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 Contract; Puppet

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PostSubject: Contract; Puppet   Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:28 pm

^Takai would be sitting on a boulder that would be standing in the middle of a dense forest with many lakes. While sitting there waiting for and opponent to show Takai would be dangling the crystal of Furiko's weapon form over the ground pin pointing the energy of multiple people around the area. Takai would look with interest seeing many strong powers around the area both with evil and good nature to them.^

Furiko- Well Takai-kun there are many strong people appearing around Vescrutia lets hope all of your time doing nothing has not made you completely useless in fighting.

Takai- Please. All the time I have not been fighting I have been improving my poisons and puppets. Now let's go Furiko-chan just keep scanning the area so no one can sneak up on us.

^The area would then grow silent as Takai and Furiko would sit and wait for someone to come by for a good spar. Takai was hopping for someone strong who he had either never fought before or have not fought in a long time either or would do.^

Floating nonchalantly around the area would be the Head Witch, Zita. She was also very... Inactive these days. There seemed to be no witches around doing anything. If things didn't start going her way soon, she'd have to start snatching people from this planet and taking them back to become witches...

But, enough about that. She hovered through the forest, finally coming across a guy from the dusk.

"Oh... Hi there, guy! Whatcha doin around here, huh?"

^As Takai would look up to meet face to face with Zita the crystal of Furiko's pendulum weapon form would float up and point toward Zita glowing strongly letting Takai know this was a strong person. Takai would then stand up off of his rock and would look toward Zita before he would begin to speak.^

Takai: Me? Just looking for a good spar with someone what about yourself...Head Witch, Zita?"

Zita's eyes sorta glanced off to the side.

"Eeeeh... Looking for... A girl. I need to find a few for special purposes... Seen any around here?"

Takai: Well, some are in the general area according to what Furiko has been pin pointing, but overall Furiko here on my wrist is the only girl in a close area.

^The wire held crystal would lash out and would then hit Takai in the face causing his to step back a few feet to keep himself from falling. The holder on Takai's wrist would then glow and Furiko would appear in front of Takai in he human form and would begin to pull Takai by his cheek.^

Furiko: Takai-kun why would you simply just tell her about me who knows what she wants with girls?

Takai: Cool down, it can't by anything evil...why are you looking for young ladies Zita?

Shaking her head, Zita placed her hand on her cheek, moving into a position as if she were lying down on a couch.

"... You see, I'm in need of some witches... And I need to find some girls... Give me the weapon and no one gets hurt, ya got it? Now, I'm not normally a mean person... But if I weren't so desperate, this meeting could go a littttle differently..."

Zita floated upright, pointing at Takai "... Give her to me."

Takai: ...Guess I was wrong Furiko-chan.

^Furiko would simply smile at her victory before turning back into her weapon form and strapping on his Takai's wrist. Takai would then look toward Zita while his body would being to lightly glow.^

Takai: Sorry, Furiko is not interested and I'm not handing her over.

Zita's keyhole pupil started to glow, as she was hatching an idea...

"Oh, well, you don't really have to agree, dear... I'm taking her anyway. You can have her back when I'm done~!"

Zita snapped her fingers, a ball of gravity appearing in her hand. It seemed to grow. As it grew, the grass near began to get stripped from the ground, being sucked into its center. Soon, the trees would, too, and hopefully, Takai and Furiko.

^As the gravity would begin to to pull Takai in he would point Furiko in he weapon form toward the ground and from the holster would fire her crystal which would dig deep into the ground which would hold Takai in place. Takai would then create a set of hand sign and touch the ground and after a moment from under Zita would erupt a large wave of poison the would try and engulf and poison her which with this type of poison would cause Zita to become blind. Although Takai would then hold out his hands which would turn into large whips of poison and would begin to touch multiple trees fly toward Zita due to the gravity suction. As the trees made contact with Takai poison tendrils his Poison Conversion ability would take affect turning all the water in the tree into poison. This would mean not only did Zita have to deal with the poison erupting under he but now she would have large tree size balls of poison moving toward her.^

Because of the intensity of the gravity in her hands, it was very useless for the poison attacks to ensue. All of the poison from the geyser would just immediately get sucked into the core of the sphere, then get crushed into nothingness, as well as the trees.

"Seems as though you underestimate the Head Witch... All you did was feed my gravity... And now, you suffer the consequences."

Zita threw the orb into the air, which was now of a monstrous size, then stared at Takai. Her keyhole pupils gleamed "Target Lock..." which would ensure that she always had a location and a lock-on to Takai no matter where he went or what form he took... Meaning her gravity ball would follow him relentlessly. It would be launched at him, viciously plummeting from the sky on his location, ready to follow him to the ends of the earth.

Zita, herself, began to have chains swirl around her... But like her gravity, these were no ordinary chains... They were... Magic.

^Seeing the giant gravity ball moving toward him Takai would sign causing his whole body would become green meaning he was now completely made out of poison and he would dive into the ground moving in a long thin line of poison. This would be done so that even though the ball would fallow him it would have to push though a large amount of earth since in his Poison Form Takai was moving though the ground as a long thin poison substance that was melting around the ground making hold the size of a pin cap. Meanwhile while Takai would continue to move around deep underground to stay away from the gravity ball, around Zita would then erupt a wave of crystal spikes which are from Furiko who's crystal is also under ground but away from the gravity ball since it was locked on Takai. Also because the crystals were dug into the ground they would not be pulled toward the gravity ball.^

Just because Zita's gravity ball couldn't get to Takai didn't mean that Zita couldn't SEE Takai... Target Seal allowed her to see her Target wherever it went... Meaning through anything, as well. So once Furiko's crystals were launched up, Zita already knew. The chains surging around her would quickly block the crystal, letting the crystals get snared within the chain links. Once that happened, Zita smiled.

There would be a small 'clink' noise that resonated throughout the field, and the image of a keyhole appeared on all of the crystals. They were locked in their place via Zita's Lock Magic. No matter what, those crystals weren't moving... And because of that... Zita had an idea...

"Your weapon girl is locked in place. I'd suggest you let me have her... There's no way you can free her yourself..."

^Still avoiding the gravity ball underground Takai's voice would echo though the area.^

Takai: Well if I still don't give her to you and she remains locked the you won't be able to use her.

^The ground would then rumble and from the crystals would then release large beams of poison energy that would move toward Zita at super fast speeds. Meanwhile Takai would keep moving around but would then split into two different Takais that would move in different directions trying to confuse the gravity ball since both Takai's were half of the real Takai.^

Zita scoffed, using her Gravity Shift to shift gravity in this area toward the Gravity ball, thus sending the poison energy into the gravity ball for further enhancement. "Noob."

As it would seem... Zita's gravity wasn't working as planned. Oh well. Time for the 'magic' part of Gravity Magic to work its effects.. The Gravity ball would suddenly pass through the ground, as if it weren't there, moving like normal gravity does; as a force. Able to pass through the solidness of the earth with ease and follow Takai... But once he split up, that caused a problem... For a bout 2 seconds.

"Split." Zita held two fingers up, separating them, which caused the gravity ball underground to split as well, following the Takais with great speed, now that the earth wasn't a hindrance.

"Boy.. You must really not know the power of a witch. She only cannot move her current shape. She can be moved by outside forces. Her power is locked, her movement and shape are locked, but not space and time around her. Those are still free... Unless I need to do more locking~?"

The chains would wrap around Furiko, yanking her a bit, trying to pull her out of the ground by her crystals. Zita kept watch on Takai.

^Takai would simply smile as he would release waves of poison energy that would be released around the area only to be absorbed by the gravity balls which is what Takai wanted. Unknown to Zita when it came to Takai's poison energy it works just like his normal poison on a person. The more poison energy the Gravity Balls would take in the more poisoned they would become the magic energy in them becoming more corrupt until they would soon disappear. One of the Takai's however would jump out of the ground and more toward Zita bringing the gravity ball with him so she was not in risk of being sucked in while the Takai would try and grab Zita and poison her.^

Again, chains were circling around Zita. Her chains were bladed. It seems as though Takai didn't realize that being near Zita was a bad thing... Especially when her eyes started to glow. Zita would make numerous bladed chains shoot up around her for Takai to flow into, and she would say with glowing pupils "... Sealing Eye; Sealing Transmission."

This allowed her Sealing Eye techniques to flow through any part of her body instead of just her eyes; namely her chains. It would surge through her chains once Takai touched it, since he was still flying toward her, and upon contact, it would seal his usage of poison from him. Zita then promptly dispelled the gravity balls.

^Takai would be unable to slow down his fly toward Zita in time to avoid the chains and would touch them before he would fly down to the ground. The two poison blobs of Takai shot into the air and then fall to the ground in one area and would begin to mix together and glow until it took the form of normal Takai. Takai would stand up and would then try to create a ball of poison but would notice his poison power was sealed making his poison abilities at the moment useless. Takai would look up at Zita and his eyes would close signifying the he was lightly smilling under his gas mask. Takai would then grip his gas mask and would take it off while pulling out a scroll with his free hand. Takai would then open the scroll causing a large amount of smoke to be released and from the smoke would then erupt a large beam of energy with enough energy to destroy a mountain. With the smoke cleared Takai would be seen standing on top of his scorpion puppet Ken which has been upgraded since the last time Takai used it.^

Zita held a finger up as the snakes came out, as a sort of black barrier formed all around her body. This was her Black Shield; Anti-Gravity in the form of a total-coverage barrier all around her body. Thus, the Black Shield would repulse anything away, since it was Anti-Gravity, causing the snake blasts to fly back at Takai. She lowered her shield.

Once Zita saw the scorpion, she could only giggle a bit. "Awww... It's so cute... You call that a stinger~? I think I can do better..." In a moments notice, numerous chains shot out of Zita's back, forming into 3 overly large scorpion stingers made of chains... The largest one was in the middle. She made SURE it was larger than the scorpion's stinger. She would cock it back and launch it forward at the scorpion, aiming it for the stinger, and have the other two aim for its pincers.

^As Takai's beam was pushed back toward him he would move his fingers in a certain motion causing Ken to raise his hand toward the redirected beam. The 3 turbines in the claw of Ken would then begin to spin at super fast speeds as they would glow with chakra. The redirected blast would his the claw and would be torn apart into nothingness by the claw. Although as the other blast from Zita came toward Takai and Ken with quick finger motions from Takai Ken's claws would begin to spin and it would quickly slam its hands on the ground making a large amount of smoke. The beams would hit the area but Takai and Ken would no longer be there and instead would be a large hole which Ken made by digging deep into the ground to avoid the beams. Suddenly from under Zita would erupt a large wave of fire blast which would try to hit and burn Zita. Although then from behind Zita would appear a wave of multiple throwing weapons from shuriken to axes which would all try to stab her. From the area they appear from a girl dressed in a long black cloak would appear from behind a tree with a summoning seal seeable on her hand. While she looked like a normal girl minus the third arm sticking from the top of her cloak which just really looked like a weapon unknown to Zita this was one of Takai's human puppets Temura. ^

Again, still able to see Takai, Zita knew he launched an attack, and effectively braced herself by letting chains create a half dome under her, since she was floating. There were at least 20 large chains that made this effective. Anyway, as for the girl. Zita didn't know where she came from, but was certainly going to take her back.

"The hell? Get the hell out of here."

10 of the 20 chains (not including the 3 extremely large ones) would shoot at this girl from all angles, trying to stab at her and... Well... Kill her.

^As the chains moved toward Temura the third arm coming from the top of her cloak would open and from it would the appear a large sword. Temura would then bolt forward and would jump, duck, and side step all of the chains. Since Temura was a puppet and had little to no weight and the fact she summoned he weapons mean she was lighter then a normal puppet so as long as Takai moved her she could move at lighting fast speeds. Temura would then swing her sword and from the swing would come another wave of throwing weapons but these would have explosion tags attached causing a large explosion to move toward Zita. Meanwhile Takai would erupt from the ground on top of Ken and would hold out his hand using his fire control which he has not shown till now to make the speed of the explosion 3x as fast trying to catch her off guard with the speed of the explosion increasing in speed.^

Luckily, Zita's Target Seal did more than just allow her to see her opponent's every movement and lock on to things... She could also perceive everything at extremely high speeds. Not as high as Khrona's Hyper Perception, but pretty close. And thus, Zita could react very quickly, as well... Though the explosions did catch her off guard, that was nothing that her Black Shield couldn't once again handle. Yay Antigravity.

She curled a majority of her chains into a drill, whilst the others would try to strike the puppet and Takai like snakes... The Drill as well as the 3 stinger-like chains were aimed at the giant scorpion.... Zita was going to pierce it and destroy it. She conjured up some gravity magic in her hand once more....

^Takai and Temura would dodge the chains with a multiple amounts of acrobatic movements before landing on the ground far opposite each other over Zita. Meanwhile not risking the abilities of the drill and chains moving toward Ken with a quick hand sign from Takai Ken would disappear back into its scroll. Thinking on his feet figuring Zita could not tell that Temura was a puppet because her appearance it that of a completely normal girl which she mostly was Takai thought of an idea. Takai would appear in front of Temura and would punch her in the stomach and would have her fall over limp as if he knocked the puppet out. He would then look up at Zita and begin to speak.^

Takai: Yo Zita how about a trade you let go of Furiko and you can have this girl I don't know who she is or why she was helping me but you can have her.

^While Takai said this he would open a scroll and from it would appear his newest puppet Pinocchio who would stand in front of Takai for protection in case Zita still decided to attack.^

Zita smirked "OH, yeah, she'll be good... I'll just need her signature on this piece of paper, and I'll be good to go. Otherwise... I'm taking that little weapon of yours. So, can she sign the paper~?"

Zita shuffled her hands menacingly.

Takai: Sure I guess.

^Takai would open a compartment on his armor causing a stream of green smoke which would make it look as if Temura smelled it and woke up. Takai would then begin to whisper in her ear actually telling her what was going on even though she could only listen. Temura would then nod her hear via Takai moving his fingers to clench as he moves his hands back from his whispering. Temura would then walk forward and would dig in her cloak and pull out a pin and walk toward the paper until Takai moved in front of her stopping her from moving closer to Zita and the paper.^

Takai: First unseal Furiko-chan before this girl signs Zita-dono.

Zita scoffed "Uuuuh, I don't THINK so. I need to have someone already guaranteed to me before I unseal the girl. What would happen if that smoke made her die right after I unsealed her? No dice. Make her sign the paper. Then the weapon will be yours."

Zita waved the paper in the air impatiently "I don't HAVE all DAY you know..."

Takai: Fine.

^Takai would move out of the way of Temura and would then let her write he name on the paper that Zita was holding. Temura would then look back toward Takai and would then look at Zita via multiple hand movements from Takai as he was moving out of Temura's way and backing up. Suddenly via and little seal place within Temura's puppet body by Takai while he was putting her together something amazing would happen.^

Temura: I have signed the paper now will you let go of the girl?

^That's right Temura is talking thanks to a seal that relay the voice of who ever had the same seal on there throat and the seal was on Furiko who had been in her weapon form underground for most of the battle. Not only could she not be heard by anyone but Takai via mental connection since she was in her weapon form Zita could not tell Furiko was moving her lips.^

Zita smiled deviously "Veeery nice... The weapon is free to go." Zita would quickly unseal Furiko, smiling still... She looked at the paper and verified the name. Temura... Heh.

In a sudden burst of light from the paper, it would engulf Temura and give her her own free will and voice... Not only that, she would be relinquished from Takai and any one else's control forever. Why is that? Because the paper that was signed was directly from Khrona, the Judgemaster, and with the almighty law-bending, reality warping actions of this contract... This is what Temura had become. Now she could speak and have her own will, but was still a slave to Zita. Not only that, she was also a Witch... Thus she had magical power , as well. A divine contract, if I do say so in the least.

"Thanks, guy. It's been real~! Have fuuuun~! I'm sure I will with my new witch~!" And with that, Zita flew off.

^Takai would watch as Zita would fly off and Temura would disappear most likely fallowing her new teacher. Takai's hip would then begin to glow and the scroll that held Temura would burn away into dust that would disappear with the wind. Takai would then sign and would de-summon his puppet Pinocchio before moving toward Furiko. Takai would simply walk past Furiko who would unearth and turn back to her human form and pat her on her head letting her now they where leaving. Furiko would stand and look up at Takai and would begin to walk behind him wondering what was wrong.^

Furiko- Are you okay Takai?

Takai- Yeah just let go of a good puppet but I feel it was worth it.

^Takai would the begin to cough as black smoke would begin to come for his mouth. Furiko would pick up Takai's gas mask and would give it to him quickly. Takai would put it on and would begin to breath normal before standing up and looking as Furiko with a smiling expression in his eye since his mouth was closed. Furiko would smile back and the two of them would then leave out of the area.^
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Contract; Puppet
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