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 My Characters Meet

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Grimro, the Pumpkeeper :: Obsidian Darkchrysm; Dark Alice of the Kurogami

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PostSubject: My Characters Meet   Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:02 pm

"From When Many Important Characters Of Mine Gathered Together At Once."

Zita, Friday, Tigen, Pumpkinhead & Tear + Khrona.
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Grimro, the Pumpkeeper :: Obsidian Darkchrysm; Dark Alice of the Kurogami

Posts : 575
Virgo Female Reputation : 0
Join date : 2014-11-02
Age : 1013
Location : Deadman's Den; Forbidden Hotel -- L'Sia Estate
Job/hobbies : Goddess Of The Zero World; Head Witch - Hostess

PostSubject: Re: My Characters Meet   Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:03 pm

Zita would walk outside of her castle, sighing and holding a lot of chocolate in hand. "... Dimensional scarecrow... ... ... Tigen... Cooome and get it..."

Tigen would suddenly warp in front of this woman, rape her of her chocolates and warp back a little bit. "WHO DA HELLZ IS YOU?!?"

Zita sighed "... Look, Scarecrow, I'm gonna make this Simple and Clean. I heard from outside sources that you could anything with dimensions... So, with my offering of chocolates, I ask of you 2 things, if you are willing... Getting me a Chain Chomp from the Mario World dimension and also to take me to The Abyss... The land of the Chains. Will you be willing?"

Tigen was a little overwhelmed by her latter request... for The Abyss was nothing to be trifled with... For it wasn't getting in that was the problem.. It was getting out. "Uuum... Tigen can get you the Chain Chomp easily, but the Abyss thing is something Tigen can't do without a large compensation... Give Tigen 2 things and Tigen will do it. But also, if Tigen does take you there, Tigen cannot promise that Tigen can take you out... Tigen can get Tigen's self out, but Tigen's portals do not stay open unless the Will of Abyss wills it... For she is in total and utter control of the Abyss. And time does not exist in the Abyss, so if you go in there, you may not come back in the same time period... Since Time does not exist. Only abysmal space..." Tigen would snap his fingers, having a Chain Chomp of epic proportions appear before Zita.

Zita nodded, using her Chain magic to subdue the Chain Chomp quickly. "Hmmm... Better go make a pit stop to Khrona... Alright, Tigen. I will surely give you two items if you will open the portal to The Abyss for me. That is all I need... I will get out myself. I assure you." She petted her Chain Chomp, trying to think of something... She looked at his flame and an Idea came into her head "AHA! I have it!" She touched his head and embedded a little bit of her Sealing Energies/Magic into the living flame of Tigen, thus that should create the Sealing Flame for him. Next, she made some of her indestructible, metallic parasites come out and form into a sword, then embedded that with Sealing Magic/Energy as well. "Alright, Tigen. Your rewards are that Sealing Sword and the Sealing Flame. The Sword should be able to seal anything and everything it comes in contact with for any given time you wish and the parasites should be able to eat any sort of energies that come across them. And the Sealing Flame should allow you to seal whatever you wish... I don't know what your flame does, but I know the sealing magic within it will allow you to seal what the flame comes in contact with for any given time. Okay~?" She began to walk off a bit with her Chain Chomp "I will be back. Just open that portal for me... I shouldn't be too long." She would then go off to Khrona's office..

Tigen gasped, feeling the Sealing Flame in his head, taking Zita's personalities into account upon using the Sealing Flame... Heh heh heh... He would also take the sword into his possession, thus making it able to float and whatnot. He giggled, the sword floating around him. "Teeheeehee~! Thanks, miss... Er... WHOEVER YOU ARE!!!" Tigen would open the portal as she left, wondering where she was going...


Friday walked drearily toward Zita's castle, hoping that she would be able to help her catch Sheng and let her eat his dreams... Friday was soooo hungry... It pained her so much... She wouldn't be able to use her powers or sustain herself in this world if she hungered too much... Since she cannot die, that is. "Head Witch Ziiiiittaaaa.... I neeeeeeed... Dreeeeaaaaams..."

Tigen, who had been faithfully waiting Zita to return for a LONG time, had noticed Friday and her plea for... Dreams? Hmph. Tigen couldn't do anything but eat dreams, himself, with his Nightmare Energy... "... Hey. HEY... Little girl thing! You want some dreams? You looking for them? Tigen has chocolate!!"

Friday sighed, her knees feeling weak "I cannot eat any sort of food from this world... Only Dreams, Nightmares and Negative energy are my fodder... You have no mind... I can see straight through your head... You cannot dream.. You are of no use... Where... Where is Head Witch Zita?"

Tigen poked his own head "Hmmm? Nightmares, too~? Tigen can give you Nightmares, you know! Tigen knows Nightmare Energy! Tigen's brother, Pumpkinhead, also has Nightmare Energy! Do you want Nightmare Energy? Tigen is glad to help you, you know~! Tigen just wants some Chocolate!!! And for you to be Tigen's friend..."

Friday licked her lips "... Nightmares, you say? You may be of some use to me, then... I can make aaaall of your dreams come true.." Friday snapped her fingers, making loads of chocolate appear before Tigen "... Now let me absorb your Nightmare Energy... Let me learn it. Let me use it... And you will have a friend in me for eternity..." Not only could Friday get a good meal from this deal, but also learn a new sort of energy that was different from hers... She figured that Tigen's Nightmare Energy was a lot different than Friday's...

Tigen gasped, devouring all of the Chocolates "MMMM~! TIGEN LOVES YOU, WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS~! By the by, Tigen's name is Tigen! Who are you?!?" Tigen would begin to conjure up some Nightmare Energy for Friday to devour and keep for herself. Tigen would also mentally call Pumpkinhead so that he could do the same.

Friday smiled "I am Friday the Thirteenth. Just call me Friday... And whenever you need me, you may call upon me..." Friday's mouth watered just a bit, for she was quite thirsty for this Nightmare Energy... To feel what it was... The difference in power between it and her Nightmares...

Suddenly, out of pitch blackness, Pumpkinhead appeared. Pitch Black Energy was the only way for him to warp about, it seemed. "... So. This is the girl, Tigen? She's the weakling that needs our awesome power to fuel her fragile body? Hmph. If my brother is giving you power, I assume I can do the same... Hmph. Don't ask me again, however..." Pumpkinhead began to conjure up Nightmare Energy, then slowly walked over to Friday, starting to embed it within her body. "Now you will know what I know..."

Tigen was happy that Pumpkinhead was cooperating! Tigen would then make a tiny bit of all of his Nightmare Energy form into tiny balls for Friday to eat, so they would nourish her body and keep her filled for quite a while. "Oh, hey, you... Friday... Tigen and Pumpkinhead's Nightmare Energy actually eats other energies! You will feel full if you let our Nightmare Energy eat things, okay? But you may be too weak to use and control it... Our Nightmare Energy is corruptive and can take over your body if you're not careful.. So be sure to use it to eat things when you first become hungry, okaaaay? Otherwise, you might assume the Nightmare Form..." Tigen sighed, as he remembered what he did in the Nightmare Formes of himself...

Friday felt Pumpkinhead's power being embedded with her own, then began to suck in the small orbs that Tigen created for her, feeling quite full because of their insane power that they held "... Mmmmm... You two are most kind... I will never forget your kindness... And next time we meet, I will be able to repay the both of you... But as of right now, I have people to see... So I will be on my way, if you please." Friday would start to faze out, waving at Tigen and Pumpkinhead as she finally disappeared, feeling better than ever.

Tigen waved to Friday "Bye bye little dream girl~! Tigen will be waiting to meet you again~! Have fun with your new Nightmare Energy~!" Tigen felt good about himself, but now still had to wait for Zita... At least now he had Pumpkinhead to talk to as he waited. Tigen sometimes gets tired of talking to his other emotions.

Pumpkinhead sighed "... Hmph. I'd better see a significant difference in her power the next time we see her, Brother... But right now, I'm leaving. I've been itching for a battle and I need to destroy someone really quickly... They cannot match my power, I'm sure..." Pumpkinhead started to walk slowly off, holding up the Peace sign to Tigen as he walked off.

Tigen gasped, feeling a bit sad "Noooo~! Pumpkinheaaaad! You've got to keep Tigen company until Zita gets back! Waaaait! What will Tigen do by Tigen's self? ;; Tigen doesn't like this at all..." Tigen floated off to the front of the doors, prodding his fingers together, continuing to wait for the ever so slow Zita...

-- Time Skip --

Tear, who had been leisurely strolling through the Dusk Village, had been wondering a new way to better his own abilities... And yet, nothing came to his mind. "Oh my... Whatever shall I do to find a new way to better my abilities...? Mmm... Not too many interesting liquids here... I really wish I could find some sort of new liquid to learn..." Tear pondered and pondered, and yet, no avail...

Tigen, who was hovering above, bored as ever, could hear about Tear's wish to learn of a new ability with liquid. "Pyooo...~?" Tigen would warp in front of Tear abruptly "Hooooi! Liquid is Tigen's game! Tigen can make sure that you learn how to use Liquid lickety-split! Tigen's got the essence of all liquid! Liquid Energy! SEE!?" Tigen would create a Liquid Ball with his hand, letting it swirl. "SOsososo, you want some, huh!? Tigen thinks that anyone who uses Liquid is A-OK with Tigen!!" Tigen would make a HRT symbol with his fingers and hug Tear.

Tear opened his eyes wide for a moment, in a bit of shock "... Oh my. Tigen's your name, I presume. I am Tear." Tear would take a step back, listening to what Tigen said. "Liquid... Energy...? Is this it?" Tear would touch the Liquid Energy, evaluating it with his Soul Scan... Ah, yes... Liquid in the purest form. How... Beautiful. It brought a tear to his eye "... My good man... You are willing you share this Liquid Energy with me? It is so beautiful that I cannot help but shed a tear... If you were to share with me this power, I would be forever indebted to you..." Tear would bow humbly, giving his nonchalant smile. He was quite happy.

The ball of Liquid energy would start to spin further "... Mmmm... TIGEN KNOWS HOW YOU CAN DO THIS. Put this Liquid Ball in your body somehow... And then Tigen will assimilate it with you, okay!?" Tigen would hold it to Tear, letting it spin faster...

Tear nodded, allowing the Liquid Energy to be accepted and absorbed into his soul without actually converting it, which was difficult since his soul constantly converted everything into part of it, most times. Tigen would have to assimilate it quickly...

Tigen nodded, allowing the Liquid energy to become part of Tear's very soul... Naturally, being assimilated with him, it lost some of the properties that Tigen could do with it, for obvious reasons that Tear couldn't control Liquid Energy like Tigen could, since Tigen was the master of Liquid Energy and such... But, regardless, he'd be able to do some pretty sweet shit with it! Yay! "Tigen hopes you have fun with it, Tear~!"

Tear felt the wonderful liquid inside of him... Oh, how great this feeling was. It was so nice and calming and sleek... It was like a combination of all liquids but its own separate liquid... The liquid... It felt so good... "Aaaaaaaaah... Thank you so much for your energy, Tigen... I will be the herald of this Liquid Energy and use it wisely.." Tear would open his soul, letting Liquid Energy flow from his body. The Liquid Energy seemed as if it couldn't be detached from him, however. "Oh..? What is this...?" The Liquid energy took the shape of a hand coming from his back. Then a sword. Then a chia pet. "Quite the flexibility... But if I cannot let it leave my own body and soul... How can I contaminate things with it...?" Tear would poke some into the ground... And it would spread. It seems as though contamination was possible, but the Liquid Energy could NOT be used as a projectile. Bummer. "Again, thank you Tigen... I shall be on my way..." Tear would then use Soul Transmission to warp off.

Tigen laughed "Oh, no problem, Tear~! Use it weeeell~!" Then Tigen noticed that Tear was leaving. "WAIT. NOOOO. DON'T LEAVE TIGEN HERE. TIGEN HAS BEEN HERE FOR SOOOO FUCKING LONG. TIGEN CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE. NOOOOOOOOOOO...!!!!!" Tigen's head would fall over... "... Nyo... ;;"
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My Characters Meet
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