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 True Sense :: Vampire Senses

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St. Troix
Spirit of the Delta :: Heart's Whisper
Spirit of the Delta :: Heart's Whisper

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PostSubject: True Sense :: Vampire Senses   Tue Feb 24, 2015 1:38 pm

As you all may or may not know, Vampires possess many natural abilities that make them far superior to normal humans. Grim has these powers in addition to some magically inclined ones thanks to his Witch mother. I shall list these abilities here.

Supernatural Physicality: Generally, your enhanced speed, strength, constitution, reflexes, endurance and all of that fuzz. Typical vampire stuff. Vampires become more powerful and swift with age. They are also able to scale and stick to sheer surfaces, like a spider, so that they may defy gravity. Vampires heal extremely fast from wounds that aren't of supernatural power or that aren't holy.

Supernatural Mentality: Generally, your enhances senses and perception and the like. Shows slight psychic powers like telekinesis and precognition, however nothing extreme. More typical vampire stuff. With very much practice, a vampire can enter the minds and dreams of those who are asleep or mesmerized by their power, or even those with weaker minds than them. They are able to produce nightmares as well. Because he is part incubus, he is better skilled at this than other vampires.

Flight/Hovering: The ability to fly and hover and such without wings.

Eye/Voice Techniques: By staring into the eyes of a Vampire, one can be easily hypnotized, mesmerized or even under the control of the vampire given the power of their mind. They may also create illusions on the fly and are generally very skilled with genjutsu. If necessary, a Vampire can crush the mind of a foe. A vampire can also heighten emotions via hypnosis as well as steal or change memory, which cannot be done by voice. These effects are also able to be done through the voice of a vampire as well, though it isn't as efficient or as powerful most times.

Calling 'Familiars': Much like witches, Vampires have familiars that they can not only assume the form of (or even a monstrous form of), but call a flock of at any given time. These are, but are not limited to: Bats, Spiders, Wolves, Reptiles and/or Vermin. As a vampire has the power to, by taking a servant of his own, he may transform into said servant. Every human/non-animal servant that the vampire possesses gives him greater power.

Corporeal Form: Vampires have the ability to change into 'ghosts,' as one might say, taking on a corporeal form in which physical attacks of any kind will not effect them and when they can turn invisible and intangible. The power increases with age in both duration and speed.

Command of the Weather: Yes, Vampires can control the weather to a degree. This doesn't mean that they can cause earthquakes or volcanoes to erupt, especially from far away, but they can summon up tornadoes, lightning storms, and just generally call down lightning and wind from the skies. Their power generally comes from lightning, water and wind. As such, they can also create and direct mist/fog.

Draining Touch: Being part incubus, Grim does not need to suck blood from victims to survive, however does need blood to grow in power. He may drain life energy from things by touch in any form or fashion to restore both his physical health, life force and chakra. He also feeds on sexual energy, which has the same effect. With greater power, he can create an 'aura' of draining properties.
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True Sense :: Vampire Senses
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