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 Legend Beasts of the Imperium

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Jaehaerys Gallaeron
The Silver Prince :: Essentia of the Veritas
The Silver Prince :: Essentia of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Legend Beasts of the Imperium    Wed Apr 29, 2015 2:23 pm

Name: Legendary Beasts of the Imperium
Appearance: A giant Golden Scroll held in the crystal skull of a legendary dragon long since passed
Species: Dragons
Location: Stored in the Treasure Room of Irolune
Required Sacrifice:Blood and one of Jaehaerys’s wives for each summon
Client(s): Almost every male ruler of the Imperium, mainly Aeragon Gallaeron(Jaehaerys’ Father) and Jaehaerys’ Gallaeron
Current Contract Holders: Jaehaerys Gallaeron, Modana the Bringer of Death, Eshsira the Gentle

Summoned Creature: Zinogre
Rank: S
Description: One of the apex predators, Zinogre is likely quite high in the food chain and is rather formidable. Zinogre seems very wolf-like if one looks at its face, and has a very muscular set of forelimbs - very comparable to those of big cats. It has surprising agility for such a large monster, similar to Nargacuga. It has sharp claws attached to strong muscular fore-limbs, which are used to deliver a fatal blow to prey and hunters. It also helps them to climb mountains and rocky terrain. It can also harness the power of electricity using it to take down larger prey and to defend itself and its territory.  Whenever they become enraged their claws somehow change shape and the reason for this greatly puzzles scientists. In a supercharged state, they seem to glow, internally and externally. When supercharged the spikes on their backs erect in order to release excess electricity so that they don't injure themselves or possibly die from too much electricity surging in their bodies. Zinogre are somewhat similar to real wolves, they even howl like them. But they do not form packs, quite the contrary, they are solitary hunters. This is no surprise, since they are extremely powerful and agile monsters, not needing teamwork to take down prey. According to eyewitnesses adult Zinogre make herds and raise their young. During this period of time it is ill-advised to go hunting Zinogre as the adults will aggressively attack any intruders getting too close to their offspring.

Jaehaerys’ most favored dragon, his Zinogre is an abnormality within the species. While the average Zinogre is around the size of Jaehaerys’ Nargacuga, this Zinogre is more than twice that size standing at 3133 cm, or 102 feet, tall making it the largest of Jaehaerys’s dragons. Because of this, it’s not as agile as other members of its species, but its larger size allows it to generate far more electricity than any other member of its species.


Electricity Generation - The Zinogre can generate massive amounts of electricity inside its body and channel it to devastating effect. Whether used to shoot bolts of lightning at enemies or enhanced the swiping power of its mighty paws, the Zinogre's electricity generation isn't to be underestimated.

Summoned Creature: Nargacuga
Rank: A
Description: The Nargacuga is an incredibly powerful and highly adapted monster. There is almost no doubt that Nargacuga is the top predator in its most famed environment the Great Forest and a dangerous force to be reckoned within its other environments like Swamps and Jungles because of its camouflage, coupled with its phenomenal speed. The Nargacuga is well adapted to heavily forested areas. It can move easily through dense vines and branches thanks to its razor sharp wings. Also, due to the very small fangs of the Nargacuga, the beast has developed a beak-like structure on its jaws.  Another adaptation is its very flexible cartilage-like bone structure, which allows it to move fluently between the trees of the forests it inhabits. Whenever the Nargacuga spins its tail, some hunters can hear it rattle almost like a rattlesnake; this is because the scales on its tail are attached loosely to make the tail very flexible. Its tail also seems to be quite stretchy, as shown when its tail, when slammed, doubles in length. One unique feature that most Wyverns don't have, is the fur that grows along the Nargacuga's back. The Nargacuga possesses a well developed brain, and is able to plan its attacks. This can be proven whenever the Nargacuga is in the "prowler stance", but its concentration can be easily disturbed by a strong sound. Many blood vessels are located near its eyes and ears, allowing it to enhance its senses whenever in rage mode, creating the glowing red eyes. Nargacuga is highly aggressive and bloodthirsty, they attack without reason as they enjoy fighting, and it will achieve whatever ends to get its prey.

Jaehaerys’ Nargacuga is gifted with the ability to generate and manipulate Shadows. Compared to the others, it stand at only 1455 cm, or 47 feet, making it the smallest of the dragons contracted to Jaehaerys, but it is the most agile, the fastest, and the most aggressive.  


Shadow Generation and Manipulation - The Nargacuga can manipulate and generation shadows with its body. The main way it uses this ability is to jump into shadows and emerge out of others somewhere else. It can cloak itself with shadows to mask its presence completely and strike when the foe lease suspects it.

Summoned Creature: Barioth
Rank: A
Description: Barioth are one of the monsters who are seated at the end of the food chain in their icy domain, the Tundra. They are very agile yet they hit hard at the same time. Barioth are accustomed to the Tundra and the polar regions. Their pelts, which are colored pure white, provide camouflage that easily allows them to ambush prey, or even top predators, in the blinding snow. They are in possession of extremely sharp front canines which could pierce through the hides of even a Diamond Dragon like soft butter, causing them to bleed readily after the large wound. However, it is likely that the Barioth's tusks are actually much more fragile than they look, much like a saber-toothed tiger. If a strong enough force hit the tusks, they may break off. They have razor-sharp claws which would deal heavy damage and mince anything in a few slices. Those claws and its spikes also aid Barioth in scaling slippery, steep ice canyons and walls, or glaciers. Its squinted eyes are suited to compensate the glare created by the snow's reflection during the day where sunlight reaches the Tundra, making them quite sharp. Their use of wings exceeds the ones of the typical quadrupedal wyverns and those wings allow them to hover in air for long periods of time.

Jaehaerys’ specific Barioth is gifted with the ability to generate ice and snow. It stands at 1700 cm, or roughly 55 feet, tall making it the second largest dragon contracted with Jaehaerys.


The Silver Prince of the North ~ Jaehaerys' Theme

The Bringer of Death ~ Modana's Theme

You Try My Patience! ~ Jaehaerys' Battle Theme

For His Glory! ~ Modana's Battle Theme
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Legend Beasts of the Imperium
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