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 First Restriction; Friday of Cognition

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Friday The Thirteenth
Shinmegami, the Tsukihime :: Pandimensional Overgoddess; the Unbound Influence
Shinmegami, the Tsukihime :: Pandimensional Overgoddess; the Unbound Influence

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PostSubject: First Restriction; Friday of Cognition   Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:50 pm

First Restriction: Friday of Cognition; Restriction of Mentality

Alpha Zen State; Pan Conscience Omnia Nirvana

Tsuki's 'Natural' form when balancing with the 'The Shadow' is known as the 'Queen of Dreams' or the 'Faerie Queen,' and is her natural first form. This is Tsuki without the limitations of the First Restriction, having full access to its powers; lingering between Sanity and Insanity, directly on the border. Her 'Natural' form, or 'Conception State' is the image of 'Rita' that lingered in the back of Chita's head before they assimilated into the same being.

'Natural' Form; Faerie Queen of Dreams

When 'the Shadow' is balanced to not completely consume her body, but work with her light, she is in a state of mental stability where her physical body is nothing more than All Conscience itself, simply condensed into an energetic form born of her own mentality, able to harmonize itself, maintain itself and recreate itself from any other consciousness if need be. Yet, even though she is constantly manifesting through the Conscience of others, her mind is asleep at the same time, drawing in power through her Yin and Yang. Due to this, when 'the Shadow' is Balanced with her true form, her mind slowly goes through a process of awakening from its slumbering Zen, and into the Spiritual Consciousness of the 2nd Restriction (since the First Restriction is freed from his form and his energy is allowed to flow freely). To protect her still stabilizing body being conceived from the consciousness of everything (since she is capable of retaining her mentality and consciousness even after death through other beings she's gotten into), she created two forms of herself; One that is made of complete Light uses the power of Dreams, and and one that is made of complete Shadow uses the power of Nightmares, they being her Yin Zen mind and his Yang Zen mind. When she awakens, the two of them combine to become the YinYang Alpha Zen, which also later becomes his Second Restriction that binds her Soul with the power of her Mind, leading directly into the Second Restriction upon full activation. Her mental energy transitions into Spiritual energy of the 2nd to further her incubation.
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Friday The Thirteenth
Shinmegami, the Tsukihime :: Pandimensional Overgoddess; the Unbound Influence
Shinmegami, the Tsukihime :: Pandimensional Overgoddess; the Unbound Influence

Posts : 79
Female Reputation : 0
Join date : 2014-11-08

PostSubject: Re: First Restriction; Friday of Cognition   Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:58 pm

Night of 'The Shadow' (Psy-Chick): The Restriction limit of this Friday is to suppress and focus the psychic prowess of Tsuki's mind through conscious (or Lucid) thoughts and mentality; dreaming, amplifying mentality and psychic power until breaking free of the First Restriction and awakening from the 'meditation'. It will restrict all other functionality save for that of the mind, forcing the mind to take control over all physical actions (walking, speaking, using techniques, moving, etc.) even whilst in a meditative state. To prevent being disturbed in such a meditative state, the 'Night' magnifies psychic waves being released from the mind and amplifies their frequencies exponentially, allowing the user to control all of their actions and mental capabilities in their dreams with utter precision. This is due to having and projecting these things to a future version of one's self, which will mirror back 'what will be' when something is done to it, making it good for mental training.

Being reflective in nature, the 'Friday' forces the mind to block and repel all other things that threaten the sanctity of the chosen mind at any time that insists on waking up the bearer forcefully. Thus, the reflection takes control of the attacking threats to the mind and utilize foreign energy as if it were Tsuki's own. Because of the high and precise concentration in this meditative state, the psychic power within is maximized when it is magnified so very intensely. Thus, Tsuki makes things happen whilst totally unconscious, yet still conscious.

When 'The Shadow' is put on, Tsuki wraps herself in a pure meditative state of complete and utter serenity and Zen, trapping herself within the depths of her own unconsciously conscious reality, controlling everything that goes on in reality through absolutely accurate psychic control; even her own actions, speech and motions. As 'The Shadow,' or 'Psy-Chick' Tsuki uses the extent of all of her non-elemental power of Psychodynatheos in the form of Dreams, Nightmares, Illusions, Memories, Hallucinations, Thoughts and things of that nature. Her fighting style becomes completely different from when she unequips 'The Shadow' from her form and returns to normal, and her psychic powers are used more subtly, in the use of Dreams and Nightmares and Illusions and the like to face her enemies rather than pure overwhelming psychic power. Pure, complete cognizance, even when completely unconscious. The perfect conscious meditation, of which she learned from Tymon. She constantly gains power from other psychic abilities due to her intense meditation, even though she moves and acts freely as if she is fully consciously aware.

'Restricted' Form; Psy-Chick the Night Owl

Because she is still indeed asleep, the more powers she uses, the more energy it takes out of her, rather than if she were fully conscious, where it would not. She keeps her energy by consuming the consciousness of others and making them her slaves, forcing them to do her will whilst making them believe that they are still doing their own. She enjoys subtly messing with the minds of others, making them do her bidding, having them to serve and praise her, making their lives happy through herself, but also being crafty, mysterious and cunning. She keeps a distance constantly and remains quiet in order to keep people lured into her trap, so you never know if she's actually helping you, if she's playing with you, if she's helping herself or if she's using you to get her way...

Psy-Chick Abilities

Parts wavelength, darkness and sound with screeches (hoots)

Becomes one with darkness/shadows and sound waves

Has echolocation

Eyes absorb and project light at a high intensity.

Can alter and control sound waves.

Flies through waves like a bird.

Can peer into darkness and see the truth. (Eyes on Face, Hands and Chest)

Eyes on hand and chest can see through Darkness.

Absorbs sound and light with eyes/eats it.

Blows away light particles with wings to make travel through darkness easier.

Can become invisible and intangible

Absorbs waves with eyes on body.

Claw through darkness with talons

Moves like wind

Hair can be like whips

Tail and wings become protective cloak and cape/dress that can be used to give extra speed.

Night vision.

Known as the 'Night Queen' and can conjure Owls out of darkness, psychic power and sound at a whim.
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First Restriction; Friday of Cognition
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