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 Zita's Lovers

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Grimro, the Pumpkeeper :: Obsidian Darkchrysm; Dark Alice of the Kurogami

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PostSubject: Zita's Lovers   Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:39 pm

*Valerio warped Angel to the front door of this place, and he would calm her down from being scared, then he would knock loudly 3 times as to alert whoever was inside that he wanted to see the head witch*

Zita's lock would unloack and the massive gravity doors would open "... Sup?"

*Taken aback by the hotness that is Zita, Valerio would quickly regain his cool composure and state his case*

Valerio: I take it you're the head witch, I'm Valerio Lombardi and I'm new to this whole planet thing and wanted to become more aquainted with all the races that populate this place.

Zita smirked, hey keyhole pupils gleaming "Really now? More acquainted, eh?" She moved her body just a bit, loosening the chains around her body to make them look a bit more... Sexual. "Witches, as you might know, are a race of all women... Is that other business of yours?"

*Valerio, moving closer to Zita, "Women, are definitely my business..."

*Valerio, now whispering in her ear. "But I'm more interested in making you my business..."

Zita snickered, her keyhole pupils gleaming "Well, if you care to open my locks, you're gonna have to take off the chains, first. Heh." She stroked his chin, then nonchalantly walked back into her house. The little ho. XD

*Valerio tells Angel that he might be awhile and then places an impenetrable form of mental, physical and spiritual protection around her to protect her from anything bad that could be happening around here. After that, Valerio then follows Zita into the house and closes the door behind him.*

Zita smiled, not looking back "What is your interest in the witches, might I ask?" She would turn down some random ass corridor that probably wasn't there when she went outside, then turn into a room.

Valerio: Well besides, the beauty... I realized that I should make some allies here.

*Still following Zita around, Valerio is unimpressed at the castle's corridor magic.*

Zita waved a hand around, making the magical energy from the gravity within the chained walls illuminate the room in a purplish-blackish lighting, plopping down on the random bed in the middle "Sigh. I've been in my castle for a while, alone... I've been sooooo booored... Well, actually, I kept myself.. busy..." She laughed to herself "Beauty, eh? Weeell, I try."

Valerio: Perhaps I should get more comfortable.

*Valerio takes off his suit jacket and lays next to Zita in her bed*

"Shall we?" Valerio would say while embracing Zita.*

Zita tipped off her hat, since... she basically wasn't wearing much of anything else "Huh. Someone moves fast. I like it!" Many chains fell off of her body... As well as wrapped around Valerio to pull him close, wrapping around them both...

*The chains would wrap around snuggly and various pleasuring things would happen for hours upon hours on end*

Valerio: That was wonderful, we should do this more often.

Zita was slightly dazed, giggling to herself "Heh heh heh... Oh yes, of course. I would never object to that~!"

Valerio: Cool, I keep in touch from time to time, take care!

*Valerio would warp to Angel's side and take to the skies to go off to his next task.*
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Grimro, the Pumpkeeper :: Obsidian Darkchrysm; Dark Alice of the Kurogami

Posts : 575
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Join date : 2014-11-02
Age : 1013
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PostSubject: Re: Zita's Lovers   Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:45 pm


Zita made her way to the Twilight Village, a rarity for her to even leave the Witch Province... However she needed to find Valerio at all costs.

*Sensing a familiar presence in outside of his door, Valerio would warp downstairs and open it*

Valerio: Hey there Zita, what's up?

Zita coughed a bit, kicking her very tight and sexy boot across the ground a bit "Weeeeelll... I was traveling into my realm that I have complete and utter control and knowledge over and... Well... When I was in there, I kinda found out that... I'm pregnant. With twins."

"They mine?" Valerio would say this with a look of utter disbelief on his face*

Zita narrowed her eyes "Hell yeah they're yours! Who in the HELL woul--" Zita paused... Then she looked down at her overly large, almost falling out breasts, her skirt with the peek-a-boo ass showing from under it, her tight, knee-high boots and the numerous chains and locks all around her body... Yeeeeaaaah. It can be seen why he would have some disbelief... "... Ahem... Um... WELL... Yeah, they're yours. I checked everything. If you need proof, you can check yourself... Or, hell, I can have Khrona check. But I wanna tell you one thing... I AM NOT GONNA BIRTH 2 KIDS. I want them OUT."

Valerio: Well damn... Hold on

*Valerio then looked into his mind for a way to perfectly give birth to twins without the labor and whatnot*

Valerio: There we go... just a little... there!

*Valerio extracted the two children and hold them in his hand, the first one he sees is a boy, so in order to capitalize, he gave the other one to Zita without checking the gender.*

Zita looked at the baby... and it just happened to be a girl. Hahaha. YESSS. "... Alright, so... I'm not doing any of that baby-sitting shit. Where do we throw them until they grow up?" Zita looked into the eyes of the baby and saw keyholes in them. Aw yeah. <3

Valerio: Well, I'm sure you know someone who can age a child properly... I could but I have other things to take care of as far as my child is concerned, now that it's happened.

Zita nodded "Right... Hmph. I'm gonna have to make a visit to Khrona, then..." With that, Zita wrapped her child up in chains and went off back to the Dusk.

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Grimro, the Pumpkeeper :: Obsidian Darkchrysm; Dark Alice of the Kurogami

Posts : 575
Virgo Female Reputation : 0
Join date : 2014-11-02
Age : 1013
Location : Deadman's Den; Forbidden Hotel -- L'Sia Estate
Job/hobbies : Goddess Of The Zero World; Head Witch - Hostess

PostSubject: Re: Zita's Lovers   Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:11 pm

Zita and Zeik: a couple or an enemy?

-Zeik stands in an open field of grass waiting an opponent-

Out of the sky, riding a chain and lock in the shape of the broom, came Zita.

"... Well, well, well... We meet again... It's been a long time..."

Zita actually didn't remember much about this guy, except that they met and battled before. She jumped off of her chain broom, which would revert into a key. She crossed her arms below her bosoms, slightly pushing them up and gave out a heavy sigh. It had been a while since she'd been seen, huh?

Zeik: "Not you again."

-Zeik said sharing an equally heavy sigh. This was one of those chicks who had that special ability of pissing people off. Master locking shit and such.-

Zeik: "I'm beginning to think you want me or something"

"Yeah, well, I want a lot, okay? I can't have everything."

She started to recline, falling back and hovering in the air slightly, defying the laws of gravity, as usual. She crossed her legs and yawned just a bit.

"... Figured that I'd run into you after so long. I wasn't even trying. What are you even doing here, anyway?"

-Zeik's eyes hidden behind his blindfold hides the reaction of total shock-

Zeik: "What, you're going to try and have a conversation with me before locking me up inside some sick and sadistic world of yours? How sweet"

-Zeik said in his typical mocking type of voice. Zeik had a unique way of complementing people while insulting them all at once, probably why women where always falling in love with him...and then later trying to kill him-

Zita smirked, producing a chain in her hand and yanking on it, causing it to stiffen.

"Yup, and I've got the chains right here, guy. What, not into that?"

She snickered, causing the chain to dissipate. She flipped her hair and her keyhole pupils started to gleam a dim, greenish color...

"... Or.. Do you expect me to be more refined? I can keep my nympho ways to myself... For now. Besides that, it's not like I can just start something without a good ol' fashion 'Hello.' That's just rude, dude."

-Zeik eye brow raised at what he took as a type of invitation. The truth was Zeik was literally into everything at any given time. One gets like that after living for centuries and such-

Zeik: "You're an idiot. I came here today hoping to hit someone with my fist and cause the most unspeakable pain to coarse through there body, yet not killing them. I'm sure one like yourself would enjoy such, even though it wasn't my intention for such."

Zita got the chills, biting her bottom lip and hugging herself tightly. She landed on the ground and stiffened up, having a very much contented smile on her face. Her keyhole pupils were glowing brightly now.

"OoooooOOo~! That's just what I like! So how about we get this show on the road, eh? I wouldn't want to keep you waiting.."

From Zita's hand extended a very large and long, bladed chain, which she would crack like a whip, eyes locked on Zeik. Gravity was fluctuating in her other hand, as she was condensing and pulsating the natural gravity around her in her own excitement.

Zeik: "Ladies first."

-Zeik said sliding his hands into his sleeves of his awesome jacket and tilt his head towards the ground a little. This allowed him perfect vision.-

"Tch. Target Seal"

Her pupils gleamed, locking on to Zeik and all signatures of Zeik to ensure that Zita did not lose him. She swung around her chain now, allowing it to dig deep into the ground. After a moment or two of rumbling, hundreds of gigantic bladed chains would burst from the ground, all aimed at Zeik. Zita aimed to lock him up and throw away the key.

In her other hand, she had condensed a large amount of Gravity magic... This was just precautionary, just in case.

-With the shift of his right hand the chains would severe and fall to pieces, rather or not the remained that way meaned nothing for Zeik had already made the swiftest of movements from his location to that of another. Zita wouldnt have been able to see this movement, but im sure she knew where I was via auto scanning powers.-

Zeik: "My turn"

-Zeik said flicking his right arm towards Zita releasing a slurry of Makai needles towards the witch, of course she would avoid them or lock them away but you have to start off small in order to set things up accordingly-

As the needles came toward Zita, she definitely noticed them, however decided to go about them in a... different way, this time around.

"... Hm. I don't use my Anti-gravity abilities too often... I might as well start utilizing them again. Hope I haven't gotten too rusty..."

It was true, she only used anti-gravity defensively, but never offensively. Let's see how this works. She held out her hand, creating a small attack in accord to Zeik's, the Gravity Ball. However, instead of having a gravitational pull that pulls things in... It had one that pushed everything away. She quickly enlarged the ball so that it would cover the range of the needles and launched it, aiming to repel them all with hopefully no trouble.

"I hope that they can't go through that... But if they can..."

Zita started to conjure up something else, making sure not to lose focus.

-Zeik eyes rolled as Zita forced his needles back towards him. He wanted to see her breast jiggle when she was screaming in agony,but he would just have to wait till next time. The matter of the needles was quite simply dealt with, Zeik simply let them enter his body thus making him not waste the chakra. Makai chakra can never harm other makai chakra unless its stronger then the source.-

Zeik: "Hmph. You know what I hate most about you Zita."

-Zeik said causing his right hand to be engulfed in flames-

Zeik: "You are too lose. Maybe a lite roasting will fix that, don't you agree?"

-Zeik said as His Hellfire began to wrap around his body in the same style as Kratos, only instead of blades it would be replaced with flames chains with a hook at the edges. Zeik would motion his arms to lift the chains high into the sky only to bring them down upon Zita head, should she be so silly as to not move.-

Zita could only laugh, pupils glowing brighter than usual. The gravity magic surged through her body, making the ground crack around her from the conflicting gravitational fields.

"Me? Too loose? I just wanna loosen my chains a bit... I've been bounded to the Witch Province for so long, aaaaall alone... Don't you think it's good to get out and have some fun once in a while!?"

She smirked, taking note of his chain. Was he mocking her chain power, or was he trying to imitate it? She couldn't tell, but she did so much enjoy the fact that he noticed it, even if it was unintentional.

"... But your chains need to be tightened a bit, little hell hound... Lemme help you~!"

Zita surged some of the magic into her feet, taking a position. With the power of Anti-Gravity, she launched herself directly at Zeik at a high speed, dodging the chain. Once she was close enough to Zeik, she quickly flipped herself upward so that her Anti-Gravity charged feet were pointed directly at him. She aimed to use her own force as well as the repulsive force of the Anti-Gravity to send Zeik flying in the opposite direction. Chains started to slither across her body, as well, crackling with gravitational magic in the same sense...

-Zeiks right hand slammed into the ground causing an up-heave of Hellfire. The massive amount of flames would snuff out the energy needed for Zita's gravity magic to sustain itself. This would leave her open for the left chains mighty smack and the explosion of flames headed her way.-

Zeik: "My statement stands."

Zita sneered, pointing toward an arbitrary direction near the chain and flames as chains shot out of her body at the same time.

"Gravity Shift!"

The pull of gravity would then switch and intensify, causing the very close chains and flames to be pulled toward the center of gravity. If the chains and flames did not change direction or pull themselves in there, then they would most definitely be slowed down.

As Zita did that, she launched her chains spurting from her body into a few nearby trees, reeling herself in near them, just in case.

"... Tch. Statement stands, huh? I'll suffocate your flames... That isn't the highest extent of my gravitational abilities, guy. Heh heh heh... I want you close to me... And my ever so attractive personality compliments my attractive magical properties... You cannot resist!"

Zita held out her hand, index finger outstretched. She did the 'come here' motion with her finger, slyly altering gravity within herself and around Zeik, using anti-gravity to hopefully force him off of the ground and increasing her own gravitational pull so that he'd be literally attracted to her own position. More chains slithered across her body and her eyes brightened, then dimmed once more... She had a look of lust on her face this time around.

-A smirked crossed Zeik's face and he purged his chains with a orange energy. once the energy ran through the chains the gravity spell would be expelled and Zeik would use this time to grab hold of the unsuspecting Zita body. The same energy on Zeik's chains seemed to be releasing from Zeik's body as well.-

Zeik: "Close to me you say?"

-Zeik said as he yanks his chains bring the lustful witch towards him. Of coarse the chains were tight and of coarse they were burning hot with Zeik's hellfire, but more importantly what energy was Zeik using to stop the gravity spell-

With her Target Seal active, Zita saw Zeik's every movement, but was very much intrigued by what he was using to null her gravitational abilities... She could only wonder if it worked the same for the planet's natural gravitational pull. However, by the time this happened, Zeik was already close and grabbed her, but in the end it was only a chain. They had been wrapping around her body continuously and profusely, and when he grabbed it, the magical chain would snap off and dissipate, leaving Zeik without hold of Zita.

Zita quickly faced Zeik, holding a hand in front of her. A large keyhole appeared between the two of them, which seemed to unleash a suppressing sort of force. This was the Heavy Lock, which Zita used to lock up powerful, wild, rampant and/or unstable, or 'free' energies. Generally, she used this ability to close up portals or stop forces or energy barriers and the like, since it sucked in and contained all forms of energy and caused them to be locked within its bearings, hindered in every way. She was definitely trying to contain and detain Zeik's ability that was nullifying her gravity, as it seemed to be free energy, she could tell.

"... You should feel honored. I don't use my Heavy Lock on just anything... Only the most powerful. Heh."

Naturally, this would cause this energy to be contained for just a little while, and Zeik would be free to use it once he was out of range of the large keyhole. This ability wasn't anything like the well-known Master Lock...

Zita's eyes gleamed brightly, seeming to activate. She gave a very.. erotic facial expression and tried to stare Zeik right in the eye, licking her lips..

-Zeik could feel himself steadily losing control over his sky flames energy, which was what he was using to "Harmonize" the gravity into becoming apart of Natures natural pull.-

Zeik: "...Zita"

-Zeik said while steadily drawing closer and closer to Zita. each step leaving the ground beneath him scorched. His facial expression was odd indeed. It would seem as though Zeik was intrigued in the lustful Witch of the Terrorist nation, A nickname he had given them himself.-

-Zeik only needed take a few steps before he was within the desired range. Zita was know within range of Zeik's Chrono flip. A technique that allowed him to reverse time and effects targeting anything with range of his Origin vision. If this worked. Zita would end up heavy locking her ability to use the energy of her locks. Of course the same effects apply and she would be able to use them once this wore off, but more importantly it would leave Zeik free of the Heavy locks effect-

There was some sort of tension between the two of them now. As the flames raised from Zeik's steps, Zita got a certain chill through her body. She inadvertently shot chains into the ground with every step he took, as if trying to either level herself or something... else.

Once Zeik came close enough, she felt something odd happening to her, yet somehow familiar...

"... That ability seems familiar... Somehow. I bet you've used it before on me, haven't you? Damn hell hound..."

Because Zeik used this on Zita when she was in her alternate form the last time they fought, Zita didn't directly remember him using this nor the effects, but could damn well tell it had been used on her before, and thus, instinctively knew what to do and what not to do within his Chrono Flip. She bit her bottom lip and clenched her fists.

"... Zeik..."

Some sort of sinful frustration was pulsing through her mind and soul. She was finding it a little harder to attack him, but at the same time... She wanted to chain him to the ground and just do whatever. The chains she shot into the ground would slowly slither and creep up from the ground and try to wrap around his arms and legs slowly... and one specially bladed one for his neck..

-Zeik allowed himself to be grabbed by the chains faking as if he didn't see them to keep up appearances. He make no motion to stop the blade headed for his neck instead he simply waited for Zita to answer a question that had been on his mind for some time now. He had a way of making women answer question he never even asked by his action. What better way to test if Zita had interest in Zeik but to see if she could kill him.-

Zeik: "Scream...for me"

-Zeik said knowing full well this would pose as the straw to break the camels back.-

Zita pulled Zeik down to the ground, the chains becoming tight around his arms and legs, and the blade slightly puncturing his neck just a bit... But she could not do anything more. She just left him there, like that. She would tighten the grip around his arms and legs, but not around his neck. She gritted her teeth and bit her lip again, drawing blood just a bit, which made her feel a lot more... sinful.

"... Damn..."

She loosened the bladed chain around his neck and waited to see the blood trickle from his neck.

"... HELL HOUND!!!!!"

-Zeik was right. The lustful witch couldn't lift a finger to him, if Zeik were to manipulate this he would cause one of two things to occur. One obtain a lifetime enemy or two obtain one sick and twisted friend-

Zeik: "I'm going to break free now"

-Zeik said rising the temperature of the chains to rise to a melting point. Even if they didn't have one Zeik's Hellfire could give it one. The chains seared into Zeik's skin and shattered moments later. Zeik stood to his feet and made his way to Zita. His sword still at his ready, it was a fight after all-

Zita scoffed, showing a moment of weakness. Something about him was calling to her. Best to ignore it for the time being, however.

"Tch. That was nothing. I could have killed you if I wanted. You're lucky I don't need anymore souls... and that I don't wanna be a Kishin or anything..."

Zita licked her lips, which still had slight blood on them from biting her lip too hard, but they seemed to not be bleeding anymore.

"... Parasites..."

From around Zita, a swarm of metallic, flying parasitic bugs and other things started to appear around her. These were her 'familiars,' something that almost every witch had... Their loyal animal-themed magical servants. Zita didn't use her familiars that much... But they were nothing to play with, which is why she never used them. They buzzed around her as Zita stared at Zeik. She started to float, defying gravity once more, then got in a more comfortable position... she reclined in the air and stared down at Zeik, her pretty little parasites waiting...

-Zeik's eyes were completely affixed on Zita as he casually made his way to her. His sword just barely an inch off the ground glowing with the same orange energy as before.-

Zeik: "...Bugs. I would have never thought you would have such a creature at your disposal."

-Zeik as what seemed to be a clone lunged from his body jumping into the air aiming to lay waste to some of the insects with a sky flame filled slash-

"Not just any ordinary, run-of-the-mill bugs... My beloved parasites. They are my cute little Familiars..."

Zita would have one land on her finger and then Eskimo kiss it, before continuing, "... They are metallic, non-magnetic, temperature immune, flying parasites. Heh. They devour just about anything... Be it chakra to magic and energy, flesh and blood to bone, matter to antimatter... And everything in between. ~<3"

She blew a small kiss to Zeik, winking as she did so, then outstretched a hand to her side.

"Go, my Parasites..."

There were thousands upon thousands of them... and it was very much apparent that Zita could make many, many times more. They all spread out into different directions all across the area, and even further... Some into the sky, some into the ground, some staying just around her. Though a great many aimed for Zeik... They could see his energy and aimed to feast on it... All of it... his chakra... his life force... maybe even his flesh... They were ruthless beings that ate everything.

Zeik: "Hmph. reminds me of one of my shinobi."

-Zeik said as he stood perfectly still. He had a variety of options but he sought out the one of fewest movement. He waited for the parasites to draw near to him, which would put them within range of his "Origin" and the moment they entered they were reduced to dust. This continued to happen as Zeik began speaking with Zita-

Zeik: "As you may have noticed I fight a little differently then last time we met. I have lost my sight and acquired a remarkable new site. One that allows me to see the flow of energy for miles on end. Further more there is a field about 6meters in diameter where there is a constant flux in time and space around me my dear. I call it "Origin range", within this range I am granted unspeakable prowess over time and space...just ask your darlings"

-Zeik said as the dust pile began to thicken on the ground-

Zita scoffed, her keyhole eye gleaming.

"My, that is useful... My parasites can't devour metaphysical things, ideas or forces... That is, until they're upgraded..."

Zita was well aware of the metallic Locusts that were the Familiars of her alternate form, and was well aware of their power and what they did... Which was far more devastating than Zita's normal parasites. These things... devoured literally everything, no matter what it was. She wondered if they could eat away at the space and time around Zeik.... But it would be risky to unleash the 'other' Zita...

"... Huh. With something like that, how am I supposed to even touch you? Surely, it's very costly of your precious energy, huh?"

She was actually speaking sarcastically, but in reality, she did want to know. She conjured up more of her babies, and instead of sending them, directly at Zeik, she made them join any of the others that weren't within the range of his Origin.

"Target Seal..."

She only repeated the use of the Target Seal so that she would always take note of that 6 meters around Zeik... She definitely couldn't tell with just plain sight, so her Target Sealed sight would have to help her out. She might have to work with some of her Sealing Eye abilities soon... Huh. As she waited for Zeik to possibly answer, she did not let down her guard. She started to conjure up a large amount of Gravity Magic in one hand, then Anti-Gravity in the other hand...

-Zeik's eyes hidden by his blind fold and his hands slowly reseeding into his awesome jacket of hellish proportions. He opens his mouth to entertain Zita's questions-

Zeik: "Costly it is my dear. If a lesser ninja even attempted such a feat they would pass out within a matter of seconds. I, however am not the same."

-Zeik still reducing the parasites to dust lets his right index finger out to play he aims it at Zita and takes a deep breath. Without warning Zeik would burst from his standings with his finger glowing with a crimson red glare. He avoids the parasites and gets right in the face of Zita with his finger aimed in her face, a smirk a wink and kiss later Zeik released a thin stream of energy aimed directly at the the Lustful witches face-

Upon the very notion of Zeik leaving the ground, Zita finished surging the opposite powers into each of her hands. However with that kiss, Zita was a bit flustered. She started to waver just a bit, but the very moment Zeik was about to shoot the thin beam, she did a back bend in the air, narrowly escaping the beam, chains wrapping around both him and her.

"... My, my. You're hot. You may be blind, but I want to look you in the eyes. Don't worry, I'll keep us here together with no interruptions..."

The chains started to wrap more tightly around the two, and the parasites started to swarm in a another location away from the two. Zita could feel heat emanating from Zeik's body, but didn't mind it. Probably fatal, but didn't mind it.

-A whistling noise was made from down where Zeik stood originally showing that Zeik never left from the ground-

Zeik: "So, that's how that would have ended"

-Zeik said laughing to himself. He knew Zita would want to know what the hell just happened as the things in the chains began to slowly disappear-

Zeik: "I sent a clone of time at you my dear. This makes it easy to see what would happen should I have carried out that action. The clone can do real damage to you but if its hit I simply lose chakra...instead of my life"

-Zeik giggled a little waiting to see Zita fluster with anger-


Zita would screech out at Zeik, as he had just made her look FOOLISH!

"Alright, Hell Hound, I'm not gonna play games with you anymore! I don't care if you've got space and time on your side! I wanna see what happens when you don't have either!!"

Zita now planned to use the two gravitational magics in either of her hands as an experimental attack. Note that she had never done this, nor knew of the effects, but was just reacting in anger.

She expanded both of the massive amounts of Gravity and Anti-Gravity magic into gigantic wads on either side of her, then compressed them intensely. The intensity of the gravity was so powerful, it even took in light waves... Thus, this gravity was, in effect, a Black Hole. Time would be distorted for whatever was around it, hopefully to throw Zeik off, and naturally, any and all matters would be forcefully sucked in.

HOWEVER, on the right of Zita, the Anti-gravity was changed into the polar opposite of the black hole... A White Hole. It aimed to push everything away from it, breaking down and shooting out all matters, and would thus distort time in a different way than the Black Hole did, thus making time around the two of them together rather.... Fucked up. In high hopes of being uncontrollable. The great part of this was... Zita could control how big or small these things were as well as their shape and form. Therefore, Zita would crash them both together in a spherical formation around Zeik, trying to trap him in an infinite loop of a Black Hole and a White Hole's collision.

Truthfully, Zita didn't know if both of them would cancel out and take Zeik along with them, if Zeik would be trapped in the infinite loop, or whatever other possibilities there were. Truthfully, she had high expectations that Zeik could escape it, hopefully at the cost of a lot of his energy... And even if not, Zita could still null them since they were made of her magics.

If Zeik were truly trapped, that would have bought her some time. Thus, she started to harness more energy for an even larger scale attack.

"Don't be so coy with me, Hell hound! I still want to win this fight!"

-Zeik stared the two holes down and heaved a heavy sigh. His face tilted down towards his hands as he were going to use them to deal with this most stupid attack. Now seeing as how the two holes were right next to one another it was a mystery as to why they were even able to sustain themselves, but that was neither here nor there as Zeik always said-

-With not a moment to Spare Zeik entered Harbinger mode and at the same type shed the armory enter Oblivium mode only to top it all off by entering Hyper dying will mode. Having done all of this Zeik had only one thing to do use the power of oblivium. Zeik used the Speed of Zero mode allowing him to defy the laws of damn near everything and gently touched both the white hole and the black hole. From there the two holes would stop exerting what ever power they had and becoming nothing more then a memory-

Zeik: "Oblivium Touch"

-Zeik said as he moved to look Zita in the face now standing toe to toe with her. His chakra was damn near on empty and Zita still hand bundles, of course he could end the fight here and now as she hadn't a single move in her arsenal that could combat an Zeik's oblivium, but what was the fun in that. Zeik's skin returned to normally and he slid his hands inside his pockets-

"You win Lustful Witch."

Zita stopped conjuring up magic upon those words said.

".. Eh? I do? YAAY!"

She floated down and randomly glomped Zeik, stroking the side of his face a bit.

"... Wait, you let me win, didn't you? DAMMIT, HELL HOUND!"

Odd gravitational fluxes were released from Zita's body out of her random rage, for she wasn't exactly sure if she won fair and square or if he let her. This annoyed her to no end. Plus, she was still a little mad that her Black Hole/White Hole theory didn't work out as planned, either. She thought it was perfect... but she hadn't seen all of Zeik's moves, anyway, and thus didn't know what else he had in store. What she did know is, he was tired, and that's all she needed to know.

Zeik: "Yup you win. Tired me right out there."

-Zeik said as he gently escaped Zita's grasped and took a few steps back.-

Zeik: "Maybe Next I wont see you on the battle field"

-Zeik said with an upward inflection. One could hear the wink in his tone of voice, as it wouldn't be possible to see it-

Zita blushed just a bit, twirling her purple hair a bit. Was this a feeling other than lust? It couldn't be told at this moment. All she knew now was.. She wanted that Zeik. She wanted to go to hell and back...

Zita giggled, waving at Zeik, though he couldn't see it, and said "Guess I'll be making visits to the Chaos more often..." The same tone was in her voice, as well. There was nothing really wrong with this until Zita thought about a key thing... Chita...

"Crap... What's my daughter gonna say about that? She's so bitchy about everything... Guh. And... Maze? What will he say? And Khrona? Dammit. If I tell anyone, this'll go all over Vescrutia like wildfire..."

At the thought of fire, Zita smiled just a bit, closing her eyes. Mmmm... Goodness.
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Zita's Lovers
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