.*

Maze: "All if this? Can it really be true?"

*Maze looked toward Khrona and Zita, his friends, his best friends, his siblings...*

Maze: "You both..."

_-Aura, being an eager knowledge learned payed close attention to her apparent relatives, tale of the old Dusk and it's hero's. She listen to the reveal of the bloodline between her Father, Aunt, and Uncle. She listened as they spoke of the battles that were fought, the war that was barely won, about the man named Grimlock.

For such a document too of withstood the test of time...-_

Aura: "Chroma?.."

_-She looked to her Cousin who she had been standing by the entire time. She looked at her with the eyes any member of a family would give if they were concerned.

She wanted to know how she had took this...What she thought.-_

Chroma turned to Aura, not seeming to be as shocked as she was, but moreso happy. She went over to Aura and put her arm on her shoulder.

"Heh. Guess that's the reason why you got that signal so easily, huh, Aura?"

Maybe Chroma was just used to this kind of thing now. It would explain a lot... Or maybe she was hiding it.

With Hakku and Noxalyz jumping in and assisting Khrona with the explanation, it went more smoothly than before.

"Thanks, you two."

He turned to Maze, his new and not-so-new brother and looked him dead in the eyes.

"... Well. The only way to know for sure is to go ask Evangeline herself, right?"

Khrona started to laugh, being just as lighthearted as Chroma.

Zita was amazed to hear about her history... It was simply wonderful. It was no wonder that she was the Head Witch now; her grandmother was the original Head Witch! The Grand Magistrate herself, even! And it was no wonder that Maze's magical power was so great as well... He was a descendant. Everything about their lives was put into perspective right here and now, and that every single person here today had and always will be connected throughout the timeline. They were all family.

"Wow... Isn't that just-- ... Wait... Aura...?"

Zita noticed something about Aura that she simply hadn't noticed before because of the amazement she felt, but... now that everything was calming down, she noticed that Aura had become a full Witch! And without her consent or knowledge! Oh, this would not do at all.


Around Aura's arms and legs would appear shackles with long chains extended back to Zita's arm, locking her against her will.

"How DARE you do such an inconsiderate thing! You didn't even come to get my consent first! And I would have known if you became a witch by NORMAL means, because my other Witches would have told me! That is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!"

Aura: "W-Wha?!?"

_-Aura too of been so quickly bound was a shock. It was so just out of the blue, but when Aura took a moment to just grasp the situation...all things became clear to her.-_


_-Aura wiggled in her chains to see if they'd come free, a highly unlikely hope. A small hint of blush formed on her cheeks, the embarrassment of situation and the fact that it was among her family, friends,but worst off her Master Hakku and her Father.-_

Aura: Oh~ why now?!

*Maze joined his brother(!) Khrona in their merriment, laughing and enjoy each other company. It was strange though Maze had always saw Khrona as a brother, now he just had the title to go along with it. Khrona speaking of Evangeline would prove to be an interesting trip...the fact that his Master was his Mother...he wondered why not just tell him? Maze much like Khrona and Zita had been on his own for a LONG time, but now that he looked back....Evangeline had always been their, helping, watching her children grow...

The heartfelt moment however ended as Maze's sister(!) Zita began to bellow out at his daughter. Maze had noticed earlier the difference in his daughter the fell of new founded power, the fact that she had ascended to the ranks of Witches, but he only figured it was through Zita's guidance, since Aura always looked up to Zita and tried so hard to be like her...Either way Maze knew just how harsh these crimes were and he needed to intervene.*

Maze: "N-Now hold on Zita, can't we just wait and talk about this?! Can't we just stay calm?! Come on SIS!!!"

*Maze tried to lay that sister card down hard. Maybe reminding her that they had all just found out they were family would quell her rage?*

-Without giving it a second thought, she fastened her Anti-Akuma gloves and brought down a mighty, equal speed chop to Zita's chains, making a nice clean cut. Her pupil was in what appeared to be danger to Hakku, and she wasn't going to stand for it. Even if Aura did do something she shouldn't have done, there was a better way of going about it.-

Hakku: "Zita-san! I understand that Aura did something that was strictly against your teachings, but now isn't the best time to deal with it!"

-Hakku said in a soft yet serious tone while looking Zita dead in the eyes. She knew about the power Zita's eyes possessed, but she wanted to see how far Zita was willing to go. Was she going to let that anger cloud her mind to the point where she would attack Hakku?-

Noxalyz didn't really know what was going on.. Aura, this girl before her, was a witch!? She didn't know, nor was she listening in on Chroma and Aura's side conversation. It wasn't unbelievable, she just didn't know. So this Zita must be a higher ranking witch.. She merely watched as her sister confronted this witch. Who knows? Maybe she will get to see what else these people can do.

Rozalyn: "Hakku.. It's their way of doing things... Calm down, you can't argue with tradition.."

-In truth, Rozalyn was amazed at the display of emotions that came from Hakku just now. She thought that Hakku would be much more unstable mentally, but it seems that she has been through that phase already. Maze this has something to do with what Maze was hiding from her..-

As the commotion went about and each of these high powers went through their respective emotional strife, insanity brewed violently through the corridors of the enigmatic ruins that day. It was an insanity far greater than had ever been pressed down upon the Dusk Village, mostly because it was concentrated on this specific area.

'By the power of these... Towers... I bring forth the sheer strength of Insanity unto you all...'

Though this speech was not meant to be heard, those who actually paid attention would hear Arachne's voice as the insanity consumed them all... Those who felt it, felt it, and those who didn't, didn't. But the power was unfathomable regardless. Those who were most susceptible to this insanity... definitely would have the best reaction in Arachne's eyes.

The first, and probably the only to feel the effects this fucking hard, Khrona's mind dropped like a fly. It was a lost cause once this insanity hit him... His mind had been enraptured. His pupils dilated to the point where they could not even be seen anymore and his eyes were nothing but pools of crimson.

"Uh... Uhhg...!? Ke.... Keke... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!"

Khrona released his wings from their slumber, forcing everyone back quite a ways, probably into the walls beside them. He gave every single one of them a glare of sheer potent insanity before bursting through the roof without a second thought. Arachne's insanity... Had come over him.

'My Queen... I must serve you... By destroying them...'

Zita felt the insanity just as greatly as Khrona, however it affected her differently. Insanity is like fodder to witches, thus it gives them a massive power boost when witches are bathed in Insanity. It heightens their emotions as well... And as such...

"No! There is only ONE WAY to settle this, AURA!!!"

As Khrona flew out of the roof of the ruins, Zita looked back at Aura and encased both of them both in Sealing Eye energy, keeping them protected.

"Aura.... I'll have to TEACH you what happens when you double-cross ME!!"

Zita didn't even pay attention to Khrona by this time... it was gonna be just her and Aura. No matter what.

Chroma felt the power of insanity, but it didn't even faze her thanks to the Anti-Insanity wavelength within, but she still could harness the power of it to her liking. She felt a boost as well. When she looked at what was going on and put it in perspective... Her father had once again gone fucking insane... and Aura was busy with Zita... But Chroma... Arachne had taken it to a whole notha level fucking with Chroma's father.

"... Aura! When you're done handling your business, we're going after Arachne!!! I refuse to let her take this to a personal level! I'm taking you and Leia so try to get this done with Zita quick! I'll be back!"

With that, Chroma was off. She needed to act quickly if shit was going to get done.

*It seemed like, in a mere moment everything had changed. The feel of insanity that fell upon the room was not a stranger to Maze's senses. Maze himself had long since quelled his own insanity and to him now it was nothing, but he still knew of it's effects on his brother and before he had time to react, to of possibly help his was too late.

The cave began to crumble Khrona's wings tearing apart the cave's very foundations with their expansion, always being so powerful. Maze looked to his daughter only to find her safe by Zita's hands, he knew their business, Aura and Zita's wasn't over but to know she was safe for now, was enough.

Maze then put his attention to on everyone else, putting put barriers around them, protecting them the falling debris, till they finally gave way.*

Maze: "Khrona! Fight it I know you can!!"

*Maze had been through this more then anyone. He knew not only what it was like to watch another be taken over by insanity, but to also know what it was like. He peered back toward everyone and calling out to them, telling them to "Be on guard!". With Khrona as he was...this was going to be dangerous.*

_-Aura rubbed her all to recently bound wrists, she was thankful that her Master had freed her from her Aunt's retaliation, however Aura didn't want Hakku getting into this...or anyone else for that matter.

For months now Aura had meditated, trained and waited for this moment. This singular moment of confrontation between her Aunt and her. She watched as the cave around them behind to crumble, Auntie Zita had acted to protect them both, to only punish her, herself Aura figured.

She didn't know what it was but everything Aura was becoming aggressive, like an over the top adrenaline rush, could this of been the insanity affect Aura as well?

Chroma's words were the last thing from the outside world that Aura heard, everything else now shut out. Only her and Zita, with in her barrier, now.-_

Aura: "You do what you have too, and so will I!"

Zita's face, eternally and mortally enraged, glanced over at the unprotected tablet, which was still very much intact. It had a powerful barrier still able to protect it for so many years around it... It would be fine throughout all of this.

"... The power of the Magistrate..."

That aside, Zita needed to take this to a more private area... The ruins would be occupied by the gang fending off Khrona, and with the special magical power embedded within the ruins, even the greatest destruction would leave it unscathed. That Magistrate sure did have some power... Zita knew this well.

"Well, come on, Aura... I'll take your punishment ELSEwhere..."

That said, the two would be transported in front of Zita's own castle, where they could fight to their heart's content.

Hakku: "K-Khrona!?"

-Khrona's maul-mannered words shocked Hakku, making her stop what she was doing. As Hakku turned around, she could feel a very malevolent breeze pass them by, and through her binary eyes, she could see that Khrona had become consumed by whatever it was.-

Hakku: "I-Is this insanity? I... never felt it before until terrifying.."

-Despite how she felt at that moment, she knew what she had to do, which was quell Khrona at all cost. Khrona was good friends with Maze, so Hakku wouldn't do anything that could result in Khrona's death, unless Maze or Rozalyn's life was in immediate danger. She held out her hands, and half a dozen cubes of ultima magic manifested around her. Inside each of these cubes were a sphere, which was a different magic entirely. Hakku didn't know what to expect from an insane Khrona, so she made sure to be prepared.-

Hakku: "Khrona, snap out of it! I.. I don't want to have to fight you!"

-An ominous presence strolled on by in the middle of Zita and Aura's little episode, and created another problem; Khrona. Rozalyn had spent some time in the Reality before she left to Escellsia, so she remembers the feeling of insanity all to well. Not only that, but she knew how susceptible Khrona was to it. This just became a real pain in the ass.-

Rozalyn: "Ugh...haven't been back in Vescrutia for more than a day, and already I have to deal with, damn Khrona... Do you all ever have a regular day?" She said while scratching her head to hide how annoyed she was by this. Out the corner of her eye, she noticed Chroma fleeing off somewhere, and without trying to figure where she went, Rozalyn came up with a rather simple idea.-

Rozalyn: "Noxalyz, go with that Chroma kid, while we handle this nuisance of a man. She must know of a way to stop her wild ass father." She was happy to see that Hakku inherited a smidge of her "fight now, ask questions later" attitude, and as such it made Rozalyn want to do the same. She took a couple of steps forward after being blown back a bit by Khrona's wings, and each step along the way, roses began growing at her feet.-

The winds from Khrona's wings bent right around her, all thanks to her vector prowess. She didn't know much about Khrona, but she already started not to like him. Not only because of how easily swayed he was by insanity, but because he gave her the damn evil eye. It annoyed the hell out of her, because she wasn't strong enough to show him some manners. But then, her mother gave her an order.

Nox: "Chroma..?"

By the time she looked over to see where Chroma was, she was already leaving! So now, she didn't have time to decide if she actually wanted to go or not, and with that she ran after Chroma. What an annoying, first day.

Nox: "Khrona! You idiot!"
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Thirtieth Domination (Part 2): Checking out the Ruins: A Sneaking Suspicion.

Alone high in the sky, Khrona's head twitched and jerked about every moment or so, eventually allowing him to look up at the clouds.

"It's all..."

The vision of the clouds became distorted in his eyes, everything turning a bright red. He was seeing the insanity in its purest form; everything it had contaminated throughout the Dusk village. He could see it all. It stretched out literally everywhere, even to the outskirts, however it was most potently coming from... Even beyond there. In an unexplored jungle far beyond.

"My... my Queen..."

Khrona was going to burst off in that direction, however he seemed to be ordered not to, at the risk of leading them to her still ever-so-hidden location. Instead, Khrona looked down at Maze, Rozalyn and Hakku, the only ones that were left to deal with him, and he began to laugh It started off as a maniac giggle, which grew into a malicious chortle, which then grew finally into a full out insane cackle, the very wavelength of Khrona's voice causing massive distortions in reality and spreading an insanity of the highest caliber everywhere that could hear it... and to anyone that could hear it.


Spiders were crawling through his brain... through his soul.. And he could see the three below him turn into morphed, spider-like versions of themselves.

"These... spiders... are bad... Your spiders... are good, my queen..."

Khrona continued to ramble on, basking in the sheer insanity that was in the area.

"More...? More...! More!! It feels so good!! I need... More."

That said, his wavelength expanded out continuously, seeming to attract a huge amount of insanity into his general area, allowing him to resonate with it in a way that only he could... The Insanity Resonance. It would cause both his insanity and his power to grow exponentially higher every instant he was allowed to do so. And he cackled on. And on. And on. And on.

*Maze took a moment to look back over his shoulders toward his friends, trying to see if they were all right. Aura and Zita were gone, and Maze was happy to see Noxalyz leaving here as well...this was not a place for children right now.

Khrona, dragging Maze's attention back on him with his loud shouts, Maze calmly began to raise into the sky. Casting aside his jacket, reveling Maze's sleeveless kung-fu like Gi, Maze's own soul wavelength, the "Magic Soul", expelling out from his body in a similar fashion to that of Khrona's combating his growing insanity almost instantly, pushing it back...trying to keep it at bay. All his screams about spiders gave her cover away...Arachne*

Maze: "Hakku, I need you to get a barrier around this whole area and stay back!! Rozalyn I need you to stay back with Hakku..!"

*To be honest Maze needed them away from this...the insanity was strong...and he wasn't sure how it might end up effect them, their best interest in his heart.

Maze's hands were set ablaze in the white light, of Omni magic. His sword Masamune appeared, and floated at his side, it circled Maze and a trained dog waiting for the command to attack..*

Maze: "I don't suppose we can do this the easy way huh brother?"

*Maze had seen this, and lived through this more so than anyone....He had seen his brother Khrona fall to this trick, be overwhelmed by this madness....and each time..he had freed him, and this time it would be no different. He wouldn't let these monsters toy with his friend anymore..*

Maze: "Don't worry I'll free you,......Khrona."

As Maze went off for Khrona and left Hakku and Rozalyn behind, a huge barrier of sheer insanity surrounded both Maze and Khrona, only intensifying Khrona's power and keeping out all other forces entirely. It seemed to have infused itself with Arachne's and Khrona's insanities and made some sort of super insanity field that none who weren't already within could enter by any means... it was as if the Kishin himself were here doing this, his godly power keeping every other thing at bay. Khrona was his subject, as was Arachne... and he intended for insanity to win this battle.

The power of the Kishin flowed through Khrona's body just as easily as Arachne's influence, though it muddled his mind even more in thought. He couldn't decipher whether this was his insanity... Arachne's insanity... or something else. It almost seemed as if Khrona were going haywire.

"Wha...? What is... This...?"

Khrona grasped his head, the barrier thickening as he curled backwards, his spine bending in a way unnatural to most living beings as he let out yet another insanity filled wail of great power.


Three huge eyes appeared in different places around the barrier, all staring at Maze. They were the eyes of insanity... The eyes of the Kishin. They could see all that was going on. As Khrona lifted his head and body back to a relatively normal position, a large third eye was atop his forehead as well.

"... The itsy bitsy spider... Came up the route of insanity... Down came my queen and..."

Khrona paused...

"... Devoured his head and consumed his organs."

Without any warning at all, Khrona's wings outstretched, but no wind came from it. Instead, the flesh on his wings began to melt away, seeming to bathe the area in their blackness. Though the inside of this space of insanity was infinite, Khrona's skin melting from his wings seemed to cover the entire top, slowly seeping downward. What was left was Khrona's bare bone. His hair grew long, over his eyes and the rest of his face, making them unable to be seen, and his skin became so loose and elastic that it wrapped itself around his body, restricting his arms and legs, making him look rather thin. He had assumed one of his darkest forms... The one that let him down the path of the Kishin, once again... the Dark Insanity Form.

He couldn't speak in this form, but he didn't need to. It only took a look of the eye to kill his foes. The aura of death constantly flowing around him fluctuated violently, as if reacting in a bad way to the high amounts of insanity. Khrona started to slowly float closer to Maze, the aura of death ready to strip his soul right from his body and destroy his will completely. His hair flared randomly, giving the threat of his eyes being revealed to Maze at any given time, and as stated before, contact with them meant death. The darkness that fell from every inch of the top of the barrier down then changed into... spiders. Spiders coming from everywhere.

-One of the various cubes of ultima transported itself to Hakku's hands and once there, it began to expand to outrageous heights. As it expanded, the cube began to glow and radiate a purity magic. It may not be able to subside the insanity inside of Khrona, but it would continue to expand until this entire area was sealed off. Now with Chroma and Noxalyz gone, no one would be able to enter this cubic zone or leave, and any insanity that tried to spread to the rest of the village would be purified by the field.-

Hakku: "Okay, this area is now sealed off Maze,...!"

-There was a weird, but familiar feeling encompassing Maze and Khrona. It was a barrier that held even more insanity, but it felt like a stronger version of the insanity Khrona was experiencing...could it have been, the Kishin? Either way, she didn't see it, but since it seemed like she couldn't interfere with Maze's match with Khrona, she would prioritize luring out the Kishin, and killing it. Her anti-akuma gloves manifested onto her hands and her axe, Marvelous, digitized into her hands.-

Hakku: "Rozalyn, I think the Kishin is also involved in this! If you have an exorcist weapon, please use it, or the insanity will..."

-Things were just going from worse to worse with every passing second. Khrona was becoming more and more like the kishin with every second, and now Maze was trapped in a battle with him. Hakku seemed to have become a rather good leader, seeing how she safeguarded the area for the time being.-

Rozalyn: "I don't have an exorcist weapon anymore.. I left it with my pupil in Escellsia... but,"

-With the press of a button on her wrist, her outfit began to manifest itself as some sort of battle suit. The suit seemed rather tight, but comfortable. There were large generators on each of her thighs, hands, and back of both feet. "DeusX" is what it was called..-

Rozalyn: "In my spare time, I did create this. Not only does it amplify everything I do, but it can produce volatile energies from its generators, including Innocence. Think of it as my Critical point."

-Battle ready, she eagerly looked up at the battle, only to realize she would have to try to work her way through that damn barrier of insanity.-

Rozalyn: "Although me pulling this out is rather pointless... It's not like the Kishin actually fights. It perches somewhere and spams insanity like a camper in call of duty spams the sniper rifle. I guess we have no choice but to break that sphere of insanity then..!"

-As she cocked back her hand, it began to glow with a pure white light, which then solidified into actual energy known as innocence. When she quickly jutted her hand forward at the barrier of insanity, a large beam of pure innocence fired itself straight at it. The barrier my be strong, but innocence specialized in exorcising and dispelling such phenomenons.-

*The clashing powers of the souls, of Khrona, and Maze pulsed across the area from the sphere. The ground faulting, forging mountains that rose from the ground like sprouting planets. The area in a entirety was becoming distorted, the skied becoming red and clouds dark.

The Kishin's influence doing nothing be aggravating these two's powers, causing them to go wild. Hakku's barrier was literally saving the Dusk as in a entirely, for if this carnage grew....the Dusk would surly be.....remodeled.

Maze watched as the insanity tried to sway him, the spider being nothing more than a illusion of madness, and Maze, having a trained eye, saw through it, not fooled for a second, for their was only him and Khrona here now, nothing else anywhere mattered.

Khrona's transformation so gruesome, so drastic...he wasn't himself anymore. The amount of power coming from him, the madness, the insanity. Maze fought with his determined resolve, their two powers causing the reality around them to melt, twisting changing.....warping.

And almost within a flash the sphere containing both Maze and Khrona was gone, lost within the distortion of this reality, Leaving Hakku and Rozalyn left alone, within the Kishin's madness.*

Rozalyn's power shone through the murky depths of the madness like a brilliant light in the dark, as if she were the key factor to freeing both Maze and Khrona from this abysmal field of wretchedness. Beyond her knowledge, she fired a beam of the purest Innocence to pierce through and loose the two powerful beings from their prison, having it greeted by a massive slit, bursting open to the form of a vertical eye. The beam made contact with this eye as if ready to pierce through it with no problem, though the forces of insanity were far greater than she anticipated originally. The two forces clashed, reeking of distortion and destruction, before finally the eye took in the beam completely and twisted inside out, imploding into nothingness and taking the Innocence with it.

At the exact same moment, the sphere behind the eye was warping and distorting just as violently as the two clashing forces before it, the sphere twisting and contorting into all variants of shapes and sizes. It, too, seemed as if it were going to implode in upon itself, and the moment the eye did, so did the sphere. Though the sphere was not destroyed, just transported... transported in a manner transcendent to even that of Hakku's power... To the very surface of one of Vescrutia's moons.

When all was clear and done, it would seem as though the insanity of the area was cleared... The skies were visible, cloudless and shining brightly. It would seems as though nothing happened in the first place.... Until the very sun itself started to transmogrify into a horrid, wretched, burning red creature sporting a sinister, twisted face equal to that of the presence of the atmosphere. Turning the blue sky black, the insanity muddled-- no, beclouded the area to the point of utter blackness of which the innocence as it was could not purify. And there, right before both Hakku and Rozalyn stood a being unseen to the eyes of man in much too long of a time... This was Insanity. This was Darkness. This... Is... Kishin Asura.

-Rozalyn's blast of innocence hit square on, but for some reason, Hakku knew it wasn't as effective as it seemed. Khrona and Maze's binary signature left the area completely, and with that so did the sphere in which they resided. At this rate, it looked as if the Dusk was becoming a bit more brighter.-

Hakku: "T-They're gone...but to where?"

-Her question was rhetorical, just like her state of mind. She was trying to persuade herself that they were okay, but it was then the sky darkened, and the heavy set of insanity once again began to brew inside of her barrier. Even the sun outside of her barrier was being transmogrified by the level of insanity.. It was terrifying, but this wasn't a time to acknowledge fear. Before her and Rozalyn, stood the cause of it all; The Kishin.-

Hakku: "Ki-... Kishin.. You won't hurt my friends anymore!"

-Hakku announced as her anticipation for battle grew. It was now the time, the time to pay back the Kishin for all the damage he caused not only to her friends, but to the village itself. The tip of her axe was pointed at the Kishin, and with a mere utterance of a chant from Hakku, the clock on the axe's blade stood still, and it would begin to influence the time of what was happening inside the barrier. This influence would burden itself all on the Kishin as Hakku tried her best to freeze him, or at least stagger him, in time. One of her cube's of ultima magic followed up on this action, darting toward the hopefully slowed Kishin, expanding itself and manifesting barriers, like a prison.-

-The demonic eye that appeared prior to her blast connecting almost instantly tipped her off that the Kishin was in fact here, no longer in the side lines like she previously stated. When she fought Kazz, she was fighting a being of pure negativity, and now she gets the honor of fighting the manifestation of pure insanity. Wasn't she lucky?-

Rozalyn: "Wha.. It took that blast like it was nothing..!"

-The sphere with Khrona and Maze vanished before she could finish her sentence, and it was replaced with what appeared to be normal skies. However, it was all short lived. This fairy tale setting shifted into a rather horrific scene; The sky was darker than her onyx roses, and the sun looked more demonic than the actual demons she associated with. Things were looking grim, both metaphorically and literally, and they were only going to get worse.. for the Kishin had finally arrived.-

Rozalyn: "So.. This is the Kishin...! Hakku!"

-While she was trying to take everything in, Hakku had cast the first stone. From the looks of it, she was trying to make sure that the Kishin was incapacitated quickly, but Rozalyn was more concerned about whether Hakku analyzed the situation thoroughly. At any rate, there was no going back now. They were locked in combat with the essence of insanity. Once again, she cocked her hand back, loading it with ample amounts of Innocence.-

Rozalyn: "Tch, Hakku needs to calm down.. If it isn't innocence or soul resonance, even if it's Ultima, it won't be enough to stop him!"

-Was all that went through her mind as she fired a significantly larger beam of innocence at the Kishin, however, unlike before, this beam burst into a scatter shot technique. By attacking with numbers, she aimed to leave him with little to no room to dodge, let alone counter-strike.-

The two seemed excited about Asura's arrival, even so much that one of them seemed to have lost their head about whom they were up against. Asura took but a single step forward, appearing somehow standing between the two of them as if he'd been there the entire time. He spoke to the minds of the two women with all of the insanity about, though the words spoken to them were incoherent and unable to be distinguished, even by someone like Hakku. On either side of Hakku and Rozalyn, two large vertical eyes appeared, brimming with energy within their pupils. The entire iris released a huge beam of insanity concentrated to the highest degree at the two of them trying to consume them before they had a chance to react, Asura still standing between them.

The presence of such a god-like being could no longer escape Sadako's notice. It was utterly absurd to believe that her husband and his allies continued to have the situation under control. She thought it impossible that such a huge collection of power could have been overwhelmed so completely in such a short amount of time... But, supposedly, that went to show just how powerful the enemy of the Dusk and quite possibly all of Vescrutia was.

These thoughts were what caused her to set down her baby boy of only five months, leaving him in the care of the wind sprites she could summon. An eerie calm settled over the Sannin as she hardened her resolve. This time... This time, she would fight.

It wasn't as if she had let herself get by any means out of shape. As soon as she'd recovered from the birth of her only son, she had gotten right back to training, honing what skills she had already possessed.

She hadn't needed to notify her partner, Mamoru, of her plans; he, along with her, possessed a curious wavelength that rendered them both immune to the insanity that permeated all of the Dusk. She felt a pang of worry for her husband, and an even greater one for her daughters. Sadako shouldn't have been so free with them...

Wordlessly, the two departed. The journey took less than a second, but it was enough. The Kishin had already started to warp the minds of the two women with poisoned whispers. He could see into their very souls, what they feared... And he could make them come alive. She'd have to work fast, or she'd be in danger of losing the two for the remainder of the battle. However, as she thought about it, they could be more of a hindrance than an aid... But who was she kidding. She'd need the help if she wanted to avoid allowing this battle to exact from her a price she wasn't willing to pay. Not again...

She wasn't showy in her entrance, but her presence was sure to be known nonetheless. Mamoru slid into his katana form with an easy grace, the two of them a pocket of isolated calm within the panicked insanity.

Sadako was behind the Kishin as her Soul rapidly began to expand outwards, within it the power of her Anti-Insanity wavelength. It grew to encompass both Hakku and Rozalyn, forcibly removing Asura from their minds. It was a small victory, but nonetheless...

With Asura within the vicinity of her soul, she was hard pressed to keep a firm hold upon her wavelength. The very air seemed to thrum with power as weapon and meister began to resonate, bringing forth the only thing Sadako knew could counteract such awful insanity. This... THING would not harm her children, her husband, her family, her friends or her nin.

She did not speak, and seemed serene as ever as she prepared what she believed would be a blow that would weaken the Kishin to a point that a few simple blows would take him out... But she didn't allow herself to be fooled. This god-like being was in no way trapped within her soul... In fact, it would likely repel him like nothing else. But that was alright.

Sadako was no longer young, and with age came experienced. Mamoru was held as a guard, though Sadako appeared relaxed. Tension in the body did not allow one to move as swiftly as she'd need to. Tapping into another set of techniques within her came as naturally as breathing. Electricity sparked over her body, its purpose not yet known...

All of this transpired in a matter of a second or two.

Your move, Kishin.

-Her attacks seemed to be in vain, as Asura was gone before he was even in danger of being captured or frozen in time. He appeared right in between the two, but what Hakku wanted to know was if it was really him or not. Despite being directly targeted by her Clock work Anti-Akuma weapon, he seemed to be able to move freely and easily, which lead her to notice, he was moving, or making actions through insanity. A troublesome opponent indeed.

A large eye appeared in front of her, filling itself to the brim with insanity. She knew that before she could do anything else, she had to deal with this absurd amount of insanity around them. Luckily, they were already inside of her barrier, which would make it easier to utilize her data adaption field.-

Hakku: "Data field; constructed. Data Override.."

-As she continued to speak, the beams of pure insanity were let loose upon her and Rozalyn, but shortly after leaving the eyes manifested by Asura, the beams dissipated into nothingness.-

Hakku: "Initiated. Data Adaption; in process.."

-Bit by bit, Hakku was unleashing one of her most devastating string of abilities; Data Control. Already being within a field she specifically created, it was an effortless endeavor for her to accomplish. Her chakra was already everywhere within this barrier, and every where her chakra touched, her Data Override technique would begin to give her control over everything in the area, with the technique spreading out from the walls of the barrier and her body itself. Due to this ability coming from her body, as the insanity approached her, it moved into her field of control, which is still expanding, and under her control, it was vanquished. Even the insanity near the walls and inside of her, if any, was being Overridden and falling under her control, and so with insanity gradually, but moderately, being converted at Hakku's whim, Asura would run out of places to hide or be in within insanity, and eventually Hakku would override him too, and make him cease to exist. To make matters better for her, she felt an ominous yet comforting aura come about her, and if she wasn't mistaken, it was one of an anti-insanity wavelength. It was from Sadako, who was on the other end of the barrier, but it was no time to stop and give her a proper greeting. She would do that after taking out the Kishin..-

-Right before her eyes, the Kishin moved himself from his previous location to in between her and Hakku, resulting in the scatter shots of innocence to miss him completely. He began speaking in some weird fashion, but Rozalyn didn't have the time to try and decipher it. At her sides, large eyes appeared from nowhere, brimming with pure insanity. At first it seemed as though her reaction time wouldn't be fast enough to catch the frames, but thanks to Rozalyn's battle suit's function of amplifying her traits, her arms moved on a split second's notice and her hands met both of the pupils dead on. With very little charge time, balls of innocence materialized into her hands, so as the beams of insanity were about to fire, she released these balls directly into the iris's of the eyes. The balls then began to shin brighter and brighter as the filaments inside of them began to increase the power of the innocence, exorcising the supernatural energy that was the insanity to the point where the eyes would implode on themselves, however, instead of that happening, the eyes were vanquished due to Hakku's Data Override.

Rozalyn: "The Data Override.. as expected, she caught on quick.."

-Before she could reassure herself of Hakku's skill, her body started to feel unnecessarily pure, and light. It was almost sickening to her, but what was it? It wasn't hard for her to see that Sado had entered the fray, but when? Maybe she had something to do with this feeling she had, and because Sado wasn't the Kishin, it was safe to say she was on their side... Only thing left to do was to wait for the kishin to strike..-

Just as all seemed fine and well for Asura, Hakku began to override his insanity with her ability, causing it to become useless. A pointless win to a useless battle, the Kishin thought. By the time Hakku and Rozalyn had done their part by taking care of the insanity within the barrier, Sadoko made herself and her rather annoying Anti-Insanity wavelength along with her. This led Asura to become less erratic, though not because of the wavelength... Because of the situation as a whole. He was not a mindless being at all. Before anyone could realize what had transpired, Asura was already outside of the barrier, even though it was supposedly sealed tight by Hakku.

"... A feeble barrier such as that cannot contain me. Even for 800 years, I stayed within a barrier made completely of my own skin created by Shinigami himself... Yet, I could free myself from that. What use is it to try to imprison me anymore?"

Asura joined his palms together, mimicking the style of an Egyptian as he hovered into the air and surveyed the area, much as Khrona had done a little while before his departure. He sniffed the air, head twisting and churning backward as if caught on to another smell, then sniffed about again, head returning to normal position.

"Ah, much insanity comes from this village... this planet, actually. It reeks of it. And I am not the only one that can and does generate it to this intensity... To my left, a witch that has become a servant of mine, slave to pure insanity in and of itself. An incarnate. And to my right... Senseless chaos and destruction from those of another world. Even in front of me and above me, I feel the presence of many conspiring witches and mages and the sheer scale of insanity coming from the moon. With so much insanity around this planet... What hope do you three women have?"

Asura smiled, laughing at the three of them and their foolish efforts. They didn't see that this was a battle that they were simply unable to win.

"You all have been hunting me for quite some time, yes, I know. The insane one has been my pawn every now and then, yet he has disconnected his services to me... Yet all too late. All of you here in this village lack the power to defeat me, the Demon God; the Kishin. Even Shinigami is trapped inside of this village, more so that school, made specifically for hunting me."

Though the girls might try to attack him as he spoke, they would find their efforts quite... Useless as they tried, and they could find out why for themselves.

"You, the one with the Anti-Insanity wavelength. It does hold power to harm me, yet, not the power to kill me. You simply brush off whatever insanity you can until it is overwhelmed... And forcefully shut off by insanity itself. And you, the one of data. Though mighty and complex your powers are, it falls prey to the easiest and simplest of solutions to evade and ignore completely. And finally, the scientist... Your 'Innocence' brings nothing but ripened souls for my consumption. The more you and your entourage use this power, the less powerful it becomes... And when they hold no power to fight me, they will fall to insanity and leave behind nothing but a powerful soul that nourishes my body... Each one of you has confidence in your abilities that should never even have existed, and so, it won't, because neither will you all. Witness just how much insanity lies hidden in your lives, growing stronger every passing instant."

Asura's head slowly drifted up toward the sky, staring deeply at the clouds above. From the focal point where he looked and then spreading to every last cloud in the sky, they became red and black, filled to the brim with nothing but insanity that lingered already within them, however brought to notice by Asura. All of the clouds converged into one astronomical super cloud that seemed to stretch over every inch of sky visible and then some. The focal point where the Kishin stared started to swirl, a storm generated simply from his vengeful leer. As the middle of this cloud swirled and spun, an eye matching the size of the Enigmatic Ruins formed dead center as the Eye of the Storm. As the eye became visible, the swirling cloud around it moved faster and faster at a steady rate.

"It is... Everywhere."

Sadako's mind was racing as she absorbed the Kishin's words. She made no move to attack, rather continued to improve her connection to Mamoru. Condensing the energy and limiting the area that her soul encompassed, she was attempting to preserve the reliability of her techniques. Their foe was a madly brilliant one. His entire power was based on lies and illusions... But the Sannin had no doubts that what he said about their techniques becoming more and more useless was true. The more time one had to study one's opponent and their techniques, the more effective one's counter.

A soft breath of wind carried Sadako's words to the ears of the Kage-ranked women.

Sadako: "I would not doubt his words on the reliability of our techniques. Should we have any hope of stopping him, we'd best attack all at once. Now is not the time to hold back; we'd best pull out all the stops."

Her whisper cut off abruptly as the winds began to howl, attacking the clouds to the best of their ability. If said clouds still had material mass to them, the winds should dash them to bits, at least along the ends. But, nevertheless, that was not its intended purpose. The air thickened around the Kishin, moisture thick within it all. It formed as a sort of fog that blanketed the area, reaching as high as the Kishin had risen. It seemed so innocent. I mean, really. What harm would come from fog?

From an elementalist? Quite a bit. In an act that seemed to mirror the movement of the swirling clouds, the fog started to churn, condensing upon Asura's location. It followed him as he rose, however, seeming to circulate around his entire being. Again, blinding him as it was... That was not its intended purpose. Sadako was well aware that the Kishin was bound to have other ways of navigating the world around him. The fog lasted mere few seconds, the condensed moisture sneakily worming its way into the multiple layers of Asura's clothes before the gusts of wind suddenly turned glacial, instantly freezing the water as it permeated the cloth. Eventually a sort of chain reaction would occur, freezing whatever water lay within the body of Asura, immobilizing his being physically for the time being. The air remained freezing, buffeting the frozen Kishin to and fro with a predictable pattern and halting his ascent.

Sadako didn't dare launch what she desired to next for fear of catching her allies in the attack. Fighting with allies was something new to her, and it made her cautious. The stage set, she readied Mamoru, both of them thinking over what they had rehearsed in secret should the day arise that the skill their kage had taught them was needed. They'd modified the once solid beam-like attack... Which would be known in the next few moments, should the conditions be favorable - and possibly even if they weren't.

She hoped the two with her would be able to damage the Kishin enough for her plan to work. It would be in their favor to strike hard and fast instead of allowing the battle to drag on... But it seemed easy. Too easy. Her eyes followed the frozen-solid Kishin, hoping that whatever organs he possessed would start to fail from the ice blocks they'd become.

Rozalyn: "There's no need to play God, Asura."

-~As his words echoed in the depths of her mind, her fist clenched with not only a new found resolve, but an idea that'll shake the battle. As for Sadako, Rozalyn grew tired of people stating the obvious to her. With a heavy sigh, she scratched the back of her head while taking the lectures from Sadako and Asura to heart, but at the same time, with a grain of salt. She hated being told what to do, even if the cause was dire. However, that did not mean she lacked the ability to cooperate with others for a common cause.~-

Rozalyn: "And no need for you to state the obvious, Sadako. I already know that over time, he'll find ways around our abilities to make them less effective, and I know that this means we all have to attack at once so that we can hit him before he can learn more about us, but.. do you, Sadako?"

-~She noticed the mist building up around them, and since she wasn't the one to make it, and she know Hakku wouldn't have done it, it would have to be Sadako who was making it. Through one of the various functions of her battle suit, she was able to sense the energies and chakra in the atmosphere over a certain radius, which filled her in on what Sadako was cooking. However, she didn't do anything yet...~-

Rozalyn: "I'm not going to lie. It seems like you're underestimating Hakku and I, both mentally and physically. We aren't stupid. And we aren't weak either, so you don't have to hold back thinking you might hurt us, because when the time comes for us all to strike.. I'm sure we won't hold even an inch back for each other, and especially not you. We all just have to trust one another. We have to trust that we will be strong enough to survive this. Even a sliver of doubt can cause you hold back a bit, and we need everything to win this.."

-~With her sentiment said and done, her body began to radiate with innocence and the purest of energies; Ether. Something she barely used due to her inexperience with it, but thanks to her time on Escellsia, she managed to get better with it, even if it was only by a little bit. Not to mention, this suit of hers amplified not only her energy and chakra output, it increased her skills with her own abilities, including the ability to use plasma. The ground beneath her caved a couple feet as her energy output was just that dense.~-

Rozalyn: "..So are you all ready?"

-~Out the corner of her eye, she peered back at Sadako and Hakku, giving them a reassuring smile. She knew Hakku could handle herself, but Sadako was another story. However, Rozalyn knew she wouldn't have obtained the pristine title she has now if she was weak. For the first time in a long while, Rozalyn was looking at the brighter side. She may have been putting on a cold front, but she believed in Sadako and Hakku. If they believed in her like she believed in them, then Asura was going to be a non-factor.~-

-The insanity outside of her barrier was spreading quickly, and at the same time, any insanity that entered the barrier continued to get erased near instantly. Even though Asura escaped her clutches so easily, it revealed one thing about Asura. That he was capable of being defeated, which is why he had to retreat from her barrier or else he wouldn't still be here. Over the fact that Asura got out of her barrier with such ease, she lent him the ear to listen to what he had to say. While what he said was true, Hakku wasn't going to let it diminish her will to win in the slightest.

Much like Rozalyn, Hakku too sensed that the fog came from Sadako, but unlike her assertive creator, she didn't have the cords of steel to speak out against it. What Rozalyn said spoke not only to Hakku's heart, but her mind as well. She had to let go of any worries and any doubt that she had, and put her all into stopping Asura. She mustn't be afraid that she'll hurt those she cares about. She has to be confident that those she cares about will be strong enough to endure what she was going to do. The remaining 4 cubes of ultima around her broke down into bits of energy, which would then cluster together in her hands in the form of a grimoire. She opened the book and the pages continuously flipped toward the end, which seemed to have never arrived. The grimoire of infinity it was called, and it will grant Hakku infinite possibilities.-

Hakku: "Okay, Ready. How about you, Sadako?"

Their resolve certainly matched their power, that was apparent, but the foolish Shinobi did not realize that their power did not match that of Asura's. They made their statements, they cast their beliefs, yet it would all be for nothing whether they were allowed to live or to die.

"... I find it amusing that you creatures can delude yourself so much that even your conviction is a falsehood. You think my power comes from lies and illusions... But what is that you're clouding your minds with? The same clouds that have plagued this field..."

To Sadako's demise, Asura's 'clothing' were made of solely his skin, able to be controlled to his fullest extent. As the moisture wormed its way through, his skin began to fall off the moment it came in contact before it regenerated. Pulling one over on Asura like that would prove worthless. His skin, touched by the liquid, would freeze as it fell toward the ground, his main body completely fine. His Black Blood seemed to keep the temperatures from freezing his body, as did an intense barrier of sheer insane force. He continued upward, his mouth opening wide.

"... Face it. You all have fallen into insanity already. This foolish display, your eternal conviction, continuous trying to do the same thing even though you end in failure... Those are the actions of those who are insane. So, you all are already mine... Wrapped around my finger like my skin around my body. Now, insolent pawns of my will... Erase yourselves from my presence... Before I stop being lenient and do so myself."

His next move involved him opening his mouth, regurgitating a large Vajra that was now jutting out of his throat, stationary. It immediately began to rotate at incredible rotary speeds, the force so much that it started to take in the produced fog and concentrated it in one place. The rotary winds coming from the violently swirling Vajra were black and red; clearly having more than a hint of Insanity contaminated in the mix of destructive wind. The fog was quickly taken care of, now in one place, and Asura took it to the next level; releasing an incredibly powerful blast of bright red, concentrated energy from the tip of the Vajra, totally disintegrating the fog and would do the same to anything in the way of the attack; namely Sadako. The beam was so consumptive and powerful that if it were allowed to hit the ground, it would damn near pierce through the other side of the planet, whilst it was also fired so swiftly, it seemed to only be a large flash of light in the eyes of the unskilled, and would seem as much to the reflexes of the unskilled.

Silently paying attention to the power of Rozalyn and Hakku being built up, though not showing it, Asura turned his attention upward, back to the gigantic eye in the sky. He smiled, trying to muffle his insane laughter, trying to keep his composure.

"Hmhmmhmhmhahahaa..! Behold. The threat at hand right now."

The eye expanded outward instantly, the cloud spreading out in a circular fashion just as swiftly, giving the all of them a clear view of the monstrosity that threatened to impact the area they all inhabited... The moon. It plummeted down fast, passing the 'sound barrier' limit far long ago.

"My heralds have planted the seed of insanity even within the moon, as the face of insanity plagues it so. With this, insanity will completely engulf the entirety of this planet, leaving no one to stop me. That's right... Your beloved, Sadako, has fallen to the will of insanity, and the incarnate up there have joined forces to bring down total destruction. What say you now? What will you do?"

Asura spread his arms outward, the moon finally reaching orbit. There was so little time before impact, probably less than 2 minutes. With total and utter despair at hand, what was there to be confident of now? Only total annihilation.

Sadako was much too shocked by the effects of her freezing fog on Asura to pay much attention to Hakku's words. The strips of flesh falling to the ground only served to make Asura that much more grotesque. His black blood revealed through the severing of patches of the Kishin's skin made it seem as if he had some horrible disease... Ha, but wasn't the touch of insanity like a disease? If it was... It could be cured, and normalcy could be restored.

Or so the Sannin hoped.

Sadako reassessed her allies now, though her main attention was on Asura. She didn't really know the two well, and she couldn't quite grasp the extent of their abilities. Rozalyn, the more assertive of the two, was swathed in sort of man-made suit, relying on the artificial to boost her natural abilities. This seemed wrong to Sadako, but she hadn't time to think any more on it.

Asura seemed to be regurgitating something or other... But wait. A wavelength...? It was a Soul Weapon! She couldn't bring herself to feel fear in her current state of being, but more, she was curious. She felt as the Soul Weapon was activated, and it was that mere instant she needed to transfer herself into the surrounding air, moving more than fast enough to clear the beam's effective range. She didn't have anything to counter it really, and was not willing to chance it. She felt Asura's power, and knew that she alone could not match it. She was a creature of the elements, afterall.

Sadako: "I, myself am ready. If you feel uncomfortable listening to my advice, I am more than willing to let you make decisions, Rozalyn. You have always been my superior."

Her voice echoed from all around, assuring the two that while it looked like she had been obliterated from the blast, she was certainly fine. The air seemed to crackle with electricity, though it was static and naught but annoying at the current moment. Still... It was there.

It was then that she caught the red form of the moon growing steadily brighter. She didn't technically have eyes in this form, so she saw with her entire being. She worried for her husband... Asura said he had succumbed to insanity? She'd been witness to him in the form of insanity only once before. Emotion welled up inside her, a sort of pressure settling over her entire being. She worried, but forced herself not to panic. She couldn't effect anything out in space! It was far beyond her. The moon was obviously hurtling toward the planet, even though Sadako's influence didn't spread far enough for her feel it as she normally would.

She had to trust that though she couldn't do anything about it, someone would. Still, it ate away at her that she was so helpless toward the doom hurtling toward her home. With such force, she wouldn't be able to stop it even once it entered the planet's atmosphere; it would likely kill her to try. Something of that size, with that much force behind it...

-It was a shocker to see Asura, someone she previously thought only dealt with insanity, do something as drastic as drop the moon. He seemed to have greater power than she thought, but he was far from unbeatable. Her resolve didn't waver in the slightest.

After he fired his laser, Rozalyn took the initiative and advanced rather quickly toward Asura, leaving a trail of roses with every step she took. That beam's energy output was intense, but she believed that Sadako could handle it, and that's all there was to it.-

Sadako: "It is at hand now, the threat's right here, Asura!"

-With a quick wave motion of her hand, she caused several dozen roses to burst from the ground and spread their petals among the wind. Each of these petals began spinning like little buzz saws, and they were moving so fast toward Asura that they combusted with large quantities of tenrai flames. It looked almost as if Rozalyn commanded a meteor shower, and she made Asura the focus of the attack and attacked him from all sides.-

-When Rozalyn took off for Asura, Hakku could only think of one thing; finally, it was time to take the fight to Asura. They had been playing on the defensive side the whole time, trying not to make any slip ups and plot a good plan for taking down this demon. Hakku had an idea of what Rozalyn aimed to do with the power she started storing up, so she prepared herself to capitalize on it. As she followed behind Rozalyn, she quickly began chanting some incantations while systematically flipping through her grimoire to cast the next spell.-

Hakku: "04592, 28485, 1029, 10001, 29456..."

-She began calling spell after spell, flipping through her Grimoire of Infinity so fast that the pages didn't even seem visible anymore. There was even a lag in reality due to the high quantity of spells all being cast'd back to back, which caused some things happening in time on this plane to happen faster and slower than they appeared, namely Rozalyn's meteor shower. Asura would now have a difficult time trying to not only defend himself from such a large scale attack, but find it difficult to advance away from them. It looked like the meteors were skipping through time, spontaneously and instantly advancing closer to him with no sense of continuity. All the while, he himself felt sluggish and no matter how fast he moved, the action seemed delayed and useless. It was about time she showed everyone why she was nicknamed the White Bagician.-

Hakku: "22579, 66626, E85k1..."

With the conflicting forces below, the moon came ever closer to their battleground, looking as if there were no ways of stopping. The two who were fighting the moon with all their might were none other than Khrona and Maze. The efforts of the brothers seemed to be futile for a while, the moon forcing the two of them downward with its incredible force, but even the power of the moon and its insanity being pulled by Asura was not enough to push through the Protectma. They were so close to impact point that the moon insisted on persevering.

Destiny (Insanity): "I must... Consume..."

The moon's power was waning, getting sapped dry at a phenomenal rate by the new 'Keeper of Insanity.' The moon had little to nothing left in those few crucial moments before impact, the moon finally slowing to a halt right before it touched the Kishin's head. The moon crisis was resolved.

Just as Rozalyn, Hakku and Sadako got all the nerve up to fight the demon god, what would be coming from the very center of the eye but the moon itself, now falling with less and less force due to the four powers stopping it above. He looked up to it, chuckling to himself as the atmosphere reddened again in the wake of the moon.

"Ah, and here my two heralds are now, harnessing the incarnation of insanity I have created... Come to my aid."

By then, Rozalyn's meteors had begun to take shape, focusing themselves in the area of Asura. He only smiled, flinching not once as they all came to him, yet his palms clasped together in the same Egyptian style as earlier, insanity welling up in his eyes. There was a burst of power, however it was snuffed out almost instantaneously by the meteor rain, as well as the enhancements done to it by Hakku.

"Though I cannot comprehend the movement of these flames... There are two who surely can at my disposal. And they will not survive."

When the meteors ceased their fire, there would be nothing to see but smoke... And within the smoke would be two bodies, yet neither of them were Asura. One was Khrona, the other, Maze. They would take the hit for Asura.

In the midst of the dust, there was Khrona, tired and out of energy from trying to stop the moon. He was too weak to even block the meteors with his wings. When the dust cleared, his battered body would remain, bleeding out blackness and leaking insanity. He fell straight to the ground crashing with a huge explosion. His eyes were barely open.

"Hakku... Roz..alyn... He planned this... all along..."

What better way to get rid of some of his threats than to have them kill themselves, correct? With Khrona's body the way it was an his extremely low amount of chakra... It didn't look as if he'd survive.
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*As the dust began to settle did it revel the drained Maze face down in the dirt, laying in a pool of blood. The back of his shirt was completely blown off reveling his back of torn and burnt flesh, the blood of his wounds trickling down Maze's sides adding to the very expanding pool of blood that was forming from up under him.*

"H-he's...used us.....again.."

*Maze tried to continue to speak, only to get choked up on his word, his lungs to damaged to continue. He started coughing up blood, the color of his eyes fading away. Asura had again used them as pawns in his game.

Maze was to injured, to drained to do anything, but lie there..........lie there and die.*


Flames of blue wrapped themselves around Sadako's form. The earth trembled, groaning as Sadako prepared something... Something that would never be seen. She whispered then, it sounding something along the lines of:

Sadako: "Honoowoagetemoeru soreyueni musaborikurau, daishizen... Dozo yoroshiku, kaen. Achira wa Asura desu. Kishin no karada, no hifu... Yaburu."

The roar of flames was near-deafening as a form sprang to life within the flickering light. It didn't have any definitive shape, this elemental; like the fire that coursed through it, the beast was ever-changing. The blue swirled, before attacking the Kishin directly, wrapping him within its embrace. Because of the nature of the words used to summon it, the Elemental had designs to harm only Asura. To others, it would have nothing but a comforting warmth and glow, even if the flames were to somehow lick their skin.

Sadako herself knew this, but even still, it was a shock when in the midst of the flames, there appeared one Maze and Khrona. It was so sudden, with the time distortion upon the tenrai flame-petals... She barely had time to process it all before a shocked cry escaped her lips, all pretense of serenity vanishing.

Sadako: "MAZE! K-Khrona!!"

The colour drained from her face as she materialized out of thin air. She staggered forward, the sight of all that gore making her stomach churn. She clapped a hand over her mouth as her eyes teared, rushing forward as the earth ceased its groaning. Above and around her, the elemental of fire increased the temperature on the Kishin to astronomical values, seeking to make even that wretched black blood burn, lashing out with yet more tendrils of flame, seeking to punch through that wretched skin of his and burn out his innards.

Desperately, Sadako activated something she hadn't used in the longest of times. Later, she wouldn't remember how she managed to use her kekkei genkai, but at this moment it was managed because Sadako's desire to heal and protect her husband. She cast her thoughts to Khrona as she did so, linking her chakra reserves with his, hopefully giving him just enough... A brilliant white glow surrounded her form and as she hovered her hands over Maze's back, it transferred to him. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks as she prayed it would work.

The blood instantly ceased to flow from the horrific open wound as the healing chakra began to rebuild the lost tissue. The chakra drainage was alarming, but once engaged, she simply could not end it. The elemental was no drain on her, but her defenses were costing her precious chakra that could save Maze. She would have to trust that the others had her back while she worked away, forcing her to let go of her hold on the earth beneath them all. It shuttered, settling back into place as Sadako grew more and more pale.

Sadako: "I-I... I am here, my love..."

She whispered, shaking from exhaustion. It wasn't taking long, but already, Sadako's vision was darkening. Constantly feeding chakra to Khrona was the best she could do to help him, unfortunately. She could only use this technique on one of them, and... Her husband came first.

Sadako: "I'm here..."

With Maze's wounds healed completely, the Sannin's eyes glazed over and fluttered closed as she slumped to the side, losing consciousness. Her vast chakra pool was nearly drained from just that, but even still she was supplying Khrona with enough to hopefully keep him going, and allow himself to heal at the very least.
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Thirtieth Domination (Part 3): Checking out the Ruins: A Sneaking Suspicion.

-Before Rozalyn and Hakku's strategy could be brought to fruition, the damaged bodies that were Maze and Khrona appeared in the vicinity. Asura was a cunning, soulless individual, and used both Maze and Khrona as a shield from Rozalyn's attack. They managed to survive the attack, but just by them being here, they were at the risk of unintentionally dying by Rozalyn's hand as she prepared for her grand finale. It wasn't looking well, but then Sadako appeared.

In the nick of time, she brought Maze and Khrona, who were on the brink of death, back to good standing. Thanks to her actions, Hakku could be reassured that her, dare she say, friends would be safe, and luckily, Sadako, Khrona and Maze's arrival to the area was something she predicted would happen. One way or another, she knew that they come to this battlefield, and as such she was prepared to deal with their presences.-

Hakku: "Thank you for that Sadako, but for now, I bid you all farewell."

-It was time. The spells that she casted earlier began to all take place at the same time, causing a large string of instantaneous occurrences. The best part was how Asura would be thrown for a loop on this, seeing as how he thought Hakku's spells were mere buffs for Rozalyn's previous attack. In actuality, she never did anything to enhance the meteor storm intentionally. It was her large input of spells all at the same time that caused the space-time continuum to lag, and it just so happened to work in Rozalyn's favor.

As the spells came into effect, Khrona would vanish first, and then Maze and Sadako would follow shortly after. They were transferred to a barrier of binary and innocence, that was created the same instant they vanished, which resided in between this plane of existence and purgatory. This way, Asura couldn't get his mits on them like he just recently did. She didn't want them to get caught in what was about to happen, for their lives would once again be in danger.

While this happened, several hundred of thousands of her anti-akuma axe, Marvelous, manifested through out the field for hundreds of miles. Being the anti-akuma weapons that they were, Asura's insanity and his efforts to move them mentally would have absolutely no effect. God or not, these weapons were made to bring demon god's like him down. Marvelous kept any fluctuation in the space-time continuum from happening, meaning in this vast arena, time had stopped. Space had as well, making travel impossible by means of a rift, a dimensional hole, or any other metaphysical thing.

At the same time, above the entire Dusk village appeared Hakku's Nox Nyctores, the Ultimate Defense, the Tsukuyomi Unit.

It spiraled slowly over the village, and looking closely, it was modified in the center. With one of the other spells coming into effect, a transmutation circle manifested in the center of it, and it acted as a magnet for insanity through out not only the Dusk, but the enter planet Vescrutia. The reason for this level of attraction was due to the power and influence the Tsukuyomi Unit already possessed.

The field was now set, in nothing short of an instant no less. This was the power Hakku was capable of, and she wasn't even finished yet.-

Hakku: "Rozalyn, NOW!!"

-The strain from using so many powerful spells all at once would come to her soon, so they had to end the fight with this last attack. Hakku did just about everything she needed to do, and so the rest was up to Rozalyn. Hakku doubted Rozalyn would doubt herself after critically damaging Maze and Khrona, expecially after Sadako saved their lives. Besides, as long as she believed they would live through these hard times, then they would. That's all there was to it.-

-~She was surprised that her efforts against Asura were stopped, not by some large, jaw-dropping defensive mechanism, but by the bodies of Hakku's friends, Khrona and Maze. Her assault was brought to a steady halt, but then Sadako appeared before them. Rozalyn saw this woman as sort of a hinderance. The way she pieced it together was that Asura planned it so that they would drop their guards in sight of their injured allies. She didn't want to succumb to such an obvious plan, but it looked like Sadako walked right into it.~-

Rozalyn: "Damn it.. Move-"

-~Before she could even finish her sentence, Sadako gave up all the chakra she could to save the lives that Rozalyn almost destroyed. While Rozalyn wouldn't say it, this took a large load of guilt off of her conscious, but at the same time, it annoyed her. She now felt like she was indebted to this woman.

Right when she was feeling reassured, the bodies of Maze, Sadako and Khrona all vanished into thin air. It was like some kind of strange phenomenon, but in that same instant, the entire landscape of the field was changed. Several hundred axes scattered through out the air, and the Tsukuyomi Unit was released. It was then that it all clicked together. The vanishing of everyone else, the axes. Hakku set this all up. She turned around and saw Hakku breathing heavily, yelling for her to unleash her final attack.~-

Rozalyn: "Heh, you don't.."

-~All of the energy that Rozalyn had been storing up to this point was causing her to glow as bright as the sun with flames more intense than a star.~-

Rozalyn: "Have to tell me twice."

-~The collection of energy was just absurd. The planet would begin to grow darker and darker as Rozalyn's suit absorbed majority of the sun's energy. The build up just seemed limitless, and to think; all of this energy was being converted to innocence inside of Rozalyn's body.~-

Rozalyn: "Sorry for this Asura, but today you join the ranks of the dead.."

-~When the explosion first took place, nothing could be heard and it could even be seen from space. All one could see was a white light that filled every fiber of their retinas as they felt the decimating sensation of the explosion tear away at their physical being while the innocence exorcised and destroyed everything else, including any futile attempts to cease this burst of sheer destruction. Of course, the only one to feel these effects would be Asura himself and all insanity in the area, including the insanity dragged into the area by the Tsukuyomi Unit's transmutation circle. Speaking of which, all of Hakku's prior set ups would come into play at this precise point. Each axe that the explosion touched would not only imbed the ability of equal speed into that fraction of the explosion, it would also amplify the over all power of that area. There were several hundred thousand axes for hundreds of miles, and so ultimately the entire explosion was moving at equal speed and was amplified over a hundred thousand times, and as such couldn't be stopped by anything in its path, and any attempts to would be exorcised by the innocence inside the explosion. Something of this magnitude could surely destroy the very planet they live on, but it was more of a controlled explosion, similar to a spirit bomb. While its power could easily destroy several planets, its energy was focused on a single point or target, which in this case is Asura. Despite being the sole target for such an attack, its radius was too large for any escape to occur, and thanks to Hakku sealing the space-time continuum, he couldn't even warp away. Any other means of travel would be supernatural, and exorcised on the spot. This was the end.~-

If only... Their efforts weren't for naught. Asura had planned this all in perfect accord ever since the absolute beginning of this battle, and now it was time for his final trick.

When 'Maze and Khrona' were hit with this attack from Rozalyn, Sadako made the foolish mistake of trying to heal them whilst harming Asura himself with those flames. The Asura she captured... Was not the true Asura at all. A mannequin, made solely of his blood, skin and filled with an insanely massive amount of insanity taking the shape of his soul within. The perfect clone made at the perfect time. What of Maze and Khrona, you ask? ... They were not the true bodies the three made them out to be. One of those two was a figment... the other, Asura.

Maze's form started to distort back to his original form, the shape of the Kishin himself, who had robbed Sadako of most of, if not all of her strength via her healing power, sucking out the rest of her power whilst she did so. When Hakku so haphazardly warped 'Maze and Khrona' and Sadako to the barrier, Khrona would disappear and Asura would take his true form completely now, watching as the magnificence of the explosion blocked out all sight from him to the others. With Sadako in a dazed state, he grabbed hold of her, his skin beginning to wrap around her body... As if he were going to consume her whole.

"Now, you insolent girl... Come into the pure depths of insanity... Where no one shall save you... And no one shall find you... You will never escape. And no one will come for your carcass..."

It wouldn't take long at all, as he had assimilated his skin with hers. All it took now was... to fully absorb her body...

All the while, the real Maze and Khrona had been out of the equation long ago, for Asura had absolutely no control over them at all. Khrona no longer succumbed to the insanity of the world and now was only plagued with his own, and Maze had control over the darkness within that allowed Asura no control. Plus, Khrona seemed to be absorbing insanity about the area, keeping Maze away from his grasp as well. When the explosion of such intense proportions cleared, all that would be left of the site would be the ruins, which seemed intact throughout all of it, somehow, and this barrier, which protected Asura from it all.

"Heed my words, foolish Dusk officials; this girl is completely drained of all power thanks to her little stunt back there. She has given it all to me. Now, with her helpless body, I shall take hold of it, leaving her in my custody, attaining all of her powers and leaving her with absolute madness whilst within my grasp. Soon, the two of us will completely be one being. As of now, there is no way for you to attack me without killing her in the process. What shall you do...? Take down the barrier, or try your luck...?"

Khrona and Maze were originally on the moon when all of this happened, but where they were now was a mystery, or even if the moon was still intact, actually. But regardless of that, Sadako was in the most grave of dangers.

-The scenario was a difficult one, as Asura had duped both Rozalyn and Hakku rather easily. His plan was perfect, but in actuality, there were several holes in it. When Rozalyn made her explosion of Innocence, Hakku's Tsukuyomi Unit's transmutation circle acted to drag all insanity back into this area, as well as make Asura the focus of this attack. Why would it seem like he was unaffected by the attraction affect and the burst of innocence? It was because Hakku had constructed their barrier of innocence and binary to be in between dimensions in the area of this blast. Asura was already here, just on a different plane. However, with him being the focus of the attack, it would end up forcing its way to him.

Asura may have thought it was a safe bet to drain Sadako dry, thinking no one could stop him at this point, but he would be wrong. While Hakku did not plan for him to be a clone, or the Maze dummy, she did take extra precautions just in case Asura could get to that purgatory state. For this reason alone is why the barrier they resided in also had binary, which would allow Hakku to keep track of everything that transpired in it, and Innocence, so that should Asura make it there, he would be severely weakened. The Asura that is draining Sadako right now was weaker than usual for being inside this barrier, but then Asura brought up his proposition.

Hakku: "..."

-Hakku didn't have to think about what to do now. Only thing that went through her mind was what her mother, Rozalyn, told her and Sadako earlier. Don't hold yourself back at the expense of others, and just believe that they can make it through their hardships. Sadako was in a horrible situation, but Hakku wasn't going to risk the fate of the world over it. After all, she believed that Sadako, some way and some how, would be okay.

This explosion was immense, and as such it was still going on, and so without any further adu the barrier that housed Sadako and the Demon God was transported to the physical plane once more. That is at least, what Hakku had planed to happen, however, things turned out differently. The power of the explosion was much greater than anticipated, and because it was locked on to Asura's insanity, which they all had recognized through combat, it literally began to shatter the dimensional plane that was separating the lot of them, and the might of the explosion entered the limbo that they were in. Asura, with no way out, had no choice but to take all of this explosion at once, and sad to say, Sadako did too.-

As Asura consumed Sadako, he felt the weakness growing within him due to the barrier, but because Sadako was still weaker than he was, his consumption was inevitable. He consumed her now, completely and utterly, taking in her soul into himself, giving him not only her power, but the incredible boost he needed to sustain himself.

"... Hm... Hmhmhmhm!... HMHMHMHM!!!... I don't... want to die... And I'm not going to. Hmhmhm... You all are foolish creatures... So ruthlessly killing off one of your own, an easy opening for insanity to thrive... The madness consumes the hearts of your loved ones... And now, let the peon of magic show his wrath..."

Asura only laughed, as if he had more knowledge about the situation than all of them. As if there was no way that he was going to die at all. In truth, if the explosion was truly locked on Asura's insanity, it would have consumed all of Vescrutia, considering that his influence had gone even that far, and the foolish Hakku would be condemned with not only the death of Sadako Rituke, lose the relationship with Maze that she once had, AND be charged with basically destroying the planet, but also the deaths of many others on the planet as well unsuspecting of what was going on. Trying to show off her power would leave her only drained and left with the dire consequences of her transgressions... To be hunted.

"... You will be dismembered, you wretched creature... And you will be blamed, creator..."

Asura's body was finally destroyed, disintegrating with nothing but a smile on his face, and the final parts of his body to be destroyed were his eyes... Those three eyes of insanity, gazing at Hakku across the dimension... And Rozalyn, for creating her. With his dark soul waiting there after the explosion finished, it dispersed into nothingness, no one allowed to consume it.

-As she stood there with her grimoire of infinity in hand, she shook her hair wavered in the winds created by the explosion.-

Hakku: "Your words won't work on me, Asura. You did this, and you will pay for it..."

-The explosion was in its final stages, and things were winding down now. Rozalyn lost more than half of her chakra with this one attack and even Hakku was starting to feel exhausted from her barrage of spells earlier. Asura's essence was being destroyed bit by bit and his soul was doomed to exorcism so that no one else could acquire such power.

As the explosion finally subsided, Hakku was down to a knee, gripping her chest firmly. The strain on her body was too much, but it was a worthy sacrifice. She and Rozalyn were in the depths of a massive crater that covered several miles and was deeper than the grand canyon itself. However, it was strange. With such a powerful explosion, the planet surely should have been destroyed, but not only was everything outside of this battle ground safe, but Vescrutia was still a thriving planet.-

Hakku: "Ever since this explosion first took effect, my Tsukuyomi unit has been attracting all of the insanity around the planet- No, through the galaxy to this single point. The blast wasn't meant to encroach itself to devour all of the insanity, it was meant to exorcise all the insanity that my Tsukuyomi modification dragged into it, including you."

Rozalyn wrote:
Something of this magnitude could surely destroy the very planet they live on, but it was more of a controlled explosion, similar to a spirit bomb. While its power could easily destroy several planets, its energy was focused on a single point or target, which in this case is Asura. Despite being the sole target for such an attack, its radius was too large for any escape to occur.

Rozalyn: "However, I believe it's.. Ugh, better this way..."

-She was panting heavily as beads of sweat rolled down her forehead.-

Rpzalyn: "You spent your whole existence putting others in illusions using your wretched insanity...ugh, and now you will perish under the illusion that everyone was destroyed..."

-She fell backward onto the ground, gripping her grimoire of infinity in her arms. Even in the condition she was in, she couldn't be bothered thinking about herself. She wondered if Sadako found some way out.-

-~Once the explosion of raw innocence had subsided, Rozalyn stood in the center of the crater, steaming with her clothes almost burned completely off. It was an intense attack, and even her battle suit couldn't survive its power. However, it was all worth it. After all, they had won this battle.~-

Rozalyn: "*Huff* Damn..."

-~With that she fell down to her knees, exhausted. She more than half of her chakra into that attack, and if it wasn't for her combat suit she may have perished with the sheer intensity of the explosion. She looked around staggeringly, seeing nothing but the walls of the crater that she and Hakku were inside of.~-

Rozalyn: "Sorry Sado... I couldn't stop the explosion... !!?"

-~Just as she was about to give her condolences, something took place that was extremely awkward. There were hundreds- no, thousands, of souls drifting out of the cracks of this dimension. They had to be, all of the souls that Asura consumed in his time as the Kishin. It was astounding..~-

Rozalyn: "How... wait, *cough* I see... My burst of innocence exorcised the insanity, but the souls inside of Asura weren't all evil. The ones that were pure, wouldn't be exorcised... Which means!"

-~Rozalyn forced her body to its feet and activated her analytical eyes. If these really were souls of those who were pure, then that means, Sadako's soul was among them.

After several minutes of scanning, she saw a soul that gave off the same energy as Sadako, which means that it had to be Sado's soul. With some of her remaining chakra, she summoned her coffin Reikyuu to the field and kicked off the lid.~-

Reikyuu: "What's the meaning of this? You summon me after so long, and the first thing you do is kick me? Humans.."

Rozalyn: "No time for that, Reikyuu. I have a favor to ask of you.."

-~She explained the situation to him, and while he normally wouldn't give a rats ass about what or how things were done, he respected Rozalyn as a contractor. From the depths of the coffin jutted forth about two thousand arms of dark matter; one for each soul that floated out of purgatory. As Reikyuu pulled these souls in, Rozalyn waited for Sado's soul to come on by, and once it did, she suspended it in mid-air with her soul-wavelength.~-

Reikyuu: "Why have me gather all of these souls, if that was the only one that mattered?"

Rozalyn: "It isn't the only one that matters, it's the one that matters most."

Reikyuu: "..."

Rozalyn: "Hakku, everything will be fine now.."

-~She chuckled a bit to herself, surprised by how well this all worked out. Asura was defeated, and with Sadako's soul in her possession, she may be able to create a new body for her. She trapped it in a sphere of dark matter and dropped it into Reikyuu before he sank back into the ground then as she was on the verge of falling out on the ground, she stopped herself. Looking over at Hakku, who seemed to be having a hard time dealing with the drawback from what she did earlier, Rozalyn went over to her and threw one of Hakku's arms over her shoulder.~-

Rozalyn: "Let's go find Maze and Khrona.."

-~And then the two were off, slowly advancing out of the crater.~-
The Beginning

=W=Soft and unrecognizable foot steps could be heard from within the bowel of the Great Enigmatic Ruins. Deep within this ever expanding labrityh could be a girl wandering about with a tiny torch of pure insanity guiding her way. She had been here for day now navigating her way through the vast place as if it was second nature...because it was. It was a simple and rather mundane task for which she knew not her purpose in doing. She could hear a was the same voice that had taught her things about the world around her...and just how sick it truly was. Steeped in lies, an entire planet of illusions one that she yearned to crush and shatter along with every dimension that held such lies.She hadn't eaten in her time here...there was no need to. She had awoken with blood upon her body and flesh betwixt her teeth. A Spear that was brimming with Insane magics Bron from the very bones and metals of time past. It seemed to resonate with this place...for it was her guiding light though the darkness=w=

KyokI: I can here it...that voice again..this spear. It's guiding me to something..but what...Where is Maaba?

=W=Little did the girl now there was more to this all than she could possibly understand as she was now. With the recent return of such massive quantities of insanity the madness within her resonated with such terrible energies and sent her mind into a state of utter screeching chaos. The insanity within her was already starting to feed of her psyche, but because of her heritage she could keep herself together right now for the most part...she just had to remain focused on whatever was guiding, not knowing that what was guiding her was the very influence that was pushing her further down the Kishin road. And so she went, grasping the right portion of her head as she traveled. The effects of the insanity starting to put a bit of a strain on her but she would press on, she had to figure this all out for herself.=W=

=W=The pain had been steadily increasing as she got deeper an closer to the center of the Ruins. A great and terrible struggle had occurred here ages ago and the effects to the lingering essences of Innocence tried to devour her in a futile attempt at purification...but it was clearly all for not. For the mad puddle of her soul was far to deep to be laid to rest by such foolery. The innocence was quickly overtaken by her soul and erased with out a trace. She with each step could feel her mind slipping more and more. How though was she to keep her self together in the pit where it all began? A fate awaited her still very much so within the center..the answer to her prayers.=W=

Kyoki: This voice...what does it want with me again?

=W= The thought consonantly played over and over again in her mind. Each time it did she expected the answer to her question to fall in her lap. That was the definition of insanity after all Correct? For the same thing to occur yet for one to expect a different result each time? True madness slept within this girl yet slowly it was reaching it's pique. She began hearing noises within the cavern, ones she thought belonged solely to bats or things of that nature, But little did she know nothing had inhabited this portion of the Ruins in quite sometime...It was all in her she gripped tighter as the pain grew more.While her free hand remained on the Tainted Spear.=W=

-Was it all within her head? Quite quite possibly, however, fate is a strange mistress indeed, and the sounds only increased. The closer she was to her objective, the more audible the sound. The sound was that of scratching noises, many many scratching noises. Squeaks were thrown in here and there, but nothing was visible, yet.-

=W=Quite A logical possibility that she was imagining it, but if so they should have left by now. Normally when her paranoia set in it went away within a matter of briefs moments, but here it was only increasing further. It brought her to the thought that she was indeed not alone within the Ruins. Though the eyes were said to be the windows to truth and her eyes picked up on not a single aspect of it thus she would continue to subject herself to her curiosity and continue deeper within.The sound though were a bit over bearing. It made her very uneasy...and that was never a good thing for whatever got caught up in her uncomfortable state of being. The hand that was upon her head would descend lazily down to her side where it would grip her arm as she ventured forth. She kept her thought upon the voice, it was the reason she had chosen to venture forth anyway and thus would be the reason she continued on despite the other menacing sound flailing through her cranium.=W=

-A bat's cry echoed as the girl continued. The flap of its wings soon accompanied its own cries. It sounded close to the girl, and was probably closing in as the beats continued to grow and grow in sound. In the distance, a small blue light followed by two green orbs floated sporadically. Was that the bat? Yes it was, and it was making its way over to the girl. What was its intentions? It looked like it didn't want to harm her, but how would she react to it?-

=W= With the ever increasing sounds coming closer to her with her mind already in a partially disturbed state she prepped to defend herself from whatever was approaching. As the light appeared her grip of her spear would tighten. Her blood red orbs for eyes would glare the creature down. She didn't want to have to strike such pretty light down but was prepared to do so f they tried to harm her. With the small facets of her dwindling sane mind she managed to behave herself and allow the creature to approach her, but she was cautious nonetheless.=W=

Kyoki: What is it you seek little one?

=W=Her Magic as the Black Gaia gave the girl the power to speak to animal kind alike. The soul of the animals she had devoured added to this as well. She stared softly at the creature, She desired for it's speech to be swift as the other calling voice within her mind beckoning her deeper within the Ruins belly.=W=

-The bat flapped its wings quickly and eyed the girl for a few moments before speaking. It was a rather large bat with a blue body and large green eyes. The small creature's mouth curved around its bottom fangs, and made it look as though it was smiling. There was a screech that echoed from it, a screech filled with words.-

Marcelle Saevio: "Turn back."

Kyoki: "Forgive me little one...

=W=She said as her black silk like hair was pushed back by the breezes the wing flap created. It was astounding to her that the bat was trying to speak to her instead of trying to run for dear life in fear of her Mad Soul. It was now she would comely engage the bat.=W=

Kyoki: There is something meant for me in the center of this place...I know...How about you take me to it! I Will make it worth your while.

=W= She said with a cute little chuckle. The bat warned her showing it had good intentions. Whether their stayed good or not depended on the creature. But she figured the beast ability to use it's sound waves as a sonar could prove useful in navigating her way through this maze of sorts.=W=

-The bat continued to flap its wings, looking at her, and cocking its head every so often. Its small body turned back to where it came from, before turning back to the girl, and screeching again.-

Marcelle Saevio: "If that is what you wish."

-The bat got closer to the girl's shoulder, wondering if it could perch upon her shoulder. No malcontent came from it, the bat merely came to relay a message, but the message was not heeded. It will however, guide this girl to her goal... Or her eventual doom. There were no more "What ifs," she made her decision, and couldn't turn back now.-

Kyoki: Awesome!!

=W=It was definitely to late to turn back now, but that truth was already evident when she escaped the Dimension Maaba had created to shelter her, but madness cannot be cannot kept concealed. It must be allowed to grow and flourish that much was evident. But she allowed the bat to land on her shoulder.=W=

Kyoki: Where to little guy?...Ngh!

=W=The power once again surged through her being. The voice of madness calling her even still. She was ready to go to where it called her to.=W=

-The bat circled the girl for a little, before landing on her left shoulder, and perching. After getting situated, its eyes glowed brighter, it leaned forward, and screeched out. This time, its screeching sonar could be seen echoing out of its mouth, bouncing off the walls, and heading down a hall. As it bounced off the walls, certain characters and symbols began to light up. The small bat just gave subtle arrows towards the girl's destination.-

Marcelle Saevio: "The light is your guide, I am your eyes, you are your voice."

=W=Rather wise words from a bat. Then again nature itself was a single entity that was able to manifest itself in a multitude of forms, thus it's wisdom could be used through any form of a medium such as this bat. She understood this much, from her power as the Black Gaia. Still though she wondered what awaited her deeper in. The lights that came forth were to be her guide. The bat was to be her ears, but her own voice...what fruits would it bring the child...we would see.=W=

Kyoki: Do you think there are any spooky monsters deeper within?

=W=She said to her batty companion. Her own energies flowing rather easily around her. She could barely contain her self. Madness calling her from every turn, but she had to keep strong. TO fall prey to her own soul would surely mean her own demise. That was something she could not accept to be truth. IN this quiet world of darkness...she would create her own truth...a world without lies.=W=

-There was a blink from the small bat. The ever persistent smile like mouth prepared to screech once more, yet it didn't. Rather, it slowly opened its wings, stretched them out, then folded them back in. A screech finally escaped its mouth.-

Marcelle Saevio: "They are the souls of many who were turned into creatures. They represent the harsh noise of life and reality. We are protected here, for now."

-The screeches sounded feminine, like a small young girl who innocently explained these "creatures." Whatever these monsters were, they weren't here yet, but the bat confirmed their existence.-

Kyoki: Is the world so Frightening that you need to hide?

=W= She said, for she herself chose to embrace the world rather than shy away from it. Mabaa had chosen for her to hide form the world out of fear, this very aspect of fear is something the girl chose to reject, not out of ignorance. She acknowledged that fear was evident in all things, but unlike her predecessor to the kishin title, she would not be ruled by it. Nothing could or would detour her goal, and thus she faced the world head first with a smile of insane radiance=W=

Kyoki: You should not have to live your life worreid within the protective grasp of another...or this cave. But we all have our comfortableness in life.

=W= That same smile...a light little chuckle behind it. Protection? Why would these creatures need such protection? Was it the world they feared? Or...was it something else.=W=

Kyoki: Tell me...what is it you seek protection from?

-The bat blinked at the question, again. That was an easy question to answer, but the small being wondered if it should allow this stranger to know of their plight. Another screech was let out, however, it was unidentifiable. Several minutes passed before another screech was returned from the other end of somewhere within the ruins. Looking towards the girl, the bat opened its mouth, and instead of screeching, it started to speak.-

Marcelle Saevio: "They are a harsh NOISE that bind us here. We try to escape, only to be beaten down like drums, trashed like acoustics, and shouted back to our places like microphones. These monsters as you would call them, could be killed, but not without the proper techniques. There is one our protector told us of, one who can. Maybe you are that one?"

Kyoki: ...

=W= She said nothing at first...her Ruby blood shot eyes gleaming in the darkness around them. The screech was rather intense but only because she could feel the voice speaking to her growing louder and louder. Yet it was more fine tune than the last time. It was really starting to irk her they way this voice was going about guiding her. Then again...perhaps she was meant to come here to assist these creatures. Was that the reason this voice was reaching out to her? Perhaps...=W=

Kyoki: I hate Harsh Noises...

=W=And the word hate used form the mad one was a emotion that could be felt. She hated loud things. They annoyed her to the point where she wanted to rip her hair out. And if these Noises were torturing these poor defenseless creatures than she the Black Gaia would step in to offer her hand, and mayhaps learn more about herself in the process.=W=

Kyoki: Perhaps I am that one...where do these Beast reside?

-There was one real answer to that question, but how would the girl react? And if at all possible, was she really the one? There was talk among its group, that there was one who held the ability of small metallic objects that controlled the power of beings and other elements. The bat couldn't find them anywhere on the girl, but looked it over, hoping she was the one.-

Marcelle Saevio: "They are... Everywhere. The beasts are souls, wicked souls who desire a second chance, but have been denied. The envy, hate, and all the negative emotions of the souls gave them the rage and power to condense themselves into these monsters, whose noise shutout our lives."

-That was true, the real answer. Everywhere. From the very beginning, it was possible these creatures were watching the girl's every move. Plotting and picking when they would strike. The little bat was hoping that its own kind was safe, and that their protector was just as safe.-

Kyoki: Being denied a Second chance?...very well.

=W= She said Drawing her Weapon once more. Her NecroSpear. A Weapon forged fro the very souls and bones of the Earth beneath them itself. Forged form the hatred and malice of the creatures she herself had felled. She knew what needed to be done, and thus she would now begin the rite to drawing these creatures towards her.=W=

Kyoki: It would be best if you all went and hid...things might get a little rough in here.

=W=She said as her Soul began to channel itself into the Spear thus activating the Necromancers Magic.The power of the ad soul. TO through all things orderly into chaos and disarray. The power of the mad soul, To lead the worldly illusion of grandeur astray. The power of the mad soul...would be the downfall to these beast today, and the rebirth to the ones that could handle it. But first they need to be drawn out of their hiding. The spear began to radiate a constant pulsing energy that bore it's own frequency. She had learned something during her time with the bat, and that was the ability to produce different frequency as forms of communication, though she did this with her magic creating a melodic sound that would be captivating to the creatures so far gone in madness. Like a Melodic tone of Cacophony it would lure the beast to where she was...Voluntarily or otherwise.=W=

Marcelle Saevio: "Our protector lends her thanks. However, she says you'll only be a temporary fix to the problem. You must find him. The one who rides the wind, who uses noise how he sees fit, the one adorned with the metallic faces of his Gods."

-With those words, the bat fluttered off. Just like the source of light it served, its disappearance would soon leave the girl with only the lit up symbols that dotted the halls. The sounds the girl was making, they were being drawn in. The creatures in all of its envy and rage, formed their spiritual forms. They came in the forms of intricate "tattoos," all in different colors alike. Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, and a Green one in the shape of a piggy, but the aura from the Green one showed peace. The tattoos let out harsh growls, and they began to surround the girl, and light up the darkness.-

Kyoki: The one who rides the wind, who uses noise how he sees fit, the one adorned with the metallic faces of his Gods.

=W= She Wondered was it some form of riddle? Or merely a type of descriptions about the being she was after. Whatever it was it was a male from the bats usage of the words he and his. She kept her Magical frequency apparent throughout the ruins. She continued to draw the force to her and thus the 'Tattoos" began to show around her.=W=

Kyoki: Are you the voices who have been denied?

=W= She said, it was strange for the voice that had been calling her had calmed for now for she no longer heard it's loud call. But the creatures around her. Their growls ured her a bit. She wanted to know if they were what they bats feared and if so...which way would have been the best way to go about dealing with freed them? or bind them even further, their answer would cause her actions.=W=

-The angered souls of the denied continued to gather and light the area up more and more. The smaller tattoos began to form into animals. Frogs, frogs with clawed feet that eyed the girl hungrily. There were some that even formed wolves, rhinos, standing grizzly bears, and elephants. All of them were different colors, and their most powerful limbs were replaced with some type of tattoo artwork. These were the denied, not animals, but the corporeal form that the anger showed itself as. The bears growled, the elephants trumpeted, the wolves snarled, and the frogs simply ribbited. How would this situation pan out?-

=W=There shape,sizes, and forms were wondrous pieces of art to behold. Pretty little buggers with an appetite for the flesh of the young girl. But she could stand before them fearless despite her size. She possed fear yes but had faith in what she was capable of...she knew it and so did Mabaa and the rest of the Witches. These beast easily trump her in size...but power remained to be seen.=W=

Kyoki: By your silence in words I can guess that you are. I ask that you calm yourselves and think sensibly about what actions you might take next. I can grant you peace...I can grant you acceptance where you have been denied...should you let me, if you do otherwise...lets just say we don't want to explore that route...

=W=Idle threats? She made none. She meant every word she said and if they indeed attacked their denial would be made swiftly with erasure from this world.=W=

-The beasts glared at the girl, their jaws and claws ready for chomping. These souls have been denied for so long, they were beyond reason, but they seemed to move in a type of order. Their movements all by themselves didn't show them to just attack wildly, they had order. Not wanting to hear the words of the girl, the frogs started off first. Despite how small they were, they moved quite quickly, aiming to latch onto the girl with their claws, then head beat her harshly should they have succeeded in doing their previous action.

The wolves remained at the ready. Some frogs stayed behind and started to form squads so to say, of frogs and wolves to begin a swarm if need be. Things were just now kicking up, lets hope this girl's mettle can handle the pressure.-
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Thirty-First Domination: It is Time; Nikolai's Ranking Continued

As a portal appears in the Shallowed Acheron, Nikolai steps out of it not knowing what to expect to find in this 'hell'.

Zita: "Man. I can't believe I got sent here to 'atone.' I don't know how long I'm going to be here, and even worse, I'm just someone's summon until the atonement is done with... Hmph."

The lovely magical mistress, former Head Witch AND Grand Magistrate of Nytox, Zita L'sia, hovered along the barren ways of the Shallowed Acheron in a slightly reclined position, seemingly formally relaxed, even in her rather crucial situation. She wasn't one to show much worry, or even work herself up over such matters, even if they were matters that were of the most dire concern.

She had been wandering around for weeks here, not able to find anything to 'atone' for formally, and was now beginning to be a little bit weary of this entire ordeal. Whatever the case, she figured it would be best to stop rather than to keep wandering aimlessly.

"... Oh, woe is me. Will I ever find a way out of this boring hell?"

Just as she called out up above, a portal appeared before her and dropped out a strapping young man. With her couger eyes set to pounce, the thousand year old witch with the eighteen year old image hovered over to Nikolai, quite interested in his appearance here...

"Well, well~. Hello there, you cute thing~! And who might you be, appearing before me so suddenly?"

As Nikolai made contact with the lower world, Khrona's voice beamed into Zita's mind directly, filling her in on a bit of the details.

Zita... This is your chance for atonement. I have sent Nikolai for training for a ranking exam. It is up to you to finish this...

Vague and left up to interpretation, Khrona's voice faded from her mind, now allowing Nikolai to speak for himself. Khrona was simply the verification that this was all not a lie or something, and this was actually for Zita to take seriously... If she wanted to return to the Veritas, that is.

As Nikolai dropped from the portal, he hears someone speak. Turning to face the voice, he sees a lady hovering nearby. Definitely not what he was expecting one of his first sights in ‘hell’ to be. His mind still adjusting to this, he replies.

“Uhhm…I’m Nikolai. I was sent here by Khrona as part of my ranking exam. Do you by any chance know anyone by the name….” Tapping his hand up to his chin he tries to remember how Khrona had pronounced the name. “Oh! I believe it was…..” Snapping his fingers as he remembers “Zita L'sia”

As the boy was speaking, Khrona's voice popped into Zita's head. She was actually quite pissed at him and that side of the family right now, but it wasn't like she didn't need this... So she could forgive that side for the moment. Khrona's words coincided with Nikolai's, confirming that what they were saying was actually true... Unfortunately.

"Zita L'sia, huh...? Yes, I am she; former Head Witch and former Grand Magistrate of the Witch Province, Nytoz, of the Veritas."

She did indeed want to go back up... She was getting a little homesick... So she might as well give him this training.

Her legs shifted, one crossing the other, as she lay her head bored on a loose knuckle.

"Ranking exam, hm? Fine, I'll continue it for you... But you're going to have to show me that you're worth my time, first."

Even if this was her ticket out of Hell, she wasn't going to just give him a rank. She wanted to see what he was capable of, first.

"... So. Go ahead... Show me a little something, hm~?"

With her request, Nikolai furrowed his brow trying to figure out how and what to show her. There were just so many questions he had about what he was meant to do.

The questions compiling, the pressure building until a simple demonstration came to his mind. Finally with a nod he turned around to face away from her, before dashing straight ahead. After putting quite a bit of distance between his original spot, Nikolai would gather chakra into his hands as he flipped. As he planted his hands on the ground, the chakra left his hands and the ground began to quake. Continuing the flip, he landed on his feet, as a multitude of spikes of stone erupted from the ground around him. Using the erupting movement of one spike, he launched himself into the sky, where upon he aimed the palms of both his gauntlets towards the now spike covered ground and activated the seals within the gauntlets releasing a flurry of kunai from them.

The instant the kunai were released, a wave of chakra spread from Nikolai’s body multiplying the force of gravity on everything within the area, causing the kunai to hurtle down to meet the ground with even greater speed and force. With Nikolai himself virtually suspended in the air, using his kekkai gekkai to adjust the gravity on himself to slow his descent until every last kunai landed. Upon returning to the ground, he dispersed the changes in gravity, and turned to face Zita.

Nikolai: “Does this count? It’s an idea I had to trap an enemy between an enhanced rain of kunai from above, and dangerous spikes below.”


Zita could admit that it was a good idea, but of course, it wasn't something that impressed her. Nowadays, she was quite hard to please and very difficult in general, making these sort of things a bore to her. Still, he was only a genin and her task was to train him, so she figured that this was where she came in.

"... I think you should have actual living targets, don't you?"

The best way to train was with things that could live and think. If he couldn't hit his mark then it wouldn't make much of a difference what he did. The purpose of his attack would be null and void.

"Alright, alright, I'll tell you what. I'll tell you what. I'll conjure up something for you to fight and you practice your techniques on it. I'll give you pointers from the sidelines and if you overcome one, then they'll gradually get harder. How's that sound?"

Nikolai: “Having an actual target would probably help, so why not?”

Returning to a fighting stance, he waited for the target to appear, and also attempted to gather as much chakra as he could to replenish his stock before anything happened.

Nikolai: “I’m ready whenever you are”

"Alright, good. Tamura~..."

With a snap of Zita's fingers, the puppet given Witch life, Tamura, appeared before her in a puff of smoke.

With her jacket concealing most of her body, Tamura stood before Zita and Nikolai, awaiting orders.

"Alright, now let's see if you really deserve this rank... Fight Tamura. If you win, you can get a rank up and become my gravity 'pupil.' If you don't, we'll just continue training down here."

Part of her hoped that he won so she could get out of this damn hell... She was soooo done with this atoning thing, and he was her only ticket out of there. Crap.

"Alright, whenever you're ready..."

Tamura dashed at Nikolai quickly, flinging a series of Kunai (about 5) at him consecutively. She would continue to run, her body moving as if stepping on air.
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Thirty-Second Domination: ... To Learn The Truth.

Condemned to Hell. Or Makai. Or what the hell ever this place was these days. Zita definitely didn't like any of it; one that she was punished and two that she had to 'atone' for it by being trapped down... Well, here.

"Ugh... To think that when he figured out his damn name he's get all 'holier than thou' on me! I'm still his sister... I don't go around talking about the evil darkness in him..."

She hovered about the Shallowed Acheron rather laxly, as she had for quite some time. That Nikolai guy... Didn't know what happened to him. She didn't really care, either.

"Tch. Khrona really has some nerve..."

Though, the family split up quite a bit in recent years... Part of her wanted the family to come together and be happy. She, Maze, Khrona and each of their branches; the Tensei, the Rituke and the L'sia, all happy and together. They all had quite a long history, but it wasn't like things weren't getting worked out. From her understanding of all of this, that's what Khrona was trying to do...

She looked up to the sky longingly, yet with just a hint of pissed offness at the overall situation, shouting up to the heavens.

"You sure have a hell of a way of doing things, Khrona!!!"

... She couldn't help but wonder how her two little brothers were doing.

Her voice echoed through the Acheron, but of course no response from anyone or anything in return. She didn't even know how long she was supposed to be down here for or what she was supposed to be doing...

"... This definitely sucks," she groaned, pouting and puffing out her cheeks like a little kid. When people weren't around (or when she was with those she was really comfortable with), she enjoyed acting like a child rather than the elegant and beautiful mistress many portrayed her as. That seemed to be the recurring factor between the three siblings; great stature and regalia, yet in the face of comfort, they acted like everyone else. Hm.

She sighed heavily, lowering her head, "... I guess I'll just wander around this place... AGAIN." For like, the billionth time. She was getting bored. But perhaps that boredom was the catalyst she needed, for a new power arose somewhere else.


It was a familiar power, though something tainted it with a new energy. Quickly, she conjured the crystal skull of the one she felt whose power had been tampered with... One of her many, many Lich servants' Well of Power had been taken over by a new Lich she was not aware of...

"... Hmmmm..."

She peered deeply into the crystal skull, seeing the image of the man who so intrusively sullied the spring of her servant.

"... Fresh meat, huh? Lord knows he is; his flesh is nowhere near rotten yet. A new Lich... Haven't seen one of those in a couple hundred years."

She was, one could say, both pleased and displeased at this sight; one, she could watch this boy from below here as some sort of entertainment for herself, but she was displeased that her infinite sources of energy were being taken over by him. Her Lich servants existed in the world up above, and she resided down here. If he was powerful enough to become one, then he may have had the power to slay the others...

"... Could he be...?"

Perhaps he was trying to... take the title?

Absurd. Completely absurd. For as long as she could remember (or rather, her alternate self that she sealed off, Vita), she had been the one and only ruler of the Liches due to the Skull Heart. Or Skull Soul. Or whatever the hell it was called these days. She just knew it as the thing inside of her that Khrona almost succeeded in completely destroying. A manifestation of it from one of her Liches, the Skull Girl, tried to do the same thing that this boy was doing now... To take over as the head honcho. It was indeed a little troublesome... First Marie, then this guy? Maybe all of the other ones would break free of her control and rise up against her... Or even worse, perhaps this kid would free them and establish them under his control? That wouldn't be too good.

"Tch... Dammit. If only I weren't stuck down here... Ugh. How did I even get caught up in this mess, anyway? Was I just born as the Lich Queen or something?"

Being at the top always made for some heinous problems down the line; problems she didn't think would be arising right here and now. Then gain, she and Vita had been separated for quite some time, she being locked away until she unlocked her true power when she assisted the Chaos in its endeavors a while back... Yes, she unlocked the forbidden part of her soul back then, the one that used the Skull Magic. She never knew where the Skull Magic came from or why it was there, she just new that it was locked away by her own soul. Huh... You'd think she'd question something like that in her thousand years of life.

"... Well, it's not like I have anything better to do." she shrugged, figuring it was about time she unlocked the secrets of her mind, too. Unlocking things wasn't really difficult; it was finding out that they were locked that was the hard part. Zita could lock and unlock anything; that was her gimmick, after all. Sealing Eye, Chains and Locks, plus the Skeleton Key... Yeah, it was totally written all over her being to be the 'unlockable character.' Hahaha.

"Okay, inner depths of my mind. All I have to do is take the Skeleton Key and unlock you. I did it whenever I wanted to unlock Vita, and now I'm gonna do it with you. Let's go remember some shit."

Perhaps with her mind at full capacity in accordance to her soul and body being at full capacity, some new things would come about for Zita to relish in...

Zita held out her hand, allowing her magic to manifest the shape of the Key that fit into the lock she wore around her waist. That key quickly grew to take on its true form as her trusty scythe (well, technically Vita's scythe), the Skeleton Key. The blade was shaped like a key with a skull on it whilst the handle was a stiffened chain with a lock on the bottom. Back when she was half and half, Vita only used Skeleton Key to rip black holes everywhere like the reckless crazy bitch she was... Zita wondered why she never used it for its true purpose of UNLOCKING ANYTHING. Vita was just reckless.

"Right. Let's do this, then."

She pointed Skeleton Key toward her keyhole pupil, trying very hard to align the two so the energies could sync. She stared straight into its center and waited for a moment or two, before the energy shot straight into her pupil and turned the keyhole ever so slightly, changing her beautiful green eyes to a vicious red. This had only been seen when she last fought her daughter, when one of her Lich servants sent Alex Star to her doorstop. Apparently, this was how she had to unlock the recesses of her mind.

She gasped, before she spaced out, her vision sucked straight into an abysmal pit with only the light of a keyhole fading away into the distance... Her conscious mind was sucked from her eyesight and drawn into the dark recesses of her mind. There, Zita stared upon the Master Lock that protected her mind.

"... Wait, what? I put the Master Lock here? I usually only used that on super powerful jerks like that Kham guy."

She was totally taking a whoooole bunch of trips down memory lane here. It made sense that she'd equip the Master Lock to something as important as a lost memory; nothing could undo the Master Lock except for the Skeleton Key or the Sealing kekkei genkai she had. Of course, this wouldn't be too much of a problem since she had both.

"Sealing Eye," she said, letting a green ray of light shoot from her keyhole pupil and into the keyhole of the Master Lock. Her pupil twisted and so did the lock's keyhole, jimmying it open rather fine and quickly. "Yes~!" As stated before, the process of unlocking things wasn't difficult; it was finding out that it was locked in the first place that was hard for Zita to get. Once she figured out that something was locked, it was over, though. Clearly shown through this endeavor.

So, just that easy, the forbidden sealed part of her mind bent to her will and opened up to reveal the story behind how and why she was the Lich Queen and the Skull Magic and all that shit...

... And so, the information released itself back into Zita's brain, for her to know completely and fully, just like it was yesterday. The day her mother took her father's life. Her father, Xi-Ta, a man who had a special power for Sealing, had revealed to Eva his true form beyond being a humble necromancer, as also the original Lich King. Eva had been just completed her research; the isolation of Death in order to obtain immortality. Such was the fad back in those times; achieving immortality, and usually came through dark arts. Xi-Ta was a great and powerful Necromancer who gave her all the information she could have ever wanted about it, having fallen madly in love with her. They conceived a child together, spawn of both Witch and Lich, known as the original Skull Girl, Zita L'sia.

At first, all seemed peaceful and fine, and for 200 years, it was. Eva lived with the Lich King as his Queen and their daughter harnessed the power of Sealing, Magic and of the Undead. However, as was the curse of being a Lich, eventually, the dead part of her soul began to eat away at the living part and deteriorate her living body, and threatened to turn her undead, as well. When Eva found out about this, her first rational thought was to use her or her husband's power to seal that part of her half dead soul away so that it could not eat away at her magic, her soul or her body, though Xi-Ta insisted on letting it be and have her simply bathe in his Well of Power. This Well of Power in their house known as a 'Cauldron,' served as only a temporary fix, for even if it sustained her, it still required souls and also required her to remain within it until she could cultivate her own. In the end, it simply became too much for Eva to bear, and she had to seal away the other half of Zita's soul.

This angered Xi-Ta to no end, and he became violent. Though he did not wish for it to happen, his innate nature led him to attack his wife, and she retaliated with her magic. They fought a terrible battle, but in the end, Xi-Ta used the remainder of his strength to seal himself away in the form of what is known as the 'Skull Heart' or 'Skull Soul,' which he placed within the young Zita. His remnants that were left behind was his consciousness, which roamed the earth as an energetic skeleton named 'Skelette.' All Zita could comprehend from all of that was that her mother killed her father, and she never forgave her for it.

All the information was there, but things still didn't quite register in Zita's head... No, beyond the information, she needed the Audio and Visual, as well. So, the reel began to roll... Just like a flick one would see in the theatre...

Eva: Can't you see that she's going to rot away if we don't do something? She's far too young to become a Lich! She doesn't even have full control of her magic, yet!

Xi-Ta: She will be fine; she is immortal. There is no issue here, dear. Let nature take its course on our child.

Eva: I can't allow her to be undead before she's even had a chance to live! Her soul will never develop as a Witchling to grow into a Witch if she's consumed here!

Xi-Ta: Then her power as a Lich will come all the faster. She will master magic either way. With the magic of her Lich blood, she will be able to use Necromancy. Is that not a sufficient magic for her?

Eva: I want my child to grow up to be a beautiful Witch, not an undead Lich. If we just seal her powers for now, she can awaken them when she's older and has more control, and perhaps--

The man grew furious at what he heard; seal away the powers of the Lich within? Was she ashamed? Or was she disgusted with Xi-Ta's heritage as the Lich King? He loved his daughter and wished for her to take after him. Was that so wrong of a father to ask? His hurt beyond his anger showed all over his face, and of course the Lich King lashed out violently.

Xi-Ta: SEAL HER POWER!? Eva, you must be daft!! How DARE you even suggest something as insulting as that!!!

Eva: I didn't mean it in that way, dear, but she isn't a full Lich like--


Eva became silent, lowering her head. He lived his life as a Lich so did not understand the problems of the living... She turned her head away, still looking to the ground, as he flipped a table in his fury. Zita watched from across the room, bathing in the energy from the Cauldron, letting it seep into the fiber of her being in order to maintain her living form and calm the appetite of the undead half of her soul. She said nothing, but saw now with eyes of her elder self; understanding the plea of both her father and mother now. And she was sad...

Xi-Ta continued to wreck the house, influxes of his energy causing things to rot and decay where they may. Throwing open the door of his house that he allowed Eva to stay in, he stormed out into the field, grass withering to barren land with every step he took.

"Wait!" Eva called out to him, rushing to the door. She wanted to resolve this issue with her beloved... She thought she could make him understand if he would just calm down and listen. That was the downfall of him being such a tyrannical overlord of death... Listening to the qualms of others was not a strong suit.

He turned to meet the sad eyes of his lover with his own piercing red eyes of fury, looking as if he were ready to strike her down. Perhaps that was why he stormed out so; so he would not take his frustrations out on his family. Yet, when his wife pursued... The enraged King of the Liches could do nothing with his vile fury but direct it to the source of his anger. Eva L'sia.


And, the first strike was made. He lashed out at her with his death energy, that more advanced than mere necromancy, with all the intent of stripping the very life of Eva from herself and changing her into one of his Liches. If she would not obey him with her own free will, then she would do so as one of his own.

Naturally, Eva had no choice but to fight back, and their epic excursion in front of their house ensued. Magic of all kind plagued the air; death, space, dark, time... Many types of ancient, forbidden and lost magic to this day, so easily hurled out by either side in an all out battle. How strong were her two parents...

Zita heard the noise outside and after a while, went to go stop the battle herself. She did not want her parents to fight. She removed herself from the Cauldron and ran to the door, but by that time, the battle was already at its final moments. Both combatants remained tired and battered from each others' great magics, though Xi-Ta had one last trick up his sleeve. Knowing Eva was far too weak to stop him at this point, he used the remainder of his power, to change himself into the 'Skull Soul' that would harness his power, whilst the residual essence of his consciousness lingered about the land. The Skull Soul shot into Zita, merging with her through her Lich heritage, and would soon make her the new ruler of the Liches; the Lich Witch Queen. He lodged himself in the sealed part of her soul and locked this knowledge away, cultivating himself within the alternate personality of Zita, Vita, that she would soon come to know whenever she 'unlocked' her 'other side.'

In Zita's eyes, she saw her mother reign victorious over her father, knowing nothing of what her father had done to her. With that in mind, she never forgave her mother, and hated her for the rest of her days.


The ashamed Eva had no way of explaining this to the only 200 year old Zita... Not in a way that she could understand as just a Witchling. All she could do was accept the scorn of her daughter and live with it.

But, every time she looked into the eyes of her daughter... She saw both the scorn of a daughter and the scorn of a husband, and she regret everything that she'd done. It was too much for Eva to handle, until eventually... She could not handle looking Zita in the eyes anymore. She fled in the night with a heart torn asunder, which split her into two halves; Evangeline and Parace. It wasn't long after that before she was hunted by her next lover, who worked for the Shinigami of that time...

A tragic fate befell the L'sia household on that day.

After seeing all of that, Zita's opinion about her mother immediately changed. Since she was older, she knew now just what she was trying to do and what her father had done as well. It was neither of their faults about what happened, and she so wrongly scorned her mother for so long because of it. Her heart grew weary to know that she was the cause of separation not only between her two parents, but also between herself and her mother... She was finally old enough to get it.

"... Mom..." she muttered sadly under her breath, trying to hold back her tears, "... I guess that means I'm going to have to go back up there and apologize to that old hag..." Something she never in her life thought she would do. But, her hate was washed away just like that. She hoped that one day Chita could forgive her, as well...

Speaking of which...

"CHITA!!! I wonder if I passed down being a Lich to her!! If that's the case, then that guy..."

The one she saw in the Crystal Skull would be after her, as well. She wasn't about to let her sweet daughter die, no matter the circumstances their relationship suffered through. Though, it was still unknown whether she even had that power or not.

When all was said and done, the memory reel faded away, leaving only the image of a very small robed being with a piercing green eye staring at her from the darkness... That creature felt familiar... It bore no semblance to anything in her mind, but somehow, it felt just like...

"... Dad?"

A creature, by the name of Skelette, it seemed, was her father's new form. It only existed as his consciousness, drawing in the energy of death to give itself a physical form. Through both Necromancy and the remaining knowledge of the Shini Energy, Skelette was the final vessel that Zita needed to complete her memory. Skelette roamed far and wide ever since the fall of the Nightmare Village, where it seemed to have first appeared, transitioning between the realms through means of death itself. When his search bore no fruits in the Nightmare, it traveled to Escellsia, yet that was a fruitless effort, as well. But now, with Zita's mind unlocked and the Lich King's soul awakened fully through her memories, his consciousness could return to the source, as well...

And with that, Zita's consciousness returned from the depths of her mind, jolting her awake to stare at the Skeleton Key once again. This time, however, a small, ghastly figure stood at her feet, as if it had been waiting for quite a while. It was Skelette. He made his way there quick via his Body Manifestation.

"... Dad...? Is... Is that you?"

The quiet Skelette nodded its hooded head, to show that it indeed recognized her as his daughter. As Skelette, he did not talk very much, though through Zita's soul, he would be able to communicate with her without having to speak a word.

Skelette: ... I've waited centuries for this day. The day to fully pass down my power to you... And be put to rest with you as the new lord of the Liches.

Though she already served as the Queen Lich, she wasn't all too concerned with having even more power. She already knew she was one of the most powerful Witches to ever exist just from being a direct descendent of her mother, but now this? She didn't particularly care for it.

"That's all fine and good, but I need you to tell me about Chita. She's your granddaughter, if you didn't know."

Zita showed Skelette an image of Chita in the Crystal Skull, wherever and whatever she was doing.

"Is this power in her, too?"

Skelette's single green eye gleamed to trace the energies of the one he saw in the skull; his alleged granddaughter, Chita. He saw within her something... Something more powerful than what belonged to the Lich King... A power that drew in both Life and Death itself and trapped it in a world of nothingness. The Void.

Skelette: ... No, my daughter... She has something far more dangerous. The powers of the man you conceived her with combined with the World Eater heritage of my beloved has sparked an unexpected growth in her beyond that of your gravity... The center of her soul is an abysmal darkness far more terrifying than any black hole, where all things become nothing. It has consumed what would be the Lich power that would have been within her already... Tragic that my lineage should end only with you.

Zita sighed in relief... At least she wouldn't become like her. Looks like some good came out of having a child with that no good bastard Valerio. He saved her daughter with his godly power.

Skelette: Hrm... But I sense a different power more evolved than the sealing power I was adept with... Passed down from me to you, to her... Perhaps my lineage shall go on, then. It holds back the awesome power of the all-consuming Void in the center of her soul, sealing it away and keeping it from consuming the rest of her soul and body. Its evolution was brought upon by... An outside force unlocking its true potential. Hm...

"... Khrona..."

She knew immediately that this was her brother's work. He never told her exactly what he did, but he did tell her that he did something to keep the Void from consuming her baby at her birth. Looks like even though his work was underhanded, it was still for the best. She'd underestimated the goodness of her little brother... despite his rather sinister exterior.

"... Okay, dad. That's all I needed to know. At least my daughter will be safe."

Skelette: Safe? You are your mother's child... Despite knowing your heritage, you worry for the safety of your child becoming like you... And like me. That pains my old bones.

"Sorry, but I just saw what mom was trying to do for me. It wasn't that she didn't want me to embrace my heritage, it was just that I was too young and it would probably have ended up killing me... And never allowing me to use it to its full potential.

Skelette lowered his head, humbled now from centuries of wandering as only a fragment of who he once was, simply a lingering conscious wraith who moved about by the Necromancy of the afterlife. Hearing this now saddened him as to who he was before, and why he didn't listen.

Skelette: ... Perhaps I should have been a more patient and understanding father rather than a cruel and unforgiving tyrant to my family... Of course I see the error of my ways when stripped of my awesome rule over the undead...

Zita crouched down to her four-foot-father's level, hugging him and stroking his hooded head compassionately. It wasn't often that Zita showed sympathy to others, but for her father that she hadn't seen in over 800 years... This was definitely one of those times she did.

"It's okay, dad. We all make mistakes. Trust me, I've made many mistakes as a parent because of my lack of parental figures to teach me... But our mistakes are what can help our children grow if we learn from them. I don't hold it against you and no longer hold a grudge to mom anymore. I'm just happy I was wrong... So that I can love you both again."

The tender Zita exposed her heart to her father, another rarity in her usual demeanor, wrapping him in her embrace. And, in the same respect, the normally cold and emotionless Skelette, who was once the cruel and ruthless Lich King, Xi-Ta, could show warmth and compassion to his daughter that he could not as the tyrant overlord he once was. He returned her embrace, now knowing what it felt like to love once again... To love and not rule.

The touching father-daughter reunion forged a bond between them that had been lost for so very long. Though it had already been established through power of blood and spirit, it was not so in pure emotional or mental establishment. With the completion of this, the full power of the connection could flow through each of them, allowing Skelette to assume his true form through the energy of he and his daughter, Zita. The dark energy forced his daughter away, robe of darkness ensorceling his bones of Shini Energy. More and more of it manifested from their combined power, granting him a stable form once more. His body grew large; about eight or nine feet in height, as it also did lift from the ground and hover in the air like a wraith. Claws protruded from the flowing ghastly cloak that served as both his physical form and ethereal body, something of a mix of the two in between. He assumed his form as he was when he was known as the Lich King; when he was indeed Xi-Ta.

When Zita saw his form, she kinda... Shirked her head to the side a little bit. He was ugly and pungent, and his bones were picked clean of any flesh, a testament to how long it had been.

"Ugh, dad... You look horrible. Can you please take on a more... Well... Younger and less horribly ugly form?"

Xi-Ta: ...

He remained silent, as he was a man of few words in the last 800 years, but at his beloved daughter's request, he did indeed 'reverse time' to assume a form suited more for before his body had... Rotted. Muscle, nerve and flesh crept up his face, seemingly generated like roots or hair from his bones effortlessly, until they hugged his bones just as tightly as woven clothes.

"Yeah. Much better."

Xi-Ta: ... Now, shall I free you from this prison?

Free her? Oh, right... She was still condemned to hell by sentence of her brother. GOD she wanted to leave this boring place with ALL her might... But truthfully, she wondered what would happen to her if she didn't finish her sentence... She didn't want to have a quarrel with her brother, and she felt he also had something up his sleeve as usual that would benefit from this unorthodox means of his. He was renowned for doing the most fucked up things, yet having good come from them somehow. Perhaps... She should just trust his judgment.

"... No, that's alright. I'll sit this one out. You can go up there, though. Do whatever you want. Oh, but make sure that you watch that new Lich guy. He's not under my control, and I don't know what he's up to..."

He looked kinda shady. She could just watch how events transpired from down below. It would be much more fun than just floating around the Shallowed Acheron aimlessly. Maybe she might erect a castle or something down here and connect the Cauldron she had to it one day. Sounded like a good way to pass the time.

"So yeah, off you go, Dad."

He was surprised to see her act so nobly; not because he doubted the nobleness of his daughter, but because he figured anyone who suffered damnation would probably jump through hoops at the chance of escape. His daughter... She was something else.

Xi-Ta: ... Then I shall bring the souls above to their knees in your honor. To avenge your condemnation, shall their souls too be damned to live in my stomach.

The man's ethereal cape of darkness swirled around his body, condensing and swirling upon itself until it was only a slit, then disappeared from the Shallowed Acheron and back to the plains of Vescrutia. The man once lost to this world would now appear to claim as many as he could... In the name of Zita L'sia. Perhaps, he would even see his former beloved, Eva, as he conquered the land... And maybe even his granddaughter, whom he'd never laid eyes on before. Yes... He'd waited so long for just the ability to do this. Free at last...

Zita waved at her parting father, knowing that it wouldn't be too long before she spoke with him again. They were indeed connected, through the Lich heritage, and through the Crystal Skull, she could watch and speak with him as she pleased.

As much as she hated to admit it, an event like this would not have transpired if not for Khrona's harsh judgment back then... Her eyes once filled with hatred were now starting to be opened up to the other side of things beyond just what influenced her. It was, what some could say, what needed to be done in order to progress further. She remained silently grateful, smiling all the while hovering in the depths of hell.

--- Minor Time Skip ---

She and her father, who now was nothing more than Skelette, watched the events of the Veritas transpire from her cozy little cell of isolation. Though she was in a prison of sorts, she at least wasn't dealing with all of that crap out there. In fact, she found it just a little bit funny... Seemed like something interesting was going to happen.

"So... Little brother is going to set me free? Hm. Finally... I was getting rather bored and a little hungry down here."

A Grim, tried and true, despite her appearance as a Witch, she still was born one of them. Perhaps that was why a black hole existed in her soul... Every Grim had a gluttonous vice for consumption, and a void somewhere in their beings. Grimnyzmal was famous for his bottomless pit of a stomach, Grimlock for his infinite hunger for knowledge, for example... But Zita? She was hungry for power.

"I could use a few more souls..."

She knew it was only a matter of time until she was released. She just had to wait for Khrona to give her the okay, and now there was someone else to take her place. Zita was going to come out with a clean slate.

Ït's almost too perfect. My only concern is..."

The only person she knew that had the power, the will and the balls to stop this fuckery. Ugh.

"Well let's just see how it goes. It might already be too late. Hahaha~!

Judgemaster: Zita L'sia...

A disembodied voice that demanded the attention of all as it resounded about the land focused its intent on the spying Hecate below. A portal opening between Dusk City and the Shallowed Acheron expanded from a central point in the sky, forcing the image of the divine Judgemaster from on high. The gleaming armored face glared at Zita, already passing judgement on her and everything else in its sight. It was here to collect her.

Your time for atonement is up.
You are now free from your prison.
Return to the realm of the Veritas in the stead of the Tree's Guardian.

There was no option for either of them; the Judgemaster's law was absolute and already under way.

Absolute Law; Liberation.

A shimmering stream of energy connected both Zita and Priere, unbinding Zita from her sentence and exchanging their places instantaneously. As Priere was Banished, Zita was freed and would be allowed to do as she pleased in the Veritas once again. Priere, on the other hand, would be forced to atone for calling upon the Insanity... A crime that the Judgemaster was never fond of seeing. Though it was 'okay' for others to do so as long as they were not within the presence of the Judgemaster, Priere was the Judgemaster, and thus had to follow the rules strictly to the T. A Judgemaster breaking the law was deplorable. This was her punishment.

Now go. Assume her position. Take her place in her absence. Fare thee well, Witch.

Such was its law, such was absolute.

She licked her lips seductively as the portal back to the Veritas opened before her eyes... Though in a rather unexpected place, it was still out of this hell, at least. That much was all she needed.

"Oh yes~! Come on, pops, let's go wreak some Graveyard Havoc on this pitiful world above! Not only do I need to teach a little boy a lesson, but I've also gotta give my regards to my little brother... Hmhmhm~!"

She'd really just been BORED TO DEATH here, and truthfully, that was more of a hell than anything. Something far worse than death; to simply be sitting in the same place motionless for what seemed to be an eternity, but still being alive to endure it. Ugh. The WORST!!

"Though in all honesty, I just wanna go home, relax... Maybe pick me up a few studs along the way for my carnal leisure... Ugh, it's been SOOO long..."

She didn't really wanna do much in the destruction department. Gotten a little too *cough*old*cough* for that. Not unless someone was asking for it. Back to being lazy in her house. Somehow, doing nothing in her own house was tons more fun than being trapped against her will. Whatever.

"Off we go~! Hmhmhm~!"
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Thirty-Third Domination: Where are you Khrona!?

The Insanity: Yeeeesss, my seed...
Produce more power...
More infinite power born of your own undying fury!!!

The heart of fury that beat deep within the chest of the enraged Pumpkinsin, a seed of the original Pumpkishin that was proving most useful as another infinite fountain of power would be siphoned of her strength the more she produced, having it all drawn straight into the singularity that was the Great Hollow where the Insanity faced now one who dared to defy the Insanity's great and absolute conquest. Her magnificent power, where once to be used to unleash on the wretched crystalline mannequin of Shin'Khrona would now be yet another infinite power source for the Insanity to cast upon the defiant Savaj Vanguard, ready to show him but a minute sliver of the awesome omnipotence that the Insanity was truly capable of.

You have served your purpose to me...
And now your hatred shall return to me...
To be used as I see fit.

The girl possessed by Insanity was indeed in a bind facing Shin'Khrona, having all such power she was exerting not only drawn from her as it poured from her, but extracted from her just as Shin'Khrona sought to purify it. The girl would be returned to normal and the fragment of Insanity beating within her would come to a silent calm, allowing her to return to normalcy before ever being afflicted by this madness. It was much better than having a piece of the Insanity purified by Shin'Khrona, even if it meant losing a pawn for the time being... Besides, this energy could be put to better use, now that it had been stirred up to such magnanimous heights.

Your usefulness has ended.

Twas the last the girl would hear of the Insanity's hateful cries inside of her head, before she would return to simply being Chusin. She was possessed by Insanity no longer. She was sucked dry, to the brink of death, leaving nothing behind... not a sliver of her chakra prior remained, and the girl would ultimately die after the extraction. She would be no more. Not that the Insanity cared for her in the first place...

Chusin: "......."

°•She waited there for Khrona to say something, but from out of nowhere came the being Insanity, the being she fell in love with so long ago. She turned her head in happiness, to her shock she felt something being pulled out of her, much like the time last time.•°

Chusin: "What's going on? Why do I feel that feeling again? It couldn't be...

°•Pumpkinsin looked back at Khrona, but he was still doing the same the as he was being, sitting around... So the feeling wasn't coming from him, so who could it be? And that's when she turned back to the Insanity and that's when it hit her.

But she couldn't believe it, she wouldn't believe it! There was no way that it was the Imsanity taking away her power, something like that just didn't click with her at all, but who else could it be other then him?•°

Chusin: "It cant be! You wouldn't! Not after all I've done for you...."

°•It was like all the emotions she had sealed away were coming back, because tears started to fall down her face, the tears were blood red. One after another, her tears fell to the ground, it was just too much... She didn't understand what was going on, till the insanity within her was ripped out...•°

Chusin: "Wh...why?"

°•Just as soon as her insanity was taken from her, she felt her chakra drop to zero and once that happened, Pumpkinsin or rather Chusin fell backwards on the ground. She wasn't sure why the Insanity betrayed her, but for once she wasn't made? In fact she smiled and then broke off into a laugh, the sky couldn't have looked better, it was a good run while it lasted.•°

Chusin: "Heh, Khrona I guess I'll see you on the other side, its been fun..... Funny thing is, is that when you're about to die, you seem to see everything differently."

*Cough, Cough!*

The extraction process seemed to be going quite well at first, for with the girl submitting to Shin'Khrona, the Insanity was not hostile, for within her, that was not its will. For but a moment, these crystalline apparitions believed that the process really was going to be that easy...

But it's not that simple...
Why can't it be simple...?

As unpredictable as the Insanity is, a rather random burst of her own rage caused her power to spike without warning, fluctuating as the Insanity does in varying intensities. Unexpected to say the least (then again, it is Insanity and not something one can truly predict or expect to remain constant or consistent), Shin'Khrona's Crystal Flames hands were forced back momentarily by the powerful force expelled by the possessed girl. The crystallized figured were blown aback by the sheer magnitude of the girl's explosive rage, sending numerous crystalline limbs and shards hurdling through the air. Each of the Shin'Khrona copies faded, save for one, which remained mostly intact as the original. Even it suffered a great deal of damage; missing an arm, part of its torso and many tiny fragments of crystal that served as digits and other minor details which made up its collective form. Yet, a small price to pay, and nothing that could not be mended from the shattered remains of the fallen copies.

What... Is this?

The rather confounded projection of the true Shin'Khrona found this sudden blast of energy astounding, and in fact when he was hit with the resulting shockwave, he was able to hear, see and feel all of Chusin's memories, thoughts and feelings without having to use any of his psychic powers. She'd tapped into a hidden connection between the two of them via the Insanity, allowing them to momentarily link minds with one another.

Is this... a heart beat?

Each passing thump of the heart of fury within the Pumpkinsin's chest sparked a new string of memories and emotions swirling through Shin'Khrona's head; each of the horrible flashes of scorn and torment locked deep within Chusin's past before his eyes, all of the pain and suffering she felt throughout her entire life here on Vescrutia now became Shin'Khrona's but for a moment's notice. He was able to feel her pain, know her ridicule and experience her strife first hand, all of which was how and why the Insanity had grown so potent within her. Really know how to pick your pawns, huh...?

Oh no... She is going to become...

The seed was going to sprout into one of the Keepers or Sisters of Insanity! With so much innate Insanity teeming within her, it was only a matter of time before she--

But... wait... Suddenly, her power is... decreasing...?

Confused but for a moment, all of the Insanity she was pouring out from the depths of her heart was being absorbed by another force elsewhere, as the Radiesthetic eyes of Shin'Khrona were capable of seeing the energetic aura and its flow. Drawn from the girl down to the very last drop, Shin'Khrona watched as she fell limp to the ground, still feeling her pain, her sorrow, her sadness, her rage and all else that spun in a vile concoction within her unstable being. These were her final moments, and as the Insanity deemed it necessary to complete its grand master plan, she was callously stripped lifeless and left to die. The Insanity was a cruel and merciless being... and one never knew just what it was going to do at any given time. Even the death of its own soldiers was apparently not out of its twisted mindset; anything for it to get its way and continue on with its plan, apparently. No mercy in the slightest.

... No... I cannot believe this...

The girl he wished to save and purify, taken in all but a moment's notice. The ruthlessness of the Insanity was unparalleled, and it seemed like it did not care who suffered at his hand as long as it got what it wanted. Everyone and everything was but a tool for its masterful conquest; just more players in its grand master plan that seemed nigh impossible to stop at this point.

The crystal Shin'Khrona rose up, drawing in the pieces of debris to reshape its form, hovering mournfully over to the dying Chusin. Feeling for her, even if it was only for a few moments, he watched as she breathed her final breaths, listening to the girl Chusin and not the seed of hatred, Pumpkinsin.

I'm sorry... I was not able to save you in time...
Your rage blinded you to what my true purpose here was...
To save you from yourself...
From the Insanity...
But now...

A quick flash of radiant light shone bright from the crystal copy with such an iridescence that the entire area of the Crystal Ridge they resided in glowed with a spectral rainbow; an aurora that swirled across the chilled region and brought amazing blends of all sorts of color all throughout the crystalline prisms. This miraculous light belonged to none other than the true Shin'Khrona Tensei, in the flesh, having come from the Chaos and back to the Veritas, once again sidetracked from retrieving Misery. Some things were just more important.

"Chusin... You may not know as much about me as I do about you... But regardless, I am devastated to see you fall to such a fate so haphazardly..."

Since Shin'Khrona's mind was linked to the entire Veritas (only because he was still in the First Restriction, that which bound him to only the power of his mind), he was able to mentally experience all that occurred between the two here despite where he was previously, orchestrating the battle all in his head even from beyond. Now, using that same power had he appeared before her in his true form, hovering over her mournfully.

"I'm sorry... I was too late... I have been wrapped up in facing these Insanities that I believed I could stop this from happening without giving it my full attention, but I was clearly mistaken. And now..."

He knelt down beside her, lowering his head in shame, in sorrow and in regret...

"... Now you've been lost... I am the worst..."

I apologize with all my heart...
Can you ever forgive me...?

Chusin:"Huh? What's this?"

*Cough, Cough!*

°•Pumpkinsin or rather Chusin watched as all the bright epic colors shines threw out and all around the ridge. Chusin wasn't sure what was going on, that is till Khrona showed up in what looked to be the old Khrona she knew from way back when.

It was quite a site to see, even tho she was dying.•°

Chusin: "Khrona don't blame yourself, don't feel sad, this was because of my doing... *Cough!* I chose to walk down this path and I won't blame it on anyone else but myself.

I could have moved on, but I didn't. I let my anger blind me, this is where it led me... *Cough!* but now I finally realize that being mad wont help anyone, so I forgive them Khrona...

I forgive them, all of them... Even tho they've done me wrong, I forgive them..."

°•She used whatever last bit of energy she had and lifted up her hand, she had a hand time doing that in itself, she gave Khrona a thumbs up.•°

Chusin: "And lastly... *Cough, Cough!* Khrona I forgive you, even tho I don't blame you for this... You're a good person, so please look after Cynza... She's all that I have left now *Cough!*"

°•She coughed up quite a bit of blood, but for the first time Chusin's heart felt good, her rage was good and everything felt great and nice. The smile was still on her face, as she looked into Khrona's eyes, but it was time to move on to the other side.•°

Chusin: "... Kick reason to the curb and surpass the impossible! Never give up..."

°•And with that Chusin took her last breath, before her eyes closed and her hand fell to the ground, as she waited to pass on with a smile on her face.•°

Regardless of the words spoken by Chusin, Shin'Khrona could not help but feel completely and utterly responsible. The Insanity was his burden that festered over the years and spiraled out of control, growing in power as he did. It was the curse of the Tensei, and he had not only one of the curses, but ALL of them bestowed upon him from the very beginning of his his family's existence all the way until now. All of that Insanity plagued throughout the history of his family tree now rested upon his shoulders, and he was not strong enough to keep it completely at bay as he thought he was so long ago... Now it, being a vile being that was Shin'Khrona himself, was plunging the world into a chaotic stupor, letting its influence run wild amongst his friends and family. He couldn't help but blame himself; who wouldn't?

"Chusin..." he muttered, almost getting choked up at how well she was taking this, "... You are so much stronger than you ever could have realized... To endure all of that suffering and pain, that ridicule and torment... I felt it, I saw it, experienced it all for myself through a quick resonance with you..." Her hand reached up to him weakly, Shin'Khrona able to see how she could barely manage to raise it in the air, and somehow she found the strength to give him a thumbs up. She was quite the character once you got to know her, and even now she just wanted to be respected. In Shin'Khrona's eyes, her acceptance and forgiveness was more than enough to earn her respect... They say that you find out the true nature of people on their deathbed, and her true self was definitely shining brightly in Shin'Khrona's watering eyes.

"... I always thought you were a great person. You always showed it to me... You annoyed me to no end whenever we interacted, despite how little it was, but you had a determination and strength within you that I'm not sure too many people have... to be able to get back up and try again in the face of adversity, when all odds are against you. Sometimes, even I have difficulty achieving that... Most honorable. Deserving of merit... and my respect."

Even in her lust for power, it was only driven by her longing to be accepted and respected, and even now she could accept and forgive those that wronged her, including Shin'Khrona himself. Though this didn't completely take the weight of the gravity of her death from his chest, it did bring him the joy to smile for her... And before her hand fell, he snatched it with both of his, holding it to his chest.

"I wanted to help you... Always, I did. I could just never tolerate your presence. I was pretty selfish and spoiled back then... But what can I say? I was but a child as a Kage. It's only natural for children in positions of power to be so selfish, especially from a haughty and regal background such as my own..."

Spoiled rich kids, now falling into the brink of despair...

"But that is no excuse, merely the truth of what it was. And now, it seems like when I can finally have the chance to save you and help you like you always needed, you're--"

And just like that, before he could even finish his sentence, she took her last breath and her eyes closed. Her hand slipped from betwixt his grip and down onto the shimmering crystal ground, a smile of peace placed gently upon her face. It was a beautiful, yet tragic fate... And it was all Shin'Khrona's fault.

"... I really am the worst..."

He closed his eyes as well, bowing his head in a mournful respect to the deceased girl, watching her soul escape her lips and get sucked away into the unrelenting grip of the Insanity. The once reddened skies were now glittered with the soothing sparkling aurora of Shin'Khrona's presence, not as bright nor as intense as the flames of the Pumpking, but still just as colorful; more subtle among the still air. To commemorate her beautiful death, it was only natural that a beautiful calm overtake the land.

"... To think, the same place where my soul came to bring prosperity to you and Cynza long before... is the same place you would fall to rest. And just like rainbow flares were painted over the sky on that day... a rainbow aurora is set here on this one, just for you... and no one else."

His watering eyes, welling up with feelings he didn't even know he had for this poor girl, were starting to leak out, despite how hard he tried to hold them back. Even the bond he'd made with her, no matter how frazzled, was still pure and genuine. Losing a friend is never easy, and he indeed accepted this once pained vessel as a dear friend.

"My gift to you," he muttered under his breath, as Crystal Tears rolled down his cheeks, "... A gift you cannot even see nor experience on your own..." That may have been the worst part of all.

Yet, as the river of Crystal Tears streamed down his face and toward his chin, the droplets of liquid crystal did not fall down, but up, their particles collecting in the shape of a fluctuating translucent blob overhead. Shin'Khrona, not noticing a thing, as he still continued to gaze down in sorrow at the lost Chusin, didn't even realize that his tears had not once dropped down onto her body, despite how they streamed from his eyes. After a while, the composition of the blob grew more vaporous than aqueous, forming a Crystal Cloud over the two of them. The shine of the spectral aurora cast a glorious iridescence down upon the two of them, causing Shin'Khrona's head to jerk upward to see just where this magnificent light was coming from so suddenly.

"Wha...? A Crystal Cloud...? My Tears, they..."

Before he could truly understand for himself what was occurring, that same voice from before spake unto him again...

I have sent this cloud of Lucicrystal from me to you,
Cast through the boundaries of the dimensions and over your head,
Through the window that connects the both of us indefinitely.
This is yours to use as you see fit,
Born of your Crystal Tears that shall only rain when your feelings of love are pure and true.
Shall you now walk in the rain.
Right what is wrong, as you have been placed down there to do.
I leave the rest of the matter up to you.
You may do with this gracious gift what you Will, for yours is Free.
I trust you will not take such a thing for granted...
You've shown me that you have grown far beyond the selfish soul you once were long ago.
And for that, I am proud.
May this be a token of my undying love and gratitude.
Use it wisely, oh young Shinseigami...

And with that, Shin'Khrona sat there, nearly dumbfounded at what was going on, as usual when that voice started speaking to him out of literally nowhere, but somehow he knew exactly what he had to do. The Crystal Tears were capable of restoring life; rebuilding and rebirthing souls anew, even in places where nothingness existed. He'd done so for Allen when he saved him from the depths of the Zero World, and it looked like it was time to do it again for Chusin. If that was her wish, that is.

"... I understand," he said with a newfound knowing, wiping away the final Tears that fell from his eyes, "... I will bring her back to this world. Though she'll start from the very beginning, as all who are reborn shall, if she wishes to live then I will grant it to her."

Be warned of the power of Crystal Tears and Free Will, Shin'Khrona,
For if the girl accepts her beautiful death and does not wish to be reborn,
The Crystal Tears will not work on her.
Only if she truly wishes to live again will these Tears rejuvenate her life and start her from the beginning, fresh and new.
That is one of the effects of Free Will; all things are a choice, no matter how absolute your power may be.

"Right," he responded firmly with a decisive nod of his head, the Crystal Cloud still gleaming with all the colors of the rainbow (and some unknown to the normal eye). With that, a single Crystal Tear rained down from this cloud and onto the lifeless body of Chusin, waiting to see whether she would accept life or accept death. Her death here seemed to be a most beautiful end, and Shin'Khrona would understand if she did not wish to undergo rebirth again. Even he could not deny that this was a beautiful way to go; almost to perfection. However, just the same, new life brought so much promise and potential; to be wiped clean and start over new, to grow far better than she may have ever been in this life. Either choice would be understood. But right now, that was up to Chusin's will. He waited patiently for the result of his fruits of labor...

Chusin: "........."

°•Being dead wasn't all that bad in its own way, but it wasn't anyhing all that fun eather. In her state of death, she couldn't really think or do anything whatsoever, but oddly enough she felt something pull her mind back from the dead, if only for a short time.•°

Chusin: "Huh? I'm back? No. This isn't life, its something inbetween, but what's going on?"

°•With her mind back for now, she knew there was some reason behind this, that's when she felt a strong sadning feeling deep inside her. A tear ran down her face mentaly, then it did it physically and a voice was calling out to her, telling her to "wake up" and that voice kept on say it, "wake up!"•°

Chusin: "Wake up? Wake up!? I get it now!"

°•And in a bright show of colors, she opened up her eyes, only to see Khrona over her and crying his eyes out, which in turn made her happy.•°

Chusin: "Boys shouldn't cry fool, hehehehe~"

In solemn anticipation did Shin'Khrona wait for the result of the Crystal Tear, be it rejection or acceptance, he would understand and accept it within himself. After all, for someone else, his wishes did not matter because they were the masters of their own lives, whether he helped them or hindered them.

It wasn't long after the glorious shine of the Crystal Cloud faded that the eyes of Chusin slowly opened, gazing up into those of Shin'Khrona himself. Looks like she accepted his gift of new life, and though she hadn't been reborn just yet (as many things were going to have to be reworked), she was indeed living yet again.

"... Ha... I don't cry for just anyone, you know. Don't think that this is common."

He could tell that this girl was happy to be back, and happy to have someone who cared for her other than her partner, finally. Shin'Khrona smiled warmly, welcoming the spunky girl back to this world, be she in between life and death or not.

"But you know... Saving you from the clutches of death does come with a price. Dying is part of the natural order of things, and as a sacrifice of being reborn, you're going to have to start over from the very beginning. Wiped clean."

Whether she understood that or not before didn't matter, for even now she still had the choice of pursuing her new life or retreating back to death.

"You can become an entirely different person, rework yourself the way you see fit, or restart as yourself from the very beginning. Or, you still may choose death. I'm here to help you with your decisions if need be, and you may ask me whatever you like. Choose a new name, keep the same name, get new powers or keep your originals. It matters not what you do with your new life, as long as you understand that you will start from the beginning."

That was the most important thing.

"Ask me anything you wish and I will clarify."

Chusin: "Huh... Starting over I see, well that sounds like a good idea to me, I always wanted to re-do myself into something better and more cooler. So I'll re-do myself and I'll combine all of my powers to make a newer power, something that'll help people."

°•Chusin sat up and rubbed her head, she was sure she understood what Khrona ment and what nots, but she wasn't mad or anything like that. She was happy in fact, things were looking up for her, the world was never this blue in her eyes but now it was time to get to the new her.•°

Chusin: "Lets see here, my new name shall be Chusin Livewire something?, Chusin by itself is just waaay to old now, my powers shall be know as gravity magic.

This power allows me to use gravity, but as magic and not jutsu and stuff."

°•She smiled, she had a good idea of how she'd look and what nots, so now it was up to Khrona, well it was time to see what he would do.•°

Shin'Khrona was pleased to hear that she was so lively about her rebirth, though he wasn't quite sure if she fully grasped the severity of starting over from the very beginning... However, the mention of the use of gravity did indeed spark a flame in his head that he probably shouldn't have been thinking of, but still happened anyway.

Your sister.
Though she is being freed by the Judgemaster, she still has not atoned.
Let this be the mark of her atonement...
This girl shall become her new 'daughter.'


Though it seemed he said that out of nowhere, he heard that voice as clear as day, and truth be told, that was a really petty thing to do to Zita, to stick Chusin on her... But that was DEFINITELY a punishment WELL worth her weight for her own atonement. And the best part was, she wasn't going to have a choice in the matter... As usual.

"... Uh. I mean..." he coughed, eyes darting from side to side, "... Yeah. Sounds great. In fact, I think I know just the person who you should stick with for a little while... Someone who can REALLY help you with your gravity magic..."

A sinister smirk appeared on his face as he awaited her almost inevitable arrival...

And, on cue, as if recited into existence by the 'oh so mighty' Khrona himself (bastard), the great and powerful (and power hungry-- rather, STARVED) Zita L'sia would rise from a conveniently placed wormhole from the depths of hell. Nothing flashy or extravagant like her little brother was accustomed to doing (showy brat), mostly because she was still just as lazy as she was before she was sent down.

"... Why hello there, little brother~! How... NICE it is to see you again..."

Passing only a half a sideways glance at the trainwreck that was Chusin, she returned her attention in that split second of even gracing the mangled mass of lifelessness with her acknowledgement back to the important one; Khrona.

"You look... Younger. Must be that vampire reverse aging thing. Or maybe it's just one of your other innumerable powers, huh? Doesn't really matter."

As usual, she wasn't even going to give herself the chance to get tired of standing, and immediately took to her signature reclined position in the air, in a rather seductive and enticing pose fit for someone of her 'maturity.'

"Long story short; thanks for freeing me. Even though I'm still pretty fucking pissed at you for putting me down there in the first place, but uh... Water under the bridge. I guess."

She'd punish him later. Maybe in some sort of epic battle of sorts. Maybe.

He snickered under his breath, seeing that his sister was looking just as (w)horrific as ever now that she got reacquainted with the evil lich power that came from her father. Yeah, he knew about that, too.

"Oh, I wouldn't be thanking me just yet... Pupupu..."

She was only let off the hook for good behavior as well as a random fluke on Priere's part, but that didn't mean she was done atoning... Not until she did one thing...

"This one's for you. The final part of your atonement."

He pointed casually to Chusin, trapped between life and death as the rainbow aurora continued to cast its soothing shine over the land.

"Your new 'daughter.' You have to take her under your wing. Train her. Shelter her. Teach her. Stuff like that. Until she is capable of doing things on her own competently, this is your problem from now on. It's the price of getting out so easily and being free to roam around; now you've got a ball and chain around your leg."

Chusin: "Not sure what's going on, or where that lady came from, but I heard all I needed to hear for now."

°•Chusin laughed a bit, she heard that she had a mom, and that was the trigger that sent her into a happy state, she smiled ever so big, while looking at her new mommy. She knew that this was worth dying for, things were looking good for her, and she liked the luck she was getting, tho starting over wasn't the best thing in her mind.

But it was a small price to pay, for something like this.•°

Chusin: "Hhhiii mommy! Hugs?"

°•She placed her arms out, and waited for the hug from mommy!•°

Chusin: "Hehehe."

Pissed. That was all that could describe this moment in Zita; not only did she have a rebellious kid that never listened her, but now she was cursed with one that was lackluster in every way in her eyes, and already seeking some sort of affection that Zita rarely ever showed to any creature, even to the men she scooped up in her lifetime. This was not going to be pleasant.

She cut her eyes to Khrona, narrowing them with a fiery fury that was only quelled by her majestic and naturally collected womanly nature. A single leg rolled over her opposite knee gently, crossing her legs elegantly and seductively as she crossed her arms under her voluptuous breasts, perking up her great bosom even larger than before. With a sneer and a scoff, she muttered something to Khrona whilst completely ignoring the new deadweight that was to be attached to her for... however long this was going to be.

"... I'm going to get you, little brother... I hope you know that..."

Sibling rivalry at its finest... But what was the sibling rivalry of a Tensei and L'sia? Quite possibly something most would consider unnecessary, over the top and catastrophic, though they would consider nothing but good fun between the two. Then again, she was the eldest... by a long shot. But when it came to matters like this, Zita rarely acted her age, and only when it came to more womanly games did she truly fit her age and her form in the fray.

Her eyes snapped over to Chusin, whose arms were outstretched, and without so much more as a flick of her finger would a powerful sphere of gravitational force appear between Chusin's hands, controlled so precisely that it only draw in her two arms into its focal point and left the rest of her body unaffected, before locking them in place as they were.

"Ugh. Come, slave. If you're my new... ugh... 'daughter,' then you're going to have to learn all the basics of living with ME. Number one, I don't want to hear any sass nor any backtalk. You'll be punished immediately if I do. Understood?"

The ONLY benefit she could find from this was to have a little whipping girl around the house that would actually DO things for her... whilst she sat back and relaxed her lazy ass off, as she was so accustomed to doing. If she could train this little puppy right...

"Well. Thanks anyway, Khrona. For setting me sorta free, at least."

"Pupupu~!" Shin'Khrona always enjoyed things like this; granting punishment to people when he had the chance, because when they deserved it, he was ALL FOR dishing it out... And speaking of which, Chusin wasn't off the hook, either, for going to the Insanity in the FIRST goddamn place...

"Oh, and Chusin. Your punishment in all of this. Until Zita deems that you are ready, you are confined to the walls of Castle L'sia. That means no going outside, no going out into the world, no anything. The moment you leave, you will be sent either to your death or back inside for punishment from Zita. Also, you starting over means you have NO abilities WHATSOEVER, and you must learn EVERYTHING you want to know ONLY from Zita. That is YOUR punishment."

It wasn't really as bad as it sounded... Well, it might have been, considering who he just confined Chusin with for however long Zita saw fit... Chusin wouldn't be free until Zita spoke it for herself, whenever that may be.

"Now, since the two of you are pretty much stuck with each other for a very long, LONG while, I'd suggest you figure out a way to try to get along~!"

He knew that Zita was going to do something petty, as she was prone to do (hell, as basically EVERYONE in his family was known to do), but he didn't really care because it'd be fun in the end. Right now, though, he had much more pressing issues to attend to... He STILL needed to get down to Misery and combine her with Despair so that the Second Moon could rise... and he could rise to the Second Restriction.

"By the way, if you're interested to know, Nytoz still doesn't have a head official. I'd think the final addition to your little punishment is... That until there is someone that is capable of running that place, YOU will be the one to do so as the 'Great Fae,' which is the new position of what the once 'Head Witch' was. Since the Grand Magistrate is... well, you know who, our union has altered the realm of the Witches into a combined realm of magical entities; HER people, so all of you are no longer just Witches, but Fae as a whole. And she is your goddess, but you are the Queen. Just letting you know, onee-chan~!"

Shin'Khrona snickered under his breath; giving Zita some WORK to do was going to piss her off further, but he also knew that she liked to be in control and in power, so she may not have been as upset about it as he was expecting as long as she had power and rule over something. She was still quite the power-hungry wench... something that she and Chusin had very much in common, remarkably...

"But um, that is all for you two. Chusin, you may now pass into the world of the living in a new body shaped to your choosing. Zita... You may go. I have some things to take care of, since my Insanities are still running loose and rampant all around... Oi..."

All of this was completely absurd... Well, not completely. Zita basically had a house slave for herself and rule over an entire realm of magical beings as their Queen, BUT, she still had to deal with this... girl... and do WORK. Two things she wasn't looking forward to. But, she guessed that with her freedom came some sort of punishment, since she didn't really fully atone... At least there was some good to this. Her brother wasn't all as bad as everyone said, even though he was a friggin bastard sometimes.

"... Hmph. Fine. I find those terms relatively acceptable. As long as this one here doesn't get too unruly."

She held her finger up again under her crossed arms, bringing the gravity orb restraining Chusin's hand up in front of her.

"Now, before you change your mind and add something else stupid to my punishment, I'm going to leave you to what you have to do and take my new pet with me. Come, poochie, let me show you to your new home."

And with a gentle 'come hither' of her single finger, Chusin was yanked against her will toward Zita, who opened up a wormhole via her own gravitational magic, which she hovered into along with her captive. She blew a kiss to her little bro and winked at him as the portal closed, leaving him only with the parting "Adieu~!" of her siren-like voice.Castle L'sia was her destination... no doubt in need of some sprucing up due to the long absence... Lord knows Chita probably didn't do anything... Lazy rebellious little tramp...

Once the two of them were on their way, Shinchrona could finally get back to completing his story... It was about time for the Second Moon to make its rise.

It is finally time.

With a simple sigh and a slight stare up into the still so soothing aurora in the sky, the Crystal Cloud would cast around his form as an alluring sinuous drapery; rolling over his shoulders and off of his nape, flowing over his hips and encircling his arms and legs, drifting off into an ethereal wavelength dispersing with the waves of the universe. His once black cape now cloaked with crystal brought forth the wings of a beautiful angel... Glistening gossamer beyond this world's comprehension. The iridescence of his crystal wings' shine brought forth a magnanimous light and wavelength that sent him hurdling off toward the other of his dearly beloved...

"You're coming home... Misery..."

And he was off... Finally....

As the crystal angel took flight into the sky, catching onto the wavelengths left behind by his Crystal Cloud were the Crystal Tears being woven together into a glistening thread shining right beside him, almost wrapping around his entire form. What was spun into existence through weaving together the fabrics of space and time, Despair A La Discord... Rather... Despair Tensei. As usual, she smiled with a rather depressingly happy sort of way, and nuzzled up against Shin'Khrona as they streaked through the sky.

"I am so dreadfully happy to see you again... Aren't you pleased that you waited? I can't wait to see Misery again, too..."

She wrapped her arms around his waist, letting the aurora of the Crystal Cloud splash in her face. She basked in the utter glory of the universal energies radiating from this crystalline vapor, and felt somehow at Peace being with Khrona again. That was all she ever really wanted... But she knew she wouldn't be complete without her Gemini Twin; she who would complete the Piscean Chrysms and form the Red Moon. For once... she could feel actually enthused about something... What a glorious feeling...

This was something he certainly was not expecting, yet at the same time... It seemed like it had to be this way. Despair waited for him, and he fought for her... The same way he was going to fight for his other dearly beloved. He could not be complete without her... They wouldn't be complete without each other... Because the three of them were never supposed to be apart. Misery was not supposed to be without Despair, and Misery and Despair were not supposed to be without Khrona. Otherwise... All three of them were not happy.

"... Despair... I see..."

Now that she was here with him, he realized what happened before, when he was sent into the Melancholies. She was with him the entire time, making him wait until the right moment... Where everything could be in place exactly where it needed to be. She was there as his shield, which was why he held her arm. And now, she was back in it. Or, wait... Not yet...


With a quick 'heave-ho' of his darkling darling with the Hand of Despair, he pulled her up from his waist and into his arm, holding her close as he zeroed in on the next target.

"No need to be down there. My eyes are up here, love. And my lips are right here."

Planting a deep, smooth kiss to the lips of the gorgeous Despair in his arms, an ultraviolet hue radiated from the crystal clouds that streaked across the sky, leaving behind a streaming trail of aurora just as beautiful as the midnight sky.

Midnight Bleue.

"How I've missed you, Despair... Now. Let's go get our Misery back."

As day turned to night at his movement through the sky, he would begin to swirl with his dear in his arm, relishing in the feeling of her being there yet again... and the two spiraled together into a helix of Midnight Bleue down to where he'd find the maiden of Nightmare Rouge waiting for them to become one again...
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Thirty-Fourth Domination: Breaking In My New Play Thing...

A powerful gravitational distortion serving as a hole through space and time opened up in front of the majestic (but rather dusty) Castle L'sia. Exiting from this flux were the recently released (on good behavior) Zita L'sia (though on probation of sorts) and her new little toy-- er, 'daughter,' Chusin. Without much hesitation, with a wave of a hand did zita's grand doors swing open, inviting her back into her humbly extravagant castle of chains and locks. She said nothing to Chusin as she hovered inside, only stringing her along via the spherical gravity cuff around her hands.

Chusin: "The hell just happened? ... Ehhh???"

°•Chusin wasn't even halfway sure what the heck just went down, all she knew was that her mommy was just a whole "bitch" in gen. This was going to work out just fine, she knew that this new life was going to be quite epic indeed, Chusin smiled a bit, before she started laughing out loud.

And just when she thought things couldn't get any better, her mommy brought her to the place she'd call home from here on out. But, that's when she noticed how old and dusty the place looked, it wasn't the first time she'd seen an old castle, but this was just wow.

On the other hand, Chusin didn't mind that she was being held captive by her mom, it was kinda kinky in a way. And now it was time to start the fireworks!•°

Chusin: "Oh my fucking god! This castle is old as shiiit!"

°•Now all that was left was to wait for the reaction, tho she was brought back, there were a few problems that went down inside her brain.•°

Zita did not mind the castle walls being dusty and dirty; a quick sweep with a Gravity Ball would do just nicely. Her control over her gravity was so precise, she was able to draw in only the particles of dust that she wanted into her gravitational orbs whilst everything else remained completely unaffected. Even Chusin herself would not be able to feel the pull of this gravity sphere, because its sole targets were those dust particles. Zita was just so lazy that she didn't like using her powers to do anything... even though she could do it all.

With a bored yawn, she perused her house in her signature reclined position in the air, floating up the spiral staircase and to her room. Moments later, she hovered back downstairs on a rather comfortable reclining chair; completely unnecessary, but somehow absolutely essential to her relaxing time. Shades were donned upon her face and in her hand was a popsicle. Yep. She was comfy alright.

"Mmm... So, let me see... What should I train the cute little puppy to do first? Beg? Roll over? Sit?"

She asked as though she pondered such a notion seriously, and knowing Zita, it probably was. She licked the popsicle casually as she decided in her head, wrapping her lips around the tip as she thought more deeply. Sucking out some of the juice brought an idea into Zita's head! Something she was certain would be beneficial...

"Aha~! I know... Clean out this room."

She pointed to the first closest room down the hall, which, even from this distance, one would be able to smell quite the foul, pungent odor emanating from within... A broom, a mop and a dust pan floated over to Chusin and with a snap of Zita's fingers, the spherical handcuff of gravity would disperse, allowing her to grab her tools with ease. Though the cuff dispersed from her hands, it hadn't left her body, as with a simple shift in the center of gravity would the placement and proportions of the cuff change in an instant. It was now a dog-collar and leash around Chusin's neck. A symbol of her slavery; of her house arrest.

"Chop-chop! I don't have all day."

With a wave of her hand as if calling someone or something from behind her would a large cup of soda float into her hand, where she took a nice, long ssssssiiiip~.

Chusin: "The fuck? Wow, she's good, really good. My gravity powers weren't even that good, tho I didn't really care, but damn!"

°•Chusin was kinda impressed, her simi red blushed face showed that, but she quickly shook her head. She didn't wanna seem to happy about what she saw, tho it was cool still. After seeing her mother clean up a bit, she sighed, but then she noticed her lovely mother left for a bit, and then came back.

It would seem that mother was already feeling at home, giving what she went to get, and freeze pop she had in her mouth. Which in a way turned her on a bit, Chusin wasn't above incest or girly love, tho she quickly shook her head to rid herself of those thoughts.•°

Chusin: "Uh."

°•Before she could get her thought out, she was told to clean up something, well clean out so to say. She looked in the area of which her mother pointed, she soon enough saw the room she had to clean out.•°

Chusin: "Wait what's that smell? Smells like something died, there's no way I'm going in there. You must be joking mom, right?"

°•Which was what she said, but for some reason she knew it wasn't a joke. Since cleaning supplys appeared before her, and her cuff were gone!•°

Chusin: "This is just wrong, but I really don't have a choice, Uncle Khrona said I'd die if I tryed to leave, fuck."

°•She said to herself. Soon enough, she took the clean supplys, and made her way down the hall towards the door. She opened up the door, only to see what she kinda knew was behind the door.•°

Chusin: "Moooooooooooooom, do I have to do this?"

"No! That is a bad dog! Bad!"

With a swift waggle of the finger in a scolding fashion, a slight concentration of a gravitational flux appeared in the center of Chusin's mouth, sucking her lips shut as well as the immediate breath from her lungs the moment she opened her mouth to talk.

"I did not say 'Speak.'
I said 'Clean Out This Room.'
Now do as I say."

Zita commanded Chusin to go clean out the room and that is all there was to that. The door swung open with the decisive point of her finger, revealing a giant cauldron swirling in the center of her floor. One of the many secret rooms in the house of Zita, this was her Cauldron that she used for some special magics and such. Elara was the only person to have ever been in this room besides Zita herself and of course Chita. It was filled with that pungent odor and many weird things on the floor... male carcasses, panties, old food of all qualities, and other useful 'ingredients' to be placed within.

"By the way, you talk too much. Don't know when to shut your mouth, do you? That is why I've done it for you. If your jaws even have the strength to open up in spite of the gravitational concentration in the back of your throat, not only will I be just a little bit impressed and turned on, but also it will suck out all the air in your lungs and cause them to collapse. The vacuum wave is pretty intense. You can still breathe from your nose; it won't catch any air that goes through your windpipe or anything... Just that which comes to and from your mouth."

She casually shifted her position over to her side, her leg gently caressing her other as she slurped upon her juicy treat. The dripping fluids rolling down the length didn't get too far from her rather dextrous tongue before it was lapped back into her mouth in a heartbeat. She spoke through her sucks, "Have phun~!" and basked in her relaxation time... Ah, it was the life.

Chusin: "Mmmph!"

°•Chusin couldn't believe what just happened, her mouth was closed shut, she didn't know talking was angest the rules, but she found out the hard way it seems. She wouldn't bather trying to open her mouth, she would just leave it be for now, since this was her new life, she'd be more of "listen, then act" type of person.

Rather then the "act first, and skip the listning", which was the soul reason she did't bother trying to force her mouth open. Now with the room open to her, she took a walk on inside, and got to cleaning up all the crap that was everywhere. Tho on a side note, she was getting turned on, her mother was doing it right *wink, wink*•°

Chusin: "Mmm."

°•The room was a shit storm, Chusin found herself picking up things she wasn't even was a thing anymore, but she kept on cleaning. The smell was really killing her, it was like someone taped a butt on her face, it was just that bad.

And that's when she picked up someone panties, this was one of those "is she really about to do this" type of thing, and believe it or not. She took a sniff, tho she knew it wouldn't smell like she hopped it would, but hey it was something she wanted to do. After a few sniffs, she placed them on her head, just to act stupid, since this had to be fun for her, if she was gonna finish this crap up.•°

Chusin: "Hmhmhmhm~"

°•She moved about the room, cleaning up everything she saw, each spot was given 10min of cleaning, Chusin was kinda a neat freak in some ways. So it was important to male sure the spot was dead clean, tho it wasn't the best of things she could be doing, it did help her in a way.

It showed her that even cleaning can be fun, and that being told what to do was kinda fun/hot. The new Chusin was just epic.•°

Chusin: "Hmhmhmhm"

The head mistress of the house continued to casually relax and enjoy her freedom as she may. She gulped down her soda rather quickly, finishing it off in no time as Chusin worked hard to clean out Zita's cauldron room. To avoid getting fat and sloppy, Zita waved her hand and called upon some exercise equipment that would hover around her; nothing too extravagant, just some things she could do to work off whatever she ate whilst reclining in her chair. Of course she'd be using them all the while Chusin did her 'chores.'

"Mmm... Keep up the good work, lovey... Especially the not talking bit... Hmhmhm~!"

Looks like that laugh was pretty deep in the family's genes if even Zita did it. Her popsicle grew smaller and smaller as time passed, drops of juice slipping down the side if her mouth weren't timely enough in stripping it of its delicious coating. She liked to savor the sensation of a popsicle in her mouth for some reason... Much more delicious than a measly straw in a soda pop, indeed. She came to the last bite way before Chusin got finished cleaning.

"Hmmm... What to chew on next..."

Zita really did like snacks and stuff, especially sweets. They were just so fucking good. But she might have to lay off of them for a while in order to not gain any weight and become a fat old hag like most Witches her age that let themselves go. Witches had the potential to be beautiful for all eternity, if they take care of themselves, and to avoid looking like an old hag, Zita would do everything in her power to make that happen. Besides, the Great Fae of Nytoz had to keep herself looking good for the masses, right? A prime example for her Fae and Faeling sisters alike, right? Ah, it's not easy being beautiful sometimes...

"Mmmm... I guess I've had enough sweets for the moment."

By the time she came to this conclusion, her Silenced slave was finally done cleaning out the Cauldron room. Wonderful, right on time.

"Perfect timing. Let us see how it looks, then..."

Zita hovered inside the room, pulling Chusin in by her gravitational leash, whether she wanted to or not, to be dragged alongside the hovering recliner chair. The two would step into Zita's Cauldron room to inspect Chusin's work.
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Thirty-Fifth Domination: Training My Minion; Make Mama Proud~!

Zita hovered into the room, bringing her little pet along with her against her will, thoroughly inspecting the room up and down. Chusin seemed to be a very hard worker and got everything cleaned up pretty well for her first time. Nearly spotless. Nearly.

"Hmmm... Alright, looks good enough. Well done, little puppy. Here's a treat."

She patted Chusin on the head a total of three times; no more, no less, as gratitude for her work. Zita continued to exercise as she peered into her Cauldron, hovering around it with a thoughtful expression on her face.

"... Hmmmm... Seems like it's still pretty chock full of power... Let me place my father's Crystal Skull in there..."

A magical construct of eerie energy unknown to this world, the Shini Energy, formed the shape of the Shini Bone that was the Crystal Skull. This was her father's head when he was Skelette, and the twin to the original Skull Heart that Zita once had. As he was right now but a wraith Lich King remnant of the past, if Zita dropped in this Crystal Skull and allowed the Cauldron to restore power to it, not only would he be her servant, but he would be restored to his full power and all his spirits would return to his form... And subsequently super-charge Zita, who would be his master. Her father would be back from the dead, stripped from whatever dimension his poor remains were stuck in~!

"In you go~!"

Without any hesitation at all, she plopped the Crystal Skull into the Cauldron, allowing it to spin in all the infinite macrocosmic energy it needed within the dimensional boundarylines. As long as she could fish it back out again, it should be fine. Though, she figured her father might be able to do that on his own... Just had to wait a little bit.

Chusin: "......."

°•Chusin was happy to have been finish cleaning up, she was a bit winded by it all, but none the less she was just fine. And from out of the blue, she was pulled out by her loving mother, guess it was time to see how she did at cleaning. It also was weird that her mother was working out, while coming to check on her work, weird in a way, but nothing out of the blue.•°

Chusin: "......!?"

°•Her eyes grew wide and her heart beating a little bit faster, this was because of the prase she got from her loving mother, it was nice to hear someone give thanks or cridit to stuff she did. But what really got her happy was the pats on the head, she felt good about herself, this life wasn't that bad, and neather was her mother.

In fact both were a'ok in her book, tho she'd have to find uncle Khrona and thank him for everthing he did, even if it was a way to piss his older sister off. Tho she wasn't sure what her mother was doing, but whatever it was must be important or something like that.•°

*Smiles of joy.*

Without warning, a massive knightly figure warped immediately into the area, staring down with a contemptuous gaze at the one known as Zita L'sia. It was about that time for her again, already.

Judgemaster: "Just released and already, you are up to no good...
You must want me to reinstate your sentence."

The great presence that stood before them, the Judgemaster, was the sole law and order of the Veritas in its entirety, and now was also the Keeper of Fear and new Lord of Terror. There was nothing here to fear greater than the presence of the Lord of Terror.

"Absolute Law..."

The same contemptuous stare was given back to the lummox cast in his extravagant arms, boasting his absolute presence all over the place as he did, yet without even causing her to flinch a bit. No, Zita was already so far ahead of the game, she knew that something like this was bound to happen. So, all she had to do was use her little slave to take the fall for her... As she set it up to be in the first place.

"It was all that one, right there," she pointed with absolute zero hesitation in the matter. Chusin's mouth was still sealed shut, so she could not object, and she was also Zita's slave so she couldn't NOT do whatever she said, which was the best part about this entire deal.

"She did it all. Whatever it is you're mad about, she did it. She cleaned up and opened the Cauldron. All I've been doing is exercising, eating sweets and reading magazines."

Chusin: "MMMMM!!!?"

°•Chusin was shocked by what she saw, this huge buff thing appeared in front of her, she wasn't sure what it was or why it was here, but it seemed like it was talking to mother. Everything seemed fine, so long as nothing bad happened to mother, buuuut all that changed when Chusin heard her own mother blame her for something she didn't do and had no idea about.•°

Chusin: "!!!???"

°•She couldn't talk back, so that she could voice her on thoughts. So there wasn't much she could do about it, cept take the fall for her mother. Tho in a way, she didn't mind it at all, mother did just get out of jail not to long ago and it'd suck to see her go back, so Chusin walked forward

Looking the big man squar in the eyes, new life ment tough choices and this was a choice she was willing to take for her mother, even if their not blood related, they were still family!•°

The Judgemaster crossed his arms, as he was prone to do, looking down upon the wicked witch and the foul lies he smelled.

"Your terror brings me great strength, witch."

If the Judgemaster were a feeling entity, he would have laughed at her sense of fear for returning to her isolation. However, the Judgemaster was indifferent to everything except the issues at hand, for nothing else was relevant except said issues that needed to be resolved.

"How deplorable it is that you should so hastily sell out the innocent. You have clearly learned nothing from your shortened sentence." The Judgemaster uncrossed his arms slowly, raising them up with the utmost precision, "Though that has nothing to do with the nature of my visit. You are to become the new Sister of Fear to accompany myself as the Insanity of Fear's Keeper. This is my Absolute Law."

The Absolute Law was set in place, not a twinge of hesitation between his words and his motions being allowed. The decisive, clean swipe of his arms set the effects of this law into play, forcing upon Zita the duty of maintaining the Zero World along with the Judgemaster. The power of both the Zero World and the Judgemaster flowed through her veins, and as such, the Judgemaster gave yet another command.

"You will use the Crystal Skull to conjure the new Zero World in this realm. That is all."

With a tap of his sword, the Judgemaster warped away in an instant, no longer finding his presence here necessary.

Seems like he saw straight through her bullshit... As to be expected of the Judgemaster. Though she anticipated something terrible to be done to her (hence why she willingly gave up Chusin), it seems as though by some stroke of luck, just the opposite occurred. Trying to contain her excitement, Zita simply smirked and accepted this judgement. She normally wasn't the type to lie down and be anyone's bitch, but when it came to the Judgemaster, he already kinda asserted his dominance before. Besides... She wanted the type of power that he could give her...

"Whatever you say, big boy..."

With a wink and a kiss blown to the Judgemaster before his departure, she rather obediently continued doing exactly what she was doing, waiting for her father to rise. But now... she had some authority.

She couldn't help but look at Chusin and pat her on the head exactly three times, just as before, smiling big and wide at all that she knew was gonna go down from this point on.

"Good girl, goood girl! Mommy is so proud of her little poopsie, yes she is! Yes she is!"

Looks like Chusin got how this whole slavery thing was going down, and whenever Zita commanded, she was going to do something. But with the power of the Judgemaster, Chusin wasn't the ONLY person that was going to end up being this queen's little pawns...

"Hmmm, now let's see... My father, Xi-Ta the Lich King, will rise from the Cauldron reborn as the embodiment of the Zero World."

Ohhhh, she was going to have a fucking marvelous time...

Risen from the grave just as powerful as ever, Xi-Ta harnessed within him now the power that his late wife Eva once used to defeat him... That same force that was inherent within her bloodline, seething through the veins of his daughter and his granddaughter now pulsed through his empty vessel... Darkness swirled around the Crystal Skull, forming a sleek, obsidian face pouring with white vaporous locks streaming in the ether. In addition to his own might as the Lich King, he was, in and of himself, the new Zero World, Grim the Reaper.

"Yeeeeeessssss... Goooood Girl..."

His little daughter had learned so very well from her father, even without his presence around for so long in her life... Seems like there were some things in one's DNA that just came to surface naturally and one did not need to learn how to do, but simply already inherently was capable of doing. A bloodline limit, or Kekkei Genkai, of sorts. He sensed it teeming from his daughter and now that he was back to full strength, not simply as a fractional being of himself (Skelette), Grim was about ready to go reclaim his throne.

"You have done very well, Daughter...
Together, we will consume this world in our darkness...
And show them what true terror looks like..."

The feared, the fabled, the legendary Lich King was back at large, this time more powerful than ever, and with a family, no less... He looked toward the young Chusin with the same contemptuous gaze shared by both the Judgemaster and his daughter, eying the little one up and down rather critically.

"This one is not our kind. Kill it now."

°•Watching the events unfold right before her eyes, Chusin just stood there watching and listning to everything that was going on, this didn't look good or sound good. However, the big guy didn't seem to be paying her much thought, it seemed he was still aiming at mother, Chusin overheard the world "sentence".

Which only gave Chusin a wondering idea, "Why did mother get locked up anyway?" It was indeed a good question, then something else cought her ear, something about becoming fear and a judgemaster and something about a zeroworld. Things were getting serious, though she couldn't say anything, she kinda cought on to what was going on and what nots.

Chusin: ".....!"

Not to long after the talk was over, did the big guy just left and that was that, Chusin was still kinda lost on a few things, but all that was put to rest when mother patted her on the head. It made everything seemed ok in a way, she smiled, but there was still more to come.•°

Chusin: "?"

°•From out of nowhere came another person, Xi-ta. Mother's father, this was indeed a very random day, Chusin just stood there in aw!•°

The awakening of her father was a most joyous occasion, for as she spoke to him whilst within Hell, she had been trying to figure out a way to bring him back to life (so to speak) on this mortal plane. Though he may have been the Lich King, in this particular situation, he was still under the service of Zita, meaning that technically she had complete control over her father. Though she didn't WANT to abuse her power, it seemed like papa was not too fond of her little slave. Perhaps because she wasn't undead like the two of them were.

"Well, now hold on... See, we don't HAVE to kill her because she is my adopted servant daughter. She's here under special rules, so she's fine. Don't worry, she's very obedient... And even though her mouth is rather annoying... She does bidding like a good little puppy should~!"

Her old man was really old fashioned, considering how very old he was and for how long he was gone. He was going to need to be a little more up to date with how this world was. But he could do that as he reigned over an undead army or whatever.

"Now, dad, I think it would be best if you went out for a little... Stroll. Maybe go conquer something, turn some people into undead slaves of yours... You know we love slaves and minions and such. The house has been so empty without my legion of gorgeous man servants here... It's been many, many years..."

She was going to have to rebuild her sexy slave empire from the bottom up... Oh well. That's what Chusin was for.

"Now run along, dad! I have to keep breaking my little on in. Stripping her of her bad, naughty habits... Beating her into submission when she doesn't listen. I'm sure you understand?"

Zita turned her head to Chusin, waggling her finger a bit to dispel the gravitational pull clamping her mouth shut. She earned her speech back by being such a good little girl.

"There. Your reward. You are allowed to speak in my presence. We'll be continuing your training momentarily..."

The rather spry looking entite of darkness stared deeply at his daughter and at her apparent slave, still disagreeing with her liveliness. However, as it was the will of his precious and only daughter, he would oblige to her, as it really did not matter much to the ancient deity in the first place.

"Very well. I shall be off to where the Zero is prominent."

Slipping back into the Cauldron, Grim disappeared, ready to emerge from wherever the Zero World's influence had already captured...

°•Chusin sighed, it was nice to have her mouth back to normal, but she really didn't have anything to say whatsoever. Even though she wanted to ask a billion questions, she didn't, all she did was sigh once more before she yawned every so loudly.•°

Chusin: "Meh. Anything else you need me to do ma?"

°•She lifted up her right foot and rubbed it on the back of her left leg, while rubbing her head. Mother should have something up her ass, whatever it may be, Chusin would do it, in fact she looked forward to it.•°

Chusin: "OI!!! Mama! Hurry up and give me something to do."

°•She kept rubbing her foot on her leg and rubbing her head, while she waited for something.•°

Zita smiled slightly at her 'good' daughter, patting her three times on the head in a loving manner.

"No, that will be all, my sweet. Mummy will teach you everything you need to know on our way to an old establishment of hers. Let's go, chop chop!"

She snapped her fingers to make sure she had the girl's full and undivided attention, sipping upon a parfait she'd hovered down the stairs from the unknown above of Castle L'sia. Gently floating from her chair and to the door.

As she hovered now still in her signature reclined position midair, Zita slipped her hands down the crevice of her cleavage smoothly, slipping out two sliver balls that were hidden between them. Their spherical perfection matched the rotundness of her perky and proper breasts, a slick sheen shimmering off of them both in the light.

"These are mummy's secret weapons, Sonorous Grandiloquence. I will show you why once we get outside."

Jostling the balls around in her hands gently would they come into a gravitational spiral, their magnetic forces clashing into an pulsating wave of condensed vacuous vibrations. Like forcing magnets of the same polarity together and generating a powerful electromagnetic field, the gravity of the two metal balls created a miniature black hole in the palm of Zita's hand, flexing and maintaining its shape and form by rotating the balls faster or slower and with wider or smaller revolutionary cycles. The black hole did not exceed the boundary of the magnetically charged spheres' rotation, no matter how wide or small she made it with each gravitational flux. Soon, the two spheres gently came back to lucid swirl in the palm of her hands, gravity stabilized and spheres uncharged.

"Yeah, I had all types of shit in this house... I can make other shapes out of it, too. Simple tools for mastering Gravity Magic, my dear."

And she took another suh-weet *~ssssiiiiiiip~* of her parfait.

Chusin: "Ok."

°•Chusin sighed, she wasn't truly looking torwards doing more work, but she wouldn't let mother know that little bit of info. Anywho, she looked on, watching as mother did what so did, which was doing the whole "sexy thing" that she'd been doing ever since they meet so to say.•°

Chusin: "So its teaching time? Coolness, though I wanna know what's up first? Mother."

°•She looked at the bells that were somehow stuck between mother's boobies~ Which lead Chusin to believe that she was going to have to do something with the bells. That is till she saw how cool mother's powers were, she was stunned by the epicness of the little show she saw, much like a kid seeing the hero and acting all geeked up. Chusin would be the same, she placed her foot back on the ground and took her hand off of her head, then she walked over torwards mother.•°

Chusin: "Sooo cool, is that what imma learn? Please tell me that's what imma learn!?"

°•Her personality quickly switched like that *snap*, her eyes were shining.•°

"Do exactly what mummy has to say like a good little pup and you will. Now, come along."

The dazzling gleam in the girl's eyes had her stunned with awe at the display of Zita's magical metal balls, Sonorous Grandiloquence. She tapped the two of them together lightly within her palms, attracting the gravitational pull of her collar around her neck to her hands. She yanked at the girl to start her moving, holding onto her gravity leash tightly as they floated toward the door. As Zita opened it up, she remembered about Khrona's little rule he made for Chusin... Which was about to get a one time free pass under his nose.

"Oh, almost forgot..." she took another long sip of her parfait, enjoying the strain of sucking the thick creme through the straw. She snapped her fingers and in her hand a Blue Card would appear, one of the Law cards that allowed Chusin a free one-time pass. "Hold on to this card and you won't die when you leave the house. When we return, it will shatter. It is a one time free pass for a single law."

Because she had the shared powers of the Judgemaster (whether that was a good thing or not), Zita was able to effectively create and negate laws as she saw fit. Granted, not over the Judgemaster's say if he were to say something, but she still had quite a bit of freedom with this type of power... especially over herself.

"Liberating, isn't it~? This freedom~?"

She cooed sweetly to herself as she hovered out of the door, dragging Chusin along behind.

Chusin: "Sweet, keh!"

°•Chusin smiled a bit, hearing that good news made her feel even better, though once mother pulled on her "leash", she felt different. Her eyes slightly closed, just enough for her to see and for it to look like they were closed, her body shook a bit, that once fired up side was now gone.•°

Chusin: "....."

°•Soon enough she was given a blue card, which would allow her to leave the house or so that's what mother said. Chusin was happy to be able to go outside, but her face didn't show it whasoever, so she just followed her mother out to god knows where.•°

Chusin: "....."
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Thirty-Sixth Domination: The Family Business...

Taking along and rather nice stroll through the Insanity (as its unstable energy was quite the powerful source for magic), Zita was feeling quite energized... Almost to the point where she could literally just go off and destroy someone. But no, that was just all of the unfathomable power she was feeling talking; Insanity did still affect witches, even though it boosted their magic, for partaking too much would drive them mad with destructive tendencies. Zita was a great and powerful witch, so this didn't have much of an effect on her besides the power boost, but for someone as feeble as her little puppy... Well, she wasn't entirely sure how this type of power was going to affect her.

Either way, in the midst of Insanity where a Witch's power is most prominent is where their training should have been done, to make it easier on Chusin to learn more quickly... That is, if she could take these types of chaotic forces swirling about without losing her mind to the power. Seemed like that would be the most difficult for her.

"Step lightly, we're almost there. Practice swirling these silver balls in your hands like mummy, dear. They are magical and will help to channel your magic inside so you can learn to conjure up your gravitational forces for your magic."

The two silver balls Sonorous Grandiloquence hovered over to Chusin's hands as they walked through the lawless cutthroat realm of Valparaiso. Though it had made such a rapid decline over the years, especially since the fall of the original Witch City, there was still one place that was mysteriously kept up to par for all these years... and this witch was the reason why. These two were on their way to the Forbidden Hotel.

Chusin: "........"

°•Chusin said nothing while they walked down the road, it would seem that where they were going was important, because from the looks of things. The path they were headed down scared the shit out of poor little nerve shot Chusin, which is why she wasn't talking during the little trip.•°

Chusin: "Eeeek!~"

°•She cryed out, when her mother sent the bells over to her, odd reasction in some cases, but that's what happened. She took the bells, clueless as to what she was suppose do, till mother told her that is was in so many other words, a starter for her magic.

Chusin's whole body shook, she immediately started to cry, she knew that she couldn't do what was asked of her and it made her cry.•°

Chusin: "Mooooommy!!! I.. I ca... I can't.. I can't do iiittt~!!"

°•Even though she didn't try, she knew she couldn't make the bells move. However, as she cryed tears of tears, oddly enough the bells twitched a bit, nothing to big, but they did move. Chusin wasn't awear of it, because she was to busy crying.•°

Chusin: "Moom... Moom... Mommy!"

°•She cryed out for her mother's attention, for one reason or another, Chusin wasn't going to stop crying.•°

Zita could barely believe how completely stupid this little girl was. An annoying brat, but a nice little obedient servant all the same. Better help than the last one, anyway.

"Just swirl the fucking balls in your hand, dammit. It will draw out your magic naturally."

Zita yawned, comfortably floating through the dangerous city as though it were no big deal.

"Just be careful how fast you swirl them. The faster they swirl, the more energy they drain from you. And believe me, they will kill you; suck you right into a black hole of your own emptiness. And then you die. Hmhm, have fun~."

The Forbidden Hotel was not too far away from here, but they still had a ways to go. Ample time for the girl to practice rustling of jimmies.

Chusin: "Fine then. No need to get all tender about, uuuugh!"

°•Chusin stopped her crying and looked at the bells, she could tell that they had moved a bit, so it wouldn't be to hard to make'em move again. She focused her mind on moving the bells slowly, since she was playing with an item that could more then likely kill her if she fucked up even once. So she had to come to a clear understanding of how much juice she juiced the bells with, too little and they wouldn't move, too much and she'd kill herself. So it was key to find middle ground. While she focused her mind on moving the bells, she couldn't help but feel like there was more she could do then just move them.

She wanted to do tricks so to say, this was HER power after all, she why not? Once she set her mind on the bells moving, she cut loose and juiced'em up 50/50 equal amounts on both ends. Not too much and not too little.•°

Chusin: "So you'd let your own daughter play with toys that could kill'er? You should be mommie of the year for that, but as you can see I've done as you asked, the bells are moving."

She placed her hand out to show mother her epic work, the moving bells, but they weren't just moving, they were zig zagging about and all that cool stuff. Chusin could do anything she wanted to, if she tryed a bit.•°

Chusin: "Well mother, what now?"

"Wrong!" she shouted immediately as she saw Chusin doing exactly what she WAS NOT supposed to do. A chain slipped from Zita's back and slapped Chusin upside the head, forcing her concentration to break.

"Is that what I told you to do? You have an issue with listening. Something that shall be thoroughly beaten out of you."

The chain wrapped around Chusin's legs before detaching from Zita's body, then a lock appeared out of thin air and sealed her legs in place. After that, Zita shifted gravity in a certain area to pull Chusin to the center of the street, where she would be a sitting duck.

"Do exactly as I say, or mummy's going to break your legs. Alright, precious~?" Zita smiled and continued to hover off toward the Forbidden Hotel, as if she were going to leave Chusin where she was. "Now, do it again, and this time, do it right. All you have to do is swirl them in your hand USING your hand, not using your magic. As you swirl them in your hand, your magic will be drawn out. Just... swirl them first."

Yeah, Zita didn't really care if Chusin died or not, so she'd better straighten up before Zita disposed of Chusin herself. She could always get another little pet somewhere.

Chusin: "The fuck!? Why'd you hit me?"

°•Chusin got kinda pissed off that she was hit upside the head for no reason.•°

Chusin: "Owwwww! Damn that hurts."

°•She didn't care so much about what her mother was say as much as she was about her hurting head. The pain was crazy, chains hurt a lot more then she thought, but things only got worse. Mother seemed to find in necessary to chain her daughter's legs up and sit her in the middle of the street.•°

Chusin: "Again, what the fuck!? All of this cause I did something differently? Ugh!!! Fiiine!"

°•Chusin wasn't about to be road kill for someone, so she got to swerlling the bells around in her hand, though she was still mad about being hit and left in the street.•°

"That'll learn ya..." Zita muttered under her breath, watching her little pet finally taking her orders like a good little girl. "Yes, yes, there you go... Just like that. Start off slow, and when you feel your magic being sucked out into each of the balls, then you evenly distribute it. But don't stop swirling them at a steady pace, or else they'll suck out every last drop of your energy!" She smiled, then muttered something else under her breath, "Not to mention that I'll also bust in your kneecaps... hmhm..."

Whilst Chusin practiced, Zita made her way down the street (though still well within earshot and eyesight of Chusin, just in case she wanted to try something slick) and a miniaturized version of her Skeleton Key appeared in her hand. Able to unlock any lock or seal, it was prime choice for picking any lock. It could even unlock her Master Lock, which only the Skeleton Key could do in the first place. She unlocked the door to the Forbidden Hotel, which was actually kept pretty nice and tidy, then turned on the lights.

"... If she learns to jostle those balls well, she'll be a bona-fide ball-buster like mumzy in no time... And then we'll bring all the poor saps to their knees in torturous pleasure... as they bring me all of their loot... Heehee~!"

Ever up to no good. At least, as long as she was in cahoots with this insane Judgemaster... Best decision of her life.

Chusin: "Well this SUCKS! Mother come on! You can't just live me here, playin with bells.... Thhhat came out wrong, UGH! I hate you mother, you're so mean to me!"

°•Chusin was still mad, but she kept swerlling the bella around and around. She wasn't sure when her power would be sucked out, but she kept on swerlling the bells around and around, till she couldn't stop herself so to say.•°

Chusin: "Damn that big tited bitch..."

°•She kept doing it till she eventually felt her power being pulled out, which wasn't to bad now that she was doing it.•°

Chusin: "Huh? Guess she was right, all I had to do was listen.... Fuuuuuck..."

Zita's awareness of the sway of magic around her let her feel that Chusin was beginning to get her power drawn from within her and into the balls. It seemed like she wasn't going too fast where all of her energy was being drained, but not too slow where she wasn't producing any energy at all. Perhaps it was time for a little more pointers.

"At least she's getting better," Zita muttered, conjuring up a gravitational bubble in her hand. It wasn't very intense, but it was strong enough to be able to bend sound vibrations around it, so that she could send messages to Chusin whilst she continued to do her business with reopening her special facility. She whispered some words into it and let it loose to go travel to Chusin as Zita hovered to the front desk, messing with something behind it.

Meanwhile, the gravity bubble made its way to Chusin and popped, releasing the trapped sound waves within and returning the gravity to normal, so that to Chusin, it would sound like Zita was speaking right into her ear, "Alright, you're doing fine now... Finally. Now what you want to do is, while keeping that steady swirling pace, equally distribute your magic between both of the balls. It may take a little bit of doing at first, but if you do it right, after a while you'll notice your magic starting to reveal its element within the balls. If your element is fire, they will get hot and light on fire. If it's electricity, they will magnetize and become electrified, if it is gravity, they will create a small and very weak gravitational field and begin to float, and so on and so forth for other elements." That was the end of the message.

°•While Chusin was busy doing her own thing, she noticed that something was coming towards her. She wasn't sure what it was, but from the look of it, it was a bouble or something like that, but she payed it no mind till it poped and she heard mothera voice.•°

Chusin: "Wow that's cool, wonder how she did it? But aside from that, what's big tits thinking? My power will be gravity as it should be, not some damn fire and lightning, it'd be cool to get all three tho."

°•Chusin kept at it, she knew she'd get the bells to go the way of gravity, it was the only thing she wanted anway; eventhough the others were cool in their own right. She kept at it and kept at it, soon enough her hand was getting all weak on her, due to it being up and moving none stop.•°

Chusin: "Man how long does this take? Wish big tits would've told me, heh! I know she'll hate that nick name, hehehehe."

°•Soon enough seconds became minutes, which became a long ass time to be playing with bells. Chusin kept at it tho. She kept poring her power into the bells nice and easy like, while watching the amount and her speed and soon enough she hit gold! It wasn't all that hard to make the bells generat a gravitational field, she was quite happy about this.•°

Chusin: "Well I did it! Hey! Mother! I did it! Now undo this crap so I can walk, my legs a dead."

"Yeeesss, yeeesssss, that's wonderful, dear," Zita muttered halfheartedly. Her voice casually drifted upon small vibrational distortions in the air and into Chusin's ear, almost like a snake slithering through the wavelengths. Meanwhile, Zita pulled from under the desk a slender, but very long, ornate chain shaped into a pipe with a crystal skull as the bowl and rested it gently upon her tongue, letting her juicy lips pouch around it softly. A rather slight curl at either side of her plump puckered lips was the only trace of wild satisfaction she was feeling at that very moment. How content was she.

"Lawless land safe from authority figures and rules... Old family business about to boom..." At that pause, her lightly curled lips spread on either side up wide into a rather snide and wicked smile. "Aaaand the girl..." She couldn't help but to snicker once or twice in a rather bitchy witchy way before gaining her bearings to continue her thought, "Right where I want her...." Zita struck a lighter and tipped her hat down in a 'Don'-like fashion, huffing a few graceful puffs from her Crystal Skullpipe.

*snicker snicker*

Chusin: "Hello? Mother? Can I be let loose now? I wanna walk again, cause sitting still isn't fun at all.

°•Chusin wasn't sure if she was ever going to get let down, she did do what was asked of her after all, so why wasn't she let loose? It dawned on her, maybe she did something wrong or something? Then she thought some more, she wasn't sure why she was still tied up, but she just didn't care anymore.•°


Chusin: "Man I'm sleepy, so I shall sleep till I'm set free."

°•And just like that she went to sleep.•°

As quickly as Chusin went to sleep would the silent eyes watching her in the distance creep from the shadows and into the fray. A lone Chu, which was a very rare sight, crept from one of the dilapidated buildings and scurried over to the sleeping Chusin, where it would thoroughly begin to run her pockets for gold, snickering all the way. "Chichichi~!"

Chusin: "You know if you're gonna try and cop a feel, at least let me know first or make sure I'm sleep sleep."

°•Chusin was sleep for a short while, but she wasn't a deep sleeper, in fact she was a rather light sleeper; so any little thing could easily wake her up. Not to add that her pockets were way to close to her body for her not to feel the added weight on her, but seeing as how she couldn't do much, she did the next best thing.

She reached out and took hold of the things hand, however she was only able to use one of her hands, due to the other one holding the bells. But her grip was strong none the less, so now all that was left was to question this thing.•°

Chusin: "Wonna explain yourself? Or what."

The Chu was shocked by the sudden awakening of the sleeping girl, whom it believed would not wake up. When her hand was grabbed, she immediately jumped up and tried to escape. "Chili!" It cried out, frantically jerking left and right. After a moment or two, the cunning creature decided to bite Chusin's hand with razor sharp fangs. She lunged her head quickly at Chusin's hand with her sharp teeth shining, ready to gnaw the Gil's hand off.

Chusin: "You dare bite me!? You dare bite the hand of an L'sia! Do you know who I am!? I'll fuck you up!"

°•The question itself was none the less a rhetorical one, Chusin knew this thing didn't know who she was, but maybe the L'sia name held some type of meaning or so she thought. Tho her reaction wasn't anything new, since this was Chusin and her reactions were always different no matter how things got, but still she was kinda pissed off that this thing just up and bit her for no reason.•°

Chusin: "Chill you say? Chill!!!? I'll chill your ass I sure will, you're dead you hear me!? D.E.A.D! No one bites me, no one!"

°•Chusin was heated up and was ready to fight, you could say this was way to over-reacted, buuut its not by a long shot. However, she didn't left the things hand go, in fact the grip got tighter and tighter, as if she was trying to brake her little hand.•°

After having his fill of the Insanity, Grim appeared where he felt the next one festering... Bringing his new little 'friend' along for the ride. They would both appear in Valparaiso, just a little ways away from where Chusin was. He paid her no mind, though.

"Alright, girl... You survive the transition? Hahahaha."

With his little escapade before in the Magnus Ignis, that she only observed from the nothingness, Tifa appeared this time beside him, scoffing at him.

"Tch. Shut up. Do you have indigestion yet from all that shit you swallowed?"

She wasn't sure where they were, but she knew it looked like a dump.

"The fuck are we? This place looks like shit. Please don't tell me we're stopping here."

When the Chu bit Chusin's hand, the Poisonous Disease natural to the rodent's genetics seeped into Chusin's arm and began to numb it, freeing the Chu's hand. The poisonous disease would spread slowly, paralyzing Chusin's nerves as it gradually traveled up her arm. (3 posts until full poisoning) The Chu jumped back and rubbed her arm, which was now hurt far too much to be used. Though quick and cunning, the Chu was physically fragile. Jumping back frantically, the Chu noticed that Chusin was immobile and immediately took advantage of this. She kept her distance, but circled around Chusin, waiting for a chance to strike...

Chusin: "Wait! What did you do!?"

°•Chusin quickly felt her arm go num, she had no idea that this thing was poisonss.•°

Chusin: "My arm, I can't feel it, I can't feel my arm!"

°•She could feel the poison running through her, she couldn't really do anything cept sit there and take it like a man and since she wasn't use to poison, it moved a lot faster then normal. However, just as she was about to flip out again, (because she sooo was going to go crazy and throw bitch fit), a weird jolt ran through her.•°

Chusin: "I feel funny, like really funny. What did you put inside of me?"

°•Chusin felt weird, she felt relaxed and mellowed out, it was a weird feeling to say none the lease, but she liked it anyway. Everything she was about to say went down a hole and died.•°

Chusin: "Wooooooow!?"

Grim smirked at the smart-mouthed hottie next to him, eyes slit like a jungle predator and tongue wiping across his sharp vampiric fangs with a certain resistant voracity that could easily be heard in his voice as he spoke, "Watch it, or else you might be my next meal, little girl. *Slurp* I am pretty fucking hungry still..." And it wasn't like she was making it any easier for him to hold back when she was pissing him off so thoroughly.

But, she was right about the Insanity he ingested... Though his Void was supposedly infinite, to the point where not even swallowing the entirety of the Veritas AND the Source of the Insanity itself satiated him completely as he previously THOUGHT it would, the Insanity within him seemed to be... festering, after being quiet for so long.

"Shit..." he grumbled, his teeth chattering like a wild, hungry wolf trying to hold back its appetite, "... Is the Insanity... Actually...?!"

Perhaps it was kinda bad for him to swallow it all up all at once. He may have been God of this world, but he was still... only part of the 11th Restriction. The Insanity reached up to the 12th. Without Khrona, he just might...

"... Fuck... *grrr... Rrrmmmgh...* ... He fucking warned me, too..."

One hand clenched his stomach whilst the other shot to his face, an eye peeking out from between his pinky and ring finger. It didn't seem like he was in pain, but was actually... In a state of pure ecstasy, from the smile on his face. It was at that moment that his eyes once white with the light of good overflowed with the red of the Insanity, blood pouring from them in a surplus.

"Oh... But it feels so good...!!! Man... Man!! I haven't felt this fucking good..."

As the blood gushed from his eyes and spattered upon the ground, the red pool easily became a black hole in little to no time flat, overflowing and consuming the entirety of the ground. Fangs protruded from the infinite abyss, up as tall as some of the buildings, as though the entire immediate area for a couple blocks were about to be swallowed whole in a maddened frenzy.

"... Since I ATE THE VERITAS!!!"

Still, he seemed to be holding back... Perhaps, this little slip of Insanity was not going to cause a complete revert... but what was certain was that Tifa, Chusin, the rat, the Hotel and all the buildings within the radius of that specific area of Valparaiso... Were about to be swallowed whole, never to return.

Waiting patiently for the events to transpire as they did, Zita kept that wretched annoyance known as 'Chusin' in place 'right where she wanted her' out in the streets of Valparaiso. With the chain wrapped around her legs, Chusin wasn't going anywhere, and the very moment she felt the presence of the Insanity release a burst of madness outside, she knew that everything was about to spin right together the way she intended.

"Fufufufu... This'll teach Khrona to leave me with a stupid brat~! Since we're in Valparaiso... His authority doesn't mean a thing. Only strength does."

She raised her hand casually, as though she were not worried in the slightest about the shitstorm that was brewing outside, merely wrapping the building in a cluster of her chains and placing a lock on them that would nullify the consumptive might of Grim.

"So that means, if the little shitstain dies, Khrona can't say shit to me about it~! Ohohohoho~!" Looks like the family genius didn't run on just the Tensei's side. Ever up to no good...

With that said, the chain that was wrapped around Chusin's legs would immediately snake its way up and around her body in its entirety, and several Locks would appear upon each of the chain links, locking away Chusin's mind, nerves, chakra and everything that would allow her to even be able to function. How she detested that girl...

"Hmhmhm... I'd go outside and watch, but.. I don't wanna be eaten, myself, in all honesty..."

She wasn't gonna deny that Grim had power that exceeded her own, so even in Valparaiso, she would be fighting a losing battle against him while he was like this...

"Besides, I'd rather not waste any energy on him. Even if I can win, that's just unnecessary. Hmph." The building rumbled and quaked with the calamity going on outside, and yet it did not move from that spot, for her chains had it secured. So, as she waited her burden to finally be gone for good, she took another couple puffs of her crystal skullpipe... and snickered again.

"Free~! Free~! Free~! Heehee~!"

Tifa scoffed, as she was prone to do, and turned her head away, smirking just as he did, "Yeah, yeah, shut the-- Huh?" She felt something malicious rising within him... Something that brought her great strength, but at the same time... A horrible, terrible feeling.

"This... This is...!!"

She looked at what was going on and saw the ground become blackened as his eyes overflowed with blood... She knew this could only be...

"... The Insanity..."

Backing away slowly, she grit her teeth and clenched her fist, scoping out the area. All she saw was the girl in chains and a rat, but as the black ground expanded, she saw chains rise and wrap around an entire building... Radiating the same aura as the ones around the girl. At that moment, she became all too pissed at who she KNEW was behind this now.

"... Fucking..." she paused, clenching her fist tightly before instantly voiding herself out of the area without much of a second thought,

It was Zita. Her fucking mother. As the chains were about to seal up the entirety of the Forbidden Hotel, Tifa voided herself inside just before the lockup, staring her fucking mother square in the face.

"YOU!!!" she screamed, slamming her hands on the counter in a controlled fury, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?!? YOU'VE BEEN HARBORING AN INSANITY INSIDE OF YOU!?!?! YOU KNOW THAT..."

She paused, realizing now that she was trapped inside of the hotel with her mother... "... Shit." Voiding herself out wouldn't work here, and she knew that... At least, not while those chains were active. She immediately calmed down (surprisingly) and cleared her throat.

"... Old hag... What the hell are you doing...?"

With nowhere to run from the assault of the Allmaster, he whose reign was more absolute in the 11th Restriction than any that existed in the 10th, the consumption of the building as well as the Chu and Chusin was issued without hesitation. All such things would immediately be erased from existence and returned to Zero at the hand of the Allmaster himself, God of the Veritas. It would be as though they never existed, and never would again. The Chu and Chusin were no more from henceforth.

Game Over.

Thorough consumption of less than satisfying morsels complete, the teetering Grim waged war within himself on continuing to consume the remainder of the lawless land and controlling his hunger even longer; something of which he believed he'd been capable of doing from the start.

"Mmm... Tasty, but... Nowhere near full..."

His hand upon his face gripped tighter, nearly drawing blood as his long, sharp nails dug into the side of his face over his eye that peered through the fingers. 'Fight back, dammit...' he thought, trying to close his mouth.

"I thought... *grrp...* I thought that I was full before... Don't... Don't tell me that it's... Gotten even larger...!?"

To even have that thoughts seemed inconceivable. Was there literally no way to stop this thing inside of him from growing? Even after being filled to the brim and to completion, it still found a way to expand. And yet, even now, he could not understand why... Was it because of the Insanity? Even that should have served as a means to fill it up, at least... Unless it was what was the cause of this hunger was, and it wasn't filling space, but making room...

"Ghhhrrr... But I am the new Keeper after all... *BELCH* So I gotta... Gotta keep it together..."

Looking around he saw that the girl was gone now. Where she'd gone, he didn't know, but wherever he Void was, he'd be able to come through with as much ease as she was able to slip in and out of the Voids of other places.

"Let me find that girl... *gurp*... Ugh... Let me find... Something to eat..."

So, with much haste, did he void himself out and appear wherever Tifa was, easily bypassing the chains of Zita due to his sheer overbearing power, and the fact that Tifa was already inside of the hotel, so it served as a channel for his movement, anyway. Sprouting from thin air, he stood between the both of them, staring Zita in the face and immediately sensing the Insanity within her. And he smiled.

*SLURP* "Just what I needed... Something to actually satisfy my appetite... The sexiest treat of all time..."

Without ANY hesitation whatsoever, he opened his mouth before Zita's face and, in a since gulp... Sucked out the Insanity of Fear that was within her, drawing it into himself and leaving her Insanity-less. And that was the end of that.


When Chita appeared inside of the Forbidden Hotel, the giddiness of the one sitting behind the desk skyrocketed. It was good to see her dear REAL daughter again, and in such a helpless state, no less, in a lawless land... Things were gonna get real for her really fast now.

"Ehehehehe... Might wanna watch your mouth when you're in my territory with such low power..." she muttered through the smoke rising from her lips, "... But it seems like you already realized your predicament... No means of escape, cuz you're too weak to defy my power here..."

The chains were already locked up tight and the area was completely sealed off. This girl was gonna get the asswhooping of her life. And there was nothing that was gonna stop that...



She saw him appear right before her eyes out of thin air, and a sudden chill overcame the Mistress of Fear. The same terror she was capable of instilling in others with the Insanity of Fear within her was now coursing through her very body as a chill of utter horror to look upon the crazed face of the King of Nytoz... and God of the Veritas.

"Wha... Wait... You... Why...!?"

Before she could utter a sentence, the extraction was already complete. The vile Snake that slithered around inside of her existence, that which was known once as Medusa and Kaerei as a single entity; the envoy of the Zero World... It no longer inhabited her body in the slightest. Zita had returned to normal.

"... Fuck," was all she could say, knowing now that the jig was up. Without the Insanity of Fear inside of her, she was no longer capable of exploiting the benefits of the Tensei lineage... nor of the Judgemaster. "... Very fucking fuck."

After consuming the Insanity of Fear, that made all of the lingering Insanities that weren't already dealt with... well. Dealt with. They were inside of the Allmaster, locked away for good. And yet, even if they weren't out wreaking havoc among the Veritas (and Vescrutia, for that matter,) that didn't mean that they weren't internally messing with the Allmaster himself... And this new addition only added to his problems of restraint.

"Hhhhh..." he hissed, eyes barely open as he glanced over both Zita and Tifa, no longer interested in either of them, "... I need... more..."

The both of them being void-harboring entities, they would do nothing to fill him. What he needed was something large... Something powerful. Something that harbored the power of a planet, or a galaxy... Maybe even a universe. Something large enough in power that it would fill his ever hungry stomach.

The vampiric man gazed halfheartedly up toward the roof, sensing the power of something greater drawing in power up above... Something far greater than anything that inhabited the land of the Dawn. A growing power that was all too familiar...

"... H... Him..."

Without uttering anything else, Grim voided himself out and towards the great power source rising up in the Dawn, over the Terra Gris.

After all of that, Tifa stood there a little dumbfounded at the erratic behavior of the rather terrifying man that she found herself tied up with... He was a monster of such great power she'd never seen before. I mean, it was a testament to his strength to see him eat every last Insanity they came across damn near effortlessly, but never had she seen ANYONE tame HER MOTHER. It was almost too much for her to bear.


It wouldn't be long before he faded away, seeming to have no more use nor interest in the two of them anymore. Must have been because they were Insanity-less. Tifa didn't really care, as long as he wasn't trying to destroy her or anything... She really hadn't had the time to recover since her endeavors with the Judgemaster and the Crystal Heart.

"... Guess you're not so tough after all, huh, you old hag? Hahahaa!!"

She chuckled mockingly to her mom, crossing her arms. Looks like the two of them were now back on relatively the same level, and Zita had no way to overpower Tifa now.

"Uh, so what was that you were saying...? I think you're looking pretty shitty now, aren't ya?"

"... Shut up," was all she managed to get out, feeling more defeated and broken than ever. She set her Crystal Skullpipe down and sighed heavily, now knowing that she no longer had any power over her daughter in any way. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Get it all out. How I'm a failure. I have no man. That I'm evil and disgusting. A sex crazed whore. How I'm a controlling bitch that lusts for power and for people to be under me. Come on, just say it. Might as well kick me while I'm down. Not like I wouldn't do it. I deserve it."

For once in her natural born life, Zita was just completely and utterly broken. Everything was falling apart around her in all but an instant, her plans no longer possible. She slid her hand through her velvet hair and brushed it back with a latent frustration, blatantly disheartened by all the events that transpired here.

"I just lost everything just like that. And yeah, I know. You just want to sit here and gloat about how much better you are than me. How I've been purposely trying to fuck you up and get in your way to keep you down. How I sabotage everyone I think is gonna overpower my will and bring them down just so I can have power over them. How horrible of a mother I've been to you your entire life. How I've gotta scrape for everything I get while you..." She scoffed and turned her head away in disappointment; not with Chita, but with herself, and continued, "... How wonderful you've grown up to be. No thanks to me." Her voice almost sounded like it wanted to crack at that point.

"Go on. Say it. Not like I didn't know any of it before. Not like I can't handle hearing it again. Come on. Out with it."
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Thirty-Sixth Domination (Part 2): The Family Business...

The words she heard from Zita were enough to leave even the quick-witted and silver-tongued Tifa speechless and unknowing of how to feel. For once, she heard her mother tell her the full truth about something and step down off her high horse. To admit that she was wrong. It was like a miracle and a dream come true all wrapped up into one. Tifa was more than overjoyed and so ready to rub it in her mother's face.

"Yep. You're right." she said rather bluntly, bring brutally honest with her. "... But I'm not gonna gloat about it."

For some reason, she felt it inside of her heart not to kick her mother while she was down... And for once in her life, standing in her presence, she could feel something warm inside of her that she hadn't ever known for her before... And with that, she continued on.

"Those things may be true to whatever degree they are, but..." she kinda choked, unsure of really how to get the frog in her throat out to finish her sentence. "... Erhm... I mean..."

The two of them weren't really good at talking to each other, and that wasn't gonna change now. Not just because her mother was opening up to her, unfortunately. That just isn't how Tifa worked, nor was it how their relationship was.

"... It's not like... I think you're ALL bad, ya know... Even if you are pretty shitty as a person..." she scratched the back of her head and looked off to the side, still pretty unsure of what to say. She was going off of what she felt, and for so long, she felt a vast emptiness inside of her whenever she thought about her mother. But this time, this time it was different. So she had to suck it up and go off of what her gut was telling her... Or rather, her Heart.

"You're still my mom. And..." she grit her teeth and closed her eyes, almost pissed that she was even THINKING of doing what she was about to do. Swallowing the pride that was shared equally between them, Tifa-- Rather, Chita wrapped her arms around her mother over the counter and gave her a tight hug. She wasn't sure why, but she felt like she needed it... and for some reason, she wanted to give it to her, too. Not like anyone else was gonna be here for her... Or ever was, for that matter. Guess it was pretty apparent when she thought about it.

"... And I love you. Ya know?"

The energy that Tifa was feeling within her, unknown to her once before, was the Crystal Heart beginning to regenerate. Her expression of love was not just from herself, but from the energy pulsating from the weakened heart. However, because the girl used this energy not for its Power, but for its Strength, she drew upon the Light of Love and fortified the Crystal Heart's power.


Her Mind was overtaken by a great white light, though once it dispersed, an array of colors unlike any she'd ever seen before would manifest all around her, where only she would be able to view. There, she would see the Crystal Angel, a great Dragon made of pure, clear, untainted Crystal (as seen in the avi) that loomed over her with the same size and stature as the Black Dragon had done before. The crack that appeared before from her using too much of its power without giving any in return was suddenly mended with the sensation of love that was felt and shared with the heartless vessel that was Zita L'sia. And so, the Crystal Heart spoke unto Chita...

"Herald of the Heart.... I have seen your selflessness in giving love to one undeserving of your kindness. This has strengthened me and repaired the wound created by your selfish use of the Infinite Light I am capable of generating, and I have grown larger. The Endless Void that lie within your chest as grown smaller as I have grown larger, and so too has your ability to love.

I am a Gem capable of Mending all Wounds, no matter what they may be. I can repair all connections, even those meant to be severed for eternity. Such is my Gift of Love and Light. I can connect to any wavelength.

I say this to you because I must warn you; those who you give your love to will become connected to the Crystal Heart directly, and thus will be able to draw strength from it just as you are. Are you prepared to take this risk with this person before you? Will you attempt to mend her wounds? Be warned; if she is unable to receive your love properly and misuses the Crystal Heart, she will not only corrupt Me, but also You. If you allow her taintedness to overpower you... It will poison the Heart and it will grow weak. This is your fair warning before you continue further.

What say you? What shall you do?"

"... What?" Her first thought, for she couldn't even fathom that the child of hers would even think to say anything like that. Like, at all... Especially for her. Speechless throughout the entire exchange of words, she almost wanted to shed a tear... Almost.

Yet, something deep down inside of her felt the emotion, for even but the slightest of a fraction of a moment when her daughter hugged her. And she raised her arms up and hugged her back, grinning widely behind her back as she patted her child.

"Oh, dear, sweet child of mine... I knew all the time that you loved such a great and wonderful mother like myself, and that with all my wonderful care and guidance, you have grown up beautifully..."

And she allowed her daughter to rest there in her mother's embrace and feel all of the love that she had.

"... I know we've had our differences in the past, but I think that now, you and I can start something new... All you have to do is listen to me and do exactly what I say... Then I-- Er, WE will be able to start a 'Family Business...'"

Yes, mother and daughter, for REAL this time, and not like with that horrid adoptee that she got assassinated. This side of the family was good at assassinations... DEATH was their SPECIALTY, and being a descendent of the greatest assassin, Kaerei... These two could be big in no time.

"Eheheheheh..." A chain with two heads... One that works on the surface, and one that works underground... the Family Business. "Eeeheheheheheh..." Her witchy laugh was befitting of the Head Witch. Even as Great Fae, she was still true to her Royal Witchiness.

"I... Love you, too... Daughter..."

'And all the things we're gonna do together, too... Yes... I love them a lot...'

The white light that came over her as she felt that feeling was eerie and unfamiliar, yet at the same time, she remembered feeling a similar energy to it before. When she saw Crystal Heart for the first time as the giant mechanical woman... That was when she first felt this feeling... But this time, as the light dispersed into a number of spectral colors around her, she could see that Crystal Heart was different now. Not in the shape of a Heart, nor of a Mechanical Woman... But of a great, beautiful majestic dragon, much more gorgeous than the hideous black one that had been dripping with ooze and disgusting tar-like things all that time.

'Woah... You're... You're gorgeous...'

It was almost like a dream to look at and feel such a thing... She didn't feel that pain in her chest anymore, either. Must have something to do with what Crystal Heart was saying...

'What? You want me to... What?'

A little dazed and confused, and half-listening due to what was going on outside of her head, Tifa barely listened to the words of her mother, as well. Her attention was split between the two, so it was difficult to focus... But before she focused her attention on the old hag, she did catch the last little bit that the Crystal Heart told her... About extending that light to her.

Listening to what her mother was saying and HOW she was saying it, Tifa knew that these words were relatively empty. She may have known about the concept of love, but she could tell that Zita only thought about the concept of it, for Tifa didn't feel the warmth she felt from her the same way she felt when she extended it to her mother out of the kindness of her heart, being completely out of character just for her... And... And...

It kinda hurt. For once, it really did.

Her arms went limp and she pulled herself away from the Witch, unsure of what to say to her at this point. Zita said all of the right WORDS, but had none of the EMOTION to go with it.

'She's... Thinking of herself. I can tell...'

Tifa lowered her head... and stood in silence with that feeling and the words of the Crystal Heart echoing in her head.

To think, she was actually that heartless and self-centered that she didn't even notice true, genuine care for her... That's probably her problem, in all honesty.

Ugh, at this point, she didn't even want to be associated with her. This was how she always was and what the problem between them was in the past. She just didn't know... How it was possible for someone to be THAT conceited?

The decision was going to be a tough one, but... Tifa knew exactly how to deal with the heartless hag standing before her. So, it was time to take a risk.

'Yeah. I'll connect to her. I'm gonna teach her a lesson she'll never forget. Heh... Heh heh.'

And with thought in mind, but her Crystal Heart open, Tifa remained there, completely silent; teeth grit and shut tight.

'If that is truly your decision... Then so be it.'

At the word of the Keeper, the Crystal Heart extended its light to the woman standing before her, and with a glimmer of light from the girl's heart, an invisible string would shoot into her mother's, diving straight into the darkness, merging the two beings together through the heart.

'It is done. Do with me what you will, Keeper. I will be here to guide you.'

Zita was rather confused as to why her daughter was suddenly so distant after becoming so close. Wonder what changed so suddenly.

"What? What happened? Weren't we having like, a moment, or something? Why'd you get all quiet?"

Tifa stood there and crossed her arms, not passing another glance at Zita and turned around to face the door, shaking her head all the way. She casually kicked her foot on the ground a bit, as though she were waiting for something to happen.

Zita inhaled deeply and sighed, smiling, seemingly holding back some sort of frustration. "Still just a brat, I see... Well, I just want to let you know, you can't walk out of this building without me lowering my chains, so..." She coughed a bit, checking her nails casually, "I'd get used to being in here if I were you..." Zita scratched the back of her head a bit, then continued with a sort of suppressed breath, "now, if you were being a nice and loving daughter, you know..." she shrugged her shoulders and yawned, tapping her fingers on the desk a bit. "That's a different story." She looked over to her daughter from the corner of her eye with a glazed look in her eye...

Hearing those words was like the old cherry sitting on top of a fucked up cake. She really didn't think this one through... And in what a fucked up situation she was in. An underdog, through and through... But even so, hearing those words...

'... What?' and STILL, '... I... I can't even believe she'd even...' she hasn't learned, 'You know what...?' her lesson.

She clenched her fist, clutching it tightly to hold back all of her malicious intent right then that pent up inside of her at that moment. She inhaled deeply, 'She knows what she's doing...' and exhaled sharply, '... But I'll just let her figure this one out. On her own.' Tifa poked out her lip slightly and almost a little smug, not turning her face to even look at her once.

'I won't say a word.'

Zita waited patiently for her daughter to come waltzing back over like a good little girl and do just like mummy had instructed, since they were on good terms and all. But when she didn't, she was a bit more confused and distraught than before, questioning herself about why she wasn't back over here being sweet and loving yet. "What? ... What's all this, then?"

It didn't really make much sense, considering that now the girl should have known that it was in her best interest to simply do what Zita was telling her right now at this moment, regardless of how she felt about it. I mean, she had the entire place on lock down, she was drained of her power and her little 'friend' wasn't here to save her now, nor did it seem like he was going to come back anytime soon. She wasn't strong enough to overwhelm Zita with sheer strength, like that guy could, so the rules were a bit different between she and her than with she and him.

"What, are you mad at me or something? I didn't do anything except return your affection after you decided to show me some. What your doing doesn't even make any sense." she poked out her lips snootily, a little smirk curling on her face playfully, as though she'd won a game or something, "You shouldn't be mad at me in the first place. Hmph."

She muttered under her breath, "especially when I've been such a good and wonderful mother to you all this time... you should be just leaping at chances to do things for me..." she shrugged her shoulders, "children, these days..."

She bit her lip, 'Don't... fall for it...' Really hard, at that, 'Whatever you do... Don't say a word.'

It felt like it might bleed if she bit it any harder, but it was definitely not gonna take any less effort than this to keep herself from saying something to the clearly oblivious witch behind her.

At the continued silence and lack of eye contact, Zita was indeed getting thoroughly pissed off now. This little girl was clearly in need of a spanking if she were to understand her place in this situation.

"I don't understand you at all. I've done nothing wrong this time and you dare treat me this way? How ungrateful. I'll teach you some manners, since you clearly have learned NONE in your extensive time away from home."

Magic spurted from the Great Fae's form and solidified into the shape of purple chains, akin to the natural color of her magic, signifying their lack of metallic composition, as well.


The chains lashed out viciously from behind the desk and toward Tifa's back, like vipers lashing out at their prey. Aimed primarily for her arms and legs in order to restrain her, they would snatch up whatever part of her they could get.

'Like I thought,' she sighed, feeling the flare of the rather restrictive magic behind her, '... Her first thought when she doesn't get her way...' Tifa clenched her fists and grit her teeth, getting ready for the battle that was apparently inevitable... '... Is to try to take it by force.'

Holding fast to her decision not to look at nor talk to the woman (especially since looking at her would subject Tifa to the Sealing Eye), she listened intently to the sound of the chains and where they were coming from, dodging each one accurately whilst simultaneously snatching them up with her quick reflexes and powerful grip. With all her might, she yanked at the chains to pull her mother 'off her high horse,' or in this case, from behind the desk, and into a swirling storm of ass whooping that was about to ensue.

'She just NEVER learns...'

Though the ensnarement of her snares was quite the unexpected approach, it was futile nonetheless. At the great 'yank' of the chains that were attached to Zita, instead of pulling her from behind the desk, her dear daughter merely 'yanked' more of her magic linked by the binding chain links to her form, leaving Zita completely unscathed.

"Silly girl, don't you know by now that I am the GREAT FAE? The HEAD WITCH? You couldn't have POSSIBLY thought something so simple would have done ANYTHING at all..."

Zita was notorious for being the 'immovable mistress' that merely toyed around with her opponents on the field whilst she, herself moved very seldom, if at all, unless up to her own leisure. She was quite the lazy one, and moving unprovoked was... well... a waste of energy, and time, really.

"Haven't you learned how to conserve your energy yet? Hmph. Seems like you need another lesson, then. Disperse."

The extended chain links immediately broke apart, shifting to a different form of Zita's own great pool of magic... Gravity. Each individual broken link (the few of which were grasped slinking out of Tifa's hands through the cracks in her fingers, since the magic was no longer in solid form,) would begin to spiral into itself, creating rather small, yet powerful gravitational indexes wherever each one just so happened to be. The air all around Tifa would become distorted, and soon would be consumed by the ever growing marble-sized black spheres. As they grew, they would return to being linked together and form larger masses of pure gravitational force, till Tifa was utterly surrounded by a black ring of gravity magic.

"Now, turn around and LOOK AT ME."

She spun her finger, completely shifting gravity within that ring in a complete circle, to FORCEFULLY spin Tifa around against her will so that she would face Zita, whilst also applying a great amount of gravitational pressure to bind her where she was, regardless.

The tug of the chains had a lot less... weight than Tifa was expecting. Rather than pulling the witch from her seat, she instead pulled more of her magic out in the form of the chains, which fell limp to the floor before dispersing in her hand. 'Shit, I didn't think about that one...' It was clear that Tifa forgot who she was dealing with, after having dealt with all types of dumbasses all this time. Having someone who had more control over their energy source (and magic, at that) was a little bit of a surprise...

'But it ain't nothin' I can't handle.'

She smirked, letting the spectacle happen around her as it did. The gravity was indeed rather powerful and binding, but it wasn't gonna get Tifa to look at her mother, nor to speak to her in the slightest. In fact, as she ALLOWED the binding gravity to shift her around, what formed before her face (and ONLY over her eyes, mind you,) was a huge, sinister looking gauntlet, blocking her vision from Zita's and vice versa. Her mouth, however, carried a huge crooked (and rather smug) grin, followed immediately by her tongue sliding from between her teeth mockingly at her mother and another gauntlet appearing over the ring. 'Hades...' she thought, the great sinister hand grasping the ring and ripping it apart, dispelling it completely with its innate 'Negation' capabilities, freeing Tifa and completely negating Zita's magic, clearing the field and the air.

'You may be the Great Fae,' She crossed her arms and turned right back around without passing a glance, 'But I'm still YOUR daughter,' and started off toward the door and letting one gauntlet give Zita the finger, 'So, Fuck you, Bitch!!' and the other, two fingers, 'Deuces!!'

*Scoff!!* It wasn't enough that she still found a way to NOT look at her, "... You little bitch..." but also had the NERVE to stick her tongue out!!

"FINE. Let me REMIND YOU who is ON TOP!!!"

The dominatrix in Zita was unmatched in all the land, even to her own daughter. She would be Queen and she would get as she demanded. No exceptions.

"I don't have time to deal with SPOILED BRATS LIKE YOU, ANYWAY!!!"

Her Keyhole pupils gleamed their signature bright green, the glint in her eyes shooting past Tifa's shoulder and to the door she was heading to, creating a great green keyhole of Sealing Energy that locked the door completely.

"You can't brute your way through that Seal with those shoddy gauntlets like you can with the chains, you know. Sealing Eye is on a whole different level than my magic."

She tapped her finger on the desk impatiently, "You aren't getting away. I hope you know that." Slowly, Zita started to regain her composure... Knowing now that the deal was sealed.

"If you have a complaint with management, then I'd suggest you take a number and start talking. We have a business to run here... And I don't have all day to entertain your tantrums!!!"

With her victory obtained (and with much less effort than she expected), Tifa would reach for the knob of the door... Only to feel some sort of weird breeze whisk over her shoulder for but a moment, and before her eyes... '... Unbelievable.' ... The door was sealed shut.

Her first instinct was to turn around and hurl a giant fist at her mother, but no... That wasn't going to prove the point to her. Not this time. Instead, outsmarting her was gonna do more than overpowering her. That was her game and that's what she liked, so slipping out of her grasp at every turn was her bane and her pet-peeve. So, since Tifa couldn't use the door...


... She broke down the walls around it, negating the chains that sealed the place off from the outside with the power of the Hades gauntlets, thus effectively clearing a way out for Tifa, which she promptly hopped out of before her mother could think up anything else to try to restrain her. She wasn't gonna deny that she was the indeed good at what she did, so finding another way to hold her down and hold her back was not out of her power, no matter how much Tifa could slip out.

Now, OFFICIALLY freed from the Forbidden Hotel and the shackles Zita tried to place on her by trapping her inside, Tifa this time crossed her arms and shook her head slowly in shame, Voiding herself and her gauntlets out and leaving Zita all alone. Because their feelings were now connected through the Crystal Heart, this shame that Tifa felt... Would reach Zita with just the same ease as words. Hopefully, being left with nothing except the shame and disappointment of her daughter to keep her company would help her see...

'...Right in the feels.'

Her jaw dropped at the sheer destructiveness and disrespect her daughter held for not only her mother, but for this historical building in its entirety. She couldn't even BELIEVE what she was seeing... Not just that she completely IGNORED EVERYTHING that was thrown at her and just kept on going, but the fact that she wasn't caught by a SINGLE one of them.

And the worst part was...

"... She got away."

She clenched her fist and grit her teeth, not unlike a certain someone we know, as her anger did indeed rise. Tifa actually had a lot more traits of her mother than she readily realized... But, even still, somehow...

"SHE GOT. AWAY!!!!!"

The green in her keyhole pupils immediately shifted to a blood red, shifting from a 'locked' position to an 'unlocked' position with a decisive turn. The mild-mannered, lackadaisical and rather pompous demeanor Zita usually had in her being able to effectively deal with any and every situation presented to her was officially destroyed at the hands of her daughter YET AGAIN, seeming to be the ONLY person capable of doing this to her.

Chains burst through the floor and up toward the ceiling as Zita rose up in a hellacious fury, screaming at the top of her lungs so that all of Valparaiso could hear. The chains sought out wayward weaklings perusing the streets without care, they being the sorrowful peons she would take her anger out on. Many denizens of Valparaiso would be skewered or bound by her chains, those piercing having their souls harvested as though some sort of parasitic insect had been siphoning their energy and they were left as empty husks. A tantrum, of course.

Yet, in all of her anger and all she consumed... Nothing filled the black hole inside of her. None of it satisfied her. None of it brought her any ease.


It was at that point that something hit her; not in her head, but in her heart, something that hadn't any sort of stimulation in quite a long time, actually.

"Ugh!!... What... In all hell...?!"

Her fury was silenced swiftly by this feeling... Some sort of pain, but at the same time... Feelings attached. The chains slowly began to retreat back to the ground, the Great Fae hovering over the desk in a daze trying to comprehend what this was.

"... What... Is this...?"

Whatever it was, it subdued her Royal Witchiness... Certainly. The red unlocked seals would return to their 'Locked' place, and the green in her keyhole pupils would return before simmering back down to black.

"This... This feeling...?"

'Oh, that feeling, Onee-chan? That's called a 'Heart.' Been a long time since you've used yours, huh?'

The casual jesting of the ominous voice belonged to none other than her dear, sweet brother, and head of the family. His mind was already actively present throughout the entirety of the Veritas, but now his spirit was as well, so he could speak to her on a more... Personal level.

'I've been watching you to see if you were being good. You know I know you can barely be trusted, even for family. You're just like her, you know? Mother, I mean. Guess that must just be that natural Sway of Magic flowing in you. Seems like you and bro seemed to get a little too much magic in ya and not enough chakra to balance it out. Pity.'

She would be able to feel Khrona within her now, deep down inside of her chest... She'd be able to feel the Light of the Crystal Heart seeping through the Void inside of her, slowly beginning to spread and erase the darkness from her empty cavity of a chest.

'Grims through and through, huh...? We all have this accursed Zero World hole inside of us...' He spoke of it mournfully, despite appreciating and proudly showing his Devourist heritage despite his sufficient satiation of his stomach. He was already pure and saved from the family curses... And yet, he came back for the rest of them, too. '... But what kind of Head would I be if I didn't come back for my family?' His voice echoed inside of her heart, ringing with a chime of love she never knew from her parents... Khrona knew.

'But, uh... I hope you don't think that just because I'm here to save you that means you're off the hook.' He snickered slyly, opening up a portal that a bat would fly out of, followed by Chusin; new and improved.

'Yeah, it looks like you lost something, so I brought you a new one... If I didn't let you know before, killing it won't work, just because I knew you'd try to do it in some way. Hahaha.' Though he should have been pissed, he knew that Zita was suffering enough right now as it was, and it was actually... just a little bit amusing. He was feeling light-hearted (HA) because of it, and couldn't bear to stay mad at her when watching her be punished was just so... Fun~!

'I told you so. Love you, Sis! Now I'll be living in your heart from now on. This time, if you mess up, I'll be here to hold you back directly. In fact...'

The Heart started to draw in a great deal of her magic, storing it else where and severely constricting its flow outward into her body, 'Start over from level 1. Thirteen Restrictions.' And just like that, Thirteen Halos would surround Zita's Crystal Skull and copy her current power Thirteen Times, then bind all forms of her existence with Thirteen Halos of her own immediate strength. With that, her transformations and a great deal of her power would be sealed away and spread amongst the many different dimensions of herself, including some that she did not even know existed; those that were hidden in the cavernous region where her heart should be.

'You chose to live by the Skull rather than the Heart. Now you must be punished, as well. You know you aren't exempt. No one is exempt from judgment. When you're wrong you're wrong.'

And no one ever escapes the Tensei grasp... They see everything. Pupupupu...

'Take care of this one, or I'll do something worse next time, Sis. Or shall I call you 'Daughter' now? Ohohoho~!'

Sibling rivalry... Guess it was there between those two, as well.

•FLYING through the portal at brake neck speeds of Mach 1, Chusin was kinda excited to see this girl after So long, buuut that didn't seem to be on the list. Not at all; what was on the list was a unexpected reunion with her old mother. Once she came out the portal, she came to a quick stop! *BOOM!* was all that was heard. The impact of her sudden stop caused a powerful shockwave to be shot out, as Well as a loud "boom" sound. And after stopping, Chusin looked around to see where Ena was, but all she saw was her mother in front of her and boy was it awkward as hell.

The look on her face was just dumbfounded in every possible way, there were no words that could come to mind, just nothing. This place she was in was just no, she didn't, she couldn't believe it at all. The same place she was kinda killed, but she wasn't because it's just impossible to get rid of her. She was back here again and she felt weird, its been So long since she'd seen her mom it wasn't even funny. So she did what she'd normally do and she said what anyone would say or rather what she'd say.•


Every event. One after another. It was just almost too much for her to bear.

"... Wuh... Wah...!?" The entire thing fell apart at breakneck speed, crashing down with the thud of this cretin bashing head first into the ground and getting back up after just previously getting made EXTINCT. "But... But... That's supposed to be a destruction from whence none can return from... Ultimate... Nonexistance..." Though, it did make sense for someone who had control over the cesspool to be able to pluck people out and send them back on their way. That means...

"... This is... Just going to happen... no matter what..." She fell to her knees, finally touching the ground after god knows how long of floating damn near ALL the time, "... I... There's no..." Even Chita. Even... Chita...

She fell to her knees, not even wanting to look up at Chusin's face, lest she burst into tears of hate, sadness and all sorts of other shit she'd forgotten actually existed. It was all coming at the exact same time. Her Punishment.

Not ONLY was she CAUGHT in the act, but she was weakened and restrained. Everything she loved to do to everyone but hated to ever feel herself... All at once.

"It's so heavy... Why...? What is this feeling...?"

The weight of gravity... the feel of falling from grace... A heart is a heavy burden. She could feel her powers turning on her and her flow of magic failing. She didn't have enough to keep herself floating loftily in the air. That might have been the worst part about every terrible thing that piled up just to slap her square in the face... the thing that will kick her in the proverbial nuts...


She cringed, bashing her fists on the ground furiously. Everything went to shit immediately after she killed Chusin. These fuck ups... They were real.


Chusin: "Huh? I know this woman isn't sitting here crying and stuff, like seriously? What happened to her?"

•Chusin was just shocked to see this side of Zita, I mean she was at a lost at the moment. It was a rare site to see this woman crying, because she was normally doing something bad or something that'd be very questionable.•

Chusin: "I wanna do something, but she did let me die last time and this is what she gets for that. But I don't know... I mean I've come back and I am trying to be different from my past self, So I'll help! Because that's what I do!"

•She still wasn't sure why she was about to help this woman, but she was her mom after all and what type of daughter would she be if she left her like this? So she walked on over and placed her hand out, she turned her head So as to keep their eyes apart. It kinda made her feel weird and stuff, helping out her overkill mom.•

Chusin: "Here, take my hand and stand up, I won't have you looking like this, do it on your own time OK?"


"Ah... Wha...?" Barely able to comprehend what was going on; the flood of emotions of varying scales of the spectrum, her being put to her plans falling apart AND the little shitstain appearing again... But this time, she seemed to want to help her willingly? What... What is this?

"Eh?" She didn't know what to feel. What to say. What to even think about this. Everything she thought she could muster about all of this came up blank. She didn't want to look at Chusin's face, yet couldn't look away for some reason.

"... Eh?" The sniveling woman looked down, rather confused, almost like she actually didn't know what was going on nor why. It didn't make any sense.

"You... You're not...?" She figured this girl would try to get revenge. The first thing Zita would be doing was plotting such things. But this girl... What was her problem? "But... I..." she continued to stumble over her own words and thoughts and feelings, doing nothing now but taking Chusin's hand and allowing her to be lifted up to her feet... Of which she might need to remember how to get adjusted to walking. It all felt surreal. Serene, in fact. All sorts of good feelings were flowing, as though what happened hadn't just occurred. She didn't like this... She did not understand this at all.

"Why...? Did... Did I die?"

Chusin: "Huf, I don't know, maybe you did or maybe you're just changing. Whatever the case is, I'm glad to see you..."

•Chusin was still not looking at Zita, simply because she couldn't face her. She bit her lip, and for some reason she felt her heart race, but the feeling was different. She knew this feeling, it was just like last time, when she was with Khrona and suddenly she felt a rush of emotions overcome her. Suddenly tears started to build up in her eyes, she wasn't sure why she was feeling this was, but she was. Then it happened she couldn't hold the tears anymore and out they came, along with a very emotional response.•

Chusin: "Why...just why did you let me die!? I needed you and you weren't there to protect me... I trusted you and you left me, you left me. But even after all that, I still...I still found it in my heart to help you, So why didn't you help me? You're my mother, even if not by blood....don't you love me...?"

•Chusin finally turned to Zita, her eye red and tears flowing down her face, it seems like all that bottled up stuff came out.•

"Wh..." she was utterly at a loss of words, barely even able to form a thought even still. Her emotions were running on high for once, and in all of the pain, turmoil, guilt, sadness and tons of other terrible shit weighed down on her like the powerful gravity that contained her soul and broke her down... The person that she betrayed came through for her, even after knowing the truth of what she had done and what she was doing. "I... You... You what?!"

She found it a bit hard to believe that her original daughter of blood was not able to reach her heart with the words 'I Love You,' but this complete stranger that was placed as a burden by her brother could. Maybe... Maybe it was everything that just happened. Maybe Zita was feeling vulnerable (which she ALWAYS hated... Especially with the men in her life...) ... But this time, she felt the love in the words. She touched her chest, as though a sharp pain came over her, then she gazed at the little girl with watery eyes.

"You came back for me even after what I did to you...? I... I don't understand..." And, at that moment, somehow, Zita was able to see something within this child that gave her a glimpse of herself when she was young... Between her Mother and her Father; Eva and Xi-Ta, two of the darkest beings to have ever existed... They never gave her the love that she needed. The two of them were always so worried about their own power... Guess that's where she gets that from, and it took her seeing doing it to someone else to even realize that she had this issue.

"... You poor, sweet, lonely thing..." she uttered choppily, tears overflowing again from her eyes. 'This must have been what Chita wanted that I couldn't give her all this time... I'm such a fool...' And now, Chita was gone. She was a full-fledged Tensei now and clearly abandoned her L'Sia name for the name of something less ridden in... filth. Zita sighed, wrapping her arms around the girl standing before her and embracing her gently, "... I'm sorry. I'll be your mother. I know you have nowhere else to go to, wandering around like a little parasite trying to find someone to leech onto... Just... like..."

Maybe it was destiny that these two were together. They certainly were made for each other. Much better than that damn Chita, anyway. It almost felt like Chusin were more her daughter than Chita EVER was. Part of her felt bad about that, but... It was true. Oh well. This was definitely for the best, which she could see. 'Khrona, you really outdid yourself this time... You bratty little brother...'

"... Nevermind all of that. I'm your mother now, and you shall now don the name of L'Sia proudly. Do you hear me, Chusin!?" Somewhow, Zita's authoritative vigor returned to her and she stood up straight, poised and elegantly, as if she were trying to be a good role model for her this time. She even adjusted her dress... as tight-fitting and revealing as it was, she somehow made such a skimpy thing look elegant and seductive. The mark of a true master of temptation and allure.

"I will teach you everything, and you and I will become a blight upon this world!! They won't know TRUE power until they witness the Mother-Daughter-Dynamic-Duo!! We'll fight together, grow stronger together, then take down EVERYONE IN OUR WAY!! OHOHOHOHO~!"

Looks like Her Royal Witchiness was back to her old self. Didn't take long for her to rise from the ashes, eh...? Well. Now that she had someone to live for and a prodigy to give her magic secrets to... And someone to have absolute dominion over, still, (since the contract wasn't broken since Chusin didn't die), well... She had herself a little minion.

"Oh, daughter of mine!! Let us first begin with this lawless land!! We'll continue the Family Business on schedule!! The Forbidden Hotel will be a success in no time!! OOOHOHOHOHO~!!!"

Chusin: "........."

•Chusin was just a ball of emotions at the moment, she couldn't stop crying. But then her tears came to a stop when she felt the worm loving hug of her mother, it was like a cure to her sickness. The hug felt good, really good, it was just what she needed.•

Chusin: "Mmmm, this feels nice, this love feels nice."

•She hugged her mother back and she wanted this moment to last forever. It was as if she was feeding off of Zita's love and affection for her, it was like that black hole in her chest was filling itself up. She was lost in her mother's bosom, she was all to happy and her tears were completely gone.

And Once Zita let her go, she felt good, better than good in fact.•

Chusin: "Ahhh, that felled me up nicely. And I'm glad to have my last name back mother! Let's get this show on the road and do whatever it is where about to do."

The great love shared between the three at that moment gave great strength to the Crystal Heart, which reflected back toward them offerings of benevolence. As with Chita, who now became Tifaret, the blood of the Tensei would seethe into the both of them, filling up more of the empty cavities within them with its Love and Light. Love offered for the sake of Love and not for the sake of anything else generated perpetual energy to and for the Crystal Heart, which would be able to destroy more and more of the darkness deep within them little by little. Such was one of the blessings of the Crystal Heart. As long as they insisted on acting in Love and not out of Lust, these two would be purified in no time.

"Good work, Zita and Chusin... This act of Love and Kindness has given me strength. So, for good measure, I will give back unto you out of the same Love you have each given to each other. I see you are deserving of this, this time."

Pumping out good fortune, (as was its ability, to create miracles) the Forbidden Hotel would suddenly come across unexpected fortune, beautifying the entire establishment and rejuvenating it to a state even better than it was in originally. Now, it would be the nicest building in Valparaiso, and possibly in all the Veritas, and bring great fortune and prosperity.

The two of them should feel the bonds that they shared together between each other, as well as with Chita off in the Void, and Khrona himself through their connectedness to the Crystal Heart. Now each of their hearts could beat to the same tune and move in synchronicity... As long as they insisted on keeping tempo, that is.

The sudden burst of light that cleansed this dusty old hotel and spruced it up was a surprise to Zita indeed, but nothing short of absolutely exciting to see. "Eee~! Is this what happens when we do good things? It just starts happening around us?" The Crystal Heart explained to her some sort of stuff about that whole 'Love' nonsense, but as long as she kept getting these benefits, she was all for this 'doing good' and 'loving things' and whatever.

"Alright then, Chusin! Our first stop is to go see how your Grandfather is doing. I sent him off a long time ago while I was in prison to go do something, but I haven't really gone to see what was going on."

She should probably go do that, considering that since Zita wasn't exactly all that powerful anymore, she needed to have a big, strong guy around to protect her while she did whatever she wanted. Gotta have a meat shield, right?

"Maybe Daddy's got lots of presents for us, hmmm~?" The thought of having her father by her side; the Lich King himself, fully rejuvenated and ready for battle made Zita a little excited. Getting her powers back was gonna be a cinch. "Daddy! Ohhhh, Daddyyyyy~!!!"

At the call of the Lich Queen, a pitch black portal would open up under her and Chusin, from which a large hand would grasp them and draw them into the Zero World that inhabited Terra Gris.
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Thirty-Seventh Domination: Reclaiming My Throne...

The entire Terra Gris rested in the sole control of the Zero World; a land once shining silver now pitch black in color, having already been consumed by she who was once the Zero World prior to. Her work yielded unquestionable results... and the undead realm that would soon be this cesspool of pure black belonged to the newly risen Lich King and new embodiment of the Zero World, Grim the Reaper.

"... I can feel the waning strength of another Lich's well of power here...
Let me swiftly claim it as my own and erase that essence."

Appearing from nothingness, his body condensed from the ever present darkness, connected to the very atmosphere all around as though it were merely an extension of himself (which, indeed, it was.) Searching his sanctuary for the Well of Power wouldn't take too long... Since he was everywhere within and without.

The other Lich's Well, had not been within the Earth Shrine, but within the Psion's Hidden Chamber. Whatever magical cesspool sensed by Grim hadn't been affiliated with the magical conductor that previously owned this sanctuary. Perhaps there existed another, less valued well of energy.. Could be.

(Honestly, I thought everything that had my essence was banished from the Veritas and Zero World.)

(It was, thereby making it an empty well. Get it? Your presence isn't on it, making it unclaimed. Everything that is here is unclaimed now. Or, was. I'll be looking over everything. Whatever it is that is in here is mine. Remember that. Anything in the Earth Sanctuary or the Terra Gris, no matter where or what, if it is posted here, it is mine.)

The flood of darkness poured in from the previously vacated Well of Power, which now swirled with the vibrant nothingness that oozes from every pore of the Terra Gris' once primarily silver terrain.

Fugitive... the darkness muttered, ... You can run no longer.

There, the man swallowed up by the Zero World carried within him all this time would appear before the very Zero World itself, which leered from the black with abysmal eyes.

"This is your home now. Do you understand?"

Fumesu would suddenly find himself manifested inside the Earth Sanctuary. He had little to no memories of Vescrutia or Escellsia, and no memories of Earth or the Ages Universe at all. A new being he was, one with personality like the General, a body resembling an older the General and power similar to him, the esclipse, unicron, and insanity, but in no way was he the General that was forcibly discarded like a snotty rag.

"Where is this, where am I" His deep voice would say, it sounded like the General, but was much older and lower in tone.

He had white hair, a regal look, some mishmash of powers and gave off the same vibes as the General.

He looked about, unsure of anything at the moment... As he looked about, memories of Vescrutia, it's people, Escellsia, it's people would slowly rebuild within his mind. Memories of wanting to unite Vescrutia, would also return, these however were scewed, altered by the Insanity that broke loose within him.

"Discard all our mortal shells and combine all our souls into one perfect harmonious unity." He would say to himself...

The pair of sinister eyes burning in the shadows narrowed, assessing this being as something different than the one that was summoned. This was not the same fugitive imposter from before; in fact, though harboring many similar qualities, there was something odd about the fellow. So you have been reborn, feigning the form of my people as your own... And yet, you are still not one of us, nor are your original... A clever imposter...
Yet, it made no difference to the Zero World, for he was one with the Zero World for as long as the Insanity of Fear plagued him, as it so clearly did.

As one of my minions, the darkness spoke again, you shall be watching over this land of Terra Gris... Patrol this realm and ensure that it remains secure until further notice... Report any findings back to me... Understood?

(Just so this can make sense due to where everyone is, since Fumetsu is elsewhere and didn't finish this here topic... >>; )

--- Major Timeskip ---

After giving the orders to the minion of his, Grim sat lonely in the darkness, lamenting over the state of the world, as well as everyone and everything else. He looked upon the world from the realm of Zero with a forlorn expression, seemingly thoroughly satiated in rage for some reason. His eyes no longer burned bright red and his body, no longer shrouded in darkness; it was pure pitch black, and his eyes, a shining, beautiful deep blue. Whatever had gone on in that time, it seemed as though the intensity of this being had subsided sufficiently. Now it just seemed bored and depressed.

'*Sigh* ... What happened to my burning passion and fervor, I wonder...? Things seem... So dull recently.' He gazed into the darkness, able to create portals to other worlds as he saw fit to view all the connected worlds on the outside from his throne of Terra Gris. '... Things are unusually quiet. Maybe I should--' At that moment, for the first time in a while, he heard from his daughter, who sent him off a long time ago to conquer the land and deal with the other little Lich Leeches that were trying to take the throne from the royal family. He was actually a little excited to hear from her. She seemed to be requesting his assistance in getting her to him. Of course, he would oblige and out stretch his hand, which would soon disappear before it reached out too far, as if being stuck into the blackness around him and pulling out 'something from nothing.' Such was the specialty of the Zero World; to be able to swallow up anything at any given time anywhere. With a grasp of his hand, he pulled both Zita and Chusin from the Forbidden Hotel and to his presence in Terra Gris.

"Yes, Daughter? What do you seek of me?"

"Hey Daddy," she said in an almost teenagery way as she was pulled from the darkness. Even though she was one of the oldest living witches in Vescrutia, it in no way meant she was one of the oldest witches alive. In fact, she was one of the younger magical beings, having only lived a mere thousand years. She was still like a teen in comparison to them. Seems that was all it needed to be for an attitude change... Though, Zita never really grew up in the first place, despite how motherly and regal she acted. "So, long story short, the Keeper of Insanity came and kinda sucked the Insanity out of me and now it's inside of him. After what happened with me, my daughter and this new daughter, most of my powers have been locked up by Khrona, so..." she kinda raised her eyebrows suggestively, as though she were expecting him to catch the message about what she was asking at that point. She then remembered about Chusin and decided to introduce her. "Oh, by the way, you have a granddaughter. This is her. Say hi to granddaddy, Chusin." She nudged her, then waited for her to speak.

Chusin: "And being pulled into pulled into random darkness is totes normal, but I am excited to see my Grandpa. Because I'm gonna kick him in his balls, hehehe."

•Chusin was all too happy, this was the first time she'd even had a family to see. Since last time she had a family, things didn't work out due to everyone wanting to do everything except be a family. But, that's old news, now it was time to meet her mother's father who was now her grandpa.•

Chusin: "Eeeeee! This is SO exciting! My undead heart can't take it, I wanna.... I wanna.... Hmmm, for some reason that word is coming to mind."

•Once she arrived with her lovely mother, she finally got to see her GRANDPA! And boy was she happy, till she took a good look at him and that's when she instantly ran because her mother. Her grandpa was hella scarry looking and she couldn't kick him in the balls, not looking like he was.•

Chusin: "Mommy I'm scared, why do grandpa look like that?"

•She took little peeks out from out behind Zita's big ass, to look at that scary guy.•

Chusin: "H...Hi grandpa, I'm Chusin."
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Zita :: Tzita
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