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 Alloys, Minerals and Metals List

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Shincleff, the True Grimoire :: The Legend; Herald of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Alloys, Minerals and Metals List   Sat Nov 08, 2014 11:25 am


Alloys and metals

Name: Generic Metal
Location: Some mine somewhere, also on some monsters somewhere.
General Uses: Uh, normally used to make houses or something.
Description: It's gray and shiny, kinda malleable, melts at like 100 degrees Celsius, weaker than steel, blah blah, whatever else. Can only be made when a certain type of mineral reaches a certain pressure or heat or something like that.

Clearly, for the metals and alloys, they nee a more in depth description because they can be used for a greater number of things, like weapons and buildings and shields and whatever other crap you have. So those things make it known what it is like and how it works in other environments.

Anyway, moving on. There are some items that rely on others to get made, because that's just how things work. Some have special requirements or whatever, things like that. Anyway, I was just letting you know because I'm taking the old Terminology List down and transferring the information into these three topics. So. Yeah. I'll try to update... Every so often.
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The Omnipedia
Shincleff, the True Grimoire :: The Legend; Herald of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Re: Alloys, Minerals and Metals List   Sat Nov 08, 2014 11:25 am

Alloys, Metals and Minerals

Typical earthen substances found within the Veritas. Things that can be mined, found in caves, on monsters and used for things such as weapons, tools, living quarters, alchemy and all types of other things you can think of.

Adamantite/Adamantium - Before the advent of alloys made by Man, adamantite was for many years the strongest metal known. Even today its quality and strength are peerless, save for a handful of rare alloys. That is why they tell of the fool who swallowed a shard of adamantite, only to have it cut its way out of his belly. A salutary tale, to be sure.

Adamantite is a very dense and durable alloy, thought to be the strongest there was (and is still one of the strongest to date, almost indestructible, they say.) It can be forged easily into different weapons and shapes and armors for better use than in its ore state, and is very capable of taking hits from the strongest of physical attacks and magical attacks without so much as a scratch. A rare and powerful alloy, indeed. The most notable place to get adamantite is from the shell of an Adamantoise, who is naturally made of the material.

Mythril - "Mythril is a strong, easily processed metal. Highly responsive to magic, it forms the basis of magical armaments."

Mythril is a valuable metal of equal value to Adamantite. It can be crafted into many pieces of equipment, like swords, armor and gauntlets. As stated before, it is very responsive to magic and can enhance one's own magical attributes beyond their normal capabilities and lessen the magical power of those who combat against it.

Orichalcum A certain kind of metal is always used when making statues of protection. This orichalcum is a curious metal indeed, ever burning with a cold flame. That it appears as a flame, in fact, has led to the belief that orichalcum has no true substance...but combine an incandescent flame with the cool-burning flame of the metal, and the energy given off as a result will be quite real enough to convince even the stubbornest skeptic. This is the power that moves the statues.

Orichalcum is a rare metal equal to the rarity of both Adamantite and Mythril, having a strange glow similar to a cold flame when forged, and in a natural state looks just like a flame. It produces a high amount of energy and can be used to make the most powerful of weapons or power the most powerful of machines. If enough orichalcum is used, it can power something for an eternity.

Magicite "Magicite is an Eidolon's power in its purest form. When an Eidolon dies, magicite is all that is left behind... This power cannot be forcefully drained from an Eidolon, as that only weakens its potency. They have the ability to summon Eidolon power."

Magicite is a powerful magical mineral that has the power of Eidolons, Aeons and general magic surging through them, each being blessed with a different element and ability. Those with Magicite can have their powers grow far vaster than those with normal magical power as well as a much better understanding and use of the element the magicite contains. Some magicite not containing special elemental magics can be used for conventional purposes, and are generated by extreme manifestations of mist. There exist varieties: Spellstone, being used for the preparation and working of magicks, Skystone, giving flight to airships, and Memstone, holding fast sounds heard and visions seen, that they might be experienced again. Though their color, shape, and size may differ, these have no bearing on the quality of the stone. Some of the smallest stones are the most powerful, and some of the largest contain only a small amount of power, and are as good as useless. It is a property of magicite that it loses its power over time, and once spent, a stone's power cannot be renewed. Magicite without power is mere rock. The ability to manufact magicite of some power has only recently been attained, and this after many long years of research, however it seems to be never as good as the actual thing. Only the magicite of the Eidolons remains true to its indefinite power. They say magicite can be combined and extracted to be used for magical spells."

Nethicite is a variety of magicite with the unusual property of absorbing mist and energy, thereby nullifying the effects of magic and things of the like. Though there is some mention of nethicite in ancient tomes, it had been lost, or perhaps consumed, with no mention or record appearing for several centuries. Sky pirates call it the magicite of legend. Latterly, methods of manufacting nethicite have been developed in Archades, and at the time of writing, several test samples are in active use, but none seem to be as potent as the actual thing. When overloaded, they shatter, taking the stored energies within with them."

Scarletite is a variety of magicite said to have been created and sent down by the gods themselves, having unusual properties unknown to any man and unable to be created as perfectly and purely as these can by any man. Its power is literally unable to be processed and only appears in its purest form. It is said to be able to transfer power straight from heaven into its form and conduct it with the utmost power, as well as gives the power to ascend to heaven itself, which is a feat nothing else can do. The oldest chronicles relate the properties of a rare metal called scarletite. In an age when men lived under the watchful guard of the gods, the gods granted them scarletite, for they were favored of their creators. Modern alchemy has to date failed to reproduce this metal, lending credit to the theory that the gods did exist, and are not merely the inventions of a devout imagination. Only by mixing with other metals and lowering the purity of this substance may it be worked with modern tools, however this makes its potency incredibly less effective.

In the final fantasy world, the Crystals are the birthplace of all things. They harness the power of pure magic itself, of life and of death, having the elements that make up the entire universe within them; Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Dark and Light. Crystals have power over natural phenomena, and function as a powerful source of magical energy. Combining them forms new elements and new power, making them infinitely versatile. Anything involving magical power or pure energy is said to be a piece of a crystal. Life Crystals are said to harbor souls and release them back into the life cycle, as well as bring them in when a person dies. It is said that each Crystal is harbored at an ancient shrine with an ancient guardian manifested by the crystal itself to protect it from those who wish to misuse its power. This goes true for even the Life Crystal, having a being who controls both life and death to protect it; Necron. The crystals found on monsters are pieces of the main crystals which hold only a fraction of a fraction of their true power.

"The knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients is held in the materia. Anyone with this knowledge can freely use the powers of the Land and the Planet. That knowledge interacts between ourselves and the planet calling up magic...or so they say."

Materia is the energy produced by the crystals. In short, they are the energy within the crystals that is the essence of the magics that they have within, thus making it the very essence of magic itself with the Crystal of said element as its creator. Naturally, because Materia is such a versatile and flexible substance, it can be infused with just about anything and everything, gaining the power that the Materia held within and the amplification of the powers of those it is infused with. (For example, the creation of a Fire Blade with a Fire based materia and a sword weapon.)

Since Materia are of different colors and different elements, they can undergo a certain type of 'Fusion' that allows them to gain more power. For example, when two materia of the same element come together, they make said element much stronger, doubling the amount of power it has with every materia of the same element within.

This said, any status Materia mixed with Elemental matera makes the Dark version of the element with the powers of the status (For example, Poison and Fire makes Dark Fire with a poisonous property. Or, Slow and Ice makes Dark Ice with a slowing property.)

Materia can also take the place of summoning items, depending on what kind of materia is found. These are 'Summon Materia' and are very rare, but very useful, as they can bypass the law of finding a Summoning Item and going to see a moogle, however their power is limited.
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Alloys, Minerals and Metals List
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