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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension (Tymon Nikia Bolton II's Website)

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 Silent Howl of the Dark Wolf, Terumi

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PostSubject: Silent Howl of the Dark Wolf, Terumi   Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:02 am

Narrated into existence by his own existencelessness as nothing but narration at first and now trying to create a new existence for himself out of the things he narrated for himself a while back in a past life that he didn't like, so he decided to erase.

Now he's a completely blank slate in terms of memory and life, but retains everything he had before. Just doesn't remember how to use it nor what it's for. He was once 'Mewt,' and he only spoke through Narration, not even having a real existence. But this time, he's narrated a real existence for himself from scratch and scrapped the old one.

Makes him a little angsty though, since it's really hard to narrate yourself correctly from scratch. He has trouble figuring out and controlling his power correctly because he has to find a way for it to make sense in terms of his narration so that it can come true properly, since everything he writes literally becomes real. That's the power of the Prophetic Word.

The problem is, he has to do it in a way that doesn't fuck up his life nor the lives of people around him, because it will happen if he says the wrong thing, or thinks the wrong thing. It will just happen, whether he does anything or not. Makes him a little depressed because when he makes a mistake, whatever he made a mistake about actually starts happening and messes with someone or something else.
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Silent Howl of the Dark Wolf, Terumi
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