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 Mare; Chaos Pegasus

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PostSubject: Mare; Chaos Pegasus   Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:40 pm

Chaos Pegasus walks into the witch province he was told of a strong witch named Zita that is the ruler of this Town and decides to pay a visit even if she lives in a castle he was walking up to the only castle in the town off course and steps up too the door then thinks what to do ethier knock on it or find a back door but he decided to knock and if no answer then find a back door so he knocks on the door

Chaos Pegasus: "Yo anyone in this creepy castle," he said with a smirk.

Noticing that she walks around half naked made him hungry but he didn't feel like getting some of her blood at the moment since he had his snack already but he could have some fun for a bit

Chaos Pegasus: "I can't see why they don't come running if they get a chance to get to see a attractive women like yourself around," he said with a devil's smirk.

But then remembering what he was here for in the first place he went back to his purpose

Chaos Pegasus: "But aside from that I am here for a reason, I'm a pagan who studies familiars and ritual's spells and I'm here to further my knowledge in those arts or something else, if you can help." he said with a smirk.

Smiling at her at her little show he really like this one very playful indeed but first he needed to focus on his meeting first for now anyway

Chaos Pegasus: "Really now that's alot of help to me then may I come in then Miss Zita so we can talk over this matter" he said with a charming smile.

Getting pulled into the house then sited in a chair was new but he didn't complain with the view he was getting from her but he kept staring at her perfect legs but snapped out of it before his lust got to him and listened to her talking but stealing glances at her body

Chaos Pegasus: "Hmmm for one I would like to train with you and your other witch's and maybe a place too stay since I really don't live anywhere yet."

To him the room was getting hot so he decide to have some fun and take off his jacket which showed off his perfect abs and body and put it on the chair

Chaos Pegasus: "You don't mind do you," He said with a charming smile.

Thinking over her little slip up it was working in his favor but now how he keeps his familiar's and his ritual's and he was working a plan for them both

Chaos Pegasus: "My Familiar comes when I put blood on one of my marks while my ritual's spells require alot of blood to work as well a circle and anyway you did say that you and your daughter know familiars so you two can help me."

Thinking of something from her little slip up he moved quickly behind her and started to message her neck and arms and moved close to her ear.

Chaos Pegasus: "You know you should really relax i felt you tense up abit you need some help to unwind I will gladly help," he said in a low seductive tone.

"... Oh, what nice hands you have... I wonder how they'd feel elsewhere..." she muttered lowly, however still enough for him to hear. She perked up her chest and sighed heavily, seeming to be relaxed.

Not only was she playful, she knew how to play the game which made the chase even more fun for him but for now he had business with her for the moment.

Chaos Pegasus: "Hmm sounds like fun but I hope your on the very top of the list," he said with a smile.

Thinking of the other thing he had in mind which was the women right in front of him.

Chaos Pegasus: "I really do like this castle do you think I can stay here for sometime or more , you do have alot of rooms and it would be fun to have me around," He said the last few words in a seductive tone.

Thinking about her little idea's of having to train with three other witch's was good for him but he hear about this Chita babe that wouldn't like company.

Chaos Pegasus: "Hmm oh well I guess I'll find some other place then but this Chita you said she dousn't like any company maybe I can help with that she may need more friend her age," trying to act innocent and smile.

Looking at her once more, eying her every curve and body, he said "Also maybe now that we finished our business you can take me up on my offer to help you unwind," he said with his charming smile.

Standing in the front door he just turned and started walking around looking for this witches to train with him.

Chaos Pegasus: "Well now I'm hungry time for lunch but first I have to find those two girls," he said smirking to himself.
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Mare; Chaos Pegasus
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