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 Veritas Game; Player

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Grand Tabrynth
Chochmah; Wisdom, The All Knowing :: Omnitron Tabrith; God of Knowledge

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PostSubject: Veritas Game; Player    Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:31 pm

Playbook: The Playbook is the ‘Player’s Personal book that handles their own personal settings and equipment, as well as what they take from themselves and set ‘In Play,’ or what they take from being ‘In Play’ and making only ‘Personal.’ This shifts cards from Universal to In Play through an entire linear Energy Transfer basic formula process.

Ruler - Commander

House - Number

World - Suit

Sephirah - Body Part

Chakra - Body Element

Choir - Host

Unit - Piece

Direction - Position

Coordinate - Period

Instruction - Placement

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Grand Tabrynth
Chochmah; Wisdom, The All Knowing :: Omnitron Tabrith; God of Knowledge

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PostSubject: Re: Veritas Game; Player    Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:32 pm

Player Info
The Player is identified by their Body Chakra Chart. This establishes how the vessel itself is controlled immediately/presently. Each of the Chess Pieces makes up the entirety of the Player and their energies may be switched throughout any places of the body as necessary or at will, meaning no one Chakra will ALWAYS be the SAME chess piece if one does not wish.

Effects the entirety of the Self and how the Self is used both Internally and Externally. Basically, the 'Player Layer' for 'Individuals.'

Mode - Other : Settings for what 'Mode' one is in. (Ex. Business Mode)

Style/Shift - Gash : Sets the 'Universal Style' that dictates the State of how the Chakras are to be used. (Ex. Assassin Shift/Style)

- Baransha (The Phantom)

Set - Pokemon : The 'Universal Setting' of what Effect is Set to the Chakras and what Effects they distribute when used. (Ex. Manual Overwrite Set)

Support - Yugioh : The 'Universal Support' that grants the assistance of Outside Forces being taken into the Chakras to enhance their Style and Setting, or to be used as a Supportive Force that works outside of the Chakras, yet still utilizes their Style and Set. (Ex. Lurkrow Support)
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Grand Tabrynth
Chochmah; Wisdom, The All Knowing :: Omnitron Tabrith; God of Knowledge

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PostSubject: Re: Veritas Game; Player    Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:32 pm

Levels of Power
Many different Levels of Power that show the severity of the effects of a card are dictated by a number system ranging from 2-10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace/Joker. Ace/Joker are the highest and overrule any other cards, being just as powerful as a King or Queen card (which are the most powerful naturally.) Ace/Joker cards are basically wild and can be used for any purpose and any intensity.

Joker = All : All At Once, Yet None At All. Stronger Than Even The Ace.

1 = Mental (There are no 1s, but this is still relevant)

2 = Spiritual

3 = Physical

4 = Energetic

5 = Reality

6 = Emotional

7 = Completion

8 = Harmonic

9 = Information

10 = Perfection

11 (Jack) = Potential

12 (Queen/King) = Will

13 (Ace/Joker) = Truth

Crystal (Crystal) - Other

Hidden (Rainbow) - Joker

Crown (Halo); Light - Ace

Third Eye (Mind); Dark - Queen/King

Heart (Ears); Wind - 10/Jack

Solar Plexus (Core); Fire - 8/9

Sacral (Eyes) ; Water - 6/7

Throat (Mouth); Lightning - 4/5

Root (Source); Earth - 2/3
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Grand Tabrynth
Chochmah; Wisdom, The All Knowing :: Omnitron Tabrith; God of Knowledge

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PostSubject: Re: Veritas Game; Player    Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:32 pm

Hierarchy of Card Types
Ace/Joker Cards - Omnipotent
King/Queen Cards - Most Powerful
Bishop/Rook Cards - High Class/Advanced Cards
Knight Cards - Intermediate Cards
Pawn Cards - Basic Cards

Worldly Layer that effects Outside Forces as well as one's own Forces; like an Army. Different from the 'Personal' or 'Individual Layer,' because instead of effecting the 'Unit' as a Whole, it breaks it up into 6 different 'Roles' or 'Sections' that serve to fight against other 'Units' or to protect the 'Personal Layer.'

King/Queen - Queen/King/Ace : Most Powerful. Effects the entire field and takes the Lead as the Main. Can be any and all other roles at once, or neither and simply be its own role that commands the others effectively.

Bishop - 10/Jack/Ace : Special/Spirit/Sage/Indirect. Typically deals with 'Indirect Energy' that works from afar.

Rook - 8/9/Ace: Defense/Body/Armor/Shield. Typically deals with 'Protective Energy' and works to block, protect or counter others.

Knight - 6/7/Ace: Offense/Mind/Warrior/Direct. Typically deals with 'Direct Energy' that works as the main offense.

Pawn - 4/5/Ace: Support/Hands/Variable. Typically used as 'Support' for any of the other forces, but can also take on a minor role as its own effect, or conjoin with another Role to increase their own power and the ones they are supporting. They are Helpers that are able to be used for anything.

Assist - 2/3/Ace: Ally/Universal/Outside Support/Variable. Can function as any other role that is outside of the ranks of the roles already at hand. They work to strengthen any or all of the roles at once, or can work alone to assist as it sees fit.
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Grand Tabrynth
Chochmah; Wisdom, The All Knowing :: Omnitron Tabrith; God of Knowledge

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Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Veritas Game; Player    Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:33 pm

Body Chakra Chart
These also go on the Playing Fields, since the Player Chart is the Playing Field.

Ordered by Seven Chakras;
Crown = Divine/All/God Energy Body deck. Halo/Wings (All)
Third Eye = Psychic/Dark/Spacial Energy deck. Mind/Psychic PowerPower
Throat= Electric/Magnetic/Temporal Energy deck. Mouth/Voice
Heart = Wind/Vibration/Spacial Energy deck. Ears/Wisdom
Solar Plexus= Fire/Light/Stellar Energy deck. Core/Gut Feeling
Sacral= Water/Spiritual/Celestial Energy deck. Eyes/Sight
Root = Earth/Nature/Primal Energy deck. Genitals/Sex

Crystal (Personal/Primordial) (White King Shelf)
For Quick Full Embodiment Equips. Covers all Chakras and all Aspects of Influence, including the Hidden and the All of All, inclusive to the All of Self - Any/All/God
Purpose/Focus - Connecting, Storage, Distribution, Recycling, Revelation
Ruler :: Sephirah : Piece ; Command


*Uses Commands From All Or Any Previous Realms
God Mode - Primordial Layer
Crystal God & Goddess = Tensei & Tsuki
Crystal Fruit (Soul)= Tigenhead
Crystal Tree (Body) = Veritas
Crystal Grimoire (Mind) = Allmaster

Crystal Herald = Shinsei

God/Crystal Cards
Powerful cards capable of harboring all power. They are just as powerful as Lawless cards, but follow a certain rule and order just as all the others. These cards are known as the ones blessed by God to do his will and to bring about his wonders as well as the user's own powers. They harbor the power, energy and will of all things in them. Also known as 'Universal Cards.'

Clefairy (Magic Fingers)

Clefable (Magic Receptors)

Sentret (Magic Scout/ Intel Retieval)

Teddiursa (Magic Charm/ Universal Charmer)

Meowth (Magic Ears/Cat Eyes)

Persian (Magic Listener/ Cat Predator)

Spearow (Magic Flier/ Bird's Eye View)

Fearow (Magic Seeker/ Hawkeye Scope)

Pidgey (Magic Peon/ Pigeon Coat): Becomes among the Pigeons in order to flush them out.

Pidgeotto (Magic Servant/ Pigeon Pecker): Pinpoints Pigeons.

Pidgeot (Magic Savior/ Bird Jesus): Leads Pigeons to salvation.

Taillow (Magic Skydiver/ Machspeed Scout)

Swellow (Magic Jet/ Machspeed Sky Cutter)

Jigglypuff (Magic Melody/ Mystic Song): Narration, speaking, singing, etc of events that are currently occurring. Can also be used to lower guard of others.

Wigglytuff (Magic Voice/ Mystic Muse): Narration, speaking, singing, etc. Events into existence or foretelling of events to come in the near future. Also can be used to entrance others.

Rattata (Magic Nose/ Rat Viewer): Senses people that are causing bad events, or 'rats', and finds out who they are. This can be used to find out other bad things as well.

Raticate (Wulfrat) (Magic Scavenger/ Rat Finder): Searches for people that are causing bad events and locates them immediately. This can be used to search for other bad things as well.

Dratini (Magic Wyrm/ Miracle Diver)

Dragonair (Magic Wyvern/ Majestic Legend)

Dragonite (Magic Dragon/ Crystal Dragon)Universal - Layer 1 (Emanation)

The Universal Layer that affects and is affected by all things, especially in the lower layers.

Command Layer - Layer 2 (Formation)

Technique Deck: Techniques such as 'Offensive/Defensive, Supportive, or Debilitative' are drawn unto the Universal Energy Space where its energy is processed and drawn down gradually as necessary into desired place on Body Chakra Chart. The power is dictated by the Number cards. These 'techniques' can be used in any way deemed fit anywhere from the Body or in the Universe, unless already equipped to the Body, where only that specific technique may be used from there. Technique Cards can also be appointed to other active cards in play (Such as Player Cards).

Terrain (Worldly) Layer - Layer 3 (Action)

Terrain Deck
Explains the energy of the self or others, the literal terrain of the area, or the universal energy of the atmosphere. Navigation and field bonuses are active.

Mausoleum of the Emperor = Pharaoh's Labyrinth

Armory/Store - Landscapes/Locations - Items/Key Items - Accessories/Equips

Item Deck: Explains the items equipped to one or at one's disposal at the time, capable of being equipped anywhere on the Player in any of the Chakra as deemed fit. Explains the supporting items one is given, has, or that are in the energetic atmosphere that are capable of being used to both help or hinder in any way the Player deems fit, be it to the self or to others.


Environmental Layer - Layer 4 (Creation)

Functions the same as 'Layer 3,' except is mostly used as extra forces and extra attacks, shields, barriers, etc. that keep outside forces from overthrowing or overpowering the 3rd layer. These Layers are to be used First. They are separated into 4 Layers based on the Suit System, where the Third Layer combines All The Suits into the Single Layer. (Will Describe In Detail Later)

Hazard Cards
Cards that use the power of either the Zero World, are or of the Zero World, or take things to the Zero World. They are generally very dangerous, also known as 'Swamp Cards' or 'Zero World Cards.' Generally used with more malignant intent in order to draw out evil and darkness to the light so they can be destroyed or sent into the Zero World.

Ekans (Black/Swamp Diver): Senses evil and taintedness in others. Can also be used to get inside of anything guarded.
Arbok (Evil/Snake Eyes): Immediately locates and pinpoints evil and weaknesses in others and focuses on them. Can also be used to cut deep into the very raw core of other people and events.

Koffing (Toxic Mine/Swamp Bubble); An explosion of something taboo and highly unstable. Those that are tainted become poisoned and it is brought to the light.

Weezing (Zero Bomb/Swamp Grenade): An explosion of something extremely taboo or forbidden or feared. Those that are tainted become poisoned and brought to the light.

Grimer (Deconstruction/ Swamp Puddle): Deconstructs or disintegrates something entirely. Basically, taking it completely apart.

Muk (Cosmic Meltdown/Black Swamp): A meltdown that immediately destroys whatever it is used on and sends it to the Zero World.

Nettles (Thornsnare Trap)

Des Dendle (Rozen Thornfield)

Nidoran Male (Briar Rabbit)

Nidorino (Spike Rabbit)

Nidoking (King of Thorns/Rozen Master)

Nidoran Female (Nettlebunny)

Nidorina (Briarbunny)

Nidoqueen (Queen of Thorns/ Rozen Mistress)

Goop Gas Attack (Black Wave)

Support Decks (Effect)
Decks that are specifically made to support the player. Gives information on Equipment, Active Terrain or Field, Supplementary Items and Active Assists, all of which come from their own specific decks.

Side Effect (Assist) Deck: Explains the assisting energies of the self, other influences or the universe through people, self, things or events. Each Assist Card carries with it either a Known or Unknown assistance. known Assistances are assigned whilst unknown have yet to be assigned or discovered. Upon discovery, assignment and confinement happens immediately.

Layer 8 All (Black King Shelf)
Hidden/God/Clear Energy deck. All/God - Elemental
Purpose/Focus - Connecting and Storage
Ruler :: Piece : House ; Command
Piece :: Chess Movement : Command

King and Queen = Royal Aces
2 Bishops = The Phantom
2 Rooks = The Stalwart
2 Knights = The Chariot
2 Pawns = The Servbot

Layer 7 Crown
Divine/Light/Vibration Energy Body deck. Halo/Wisdom - Light
Purpose/Focus - Distribution and Recycling (Revelation)
Ruler :: Piece : Target ; House - Subordinate (Pawn)

Ivory King = Shinrona
White Bishop = Tigen
Alabaster Rook = Pumpkinhead
Shining Knight = the Phantom
Glowing Pawn =

Ivory Queen = Shinnia
White Bishop = Trinity
Alabaster Rook = Triere
Shining Knight = Tabitha
Glowing Pawn =

Layer 6 Third Eye
Psychic/Dark/Spacial Energy deck. Mind/Psychic - Dark
Purpose/Focus - Concentration/Observation and Influence
Ruler :: House : Judgment/Influence ; Execution/Affect
*Thought Internally

Ebony King = Thanytoz
Black Bishop = Tear
Obsidian Rook = Terumi
Dark Knight = Tabrith
Gloomy Pawn =

Ebony Queen = Tifaret
Black Bishop = Tzedusa
Obsidian Rook = Taomin
Dark Knight = Tron
Gloomy Pawn =

Shadow Cards
Cards that work behind the scenes, unseen and without presence to any others except the player. They are useful and are considered 'stealth cards' usually used to gain Intel.

Gastly (Shadow Eyes)

Baransha (Shadow Cat)

Haunter (Shadow Hands/Claws)

Gengar (Living Shadow)

Hiro's Shadow Scout (Shadow Scout)

Layer 5 Throat
Electric/Magnetic/Temporal Energy deck. Mouth/Voice - Lightning
Purpose/Focus - Precision and Causality
Ruler :: House : Command/Cause - Command/Effect
*Spoken Aloud

Clow Cards: Universal Overall Force. (Body, Mind, Soul)

Suit System
Tarot Cards: Universal Overall Type. (Swords, Chalices, Wands, Stars.)

For Tarot Cards, each Number signifies the Level of which its power is to be used. (Ex. 5 Stars = Reality Support) Numbers will be listed below. Major Arcana Cards (Ex. The Lovers) Have their own specific, individual meaning outside of the 'Suit System'.

Spades: Swords/Offense/Attack. Main Weapon to be Used that serves as the Offensive Force. (Direct)

Hearts: Chalices/Special/Energy. Main Power to be Used that serves as the Energetic Force. (Indirect)

Clubs: Wands/Defense/Block. Main Defense to be Used that serves as the Defensive Force. (Shield/Counter)

Diamonds: Stars/Support/Status. Main Support to be Used that serves as the Suggestive Force. (Effects/Subtlety)

Layer 4 Heart
Wind/Vibration/Spacial Energy deck. Ears/Wings - Wind
Purpose/Focus - Energy Tank
Quadrants = Heart Chambers
Ruler :: House : Positive/Negative/Neutral ; Command

Special - Layer 5 (Hearts) : Energy/Power/Indirect

Layer 3 Solar Plexus
Fire/Light/Stellar Energy deck. Core/Fuel - Fire
Purpose/Focus - Simulator

Hod/Netzach Command
Ruler :: House : World ; Peice - Command
5th World ; Primordial (All)
4 Worlds; Formation (Knight/Mind), Emanation (Pawn/Atmosphere), Creation (Bishop/Soul), Action (Rook/Body)
Support - Layer 7 (Diamonds) : Foundation/Base/Status

Layer 2 Sacral -
Water/Spiritual/Celestial Energy deck. Eyes/Foundation - Water
Offense - Layer 4 (Spades) : Weapon/Attack/Direct

Purpose/Focus - Compare And Contrast

Yesod Command
Command = Ruler :: House : Subject/Object ; Subject/Object
Ex. Yin - Yang, Light - Dark, Foreground - Background, Direct - Indirect, Yes - No

Layer 1 Root - Muladhara
Earth/Nature/Primal Energy deck. Feet/Grounding - Earth

Purpose/Focus - Decision Making

Malkuth Command
Command = Ruler :: House : Period ; Piece - Position ~ Placement = Command

Root Command
Command = Period :: Piece : Position ; Placement - Command

Period = Past, Present, Parallel, Future
Position = Back, Neutral, Side, Front
Piece = Bishop, Pawn, Rook, Knight
Placement = Support, Variable, Defense, Offense

Defense - Layer 6 (Clubs) : Fortification/Walls/Shields
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Grand Tabrynth
Chochmah; Wisdom, The All Knowing :: Omnitron Tabrith; God of Knowledge

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PostSubject: Re: Veritas Game; Player    Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:34 pm

0th - Valparaiso/Hell Layer

Choose a color that corresponds to the intent.

Shadow Boss

Shadow Agent

Shadow Pawn
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PostSubject: Re: Veritas Game; Player    

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Veritas Game; Player
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