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 True Sense; Teiōgan (Sovereign Eye)

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Jaehaerys Gallaeron
The Silver Prince :: Essentia of the Veritas
The Silver Prince :: Essentia of the Veritas

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PostSubject: True Sense; Teiōgan (Sovereign Eye)   Mon Apr 27, 2015 10:06 pm

Teiōgan (Sovereign Eye): An ability, acquired from focusing and opening the mind’s eye, and just being a general observer of people and things. It allows Jaehaerys to see, find, sense and track energy -- of all forms -- and energy signatures over vast ranges that exceed ten kilometers. The ability extends even further to telling Jaehaerys when a person is lying, since he can see the fluctuations in a person’s energy made from dishonest emotions, and detect if someone, including himself, is under the effect of mind control or other such abilities. Energies he’s familiarized himself with become near constant blimps on his mental radar, no matter the distance, alerting him to any negative fluctuations in them immediately, but it is susceptible to powerful cloaking techniques. It is a passive ability and is forever active.

(looks like this essentially, just sapphire blue since they’re his regular eyes)
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True Sense; Teiōgan (Sovereign Eye)
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