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 Divine Pet; Chink the Chain & Locke the Lock

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PostSubject: Divine Pet; Chink the Chain & Locke the Lock   Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:30 pm

Zita would knock on Khrona's door, hoping he could do something about her Chain Chomp... It would be burdensome to have that big ass thing in her possession without a way to change its size..

Khrona snickered, already knowing what Zita wanted just from her being there, the door opening "Alright, Zita... I just mind raped you. And from what I have gathered, you wish for me to use my DNA powers to make it so that your newfound Chain Chomp can have the ability to change to any size and become any and all Chain Chomps at will as well as also give you the ability to use the Chain Chomp's abilities, am I right~?" Khrona smiled.

Zita was a little dumbfounded, for she had forgotten about Khrona's mind powers. "Erm... Uh... Yes please!?" She would yank the Chain Chomp's chain, thinking of a name for him in the process... "Maybe Locke.."

Khrona merely touched the Chain Chomp, then Zita for a few seconds, then went back to his desk "There. It's done. Now the Chain Chomp can change its size and become whatever subspecies of Chain Chomp it needs to be at any time, and you can, as well, and also control the Chain Chomp from anywhere at any time. So, now that you're all good and whatnot.. You can... Skeeeedaddle~!"

Zita laughed gleefully, testing this out by shrinking her Chain Chomp, Locke down to a size that could fit her palm. Locke would bark cutely, and she would attach him to her neck as a choker for safe keeping. As she left Khrona's office, she would seal the Master Lock dimension within Locke's mouth, so that not only would he be able to infinitely eat anything, but she'd have power over whatever was eaten... Muahahaha... How great for Zita... She decided that now it was time to go play with Locke... In Battle. <3

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Divine Pet; Chink the Chain & Locke the Lock
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