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 7th Restriction; Tyranophant

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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas

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PostSubject: 7th Restriction; Tyranophant   Sun Jul 26, 2015 2:40 pm

The Seventh Restriction: Insanigeist; Restriction of Insanity (Perfection)

Restriction 777; Seventh Heaven: This restriction bound to this mask, that suppresses and controls the 7 Insanities all into one, after each Insanity has been mastered to perfection by Khrona. The mask's restriction thereby becomes non-existent and Khrona goes into a special mental-physical-spiritual state even beyond that of the 5th, where instead of getting rid of the insanity, he keeps and maintains it in perfect harmony, it so that he can become and focus it in any way he sees fit at any time (Perfection; Shinsanity).

This thereby gives him control over all outcomes via Fate and Destiny through Astrology, drawing power from all forms of Energy and all Influences. Because there is so much rampant, unbridled energy that Khrona has to keep in line, it alters very easily and is highly unstable, being only as stable and controlled as Khrona', controlled all to his complete and utter will. If he loses control, the energy becomes unstable and he becomes 'Insanity.' This is his true form as Keeper of Insanity and controls all Insanity. With his powers of Astrology, Khrona uses the 24 powers of the zodiac to his command to control the happenings of the universe with greater understanding once his emotions are in order, allowing him more potential power over his abilities of the 5th along with the elements of the 6th. He is able to command multiple universes and realities and conquer many multiverses in this state, as well as maintain his own.
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7th Restriction; Tyranophant
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