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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension (Tymon Nikia Bolton II's Website)

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 Resource Template

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PostSubject: Resource Template   Sat Nov 08, 2014 11:05 am

The original Terminology List I realized is extremely cluttered and difficult to navigate, so I've decided to split it all up into three different sections; one being the new Terminology List, which will ONLY include terms and definitions and things of that nature, two being the Potions and Concoctions, which will be for anything that... Well, is a potion or a mixture of some sort, possibly some sort of alchemy or the like, and the third being this; the remainder of the items that can be found, put in order as to what their classification is. Basically, all the natural resources from herbs to items to alloys etc. This is where everything that can be found in the Veritas is listed and explained more thoroughly.

For example, one section will be specifically for 'Herbs' and 'Plants' and stuff. These are naturally different from the plant-monsters that are sentient, however sometimes include them, just like some other objects may be dropped by random monsters wandering about. Here's an example of the template;


Name: Herb
Location: Wherever
Effects: Gives you super strength when eaten raw, gives heat vision when put in tea, Whatever.
Side-Effects: May make you drowsy or something when the effects wear off, I guess.
Description: Yaddayaddayadda, it's green and spiky and smells funny.


Name: Poisonous Herb
Location: Somewhere, Can be found on most plant monsters.
Effects: Makes you numb and sick, blah blah.
Side-Effects: None
Description: Blah blah blah, it's yellow and smooth. Caution; Poisonous.

Now that's just a really basic and general synopsis that may change at any time or get more expansive, but so far the general one will suffice. The same will go for anything else. However, the template for other things, such as alloys, may differ. Observe;

Alloys and metals

Name: Generic Metal
Location: Some mine somewhere, also on some monsters somewhere.
General Uses: Uh, normally used to make houses or something.
Description: It's gray and shiny, kinda malleable, melts at like 100 degrees Celsius, weaker than steel, blah blah, whatever else. Can only be made when a certain type of mineral reaches a certain pressure or heat or something like that.

Clearly, for the metals and alloys, they nee a more in depth description because they can be used for a greater number of things, like weapons and buildings and shields and whatever other crap you have. So those things make it known what it is like and how it works in other environments.

Anyway, moving on. There are some items that rely on others to get made, because that's just how things work. Some have special requirements or whatever, things like that. Anyway, I was just letting you know because I'm taking the old Terminology List down and transferring the information into these three topics. So. Yeah. I'll try to update... Every so often.
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Resource Template
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