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 Zita's Daughter; Chita

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PostSubject: Zita's Daughter; Chita   Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:19 pm

Zita would bust into Khrona's office with her chained baby, swinging her around violently "YO, KHRONA. MAKE THIS TRIFLING HEIFER ALL GROWN UP AND SHIT."

Khrona sighed, already expecting Zita back because he knew she was pregnant before she left the first time "... Fine. I'll just take the swinging baby and make her grow some... How many years old do you want her to be, now...?"

Zita stopped swinging the baby, then flung it on Khrona's desk "Errr... Make her like, a couple hundred years old. I can't have her being 1,000, like me, ya know! That would be fucked up. Yeah, make her like, 300 or something." Zita turned her back and waited for Khrona to complete her order...

Khrona's eye twitched as he started to make the baby age with the awesome power of DNA... But at the same time, he started to mess with the mind of the baby. Because of Zita's brazen attitude, Khrona felt that she must be punished through her own child... Khrona would split the personalities of the baby, thus making her have multiple personalities... And also, infesting her with the Black Blood. "Almost done, Zita... Now, when I am done, you must awaken the child by calling her name... Alright?" Khrona was just about finished. "Go on."

Zita turned around, looking at her wonderful child "... Chita. <3" is what she said, waiting to see what became of her beloved daughter~!

Chita would awaken, having no memory of what happened in the past 300 years of her life "... Oh... Shit... What the hell...? Where am I...? What...? It's like I've spent the first 300 years of my life in this office..." Not like she should know that. She looked at her arms, noticing some groovy looking black cuffs with green energy surging inside of them "... The hell?" they were an upgraded version of Zita's locks that she chained her up with. Seems as though Chita's natural magic upgraded them, and Khrona's DNA abilities had attached them to her body... Next, she looked at her body.... She jiggled her overly large breasts a bit, then stretched out and whatnot. She flicked her hair, wiggled her tail-- ... WAIT, WHAT? "... A TAIL?" Because Zita didn't take off the chain from Chita's body before she was aged, her DNA merged with the chain and made it a tail for her... How embarrassing. Chita sighed, finally standing up and jumping off of the desk. "... Alright... You're my mom. Yeah, I know aaaaall about you..." Seems as though Khrona gave Chita some info on Zita in the process... Oh joy. "Yeah, so... Where's my deadbeat daddy? I've got some shit to ask him... What's his name... Valerio, or whatever? I've gotta ask him some stuff. No, wait. Better yet. Just take me home." Chita flicked her... tail... the chain rattling as the blade on it tapped on Zita's shoulder, telling her to come on. "Oh yeah, but before I go... Thanks, Khrona." She winked at him, then exited.

Zita was thoroughly shocked. "... What a fucking MOUTH on that girl!? WHERE THE HELL DOES SHE GET THAT FROM? Hmph... Little bitch..." Zita smirked "I can teach her well..." Zita turned to Khrona and winked, just like her daughter "Thanks, again, Khrona~! You're so dependable~!" She turned to Chita, who was already halfway gone "GET BACK HERE, YOU LITTLE WHORE." and left, as well.

Khrona snickered "Happy to be of service, Zita... Hope to see you again, Chita... Have a nice day~." Khrona waited until they both left, then began to laugh menacingly "... Let's just see how Chita turns out before I 'evaluate' what can be done with her... How many personalities did I give her...? Heh. Let's have Zita find out... That'll learn her for giving me such an attitude..." Khrona laughed once more, the door to his office closing.
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Grimro, the Pumpkeeper :: Obsidian Darkchrysm; Dark Alice of the Kurogami

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PostSubject: Re: Zita's Daughter; Chita   Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:10 pm

_-Tyrande appeared at the grand Castle of her mistress, it had been a while since Tyrande did anything with her life, she enjoyed just hanging out smexing... chilling. But Zita had summoned her, so she had to respect the call. And that is why she appeared. Hell, Zita probably already knew she was here-_

Chains unraveled from the massive doors, locks disappearing from where they one were. The door, oddly enough, was made out of chains as well, but they were all bound together. The door would open, a small wave of gravity flying out. Seems as though Zita had changed the gravity inside of her castle for whatever reason. Probably just to make crap float.

Exiting the doorway, finally, was Zita. She paused, looking at Tyrande, then smiled "Aaaah, Tyrande... It's been a while, my cuuuute little witchling~! How have you beeeen~?

_-Tyrande smiled, on some no homo shit she thought Zita was pretty attractive... maybe she swung that magical way or she just loved smexing. Whatever the case she walked in towards the castle and loosened up-

Tyrande: "I know I haven't been doing stuff as of late... Don't be mad," She said in a sweet little voice-_

Zita smiled, petting Tyrande "Awww, it's'kay, Tyrande~! I haven't been doing much, either! I've been... On a loooooong vacation. So think of that whole time you've been living it up as your vacation, too! Cuz now, we need to work." Zita pulled back her hand, her keyhole pupils gleaming a bit.

"I'm glad you came, my cute little witchling... Because you are gonna be my new apprentice. My daughter's a bitch and I'm not teaching her jack shit because of it. So forget that two-dollar skank-hole and let's you and me go train you to be a full fledged witch, eh?"

_-Tyrande's eyes grew big at Zita's denouncing of her daughter, she wanted to meet her... see if she was anything like the head witch. But from what Zita was saying she didn't seem like much. But anything was as good as any to get Tyrande off of her ass, she returned the smile-_

"Mkay~! Let me guess... we're starting now"

Honestly, Zita REEEAAAALLY didn't want to start now... She wanted to go relax some more before they went Soul Hunting and crap... Ehhh. Guess this lazy bitch has to get up sometime, huh?

"... Yeah, we might as well go now. It's not like I've got anything else to do, ya know..."

_-Tyrande sighed, she kinda wanted to sleep ya know... get mentally prepared. If she didn't speak up she might not preform well and shit and she would end up embarrassing her, so she did.-_

"Look, I love you and all but... I'd prefer to start tomorrow morning? It's late. Call me again when you need me. I'll be there, we need our beauty sleep the both of us."

_-She winked, and took a couple steps back hoping Zita wasn't displeased-_


From the depths of the castle came a girl who looked no older than the age of 16 with a bladed chain sticking out of her ass... It flicked around like a tail.. It was a tail.

"I KNOW you're not talking, miss 'I've-got-so-much-cleavage-I'm-gonna-go-fuck-everyone!'"

Chita squinted her eyes and tapped her foot, her hand placed on her hip.

"Who the hell were you talking to about me, anyway, mom-- ... Oh, her? Who's this bitch, eh? Another floozy you picked up for your tentacle-rape-chain party?"

Zita nodded, actually extremely happy for what Tyrande said, but didn't show much of it. She only smiled and nodded more.

"Oh yes, that is TOTALLY fine with me, you just go on an--"

That's when Zita heard the voice of her daughter... Chita. The shrill cry was enough for Zita to grind her teeth. Why must her daughter be such a bitch?


The gravity intensified around Zita the angrier she got, but when Chita asked her that question, Zita was obliged to answer. With a sigh, she said

"... Chita, my beloved, but bitchy daughter, this is Tyrande, my new apprentice. Tyrande, my smextastic apprentice... My bitchy daughter, Chita."

_-Tyrande's head turned towards the kid... this must be Chita, acted just like Zita would probably act. Unfortunately the time to make good impressions was over because this chick was jumping out of her body, she started to get sassy and snappy real quick.-_

Tyrande: "Hold on bitch... Walk your lil' reject witch ass back where the fuck you came from. Or get fucked up, I'm tired. Not in the mood for kids who have herpes so bad the have cold sores that look like blades coming out of their assholes."

_-She then realized that Zita introduced the both of them, she kinda disregarded it but turned to her and smiled... in efforts to not get reprimanded or something. She was pissed-_

Chita's stiffened, standing on end at the remarks from Tyrande. Chita wasn't one to take any words of any kind from anyone... Whether they be good words or bad.

"You're lucky that I don't wanna make my old hag's student look stupid in front of her, or else I'd thoroughly kick your large, scrumptious ass all across our yard!!"

Chita grit her teeth and began to grind them just like Zita did, only with her chain-tail rattling around and making an annoying noise at the same time.

"MA, you'd better CHECK HER before I HAVE TO."

Zita sighed. Chita was causing trouble YET AGAIN, trying to get in a fight with someone for no real reason and being a bitchy asshole all over the world... Even Zita wasn't this bad when she was the tender age of 333... Where could Chita have gotten this assholey behavior from? ... ... ...

... Probably Valerio.

Anyway, Zita shook her head, then looked back at Tyrande "... You'll have to excuse my daughter. She has a very rare disease called bitchy-itis. You might not want to get too close. You may catch some of that, too." Zita folded her arms and tried to figure out how to get Chita back in the house without a fight...

_-Tyrande scoffed, she appeared in front of the girls face returning the equally bitchy look she was going to provoke her and hopefully send her back in the castle by some means.-_

Tyrande: "Let's hope your bark is as big as your bite little bitch..."

Well. That was surely enough for Chita. She wouldn't back down from confrontation.

"You wanna see some BARK? I'll show you some bark... CHINK!!!"

There was a loud roar, but it faintly sounded like that of a dog... From the inside of the castle came the family dog/Chain Chomp that was souped up by Khrona... Chink. Technically, Chink belonged to only Zita, but because of Chita's Mario Magic, she could summon him up at any given time.

She jumped on top of the Chain Chomp's head, scowling at Tyrande with a condescending face, saying "Sic em, boy!" and he surely would rush at her at an incredible speed, biting furiously.

Zita was shocked.


She created a spike made of gravity to stab into Chink's chain.. Though technically, it wasn't necessary, since Khrona gave Zita the ability to merge her DNA with the Chain Chomp, since its DNA was rather malleable as it was... So she could have just grabbed it and sucked it in.

"Girl, you are NOT gonna use MY own CUSTOMIZED Chain Chomp to fight Tyrande! Hell, I don't care if you two fight... You'd just better leave my Chink out of this. Go use your Chain Chomps that AREN'T customized... Shit... Come here, Chink..."

Zita snapped her fingers and the Chain Chomp stopped its assault, now running toward her. Zita released the gravity spike and started to pet Chink. "Awww, who's my good boy~?"

Chita fell off of Chink, but landed don her feet. She sneered at Tyrande, a Bob-omb appearing in her hand "Fine. I can't use mom's super pimped out Chain Chomp... But I've got other things to work with! Bob-omb Barrage!"

Chita began to violently fling out a multitude of Bob-ombs at Tyrande, each of which would explode upon impact with anything they touched.

_-The Void Rune appeared on the floor surrounding Chita and Tyrande, this allowed her to teleport and manipulate space and time to a certain degree. Naturally, anything standing on it would transport to where the exit rune was place, and this place was inside the castle, that is where the bombombs and chita would do.-_

Chita and her bob-ombs wouldn't be affected by such a thing... But this was only because of the special power embedded within her cuffs... These cuffs were made out of both Sealing Force and The VOID itself. That was thanks to Valerio and Zita. Thus, she wasn't affected by that sort of stuff. The manipulation of space and time.. Though she couldn't manipulate them herself yet... Not until she unlocked.. Rita.

Whatever. Anyway, Chita ran up to Tyrande with her bladed chain tail lashed out in front of her, trying to stab at Tyrande.

_-Though I'm pretty sure the Void, magic or not doesn't render the user unable to be teleported somewhere especially when dealing with a magical force more powerful that the user at this point. But no need to get into the logistics of anything at this point. Tyrande sidestepped and released a pulse of energy from the Void Rune. Chita would figure out what that did soon enough.-_

Seeing Tyrande sidestep the attack, Chita immediately disappeared without a trace. Her image was flickering all about the area now, being very transparent. The chains would fly at Tyrande once more, trying to impale her once again.

_-Now here comes the more magicy part of the void rune, when the pulse of the rune is felt by the foe there next action becomes Voided as long as they are in range of the rune as such Chita's splitting into many afterimages would be Voided and she would be in front of Tyrande. Tyrande, knowing that this would happen grabbed Chita as soon as she appeared after her action was voided with the fire rune and set her body ablaze.-_

Even if the Void Rune kept Chita from splitting, it would have to be Chita in the first place, right? What those ghastly after-images became were Boos the moment Chita disappeared. The Boos kept her concealed inside of one of them, whilst the others just transformed into her, and when one was forced in front of Tyrande and she grabbed it, it would laugh, being set ablaze, and promptly lick her ferociously before going poof.

The Boo harboring her released her, and the rest of the Boos went poof as well. Now Chita had a large gun in her hand, it seemed... It was a gun that had very angry eyes on it. This was the Bullet Bill Gun. Chita could shoot shots of Bullet Bills just as rapidly as a real gun and without the reloading. She fired off consecutive shots at Tyrande, the Bullet Bills locking on to her once they were shot.

"Awww, you've got some old school magic, huh...? With runes 'n shit? Hahahahaha. That's the kind of stuff they had back in the old hag's day. Heh heh heh."

Zita You wanted to see me... again View previous topic View next topic Go down

Because of the rune... thingy... It would seem as though Chita wasn't able to move.

"Grrrr... FUCK YOU! You just wait until I get some souls... I'MMA FUCK YOU UP!!"

Chita struggled to try to get up, but it seems as though it wouldn't work. Seems like she wasn't too good at planning attacks.

Zita shook her head "... My daughter doesn't even know how to use her magic well... Oi... Maybe if you weren't running your DAMN MOUTH all of the time, Chita, you'd be able to fight well!!"

Zita sighed, but then she got an idea. "... So, you both want souls, eh? That's cool. You both can have souls. You two will go on a team soul hunting operation. Perhaps you, Tyrande, can assist Chita with her magic and keep her in line when she runs off at the mouth... Eh? Whadda ya say?"

_-Chita was really strong if Tyrande hadn't planned ahead she would have been in a tight situation. It must be her good genes... But to go on a mission with her?!? That was uncalled for, but she had to agree-_

Tyrande: "Whatever it is you desire Zita..."

_-She said, she scoffed at Chita, and walked a couple steps away-_

Zita smiled "Thanks, Tyrande~!"

She looked at Chita, who was still on the ground "BE a good girl and take yo little ass on with that girl and ACT RIGHT. I ain't playin witchoo, Chita!"

Zita started to float back in her house, giggling to herself "... Now I don't have to stay in this house with that bad ass kid. Heeheeheehee~! When you don't wanna do the dirty work yourself, have someone else do it! I love the way I think!" She started to laugh very haughtily as the doors to the castle closed.

Chita got up, poked out her lip and had 'attitude' spread all across her face. "OKAY, damn... Always tellin me to do some shit... UGH. Old hag..."

Chita walked behind Tyrande, only enough for her to be in sight. Chita honestly didn't wanna be anywhere near her. "Ugh. Bitch."

_-Tyrande heaved a heavy sigh, then she turned to Chita who looked a blissful as ever. Ah... the innocence of childhood-_

Tyrande: "Look, I'm in charge... I know you're strong but there's a certain type of mentality that goes with fighting. If you think before you act then you'll be of some worth to your mother."

_-She started walking away expecting some lip from Chita, and hopefully she would follow her-_

Chita's eyes widened with rage

"WHAT? I'm always thinking before I act! In fact, I'm thinking right now... Thinking about WHOOPING YOUR ASS! GET BACK HERE!... I'm... Worth something."

She calmed down, but still had a pouty scowl on her face. Naturally, feeling threatened, she followed Tyrande.

"Think rationally... you act on impulse. You can keep up right?"
_-Tyrande took a couple jogging steps forward and transformed into her cat form, she ran so fast it looked like a black streak whipping across the ground. Somehow she new that Chita wasn't far behind-_

Chita squinted her eyes, her scowl turning into a sneer "Impulse!? I know this bitch did not--" and then, she saw her turn into a cat. Now, Chita wasn't big on speed... At least not speed like that. Normally, she'd just run after that cat screaming obscenities... But this time... She thought about something else.

She looked at the pendant around her neck. It harbored her Bullet Bill friend named Bulletto. Light buuuulb~.

"Yo, Bulletto, think you can keep up with her?" The miniaturized Bullet Bill around her neck suddenly grew to normal sizes, allowing Chita to ride on top. With the ability to lock onto a target, Bulletto locked onto Tyrande and sped off after her. It wouldn't be long before they caught up.

Once Chita was close to Tyrande, she gave a very triumphant smile, flicking her chain-tail around happily. She was proud.
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PostSubject: Re: Zita's Daughter; Chita   Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:15 pm

Chita had already made her way back to the castle, Tyrande most likely behind her. She already had it planned out; She would go in, get some rest and Tyrande would distract Zita and talk to her so that she wouldn't be on Chita's case about anything. That was the master plan, and if she did this right, she could stick to it.

She made her way through the door quickly, leaving it open for Tyrande then briskly went to her room.

"Yo MA, we're back! Tyrande's here too and stuff!"

She quickly ran into her room and closed the door before Zita was able to respond, locking the door... which, in turn was futile since Zita was not only the master of unlocking any locks, but also breaking any seals. But, whatever. Chita immediately plopped on the bed and fell asleep.

-Tyrande walked in it was really hard to tell but she was excited to see Zita again, and whoever this new witch was for she sensed a new presence that had been here. Her perception was still weak which is why she needed to train. Maybe Zita would train with her?-

Zita hadn't even bothered to respond to Chita after she closed the door, and she would walk out of her own room shaking her head.

"... Can't even entertain your own guest...? Why do I even bother...?"

She made her way down a few corridors, then finally to the entrance of the house, where Tyrande was.

".. Thanks for babysitting my little brat of a daughter, Tyrande. I hope she wasn't too much... And I hope you disciplined her a bit... It's not like anything I'm saying is going through."

This is exactly why Zita didn't want to be a parent... She'd be pushed into early retirement if this kept up...

-Tyrande stopped and leaned against the wall, she always liked to admire Zita's full physique... so curvy. Anywho she spoke, as mundane and blunt as usual-

Tyrande: "Basically, she was being to loud and direct with her power, eventually towards the end she started thinking. I saw progress in her..."

Zita almost broke down crying with joy at the thought of ANY progress with Chita.

"... Oh thank god. I thought she'd NEVER learn... Heh. Hell, one day with you and she's learning something? Maybe I'll dump her-- I mean, uh, let her train with you more often. Yeah. Heh."

Zita could see a little look in Tyrande's eye as she looked at her... Zita was so skilled at seeing any sort of attraction with her that she could even spot it in the most bland people. She winked at Tyrande.

"... Thanks for your help, my cute little Witchling~!"

It had been a while since she said that to anyone.

"Ah well. As long as you can at least BEAR her, it's fine with me. Well, anyway... Since she's not entertaining you..."

She leaned over, her cleavage being exposed more than usual, and she would lower her voice to a more... seductive frequency..

"... Might I~?"

Of course, she wasn't referring to anything sexual (though, if the offer was put on the table...), but she wanted to know what Tyrande wished of Zita since she was a guest in the house. Zita may not know how to put clothes on in front of guests, but she was damn sure hospitable... Ugh, but then again, her NOT putting on clothes when a visitor came was how she got Chita in the first place... You'd think she'd learn.

-Tyrande tried her hardest not to show any sign of blushing all that could be seen was that her already pink face was getting a lot more crimson as Zita neared....No one knew that Tyrande was gay... no one-

Tyrande: "Yes you may..."

-She thought to herself trying not to stare down Zita's shirt but then muscled past her sexual desires and manned up-

"I don't know I just wanted a training partner, I feel as if I've gotten a bit stronger and am ready to take my powers to the next level and I also wanna know what happens to us witches when we take in our 99 souls. I know what happens to weapons but I'm confused"

Zita saw how she was blushing, even if slightly... Zita could tell from the look in her eye that she liked the view more than a girl should... But payed it no mind. She raised up from her sexual pose and placed a hand on her hip.

"Training with me, huh? Yeah, it can be done. Is there anything in particular you wanna train in, or do ya just want a normal ass battle to show me how far you've come...?"

Zita did notice how she had collected almost the required amount of souls to become a full Witch... Hm. Zita would have to rank her soon.

"... Well, uh, nothing really 'happens,' per se, but our magic increases in power with each soul. So, the more souls, the more powerful your magic, you could say. I have 1,000 souls, so I'm pretty much set."

One for every year of her life... except the latest 2. Should Zita go soul collecting one day? She doesn't really need more power, but... she did crave the taste...

Tyrande: "Well... I mean a fight would be nice, maybe I can cover some ground in a fight," She said, her blush comin down now-

Zita's keyhole pupils started to gleam green a bit... She hadn't really ever tested the strength of one of her witchlings in battle before...

"... Ha, actually, ya know what? Since I like ya, I'll make this a special battle. Don't hold back and you'll be rewarded~!"

Zita started to walk outside, still half naked. She refused to put any clothes on. It looked like she just woke up, actually.

Tyrande: "Thanks Zita... You beautiful thing, you."

-Hopefully Zita couldn't read minds? If she did Whatever, Tyrande would just talk about it she continued walking outside maybe this was going to get in the way of her fighting but whatever. She manifested the Earth Rune on her left hand and the electric rune on her right with the clench of her fists-

Tyrande was lucky that Zita wasn't Khrona. She couldn't read minds at all.

Regardless, she walked over a good distance away from Tyrande, who was already starting to prepare herself. Zita started to fluctuate a bit of Gravity Magic in one of her hands, it resembling a ball of black and purple as she condensed it.

".. Well then, Tyrande. Whenever you're ready~!"

Tyrande: "Okay..."

-Murmuring something in the most ancient sexy sounding language, Tyrande said her various spells able to say a stream of them without gasping for air, placing her fire rune hand out in front of her a super condensed stream of fire flew out of her other hands. With the Air rune she fed some oxygen into it to cause it to explode violently well before it got to Zita. It was that large of an explosion.-

Tyrande: "There..."

Zita smiled, wanting to know more about Tyrande's runes... They were pretty cool. She figured that they would have a lot going for her if she became a full Witch.

"Not bad..."

Since Zita was already concentrating gravity in her hands before the attack, she would outstretch the hand filled with gravity magic and surge it into the attack in front of her, causing it to compact very quickly, looking as if the explosion had instantaneously imploded. It would take the shape of a tiny, solidified orb of gravity, which contained the force and power of the explosion. Zita grabbed it with her index finger and thumb, then flicked it back at Tyrande. It didn't look threatening, but when it got near, the built up pressure would cause it to explode once more even larger and more forceful, and also with the gravitational magics, the force of the explosion was greater than before.

To make herself more comfortable and in the feel of the battle, Zita leaned backwards, lifting her feet from the ground and started to float slightly in a reclined position, as she normally did in battles. She loved to be most... relaxed during battles because she could think better when relaxed and when she was stressed out about a battle, her magic tended to falter a bit.

"Oooh, yeah... That's it right there..."

It felt good to lie down like that again...

-One could only infer what that nugget of gravity did, Tyrande wasn't exactly prepared to deal with this but she had to act fast the transferred the earth rune to the fire rune by sliding it down her arm after it manifested on her shoulder. It took more energy to juggle more runes now she has the magma rune, the electric rune and the wind rune each on different parts on her body. Fire burns away fire so she constructed a wall of magma in front of her when it exploded, it helped a lot but she was suffering behind it-

Tyrande: "!"

-Tyrande heard the sounds of Zita relaxing, but kept up the pressure eventually the sound was gone and the explosion was too Tyrande pressed the magma rune on the floor with the fire rune, a geyser of magma kicked up around Zita in an explosion the air rune would cool it to imprison Zita for a strike with her lightning rune-

Zita quirked a brow, able to sense the high activity of magic within her with each rune that she made. Typical ability of a high class witch. Zita prepared herself for the attack, as she saw Tyrande place her hand on the ground, realizing that probably, something was going to pop up below her.

Zita would point her finger at the ground below in a general area, waggling it a bit, causing a large impact of sheer gravitational force to the ground. Once the magma started to come up, it wouldn't be able to, and from the crushing force of the gravity and Tyrande with the air, the magma would fill in the portion of the ground that Zita crushed, causing it to harden back into the shape of the ground as if she hadn't crushed it in the first place.

That done, Zita pointed the same hand at Tyrande, large bladed chains spewing from her back and darting at her like snakes. There were about 50 of them, each aiming for a different part of her body.

-Tyrande deconstructed the magma rune into the fire and earth as she used more higher level techniques in rapid succession, the fire rune and the earth rune were brimming with more power, she didn't know what the fuck was goin on but she kept going. She constructed a concentrated sphere of wind around her letting the chains wrap around the wind sphere, the electric rune at the ready. If that succeeded then she could still function while the chains wrapped around the air so she dug a hole with the earth rune and shot up out of the ground elsewhere-

Tyrande: "... Phew"

-She said as she shot the electric rune into the sky calling lightning bolts to rain down at Zita from above while the clouds parted for some unknown reason, it was getting loud-

Zita's keen perception of magic could predict the stirring of electricity in the air, which let her know something electrical was about to ensue. One of her chains would point straight into the air and stiffen, acting as a sort of natural lightning rod. She used this same tactic a looong time ago against a lightning user named Kama... Whom had disappeared for quite a while... Oh well.

When Tyrande popped up out of the ground, Zita immediately had her chains surround Tyrande's position, not harming or touching her, but all pointing at her. Everything had been set up from that moment.

Without warning, the lightning bolts came... Just like Zita had formerly predicted, and they would be attracted to her highest standing chain in the air. Now, one would think that Zita would be shocked by this, however she could potently control the electricity as it surged through her chain and cause it to surge through another chain popping out of her body without it actually hitting her body. Of course, with so many lightning bolts, she used the other 49 of her chains as mediums for the lightning, launching them all back at Tyrande from every angle, since her chains were surrounding Tyrande's position, trying to shock her from every angle.

Zita was starting to think about Tyrande... Zita was basically the epitome of witchdom, having generally all aspects of a witch and more... But she didn't know about Tyrande.

"Hey. Tyrande... You have an Animal Theme? And if ya do, you have any Familiars?"

-Tyrande paused and thought to herself since typical anime you can think about any length of thing for as long as you want nearing that critical moment in the fight XD, Zitas words rung a bell. Her animal thing was key to summoning her elemental demons of the Druid Arts that's why her powers were brooding so much it was time to unleash one. No... 2 since the last time that happened she didn't train either.-

Tyrande: "Yes..."

-Back to reality, Tyrande's electric rune charged with the lightning struck her, as it struck her arm that was used to summon the lightning. she held it up in the air as it expanded and something came out the head of something large, and its lightning was all white... its roar force the chains back as a large lightning hand manifested out of the stray electrons in the air around Zita attempting to pwn her life-

Zita's keyhole pupils gleamed brightly at the sight of this creature.. Made of all lightning. Tyrande was doing pretty well so far... However when it tried to attack her, Zita decided to use the power of her own Familiars for this one.

"... Parasites..."

Once the hand neared, a swarm of metallic bugs that seemingly appeared out of nowhere would circle around it. They were coming from Zita's body. There were already about a thousand of them in only a second's time, the parasitic metallic bugs latching on to the beast's hand and started to absorb its energy.

".. My parasites are my Familiars. They're metallic, non-magnetic, temperature resistant, flying parasites. They love to feast on general matter and energy.. They eat almost anything."

Zita knew their limits on what they couldn't eat, but that's what the Locusts were for... To eat their scraps. Regardless, the parasites would make quick work of the electricity being, Zita calling them back to her body, where they would disappear. Now, back on the offensive. Zita's chains were still out, and Zita planned on using them to their fullest ability whilst Tyrande was distracted.

"... Chain Storm!"

She disconnected the 49 chains from her body, leaving the solitary one in the sky, and had the disconnected chains swirl around Tyrande's position, creating a gigantic vortex of pure... chains. They formed into a tornado of bladed chains, the very wind and vacuum they created being able to slice up whatever was in the way of it. Zita wanted her to stay in one place... Gravitational magic surged through her hand...

-The beast remained, for it came from within the rune which is the access to a different realm but that's for jounin status to update. It happens but Tyrande is not aware of it yet. Anywho, it was her, this lightning beast that started to go back back into the rune and the other runes. Tyrande was by no means in prison she just needed to feed the Dark Rune to summon awaken another possible helper-

Tyrande: "Try this now..."

-The Dark rune took the place of the fire, it fed off the blackness (all of this happening in a couple seconds) and it too got stronger, it too expanded fast too manifesting a tentacle out of it opening. Tyrande jumped in and she warped out of the dome of chains which too got sucked in since they broke off of Zita hopefully if not they stayed. The Dark rune opened and Tyrande appeared with her the tentacle of her familiar beside her, it fired a stream of crushing dark energy at Zita possessing the ability to devour various energies in the darkness-

Tyrande's tactics were generally impressive to Zita, a majority of her chains remaining from her using the darkness to warp and such. Since they did, through the use of Magic, Zita would merge the remaining chains together into one gigantic chain, this being her Snake Chain. As Zita concentrated gravitational magic in one hand... she seemed to concentrate a bit of her soul wavelength in the other. Soul wavelength, you say? Yes, Soul wavelength. It was very possible for Witches to learn such a thing, but usually theirs had magical inclination... and it was time for Zita to show Tyrande the importance of learning both.

"... Watch as I show you the benefits of befriending a Meister and Shibusen... Pay attention, now~!"

When Tyrande's darkness came near, Zita would hold out her hand charged with her wavelength, saying "Soul Barrier." Around the darkness would be a large dome, which would compact and trap it, keeping it in there because of how high class this magic was.

"... The Soul Barrier is an ability I created myself... it utilizes the ability of a witch being able to hide her own soul, the Soul Protect, and enforces the same magical suppressant in accord with the Soul Wavelength so that it can stop the flow of magic and soul wavelength... Basically, I just Soul Protected your attack."

Zita had more tricks up her sleeve than Tyrande would think. So, now, with her other hand charged with Gravitational Magic, she pointed it at Tyrande and unleashed her Gravitational Discord attack. The gravity would form into an extremely large sphere with an intensely concentrated gravitational core. Whatever was pulled into the sphere was instantly trapped and forced to stay there by the core, crushing everything that came into it severely. If Tyrande were caught in it, the pain of such a high gravitational force would be excruciating.

-Tyrande had no idea Witches could use a soul wavelength but maybe that's why we were cool with Shibusen and some witches weren't. Tyrande wondered if the evil witches used this power as well and if so, how? Whatever the case she backed up behind the dark rune and so did the beast within, the Gravitational sphere entered lost in the blackness forever, Tyrande just super warped an attack into the sphere that gave her the use of that power. A immediate test and hypothesis, after that the familiar lunged forward with blasts of blackness aiming to make Zita surrender to it forever-

"Hmm.. Woah, you've got a lot of familiars, don'tcha? Graviton Boost."

Zita's feet would pulsate with anti-gravity for a moment, and Zita would change her position so that they faced the ground. Without much notice afterward, Zita was propelled into the air extremely fast and extremely high, viewing the area above. Her Snake Chain, which was looming behind the two, would lunge at them and try to slice them up good, while Zita pointed both of her hands down at Tyrande and her familiar.

"Pressure Dome."

Around the general area, there would be a gigantic dome of invisible force. This dome was made specifically to take just the pressure of gravity and force it on everything within the dome, the dome becoming smaller and smaller gradually as the pressure became higher and higher. Of course, it would start off as a slight pressure, but as it got smaller, that pressure got very intense very fast. Not only that, the very moment after Zita used that, she would raise her arms up, chains spewing from the ground under Tyrande and her familiar in great numbers.

"Dance of the Chains!"

She was using these chains to both wrap Tyrande up or to slice her up so that the Pressure Dome could take full effect. Zita kept her position in the sky.

-Tyrande's dark familiar was immune to gravitational change something she didn't know at the moment but something she was going to figure out. The pressure dome manifested itself and gravity forced down on Tyrande, the dark being seemingly perfectly fine. This is when the chains came, moving as fast as she could given the circumstances Tyrande forced her way into the beings mouth for refuge after being slightly crushed by the gravitational force the snake chain would slice the dark beast but to no avail for as long as there was some inclination of darkness it could repair itself indefinitely. Tyrande's fore magic melts other energy substances not just things that fire would normally burn, she once used it to burn through a meisters soul wavelength back in the day and maybe since Zita's were pure magical energy, with enough concentration she can melt through all of this as well? In the belly of the dark beast she combined the fire rune with the light rune, swapping the electric rune out making the 'Sun Rune' she fired beams of light out of the beast stomach knowing that it could revive slicing the chains like a diamond cutter laser through its surface causing her to emerge from this gravity crushing dome panting a bit-

Zita could feel the intensity of Tyrande's magic on her own chains, and naturally, if her magic were stronger, it would probably have broken through with more effort... But where she was now, Zita's chains were overwhelming if Zita increased the magical power output used in creation of the chains. Thus, even with the slicing beams of light, they would only temporarily weaken the chains, not cut through them, and Zita could continue with her attack. The chains would, instead of cutting the beast, completely encase it in chains, pull it down to the ground and hold it there, the Pressure Dome fading. It was just to keep Tyrande in one place.

"... And now.. Lock."

The chains would gleam for a moment, a giant lock appearing on them, signifying a number of things.. One, Zita had sealed the chains, the beast and Tyrande in their place, stuck in the same position until the lock was removed. Two, the locking up of power or energy flowing within the beast... and finally, the locking of any movements that they felt they could do. They were stuck.

"Hmmm... I wonder..."

Zita's face grew dark... Almost as if she were the other... A sinister smile slithered on her face as she raised her hand, an intense amount of gravitational magic focusing into her hand... So much, that the ground began to shake... Her keyhole pupils started to gleam as she aimed at Tyrande's position... She seemed to be unable to launch the attack, though... But it was there, nonetheless.

-Well luckily Tyrande could still function inside the beast even if her plight didn't work. But Zita's powerful locking magic was still permeating the Beast's adaptive hide! It was very strong indeed, overwhelming even. Tyrande needed to think fast to get out of this mess. Luckily for her, she could recall the dark beast at anytime independent of it using it's own energy. She did so, letting the chains collapse and tangle upon themselves at the same time she transformed into her cat form now that this gravitational shield was down she could move in between shadows and the one she appeared in was Zitas after dipping in and out of the shadows of trees for a brief moment. She clawed at it furiously doing damage to her physical body, maybe she would be more undetected if she mastered this soul protect ability that she's heard so much about-

Zita, being lost in her hesitation to fire this massive attack, would feel her body being clawed at by Tyrande in her cat form... It hurt.

"Ah, son of a-- PARASITES!!"

Of course, this snapped her out of her dark thought aura, causing her gravitational magic to disperse, but now, parasites would shoot from her shadow and try to grab at Tyrande, then suck out all of her magic in one fell swoop if they were to connect.

"Chains, extend! Nerve Lock!"

The loosened chains would unlock themselves, then spew at Tyrande once more. Zita used her magic to make more chains stem from the current ones, doubling if not tripling their numbers rapidly. They were all aimed for Tyrande, once again, this time aiming to touch her any any way, allowing the Nerve Lock to take its effect on her body.

Zita didn't know if Tyrande had the capability to fly, but she knew that she was going to find out right now. Zita slowly started to descend from the sky, though still high above the ground. She started to wave her hands about, condensing gravity in certain areas, making large balls of black and purple. Eventually, these gravitational orbs would suck in anything nearby them and create large craters in the ground. They seemed to act as continuously consuming land mines. Zita knew what would happen if Tyrande tried to move around too much..

"Aww fuck this..."

-Tyrande said jumping from Zita's clawed up shadow granted some of these bugs got in her fur and started to drain her magic rapidly, in mid jump she turned into her regular human form levitating off of the ground with the air rune hopefully creating enough outward wind pressure to keep these damn things from eating her power she kept rising higher and higher, for it was about that time to use that shit that she didn't want to use unless the opportunity presented itself. The Lunar Magicks, in the jumping motion she evaded the pockets of gravity and the chains but she awayed all of the runes on her body replacing them with the Lunar Rune on her forehead. Murmuring another spell she gathered up a clear white energy in the palm of her hand and shoved it down below her, due to the bugs she was almost tapped out and her body was still shaken from being in that damn gravity dome but what ensued was a grand explosion of cleansing magic. Cleansing meaning the lunar magics ability is to void the targeted area of energy leaving nothing but nature and the natural energies of the world of course with the appropriate response this can be over powered-

Of course, Zita could analyze the magic very quickly with just her perception of others' magic, and immediately wanted to use.. that.

"Sealing Eye--"

But no, she wasn't going to use the Sealing Eye. In fact, she had something a lot better... Her Locks weren't anything to play with. This energy may have cleaned the general area of unnatural energies in the area, but that didn't mean that it couldn't be subdued... Especially by Zita's locking power. Besides, it would be a lot easier to counter since it was magic. But before that was done, Zita would start to use the natural power of the earth to fix this one.. Instead of creating her own gravity, she would influence the gravity of the planet to get by it. She pointed at Tyrande, and in her general position, gravity of the planet would get more intense, causing a gigantic crater where she was, hopefully crushing her and making her lose focus. If not, there was always...

"... Heavy Lock..."

Zita pointed her other hand, a gigantic keyhole appearing before the Lunar Magick. This Keyhole would seal up and block the power of any free energy near it. Thus, the power of the Lunar Magick would be overwhelmed, causing its power to stop working before it would be completely sucked into and then locked up inside of the keyhole, before the keyhole itself would disappear. Despite the Lunar Magicks being able to cleanse unnatural energies, the Heavy Lock had the ability to seal and stop this power, thus making it null when it got near the Heavy Lock.

-Tyrande was low key pissed, but not surprised that her strongest power would be done away with Zita's power this made her think about earlier when Zita had the power to end her right then and there but she froze. A fluke? Whatever the case, Tyrande was thinking this while her blast was getting absorbed. The Lunar Rune on her head lifted off of her body and expanded letting out another familiar one of 3 that can come out of the lunar rune this one having the power to control the moons light and the manipulation of all things affected by it thereof. It acted on it's own independent of Tyrande's command as she landed on the ground exhausted-

-The wolf used the cloaking of the light to render himself invisible, he landed on the ground and barked loudly sending Zita's shadow into shock barking it towards a nearby tree forcing Zita to embody the tree as best as she could rendering her possibly immobile-

Zita wasn't exactly sure of the powers of this beast, so when it barked, she thought it simply as a sound wave. Nothing problematic, Zita could handle any sound wave simply... But then, against her will, her shadow was being forced away by this sound wave, thus sending her away as well. What was this thing?

Zita would hit a tree, naturally being hurt by it because she didn't exactly have as strong a body as most people, but she seemed to be not too much affected by being hit by the tree. Hurt her back quite a lot, though..


Zita sighed, trying to rub her back... But that's when she realized that she couldn't move. This beast had a better power than she originally perceived.. Well, if that was the case, she decided to get rid of this thing the best way she knew how...

"Biorhythmic Influentia..."

This was one of Zita's higher classed magics, something which was most useful to fights where she had to fight things that she couldn't see, feel or hear by her own means... Namely, this dog monster wolf thing. She couldn't see it because it was cloaking itself, but damn sure could give a reading on its Biorhythm, which every living being had. And Biorhythms were affected greatly by Gravity... Zita has done her homework.

Because a Biorhythm could determine not only the will, actions and feelings of a living creature, but also the effects of the environment and atmosphere, if Zita could change the biorhythm of the area so that it had a negative effect on the wolf thing, she could cause it to lose its will to fight, lose its energy and power or even cause physical stress on it. Namely, making it have a harder time fighting than what it should. Staying where she was, she manipulated gravity via exertion of magic and magical force from her body... She had to take into account a lot of things for one's Biorhythm... Positioning of the planets, moon, stars... sun... gravity of this planet... plus even the positioning of some objects. Almost like Feng Shui for the atmosphere and body.

She started to alter the gravitational influence coming from the Moon and the Sun first, for even all the way down here, she could feel them... That was the extent of her power. And because this planet had 2 moons, that made it harder.. She needed complete concentration. And she couldn't move. And so, her parasites from before would start to fight for her while she did this. They swarmed in the hundred thousands almost instantly, locating the energy being given off by the wolf and Tyrande so that they could try to suck it out of them again.

Meanwhile, Zita was causing fluctuations in the atmosphere.. altering the gravitational pull of the area ever so slightly... Using the utmost control. She started to move any extraneous objects in the area... trees, rocks.. the works.. It was only taking so long because she had to find a way to make both Tyrande AND the Wolf's biorhythms at an all time low, which would lower their energy output, creation and their general will to fight. Those things were decreasing, but weren't at their lowest points yet... Zita needed to alter more things for that... Regardless, the Parasites should be able to fend them off whilst she did this.

-Well, as one last hurah, the Wolf barked again causing the shadows of the parasites to mass into one clump and crushing them into a singular being causing them to be one parasite all this happened when they got close since they were in range or as long as they were under the moon of course this protected Tyrande but for some reason or another things began to change, and fast... Tyrande kinda didn't wanna die at the moment so with the last amount of strength she had she sent the wolf away as some inclination of surrender-

What was unknown to Tyrande about the Parasites was that they could merge together to create larger, more powerful parasites.. So becoming a singularity would just fuse them together into a giant parasite beast monster, ready to attack at Zita's command... That is, until Tyrande caused the wolf to disappear, naturally Zita's shadow becoming free as well. She stopped altering gravity... Which would revert to normal in a matter of... I dunno, maybe an hour without any outside help.

"... Eh? Did it work?"

Tyrande: "I... Guess...."

-Tyrande was all shaky from gravity pulling her around all this time throughout the whole battle it made her dread gravity magic and the after affects it had on the body, she sat there on the ground shaking, trying to move from her position but to no avail-

Seems as though Tyrande's Biorhythm was out of whack now... Not only that, she was jarred by the gravity being altered when using this ability... Zita snickered a bit, because next she was gonna cause her own biorhythm to skyrocket so that all of her powers would increase, and generally, her luck as well.

"... Aaah. I see. Heh. Well, that was a test, ya know. And even though you're a few souls shy of what you're supposed to have... I'll bypass it just for you! You're a full fledged Witch now, Tyrande. Congrats, hun~."

She lasted quite a while with Zita and put up with some of Zita's stronger attacks that would normally cripple people. She needed that type of strength around her Witch Province..

Tyrande: "Wait... How?, who?"

-Tyrande looked at Zita in admiration and collapsed due to to many endorphins stimulating her at once...-

Zita smiled, starting to float laxly in the air, closing her eyes and reclining.

"Well, ya see, I see potential in you. Not only that, you seem to be most capable out of our witchlings... More responsible and level-headed than the rest... I know Chita isn't doing anything for a while, and Friday is out of the picture... Not only that, but most of the other Witchlings, I barely even hear from. You're the first Witchling here to ever receive a promotion. See, now you should feel good about yourself, cutie~!"

-Tyrande, would wake up after a minute or two after hearing what Zita said echo in her dreams... sexy dreams they were but she had to keep that much to herself. And she unlocked a new realm of her power as well. Something that she never knew she had, But she wasn't going to act like her and Zita were equals... No, she had a long way to go. They were comrades now-

Tyrande: "Thank you... Zita I appreciate it. But I still have to absorb some souls. Would you mind if I claim the Land of Eternal Rain as my own? I kinda like it there."

-Tyrande stood up which was peculiar since the gravity hadn't been restored back to normal, must be some new found resolve or something-

Zita cocked her head to the side, a bit confused as to why she would want that place...

"... Uh.. Yeah, sure, do what you think you gotta do, Tyrande."

Zita thought about this... A long time ago, there was a powerful witch that had control over the elements and the weather... much like Tyrande did. And she was the one who cursed the Land of Eternal Rain to rain eternally... Hm. Could she be...? Nah.

"Well... It was a nice battle we had there. I hope that you can bring yourself to the responsibilities of a true Witch as well..."

Zita started to walk into her castle after that... She was a bit concerned that Chita hadn't made a scene or anything yet, but... Meh.

"Thanks... Though I'm sure whatever lives there wont go willingly. I'll come back and take Chita with me so she can help me claim the Land of Eternal Rain for myself, and I'll be taking the new witch too."

-How Tyrande knew there was a new witch was unknown, but she sensed one especially with the lunar rune active she can recall certain events that transpired over a certain area giving her a high degree of perception-

-The area suddenly felt a little gloomy upon the arrive of Yui and Chloe. Chloe walked about nonchalantly sucking on a sucker while Yui was infuriated. She wanted to know what was up with Zita sending that annoying Chaos punk in her direction.-
Yui: "Hiii Ziita~! Can I ask you a question?"
-Chloe snickered at Yui's oh so apparent anger. It was fun watching her turmoil, but Chloe was just glad to be out and about. She waved over to Tyrande, a witch she had never seen before. It made her wonder if she was into...that..-
Chloe: "Ask her about her sloppy seconds."
Yui: "How about your..-- Shut it Chloe! Zita! That guy is annoying!"
-She said being more straight forward now. Not only was he a guy, but he was loud, pretentious and a cocky cock.-

Zita lazily looked over to Yui and Chloe as they entered, a slight glaze in her eye and an uninterested look in them. Zita was first happy about Chloe asking for sloppy seconds, which she would definitely comply with if given the chance... But addressing the other issue, Zita smirked grimly. Her face became dark and her eyes became slightly malicious. She floated over to Yui, slowly floating around her head in a daunting manner.

"... Weeeeell, he was looking to learn about summoning Familiars and ritual spells and stuff.. Learning more about his own powers and such, and well..."

Zita nonchalantly waved a hand around in the air, referring to the general grim atmosphere as she spoke more.

"... And his powers are pretty dark and dreary, ya know~. You're peeeerrrfect for it, don'tcha think, cuties~?"

Zita would slightly stroke under their chins in a seductive way, giving a sharp gaze at Tyrande.

Looking on the house his master was in last time he came to the door seeing it open and walked in looking for food since well his master was feed- I mean eating and it's a castle then hear noises of women in a room but decided to skip them and look for meat in a kitchen or something

Chaos Pegasus: "Women are too noisy I dont know why my master likes them so much," he said walking to the room next door.

Then rips the door apart causing a banging sound in the corridor and walks into the room then looks around.

-Yui was surely but on by Zita, but quickly after turned off because of Chaos. Yui and Chloe, utterly, and wholeheartedly, loathed loud noises, and that's all this brat seemed to do. He was an annoyance like no other to them.~
Yui: "Why why WHY must he always cause a racket? Huh!? Do I really have to train him?"
-Chloe just sat on air in the distance as Yui and Zita went on. Her hair draped over her face and a dark energy was felt throughout the room. Suddenly Chaos was displaced right in front of her, totally against his will. This was nothing more than a weak spell from Chloe, but Chaos would feel as though he was influenced by some overwhelming force.-
Chloe: "You, boy, if we are going to train you, some ground rules are going to be issued. Understand? And for starters, make. no. loud. noises. It is UTTERLY annoying."
-Yui turned and looked at Chloe, who seemed to be doing things again without her consent. It annoyed her, and she was much easier to irritate than her sister. She turned back to Zita, scowling at her with a demonic demeanor.-
Yui: "Uuugnh! Fine, you owe me Zita."
Chloe: "She owes me."
Yui: "You owe US Zita!"
-She said stroking her finger down Zita's bodacious chest.-

Getting pulled out of his feeding wasn't good but he did end up wth 4 women and his pet around him but that ended when one of them was screaming at him he just didn't care but he did have blood on the side of his face

Chaos Pegasus: "Hmm me making loud noises and being annoying why would I try be like that to a beautiful thing like yourself," he said with charming smile.

Then went to sit down right next to his pet.

-The said events would have never taken place. For it didn't matter if Chaos was or what not in town. He could have been on the moon for all Chloe cared, that wasn't the point. The point was, where ever he was, he was displaced into Chloe's presence, in an unavoidable and completely intentional manner. The only way for Chaos to not be in front of Chloe right now, is if his body was accidently displaced into oblivion by Chloe. The chances of such happening were about 1 and a million, but if Chaos wasn't here, it would mean he was dead.-

Chloe: "It's no use, you can't charm me. I'm not into your type, if you catch my drift."
-She said pulling the sucker out of her mouth with a smile. Yui was still being a pansy with Zita, so Chloe proceeded to doing all the verbal work on her own.-
"Chloe: "You need training with summoning and dark spells eh? Fine, that can be arranged. I never trained anyone before, but I feel like making a rumor that my students almost always die. So are you ready for some training that may cost you your life?"

Looking at the fun women he has a challenge but he wasn't even talking to her in he first place but whatever and stand up and layed on the wall

Chaos Pegasus: "Sounds like fun I love life or death training and just to prove it..."

He grabbed his chain and stabbed his hand and handed the girl the other side of the chain.

"This is my blood oath to train with you two, I hope it wasn't to much of a problem but you have to stab your hands to and dont be scared," he said with smile.

There was a chill that surged through Zita's body as she was touched in such... a fashion by the two of them, loving it to the fullest. Were all of the witches like this, she wondered...? She never really got a chance to find out. Speaking of which, she hadn't seen Eruka or Mizune around lately... Hm. Oh well.

That's when Chaos Pegasus came into the picture. Well, at least he was trying to take her orders right... He did find both Yui and Chloe here, plus Tyrande all at once... If only in a DIFFERENT way, though.

Quickly growing tired of the predicament at hand, she was tired of everyone near her house, despite how... um... entertained she was with them. After gently stroking the necks of Yui and Chloe simultaneously, she started to float to her room.

"If you all are quite done here... can you, oh, say... Get out?!"

With a powerful flux of gravitational magic, everyone was gone from the area into places unknown. There. Deal with that. Zita went to get a drink or something.
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Zita's Daughter; Chita
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