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 Realm; Master Lock

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PostSubject: Realm; Master Lock   Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:50 pm

Having fun with the Master Lock...

Zita made her way to her home after fighting with Kham, pondering the wondrous abilities of her Master Lock realm that she came up with whilst fighting him "... Infusing it with my magic... Infusing it with my body... I am the master of seals and locks... Infusing things to me is nothing... I could seal myself to the realm, couldn't I? Would I ever run out of power? Would I be able to be stopped...?" She paused, moving to a room made of nothing but chains and filled with darkness "... Would I... Be able to control it? What if I become consumed by it?" Zita sighed "... Guess I'll just have to find out! But first, I'd better test out my ability to infuse myself with solids..." Zita would look at her room of chains, then sigh, knowing that being the master of Chain Magic, having the chains wouldn't make a difference "Ugh. I need something better..." She would look out of her window, gazing at the grim landscape that she loved ever so much ".. Let's see, let's see... Seal myself with something... AHA. THAT ROCK." Using her gravity magic, she would have the rock float up to her and then she would stare at it with her Sealing Eye, touching it with a finger "... Let's seal this solid rock within the depths of my body..." The rock, being the target, would suddenly be sucked into her body. With that, her fist changed its shape into that of a gigantic rock fist. "HOLY SHIT. I guess I CAN seal myself with other solid things!!!" She would unseal the rock, letting it fall to the ground. She looked around and noticed that there was some water waaaaaaay off in the distance "... Shit. I guess I've gotta do liquids next. I bet if I can do solid, then I can do liquids... Just gotta get that water over here. A little shift of gravity should do the trick..." She held out her hand once more, and a small portion of the body of water would slither towards her, forming a ball in her hand "... Right then. Same thing I did before, eh? Seal the water's properties with my body..." She would then seal it using her Sealing Eye, thus making her body liquidy and such. She slithered about like a puddle, reforming and becoming solid at her own will, spewing out parts of her body like water "... COOL. I bet I could seal a lot of shit within my body! Now that I've covered that I can do solids and liquids.. How about a gas...? Or... Maybe even space...?" She would start with gas. Air, being all around her, would be no trouble whatsoever. Huh. Right then. "Alriiiight. Let's go. Concentrate on the air aaaand..." Her keyhole pupils would gleam, and suddenly, her body became gaseous, able to converge with the atmosphere thus making her all of the wind and the air. It was quite... The discovery. "Maybe... Just maybe... I could Seal myself within space or gravity itself, or a Black Hole I can create and become these things as well! YES. IT IS INGENIOUS!!! HAHAHAHA. But I wonder how much by body can take at one time...." She would create a very powerful gravity ball, which would warp space around it, causing the atmosphere to become like that of space. She would touch it, her body becoming spacious and... well... Spacey. She'd be able to do wonders with this. "Hm... Space... Gas... Liquids and Solids... Anything my heart desires, I can seal myself with and become it. I LOVE IT~! Heh heh heh. It loses all control whilst locked within my grasp... And I absolutely. Love. It."

Zita pondered something else... That night with Valerio... She did not know what the repercussions of such a night had in store for her.. And she did not want to wait to find out. "Hm. While I am in the Master Lock realm, I know all things within... Including what is within myself. So, I might as well go inside and... Check." She would open the portal to the Master Lock Realm once more. And close herself within it. She waited, thinking of the question to ask... The question of if that night with Valerio truly did something to her... In a split second, she would have the knowledge of what it was that happened... She was pregnant. With twins. Such was a joyous and devastating occasion... Joyous because she got to pass her powers down to her seed and devastating because... Having twins would RUIN her body!... Unless... She WAS in the Master Lock realm, where whatever she said was law... Therefore, if she wanted the kids out of her... It could happen! But for that to happen, she would have to... Discuss the matter with Valerio first... "Hmph. Twins. That bastard..." She would release herself from the Master Lock realm and would be off to see him... But she had other matters to attend to, first...
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Realm; Master Lock
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