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 Tymon's Art School Proposal~! (Need This For Later)

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Tymon Nikia Bolton II
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Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being

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PostSubject: Tymon's Art School Proposal~! (Need This For Later)   Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:21 am

First and foremost, my artistic style tends to fluctuate, yet within a patternized boundary that rotates in a sort of cyclical manner to a variable degree, thus altering occasionally in order to fit the specific requirements of the occasion. The issue therein becomes not how to solve the equation, but merely how to begin. This is simply why it is usually a little more difficult for me to start something fresh than to keep something going that's already in progress.

This, in and of itself, sometimes is a weakness, but if used properly with precise timing, I could basically continue on a single path and not have to halt at any time. It would work as a continuous string of progress rather than a process of beginning and ending. Therefore, that is something that I believe is definitive to my own specific personal style. That is also why it took me so long to begin typing this in the first place, as well as even applying for school. I believe that this might have something to do with procrastination, but it doesn't seem to be that at all considering the variables discussed previously.

Anyway, moving on. I get all of my artistic inspiration from everything around me at all times. It simply must relate in a manner that I believe I can express or experience in my own way at that time and translate it into my artwork, which, right now, is a script for what I strive to soon have made into Anime, Manga and Video Games. With this, I have honed my artistic skills of Character Development, Design, Storyboard, Grammar, Literary Elements and things of that nature by practicing their arts in my own art, as a sort of 'integration of two or more arts,' so to speak, to make it into a larger part of the original repertoire. A living, growing artwork; a tree of sorts, if you will. This seed has traveled with me for quite some time, and I have been nurturing its growth since before I even knew. This is the culmination of all of my artistic work over the course of my entire life, and I am just now realizing it, and for the final stretch, because I'm short on time... I'd like to expand and define my skill down to the minutia. I believe that in order to do this, I will be in need of some personal instruction beyond my own hands and those of artists I admire through their work with my eyes. That is the purpose of this statement being issued to you and I certainly hope that you understand the purpose of it.

I have a business plan in order involving a great movement of art, so to speak, like that of a Renaissance, and I'd very much like to carry it out and see how far it can take me. Hopefully, it will work out the way I have envisioned it, or at least somewhere around the same ball park. Naturally, in order to gain enough publicity for it, I already know I'm going to have to make 'eye candy' of sorts to attract the attention of the people, and the only way to do that efficiently is with striking, swift images that will get them to at least think about it a little bit, so that it may pave way into their hearts as well after being burned into their minds. This his how I foresee things getting the swiftest and most impressionable impact upon any person. Make something that they can't just glance over and really understand every element of it, but have to look at it one, two or more times to figure out how everything connects and why and where, as well as what it means. Therefore, when they see it again in whatever other place they see it, it will strike them again as the one thing that enraptured them that one time and never let them forget what it was. This would make sure that not only it would strike their eye again, but also that they'd know when and where it came from, because of how powerful the image was and how swiftly it made its impact.

There is a lot that goes into me and the methods I use for my own personal artistic style, however I know that anything and everything I can absorb will be of use to me in some way, shape or form that will make the overall unit more diverse and experienced. I already, as it stands, do some of my own drawings for my website, as well as the creatures. I am rather inept in the field of background and settings (Drawing-wise), but I can describe them exceptionally well with my writing. I want my drawings to match my writings, which is what I need this personal instruction from a mentor or an art institute of some sort to assist me with. If my website, itself (as well as stories) count as artwork that I can use as part of my portfolio, I would most certainly care to use them in my showcase. I have many drawings to accompany them and storyline as well. I also believe that this method of writing that I am using, 'Roleplaying,' may be a great method of sorting out those methods that artists have difficulty with during their layout process.

Roleplaying, itself, is to take on a character as your own and act them out the way you have made them. Basically, acting like your character, like any normal actor getting into character. However, instead of having the character completely sorted out, I believe that one can simply put down their ideas as incomplete designs, like an actual person, and build it from there in order to have it grow into something in an artistic way. Giving one's art life, that is to speak, through allowing it to forge a life from what you have given it to work with, in a setting you have created with other characters that assist in the development of the overall story. You just keep on going like that and the stories of each eventually weave together to create a greater story as well as side stories and spin off stories that thereby allow for more work. There come 'Movie Level' works that would be part of the 'Main Storyline;' the 'TV Drama Level' works that would be close to it in depth, but for the personal television viewing; 'TV Show Level' works and so on and so forth.

This is my Statement and Proposal to you. I thank you for your time.
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Tymon's Art School Proposal~! (Need This For Later)
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