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 Tabrynth; Tzita L'sia

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PostSubject: Tabrynth; Tzita L'sia   Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:43 pm

Zita floats in the center of the meeting hall on her chain and lock 'broom' awaiting all of the Fae. - Appearance (Witch Mass)

Zita laid down on her 'broom'. - Casual

Tzita: "Why, yes I am, cute little Witchling~! Might as well make small talk while we wait for the other Witchlings, yes? Who might you be?" - Salutation (Meeting)

Tzita: "Hm. I'm pretty sure that's everyone... AHEM! I welcome you! I am Zita, the Head Witch and your commander at this time! You must come to me and me alone for your missions and such unless I state otherwise! Now, for the important business that needs to be attended to... There are some rogue witches out roaming about this place... Rogue witches of whom I do not know of, but they are rogue indeed. Do not trust or befriend them, if you even figure out who they are! They may protect their souls so that you cannot sense that they themselves are witches, so watch out! I must say KILL THEM AT ALL COSTS! You will be rewarded greatly if you do, but be careful... They are all very powerful, these rogue witches. Also, I have to say, COLLECT SOME SOULS! The more you collect, the more powerful you and your magic become! SO ALL OF YOU, I SAY, DO YOUR BEST! And watch out for those Rogue Witches, once again..."

Zita sighed. "Are there any questions?"

Zita: Yes, young Witchling~?

Zita pondered this question.

Tzita: "Hm? Oh, a soul can be harvested from anything and everything! Whether it be a ninja or a dog or a creature from one of the portals or even a witch, you can harvest its soul! The only problem is sustaining your lust for souls. If you lust for too many, you may turn into a... SIN. BUT ANYWAY, GO OUT AND HAVE FUN TRYING TO COLLECT SOULS! And Witches souls are worth more than a normal soul, so if you manage to get one, you'll be in for a lucky surprise!"

Zita looks to her adorable witchling "Oh, well I called you here because there is something important I want you to do... Would you care to accept this task?"

Zita floats above the large swampland, lying down on her broom awaiting arrival.

Zita smirked, her single eye showing from under her hair gleaming with anticipation.

Tzita: "Good. Now, what I ask is something simple..."

Tzita: "Fun, wouldn't you say?"

Zita: "Well, good luck! Don't worry, I won't let you die! I'll be right here watching you!"

Zita floats to a tree and sits.

Zita smiled "Good! Good! Now, um, I wouldn't suggest resting, I think I sense some-- Oh wait, there they are."

Zita opened the massive door of her castle "Yeeees? How can I help you, cute little Witchling~?"

Zita floats above, her eyes gleaming in her silhouette from the moon.

Zita awaits her witchling so that she may give her some training.

Zita: It's quite alright. Now um... I have a task for you involving some restless souls of this place. Would you care to accept?

Zita smiled, closing her eye that wasn't hidden behind her hair.

Tzita: "Good! Now, the situation is... soul collecting. You must collect souls from the restless spirits here, and when you're done, you can absorb them to increase your magic!"

Tzita: "There should be a few of them running around here, I'm sure you'll get one."

Tzita: "Whenever you're ready, you can begin to scavange~!"

Zita clasped her hands together, falling backwards to a laying position on her 'broom.'

Tzita: "I'll be supervising, so don't worry about dying! I won't let it happen my precious little witchling!"

Zita chuckled "They're scattered about, silly! It's quite a vast place!"

Tzita: "There's one right now! Good luck!"

Zita floated higher so that she could spectate.

Zita claps "Good! Now go search for the rest!"

Zita opens her door.

Zita: "Ooo! A cute little boy~! Come in, come in! What do you wish from the Head Witch, Zita, boy~?"

Zita stared with a concerned and confused look.

Tzita: "I believe that was the lowest rank. Don't you think you should at least become stronger first...?"

Zita cocked her head to the side slightly.

Zita thought for a bit. She stared at the soul of this boy...

Tzita: "Hm.. Your soul is very determined... Haha. Okay. I guess it will be a fun experience to do that! I'll teach you magic~!"

Zita snapped her fingers, her broom made of a long chain and a huge lock appearing before her. She hopped ontop of it.

Tzita: "I guess we should do this in the village, huh? We'll go to the training area for it! You should know where it is. Meet me there!"

She flew out of the window.

Zita flew in on her broom, landing in a wide open field with nothing but fresh air and grass.

Tzita: "Alright. Now to wait for that boy..."

Zita taps her chin a bit.

Tzita: "Hm. First off, you need magic inside of you."

Zita thought about it long and hard...

Tzita: "Sound fun?"

Zita hopped back on her broom.

Zita makes her way to a large plain with several trees spread out through the area.

Tzita: "Sigh. I haven't really fought any ____ before.. I wonder how they fight..?"

She floated in the air a bit, pondering...

Zita smiled, clapping.

Tzita: "Yay! I will finally see how it feels to fight a ___~!" She wondered what this one could do, however...

She wondered if she was at a disadvantage.

No matter.

She stared intently, the keyhole pupil of hers from the only eye showing, since her other was covered by her hair.

Zita was floating already.

In which Zita had something for that.

She snapped her fingers.

Tzita: "Bah, someone's gonna be flying other than me? Hm... Let's fix that! Gravity Shift!"

Zita of course was immune to gravity of all kinds, so she would be able to float over the gravity shifted place if she wanted to.

She spun her hand around a bit in the air, magic stirring up...

The magic that Zita was conjuring up was gravitational and could and would be used at any time she wanted.

She snapped her fingers. A split second before contact was made, the gravity around Zita forced someone into the ground.

This gravity was actually being generated by Zita herself in a dome-like fashion, so expanding it was no problem.

Zita snaps her fingers and the Master Lock appears.

The Master Lock, an omnipotent energy of magic and other worldly energy and whatnot had the ability to suck in whatever Zita pleased and that was in the area of the lock. Since this Master Lock had no space and no energy inside of it, the energy would ultimately be destroyed upon entering the lock.

If more were to be created, Zita's Master Lock would take care of it.

She shook her head.

Tzita: "Someone's trying to massacre Zita! Well, I don't think I take too kindly to that..."

Her keyhole pupil began to glow.

Tzita: "Target Seal."

Zita floated next to her oversized Master Lock, staring at her Target...

Indeed, Zita would be hit by the attack, however Zita's body was still covered in her magic gravity, which would indeed force whatever was within it away from her with an extremely powerful force, which was basically the other energy shooting toward her.

Zita began to conjure up more magic into her hand...

Tzita: "Gravity Boards!"

Around the entire area, huge black boards of gravity spurted from the ground. Zita could control the intensity of these boards, naturally.

Zita began to conjure up some magic in both of her hands now, signaling that she was gonna do something... 'fun...'

Zita looked up "Crap!"

She had to use the magic she had conjured up for some defensive magic rather than offensive... Damn him.

Tzita: "Black Shield!!" - A shield of anti-gravity, which would push away just about any matter outside of her Anti-gravity shield.

Her keyhole pupil began to glow...

Tzita: "Sealing Eye Cannon!" - it would hit him and make a grand explosion in the form of a giant keyhole.

Perfect. Zita's Sealing Eye was already activated.

There was a lock around her torso held together by a thick chain.

Because she would going to use the Sealing Abyss, which she did not have to use her Sealing Eye for, she had to focus the energy of it through her body so she could seal it away completely.

Contact was made, first being stopped by the lock and then being sealed away by the Sealing Abyss technique.

Zita smirked "Heh. No more for you, at least not for this. It's sealed away, unable to be opened except by me."

Zita's chain and lock around her torso were severely weakened... Basically able to be shattered just by touching them... Oh well, she could instantaneously remake more, which she did. It was part of her wardrobe to have a lock and chain around her torso... It was all for fashion and because she liked it, but it seemed to save her.

Naturally, all of this would STILL be slowed greatly by the Gravity Boards, making Zita have time to react to all of it.

Tzita: It's perfect.

Tzita: Might as well use this to destroy that.

She sighed, the chains coming from her back flowing a bit erratically "Gosh... Now where did that guy go? I mean, really, I take my eye off of him for one second..."

Zita hopes that the sudden chains flowing through the ground would surprise him out of hiding... Or something.

Zita knew what she had to do, now.

She had to get in a set position, and in that, she would have to bring anything and everything into one place...

Her body surged with magic and she raised her hands to the heights.

Tzita: "Graviton Hole!" - In the middle of it, a super highly condensed ball of gravity formed, although, it was no ordinary gravity condensation; It was condensed so much that it had become an expanding black hole. The wind would not be able to escape.

Zita would have it gradually grow larger and larger, making the gravitational pull of the black hole so much larger and larger...

Zita was not a person who enjoyed people she couldn't see.

Zita: "Come on out! Zita wants to plaaay~!"

The hole expands slowly...

From around Zita, gravitational magic shot about randomly...

She was really trying.

Normally, that would have worked, however Zita had Gravitational energy surging from her body randomly, meaning that even if one were to come close, the gravitational energy would push them back instantly.

Not to mention, she also had her chains coming from her back as well, which basically protected her spinal cord.

Another thing, they had some gravity in them, too.

Zita was immune to gravity, as stated before, so the suction of the hole did nothing to her.

Zita stopped focusing energy into it, now, since it was large enough, and the black hole continuously sucked in whatever it could.

Zita began charging power from her Sealing Eye, as well as continued to surge gravitational magic throughout her body, still.

She wasn't a fool and would not be got with the same thing twice... Even if she technically wasn't got beforehand.

What would the Target do to get out of the predicament?

Zita did not know, but Zita had even more up her sleeves... A lot more.

Zita smiled wickedly, but cutely.

Tzita: "Aaah, it seems like my metallic parasites are in need of fodder... Go get em, boys."

Tzita: "Now, I wonder what would happen if they were to get near to you... Would they eat you or carry into the black hole...? I guess it depends on what I tell them. Heehee~!"

Zita had an endless amount of parasites under her control. As long as she was breathing, she could make as many parasites as she wanted.

Tzita: "Gravity Seal."

Instantly, they imploded in on themselves because of a gravity concentration that manifested itself deep within them instantly.

Zita was tired of waiting now. She snapped her fingers.

It would crush him if it got too close, regardless. Zita, herself, sat ON TOP of it.

Again, she was immune to gravity of all kinds and therefore this was possible for her.

Zita smiled "It's over~!".

The Master Lock was still on the field, and Zita was now near it.

The Master Lock sucked things in not with force, but with a type of energy that guided things into its keyhole when they got close.

Zita dissipated the black hole ball, sitting on top of the Master Lock "Sooooo. How's life?"

Zita gave an evil smirk and her keyhole pupil gleamed "NOPE! You're gonna stay in there for a while, kid!"

Zita laughed maniacally, sitting on top of the Master Lock all condescending and shit.

She continued laughing for a while until she felt it wasn't funny anymore, which was a little more than 5 minutes later.

Tzita: "... Meh. I'm good now, you can come out."

Tzita: "You did well! That was quite fun for me! Let's do it again sometime, kaaaay~?"

Zita snickered.

Tzita: "Well, I'll be on my way! I am the Head Witch after all and I have several matters that need to be attended to! See ya around~!"

Zita flew off on her broom, which was one long, stiff chain with a huge lock on the end of it.

Zita floats about throughout the area, a large canyon which was deep within the mountain range.

Tzita: "I bet no one even COMES here. Zita wants to fight another cute little ninja person~!"

Zita: Are you saying youse gonna do bad things to Zita~?

Zita turned, her only apparent eye not covered by her hair staring up and down.

Tzita: "Eh? Another ninja guy? Here? Oh, how fortunate!"

Zita adjusted her positioning in the air.

Tzita: "Hi. I'm Zita~! I'm no ordinary witch, but the Head Witch!"

She tipped her hat a bit "How about you? Who are you~?"

Zita smiled "Oh, that sounds fun! I know a guy from a village... my childhood friend... Ah, but you don't wanna hear about boring old me, huh? How about we just get to playing this fun little game, huh~?"

Zita's keyhole pupil began to glow. She was getting a bit excited.

Zita's smile became a bit wicked for a slight moment as her eye gleamed "Sealing Eye... Target Seal..."

Her eye was locked on, meaning now her attacks easily had homing capabilities making them unmissable unless they were blocked or deflected, since they would just give chase if one were to run from them.

She also had the ability to see almost as fast as Hyper Perception (an ability that Khrona has) which allows the user to see at speeds faster than the speed of light.

Ever so quickly, she had set herself up with a fun powerup.

Tzita: "Now, Viper Chain!" Some magic protruded from Zita's back and formed into the shape of chains, then became the chains and began lashing with the speed of a Viper.

Tzita: "Heheheh... Alright, let's see about this... Parasites, come out and feast."

From all around Zita's body came several flying, metallic parasites.

They were not magnetic and unaffected by heat of all kind, making them unable to melt, which is exactly the reason why Zita had them come out for such a special occasion.

They would devour the energy in a few seconds, and each time they ate one, Zita's magic became stronger since that is what gave them their ability to feast.

Zita focused gravitational magic into her hands, flying upward, her parasites following her just in case.

Tzita: "Gravity Boards!" - Around the entire field shot up huge black boards of intensely powerful gravity, which would slow down anything and everything non-gravity related by a hell of a lot due to pressures and stuff.

It wasn't like it was gonna happen.

Zita's keyhole pupil glowed brighter.

Zita snapped her fingers, having the Master Lock appear in front of her right before.

The Master Lock also did not have space or energy inside of it, and the inside of it was controlled solely by Zita. It nullified all abilities once in it.

Tzita: "Do you like the Master Lock? I dare you, try that again and see what happens.. Hee hee!"

Yes, Zita could SEE at an accelerated pace, meaning she would speed up her REACTIONARY time accordingly.

Zita floated above the Master Lock, staring straight at her Target.

Tzita: "Bummed out~? How about my Web of Chains comfort you, hm?"

Suddenly, from seemingly nowhere, the atmosphere of the entire area was covered in nothing but chains and locks.

Zita could be heard laughing from on top of the Master Lock.

Zita sighed "You don't seem to learn, do you?"

The Master Lock guided all of the malicious noise into it once again, having it nullified once inside of it.

Tzita: "If you try any of that non-physical jive, it will go straight into the Master Lock on my command and be null. Do you need to see another demonstration~?"

Zita floated off of the Master Lock and patted the side of it "The omnipotent Master Lock. Try to destroy it, it sucks you in. Try to hit it from afar, it sucks you in."

Tzita: "Anything else you wanna try~? Zita isn't done playing, yet!"

Zita shot a light speed, large beam from her eye... "Sealing Eye: Sealing Cannon!" - Whatever it made contact with, it exploded in the shape of a keyhole.

Zita floats along the coastline.

She rolled over in the air, now having her body face the ground.

Zita opened her eyes, though only her right showed due to the hair covering her other one, and she abruptly flailed about, chains around her waist and torso jangling, as well as the ones on her ankles and wrists.

Tzita: "AH! OH, SHIT, WHERE AM I?... How did I... get here...? I always seem to end up places where I never know how I got to..."

She finally notices something, then her eye dims and she smiles.

Tzita: "Well, hello there cuuuute little booooy~! Who might you be?"

Zita extended a chain from her hand, pulling the Target close to her and pressing her large breasts against his body.

Tzita: "I want you to be..."

Her black, keyhole pupil stared into his eyes, gleaming bright green just once.

Tzita: "Now state your name."

She suddenly floated upright, which was not usually natural for her, since she always floated in a laying position...

She quickly perked up, 'sitting' in the air and crossing one leg over the other, hands behind her head.

Tzita: "The name is Zita... Head Witch Zita; Leader of all the Witches! Pleased to meet ya."

She took her normal position of lying down in the air after a few moments.

Tzita: "What is it you are here for, anyway, cuuuute little boy?"

Zita cocked her head to the side.

Zita stretched, bending back a little bit so that she could get all of the kinks out of her body.

She wondered if this guy was someone fun to... play with.

Zita snickered " I look absolutely gorgeous, don't I, little boy~?"

She poked out her chest with her hands behind her head, her single visible eye fixed still.

Tzita: "So... Would you care to play with Zita? I mean, I am ever so bored around here, nothing to do~! And besides, games are always... fun..."

Zita huffed, intense gravity magic forming around her, sucking in and compacting a lot into one substance before falling again.

Tzita: "You'll pay for pissing off the Head Witch, Zita! I don't like rude little boys who wake me from my sleep and run! Your soul shall be mine!"

Zita's pupil gleamed brightly out of anger.

She began to fly off in some random direction, deciding to 'talk' to her Witches about this.

Zita hovers along.

Tzita: "I'm so bored... How did I even get out here...?"

She sighed and floated right side up.

Zita smiled, her keyhole pupil glowing for a moment, then returning to its black state.

Her eye not covered by her hair dimmed.

Tzita: "Aaaaaw, what a cute little girl~! What I am doing up here, is... Well..."

Zita coughed, floating down a bit.

Tzita: "I'm just... Bored, I guess. Don't get to do much anymore... Siiigh..."

Zita smiled, lying down in the air.

Tzita: "Zita, Head Witch of all witches. I would like to know your name, too, cuuuute little girl~!"

Tzita: "A beginner, huh? Pretty bold taking on someone of my caliber and status... Baaah, oh well! Let us begin, then!"

She snapped her fingers, a large bladed chain shooting from her back at a high speed.

In Zita's hands, she was storing some magic...

Zita's smile became wicked for a slight second "Of course, dear..." then reverted back to normal.

Zita floated back, releasing a bit of gravitational magic to make a Gravity Ball, which would suck in what was going on around Zita and then implode on itself, leaving Zita unharmed.

The spiked chain coming from her back then split into several chains, giving them a tad bit more power so that they could easily break through the shield.

Zita was only going to use a tiny amount of her power.

Zita had control over gravity.

Tzita: "Gravity Shift."

They were made of magic and solidified into chains, and magic did not melt.

Tzita: "Huh... It seems you've got enough power to take a little bit more of me, huh~? Well. Let's turn it up a notch... Dance of the Chains!"

Zita spun around and had large bladed chains spurt from the ground in a great multitude and at random places, trying to wrap up, cut and stab from all over.

Zita snapped her fingers, the chains following, breaking off at a certain link, then some magic reforming to tip the blade again.

A little Gravity Magic should do it well.

Zita snapped her fingers, retracting all of the chains.

It was time to quit fooling around.

Tzita: "Well, well, well. The cuuute little girl has some spark to her, huh~? Well, Zita is not done playing with you! It's time to play a different game, now... Gravity Board."

Huge black walls of gravity spurted from the ground instantly all across the area, slowing down everything unassociated with gravity to whatever speed Zita wanted based on the intensity of the gravitational forces coming from the walls.

Zita then encased her magic chains with gravity magic so that they would be unaffected.

Tzita: "Viper Chains!"

Hundreds of bladed chains spurted from her body to cut and stab with the speed of a viper's bite.

Tzita: "Now... Let me see... Still got some fight in you? Huuuh... I wonder how much it would take to crush that fight outta you... Maybe a thousand? No, a hundred is good... I can tone it down that much, I'm guessing..."

Zita raised her hands, 100 large balls of condensed gravity appearing and floating about.

Tzita: "Graviton Wrath."

Zita stared at her.

Zita merely created her Black Shield around herself, a 360 degree covering shield of anti-gravity so nothing could get in.

Zita dispersed her Anti-Gravity shield.

Tzita: "Well... That was a good try, but... I guess I have to finish this now. Gravity Shift."

Zita snapped her fingers and the gravity pushing down slowly became heavier and heavier.

Zita was going slowly to see when they would say they gave up.

Zita was not planning on crushing anyone to death, however... but depending on how much the body can take, she might do it accidentally.

Zita hovered over a desk, then plopped down on it with her legs crossed.

Tzita: "Ooooh! Another cuuute little Witchling! Let me guess, you want to join up with me in the Witch Province?"

Tzita: "Ah, but don't be so formal! Take a seat!"

Zita waved her hand, gravitational magic surging from her hand to make her float for a moment with no gravity stopping her.

A seat of chains formed itself under her and she was placed gently into the chair, gravity taking its effects on her once again.

Zita smiled, her eye not covered by her hair dimming as her keyhole pupil gave a greenish gleam before returning back to black.

Tzita: "Well~!"

Tzita: "Of course you can train under me!"

Zita's smile quickly became a stern frown.

Tzita: "But..."

Tzita: "Make sure never to be caught up in the plots of evil witches..."

Tzita: "Do not fall into their traps..."

Zita smiled again.

Tzita: "So, anything you want to know~?"

Zita's eye opened wide when she mentioned her age.

Tzita: "Oooo~!"

Tzita: "A witch older than myself!"

Tzita: "How cute~!"

Zita snapped back into the conversation.

Tzita: "Ahem, but yes."

Tzita: "I am a witch of massive power. I can teach you a lot!"

Tzita: "Huh. You never introduced yourself~! What is your name?"

Zita nodded.

Tzita: "Welcome to the Witch Province..."

Zita eyed her up and down.

Tzita: "Is there... any sort of animal that you are attributed to in any way? I am attributed to Parasites..."

From Zita's body came a swarm of metallic parasitic flying insects, which went back into her body after demonstration.

Tzita: "There are quite a few witches who have no animal theme."

Tzita: "So I was just asking~!"

Zita gasped.

Tzita: "Awww, how cuuute! Alright."

Tzita: "That seems good enough."

Tzita: "If you ever need anything from me, you know where to go~!"

Tzita: "You could just stop by my castle, or something..."

Tzita: "Huh..."

Tzita: "But now that I think about it..."

Tzita: "You did want to become stronger, right?"

Tzita: "So, you wanna go on a little mission for Zita~?"

Zita smiled.

Tzita: "Well, you see, to become stronger with your magic, you must collect souls."

Tzita: "The more souls you have, the stronger your magic is!"

Tzita: "And because of this, Zita wants you to go on a mission to collect some sooouls~!"

Zita randomly started clapping.

Tzita: "I will accompany you, however, and make sure things don't get too... much for you to handle."

Tzita: "So it should be fun~!"

Tzita: "You think you can handle it?"

A keyhole shaped glow shined in the darkness as the rattling of chains was heard coming closer and closer...

Eventually, words were spoken from the darkness.

Tzita: "Well well well... Who do we have here?"

Emerging from the darkness was Zita, her eye not covered by her hair ceasing its glow from her keyhole shaped pupil.

Zita sat on top of her desk with a leg crossed over the other, chains dangling and rattling all over her.

Tzita: "Why hello there~!"

Tzita: "It's sooo great to be getting more people! What is your name?"

Zita's eye that wasn't covered by her hair gleamed a bit as she gave a warm smile.

Zita sighed.

Tzita: "Aw. Get out."

She glared, then busts out laughing.

Tzita: "AHAHAHAHA! Oh, you will learn soon enough."

Tzita: "But anyway... Welcome to the Witch Province."

Tzita: "Go on, get acquainted with your surroundings!"

Zita laughed a bit some more.

Zita appears, floating down from the ceiling for whatever reason.

Tzita: "Hello, hello, cute little witchling!"

Tzita: "Another here to join the Witch Province?"

Tzita: "Provide me with your name, your magic, if you have an animal theme or not."

Tzita: "Aaaaand... Well, that's it."

Tzita: "Come on, tell ol' Zita!"

Tzita: "Haven't had one of those lately!"

Zita began to laugh before realizing the reason WHY.

Tzita: "As long as you are strong enough not to get sucked in, you will be fine..."

Zita looked away, muttering under her breath.

Tzita: "... I hope..."

Tzita: "So. Is there something you would like to do today~? Or are we done here?"

It was not wise to look Zita in the eyes, for her Sealing could do some dangerous things.

Zita controlled herself from doing anything with it.

Her eye that wasn't covered by her hair dimmed as that keyhole pupil began to glow brightly.

Tzita: "Fine... Do what you will if you are that determined... But your fate is sealed."

Zita turned away, now, knowing what happened to the LAST one who went there...

Zita paused, then turned back a round with a smile.

Tzita: "Toodles~!"

Zita sighs, gazing into the sunset on the sandy beach, floating on her broom.

Tzita: "I wonder how many ninja there are that I haven't fought..."

Tzita: "I'm usually so caught up in business... I need a good battle every now and then."

She smiled as the sun started to go down...

Zita was lying ontop of her desk, slightly asleep.

Tzita: "Whuh.. Whuzzat? Who dat on mah proportay?"

Her eye opened and she saw someone.

Tzita: "... Muh? Ooooh..."

She immediately woke up and perked up.

Tzita:"Hello there! assume you are here to be part of this place, huh~?"

Zita batted her eye a bit, since it wasn't hidden by her hair.

Tzita: "Yeeep. I am the Head Witch Zita!"

Tzita: "Who are you and what do you do~?"

Zita coughed.

Tzita: "23? How cute~! You are so young! I remember when I was 23... 1,000 years ago..."
Tzita: "... Yes, tell me your magical abilities, cuuute little witchling!"

Zita gasped.

Tzita: "Ooo! Do tell about that!"

Tzita: "Ah! I see! Well, that sounds fun! Are there any sort of animal themes that you have? Or any sort of inanimate object magic?"

Tzita: "But, no matter."

Tzita: "What is it you plan to do here, hm, little one?"

Zita's head turned slightly.

Tzita: "Hm? Reason? Someone? Who? What? Where? Tell Zita!"

Tzita: "Well... Alright. If that's what it is, I guess I can't help it~! "

Tzita: "But yes."

Tzita: "I think this is just about done."

Zita floated downward from the darkness of the top of her office... place...

Tzita: "Why hello hello there!"

Zita smiled, closing the eye that was visible, not covered by her hair.

She took the position of lying down in the air, staring with her eye, the keyhole pupil gleaming.

Tzita: "Wait. Wait a minute..."

Tzita: "Are you of royal lineage?"

Zita perked up, since she hadn't seen anyone from that family line in a long time.

Zita smiled, a bit more excited than usual.

Tzita: "Squee!"

Tzita: "Well it is great to have you here!"

Zita's eye dimmed.

Tzita: "And then we will raid the night skies and pillage--"

Her eye perked open.

Tzita: "Haha, what~? I'm sorry? You heard nothing~!"

She began to laugh slightly.

Tzita: "Is there anything you wish to get done as of right now? If there is, I can assist~! And if not, feel free to come find me at aaaany time!"

A lock on the castle door gleamed and the doors opened, chains rattling and being removed from the door as it continued to open. There was nothing but darkness seen, except for a gleaming green keyhole light in the pitch blackness... The glowing stopped and Zita poked her head out.

Tzita: "Yo. Sup~?"

The door opens; pulled in via gravitational suction.

Tzita: "Hello hello!"

Tzita: "How are you today, my cuuuute little witchling~?"

Zita would say.

Zita sits on a rock in a deserted area surrounded by a few trees every now and then.

She fell backwards.

Tzita: "Why have I been craving battle so much lately...?"

Zita glazed her one eye not covered by hair over.

Tzita: "Ooooh... A Cuuute little ninja and a cuuuuute little witchling!"

Tzita: "HOW FUN!"

Tzita: "You shall be relieving Zita of boredom, huh~?"

Tzita: "Well. Let's do it~!"

Tzita: "I, Zita, the Head Witch of this planet will indeed show you a good time~!"

She concentrated some gravitational magic into her finger and her keyhole pupil began to glow a bit, a devious smile slithering across her face.

Zita immediately felt less of a need to fight and quickly expelled from the area via shifting gravity.

Tzita: "Away from here. Sorry, but Zita needs battle NOW!"

Anywho, since that is all over, Zita made note.

Tzita: "Huuuuuuh..."

Tzita: "A fun little one, aren'tcha~?"

Tzita: "Gravity Ball."

Zita flung her hand out to the side, a small orb of blackness surrounded in some sort of purplish substance flying out of it, immediately sucking in all of the fire and imploding on itself.

Tzita: "Teehee~!"

Tzita: "Now that there's no more burny fire... Let us have the Dance of the Chains~!"

Zita twirled, many randomly large, bladed chains jutting straight form random places in the ground, most focusing on the main position.

Tzita: "All this is making a mess..."

Tzita: "Sigh... Alright, let's do this."

Tzita: "Gravity Shift."

Zita pointed at one of her chains and altered the gravity of where it was so that it would be attracted.

Tzita: "Now to destroy them."

Tzita: "Gravity Seal!"

Each and every one of Zita's chains imploded on itself due to the fact of her intensifying a gravity core inside of them after creating it, leaving the field purged.

Tzita: "How unfun... Oh well."

Tzita: "Guess I'd better Lock n' Load, huh?"

A chain shot from Zita's hand, however it had a lock on the end of it.

It was trying to wrap up and lock all movement as well as abilities in one fell swoop.

In Zita's other hand, she began to conjure up some more gravity magic...

Zita saw the decaying of her chain and simply... well... Broke the link.

The chain would fall and decay, dispersing back into magic.

Zita sighed, now not having a clue where this girl was.

Tzita: "Oh well. That's what senseless destruction was for."

Tzita: "Heavy Body."

Her arms, legs and torso became encased in powerful gravity magic, which she could use for various purposes.

Zita punched the ground, sending gravity through it, and suddenly, the ground exploded, many large chunks rising and imploding on themselves.

Zita then began flailing her arms, releasing discharges of gravity in the air that worked instantly, as if she were already at said point.

Tzita: "It's too late for that."

Since she already had gravity magic around her body, she figured it would be wise to use her Black Shield to protect her form any dark energy that happened to come at her, if it still was.

Her keyhole pupil gleamed as the shield dissipated.

Tzita: "Sealing Beam."

She shot a thin, yet extremely quick and powerful beam from her pupil, about the size of it.

Tzita: "Ah, the Sealing Eye techniques... so useful."

Zita was having a bit of trouble following in the dark, since she was at such a far distance and there was no light illuminating the field...

She could see her soul, but that was it.

So, Zita decided to take advantage of her already active Sealing Eye and use "Target Seal."

Now, not only would all of her attacks have homing capabilities and just about perfect accuracy, but Zita herself could now perceive things almost to the speed of light, and not only that, illusions, darkness and stuff like that would have no effect on her eyes, therefore meaning she could now see in the dark.

Zita didn't have time for anything big, so she simply held out a hand "Gravity Ball!"

The ball of gravity stayed in her hand, sucking in the and imploding.

Zita wasn't aware, however, and it exploded.

The only thing she could do at such short notice was conceal herself in chains.

They were quite durable and made of magic, so melting was not an option.

Zita then released all of her chains that blocked the attack and made them all fly down, intersecting and stuff so that they would not only stab, but make a net and hopefully confuse.

Tzita: "Now for one of Zita's favorite gravity abilities..."

Thousands of giant balls of extremely condensed gravity spread throughout the air.

Zita smiled maniacally, knowing that there was no dodging this.

With her Target Seal active and the amount of gravity in the air, there was simply no way.

Zita's eye dimmed, giving her a grim and evil expression on her face "Graviton Wrath..."

Zita pointed her hands and the countless barrage of gigantic gravity balls would smash into that general area nonstop, pelting and crushing the ground, compressing it so much that it would force that whole area of ground down so much that it would become a deep pit.

Though, Zita didn't make the power enough to kill.

Zita wouldn't kill one of her witchlings.

Zita smiled, winking "That's why I'm the Head Witch! Teehee~!"

Tzita: "You're a good one to survive that."

Tzita: "Perhaps when this is over, I can take you on a special mission with me..."

Tzita: "Hm. Let's use a ground attack as well."

She pointed down at the ground from her floating position "Chain Game."

The entire ground was then covered loosely in chains, and they continued to spread. Touching even ONE lightly would result in all of them instantly wrapping around and squeezing and cutting, and even locking away abilities until they were not touching.

Zita smiled as with a simple touch, all of the chains covering the ground wrapped up in a fashion that was so fast, they wouldn't know what hit.

Powers and the ability would be nullified until the chains were off.

They would squeeze, however Zita did not make the chains cut.

Tzita: "How, you ask? DON'T ASK."

Zita floated over to ____

Tzita: "Well well well... Seems like you're a bit chained down, huh~?"

Zita smiled "I'll show you tight--"

She shook her head "AHEM!"

Tzita: "But anyway, This was quite a fun battle for me~!"

Tzita: "Who would have though a little witchling would be so very powerful from the start~!"

Tzita: "Mind telling me who you are, hun~?"

Zita was a bit confused.

Tzita:"... Erm... Thanks...?"

It didn't really matter right now.

Tzita: "Hm... I see you have artisan talent, hm?"

Tzita: "Is there any sort of animal that you are attributed to?"

Tzita: "I, myself, am attributed to metallic parasites... I just don't use them often because they eat energies of all kinds, and are only to be used when all else fails."

Zita nodded "Well. Whatever."

Tzita: "It's nice to meet you!"

Tzita: "Welcome to the Witch Province! Hope to see you collect some souls!"

Zita then remembered something.

Tzita: "You. You're coming with me. Now. Let's go."

A chain unraveled from the chains holding her and attached to Zita as Zita spontaneously blasted off in some direction.

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PostSubject: Re: Tabrynth; Tzita L'sia   Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:38 pm

Zita finally came to the entrance.

There was no light.

In fact, the light was inverted in there.

From the point Zita was and a line that crossed over to the 'Realm'.

There was blackness.

The outline of everything was white.

Zita knew the dangers of this place...

And yet she was bringing such a Witchling into this place...?

This was both special training and a mission...

Tzita: "Well.This place is... The entrance."

The colorless, monochromatic plains of pitch blackness.

Tzita: "Originally, this place was abundant with greatness, despite the darkness..."

Tzita: "But soon enough, we found out that some evil magic was being generated throughout the entire place..."

Tzita: "And we had to leave."

Tzita: "It was horrid."

Tzita: "Witches became corrupt and evil."

Tzita: "They attacked violently with some newfound shadow power and adept control over darkness..."

Zita sighed once again.

Tzita: "We exterminated them all."

Tzita: "In fact, that is how a few Death Scythes came about..."

Tzita: "Though most left the Reality."

Zita shook her head.

Tzita: "Well. The reason why YOU are here is because you are a witchling in need of souls to collect power."

Tzita: "The other witches and witchlings split into teams on my command to do their own missions..."

Tzita: "However since you area newcomer, it was too late for you to join."

Tzita: "So, you have to pair with me on this dangerous mission... But I will protect you."

Tzita: "Just do your best to keep your heart pure and collect as many souls as you can."

Zita's eye gleamed.

Tzita: "... If I can destroy what's inside, I can keep it from spreading..."

She coughed "Well. Let's go."

The instant they both stepped in, the darkness fell and blocked off all vision of the other side.

It was just blackness.

Tzita: "We will return here to leave when we are done. Stay close to me."

Zita looked up at the twisted and distorted buildings, the dilapidated houses... the sinister looking scenery where everything had a morbidly tortured and saddened face on it... The dead trees. The ornaments. The broken glass. Even the buildings themselves omitted depression and anguish. It was quite difficult to see two steps in front of them, though it was easy to make out the outlines of the sidewalk and other objects and such.

Zita figured that something was awry... "Target Seal..."

Her keyhole pupil began to glow and Zita's perception of the area changed drastically.

She could see everything clearly, despite the darkness.

That is when Zita stopped and grabbed her 'Ally', whispering;

Tzita: "Is there any way that you can see in the dark?"

Tzita: "Or, even better, is there any way you can see souls?"

Zita knew that if she couldn't see in the dark, she couldn't help, but if she couldn't see souls, Zita could swiftly teach her the ability of Soul Perception.

Zita nodded "Alright. Quickly, close your eyes and block out everything from your mind. Try to focus on your own energy within yourself... Yourself. Where everything you possess comes from... Personality. Magic. Life."

Zita watched the figures carefully, as they were still unaware....

Zita smiled "Those, my apprentice..." Zita pointed for dramatic effect "... Are your targets. Collect their souls. Don't lose sight of your new Soul Perception. This is your training. I will be here if you need assistance."

Zita shoved someone closer to the figures, watching from the distance.

Zita figured she could take on these beings... So long as they didn't take over her soul.

Zita nodded, shouting out "Good job!"

Tzita: "Now, you see those souls there? Absorb them into yourself."

Tzita: "Souls increase magical powers of witches! If you get a lot, your power will increase a lot."

Tzita: "Once you reach 50, you will be eligible to rank up to a true witch..."

Zita walked toward her 'Ally', noticing her cut "Hm. That's not good."

Zita smiled "Well. It's good that you are okay."

Tzita: "That was only a small portion of what creatures lurk here..."

Zita pointed off in a direction, and there happened to be a large house on top of a tall, demonic looking hill.

Tzita: "We need to go there."

Tzita: "That is the place that is allowing this place to spread its darkness and evil."

Tzita: "It will consume the entire village, or worse, if it isn't stopped."

Tzita: "We did not realize this until this place grew from what it used to be..."

Tzita: "A long time ago, it was about half of this size... Now look at it. Almost a whole village itself of darkness."

Zita remembered the witch who used to live there...

The one who is probably still doing this beyond the grave. The one who corrupts unsuspecting witches...

Tzita: "Onward we go."

Zita said, walking past some buildings and turning some corner somewhere.

Zita noticed her change in movement, however she figured it was only because of the evil of this place had her scared... It was a natural feeling.

Something then buzzed around Zita's head...

It tried to slash at her, however a quick severing from a chain instantly disposed of it.

Tzita: "Here, you take this soul as a freebie."

Tzita: "There are more of those... Things."

Tzita: "They should be pretty weak."

Zita stood off in the distance, once again, though not too far away as to where she couldn't react.

Of course, all of them were wiped out quite swiftly. each of them leaving a soul, 19 of them floating around Nymph.

Zita clapped "Bravo. You really are coming along well..."

Tzita: "And with how many souls you have now, you should have increased in power with your magic..."

Zita continued to walk toward the house, Nymph most likely following behind.

Zita was wondering what was up with her.

She was lagging behind and something seemed... wrong with her.

Tzita: "Are you okay, little witchling?"

She had to endure.

Zita shook her head "No... I don't. This one seems different than the other ones... But I don't know how..."

Zita noticed that this creature had moved and immediately took action "Gravity Ball!".

She launched a gravity ball at it, but it was no use.

Tzita: "Huh... Are you alright, Nymph?"

Tzita: "This one seems more powerful than the rest..."

Tzita: "And I think I've figured out what it is..."

Tzita: "Stay on complete guard at all times."

Zita readied herself, getting nearer just in case anything else happened and it attacked again.

Zita felt like it was her duty to assist and would guide with gravity "Gravity Shift."

Nymph would not not be affected by gravity and Zita would be able to control her at will if need be.

Tzita: "Let's hope that bite didn't do anything to you... I hope not..."

Zita looked over and the creature was gone again.

Zita moved close and touched, initiating her Black Shield, which was anti-gravity and should have forced everything away.

Tzita: "It seems to like attacking from behind.. Or perhaps our blind spots."

Tzita: "I'll cover you."

Tzita: "And don't worry about touching my gravity attacks now. So long as I control your gravity, you won't be affected by them at all."

Zita kept the shield up "You seem a bit out of it. Are you sure you can fight?"

Tzita: "It probably won't work with the field set the way it is now..."

Tzita: "But I think I know how it can work."

Zita touched with a brush, sending gravity through.

Tzita: "Go for it. Now. While I do this... Chain Game!" Zita's chains appeared all across the ground, just as they had done before.

Tzita: "Do it!"

If Zita's thought process was correct, when unleashed, gravity magic would surge through it, and even if not affected, the gravity change would launch it into the chains and hopefully slice it to pieces.

Zita relinquished her chains, inspecting the soul.

Tzita: "Hm... Hmmmm... Yep."

Tzita: "This soul it worth just about 10 souls."

Tzita: "Good job, kid. You've earned this soul, which brings your count to about..."

Tzita: "A little over 30, if I'm not mistaken, huh? Wow."

Tzita: "Already over half of the souls you need to be eligible to become a witch."

Tzita: "And such short time... You'll be a witch in no time."

Zita had the gravity carry her so she wouldn't have to move or strain herself.

Tzita: "There is still one more thing we have to do... To prevent the spreading of darkness."

Zita began to walk toward the house again, pulling with her.

Zita turned, not knowing why she was crying... But it must have just been because of that battle, and possibly fear.

Tzita: "Don't worry... It will be over soon."

They finally made it to the door of the house and Zita opened it. There was nothing but darkness that even Zita with her Target Seal could not see through... No... This wasn't darkness... It was the literal essence of nothingness... All except for a small box on the ground.

Zita opened the box, taking out the small jewel inside of it. Zita turned to Nymph who seemed very tired "I have it. This is what we need. Let us depart now."

Zita would grab and propel herself at an extreme speed by pushing two opposing gravitational forces in the same direction, much like a magnet.

They would shoot straight out of the darkness lands at a high speed and back into the Witch Province, where Zita could have them rest.

Zita poked in from a distance, staring at the battle ensuing

Tzita: "Huh. She's trying to please someone? Yep. Totally possessed."

Tzita: "Nyaaaan~! Let me see how this thing plays out."

Tzita: "I won't let it get out of hand~!" She most likely would because she's irresponsible. But oh well.

A good battle would come out of it, and when the time was right, she would STRIKE!

Zita sighed "Alright, s/he killed someone. Better go fix it."

Zita walked over to the dead bodies "I'm very sorry about your deaths~! Next time, I promise I won't let you die-- Oh wait. You're dead. Nevermind~!" Zita bowed a bit.

Tzita: "Better go follow her and punish her severely~!"

Zita floated off, following Nymph. Hopefully she was going back to her controller...

Zita has propelled herself in the direction of her castle, shooting straight through one of her windows of gravity with Nymph in her hands.

They made a safe landing, naturally.

Zita dragged Nymph through the air and to some random and arbitrary room; The bed was made of chains "... Oh, damn, that's the fun room... You need the resting room." Zita went to the door across form it, placing nymph on a comfortable bed that floated above the ground.

Zita sighed heavily "Damn... Guess it was a little too much for her..."

Tzita: "But what on earth could have happened to her in there that I didn't notice?"

Zita's eyes narrowed

Tzita: "... So. You continue to spread your evil beyond the grave, you evil witch..."

Zita used her Soul Perception to look at a soul... Part of it was gone.  

Tzita: "Damn. That piece of of soul will search for a body soon... No telling from where."

Tzita: "It could take over the soul of someone already alive and erase their soul from existence..."

Tzita: "Or perhaps it will be like that wretched witch Medusa and simply share the body of someone with a weak soul so that the weak soul won't be able to do anything about it..."

Tzita: "Or maybe it will possess one of the dead."

There were so many options... Zita was a bit puzzled on what to do.

Zita examined it a bit...

Zita walked into the room to check in on Nymph "Nymphy, are you okay in here? I was just in the neighborhood and--"

Zita walked in closer to inspect.

Tzita: "... Wow. What happened here?"

Zita wasn't one to heal people.

Perhaps she could get someone to heal her...

Or perhaps she really just needed some rest.

Tzita: "Damn... got a little bit Exorcist up in here..."

She petted Nymph, adjusting her on the bed.

Zita, knocked out in a corner, suddenly woke up to see Nymph flying out of the window.

Tzita: "Damn. So it really did get a little bit exorcist up in here."

Tzita: "I'd better stop her-- No. Wait."

Tzita: "If I follow her, she will most likely lead me to the one who is doing this..."

Tzita: "Yes. Let's follow her."

Zita followed behind Nymph.

Zita entered the room "Hello-- ... Okay. So."

Tzita: "You kill two creatures and you're covered in blood."

Tzita: "Something went wrong when we went into the Darkness Lands..."

Tzita: "I just do not have a clue what..."

Zita sighed. "Does anything FEEL wrong with you?"

Zita cocked her head "Voice...? Voice-- Shit."

Tzita: "I know what it is... Or, in fact, WHO it is..."

Tzita: "That evil witch will just not rest..."

Tzita: "Let me see how much damage is done."

Zita grabbed Nymph and looked at her soul, examining it.

Tzita: ".. Damn. Worse than I thought."

Tzita: "You only have half a soul now. The other half is within what SHOULD be a manifestation of yourself in the form of darkness and pure evil."

Tzita: "Possibly the soul of the dark witch..."

Tzita: "Which is why she needed a bit of your soul."

Zita sat on the bed.

Tzita: "The only way to get it back is if you destroy the being."

Tzita: "Your soul will be instantly released and freed from the clutches of the evil."

Tzita: "However, if you do not..."

Tzita: "The witch will take over your soul and turn you into a Kishin or worse by eating the souls of others and killing senselessly."

The lock on the door unlocked and Zita's chains unraveled from the doors.

They opened up, revealing a Zita with barely anything on-- wait, that's how she was all the time.

Well, she was in skimpy lingerie that she wore to bed, hair all frizzy and her eye all droopy

Tzita: ".. What the hell is it?"

She managed to get out in a partial yawn.

Zita looked down at herself, then looked up "... I am dressed."

A comb of gravity appeared to straighten out her hair and she put on her hat.

Tzita: "There, can we go now?"

Even if she didn't have her witch dress, it wouldn't make much different. Everything would still be exposed.

Her lock and chain 'broom' flew under her and carried her off to Shibusen.

Zita busted in through the door, randomly jumping off of her broom and into a chair of chains that randomly appeared.

Tzita: "Well. I'm up now, so, let's get this show on the road."

Zita scowled at Shinigami "We aren't gonna touch your old bones."

She then looked at Magister.

Tzita: "Well. If we ban together, wouldn't we have to stop them one at a time?"

Tzita: "From who was most dangerous to who was the least?"

Tzita: "... Heh, but how the hell would we calculate who was MOST dangerous from the others?"

Tzita: "Besides... I get on Evangeline's ass, we can have her begging on her knees in no time!!"

But she did take note of that 'other power' that Khrona was talking about...

Maybe it would make the battle that much harder...

Zita floats in on her chain-lock broom, it randomly disappearing as she continued to float in the air. She laid in the air in a bit of a sexual position, eyes with her one eye not covered in hair "Hi there. 'Suuup~?"

Zita quirked her brow "Oooo, you know Zita? How, might I ask, do you know me? And who might you be, by the way? I'd feel bad if you knew me and I didn't know you. Well. Not really. BUT, it's only fair~!"

She laughed a bit, changing positions.

Zita huffed "Not too flattering, huh?"

Her keyhole pupil gleamed brightly.

Tzita: "I'll show them... Bet it was Maze... I'll get his ass..."

An intense ball of gravity appeared in her hand, but was quickly relinquished once she retained her composure.


Tzita: "Never heard of ya. But I don't get around this place much. I mostly stay in the Witch Province."

Zita stared at him, smirking "Well, from what just happened there, word about you must not be too flattering either, huh? Heee hee hee~!

Zita laughed "Really? Is that really true? You don't look like you're a Beginner, but... Looks can be deceiving."

Naturally, Zita could look at his power via how large his soul was, but she would just have to see how he fought for herself.

Tzita: "Well. You want a fight, right? Well um. Let us battle?"

Zita's eye dimmed, her hand focusing a bit of gravity magic in it.

Zita huffed, her eye dimming "... Beginner, my ass."

To get on par and avoid the telekinetic force, Zita would alter her gravitational pull to opposite that of the planet, launching her into the sky at a high speed.

As she was going up, she was mumbling under her breath how 'Beginners can't do that shit.' and 'A Beginner would have exploded trying to do that shit.' and stuff like that.

Zita made a Gravity Ball that was larger than normal, sucking the energy in and compressing it severely, then imploding it.

She then wave her hand shouting "Gravity Shift!"

Suddenly, the gravity in the area got extremely intense, pulling down everything, keeping from being in the air.

Though naturally, Zita was unaffected.

Bladed Chains then protruded from her back...

Zita sighed "Sealing Eye: Target Seal."

Now, Zita had sight that was almost on par with Khrona's Hyper Perception, meaning that she could see everything Zeik was doing and throwing at her, and with her Target Seal, she could automatically hit them without aiming, since her accuracy would be damn near perfect.

She slapped away the Makai Needles with her chains, durable because they couldn't melt since they were made of just solidified magic, not a metal like normal chains.

The only way she would be able to hit Zeik would be to seal his Gravity abilities... But that would require some work.

But she could also unleash... No. Not yet.

Tzita: "Chain Down!"

Chains started to burst from the ground in the multitudes, trying to grab and wrap, touching one would begin in sucking out his energy.

The chains coming from Zita's back began to swirl around her.

Tzita: "Sealing Eye; Sealing Abyss..."

Her Sealing Eye abilities surged throughout her body, touching her being a very bad idea.

Zita's eye gleamed "And I love being me."

Tzita: "Time for the Master Lock."

Zita didn't need to avoid the attack because the Master Lock could suck it right in.

The overly large lock with a gigantic and menacing M on it appeared, the keyhole an extreme size.

Zita also transferred some of her powers from the Sealing Abyss technique into the Master Lock, meaning that once the Makai Force would get into the Master Lock, Zeik would also be sealed from using it as well.

Now, you are probably wondering HOW, exactly, the Master Lock is going to get this Makai Force in there, especially with the abilities of the Makai Force, hm?

Well, you see, the Master Lock does not force in anything that comes near it, it GUIDES it.

And once anything is within its radius of control, it can guide whatever it pleases into itself, and no, it does not touch the lock because the lock can make attacks smaller so that they do fit inside of the lock, and once they pass the lock, they are nullified, since Zita's Master Lock is a reality all of her own, where nothing can exist unless she wills it, and nothing has any power unless she wills it.

The Master Lock is literally the ultimate locking and sealing thing known.

Kama experienced the Master Lock first hand, foolishly rushing in at Zita only to be guided into the Master Lock and all of his powers nulled while inside of the Master Lock... Though no one else has really gotten a chance to experience it...

Tzita: "Besides, it's also made of magic, so it gets a boost that's better than everything else. Hahahaha."

Anywho, Zita smirked "Your power is sealed for the time being, all thanks to The Master Lock here, as well as my Sealing Eye."

Tzita: "Now, if I can just get that gravity away from you, this will all be good..."

Energy was stored in Zita's eye, charging up to fire... some sort of lazer... keeping her eye on the Target, which would be easy since she had the Target Seal active still.

Zita was formally pissed off now.

Tzita: "Fine. This calls for... That Zita."

Her broom came down, turning into a key.

Zita put up her Black Shield, the shield made of anti-gravity to deflect.

This anti-gravity happened to be a lot larger than Zita usually did for some reason, however...

She placed the key within her unlockable lock contained on her waist and with that, the chains around her waist broke, the lock opening.

That being done, Zita's appearance began to change a bit.

Her hat became short and pointy, lined with razors, the lock changing into a skull that would be put on her hat; her dress becoming skimpier and showing a bit more cleavage than before, which surprised even herself that it was possible, her gloves becoming poofy and claw-like, extremely sharp and durable, and finally, the key changing into a long handle, a scythe blade protruding from it.

Zita's pupils were glowing now, since the 'other Zita' had been released.

Zita looked at who seemed to be still playing.

Tzita: "Goddamn, I'm happy to be out again... But you're gonna pay for what you're trying TO DO TO MY SEXY BODY!!!"

The Anti-Gravity was released from her body, but in its place came the metallic locusts.


Zita's Animal Theme was parasites, and these parasites were metallic and were not invincible to heat in any and all shapes or forms, meaning they could sleep on the sun or thrive in temperatures below absolute zero. It didn't matter what temperature there was, they were immune to it.

And these parasites ate all energies...

But what happened when Zita went into her other side of herself?

They became locusts that instead of ate energy, ate EVERYTHING.

Space, Time, Energy, Solids, whatever it was, they would eat it, and Zita had an infinite amount.

The locusts would devour the needles, not being effected by their heat, obviously, but also began to eat the space around them.

Zita's scythe grew to horrific lengths.

Tzita: "I don't need any fucking magic to be on par with you! I AM ZITA! I'M BETTER THAN THE OTHER ZITA BITCH. She knew she needed me! SHE CAN'T DO SHIT WITHOUT ME!! NOW GET THIS FUCKING SKY OUT OF MY FACE!! It's too bright for my TASTE!!"

Zita's scythe scraped the sky, all of it ripping, then opening up to be a black hole that literally was the sky now.

Zita's scythe created black holes.

And with the locusts eating the spa--... well, the everything... existence... around the area, soon, the black hole would be the only thing, except for, of course, Zita...

Tzita: "But thinking about it now, how would that work out?"

Even if the locusts were gone, the places they destroyed still remained.

Tzita: "This place is gonna crumble if we finish. But I don't really give a damn, quite frankly."

Zita did feel a bit of her soul getting drained, and in the sky, she saw...

Tzita: "... Tch. Fine. Gotnna get rid of that, too. You and your fucking lights."

Zita's scythe just continued to grow larger and larger, seeming to have no end to it.

Zita then took a big slice, the place becoming halfway consumed in a black hole.

Zita's scythe created black holes on whims.

And in fact, Zita could control these holes.

Tzita: "Continue to expand. Leave NOTHING in the sky!"

The black hole expanded, this time covering up the entire sky.

Tzita: "I WON'T LET YOU DRAIN ME! YOU'LL FALL INTO THE BLACK HOLE! And with my Skull Magic-- ..."

Zita paused.

Her Skull Magic. It was ingenious.

The one ability that no one would be able to get around.

Tzita: "Dummy Head."

A skull then appeared in front of Zita. (Whose skull? Your skull.)

Or, perhaps one would say, a Voodoo version of the skull.

Whatever happened to this skull would happen to the other.

Now, Zita, herself couldn't do anything to it, for it was her magic, but this field had become surrounded in a black hole.

Zita smirked "Come get your head. Before it is destroyed." - Head Game

Zita grabbed the Dummy Skull, floating nearer and nearer to the Black Hole.

If you're wondering how Zita made the Dummy Skull... Well, let's just say that one had already technically touched Zita and exerted enough power for her to do so.

Zita kept her eye on, though, because she knew it was fast, but with her Target Seal, she'd be able to see it coming from anywhere, and with that storm being taken care of by the ever expanding black hole, Zita would be fine... For now.

She gripped her still extremely large Scythe, just in case she needed to react and use it, surging her Sealing Abyss and some of her own wavelength through it in case a certain...

Zita scoffed, eying some random object in the distance.

Tzita: "As much as I wanna get my third strike... I have something to attend to. Peace. Oh, but uh, have fun with your head."

Zita swirled it around and launched it in the direction of sharp rock at an incredible speed, like that of a bullet.

Naturally, if it hit, the skull would shatter, as well as the real skull, and if not, then the skull magic would disperse because quite frankly...

Zita was out this bitch. She cut open a hole with her scythe and jumped in, using the black hole like a portal and it closed behind her.

Zita randomly floated down from the sky, wondering what the two were doing.

She was so curious "Well hellooooo theeeeeere~! What are you two cuuute little lovers doing out here~?"

Zita laughed a bit at the two "HAAAHAHAHAHA! Yes, yes! I am the Head Witch of the Reality, Zita! And from what I can deduce from your souls..."

Zita's keyhole pupil gleamed for a bit, as she had the Soul Perception ability that she learned a while back.

Tzita: "... It seems to me that the boy is the technician and the girl is a weapon? How fun! Haven't collected any of my Witchlings' souls, have you?"

She laughed again to herself.

Tzita: "Aaah.. Anyway... What EVER could you two be doing here, of all places? Zita just needed to... Play... with something, so I came here! Tee hee~!"

Zita's eye gleamed, narrowing after hearing about Medusa...

Tzita: "... So... The evil witch has struck again, huh...? Medusa... She's a no good witch who disbanded herself from the Witch Province simply because she didn't like my siding with the Reality OR the fact that some Reality Ninja had Soul Weapons, which require them to eat a soul of a witch if they are to become a Death Scythe... My agreement was that only witches disbanded from the Witch Province would be up for grabs, and even then, she left... Now she's been nothing but trouble. For some reason, she revived the Kishin... TWICE, ACTUALLY... She had several unknown accomplices here and there... And sources tell me her magic may have gotten so powerful that it might surpass my own... She and Evangeline are the witches I must eliminate..."

Zita coughed a bit "Ahem, but, yeah."

Tzita: "Run in? Lucky you survived~!"

Tzita: "Don't get killed!"

Tzita: "She's a sneaky witch, just like a snake~!"

Zita was feeling a bit pissed off now, thinking about Medusa.

Tzita: "Hm... Two victims right there."

Tzita: "Heh heh... score."

Tzita: "Saaaay... You two... Wouldn't happen to want a battle with little old Zita, would you~? Perhaps I will give you something to help against Medusa if you doooo~!"

All she could think about was pummeling them endlessly...

She needed to get them to battle her by any means necessary!!

Zita smiled "Oooo! Fun! Then let's battle!"

As Zita saw nothing come out, she took a precautionary action and immediately dodged out of the way in the air, just in case some... unseen force was going to hit her.

Tzita: "Buu. I didn't see anything! Maybe I should use my Target Seal... No. Wait. I know what will be even more fun! Gravity Shift!"

Zita waved her hand around and pointed to the area under, which would then shift in gravity, making it more intense and harder to move.

Hopefully that would hinder him a bit, but it's not like she changed it much.

She was 'having fun' right now.

She hadn't even started to really 'play'...

Zita snickered a bit "Hee! You've figured me out~!"

Tzita: "Now for some CHAINS OF DESPAIR!"

Many bladed chains shot from her body, some whipping away the shots and darting straight.

As these chains were aimed at him, Zita focused some Gravity magic in there...

Specifically, she used Gravity Shift in her chains to make their pull of gravity extremely intense, meaning that Tera would not only go slower if he tried to move, but if he stayed stationary, he would get pulled in.

The chains also began to stem off around the area to cut him off, just in case he happened to be fast enough to get out of the immediate area unscathed.

Gravity magic was surging around Zita, making her "Black Shield!" able to be put up quickly and effectively bouncing the oncoming bullets off of her.

The shield was then put down and the chains retracted.

Tzita: "Buu! Fine. You want to play? Let's play. I love to... Play."

Zita's keyhole pupil began to glow.

Tzita: "Gravity Whip."

Zita pointed out a finger, a condensed beam of gravity shooting out in the form of a whip that extended toward Tera. Zita flailed it about, trying to whip him out of the sky, making several different stems and tiers of the whip so that it could cover a larger area. Everything it touched would have its gravity altered...

Some whips just happened to hit the ground, and the gravity shift would pull down the gravity intensely from the sky and hopefully bring down Tera so that he couldn't fly.

If Tera touched a whip, it would instantly force him into the ground by increasing his gravitational pull to the planet or something very intensely~!

Then, the whips would proceed to beat him down further and further...

Unfortunately, looking directly at Zita was a veeeery bad thing, especially when full body was in view.

Her keyhole pupil gleamed "Sealing Eye..."

Zita sealed Tera's use of Sound.

She smiled deviously.

Tzita: "Oho, boy, you really do not know who I am! Allow Zita to show you~!"

Zita 's whip curved into a ball, snapping off from her body.

Tzita: "Gravity Center."

Suddenly, the planet's gravity was nullified in the area, and the only gravity was from the large sphere that Zita created, thus making that the center of gravity in the entire area, meaning that Zita not had control over the gravity indefinitely.

She intensified it to attract.

Tzita: "He thought he could escape into the skies? If he did, he would be mistaken."

The ball would follow him.

The bullets, Zita had to slap away with the large cuffs around her wrists and legs.

She looked like she had escaped from solitary confinement... Heavy duty.

Zita began to laugh as the sphere attracted all things in the immediate area into it.

Zita scowled now "Huh. Fine. You're better than you look."

Her eye narrowed and her keyhole pupil gleamed once again. Play time was over.

Tzita: "Zero Gravity."

She waved her hand, all gravity in the area having no effect except for what she wanted, meaning she could give and take the gravity of her own abilities as well.

Tzita: "Gravity Ball."

A small orb of gravity appeared in her hand and once the bullets got close, they were swiftly sucked in and promptly imploded.

The gigantic gravity sphere then dissipated, though She wasn't sure about the dark energy.

Tzita: "Didn't matter, though."

Zita's 'broom' appeared, changing from a long chain with a lock on the end to a gigantic key.

Tzita: "Time for Zita to do something she very very veeery rarely does... Hm."

Tzita: "Parasites... Feast."

An uncountable amount of metallic parasites swarmed from out of her body and flew toward the dark energy, wrapping around it and within a few seconds, leaving nothing left.

They ate energy of all kinds, though mostly focused on high concentrations of it.

They returned to Zita, disappearing into her body.

Tzita: "Bet you didn't see that coming, huh?"

Zita's hair covering her left eye began to flare up a bit as the key began to float....

Zita merely used her Black Shield, the anti-gravity forcing away the air easily.

Tzita: "Hm. You know, you're kinda making me mad. But don't you worry. I'm gonna show you..."

The key that Zita's broom had become finally entered the indestructible lock on her waist, turning ever so slowly before it finally came to open.

Once it opened, there was a large amount of energy that shot out of it, most of it looking very deathly.

Blackness in the shape of a skull engulfed Zita.

Zita's hat became shorter, yet lined with razors, her dress became a bit skimpier than before (though not that much), the lock around her waste turned into a skull and flew onto the side of her hat, her gloves became large and claw-like and sharp, and from under her hat, there was one gleaming eye with a keyhole pupil, the other covered with hair.

The key that had just unlocked the lock expanded into a staff, Zita grabbed it and put it on her shoulder after twirling it a few times, an extremely large scythe blade protruding from it, a cute little skull face on the handle connecting the handle to the blade.

Zita gave a devilish smirk "Holy fucking hell, I thought I'd never get out. Haaah... It's been too damn long. Fucking locks... fucking chains..."

Zita glared at Tera with her one revealed eye, posing a bit like this....

Tzita: "Ah, this Skull Magic has been dormant for so long... Wonder if I still remember how to use it? Heh heh heh..."

Zita then began to talk.

Tzita: "So, I'm guessing you pissed me off enough to turn me back into my other self? Sweetness. Now, I hope you know, you're not gonna live. And if you object, then uh, might wanna hurry your ass up."

She gripped the scythe tightly.

In this form, Zita excelled in speed, rather than in her other where she excelled in flying.

And her perception and reflexes even without her Target Seal ability were phenomenal.

Besides that, her scythe was on her shoulder, making easy access to her back, so once the Tera came at her, she merely swung her scythe, creating a rip through the air that was a black hole, destroyed the Tera then immediately closed.

Tzita: "Little punks. You need to know who you're dealing with..."

Zita snapped her fingers, waving her hand a bit as a nonstop barrage of skulls poured down from the sky as if they were rain.

Tzita: "Skull Rain. I would suggest you put up a shield or something, cuz I'm about to light up the field with Death."

As each skull made impact, it exploded, and with all of them exploding ,the explosion's radius got larger and larger and larger, until there was no space not covered in the Death magic of the skulls.

Zita twirled her scythe nonchalantly "Now, where'd the little fuckers go...?"

She stabbed her scythe into the ground, an odd energy flowing through it...

Zita laughed, naturally her own explosions not effecting herself, mostly because of the energy that it was made of, the death energy.

Tzita: "Runt. This is gonna be bad for you. Sealing Eye; Sealing Sight."

A thin beam of energy shot out of Zita's keyhole pupil wherever she was looking, which happened to be at that barrier.

When hit by the Sealing Sight, automatically, whatever it hit was sealed in another dimension.

Even the air and space around the beam was getting trapped in said dimension as it traveled.

Zita was the only one who could open and close this dimension, unless someone had some sort of dimensional energy or something (coughcoughREFERENCEcoughcough).

Once making contact with the screen, in a second, the entire thing would get sucked into the dimension, as if it never existed.

Tzita: "Cuuuute. But it sucks. Now, to demonstrate something that doesn't suck... Well, it does, but not in that sense."

The odd power emanating from the scythe before was a large and... well... utterly extreme power that was about to eliminate the area.

Zita slashed her scythe, creating a thin line of blackness in the ground...

This thin line suddenly and without warning expanded into a greatly large hole... In fact, a Black Hole.

Tzita: "What else?"

Zita imbued some Gravity Magic within the Black Hole so that its suction, already unparalleled, would become that much stronger...

Tzita: "And lastly..."

Tzita: "Sealing Eye; Sealing Abyss."

Zita's scythe began to glow green, transferring power from her Sealing Eye within itself, the ability of the Sealing Abyss.

She stabbed the scythe into the side of the pit of the Black Hole, making it lined with a green energy.

This meant that if in, regardless of what he did, he wouldn't be able to get out.

Passing through the lined green part would definitely seal every bit of his power.

The black hole and gravity would ultimately suck him in and destroy him, and if he tried to control the dark energy in the area under the lined green part... Well, then his Dark Energy abilities would be sealed as well.

There was no stopping this black hole...

And to Zita's will, it could and would expand.

All that could be heard was maniac and evil cackling.

Zita could do nothing but laugh.

Tzita: "Really? You think the Sealing Eye is this easy to get around?"

See, the thing about Zita sealing something was that once one thing of one energy was sealed, all of the same energy would be sealed, hence why Tera could not use ANY of his sound abilities from earlier.

So, even one bullet getting sealed would mean that all Soul Energy that Tera had would also be sealed, meaning that the bullets would in turn be sealed as well, even the ones coming at her.

Besides that, he scythe was still feeding power, meaning that it could intensify the black hole and sealing techniques at will... Though, with his Dark Energy being the only thing left, it was kinda not good to keep a black hole open.

Zita pulled her scythe out, the hole closing.

Tzita: "Well. Guess it's time for the other stuff... Soul Reap...? Soul Condense...? Soul Crush...? Soul Seal...? Ha. All seem quite good."

Zita's scythe, able to change its size, became grotesquely and menacingly large and long.

Tzita: "... Or, maybe I'll just fight you with this. I can take little runts like you."

She flexed her claws, darting off into the air at a high speed, her Target Seal and now her Soul Perception active.

Her keyhole pupil gleamed brightly...

Zita was locked onto his soul, so even through darkness, she could see his exact location.

As for his rupturing wavelength "... Soul Protect."

Now, Soul Protect was meant to hide the presence of the soul of a witch by coating it with powerful magic.

But Zita planned on using that ability for a different reason this time.

Since her soul was coated in magic, that would mean that his wavelength would have to go through the magic first before it could reach Zita's soul, which would take a lot, since she was the Head Witch, the most powerful witch.

Now, for that darkness...

Tzita: "Locusts...?"

If Tera remembered, or if he had ever seen, the before Zita had energy eating metallic parasites...

But the alternate Zita had everything eating Locusts.

They ate everything in the most literal sense.

They devoured the darkness, but without light, what would be filling the space between? They would.

There wouldn't be a space that they wouldn't fill after eating the darkness, meaning none of it would be coming near Zita anymore.

Tzita: "You wanna play, huh? Let's see how you play without your soul."

Tzita: "Soul Condense."

Zita grabbed her scythe, slashing it through the air, tearing through the locusts and the darkness, however once it touched the darkness, it began to condense Tera's Soul Wavelength, meaning that now he wouldn't be able to get it to go long distances, if he could even use it at all.

She made another slash.

Tzita: "Soul Seal!"

This time, if this slash were to hit, it would seal his Soul Wavelength, Soul Energy and Soul Resonance altogether, which would leave him with nothing but... Darkness, right?

The Locusts could always take care of that.

Whether they had to eat darkness, space, light, whatever, they would eat it until they were destroyed.

Again, a bad move; "Sealing Abyss."

Since the darkness was touching Zita, and the Sealing Abyss allowed Zita's Sealing Eye technique to surge throughout her entire body, that meant that the darkness touching her would be sealed from Tera's usage, meaning that all of the darkness in the area would dissipate and everything would normalize and Zita's Soul Protect would keep her from sustaining much damage.

Tzita: "Now you literally have nothing left, am I right? I've sealed your sound, your darkness, your soul energy and possibly your wavelength. What else is there?"

Zita sighed "Well, not much else. Better just rip your body apart then. Or perhaps shatter your skull. Hell, I could do a lot of stuff. Oh, how very fun..."

Zita's Soul Protect couldn't protect her from the rupturing chakra...

But Zita still had her Sealing Eye abilities, one called the Sealing Bomb, an explosion of her Sealing Eye technique at an incredible distance, and once something touched it, just as with all of her sealing abilities, it was sealed, so the rupturing effect of his chakra would be sealed away.

Now, as for the Dark Energy thing... That would be a doozy.

Zita didn't have her chain's and locks now, so she couldn't wrap it up and lock it away.

Unlike the Sealing Eye, Zita's Locks and Chains could seal away one individual thing instead of everything.

Tzita: "Hm... Well. I could always use the Dummy Head..."

A skull appeared in front of Zita. A Voodoo Skull. This skull, a perfect copy of Tera's.

Tzita: "How can she use this, you ask?"

Well, All Zita needed was a touch from Tera, physically or nonphysically, I.E. through his Chakra?

Although Zita herself could not do anything to the skull, she could always throw it at that big ass thing coming down at her and have it be utterly destroyed, making Tera's head destroyed along with it...

Tzita: "Hey. Want your skull to be destroyed?"

Zita put up a shit load of Anti-Gravity around herself, holding the skull within her hands to take the attack.

(It's not a doll, it's a skull, and it has no power to be surged into it. It's just a voodoo skull. Meaning whatever happens to it happens to your skull. You should. Fix it. It's made out of Zita's magic, but the only way it is linked to you is by locking onto the energy that you attacked Zita with. Like a normal voodoo... Object. An object from the person that makes it work... Right? Might need to edit, but I kinda figured you would, but I was in a rush and couldn't explain the effects...)

(... Damn you! I will think of something! In fact, let me go mix and match now!!)

Zita sighed "Fuck this shit."

Naturally, her Anti-Gravity and Soul Protect would hold out for at most, a minute.

She did put up a LOT of anti-gravity.

Well. It was time for her to use some hit and run shit.

Tzita: "Sealing Sight."

The Sealing Sight, one of her 'oddball' Sealing Techniques, which instead of sealing abilities completely, it locked something into a different dimension.

(I'm slightly pissed I didn't use this before, because I'm a lazy dumbfuck that didn't want to look at the Magic List. Gawd, I feel dumb.)

The entire darkness... thingy... Would be sealed in a different dimension, naturally one that Tera wouldn't be able to access, the Sealing Dimension.

Tzita: "BUT ANYWHO."

If that didn't work, it was time to shift her gravity.

She shifted it to something so intense, that she would shoot halfway to the center of the planet in an instant.

The skull that was with her, you ask? Well. That might just go with it.

Gravity was getting intense down there... And yes, Zita was getting a little hot, but she tried her damnedest to keep what little remained of her Anti-Gravity up to keep the heat and the lava out.

Now, if Tera wanted to attack her, he would have to go through the ground, meaning he would have to be in this dimension, meaning also that he would feel the effects of the voodoo skull, meaning also that his skull would melt if Zita dropped it in (but since we are in the battles, we can't kill each other. XD )

Zita sighed "... Little bastard. Better be lucky I can't-- ... Or perhaps, I'll just go back to how it was before. He's already sealed, and I ain't doin SHIT without my chains and locks..."

The scythe became a staff again...

Tzita: "Time to reseal... Fuck. I don't know when the hell I'll get out again... But whatever. To show this bastard up..."

(I'm not sure if I read it incorrectly or something, but I know that... I'm confused. So, I think I should say stuff so you can explain what you did to me better. Cuz I'm reeeaaally confused. Zita isn't in another dimension, she just shot a beam from her eye that puts whatever it goes through in her dimension, which would seal it there. Nextly, Zita isn't influenced by gravity whatsoever. She's basically immune to it, hence why she can enter and exit black holes with ease. Also, your influence on gravity might be great, but that's only natural gravity, that wouldn't involve magic, meaning nothing about Zita would be influenced by the gravity you just happen to be influencing. Let's see... Zita's under the planet now. Naturally Zita being protected from what little anti-gravity she had left because if there is no gravity, the force of lava hitting her would be very low, so it would be like reaaaally hot pillows and they wouldn't do much to the anti-gravity. And the skull isn't connected to any sort of energy. Only and I mean ONLY Tera's head. That's what Voodoo does, you know. You can't voodoo energy~! And... What else...? Well, that's basically it.)

(Yeah, the beam seals things in another dimension, which would, now that I think of it, indiscriminately close the wormhole as well, if I'm not mistaken, making the Dark Energy be sealed in the Sealing Dimension, and no, not Dark Energy in its entirety, just this high concentration of it. Naturally, if you were in it, you would be in said dimension, too. And the Voodoo Doll is not using energy, it uses energy to find the person who first USED the energy, so it may then lock on to the skull. Whatever it can use that comes directly from the target, it uses so that it may lock onto the skull. It has no special powers other than destroying the skull of the one who it has locked on to, so every time you enter back into Vescrutia, it re-locks on, since you, yourself haven't changed and the target hasn't changed, either. Does that make more sense? Or do I have to go into more detail? Even if your chakra is sealed, it is still within you, and stuff.)

(... Naaaw, you were still confused. Alright, I have to explain further... Basically, everything would just normalize if Zita shot it with the Sealing Sight beam. And she wouldn't cease to exist, anyway, she would only go into the Sealing Dimension, which was her own dimension, which she could get out of at any time since it is her own dimension. And Dark Matter allows things to exist, so it would be perfectly normal for it to be sealed in another dimension and be fine, am I right? If Zita seals something, it's only what the beam touches, nothing else. If Zita seals water that the beam touches, it doesn't mean that all of the water in existence would be sealed. Only the water that Zita shot. Do you get me? And Zita can't seal her own power with her own technique. The beam is basically just a teleporting thing. The thing that seals is the dimension, hence being sealed in the other dimension. And even if what I said changed nothing, it would still seal you in the sealing dimension due to the sole fact that you were connected to the darkness via the wormhole. Nooow, do you get it? I'm not sure if I can explain it anymore.)

(Oh, when I said that, I just meant the giant wormhole that was spewing the darkness stuff and all the darkness in the way or near the beam. And it's not too big, but it's big enough. It's a varying size that only grows to how much power Zita exerts into it, unlike the Sealing Beam which is always the same size unless tampered with... ANYWHO. Would Zita just not... Be... In... existence..... and stuff... Even if I have told you this, or does something change? I have something for both.)

(Aw, you should know by now that I don't just let things happen. Muahahaha. But I'm tired and can't think to my full... stuff that makes me... do good.)

Zita sighed "Man. Haven't been to the Sealing Dimension in a while... Heh. Might as well take advantage of the situation. Goddamn Dark energy can only be stopped with Chain magic. Might as well..."

Zita put the skull on her waist, locking it with her Scythe that had become a key once again, the skull quickly turning into a lock and chains wrapping around Zita's waist, the extremely large chain cuffs around her arms and legs once again, hat becoming long and zig zaggy, and key changing back into the chain/lock broom.

She snapped her fingers, exiting the Sealing Dimension on her own.

Tzita: "Well. I'm sure the other Zita was happy to make her way out, but it seems she needs my chain magic once again. Hahaha, I'm back in control~!"

A good thing about Zita's chains and locks was that she got the ability to lock up open things... Meaning that wormhole.

All she needed to do was use her "Heavy Lock" And that wormhole would be locked up and closed, a large green lock symbol appearing on it before it just closed up.

Zita sighed, some chains slithering around her body.

Tzita: "Seems as though I nor the other side of me overpower the other... But I wonder if one day we can work together...?"

Zita sighed, seeming not surprised that he had gotten so close. She hadn't for a second stopped her Target Seal.

Tzita: "Well, this skull stays the same, no matter what yours does. It's merely a holster and connector, you see. It holds no other power nor ability except for the sole purpose to be destroyed and take your skull with it. No matter what you do, the skull would shatter and take yours with it... Unless you just didn't have a skull. But if that were the case, this wouldn't exist, right?"

Zita smirked, stretching a bit in the air, everything on her becoming a bit tighter on her voluptuous body... Well. Everything that covered parts of her body.

Tzita: "Care to take the risk~?"

Zita held the skull up to him, stuck to her hand via magic chain.

(I thought you would know not to look Zita in the eye. But, whatever, time to use it to my advantage in an unnecessarily mean way! =D!!!)

Tzita: "And so, it ends here."

The second Tera looked her in the eye, his fate was sealed. "Sealing Eye."

The most powerful ability of the Sealing Eye other than the Sealing Abyss.

The Sealing Eye only available via direct eye contact between Zita and the foe, giving her the ability to seal up any and all moves.

The Sealing Eye was so powerful that it could lock up the body, especially since Zita was looking into the eyes, directly connected to the brain.

So basically, with a look, Tera was rendered temporarily paralyzed as well as all of his abilities sealed, leaving him without the ability to move and shoot his gun.

Tzita: "And so. It ends here. I wonder if I should let you go..."

Her eye dimmed, a scowl appeared on her face as her entire face darkened.

The other Zita was talking now "Or I COULD just whoop your ASS..."

Several chains jutted out of Zita and surrounded the area.

Just in case Tera happened to start moving again during her naturally quite brutal assault...

It was up to Zita to lock them up in every single way.

Tzita: "Nerve lock."

Zita touched several places on Tera, so even if the paralyzing ability of the Sealing Eye wore off, his nerves would be locked, meaning he couldn't move any places where Zita touched.

Tzita: "Chain Down..."

A chain wrapped around Tera, which could suck out chakra/soul energy, etc. as well as hinder the body from doing anything further, slamming him into the ground... And finally...

Tzita: "HEAVY LOCK."

He was smacked in the head with a lock that would be placed upon his mind, making thinking sort of impossible for the time being.

Tzita: "Now... To finish... this... up.."

Tzita: "Gravity shift." She intensified the gravity quite greatly around him, and without his abilities, he would have no way to repel the force of gravity this time.

Tzita: "Dance of the Chains.. of Despair!"

Tzita: "Ooo, mixing two abilities into one! How fun!"

Chains shot from the ground under him and from Zita almost infinitely, stabbing, impaling, ripping him... and then flinging his body somewhere, waiting for Zita's magic to wear off whenever she felt like releasing it...

Tzita: "Well. That was fun. And the other side of me got to come out for a while... though she was almost useless--" a chain wrapped around Zita's neck quite fast and Zita scoffed, smirking.

She hopped on her broom and glided off, laughing hysterically, like any typical witch.

( I just wanted to maim your body. And now that I can't, I'll have to take it out on the girl.)

Naturally, Tera would have to look Zita in the eyes before he could shoot, meaning that before he got the thought to shoot the gun, his body was sealed, meaning that the shot was never fired by him, at least.

Well, it was at Zita's face, correct?

Zita's eyes were connected to her face and her Sealing Eye was active, right?

Once the shot was fired, it took only a glance from Zita to make it go away.

The shot would just be sealed, therefore, gone as soon as it was fired.

She smirked "And now... What's left? A weapon?"

Zita did feel unusually calm. But when she's calm, that's when she enjoys playing with chains and causing mischief, as seen when she is 'playing' with Maze or someone.

Besides, it's not like the girl can shoot any soul energy bullets.

When she tried to shoot Zita before, her bullets got sealed.

Tzita: "Huh. I haven't even used this chain ability yet.. the Chain of Events... Let's test it out now, huh~? I'm in a surprisingly good mood! I feel like trying something new~!"

A chain shot out from Zita. But it was no ordinary chain. It didn't aim at Miya.

It first circled Zita a few times, making it look like she had a shield of chains, then it flew into the sky, and down at Miya.

Touching this chain would be direly bad for Miya.

Zita touched the ground, sending gravity magic surging through it...

The chain only continued to elongate... Growing longer and longer infinitely.

If it didn't hit its target soon, there would be no space for Miya to move and thus, the chain would have her.

The chain flew past her in the air, making abrupt turns and weaves trying to encase Miya as well as make her touch the chain.

As for the Soul Shots that came at Zita, easily deflected with her Black Shield. Next...

"Graviton Sphere!"

She snapped her fingers, an incredibly large ball of intense and highly powerful gravity appearing, slowly pulling in anything and everything.

The ground was even getting pulled up.

Clouds started to get sucked into it as well.

Naturally, Zita's chain wouldn't be sucked in due to it being... well.. Hers.

But if Miya didn't get sucked into the orb, then she would naturally be pulled into the chain, and with that, everything would end.

(WHAT THE BLOODY HELL? I don't remember you having THIS. D< Plus, I tire of using Zita.)

Zita scoffed "Fuck it. I'm out. See you later." Zita launched herself back to the Witch Province via gravity. "I ain't got time for no more shit." And with that, there wasn't a trace of her left.
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PostSubject: Re: Tabrynth; Tzita L'sia   Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:03 am

Zita tapped her foot impatiently at the podium, awaiting any witchlings that wanted some souls or something so that they could get more power and stuff.

Zita cleared her throat "AHRMHRMHRMHRM. So. Yeah."

Tzita: "You witch bitches. You all need to collect souls, am I right?"

Tzita: "Well. Lucky for you, there is an outbreak of nothing but creatures lurking."

Tzita: "These creatures were born of a magical artifact lost in the desert gone haywire, and as such, we need this magical artifact so that we can power up our own magic and stop the outbreak of monsters."

Tzita: "YOU will be going to slay these magic beasts."

Tzita: "And um. Watch out for that Sand Spirit... He hates tourists and he is the master of the desert with powers I am not even sure of."



Zita floats around randomly, taking off her shades and stroking her hair.

Tzita: "Man, that was a fun vacation. I THINK IT'S TIME FOR ME TO WHOOP SOME ASS!!!"

A chain would form in her hand and she would swing it randomly, waiting for anyone to shooow~!

Tzita: "Hey Zita~! How are you?"

Zita screamflailed, her chain randomly combusting.

Tzita: "... Oh. Hiya~! It's been a while, eh...? I've been fine, taking my vacation and whatnot."

Tzita: "How's the village been?"

Zita's face perked up.

Tzita: "Oh, that's wonder-- ... ... How-- ... ... Lalalalala, I'm not gonna wonder about that~!! WHAT'S THE NAME GONNA BE? BOY OR GIRL? WHO IS THE BABY MOMMA? WHERE DAT CHILD SUPPORT AT!?!?"

She coughed "... But um, yeah. What brings you here~?"

Zita's eye dimmed and a wide, mischievous smile grew across her face

Tzita: "Really now~? Teehee... Why don't we just see about that...?"

But then again, Zita must have gotten rusty with her abilities from her long... vacation. Some chains started to float around her, rattling

Tzita: "Well then... Let's go!"

Zita would see the glowing eyes, only to respond with her own glowing keyhole pupiled eye.

Tzita: "Oh? A new witchling? What fun. We need aaaall that we can get... It's not the ones we have want to do much... Sigh... So, yeah. Let me give it to you straight... Gimme your abilities and your purpose for being here and you're in. Go on."

Zita nodded "Aaaalright my cuuuute new witchling~! You're all good! Welcome aboard, Friday~! I am Zita, as you know, the Head Witch. I will be happy to train you and all that shit. Oh, but you say you want some power? Huh, do ya, huh? Well. Time for your first mission to collect some souls... And so I can see if you truly are worthy of being one of my Witchlings... Go out to the Graveyard and collect 20 souls. Once you do that, your mission will be complete and I will reward you with special abilities. Alrrriiighty?"

Zita smirked, her keyhole pupil glowing "Niiiice! Actually went over your goal, eh!?"

Tzita: "Well. Ha. You earned the souls, so you keep em."

Tzita: "Heh."

Tzita: "It's not like I have any use for any souls right now."

Tzita: "My little witchlings need their power, anyway~!"

Zita floated nonchalantly closer.

Tzita: "Alright, alright. I guess I did say I would teach you a special ability when you got back.. Soul Perception and the special ability of a Witch, Soul Protect. After you learn these 2 abilities, the basis of Soul Abilities, you can create Soul Abilities to how you like, embedding your magic or powers within or do whatever the hell you want to do with your soul powers, just as long as you know Soul Perception and Soul Protect. So, Friday... Are you ready?"

Zita smirked, her eye dimming...

Zita nodded "... Aaaalrighty then. For Soul Perception, all you have to do is focus on where all of your energy comes from... Focus on what makes you yourself, focus on the very essence of your being, your identity, your power from within... Your soul. Once you can successfully locate your own soul, you should be able to find the souls of others in the same way. Block out everything from your mind except the power of your soul... everything but your soul is darkness..."

Zita clapped slightly "... Bravo, little girl."

Tzita: "Now, it's time to learn about Soul Protect. Now that you know WHERE your soul is and how to find it, it is time for you to learn how to hide it and allow others with Soul Perception not to know that you are a witch and mask your soul so that it seems like a lowly and normal soul. If you are ready, here it is..."

Zita sighed "... Alright. All you have to do is take some magic and wrap it around your soul heavily. Now, it doesn't seem like it would be all that hard, but it might be, depending on what your magic is and how well you are at controlling it. Besides that, actually interacting with your soul is more difficult than finding it."

Tzita: "So. Yeah. Coat your soul. Go on!"

Zita finally stepped on the ground, ceasing her floating, staring down, since Zita was taller.

Zita used her own Soul Perception to look at the soul.. It seemed to look at the normal soul... Which was good when using Soul Protect.

Tzita: "... Hmmmm... Pretty good for your first time, kid. You should practice more to make it more stable. I can still tell a hint of your magics lurking about your soul, which will give away status as a witch or where your soul is when you don't want it. But yeah, you've done well. If you ever need anything, feel free to come to me. I'll call you if I have any missions or anything, alright?"

Zita would yawn, just waking up from her 'duties.'

Tzita: "Yeah yeah, whaaat is it little girl?"

Zita wasn't happy to be woken up.

Zita's eye opened up a little more, focusing a bit.

Tzita: "... Meh? Your little sister? Who is this? And... Who would have confronted her...?"

Tzita: "Ah well. C'est la vie."

Zita's eye twitched.

Gravity in the room began to distort, becoming light in some places and heavy in others.

Tzita: "... Medusa..."

Zita coughed, the gravity reverting to normal.

Tzita: "Alright. You have my attention. What is it you want to do about it?"

Zita smirked "Stay with me, eh? You gonna become a witch or something?"

Zita began to cackle insanely, since it was a joke.

Tzita: "Naaah, but seriously... You gonna stay in the Reality Village or something, or is this temporary?"

Zita's eye would twitch at the thought of Medusa.

Zita smirked.

Zita threw a key.

Tzita: "This is a key to my house. Not only will the key lead you TO my house, but it will let you in."

Zita would sit impatiently waiting on her desk, awaiting her little Witchling. It was time to collect some souls for her.

Zita nodded "Yeeeeaaaaah, soooo... I assume you want souls, riiight? Well, because you want to gain these souls, I have found that there is an outbreak of... Monsters... in the Enigmatic Ruins. As such, I cannot have them going around and destroying ancient magical stuffs... So can you go and tend to that, if you please? I'm sure you'll gain a hefty sum of souls... Or at least I would hope."

Zita snickered "Yeah, actually... While you are out... Pick a fight with someone. I don't care who, I just wanna see a fight. It gets so lonesome and boring, I need some entertainment. Report back when you're done and we'll find you someone... Alright?"

The door would open just as one knocked.

Zita scratched the back of her head, adjusting her top, since for some... unknown reason.. It wasn't adjusted correctly.

Tzita: "Cough cough."

Tzita: "Eh? Found some information, huh? Well, go on and spill it."

Zita then adjusted her hat as well.

Zita tapped her desk with her finger "Hm... Black Clown? Never heard of it or seen it before. Might be a new monster, but... then again... Vector Magic? That does sound like Medusa... But I know nothing of this 'Kaerei' per--"

Suddenly, it hit Zita "Waiwaiwaiwaiwait. You said the swamp, didn't you? Only the Black Swamp is in the Reality village, and from what I have heard, the Black Swamp is home to the 'Frog Spirit,' as they call her. I guess this is that Kaerei you speak of?"

Zita stroked her chin.

Zita actually seemed serious for once in her life... How strange.

Zita's eye quickly opened as she jumped up and pointed.

Zita pondered, then sat down.

Tzita: "... Or maybe... You would be even MORE susceptible to it... Huh... What a difficult solution... But on any note."

Tzita: "Tell me how it felt being possessed by the creature... I'm sure that will be of some use to us."

Zita closed her eye again, nodding.

Tzita: "I see, I see... Well, I guess we cannot use much of that if it was dark, meaning you couldn't see and we know who possessed you, so we don't gain any new information..."

Zita tapped her finger on the desk once more "... Hm... I wonder if you can actually use this to track down the Frog Spirit... this portion should lead you to the whole of her, right? And if what we assume is true, she should be with Medusa. So, do you think you can do it?"

Zita prodded her head "Send someone else? Well, I'm low on witches... The only other witches I have are Mizune, Yui and Chloe. Everyone else is a witchling... I could always ask my buddy Maze for one of his shinobi, or something... Ya think that's good enough, or do you have any suggestions as to who?"

Zita showed up, appearing out of a black hole looking thing.

Tzita: "Heya Khrona. What's... up?"

Khrona and Zita never really spoke.

Zita looks down into Khrona's dark pit of insanity and fear "Damn... this place gives me chills..."


She waited for a response.

Seeing how deep it was, it might be a while...

Zita sighs "Well, we'd better get in there, then. I don't suggest we go all the way down, so I'll alter gravity and use my abilities to keep you walking on air."

She pulled him down into the darkness, and after some feet, they stopped on midair thanks to Zita's gravity powers.

Tzita: "Okay, first off, you must feel your environment's energies around you. When you feel these energies, you'd have to focus them inside of yourself. It's actually better if you have a medium first starting out..."

Zita pulls a book from under her hat.

Tzita: "This book, a tome of darkness, will help you conduct your darkness abilities until you can do it yourself. Think of it like a crutch until your magic is strong enough."

Zita walked back a bit, awaiting to see what he would do.

Zita clapped her hands "Good! Good! That's a really good start! Now, try it again, only try to make it a little bit bigger... You think you can manage that? After that, we'll see if you can actually use it as an attack..."

Zita clapped again "Yes! Yes! Good! You're getting it! Okay, now let's see you try to attack with it... Throw it at that wall over there, huh?"

Zita points in some arbitrary direction and awaits.

Zita sighed "Okay, yeah, you're doing fine right now. Let's see if we can work on more control..."

Zita points to another target "Hit that target. If you don't hit it the first time, continue until you do hit it, got it? GO!"

Zita nodded happily.

Tzita: "Great! Now, next thing, hit that target 10 times in a row without missing. If you mess up, you have to start over. This will help you out when trying to hit a target... Hm. Maybe we should do moving targets next...?"

Zita was impressed "You are doing quite well... But now it's time for the moving targets. We will see if you can really hit these targets as well as you may think..."

Zita snapped her fingers and 10 huge locks appeared, floating around randomly and kinda slowly.

Tzita: "Let's see how you do with big targets first, then we'll move on to small ones..."

Zita saw that he was doing well, the locks being destroyed quite well

Tzita: "Huh. Okay, now let's see you do that with smaller targets moving at a higher speed."

Zita snapped her fingers again and this time, 10 more tiny locks appeared.

Tzita: "These will move at a fast speed. Let's see if you can hit them, okay?"

Zita commanded the locks to go, having them fly around the area a lot faster than the larger locks.

Zita smiled "Alright. Now that I know you can hit a target... Let's see how powerful you are. It seems like you're good enough for you to use darkness around you, but how do you fare when you're out in the light?"

Zita shifted the gravity so that they were back to the top of the pit, where the sun was shining.

Tzita: "Okay, so, you're gonna have to learn to use darkness in well lit areas, which will be hard for you, even with the tome. You're gonna have to get rid of the tome soon, as well."

Tzita: "Okay, now let's see. You need to be able to take down extremely durable targets. I doubt this one will be as easy... Normal ninja will not go down easily, so I will give you a huge and strong target."

She created one huge lock that was very thick and very hard, the keyhole sealed up.

Tzita: "Now, blast it. It probably won't break easily, but keep on blasting it, and try to build up an immunity to light, or at least learn to use darkness with the light."

He was learning, but she didn't think he was ready to throw the tome away.

Tzita: "Um... Are you really sure you want to throw that away? It seems like you might still need it just a bit..."

She coughed a little bit and grabbed the tome, just in case.

Tzita: "You can always have it back if you need it. And if you read it, it may give you some new ideas for dark magic..."

Zita shook her head "But oh well. It's time for the next thing. Defensive Magic. You seem to be able to attack well with the magic, but let's see how well you can defend with it. I'm gonna attack you with a few weak attacks and you have to try to defend with your darkness magic, alright? Tell me whenever you are ready."

Zita waited patiently.

Zita nodded "Alright. I'll start out slow, and I'll only use my chains, since I doubt you will be able to fight against my gravity. Ready? Go!"

A large, bladed chain shot out of Zita's back at Prince at a moderate speed, which would cut him if he did not block it.

Zita nodded "Good, good..."

The chain came back for another blow, more powerful this time and quickly shatters the mirror with little effort.

Tzita: "What about that...?"

Zita smiled "Well, it seems you can deal with one attack just fine..."

5 bladed chains came from Zita's body now.

Tzita: "So... Now it's time to see how you deal with multiple attacks at you."

One chain dug into the ground as 2 chains came extremely fast from the front, the other 2 trying to hit him from both sides.

The chain from the ground would shoot up directly under him.

Zita dispersed her chains and locks.

Tzita: "Ha, your magic seems to be able to deal with mine just fine, now, even though I have toned it down greatly..."

Zita tapped her lips a bit with a finger, thinking of another thing to enhance his magic...

And then it hit her "AHA! Alright, Now we need to test your endurance. Learning this means nothing if you cannot use it for a long time. You will be tested on how long you can hold it and how long you can hold it when being attacked, then finally how long you can test those in the gleaming sun. So... Let's see how long you can keep your magic up. Begin!"

Zita snapped her fingers, signaling to start charging an attack for however long she could hold it.

Zita nodded "Continue. You must endure the light and heat of the sun if you are going to perfect your darkness. Continue, continue, continue."

Zita clapped "Yes, that was quite quite good! But next you must hold it while being attacked, which will be a harder task... a LOT harder. I'm gonna attack you nonstop and I won't let up. I'll use a small bit of power so that I won't break through it with just one strike. Let's see how you do it now..."

From all over Zita came bladed chains aimed ready to stab at whatever he would put up for however long he would hold it.

Zita's barrage did not stop, only more and more bladed chains of minimal power continued to stab at his shield, making wear and tear damage.

If he wanted to keep it up, he would have to continue to reinforce it, or else Zita's chains would quickly burst through it and hit him again.

Tzita: "Come on... Hold out longer..."

Zita's chains all formed into one giant chain now.

Tzita: "Good, good..."

Tzita: "... But you are indeed still of genin power... Hm. Oh well. You seem to endure well for your rank. There is one more thing you must do before you actually go into battle..."

Zita pointed up.

Tzita: "You must directly use your darkness in the complete light of the sun."

Tzita: "So. The light from the sun is shining directly at you. But there is a catch. You must continue to use your magic that will be weakened by the sun and you must endure my attacks once again. Are you ready?"

Zita smiled "Alright. First, I will batter you with my chains... Then we will kick it up a few notches and I will see how long you can hold it against intensified gravity. So. Here we go."

10 large blades chains shot from Zita's back and stabbed.

Zita would open the door after being shut in for so veeeeery very looooong.

Tzita: "... OH. HOW YA BEEN?"

Zita laughed, embracing in a chain hug.

Tzita: "Weelll, I've been... Busy."

She coughed, turning off her vibrator....

Tzita: "You?"

Zita laughed "Must be a fire magic user, huh? Cuz all I see is that FIYAHPOWAAAAAH!!!"

Zita 'adjusted' her top... a bit lower than normal.

Tzita: ".. So. What brings you here? I assume you want something from me?"

Zita shook her head "WELL. Come inside then, guy. Let's catch up on a few things, eh?"

Zita turned to him, scoffing "... HA. So WHAT, motha fucka?"

Zita would snicker, her keyhole eye pupil gleaming.

Tzita: "Thought you wanted to TALK, huh?!"

Zita paused "... YOU HAVE KIDS?!?"

Zita coughed "... Wow. That's... How long have I been in here? Time is different for witches, you know..."

She sat down, in deep thought...

Zita started playing with her hat "... Weeeell, that's too bad."

She didn't really care... Cough cough.

Tzita: "So the bitc--WIFE is gone, huh? That's a terrible... etc. etc.. SO WHATCHA DOIN?'

Zita was silent "... I think she stole my top one day. That's it." She grinded her teeth a bit.

Zita fell over "Well... I've been kinda alone, ya know? I was just thinking of why I was actually locked up.. And..."


Tzita: "... YOU AN IDIOT..."

Zita would lie flat on the ground, puffing up her cheeks.

Tzita: "... Well. I was just thinking of..."

Zita stood up.

Tzita: "Nothing. Never mind then. HEY. LET'S GO... Um. Fight...?"

She kicked her feet a bit.

Zita smirked "Nah, I forgot. SO. LET'S DO THIS, HUH!?"

She struck some random ass pose, awaiting a fight.

Zita huffed "Aww, just for that, I'mma have to whoop your ass even worse!!!"

Chains would fly from all around her, all aimed at the target.

She would use her Target Seal to ensure that she could see and react to movements at every speed.

Tzita: "Let's go!"

Zita smirked, staring at the 2 beams with her glowing pupils, releasing the power of her Sealing Eye.

This would seal the Death Energy, eliminating it completely and keeping it from coming close to her

Tzita: "... Gonna hafta do better than that!"

She raised her chains once more and lunged them straight at a high speed, embedding them with a bit of gravity magic to throw him off his game a little bit.

Zita puffed out her cheeks "DAMMIT. Fine. Get the hell out!"

She snapped her fingers, shifting gravity's pull away from Zita with a very POWERFUL force.

Zita would also shoot out another beam of Sealing Eye energy directly at him trying to seal his powers and stuff. In addition, she would look at the energy beams to nullify them, too.

Zita waved a hand, creating her Black Shield, which was made of anti-gravity, which, instead of pulling everything toward it, pushes everything away from it, thus pushing the ice away from all around, leaving Zita completely unharmed.

She would fly up into the air, releasing the shield.

Tzita: "Fine then! You wanna stay in that place? Then sit DOWN!"

Zita would wave her hands downward, making a powerful gravity magic crush the entire area, this being her Area Crusher ability, making everything surrounding her get crushed with INCREDIBLE force by gravity.

Tzita: "Now, to Chain you Down!"

She would raise her hands, making numerous large chains spurt from the ground everywhere, just in case the crushing gravity wasn't enough, Zita would have the chains wrap around Maze and lock around him, then suck out all of his energies.

Zita's lock would unlock and the massive gravity doors would open "... Sup?"

Zita smirked, hey keyhole pupils gleaming.

Tzita: "Really now? More acquainted, eh?"

She moved her body just a bit, loosening the chains around her body to make them look a bit more... Sexual.

Tzita: "Witches, as you might know, are a race of all women... Is that other business of yours?"

Zita snickered, her keyhole pupils gleaming.

Tzita: "Well, if you care to open my locks, you're gonna have to take off the chains, first. Heh."

She stroked his chin, then nonchalantly walked back into her house.

Tzita: "The little ho." XD

Zita smiled, not looking back.

Tzita: "What is your interest in the witches, might I ask?"

She would turn down some random ass corridor that probably wasn't there when she went outside, then turn into a room.

Zita waved a hand around, making the magical energy from the gravity within the chained walls illuminate the room in a purplish-blackish lighting, plopping down on the random bed in the middle.

Tzita: "Sigh. I've been in my castle for a while, alone... I've been sooooo booored... Well, actually, I kept myself.. busy..."

She laughed to herself "Beauty, eh? Weeell, I try."

Zita tipped off her hat, since... she basically wasn't wearing much of anything else.

Tzita: "Huh. Someone moves fast. I like it!"

Many chains fell off of her body... As well as wrapped around to pull him close, wrapping around them both...

Zita was slightly dazed, giggling to herself "Heh heh heh... Oh yes, of course. I would never object to that~!"

Zita sighed, actually WALKING this time to her destination.

Tzita: "... Man, I've been locked up in my castle for so long... Need to release some pent up aggression! Heh heh heh..."

She would stop at the edge of a cliff.

Tzita: "... So boring..."

Zita would spin around "HEY... YOU."

Zita didn't really recall who this was.

She didn't recall anyone other than Maze and Khrona.

Tzita: "... So. You wanna fight or something of the sort? I'm outta practice... Gotta get back in the groooove, ya know?"

She pressed her breasts together with her arms and shivered "It makes me so EXCITED! WOOT!"

Zita smiled "Well... You know my name, so... Nice to meetcha!... And if I've already metcha... Nice to see ya! RIGHT THEN. Let's get back to to this battle. I wonder what you do..."

Zita would create a ball of magic in her hand, which was... Gravity magic.

Tzita: "Let's go~!"

Zita blinked "Oooo, it's pretty! I wonder what-- Favor, you say? Hm. If you really want, then I can provide~! Now.. Let me see if I still got it in me..."

She would sink the magical ball into the ground, and from all around came giant black boards of Magic from the ground.

Everything that wasn't magic or gravity related would be slowed to any speed Zita found necessary by controlling the magic and the gravity that they were omitting, you see. Hopefully the Gravity Boards would work.

Now for some more of her magic...

Tzita: "Hm. I dunno what that thing you're charging is, but it looks unstable. Lemme help you~!"

She pointed at it, a magical beam shooting from her finger.

She was trying to use her Heavy Lock ability, which basically locked any unstable, open, free, etc. etc. energy that was arbitrarily lurking around.

As such, she'd try to seal that energy by locking it with the magic of that beam.

Her keyhole pupils began to gleam "I have an idea... But I don't know if it will work..."

She started to float a bit "Target Seal..."

Using her Sealing Eye abilities, she would gain the ability of what was similar to Khrona's Hyper Perception, however also with the addition of automatic homing attacks and increases power and concentration of attacks.

Typically, she would be doing this because she knew nothing of the speed or power of Kham, so it's just a safety precaution so she can react at any time she needs to rather than being off guard.

Her pupils did not stop glowing, however...

Zita frowned, but she knew he was going there, since her Target Seal was locked on him in all ways.

As such, Zita used her most powerful Lock ability right off the bat, the Master Lock.

Basically, the Master Lock was nothing but a portal into Zita's own reality.

It nullified everything Zita wished, since it was her own reality, thus only her own laws, whatever they may be, existed.

Also, once something was close to the portal, it would instantly be sucked in, not because it had suction, but because it guided any and all matter and energy into it.

As such, since it guided these things, it could alter the size to fit the hole, even if they were larger than the hole.

If it worked to Zita's will, the blast would be sucked into the depths of the lock and then nullified in all ways.

As this was going on, Zita would hop in from the other side.

Tzita: "Hey, if you can't fight on this plane of existence, then make your own and fight there, right!?"

It was Zita's ultimate protection.

She would hover around in the nothingness that was her own reality, sighing.

Tzita: "... Well, that was unexpected. Well, I can do anything here, so... Let's have some fun! Why don't you, um... Come in here, eh?"

Zita was safe, since if somehow Kham could close it from the outside, then she could just reopen it, since it is her own reality.

Tzita: "Yay."

She's not going back out there.

Zita scoffed "DAMMIT! My ONE trump card and I can't even use it... FUCK."

Tzita: "... Hm... I don't wanna admit defeat, but if I come out, I will be defeated... Hrrrm... Unless..."

Zita got a wicked smile on her face... The other side of Zita... The one which had the scythe.. the one that could open up giant rips into the realm all on its own with just slashes...

Tzita: "Heh. Perfect."

Tzita: "Oh. Well. I'll try something else, hope that's okay with you~?"

Zita's keyhole pupils gleamed as a key manifested in front of her.

Tzita: "... Dark Release..."

The giant lock chained on her stomach would have the key enter it and turn, opening it, as only that key could open it.

Once that happened, she changed into her... Sealing Form, or Skull Form, also known as... Alternate Zita!

Zita would wave around her scythe "HEY. You know what I can do with this scythe, hmmm~?"

Zita laughed.

Tzita: "The hell's a Cosmic Hell? In my world, there is no hell! Cuz in there, it IS hell! And you know what else is hell? The fact that I can make as many portals to there as I WANT in this form!!"

She raised her scythe, quickly making a gigantic slash with it, opening another portal, this one actually as large as the slash, thus the radius of the 'guidance of matter and energy' was a lot further as well.

She would have a skull appear high above, it falling down and before making impact, exploding with Skull Magic, also known as death energy.

Zita would sit on the opening of the Master Lock like it was a hammock.

Tzita: "And uh, guy, even if I do lose..."

Her keyhole pupils would gleam as that dark expression stayed on her face.

Tzita: "I'mma give you one hell of a fight. Or, at least, I'd hope so."

She would fall back into the rip, about to use some new... 'tactics' that might work... Hopefully.

Another rip would open up elsewhere on the field, even though the first had not closed yet.

From this rip came Zita's parasites...

Rather, her metallic locusts, since the metallic parasites became metallic locusts when she was in her Alternate Form, gaining the power from just eating all energies to being able to eat literally everything they could.

Just then, Zita would throw out the Dummy Head, which was a Voodoo head of a skull, meaning whatever happened to it would happen to him...

And Zita, herself, cannot do anything to the Dummy Heads that she makes, which pisses her off, but...

Her Locusts surely can do whatever the hell they want to it.

Though, the Dummy Head will only work in the same realm that he is in, so that was the only reason she had to fling it out of her own Realm...

And her rules only affect things that come into her realm, which he was not in.

As such, the locusts would go for a mad dash at the voodoo of skull/brain/etc.

Another slash would appear out of nowhere, and locusts would be shooting from there, as well...

Another slash would appear, and more locusts would come out... and so on... and so on...

She was going to fill the whole area that was in with just... her everything eating locusts.

The more that came out, the less there was to eat, meaning that they would be eating a lot faster...

As more rips formed, no bugs would come out, yet Zita shouted out.

Tzita: "... LIKE HELL. I want to have some fun, ya know? It's been a while since I've done any of this shit... So, I'm gonna have me a merry fucking time."

Another rip would open and this time, her Sealing Eye energy would shoot out in the form of IMMENSE blasts, due to the Master Lock realm amplifying her power... Simply because she willed it.

Now, from all of the rips, which there were a massive number of, which basically circled the entire area so that these attacks would HOPEFULLY hit and seal his abilities...

As this happened, Zita made a few more finishing touches with the rips, now the entire area was basically full of them so that she could attack from anywhere at any given time.

Zita scoffed, since the blasts did not stop the sound...

Though, she did have an ability that could do such a thing, since it even sealed space and time around it...

Though, it was very tiny...

OH WAIT, she's in her own realm.

She can do whatever she wants and make whatever she wants happen.

The sound would sound like classical music, naturally losing all of its effects once it reached the Master Lock's portals.

Zita knew nothing of the flames, and as such, not knowing about them, they did not exist in this realm.

Anything Zita did not know about, wasn't aware of, etc. did not exist.

It was DAMN sure that she would keep it nonexistent!

Tzita: "Stalemate? Most definitely. But still, I'm not fully back in my groove, ya know?"

She would make one last final, huge slash, and with that, all of the portals to the Master Lock realm would connect, basically making a sphere around the entire area as of now.

The combined rips and portals making one large dome around Kham would mean that the 'guidance of matter and energy' would HOPEFULLY pull him into the Master Lock realm, and as such, lock him there.

Tzita: "I WILL put this realm to good fucking use, dammit!!"

If the 'guidance' didn't work, naturally, the dome would start to close in on him...

Zita, being the master of her own realm, already had the flame thingies set.

They did not exist in her realm.

Thus, while in this place, they did not work in her body, since as soon as the sound from Kham came into the Master Lock realm, the flame became nonexistent, as explained before.

It can only be reiterated so many times that anything Zita says in this realm goes.

If Zita wants something gone, it's gone.

If Zita wants to make something happen to herself, it happens.

No flamey thingy for Zita, mostly because of the fact that even though she heard it, the effects would STILL only work in the realm was in, which was not her Master Lock Realm.

Tzita: "The only way for me to defeat you is to get you in here... And the only way for you to beat me is to get me out there... Any altercations I do to my powers in here would be nullified once coming out of there, so I can't do any of that... And any powers you do will be nullified upon coming in here... Doesn't seem like this is gonna work unless one of us comes in or out, huh...?"

Zita pondered, sealing up her Skull Form and reverting to normal.

"... So... How's life?"

Zita began to play with her lock.

"Oh, I'm doing quite fine... Everything's been going alright. I kinda locked myself in my castle for god knows WHY for a hell of a long time.. But now I'm just coming out for some fun, ya know?"

Zita pondered something.

"Hey... Since I have the power to unlock any locks and seals, and my own reality is a 'lock,' one could say... You think if I UNlock it, will it merge with the reality of the places that it's open to at this exact moment and give me complete control over the areas in which it merges its reality with? Since this place is not a dimension and I don't have any super dimension powers like some awesome people I've heard about, I was just wondering if you think that would work?"

Then again, why would Zita ask the 'enemy' for advice on this matter?

Tzita: "Meh. Never hurts to try, eh?"

Zita laughed "Of course, it's perfectly possible, so long as I don't object to it... Hm... But it seems quite curious.. OH WELL! But... Hm. Okay, I've got another thought here... What if... Okay, now stay with me... What if I merge my reality with the normal reality, while you merge your thingy with my reality? Will that make everything all... Wacko? Too many alternate realms merging into one another?"

Zita smiled, now having so many ideas. She was quite happy to have such a session, as it seemed to be quite enlightening.

Tzita: "This is fun, don'tcha think?"

Zita pondered for a moment...

Tzita: "... I wanna try some stuff... Maybe I can infuse my magic with the Master Lock realm... Maybe I can fuse my BODY to my Master Lock...? What if I can make the portion of my realm within your box not exist..? Does the box go, too...? Hm..."

Zita did want to test the theory... Yet... At the same time...

She wanted to train her magics once more.

Tzita: "... We will do battle once again. For today, I'm out. I wanna go... Make some modifications to my magic. Kay?"

She would release herself from the Master Lock dimension, locking it and sealing it once more, then make her way back to the... village.

Tzita: "Catch ya later."

Zita made her way to her home after fighting with Kham, pondering the wondrous abilities of her Master Lock realm that she came up with whilst fighting him.

Tzita: "... Infusing it with my magic... Infusing it with my body... I am the master of seals and locks... Infusing things to me is nothing... I could seal myself to the realm, couldn't I? Would I ever run out of power? Would I be able to be stopped...?"

She paused, moving to a room made of nothing but chains and filled with darkness.

Tzita: "... Would I... Be able to control it? What if I become consumed by it?"

Tzita: "... Guess I'll just have to find out! But first, I'd better test out my ability to infuse myself with solids..."

Zita would look at her room of chains, then sigh, knowing that being the master of Chain Magic, having the chains wouldn't make a difference.

Tzita: "Ugh. I need something better..."

She would look out of her window, gazing at the grim landscape that she loved ever so much ".. Let's see, let's see... Seal myself with something... AHA. THAT ROCK." Using her gravity magic, she would have the rock float up to her and then she would stare at it with her Sealing Eye, touching it with a finger.

Tzita: "... Let's seal this solid rock within the depths of my body..."

The rock, being the target, would suddenly be sucked into her body.

With that, her fist changed its shape into that of a gigantic rock fist.

Tzita: "HOLY SHIT. I guess I CAN seal myself with other solid things!!!"

She would unseal the rock, letting it fall to the ground.

She looked around and noticed that there was some water waaaaaaay off in the distance.

"... Shit. I guess I've gotta do liquids next. I bet if I can do solid, then I can do liquids... Just gotta get that water over here. A little shift of gravity should do the trick..."

She held out her hand once more, and a small portion of the body of water would slither towards her, forming a ball in her hand.

Tzita: "... Right then. Same thing I did before, eh? Seal the water's properties with my body..."

She would then seal it using her Sealing Eye, thus making her body liquidy and such.

She slithered about like a puddle, reforming and becoming solid at her own will, spewing out parts of her body like water.

Tzita: "... COOL. I bet I could seal a lot of shit within my body! Now that I've covered that I can do solids and liquids.. How about a gas...? Or... Maybe even space...?"

She would start with gas. Air, being all around her, would be no trouble whatsoever.

Tzita: "Huh. Right then."

Tzita: "Alriiiight. Let's go. Concentrate on the air aaaand..."

Her keyhole pupils would gleam, and suddenly, her body became gaseous, able to converge with the atmosphere thus making her all of the wind and the air.

It was quite... The discovery.

Tzita: "Maybe... Just maybe... I could Seal myself within space or gravity itself, or a Black Hole I can create and become these things as well! YES. IT IS INGENIOUS!!! HAHAHAHA. But I wonder how much by body can take at one time...."

She would create a very powerful gravity ball, which would warp space around it, causing the atmosphere to become like that of space.

She would touch it, her body becoming spacious and... well... Spacey.

She'd be able to do wonders with this.

Tzita: "Hm... Space... Gas... Liquids and Solids... Anything my heart desires, I can seal myself with and become it. I LOVE IT~! Heh heh heh. It loses all control whilst locked within my grasp... And I absolutely. Love. It."

Zita pondered something else...

She did not know what the repercussions of such a night had in store for her..

And she did not want to wait to find out.

Tzita: "Hm. While I am in the Master Lock realm, I know all things within... Including what is within myself. So, I might as well go inside and... Check."

She would open the portal to the Master Lock Realm once more.

And close herself within it.

She waited, thinking of the question to ask...

In a split second, she would have the knowledge of what it was that happened...

Such was a joyous and devastating occasion...

Joyous because she got to pass her powers down to her seed and devastating because...

It would RUIN her body!...

Tzita: "Unless..."

She WAS in the Master Lock realm, where whatever she said was law...

But for that to happen, she would have to...

Tzita: "Hmph. Twins. That bastard..."

She would release herself from the Master Lock realm and would be off to see him...

But she had other matters to attend to, first...

Zita would knock on Khrona's door, hoping he could do something about her Chain Chomp...

It would be burdensome to have that big ass thing in her possession without a way to change its size.

Zita was a little dumbfounded, for she had forgotten about Khrona's mind powers.

Tzita: "Erm... Uh... Yes please!?"

She would yank the Chain Chomp's chain, thinking of a name for him in the process...

Tzita: "Maybe Locke.."

Zita laughed gleefully, testing this out by shrinking her Chain Chomp, Locke down to a size that could fit her palm.

Locke would bark cutely, and she would attach him to her neck as a choker for safe keeping.

As she left Khrona's office, she would seal the Master Lock dimension within Locke's mouth, so that not only would he be able to infinitely eat anything, but she'd have power over whatever was eaten...

Tzita: "Muahahaha... How great for Zita..."

She decided that now it was time to go play with Locke... In Battle. <3

Zita would appear in the general area of Zeik, petting her Chain Chomp, which was now small and hanging from her neck.

Tzita: "... Hello there."

Her eye showing from her hair gleamed, the keyhole pupil glowing.

Tzita: "It's been a while, huh?"

Zita snickered, feeling a spiritual pressure surging about... Must be coming from him.

Luckily for her, she had the Soul Seal ability, in which, at any time, she could seal the use of anything involving the soul or spirits by looking directly at the souls of others... But it wouldn't be necessary as of yet, she hoped.

Instead, she unhooked her Chain Chomp, Chink, from her neck and allowed him to grow to his normal size, which was about 50 feet in height.

She was ready to change his size or his type of Chain Chomp at will, thanks to Khrona merging their DNA together.

Chink would open his mouth, releasing the loud, trademark bark of the Chain Chomps and also revealing the Master Lock Realm that Zita had infused with his mouth.

Tzita: "Alright, Chink... Let's show him what we're made of."

Zita snapped her fingers, allowing her Chain Chomp to swiftly change into the Electro-Chomp, an electrified version of the Chain Chomp.

With that, the Chain Chomp began to hover, as all Electro-chomps do, and powerful shots of electricity would shoot from every direction on the Chomp, zapping everything everywhere.

Zita used her Target Lock ability to keep her eye on anywhere and everywhere he went, so that she wouldn't lose track of him if she needed to use the Soul Seal technique...

It wasn't necessary for the Chomp to see, for only Zita needed to.

Thanks to Khrona, Zita could alter the Chain Chomp to any size at any given time instantaneously in addition to switching between what species of Chain Chomp that Chink could become.

So, without a moment's notice, Chink reverted to the pebble size that Zita always kept him as when she wore him around her neck, which was in Zita's hand at the time.

Her eye was locked on him, for the Target Seal allowed her to see at almost the speed of light and lock onto the numerous energies and power of the foe she was fighting.

She petted Chink with a finger, then flung him into space.

Tzita: "I wonder if this will work..."

Zita would follow Chink into space, allowing his size to grow and grow even more, however his mouth would be extremely widely opened.

This is something Zita just thought up...

If Chink's mouth instantly led to the Master Lock realm, and if Zita had complete and utter control of everything that went in, thus making whatever goes in not able to come out...

What would happen if the size-changeable Chink devoured everything into the Master Lock dimension at once?

Tzita: "Let's try it."

Chink would continue to grow as he plummeted toward the area at the speed of a meteor.

Chain Chomps, being damn near indestructible and made of a substance that does not melt, would be fine being used as meteors.

Zita merely sat on Chink's head.

The large mouth of Chink would easily be able to devour the entire area upon impact and being closed up.

And if not, Zita had another plan up her sleeve...

She began to glow with Gravity magics...

Zita scoffed "Fuck..."

But then realized that this was one of the same reasons why she infused the Master Lock realm within the Chain Chomp's mouth...

For easy access.

Zita would slip into the Master Lock Realm that was inside of Chink's mouth, then, proceed in something that was so out of this world that it didn't seem like it was alright to even do...

Infuse the Master Lock Realm completely with Chink.

By doing this, it would make Chink a completely open, living, mobile portal to the Master Lock Realm, and as such, take anything and everything that came near him within it.

This was the problem with the Master Lock Realm when Zita fought in the past...

Because this realm was not mobile, the match ended in a stalemate.

Now that this realm is mobile, there can be new things done...

Zita got into this battle for experimental purposes, and dammit, she's experimenting!

So, because of the Master Lock Realm's special ability, the beam would be guided right into it, and upon going into it, become unexistant due to the sole fact that Zita did not want it to exist in her realm.

She smiled, for she could be seen from within the realm due to Chink's bulbousness, and Chink barked in a violent tone.

Tzita: "Well, cutie, you remember my Master Lock Realm?"

Tzita: "I've made some adjustments to when and where I can open it, you see."

Tzita: "It has been harbored within my beloved Chink, and because I have found yet another ability of my sealing techniques, I have sealed Chink and the Realm together, thus making them one."

Tzita: "Now, Chink can take in eeeeeeverything, because my rule over his shape and size is still in effect!"

Tzita: "I have complete control, as usual~! HAAAHAHAHAHAHAH~!"

Tzita: "Oh, and I've got some parasites for you, if you want."

Zita unleashed thousands of her flying, metallic parasites from her body, which then exited the realm solely based on her will, then instantly flew in numerous opposing directions.

They were embedded with strong gravity magic, and as such, they were trying to use numerous forces of gravity in numerous directions to pull apart or something...

Even though it would most likely fail, Zita could still say that she experimented with it!

She didn't know what anyone else was doing but, yet again, SHE WAS EXPERIMENTING~!

Chink began to grow larger and larger, more and more being sucked into the Master Lock Realm and instantly being erased upon doing so.

Zita just sat back and thought of more stuff to experiment with.

Tzita: "... Mmm... Maybe more gravity stuff... I wonder if I can mess with the Sun's gravity from so far away...? Maybe, if I were to... Hm... Yesss..."

Zita was actually stunned by this.

She couldn't get out of her own realm! ... Well, technically, she could.

Because any and all things in the realm bent to the will of Zita, she could be anywhere at anytime.

Thus, Zita, herself, could escape.

Dimension hopping out of the realm would be impossible, but not dimension hopping further into the realm.

Just because there's a blockage in THIS window, doesn't mean there's one in ANOTHER window.

Zita would float off elsewhere, out of sight.

This was her opening a portal a long ways off, back in her castle.

This was indeed quite possible because of the fact that her castle was not in the time loop and the dimension was infinitely open in a secret place in her house (but don't tell anybody!)

Zita strolls on back to the battlefield, letting Chink implode on himself so that he may come back the same way Zita did, however this time, he comes back all normal, whimpering as Zita pets him.

Tzita: "... Youse a bitch."

Doing such a thing had taken power, she had seen...

And it seemed that she still needed a way to control the happenings on the outside of the Master Lock realm...

Tzita: "Tch. Whatever. It can be done!!"

Zita raised her hand.

Tzita: "Hey, you! Seeing as gravity is a force, would you be able to like, absorb that if I threw some at you? I kinda need to know, ya know?"

She hovered patiently, Chink barking playfully.

Zita nodded, taking note of the goings on...

Tzita: "Energy within everything, you say...? Hm... And if there was nothing...?"

Zita, once again, had an idea.

The problem was keeping herself within the Master Lock realm allowed someone to trap her in there from the outside... But what she really needed to do was trap them in it from all sides.

If the Master Lock realm openings could steal energy from the area, there would be no fuel, and as such, they could consume and trap.

The only way to fix such a thing is to make numerous openings everywhere...

Opening the realm by itself was a toll on her...

Yet, fusing it with her own abilities greatly reduced that toll it had on her.

Zita unleashed her parasites once more... This time, she made the parasites completely fused with the Master Lock realm, thus making them mobile portals to it and having the same properties of guiding everything that came near into the realm.

Sure, time could loop around one HUGE portal, but what about thousands of miniature ones?

To add to this, numerous chains popped out of the ground, each being fused with this realm, as well.

They extended high into the sky, then spread across, making a chain-like dome across the land.

Now, not only was the land domed by the chains, but also the chains would make it difficult to maneuver through.

The parasites would also add to that, since they could move freely.

Though, due to Zita's gravity magic, it wouldn't take THAT much time.

She just needed to stall until the chain hit...

Hopefully, all of these different mediums of the portal should keep occupied.

There was barely a space not filled by the chains or parasites, and Zita would find the safest spot between them all, petting Chink and keeping her Target Seal on... Anticipating the next move...

A few infused chains would slither out of her back, just in case of a sneak attack of sorts.

Though the portals could guide whatever got near enough to them into the realm, it wouldn't work if something was blocking their way...

Tzita: "Er... You... Really wanna go here? The place where I have absolute rule over anything and everything that happens?"

Zita opened her hand, a tiny keyhole looking thing appearing in it.

Tzita: "... You can't... WANT to go in here... It doesn't make any sense..."

Tzita: In less than an instant, I could strip you of everything you have and are whilst you are within there..."

Zita wasn't exactly sure of this...

It's only satisfying if she pulls him in there herself without his consent...

So, with that, the portals would implode on themselves.

Zita wasn't going to use them now.

Zita wasn't even going to finish the fight.

"Shit... I can't be doing this, I'm friggin pregnant.." she said, under her breath.

Tzita: "Gotta go meet up with Tigen, anyway..."

Tzita: "I can't still stay here, testing my Master Lock..."

She hooked a shrunken Chink back to her neck.

Tzita: "Hmph. Okay, I'm done here. I've made up my mind."
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PostSubject: Re: Tabrynth; Tzita L'sia   Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:00 pm

Zita sat on a desk in the meeting hall looking quite bored...

As of late, she had not seen her dear little witchlings...

Might as well see what one was up to.

Zita kicked her legs about nonchalantly, scratching her head.

Tzita: "Mmm Yeah... I need you to pick me up something from the Enigmatic Ruins.. No one without magic can enter, and I feel that not only would you become stronger by going inside of these magical ruins, but also, it saves me a trip. I need you to find me a box with 6 locks on each face of it. Don't know where it might be, but I kinda need it. Like. Right now. So, you wanna do this?"

Zita smirked "Right. Okay then. Come back safe, my cute little witchling~!"

Luckily for Zan, Zita had been coming back from the inner part of the city.

Tzita: "Hm? Yes? May I help you?"

She didn't seem enthusiastic in her speech, but, whatever.

Zita laughed "Always~! Why, you one of them? If so, what do you do? What's your magic?"

Zita made her way to the Twilight Village, a rarity for her to even leave the Witch Province... However she needed to find Valerio at all costs.

Zita coughed a bit, kicking her very tight and sexy boot across the ground a bit.

Tzita: "Weeeeelll... I was traveling into my realm that I have complete and utter control and knowledge over and... Well... When I was in there, I kinda found out that... I'm pregnant. With twins."

Zita narrowed her eyes "Hell yeah they're yours! Who in the HELL woul--"

Zita paused... Then she looked down at her overly large, almost falling out breasts, her skirt with the peek-a-boo ass showing from under it, her tight, knee-high boots and the numerous chains and locks all around her body...

Tzita: "Yeeeeaaaah."

It can be seen why he would have some disbelief...

Tzita: "... Ahem... Um... WELL... Yeah, they're yours. I checked everything. If you need proof, you can check yourself... Or, hell, I can have Khrona check. But I wanna tell you one thing... I AM NOT GONNA BIRTH 2 KIDS. I want them OUT."

Zita looked at the baby... and it just happened to be a girl.

Tzita: "Hahaha. YESSS."

Tzita: "... Alright, so... I'm not doing any of that baby-sitting shit. Where do we throw them until they grow up?"

Zita looked into the eyes of the baby and saw keyholes in them.

Tzita: "Aw yeah." <3

Zita nodded "Right... Hmph. I'm gonna have to make a visit to Khrona, then..."

With that, Zita wrapped her child up in chains and went off back to the Dusk.

Zita would bust into Khrona's office with her chained baby, swinging her around violently "YO, KHRONA. MAKE THIS TRIFLING HEIFER ALL GROWN UP AND SHIT."

Zita stopped swinging the baby, then flung it on Khrona's desk.

Tzita: "Errr... Make her like, a couple hundred years old. I can't have her being 1,000, like me, ya know! That would be fucked up. Yeah, make her like, 300 or something."

Zita turned her back and waited for Khrona to complete her order...

Zita turned around, looking at her wonderful child "... Chita. <3" is what she said, waiting to see what became of her beloved daughter~!

Zita was thoroughly shocked.

Tzita: "... What a fucking MOUTH on that girl!? WHERE THE HELL DOES SHE GET THAT FROM? Hmph... Little bitch..."

Zita smirked "I can teach her well..."

Zita turned to Khrona and winked, just like her daughter.

Tzita: "Thanks, again, Khrona~! You're so dependable~!"

She turned to Chita, who was already halfway gone "GET BACK HERE, YOU LITTLE WHORE." and left, as well.

Zita would appear in a very open field surrounded by extremely large trees and whatnot that seemed to block out the sun.

Zita would sit next to a tree and wait for someone, sighing.

Tzita: "Locke needs to be testeeed~!"

Zita could see the sun, which wasn't really a fun point for witches...

Tzita: "Better fix that right now."

She held her hand up, creating a Gravity Board directly above the entire area. The Gravity Board would block out light rays with intensified gravity and then, for the ones below, anything unassociated to gravity would have any amount of force of gravity Zita wished pushed upon them, making everything other than herself and Chink ungodly slow...

However, she had heard from inside sources...

And because of that, she wondered if this would even be close than enough to keeping him down...

Tzita: "Whatever."

Tis what Zita's Sealing Eye magic surging through her body at the moment was for...

Zita wouldn't worry about it, then.

Seemed like this Kid wanted to play.

She smirked, her keyhole pupil gleaming brightly.

With a wave of the hand, she released her metallic parasites, which would be quite useful for this battle, since they were utterly and completely unaffected by the head and the cold and also, they ate all kinds of energy whatsoever.

As such, they could fly at Kid and leech onto all of his energies without having to worry about being melted and whatnot...

Due to her Target Sealing eyes, which almost matched up to Khrona's Hyper Perception, she could see the vibrations and she wondered if her little babies would be okay...

Regardless, it didn't really matter to her.

Tzita: "Mmm... Gravity shift..."

In each and every one of her thousands of parasites would be powerful gravitational pulls of equal forces trying to rip Kid apart from every direction, as well as slow him down even further than the Gravity Board would.

If not, Chink could just eat him.

Chink's mouth was a direct portal to Zita's own Master Lock realm, and once in there, she had complete say and rule over anything and everything that went on in there...

Tzita: "And for the finale..."

Tzita: "Seal Transmission..."

She'd transfer her Sealing Eye energy surging through her body into Chink's body as well, just in case Kid made the terrible mistake of touching her or him...

Zita would walk outside of her castle, sighing and holding a lot of chocolate in hand. "... Dimensional scarecrow... ... ... Tigen... Cooome and get it..."

Zita sighed "... Look, Scarecrow, I'm gonna make this Simple and Clean. I heard from outside sources that you could anything with dimensions... So, with my offering of chocolates, I ask of you 2 things, if you are willing... Getting me a Chain Chomp from the Mario World dimension and also to take me to The Abyss... The land of the Chains. Will you be willing?"

Zita nodded, using her Chain magic to subdue the Chain Chomp quickly.

Tzita: "Hmmm... Better go make a pit stop to Khrona... Alright, Tigen. I will surely give you two items if you will open the portal to The Abyss for me. That is all I need... I will get out myself. I assure you."

She petted her Chain Chomp, trying to think of something... She looked at his flame and an Idea came into her head.

Tzita: "AHA! I have it!"

She touched his head and embedded a little bit of her Sealing Energies/Magic into the living flame of Tigen, thus that should create the Sealing Flame for him.

Next, she made some of her indestructible, metallic parasites come out and form into a sword, then embedded that with Sealing Magic/Energy as well.

Tzita: "Alright, Tigen. Your rewards are that Sealing Sword and the Sealing Flame. The Sword should be able to seal anything and everything it comes in contact with for any given time you wish and the parasites should be able to eat any sort of energies that come across them. And the Sealing Flame should allow you to seal whatever you wish... I don't know what your flame does, but I know the sealing magic within it will allow you to seal what the flame comes in contact with for any given time. Okay~?"

She began to walk off a bit with her Chain Chomp.

Tzita :"I will be back. Just open that portal for me... I shouldn't be too long."

She would then go off to Khrona's office..

There was an ominous wind in the air.

Zita, the Head Witch, was roaming the land in search of any girl to fight.

She smiled, having a lot of confidence in her own power...

She was looking for a fight...

She held a piece of paper in her hand, which she seemed to be holding on tightly to...

Something was up in this Witch's head.

Tzita: "Come on, girls... I need to have a little talk with you..."

She anxiously awaited any lady to come to her.

Floating along the planet in search of women, Zita held a piece of paper in her hands.

What it was, no one knew, but Zita did, in fact have a plan up her very short and revealing miniminiminiskirt.

She came across a girl that seemed to be very young... Then again, a lot of people were young compared to Zita.

Tzita: "Hello there, girl~! How are you today~?"

Zita cocked her head to the side "Eh? The hell...?"

And that's when Zita noticed that the very androgynous person she was talking to was actually a male. Oh sh*t.

Tzita: "... Ooooh... Yeaaah... You're a guy.. So yeah, you're pretty worthless to me. So, if you'll excuse me, can you like... Lead me to some girls or get the hell outta my way? Thaaanks~!"

Zita's keyhole pupils started to glow a bit...

Zita squinted her eyes, her keyhole pupils now glowing brightly.

Tzita: "WHAT DID YOU SAY? Hmph. You just haven't seen a lady before. Don't give me that cutesy crap. I'll crush your heart..."

Zita created a ball of gravity magic in her hands, flinging it, right in the direction of his heart.

She literally meant she would crush it into nothingness with the force of gravity.

Zita's eye twitched slightly, for this kid was pissing her off.

Tzita: "It's called Gravity... WANNA SEE HOW IT WORKS?!"

Zita snapped her fingers, making 100 immense balls of gravity the size of meteors hover around the sky in random places.

Naturally, they were all locked on.

This was her Graviton Wrath, in which these immense, powerful balls of intense gravity would crash relentlessly into the target until they were so severely crushed by the gravity, that they were no more.

And so, she let them loose to smash~!


Zita smirked, not even annoyed that her attacks were parried so easily...

Tzita: "I'll take you to the carnival.. If you promise to sign your name on my paper.. I'll let you do aaaanything you want~. And my NAME is Zita.."

Though Zita was rather... Um... What's the word...? PISSED.

Naturally, if he didn't accept the terms... Just beat him up and leave.

That would be revenge for calling her badly dressed.

She didn't need a man... Shit, she had a kid..

Zita let one see the paper then, allowing him to have a chance to sign it.

Tzita: "Without your signature, I am not liable to take you anywhere, and as such, I'd have to violently assault you."

Zita smiled devilishly as her eyes glimmered, her keyhole pupils now glowing more intensely than before.

Tzita: "Thank you for your participation, sir~! What you have just signed in a contract made by Judgemaster Khrona. And as such, by the law of the contract, you are forced to not only become a witch, but also are under my supervision from now on. Any parties listed on the contract cannot break it once it has been signed. Any former connections are overridden by the Judgemaster's rule."

Zita scoffed "I can't believe I had to say that... Bleh."

After a long walk back to the Dusk Village, and even further past there, to the Witch Province, Zita would arrive at Zita's Castle.

Tzita: "Joy."

Floating nonchalantly around the area would be the Head Witch, Zita.

She was also very... Inactive these days.

There seemed to be no witches around doing anything.

If things didn't start going her way soon, she'd have to start snatching people from this planet and taking them back to become witches...

But, enough about that. She hovered through the forest, finally coming across a guy from the dusk.

Tzita: "Oh... Hi there, guy! Whatcha doin around here, huh?"

Zita's eyes sorta glanced off to the side.

Tzita: "Eeeeh... Looking for... A girl. I need to find a few for special purposes... Seen any around here?"

Shaking her head, Zita placed her hand on her cheek, moving into a position as if she were lying down on a couch.

Tzita: "... You see, I'm in need of some witches... And I need to find some girls... Give me the weapon and no one gets hurt, ya got it? Now, I'm not normally a mean person... But if I weren't so desperate, this meeting could go a littttle differently..."

Zita floated upright, pointing at Takai "... Give her to me."

Zita's keyhole pupil started to glow, as she was hatching an idea...

Tzita: "Oh, well, you don't really have to agree, dear... I'm taking her anyway. You can have her back when I'm done~!"

Zita snapped her fingers, a ball of gravity appearing in her hand. It seemed to grow.

As it grew, the grass near began to get stripped from the ground, being sucked into its center.

Soon, the trees would, too, and hopefully, Takai and Furiko.

Because of the intensity of the gravity in her hands, it was very useless for the poison attacks to ensue.

All of the poison from the geyser would just immediately get sucked into the core of the sphere, then get crushed into nothingness, as well as the trees.

Tzita: "Seems as though you underestimate the Head Witch... All you did was feed my gravity... And now, you suffer the consequences."

Zita threw the orb into the air, which was now of a monstrous size, then stared.

Her keyhole pupils gleamed "Target Lock..." which would ensure that she always had a location and a lock-on to Takai no matter where he went or what form he took...

Meaning her gravity ball would follow him relentlessly.

It would be launched at him, viciously plummeting from the sky on his location, ready to follow him to the ends of the earth.

Zita, herself, began to have chains swirl around her...

But like her gravity, these were no ordinary chains...

Tzita: "They were... Magic."

Just because Zita's gravity ball couldn't get to Takai didn't mean that Zita couldn't SEE Takai...

Target Seal allowed her to see her Target wherever it went... Meaning through anything, as well.

So once Furiko's crystals were launched up, Zita already knew.

The chains surging around her would quickly block the crystal, letting the crystals get snared within the chain links.

Once that happened, Zita smiled.

There would be a small 'clink' noise that resonated throughout the field, and the image of a keyhole appeared on all of the crystals.

They were locked in their place via Zita's Lock Magic.

No matter what, those crystals weren't moving...

And because of that... Zita had an idea...

Tzita: "Your weapon girl is locked in place. I'd suggest you let me have her... There's no way you can free her yourself..."

Zita scoffed, using her Gravity Shift to shift gravity in this area toward the Gravity ball, thus sending the poison energy into the gravity ball for further enhancement.

Tzita: "Noob."

As it would seem... Zita's gravity wasn't working as planned. Oh well.

Time for the 'magic' part of Gravity Magic to work its effects.

The Gravity ball would suddenly pass through the ground, as if it weren't there, moving like normal gravity does; as a force.

Able to pass through the solidness of the earth with ease and follow Takai...

But once he split up, that caused a problem... For a bout 2 seconds.

Tzita: "Split."

Zita held two fingers up, separating them, which caused the gravity ball underground to split as well, following the Takais with great speed, now that the earth wasn't a hindrance.

Tzita: "Boy.. You must really not know the power of a witch. She only cannot move her current shape. She can be moved by outside forces. Her power is locked, her movement and shape are locked, but not space and time around her. Those are still free... Unless I need to do more locking~?"

The chains would wrap around Furiko, yanking her a bit, trying to pull her out of the ground by her crystals.

Zita kept watch on Takai.

Again, chains were circling around Zita.

Her chains were bladed.

It seems as though Takai didn't realize that being near Zita was a bad thing... Especially when her eyes started to glow.

Zita would make numerous bladed chains shoot up around her to flow into, and she would say with glowing pupils "... Sealing Eye; Sealing Transmission."

This allowed her Sealing Eye techniques to flow through any part of her body instead of just her eyes; namely her chains.

It would surge through her chains once Takai touched it, since he was still flying toward her, and upon contact, it would seal his usage of poison from him.

Zita then promptly dispelled the gravity balls.

Zita held a finger up as the snakes came out, as a sort of black barrier formed all around her body.

This was her Black Shield; Anti-Gravity in the form of a total-coverage barrier all around her body.

Thus, the Black Shield would repulse anything away, since it was Anti-Gravity, causing the snake blasts to fly back.

She lowered her shield.

Once Zita saw the scorpion, she could only giggle a bit.

Tzita: "Awww... It's so cute... You call that a stinger~? I think I can do better..."

In a moments notice, numerous chains shot out of Zita's back, forming into 3 overly large scorpion stingers made of chains...

The largest one was in the middle.

She made SURE it was larger than the scorpion's stinger.

She would cock it back and launch it forward at the scorpion, aiming it for the stinger, and have the other two aim for its pincers.

Again, still able to see Takai, Zita knew he launched an attack, and effectively braced herself by letting chains create a half dome under her, since she was floating.

There were at least 20 large chains that made this effective.

Tzita: "Anyway, as for the girl."

Zita didn't know where she came from, but was certainly going to take her back.

Tzita: "The hell? Get the hell out of here."

10 of the 20 chains (not including the 3 extremely large ones) would shoot at this girl from all angles, trying to stab at her and...

Tzita: "Well... Kill her."

Luckily, Zita's Target Seal did more than just allow her to see her opponent's every movement and lock on to things...

She could also perceive everything at extremely high speeds.

Not as high as Khrona's Hyper Perception, but pretty close.

And thus, Zita could react very quickly, as well...

Though the explosions did catch her off guard, that was nothing that her Black Shield couldn't once again handle.

Tzita: "Yay Antigravity.'

She curled a majority of her chains into a drill, whilst the others would try to strike the puppet like snakes...

The Drill as well as the 3 stinger-like chains were aimed at the giant scorpion....

Zita was going to pierce it and destroy it.

She conjured up some gravity magic in her hand once more....

Zita smirked "OH, yeah, she'll be good... I'll just need her signature on this piece of paper, and I'll be good to go. Otherwise... I'm taking that little weapon of yours. So, can she sign the paper~?"

Zita shuffled her hands menacingly.

Zita scoffed "Uuuuh, I don't THINK so. I need to have someone already guaranteed to me before I unseal the girl. What would happen if that smoke made her die right after I unsealed her? No dice. Make her sign the paper. Then the weapon will be yours."

Zita waved the paper in the air impatiently "I don't HAVE all DAY you know..."

Zita smiled deviously "Veeery nice... The weapon is free to go."

Zita would quickly unseal Furiko, smiling still... She looked at the paper and verified the name. Temura... Heh.

In a sudden burst of light from the paper, it would engulf Temura and give her her own free will and voice... Not only that, she would be relinquished from Takai and any one else's control forever. Why is that? Because the paper that was signed was directly from Khrona, the Judgemaster, and with the almighty law-bending, reality warping actions of this contract... This is what Temura had become.

Now she could speak and have her own will, but was still a slave to Zita.

Not only that, she was also a Witch... Thus she had magical power , as well.

Tzita: "A divine contract, if I do say so in the least."

Tzita: "Thanks, guy. It's been real~! Have fuuuun~! I'm sure I will with my new witch~!"

And with that, Zita flew off.

Chains unraveled from the massive doors, locks disappearing from where they one were. The door, oddly enough, was made out of chains as well, but they were all bound together. The door would open, a small wave of gravity flying out. Seems as though Zita had changed the gravity inside of her castle for whatever reason. Probably just to make crap float.

Exiting the doorway, finally, was Zita.

She paused, looking at Tyrande, then smiled.

Tzita: "Aaaah, Tyrande... It's been a while, my cuuuute little witchling~! How have you beeeen~?"

Zita smiled, petting Tyrande

Tzita: "Awww, it's'kay, Tyrande~! I haven't been doing much, either! I've been... On a loooooong vacation. So think of that whole time you've been living it up as your vacation, too! Cuz now, we need to work."

Zita pulled back her hand, her keyhole pupils gleaming a bit.

Tzita: "I'm glad you came, my cute little witchling... Because you are gonna be my new apprentice. My daughter's a bitch and I'm not teaching her jack shit because of it. So forget that two-dollar skank-hole and let's you and me go train you to be a full fledged witch, eh?"

Honestly, Zita REEEAAAALLY didn't want to start now...

She wanted to go relax some more before they went Soul Hunting and crap...

Tzita: "Ehhh."

Guess this lazy bitch has to get up sometime, huh?

Tzita: "... Yeah, we might as well go now. It's not like I've got anything else to do, ya know..."

Zita nodded, actually extremely happy for what Tyrande said, but didn't show much of it.

She only smiled and nodded more.

Tzita: "Oh yes, that is TOTALLY fine with me, you just go on an--"

That's when Zita heard the voice of her daughter... Chita.

The shrill cry was enough for Zita to grind her teeth.

Why must her daughter be such a bitch?


The gravity intensified around Zita the angrier she got, but when Chita asked her that question, Zita was obliged to answer.

Tzita: "... Chita, my beloved, but bitchy daughter, this is Tyrande, my new apprentice. Tyrande, my smextastic apprentice... My bitchy daughter, Chita."

Chita was causing trouble YET AGAIN, trying to get in a fight with someone for no real reason and being a bitchy asshole all over the world...

Even Zita wasn't this bad when she was the tender age of 333...

Where could Chita have gotten this assholey behavior from?

... ... ...

Anyway, Zita shook her head, then looked back at Tyrande.

Tzita: "... You'll have to excuse my daughter. She has a very rare disease called bitchy-itis. You might not want to get too close. You may catch some of that, too."

Zita folded her arms and tried to figure out how to get Chita back in the house without a fight...

Zita was shocked.

Tzita: "!?!??!??!!!!"

She created a spike made of gravity to stab into Chink's chain..

Though technically, it wasn't necessary, since Khrona gave Zita the ability to merge her DNA with the Chain Chomp, since its DNA was rather malleable as it was...

So she could have just grabbed it and sucked it in.

Tzita: "Girl, you are NOT gonna use MY own CUSTOMIZED Chain Chomp to fight Tyrande! Hell, I don't care if you two fight... You'd just better leave my Chink out of this. Go use your Chain Chomps that AREN'T customized... Shit... Come here, Chink..."

Zita snapped her fingers and the Chain Chomp stopped its assault, now running toward her.

Zita released the gravity spike and started to pet Chink.

Tzita: "Awww, who's my good boy~?"

Zita shook her head "... My daughter doesn't even know how to use her magic well... Oi... Maybe if you weren't running your DAMN MOUTH all of the time, Chita, you'd be able to fight well!!"

Zita sighed, but then she got an idea.

Tzita: "... So, you both want souls, eh? That's cool. You both can have souls. You two will go on a team soul hunting operation. Perhaps you, Tyrande, can assist Chita with her magic and keep her in line when she runs off at the mouth... Eh? Whadda ya say?"

Zita smiled "Thanks, Tyrande~!"

She looked at Chita, who was still on the ground "BE a good girl and take yo little ass on with that girl and ACT RIGHT. I ain't playin witchoo, Chita!"

Zita started to float back in her house, giggling to herself.

Tzita: "... Now I don't have to stay in this house with that bad ass kid. Heeheeheehee~! When you don't wanna do the dirty work yourself, have someone else do it! I love the way I think!"

She started to laugh very haughtily as the doors to the castle closed.

Zita opened the door half naked and tired looking, yawning as she gazed at Chaos Pegasus. She didn't look happy.

"... Oh, one of the little ninjas, huh? What do you want? Shouldn't you be off... Doing something fro Khrona or something?"

She normally would be all over this guy just because he had male parts, but she wasn't in the best of moods at the moment, not even for dirtiness.

"What do you want, anyway? No ninjas come around here, without reason, if ever."

Zita was flattered by his flirting, but then again... she got things like that a lot. But that little comment did get her out of a slump.

"Heh. Don't get ahead of yourself, boy. You don't know who you're dealing with~! *wink*"

Zita would smile and blow a kiss, posing seductively, but then became serious again.

"... Familiars and ritual spells, huh? Well, it's a good thing that you came to the Witch's Province, then. We know everything about Familiars and as for ritual spells... Not all of us use them, but we all have the potential. I know my daughter uses summoning spells to summon up shit with her damn Mario Magic.."

Zita sighed, outstretching her hand slowly. From her fingertip would come a single, tiny, metallic parasitic insect of sorts.

"... One of my millions of familiars... My parasites. Witches tend to have animal themes. My animal theme is Parasites. They come in more forms than just insects..."

Just as quickly as it appeared, the parasite would disappear back into her skin.

Zita smiled seductively and started to motion her finger for Chaos Pegasus to come inside, her keyhole pupils gleaming as she did. She didn't say a word, but even if he wasn't going to move himself, she used her Gravity Magic to pull him inside against his will (if he tried to resist, that is,) and lead him into a very... comfortable room.

Zita would already be sitting down, exposing quite a bit of leg... among other parts of her... and would pull Chaos Pegasus in, then sit him down into a chair via gravity.

"... So. What do you want to speak to me about, hm~?"

Zita was interested, to say the least about this guy... But still, even with this guy's body, she was only thinking about... That damn Hell Hound...

"... Dammit."

She shook her head, trying to get the thought out. It was failing. She'd have to talk to get her mind off of it.

"Eh... So, uh, you say you want to train with me and my witchlings? Heh. I dunno... Familiars and ritual magics are pretty complex... Not every witch uses or summons them the same way.. Heh."

Zita also thought about... Chita. How she was gonna react to this guy being in the house. Oi... That wouldn't be good. But what other witches could Zita give him to? Tyrande... Eruka... Mizune... Yui and Chloe... Maybe even the new witchling, Syren... They were all pretty decent people. But she needed to know how he sustained his power.

"... Hey. You. How would you sustain your Familiars or what energy source would you use to complete your ritual spells, huh?"

Hmm... This guy was pretty good. Better than Zita thought... But she was most definitely the master of seduction.

"... Oh, what nice hands you have... I wonder how they'd feel elsewhere..." she muttered lowly, however still enough for him to hear. She perked up her chest and sighed heavily, seeming to be relaxed.

"... Ya know, massages like that just make me feel soooo... Good."

Her legs would spread open just a little bit, before she closed them back up slooowly.

"... Ah, but we're talking about business, right~? There's no time for games~"

Zita would manipulate his body back into his chair via the power of gravity while she sat there all sexy and whatnot, one of the straps of her bra falling off just a bit.

"... Hmm... I know the perfect witches for you if you do things like that.."

Zita smiled, but shook her head.

"Nah, you don't wanna stay here. My daughter, Chita wouldn't like it that much. But I guess you could come back for... special visits~."

She bit the bottom of her lip a bit, but then started to think about... that damn Hell Hound... The thought quickly passed.

"... Well, anyway, I would say that the witches Yui and Chloe, the two sisters, would be able to help you out with your little problem, ya know? Why not go see them first? Then go see the witchling Tyrande. She works with runes, which you could learn how to use summoning from, I guess."

Zita sighed, thinking about how that would work out... Chita would destroy him. In fact, thinking about her daughter put her out of the mood.

"Yeah... She's 300 years old.. Nowhere near your age, guy."

Seems like he didn't even know how old Zita was... It was because she looked like she was 18. Ha. Looks can be deceiving.

"Eh, you know what? We'll have to do this another time. Come back to me after you've trained with Yui and Chloe, then Tyrande. Alright? Now get out."

Of course, with her gravity magic, she forced him out of her house. The whole encounter was fun, but she needed to do other things now... Besides... She was thinking about her little Hellhound... Zeik~.

Out of the sky, riding a chain and lock in the shape of the broom, came Zita.

Tzita: "... Well, well, well... We meet again... It's been a long time..."

Zita actually didn't remember much about this guy, except that they met and battled before.

She jumped off of her chain broom, which would revert into a key.

She crossed her arms below her bosoms, slightly pushing them up and gave out a heavy sigh.

It had been a while since she'd been seen, huh?

Tzita: "Yeah, well, I want a lot, okay? I can't have everything."

She started to recline, falling back and hovering in the air slightly, defying the laws of gravity, as usual.

She crossed her legs and yawned just a bit.

Tzita: "... Figured that I'd run into you after so long. I wasn't even trying. What are you even doing here, anyway?"

Zita smirked, producing a chain in her hand and yanking on it, causing it to stiffen.

Tzita: "Yup, and I've got the chains right here, guy. What, not into that?"

She snickered, causing the chain to dissipate.

She flipped her hair and her keyhole pupils started to gleam a dim, greenish color...

Tzita: "... Or.. Do you expect me to be more refined? I can keep my nympho ways to myself... For now. Besides that, it's not like I can just start something without a good ol' fashion 'Hello.' That's just rude, dude."

Zita got the chills, biting her bottom lip and hugging herself tightly.

She landed on the ground and stiffened up, having a very much contented smile on her face.

Her keyhole pupils were glowing brightly now.

Tzita: "OoooooOOo~! That's just what I like! So how about we get this show on the road, eh? I wouldn't want to keep you waiting.."

From Zita's hand extended a very large and long, bladed chain, which she would crack like a whip, eyes locked on.

Gravity was fluctuating in her other hand, as she was condensing and pulsating the natural gravity around her in her own excitement.

Tzita: "Tch. Target Seal"

Her pupils gleamed, locking on and all signatures to ensure that Zita did not lose him.

She swung around her chain now, allowing it to dig deep into the ground.

After a moment or two of rumbling, hundreds of gigantic bladed chains would burst from the ground.

Zita aimed to lock him up and throw away the key.

In her other hand, she had condensed a large amount of Gravity magic... This was just precautionary, just in case.

As the needles came toward Zita, she definitely noticed them, however decided to go about them in a... different way, this time around.

Tzita: "... Hm. I don't use my Anti-gravity abilities too often... I might as well start utilizing them again. Hope I haven't gotten too rusty..."

It was true, she only used anti-gravity defensively, but never offensively.

Tzita: "Let's see how this works."

She held out her hand, creating a small attack in accord to Zeik's, the Gravity Ball.

However, instead of having a gravitational pull that pulls things in... It had one that pushed everything away.

She quickly enlarged the ball so that it would cover the range of the needles and launched it, aiming to repel them all with hopefully no trouble.

Tzita: "I hope that they can't go through that... But if they can..."

Zita started to conjure up something else, making sure not to lose focus.

Zita could only laugh, pupils glowing brighter than usual.

The gravity magic surged through her body, making the ground crack around her from the conflicting gravitational fields.

Tzita: "Me? Too loose? I just wanna loosen my chains a bit... I've been bounded to the Witch Province for so long, aaaaall alone... Don't you think it's good to get out and have some fun once in a while!?"

She smirked, taking note of his chain.

Was he mocking her chain power, or was he trying to imitate it?

She couldn't tell, but she did so much enjoy the fact that he noticed it, even if it was unintentional.

Tzita: "... But your chains need to be tightened a bit, little hell hound... Lemme help you~!"

Zita surged some of the magic into her feet, taking a position.

With the power of Anti-Gravity, she launched herself directly at a high speed, dodging the chain.

Once she was close enough, she quickly flipped herself upward so that her Anti-Gravity charged feet were pointed directly at him.

She aimed to use her own force as well as the repulsive force of the Anti-Gravity to send one flying in the opposite direction.

Chains started to slither across her body, as well, crackling with gravitational magic in the same sense...

Zita sneered, pointing toward an arbitrary direction near the chain and flames as chains shot out of her body at the same time.

Tzita: "Gravity Shift!"

The pull of gravity would then switch and intensify, causing the very close chains and flames to be pulled toward the center of gravity.

If the objects did not change direction or pull themselves in there, then they would most definitely be slowed down.

As Zita did that, she launched her chains spurting from her body into a few nearby trees, reeling herself in near them, just in case.

Tzita: "... Tch. Statement stands, huh? I'll suffocate your flames... That isn't the highest extent of my gravitational abilities, guy. Heh heh heh... I want you close to me... And my ever so attractive personality compliments my attractive magical properties... You cannot resist!"

Zita held out her hand, index finger outstretched.

She did the 'come here' motion with her finger, slyly altering gravity within herself and around the field, using anti-gravity to hopefully force him off of the ground and increasing her own gravitational pull so that he'd be literally attracted to her own position.

More chains slithered across her body and her eyes brightened, then dimmed once more...

She had a look of lust on her face this time around.

With her Target Seal active, Zita saw every movement.

She could only wonder if it worked the same for the planet's natural gravitational pull.

However, by the time this happened, he was already close and grabbed her, but in the end it was only a chain.

They had been wrapping around her body continuously and profusely, and when he grabbed it, the magical chain would snap off and dissipate, leaving without hold of Zita.

Zita quickly faced front, holding a hand in front of her.

A large keyhole appeared between the two of them, which seemed to unleash a suppressing sort of force.

This was the Heavy Lock, which Zita used to lock up powerful, wild, rampant and/or unstable, or 'free' energies.

Generally, she used this ability to close up portals or stop forces or energy barriers and the like, since it sucked in and contained all forms of energy and caused them to be locked within its bearings, hindered in every way.

She was definitely trying to contain and detain the ability that was nullifying her gravity, as it seemed to be free energy, she could tell.

Tzita: "... You should feel honored. I don't use my Heavy Lock on just anything... Only the most powerful. Heh."

Naturally, this would cause this energy to be contained for just a little while, and Zeik would be free to use it once he was out of range of the large keyhole.

This ability wasn't anything like the well-known Master Lock...

Zita's eyes gleamed brightly, seeming to activate.

She gave a very.. erotic facial expression and tried to stare right in the eye, licking her lips..

There was some sort of tension between the two of them now.

Zita got a certain chill through her body.

She inadvertently shot chains into the ground with every step he took, as if trying to either level herself or something... else.

Once he came close enough, she felt something odd happening to her, yet somehow familiar...

Tzita: "... That ability seems familiar... Somehow. I bet you've used it before on me, haven't you? Damn hell hound..."

Zita didn't directly remember him using this nor the effects, but could damn well tell it had been used on her before, and thus, instinctively knew what to do and what not to do.

She bit her bottom lip and clenched her fists.

Tzita: "... Zeik..."

Some sort of sinful frustration was pulsing through her mind and soul.

She was finding it a little harder to attack him, but at the same time...

She wanted to chain him to the ground and just do whatever.

The chains she shot into the ground would slowly slither and creep up from the ground and try to wrap around his arms and legs slowly... and one specially bladed one for his neck..

Zita pulled her target down to the ground, the chains becoming tight around his arms and legs, and the blade slightly puncturing his neck just a bit...

But she could not do anything more.

She just left him there, like that.

She would tighten the grip around his arms and legs, but not around his neck.

She gritted her teeth and bit her lip again, drawing blood just a bit, which made her feel a lot more... sinful.

Tzita: "... Damn..."

She loosened the bladed chain around his neck and waited to see the blood trickle from his neck.

Tzita: "... HELL HOUND!!!!!"

Zita scoffed, showing a moment of weakness.

Something about him was calling to her.

Best to ignore it for the time being, however.

Tzita: "Tch. That was nothing. I could have killed you if I wanted. You're lucky I don't need anymore souls... and that I don't wanna be a Kishin or anything..."

Zita licked her lips, which still had slight blood on them from biting her lip too hard, but they seemed to not be bleeding anymore.

Tzita: "... Parasites..."

From around Zita, a swarm of metallic, flying parasitic bugs and other things started to appear around her.

These were her 'familiars,' something that almost every witch had... Their loyal animal-themed magical servants.

Zita didn't use her familiars that much... But they were nothing to play with, which is why she never used them.

They buzzed around her as Zita stared.

She started to float, defying gravity once more, then got in a more comfortable position...

She reclined in the air and stared down, her pretty little parasites waiting...

Tzita: "Not just any ordinary, run-of-the-mill bugs... My beloved parasites. They are my cute little Familiars..."

Zita would have one land on her finger and then Eskimo kiss it, before continuing.

Tzita: "... They are metallic, non-magnetic, temperature immune, flying parasites. Heh. They devour just about anything... Be it chakra to magic and energy, flesh and blood to bone, matter to antimatter... And everything in between. ~<3"

She blew a small kiss, winking as she did so, then outstretched a hand to her side.

Tzita: "Go, my Parasites..."

There were thousands upon thousands of them... and it was very much apparent that Zita could make many, many times more.

They all spread out into different directions all across the area, and even further...

Some into the sky, some into the ground, some staying just around her.

They could see his energy and aimed to feast on it... All of it... his chakra... his life force... maybe even his flesh...

They were ruthless beings that ate everything.

Zita scoffed, her keyhole eye gleaming.

Tzita: "My, that is useful... My parasites can't devour metaphysical things, ideas or forces... That is, until they're upgraded..."

Zita was well aware of the metallic Locusts that were the Familiars of her alternate form, and was well aware of their power and what they did... Which was far more devastating than Zita's normal parasites.

These things... devoured literally everything, no matter what it was.

She wondered if they could eat away at the space and time around...

But it would be risky to unleash the 'other' Zita...

Tzita: "... Huh. With something like that, how am I supposed to even touch you? Surely, it's very costly of your precious energy, huh?"

She was actually speaking sarcastically, but in reality, she did want to know.

She conjured up more of her babies, and instead of sending them, directly, she made them join any of the others that weren't within the range.

Tzita: "Target Seal..."

She only repeated the use of the Target Seal so that she would always take note of that 6 meters around.

She definitely couldn't tell with just plain sight, so her Target Sealed sight would have to help her out.

She might have to work with some of her Sealing Eye abilities soon...

As she waited for a possible answer, she did not let down her guard.

She started to conjure up a large amount of Gravity Magic in one hand, then Anti-Gravity in the other hand...

Upon the very notion of leaving the ground, Zita finished surging the opposite powers into each of her hands.

However with that kiss, Zita was a bit flustered.

She started to waver just a bit, but the very moment, she did a back bend in the air, narrowly escaping, chains wrapping around both him and her.

Tzita: "... My, my. You're hot. You may be blind, but I want to look you in the eyes. Don't worry, I'll keep us here together with no interruptions..."

The chains started to wrap more tightly around the two, and the parasites started to swarm in a another location away from the two.

Zita could feel heat emanating from the body, but didn't mind it.

Probably fatal, but didn't mind it.

Tzita: "DAMMIT!!!"

Tzita: "Alright, Hell Hound, I'm not gonna play games with you anymore! I don't care if you've got space and time on your side! I wanna see what happens when you don't have either!!"

Zita now planned to use the two gravitational magics in either of her hands as an experimental attack.

Note that she had never done this, nor knew of the effects, but was just reacting in anger.

She expanded both of the massive amounts of Gravity and Anti-Gravity magic into gigantic wads on either side of her, then compressed them intensely.

The intensity of the gravity was so powerful, it even took in light waves...

Thus, this gravity was, in effect, a Black Hole.

Time would be distorted for whatever was around it, and naturally, any and all matters would be forcefully sucked in.

HOWEVER, on the right of Zita, the Anti-gravity was changed into the polar opposite of the black hole... A White Hole.

It aimed to push everything away from it, breaking down and shooting out all matters, and would thus distort time in a different way than the Black Hole did, thus making time around the two of them together rather unstable.

Tzita: "Fucked up. In high hopes of being uncontrollable."

Tzita: "The great part of this was..."

Zita could control how big or small these things were as well as their shape and form.

Therefore, Zita would crash them both together in a spherical formation around them, trying to trap in an infinite loop of a Black Hole and a White Hole's collision.

Truthfully, Zita didn't know if both of them would cancel out and take the energy along with them, if they would be trapped in the infinite loop, or whatever other possibilities there were.

Truthfully, she had high expectations that they could escape it, hopefully at the cost of a lot of energy...

And even if not, Zita could still null them since they were made of her magics.

If they were truly trapped, that would have bought her some time.

Thus, she started to harness more energy for an even larger scale attack.

Tzita: "Don't be so coy with me, Hell hound! I still want to win this fight!"

Zita stopped conjuring up magic upon those words said.

Tzita: "... Eh? I do? YAAY!"

She floated down and randomly glomped, stroking the side of the face a bit.

Tzita: "... Wait, you let me win, didn't you? DAMMIT, HELL HOUND!"

Odd gravitational fluxes were released from Zita's body out of her random rage.

This annoyed her to no end.

Plus, she was still a little mad that her Black Hole/White Hole theory didn't work out as planned, either.

She thought it was perfect... but she hadn't seen all of the moves, anyway, and thus didn't know what else was in store.

What she did know is, he was tired, and that's all she needed to know.

Zita blushed just a bit, twirling her purple hair a bit.

Was this a feeling other than lust? It couldn't be told at this moment.

All she knew now was... She wanted that.

She wanted to go to hell and back...

Zita giggled, waving, "Guess I'll be making visits more often..."

The same tone was in her voice, as well.

There was nothing really wrong with this until Zita thought about a key thing...

At the thought of fire, Zita smiled just a bit, closing her eyes.

Tzita: "Mmmm... Goodness."
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PostSubject: Re: Tabrynth; Tzita L'sia   Fri Sep 14, 2018 6:53 pm

Zita hadn't even bothered to respond after she closed the door, and she would walk out of her own room shaking her head.

Tzita: "... Can't even entertain your own guest...? Why do I even bother...?"

She made her way down a few corridors, then finally to the entrance of the house.

Tzita: ".. Thanks for babysitting my little brat of a daughter. I hope she wasn't too much..."

Tzita: "And I hope you disciplined her a bit..."

Tzita: "It's not like anything I'm saying is going through."

This is exactly why Zita didn't want to be a parent...

She'd be pushed into early retirement if this kept up...

Zita almost broke down crying with joy at the thought of ANY progress with Chita.

Tzita:"... Oh thank God."

Tzita: "I thought she'd NEVER learn..."

Tzita: "Heh. Hell, one day with you and she's learning something?"

Tzita: "Maybe I'll dump her-- I mean, uh, let her train with you more often. Yeah. Heh."

Zita could see a little look in the eye as she looked at her...

Zita was so skilled at seeing any sort of attraction with her that she could even spot it in the most bland people.

She winked at them.

Tzita: "... Thanks for your help, my cute little Witchling~!"

It had been a while since she said that to anyone.

Tzita: "Ah well."

Tzita: "As long as you can at least BEAR her, it's fine with me."

Tzita: "Well, anyway..."

Tzita: "Since she's not entertaining you..."

She leaned over, her cleavage being exposed more than usual, and she would lower her voice to a more... seductive frequency..

Tzita: "... Might I~?"

Of course, she wasn't referring to anything sexual (though, if the offer was put on the table...)

She wanted to know what the wishes of Zita were since she was a guest in the house.

Zita may not know how to put clothes on in front of guests, but she was damn sure hospitable...

Ugh, but then again, her NOT putting on clothes when a visitor came was how she got Chita in the first place...

You'd think she'd learn.

Zita saw how she was blushing, even if slightly...

Zita could tell from the look in her eye that she liked the view more than a girl should...

But payed it no mind.

She raised up from her sexual pose and placed a hand on her hip.

Tzita: "Training with me, huh? Yeah, it can be done."

Tzita: "Is there anything in particular you wanna train in, or do ya just want a normal ass battle to show me how far you've come...?"

Zita did notice how she had collected almost the required amount of souls to become a full Witch... Hm.

Zita would have to rank her soon.

Tzita: "... Well, uh, nothing really 'happens,' per se, but our magic increases in power with each soul."

Tzita: "So, the more souls, the more powerful your magic, you could say."

Tzita: "I have 1,000 souls, so I'm pretty much set."

One for every year of her life... except the latest 2.

Should Zita go soul collecting one day?

She doesn't really need more power, but...

She did crave the taste...

Zita's keyhole pupils started to gleam green a bit...

She hadn't really ever tested the strength of one of her witchlings in battle before...

Tzita: "... Ha, actually, ya know what?"

Tzita: "Since I like ya, I'll make this a special battle."

Tzita: "Don't hold back and you'll be rewarded~!"

Zita started to walk outside, still half naked.

She refused to put any clothes on.

It looked like she just woke up, actually.

Regardless, she walked over a good distance away from the visitor, who was already starting to prepare herself.

Zita started to fluctuate a bit of Gravity Magic in one of her hands, it resembling a ball of black and purple as she condensed it.

Tzita: "... Well then. Whenever you're ready~!"

Zita smiled, wanting to know more about those runes...

They were pretty cool.

She figured that they would have a lot going for her if she became a full Witch.

Tzita: "Not bad..."

Since Zita was already concentrating gravity in her hands before the attack, she would outstretch the hand filled with gravity magic and surge it into the attack in front of her, causing it to compact very quickly, looking as if the explosion had instantaneously imploded.

It would take the shape of a tiny, solidified orb of gravity, which contained the force and power of the explosion.

Zita grabbed it with her index finger and thumb, then flicked it back.

It didn't look threatening, but when it got near, the built up pressure would cause it to explode once more even larger and more forceful, and also with the gravitational magics, the force of the explosion was greater than before.

To make herself more comfortable and in the feel of the battle, Zita leaned backwards, lifting her feet from the ground and started to float slightly in a reclined position, as she normally did in battles.

She loved to be most... relaxed during battles because she could think better when relaxed and when she was stressed out about a battle, her magic tended to falter a bit.

Tzita: "Oooh, yeah... That's it right there..."

It felt good to lie down like that again...

Zita quirked a brow, able to sense the high activity of magic within her with each rune that she made.

Typical ability of a high class witch.

Zita prepared herself for the attack, as she saw her place her hand on the ground, realizing that probably, something was going to pop up below her.

Zita would point her finger at the ground below in a general area, waggling it a bit, causing a large impact of sheer gravitational force to the ground.

Once the magma started to come up, it wouldn't be able to, and from the crushing force of the gravity and the target with the air, the magma would fill in the portion of the ground that Zita crushed, causing it to harden back into the shape of the ground as if she hadn't crushed it in the first place.

That done, Zita pointed the same hand at the target, large bladed chains spewing from her back and darting at her like snakes.

There were about 50 of them, each aiming for a different part of her body.

Zita's keen perception of magic could predict the stirring of electricity in the air, which let her know something electrical was about to ensue.

One of her chains would point straight into the air and stiffen, acting as a sort of natural lightning rod.

She used this same tactic a looong time ago against a lightning user... Whom had disappeared for quite a while... Oh well.

When the opponent popped up out of the ground, Zita immediately had her chains surround the position, not harming or touching her, but all pointing at her.

Everything had been set up from that moment.

Without warning, the lightning bolts came... Just like Zita had formerly predicted, and they would be attracted to her highest standing chain in the air.

Now, one would think that Zita would be shocked by this, however she could potently control the electricity as it surged through her chain and cause it to surge through another chain popping out of her body without it actually hitting her body.

Of course, with so many lightning bolts, she used the other 49 of her chains as mediums for the lightning, launching them all back from every angle, since her chains were surrounding the position, trying to shock her from every angle.

Zita was starting to think about the opponent...

Zita was basically the epitome of witchdom, having generally all aspects of a witch and more...

Tzita: "Hey. You... You have an Animal Theme? And if ya do, you have any Familiars?"

Zita's keyhole pupils gleamed brightly at the sight of this creature..

Made of all lightning.

Tyrande was doing pretty well so far...

However when it tried to attack her, Zita decided to use the power of her own Familiars for this one.

Tzita: "... Parasites..."

Once the hand neared, a swarm of metallic bugs that seemingly appeared out of nowhere would circle around it.

They were coming from Zita's body.

There were already about a thousand of them in only a second's time, the parasitic metallic bugs latching on to the beast's hand and started to absorb its energy.

Tzita: ".. My parasites are my Familiars. They're metallic, non-magnetic, temperature resistant, flying parasites. They love to feast on general matter and energy.. They eat almost anything."

Zita knew their limits on what they couldn't eat, but that's what the Locusts were for... To eat their scraps.

Regardless, the parasites would make quick work of the electricity being, Zita calling them back to her body, where they would disappear. Now, back on the offensive.

Zita's chains were still out, and Zita planned on using them to their fullest ability whilst Tyrande was distracted.

Tzita: "... Chain Storm!"

She disconnected the 49 chains from her body, leaving the solitary one in the sky, and had the disconnected chains swirl around Tyrande's position, creating a gigantic vortex of pure... chains.

They formed into a tornado of bladed chains, the very wind and vacuum they created being able to slice up whatever was in the way of it.

Zita wanted her to stay in one place... Gravitational magic surged through her hand...

Tyrande's tactics were generally impressive to Zita, a majority of her chains remaining from her using the darkness to warp and such.

Since they did, through the use of Magic, Zita would merge the remaining chains together into one gigantic chain, this being her Snake Chain.

As Zita concentrated gravitational magic in one hand...

she seemed to concentrate a bit of her soul wavelength in the other.

Tzita: "Soul wavelength, you say?" Yes, Soul wavelength.

It was very possible for Witches to learn such a thing, but usually theirs had magical inclination... and it was time for Zita to show Tyrande the importance of learning both.

Tzita: "... Watch as I show you the benefits of befriending a Meister and Shibusen... Pay attention, now~!"

When Tyrande's darkness came near, Zita would hold out her hand charged with her wavelength, saying "Soul Barrier."

Around the darkness would be a large dome, which would compact and trap it, keeping it in there because of how high class this magic was.

Tzita: "... The Soul Barrier is an ability I created myself... it utilizes the ability of a witch being able to hide her own soul, the Soul Protect, and enforces the same magical suppressant in accord with the Soul Wavelength so that it can stop the flow of magic and soul wavelength... Basically, I just Soul Protected your attack."

Zita had more tricks up her sleeve than Tyrande would think.

So, now, with her other hand charged with Gravitational Magic, she pointed it at Tyrande and unleashed her Gravitational Discord attack.

The gravity would form into an extremely large sphere with an intensely concentrated gravitational core.

Whatever was pulled into the sphere was instantly trapped and forced to stay there by the core, crushing everything that came into it severely.

If Tyrande were caught in it, the pain of such a high gravitational force would be excruciating.

Tzita: "Hmm.. Woah, you've got a lot of familiars, don'tcha? Graviton Boost."

Zita's feet would pulsate with anti-gravity for a moment, and Zita would change her position so that they faced the ground.

Without much notice afterward, Zita was propelled into the air extremely fast and extremely high, viewing the area above.

Her Snake Chain, which was looming behind the two, would lunge at them and try to slice them up good, while Zita pointed both of her hands down at Tyrande and her familiar.

Tzita: "Pressure Dome."

Around the general area, there would be a gigantic dome of invisible force.

This dome was made specifically to take just the pressure of gravity and force it on everything within the dome, the dome becoming smaller and smaller gradually as the pressure became higher and higher.

Of course, it would start off as a slight pressure, but as it got smaller, that pressure got very intense very fast.

Not only that, the very moment after Zita used that, she would raise her arms up, chains spewing from the ground under Tyrande and her familiar in great numbers.

Tzita: "Dance of the Chains!"

She was using these chains to both wrap Tyrande up or to slice her up so that the Pressure Dome could take full effect.

Zita kept her position in the sky.

Zita could feel the intensity of Tyrande's magic on her own chains, and naturally, if her magic were stronger, it would probably have broken through with more effort...

But where she was now, Zita's chains were overwhelming if Zita increased the magical power output used in creation of the chains.

Thus, even with the slicing beams of light, they would only temporarily weaken the chains, not cut through them, and Zita could continue with her attack.

The chains would, instead of cutting the beast, completely encase it in chains, pull it down to the ground and hold it there, the Pressure Dome fading.

It was just to keep Tyrande in one place.

Tzita: "... And now.. Lock."

The chains would gleam for a moment, a giant lock appearing on them, signifying a number of things..

One, Zita had sealed the chains, the beast and Tyrande in their place, stuck in the same position until the lock was removed.

Two, the locking up of power or energy flowing within the beast...

and finally, the locking of any movements that they felt they could do.

They were stuck.

Tzita: "Hmmm... I wonder..."

Zita's face grew dark...

Almost as if she were the other...

A sinister smile slithered on her face as she raised her hand, an intense amount of gravitational magic focusing into her hand...

So much, that the ground began to shake...

Her keyhole pupils started to gleam as she aimed at Tyrande's position...

She seemed to be unable to launch the attack, though...

But it was there, nonetheless.

Zita, being lost in her hesitation to fire this massive attack, would feel her body being clawed at by Tyrande in her cat form...

It hurt.

Tzita: "Ah, son of a-- PARASITES!!"

Of course, this snapped her out of her dark thought aura, causing her gravitational magic to disperse, but now, parasites would shoot from her shadow and try to grab at Tyrande, then suck out all of her magic in one fell swoop if they were to connect.

Tzita: "Chains, extend! Nerve Lock!"

The loosened chains would unlock themselves, then spew at Tyrande once more.

Zita used her magic to make more chains stem from the current ones, doubling if not tripling their numbers rapidly.

They were all aimed for Tyrande, once again, this time aiming to touch her any any way, allowing the Nerve Lock to take its effect on her body.

Zita didn't know if Tyrande had the capability to fly, but she knew that she was going to find out right now.

Zita slowly started to descend from the sky, though still high above the ground.

She started to wave her hands about, condensing gravity in certain areas, making large balls of black and purple.

Eventually, these gravitational orbs would suck in anything nearby them and create large craters in the ground.

They seemed to act as continuously consuming land mines.

Zita knew what would happen if Tyrande tried to move around too much..

Of course, Zita could analyze the magic very quickly with just her perception of others' magic, and immediately wanted to use.. that.

Tzita: "Sealing Eye--"

But no, she wasn't going to use the Sealing Eye. In fact, she had something a lot better... Her Locks weren't anything to play with.

This energy may have cleaned the general area of unnatural energies in the area, but that didn't mean that it couldn't be subdued... Especially by Zita's locking power.

Besides, it would be a lot easier to counter since it was magic. But before that was done, Zita would start to use the natural power of the earth to fix this one..

Instead of creating her own gravity, she would influence the gravity of the planet to get by it.

She pointed at Tyrande, and in her general position, gravity of the planet would get more intense, causing a gigantic crater where she was, hopefully crushing her and making her lose focus.

If not, there was always...

Tzita: "... Heavy Lock..."

Zita pointed her other hand, a gigantic keyhole appearing before the Lunar Magick.

This Keyhole would seal up and block the power of any free energy near it.

Thus, the power of the Lunar Magick would be overwhelmed, causing its power to stop working before it would be completely sucked into and then locked up inside of the keyhole, before the keyhole itself would disappear.

Despite the Lunar Magicks being able to cleanse unnatural energies, the Heavy Lock had the ability to seal and stop this power, thus making it null when it got near the Heavy Lock.

Zita wasn't exactly sure of the powers of this beast, so when it barked, she thought it simply as a sound wave.

Nothing problematic, Zita could handle any sound wave simply...

But then, against her will, her shadow was being forced away by this sound wave, thus sending her away as well.

What was this thing?

Zita would hit a tree, naturally being hurt by it because she didn't exactly have as strong a body as most people, but she seemed to be not too much affected by being hit by the tree.

Hurt her back quite a lot, though..

Tzita: "Goddammit!!"

Zita sighed, trying to rub her back... But that's when she realized that she couldn't move.

This beast had a better power than she originally perceived..

Well, if that was the case, she decided to get rid of this thing the best way she knew how...

Tzita: "Biorhythmic Influentia..."

This was one of Zita's higher classed magics, something which was most useful to fights where she had to fight things that she couldn't see, feel or hear by her own means...

Namely, this dog monster wolf thing. She couldn't see it because it was cloaking itself, but damn sure could give a reading on its Biorhythm, which every living being had.

And Biorhythms were affected greatly by Gravity...

Zita has done her homework.

Because a Biorhythm could determine not only the will, actions and feelings of a living creature, but also the effects of the environment and atmosphere, if Zita could change the biorhythm of the area so that it had a negative effect on the wolf thing, she could cause it to lose its will to fight, lose its energy and power or even cause physical stress on it.

Namely, making it have a harder time fighting than what it should.

Staying where she was, she manipulated gravity via exertion of magic and magical force from her body...

She had to take into account a lot of things for one's Biorhythm... Positioning of the planets, moon, stars... sun... gravity of this planet... plus even the positioning of some objects.

Almost like Feng Shui for the atmosphere and body.

She started to alter the gravitational influence coming from the Moon and the Sun first, for even all the way down here, she could feel them... That was the extent of her power.

And because this planet had 2 moons, that made it harder.. She needed complete concentration.

And she couldn't move. And so, her parasites from before would start to fight for her while she did this.

They swarmed in the hundred thousands almost instantly, locating the energy being given off by the wolf and Tyrande so that they could try to suck it out of them again.

Meanwhile, Zita was causing fluctuations in the atmosphere.. altering the gravitational pull of the area ever so slightly... Using the utmost control.

She started to move any extraneous objects in the area... trees, rocks.. the works..

It was only taking so long because she had to find a way to make both Tyrande AND the Wolf's biorhythms at an all time low, which would lower their energy output, creation and their general will to fight.

Those things were decreasing, but weren't at their lowest points yet...

Zita needed to alter more things for that...

Regardless, the Parasites should be able to fend them off whilst she did this.

What was unknown to Tyrande about the Parasites was that they could merge together to create larger, more powerful parasites..

So becoming a singularity would just fuse them together into a giant parasite beast monster, ready to attack at Zita's command...

That is, until Tyrande caused the wolf to disappear, naturally Zita's shadow becoming free as well.

She stopped altering gravity...

Which would revert to normal in a matter of... I dunno, maybe an hour without any outside help.

Tzita: "... Eh? Did it work?"

Seems as though Tyrande's Biorhythm was out of whack now... Not only that, she was jarred by the gravity being altered when using this ability...

Zita snickered a bit, because next she was gonna cause her own biorhythm to skyrocket so that all of her powers would increase, and generally, her luck as well.

Tzita: "... Aaah. I see. Heh. Well, that was a test, ya know. And even though you're a few souls shy of what you're supposed to have... I'll bypass it just for you! You're a full fledged Witch now, Tyrande. Congrats, hun~."

She lasted quite a while with Zita and put up with some of Zita's stronger attacks that would normally cripple people.

She needed that type of strength around her Witch Province..

Zita smiled, starting to float laxly in the air, closing her eyes and reclining.

Tzita: "Well, ya see, I see potential in you. Not only that, you seem to be most capable out of our witchlings... More responsible and level-headed than the rest... I know Chita isn't doing anything for a while, and Friday is out of the picture... Not only that, but most of the other Witchlings, I barely even hear from. You're the first Witchling here to ever receive a promotion. See, now you should feel good about yourself, cutie~!"

Zita cocked her head to the side, a bit confused as to why she would want that place...

Tzita: "... Uh.. Yeah, sure, do what you think you gotta do, Tyrande."

Zita thought about this...

A long time ago, there was a powerful witch that had control over the elements and the weather... much like Tyrande did. And she was the one who cursed the Land of Eternal Rain to rain eternally... Hm.

Tzita: "Could she be...?" Nah.

Tzita: "Well... It was a nice battle we had there. I hope that you can bring yourself to the responsibilities of a true Witch as well..."

Zita started to walk into her castle after that...

She was a bit concerned that Chita hadn't made a scene or anything yet, but... Meh.

Tzita: "Thanks... Though I'm sure whatever lives there wont go willingly."

Tzita: "I'll come back and take Chita with me so she can help me claim the Land of Eternal Rain for myself, and I'll be taking the new witch too."

Zita lazily looked over to Yui and Chloe as they entered, a slight glaze in her eye and an uninterested look in them.

Zita was first happy about Chloe asking for sloppy seconds, which she would definitely comply with if given the chance...

But addressing the other issue, Zita smirked grimly.

Her face became dark and her eyes became slightly malicious.

She floated over to Yui, slowly floating around her head in a daunting manner.

Tzita: "... Weeeeell, he was looking to learn about summoning Familiars and ritual spells and stuff.. Learning more about his own powers and such, and well..."

Zita nonchalantly waved a hand around in the air, referring to the general grim atmosphere as she spoke more.

Tzita: "... And his powers are pretty dark and dreary, ya know~. You're peeeerrrfect for it, don'tcha think, cuties~?"

Zita would slightly stroke under their chins in a seductive way, giving a sharp gaze at Tyrande.

There was a chill that surged through Zita's body as she was touched in such... a fashion by the two of them, loving it to the fullest.

Were all of the witches like this, she wondered...?

She never really got a chance to find out. Speaking of which, she hadn't seen Eruka or Mizune around lately...

Hm. Oh well.

That's when Chaos Pegasus came into the picture.

Well, at least he was trying to take her orders right...

He did find both Yui and Chloe here, plus Tyrande all at once...

If only in a DIFFERENT way, though.

Quickly growing tired of the predicament at hand, she was tired of everyone near her house, despite how... um... entertained she was with them.

After gently stroking the necks of Yui and Chloe simultaneously, she started to float to her room.

Tzita: "If you all are quite done here... can you, oh, say... Get out?!"

With a powerful flux of gravitational magic, everyone was gone from the area into places unknown. "There."

Tzita: Deal with that.

Zita went to get a drink or something.

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PostSubject: Re: Tabrynth; Tzita L'sia   Mon Sep 17, 2018 6:10 pm

Zita opens the door slowly , half naked as usual and looking rather tired.

Tzita: "... Ehhhh...? Who is it?"

She looks around with blurred vision and yawns.

Zita's eyes cleared up and she would yawn again, finally seeing her friend.

Tzita: "Ooooh. Hey how ya doing? How's your dad? Haven't seen him in a while, either..."

She leaned seductively on the door, though it was out of habit and not because she was suggesting anything. Surely the actions of a true slut at heart.

Zita could see that they were in pain by the look on their face.

Zita scratched the back of her head a bit.

Tzita: "... So, you got your ass whooped out there, huh? Must have been close if you decided to come here. What, you want some sympathy or something? Eh."

Zita walked into her house, signaling to come inside.

Zita wasn't feeling too hospitable recently... Kinda wanted to have the house to herself since her horrible child was gone.

She was a little fed up with kids because of her.

Tzita: "Staying away from kids. Keeping time for myself."

Tzita: "My witchlings are out doing their own thing. I'll get some stuff up for them later..."

She snapped her fingers, some clothing gravitating to her as she put them on in front of the visitor.

Tzita: "... So, what is it you want here?"

Tzita: "If you just need a place to rest, go on and do that, I guess. Just... Try not to stay long."

Tzita: "Trying to be a little kid-free here..."

Zita stopped what she was doing, looking back with a glint in her eye and her keyhole pupils glowing bright.

Her hair started to rise a bit...

Tzita: "... Train you, huh?"

Zita gripped her fist tightly, numerous things in her house being pulled toward her hand almost instantly...

More specifically, anything she had left on the floor in her house that was making it dirty, all throughout the castle, would have immediately made its way to her hand and she would fling it in a room off to the side. Her house was cleaned, just that quickly.

Tzita: "... You know, it's been a damn long time since I've trained ANYONE in the art of magic... Huh."

Tzita: "Wonder what you'd be like with your old man's power and my teachings..."

Zita snickered at the thought, for it was an extremely good combination.

Zita inspected up and down, realizing that she knew what her power was and how to use it, but didn't have as much control over it as she thought she did... It was similar to her daughter, Chita.

Damn Chita. Oh well.

Zita turned around to fully face her visitor, a new found spirit in her face rather than her normal dull, slutty expression.

Tzita: "Alright then, just cuz you're a kid. I'll teach you some stuff... Some good old fashion Witch training, in fact."

Zita then remembered that she had just come out of a battle and was hurt, and she would slowly rub the back of her head.

Tzita: "Er... You're kinda... In bad condition right now. What do you propose to do about that? I don't have any healing magic, you know."

Perhaps Zita could send her on an errand to get something to heal her wound or something? It was always a possibility...

Tzita: "Sleep, huh? Well, I guess you can use one of the numerous guest beds, then. I've got food in the fridge. The kitchen is... somewhere. You'll find it if you wander around. And I'll fix up your clothes in the morning, hun."

With that Zita went off to her own room, ready to sleep, herself.

The next morning, Zita was awake long before her guest was, seeming to do things around the house for whatever reason...

She had already gotten clothes and whatnot, and was ready for her training. Zita had to prepare herself before she could prepare a student...

But man, it had been so long.

Zita actually looked professional, to a degree... Still slutty, but professional.

She made her way to the guest's room and stood above her, as it was about 3 in the morning.

Tzita: "Get up. I have your clothes ready. It's time to train."

Tzita: "Your damn straight it's me. Now, get up."

Zita pointed, then pointed upward, forcefully ejecting her from the bed and into an upright position.

Tzita: "Put on your clothes, I've mended them for you. We've got some work to do, little girl."

Zita tapped her boot impatiently, as she seemed raring to go... Oddly enough.

Zita was never usually this enthusiastic about anything that was actual work... Maybe because she hadn't done this in a while and it was nice to remember her last... 'apprentice.'

Zita smirked at her guest, trying not to let a laugh escape.

Tzita: "Tsk, tsk, tsk... If you are to unleash your full magical potential, you cannot be so restricted in the body. You've gotta let the magic flow... By exposing yourself a little bit! Show some skin!"

Zita then started to laugh, but this philosophy explained a lot... Especially with Zita, who barely wore anything on a normal occasion.

Tzita: "Now get used to your new clothes, you're gonna have to wear them and things like them for quite a while training with me."

Tzita: "Now... I'm going to show you a trick that no other Witch knows."

Tzita: "How to control the Sway of Magic within you."

Tzita: "All Witches have a destructive nature caused by the 'Sway of Magic.'"

Tzita: "That's why Shinigami used to hunt me and this Providence, because we used to mindlessly destroy."

Tzita: "But it's in every magical being's nature to destroy things, cuz it's part of the Sway of Magic."

Tzita: "But, one day, I learned to control it... With outside help."

Tzita: "But after that day, Shinigami and I became on loosely good terms, with some help from the Kages, and he no longer hunts us."

Tzita: "But because I am in control of my own Sway of Magic, the potency of my magic has increased far beyond that of any normal Witch."

Tzita: "I'm not the Head Witch for nothing, you know."

Zita started to wave her hand around, letting a fluid string of gravitational magic manifest and trail from her hand.

Tzita: "And when you can control the Sway of Magic, you can learn to do damn near anything with your own magic."

Tzita: "That's why the Sway of Magic is important to a Witch."

Tzita: "Granted, I have not taught this to ANYONE in a long time... Not even my daughter, but when she grows up, I will show her, too..."

Zita sighed, her keyhole pupils starting to gleam again.

Tzita: "... Focus on your magic and where it comes from."

Tzita: "You and most other Witches or magic users just use the magic any way you feel like without actually knowing where it comes from."

Tzita: "You need to feel and understand that before you can progress and increase your own magical capabilities."

Tzita: "Do you hear me?"

Zita would be walking back toward her castle from Khrona's office, petting her new Chain Chomp pet, Locke.

Tzita: "... Yes? What can I do for you, little girl?"

Zita quirked a brow.

Tzita: "... Daddy?..."

She snickered.

Tzita: "Alriiight~! Well, your daddy and I go waaaay back, and I guess it would be my honor to do such a thing as to assist his daughter with witch magics~! HAHAHA."

Zita would open the castle doors "So, what kinda magic do you use? Or do you really know right now?"

Zita face palmed.

Tzita: "... Alright. Well. I guess I'm gonna have to fix this..."

Zita would snap her fingers, a tome flying out of her window and into her hand.

Tzita: "Okay, so. Since you don't KNOW how to use your magics yet, this tome will make sure that you can use it as an outlet."

Tzita: "Until you get good enough with magics not to use this tome, you will need it as a crutch... Read from it, and a small portion of your magic will be used to your will. Alright?"

Zita sighed, giving her a slap to the back of the head.

Tzita: "I gotta teach you that, too!?"

Tzita: "Oh, fuck that."

Tzita: "Yo, kid."

Tzita: "If you can feel ANY sort of energy in your body, chant a mantra symbolizing yourself that will allow the magic to flow through you."

Tzita: "Not all magic users have to do it, it's just an easy way to get magic flowing through the body."

Tzita: "So, figure out a mantra really quick and hone the energies in your body. Otherwise..."

Zita tapped her necklace, which was her pet Chain.

Chink would grow to the normal size of a Chain Chomp and bark loudly and mechanically at the girl.

Tzita: "Chink is gonna eat you."

Zita laughed "Good~! Good~!... Now use it." She snapped her fingers, Chink barking wildly and dashing at her at incredible speeds straight forward, gnashing its terrible teeth uncontrollably.

Chink, seemingly unharmed because of the massive hardness of a Chain Chomp's almost indestructible body, was surely stunned by the attack, but overall unharmed. He would whimper a bit and Zita would quickly float over to him and pet him. "Awwww, are you okay, Chink?" She would then look at Mana and smile "Alright, well, seems like you CAN use it... Now we just need to teach you how to control it. Now watch me... I'll do this slowly. I want you to focus your magic into a ball." Zita's hands would start to flow with gravity magic, it being apparent because it distorted the area it was flowing around until it focused itself into a translucent black ball in her hands. "Did you see that? I had all of the energies I was excreting move into one focal point until it became a ball. Now, you do it."

Zita nodded "Yes, quite. Now, for your first practice. I'm gonna need you to do the same thing... But away from your body." Zita would disperse the gravity ball, then slowly move some magic from her body into the atmosphere around her, focusing it into a ball once more, however this time it was next to her rather than in her hand. "Can you do such a thing? How many times can you do it? Do it. Now."

Zita shrugged her shoulders.

"Eh, it was pretty decent. You're learning. Alright, now we'll try to have you controlling magic in more than just your hands. And the best way to do that is to release large waves from your body. So, what I want you to do is this... Feel the magic within your body and continue to let it build up... Let it build until you feel it through your body.. Your ENTIRE body... Your arms, legs, torso... everywhere you feel it building, let it. And then when you think your body cannot handle anymore, unleash it from yourself."

Zita couldn't help but laugh at that. It was just so... comical~!

Tzita: "HA. HAHAHA. Hurt my house, dear? Reinforced with my superior magic, you can't even scratch my house with your magic. I have so many souls powering my magic... It's no wonder why I am the strongest Witch around."

Zita smirked.

Tzita: "Now, come on, get on with it."

Zita. She'd been wallowing about her large castle very depressed and unhappy lately.

All that could be heard through the silence of her castle were melancholy sighs and huffs every now and then.

Something was rattling Zita's chain lately.

Tzita: "... I'm so bored. There's nothing to do... No one to see.. No place to be. My Witchlings rarely even see me... My daughter is god knows where... Maze and Khrona are doing their own thing..."

Zita sighed heavily, slumping down in a chair.

Tzita: "... There's nothing for me... I'm less popular than poison ivy... Siiiigh.."

Zita was feeling neglected and ignored. Sure, she was ruler of the entire Witch province, but she was still a person.

Rulers are people, too. They aren't created just to dictate to other people.

Tzita: "... I'm so boooored and aloooone..."

Yeah, Zita was depressed.

In the very darkest corner of the room Zita was in, there was a newfound presence... A malevolent one, to a slight extent. It was dark and foreboding, something that this castle wasn't known for.

The faint sound of hissing, slithering and chain rattling...

Tzita: "... The hell is that noise?"

Seemed as though Zita could hear the odd noise very clearly... One because her house didn't make that noise, and two... The dark presence was uncommon.

Tzita: "Who or what is there?"

She could see an odd energy in the coming from the corner of this room... Definitely not her own.

Upon inquiry, the black apparition slithered out of the corner and over to Zita.

It was a very large snake's head attached to what seemed to be a chain solidified from the evil it unleashed from itself, the chain being green and black.

The snake being rose to look Zita directly in the eye and began to speak.

Tzita:"I am the Artifact Samael: Ouroborossss... and you seem to be in a bit of despair, my dear..."

The Ouroboros started to sway back and forth, not ceasing from looking at Zita's eyes for even a moment's time.

Zita tried to look away from the snake thing, but was somehow mesmerized by the rattling of its chain... She was a witch of Chains...

Her eyes were locked on it.

Tzita: "Yeah, what of it? It's just been a little... slow around here lately. That's all. Nothing I can't fix."

As the snake started to sway slightly, so did Zita... following its every movement.

When Zita began to sway, Ouroboros started to slither closer and closer to her... inch by inch, its eyes almost touching Zita's now.

Tzita: "If that'sss the casse... I wouldn't have appeared before you... Come now, Head Witch... Your depression brought me here... I could feel the longing for another presssence... You want company, and I can be your sssole companion... Everyone elssse has turned their backss on you, correct? Why not embrace me... We connect so well.. We'll be bound like a chain..."

Ouroboros now slightly started to wrap around Zita herself as she was mesmerized by its eyes and swaying. It had already chosen her...

Zita felt as if she were intoxicated again just by looking at this snake being for too long... a sort of devilish ecstasy of sorts... her eyelids began to droop as she seemed to be under some sort of hypnotic power.

Tzita: "... Yeah... That's true... I love chains... You'll be my weapon..."

As Ouroboros started to wrap around her, she gripped the chain gentle and started to caress it slightly, feeling rather... excited about doing so.

She started to pet the face of Ouroboros itself, smiling fully now.

The Ouroboros finally totally wrapped itself around her, seeming to fit perfectly around her elegant body...

Tzita: "Yes... And we shall ensure your happiness by increasing your cruelty... Cruelty is fun... it shall make you happy and entertained... We are one now, Zita.. You may summon me at any time you wish..."

With that, the Ouroboros disappeared in a crackle of green and black electricity of sorts.

It was within Zita's grasp at all times, even if not presently visible in the area.

That was the Ouroboros.

A butterfly knife would appear in Zita's hand, and connected to it was the part of a chain...

The back of the Ouroboros, the neverending chain.

The embrace of the chain made Zita feel oh, so good... She even touched herself just a bit.

As it disappeared and the butterfly knife was in hand, she suddenly knew just how to summon the power of the Ouroboros when necessary...

However, she also felt a lot less depressed and a little more blatantly cruel than usual. Hm.

"Ah, sweet, sweet success... Ouroboros..."

She cackled maniacally and fell backward into her bed, laughing and laughing the day away...
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Tabrynth; Tzita L'sia
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